Terrorism of the Secularist Fascists & the Unending War

The cradle of holocausts

The West –especially Europe has proven to be the fertile breeding ground of evil ideologies that brought holocausts to millions of people. Adolf Hitler was not the only European to cause holocaust; he had many more European predecessors to cause scores of catastrophic holocausts all over the world -especially on the land of Americas, Australia, New Zealand. The West has never been the cradle of any Divine religion or any benevolent civilisation; rather has given birth to colonialism, imperialism, racism, capitalism, nationalism, fascism, Nazism and many other toxic ideologies that caused bloody civil wars, occupational wars, World Wars, Cold Wars and ethnic or ideological cleansing. More awfully, the West could add a new level of carnage in the history by dropping nuclear bombs. The quest for acquiring most devastating weapons of mass destruction still continues. Recently, the remotely controlled drones has enormously enhanced the USA’s terrorising power; anybody in any part of the world can be easily targeted by its war machine.  

The main target of Hitler’s holocaust were the Jews. But he couldn’t fully execute his criminal intention due to heavy distraction by a World War. But his European forerunners had enough time and opportunities to cause much more deaths. They caused almost total annihilation of the millions of the Red Indians in America, the Aborigines in Australia, the Maoris in New Zealand and many more millions in other colonised and occupied parts of the world -who appeared dissimilar to their creed, culture, skin colour and values. Such western legacy still continues. The USA now appear as the new champion in the field. Hitler’s gas chamber now looks very obsolete to the US standard. The nuclear ordeal on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and blasting of cities like Tikrit, Fallujah, Ramadi, Kobani looks much modern and sophisticated.  During the whole period of World War II, Hitler couldn’t drop 2 million ton bombs on all of his enemy countries including England, France, Russia and the USA. But the USA could drop 2 Million ton bombs only on a single country like Laos –as confessed by President Barak Obama in his recent visit to that country on 6th September, 20016. A total of 270 Million Cluster bombs were dropped; 80 Million bombs still remain unexploded. The bombing stopped in 1973, but the killing still continues: 20,000 were killed afterward and many more are maimed. –(Al Jazeera English, 06. 09.16). This is the nature of US crime. The killing field of the modern holocaust is no more confined to few gas chambers, rather encompass the whole world –especially the Muslim World.

The neo-fascists & the global terrorism

Literally, terrorism is the violent craft of terrorising people. When it becomes the part of the state craft, it can cause unimaginable havoc. In order to terrorise the political enemies, using the whole state infrastructure –especially the army, the judiciary and the security apparatus, is indeed the common strategy of the fascists –as practised by Mussolini, Hitler and other notorious dictators. It was the strategy of Pharaoh, too. In such occupation, strengthening of the state means strengthening of the fascists. And, who on earth has the superior power of terrorising people than the US-led coalition? They possess not only enough weapons for terrorising the whole world, but also have the necessary passion to use these for coercive purpose. They never had any hesitance to deploy those massive destructive tools; didn’t hesitate even using the nuclear bombs. The terrorising power of a nuclear bomb is so high that the US emerged as the undisputed topmost super power after Hiroshima and Nagasaki carnage. This way they proved: they are ready to kill even hundreds of thousands of people to protect their supremacy on the world stage. Lecturing on global peace and security is only a camouflage. The naval ships, fleets and submarine of the US, Russia and other big powers roam all over the international waters only with a singular purpose: that is to terrorise others. They raise false targets and talk about false threats only to scare people. The tyrant Pharaoh labelled the great prophet Musa (peace be upon him) as an enemy of Egyptian people. It was his scaremongering strategy to hide his evil intention to prevail over the people. The imperialists too work with the same strategy. They label Islam and the resurging Islamists as a threat to global peace only to protect their own hegemony.

War itself is the worst terrorism; and a global war is the ugliest form of global terrorism. The terrorism of World Wars, Cold War, regional wars and ethnic cleansing has ended. But now the world faces a new form of terrorism: it is the terrorism of the secularist fascists. They have also declared their own target; and it is Islam. They show toxic intolerance to any affiliation to Islam –the most authentic Divine faith on earth. With the death of Adolf Hitler, fascism didn’t die in Europe. Rather, it survives with a reinforced lethal virulence; and now appears on a global stage. Hitler’s gas chamber has an ethnically demarcated client population. The Jewish ethnicity -irrespective of their faith, culture and values was criminalised. Even the deep integration with the German culture and society over many centuries couldn’t save the Jews from Hitler’s gas chambers. Besides ethnicity, the secularist neo-fascists have different parameters: the whole Islamic faith is now criminalised. The Western arrogance now has a trans-ethnic global dimension; so it doesn’t make any difference between Afghani, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chechen, Arab, Somali or Indonesian Muslims. Any affiliation to the fundamentals of Islam like sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, jihad –the most indispensable parts of prophet’s Islam, is taken as the distinctive marker of terrorism; hence target for persecution and even physical annihilation. Even the peaceful democratic mean of the Islamists is not tolerated. Hence the election victory of the moderate Islamists in Algeria, Palestine, Egypt was aborted by extreme violent means that caused huge blood baths. The aftermath of such bloody intervention in those countries still continues. 

Hitler was an established racist. He wanted the supremacy of the German race over the whole Europe. As a result, the people of other race and ethnicities were denied any space in his political domain. But the neo-fascists have different goal: they want exclusive supremacy of the Western secular belief, culture and values on each and every corner of the so-called global village. Here the ethnic element of Western supremacy runs through the Western belief, values and ideologies. This is indeed neo-imperialism with the new form of ideological, cultural and political packaging. After the collapse of Soviet Union and the ideological meltdown of China, such Western arrogance has gone sky high. The Islamists stood up as the sole challenger to such Western dream; hence, considered the sole enemy. Because of such conceptual bigotry, these neo-imperialists deny the Islamists any space to practise their faith with the Qur’anic guidance and the prophet’s tradition –even in overwhelmingly Muslim counties. They search enemies not only the street of London, New York, Paris or Berlin, rather in the villages of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and many other Muslim countries. This is why, they launch brutal war to dismantle any effort of Islamisation in any part of the world. The call it civilizational war. They are asking other non-Muslims to join their anti-Muslim war –as suggested by Professor Huntington in his book “Clash of Civilisation.”

The un-winnable war

After the fall of Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the German Foreign Minister spoke to the press in Kabul that sharia will not be allowed to come back to Afghanistan. But, who is he to dictate the Afghans about the law for their own country? Is it not an extreme arrogance of a non-Muslim to interfere in the domestic matter of a Muslim country? How can an Afghan with little sense of dignity swallow such belittling command of a foreigner? Moreover, such an arrogant view ignores one of the obligatory Qur’anic commands. How a Muslim can be a true Muslim without respecting and practising sharia –the law prescribed by none but by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? Should a Muslim surrender to borrowed un-Islamic law? Such proposition of a non-Muslim ignores a fact that such practice can only make him instantly kafir (infidel); the holy Qur’an is very explicit on it.–(Sura Maida, verse 44, 45 & 47). Those who are not fully de-Islamised yet and fear accountability in the hereafter find it extremely difficult to align with such Western agenda and turn disrespectful towards sharia. Such an ill-informed or uninformed arrogance of the West can only manufacture an unending war between the Islamists and the secularist fascists that has already been started both at home and abroad. In fact, here lies the real pathology of the US-led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. The on-going wars are nothing but the symptoms of the inner disease. As long as such pathology survives in the Western psyche, all efforts to end the on-going war are destined to fail –as has already been proven in Afghanistan. For a peaceful co-existence of different faiths and ethnicities, the Western fascists must treat their own disease. Otherwise, they will move from one war to another war and meet their fate like German fascists.   

The on-going war turns not only non-stoppable, but also unwinnable. The US-led troops have no chance to return home from Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria as winner. After 15 years of war in Afghanistan, the US troops are still fighting the same war with no visible end in sight. The Islamists do not show any sign of wean-off, rather getting replenished with fresh blood. The wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia do not show a different picture either. The US need to maintain constant bombing campaign to help survive the puppet regimes in Kabul and Baghdad. But how long to continue such air support? The US could easily start the war; but now finds it extremely difficult to stop it. The US-led coalition has done catastrophic damages in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now in Syria, Libya and Yemen. They have already killed millions of people and flattened hundreds of cities and villages in those countries. The destruction still continues. Amidst all these devastating negatives, one outcome has been very positive for the Islamists. The US bombing has revived the forgotten jihad in the Muslim heart land. Thus, they have created their formidable enemies. Who is going to fight these jihadists? The US bombs have turned thousands of them into human bombs exploding not only in the war zones, but also in distant parts of the world. This is a new phenomenon and a significant consequence of the US-led war. The Soviet Union did the same in Afghanistan. They couldn’t finish the Islamists, rather the Soviet Union itself got finished from the world map after a long war of 11 years from 1979 to 1989. After 15 years of war, the US still couldn’t achieve any success. President Barrack Obama has been badly humbled to beg President Vladimir Putin for the Russian help. President Putin is extending his help by flattening more Syrian cities by massive aerial bombardment –as he did on Chechen capital of Grozny in year 2000. Such involvement of Putin –a war criminal of Chechnya, will only increase further recruitment of the jihadists.  

Adolf Hitler didn’t have any converts from other race. Racism can’t do that. But these neo-fascists could find huge number of ideological converts in the Muslim countries. Thousands of Hamid Karzai, Nur Maliki, Prevez Musharraf, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi or Shaikh Hasina are fighting the same war shoulder to shoulder with the US-led coalition against the Islamists. So, the Islamists get blood bath also in Cairo, Dhaka, Islamabad and other Muslim cities. The Jews –the former victims of fascism, have already joined the new project of the Western fascists. In fact, they are now working as their close partner. As a result, what the German fascists did to the Jews, Israel is doing the same against the Muslims in occupied Palestine.

The cultural fascism

In fascism, there exists no political space for the people with ethnic, ideological or cultural dissimilarities. In such context, the neo-fascists do not differ from the old Nazi fascists. Therefore, the Muslims in the Western countries face exclusion and marginalisation. Any form of affiliation with Islam, Islamic culture or dress is taken as a mark of incompatibility with the West; hence viewed as a great threat against their own political and cultural entity. It is indeed the exact expression of cultural fascism. Such fascism never exist in any part of the Muslims World: be it the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim rule in Spain or the Muslim rule in India. Having been heavily intoxicated with such Islamophobia, Donald Trump – the Republican candidate for the US presidency, want harsh ideological scrutiny of any Muslim man or woman entering the USA. Nicholas Sarkozy –the former President of France, suggested a total ban on Muslim women’s dress that cover the whole body. He argues that such dress is against France’s secular culture and values. As if, a piece of cloth of a Muslim woman stands as a cemented wall in French societies and obstructs the path of secularism! How such a corrosive notion against Muslims’ attire could be helpful to bring any inter-communal peace or harmony?

The mind of these secularist fascists has been so much intoxicated against Islam that they rather prefer nudity to modest dress of a Muslim woman! Such a vile notion against the modesty of Muslim women has been openly expressed by the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. On 29th August, 2016, Mr Valls told in a rousing public speech that the naked breast of a woman represent France, and not the headscarf. He hailed bare breast of Marianne a national symbol of France Republic. What can be the worst slander than this against the modesty of a woman? The question arises, if such public display of nudity of a woman is projected as the national symbol, how a modest Muslim women can expect esteem, honour and recognition from these vulgar secularists?

On 25th August 2016, Mr Manuel Valls told a TV channel that burkini – a full body covering swimming attire, represent the enslavement of women. As if, a woman is an insignificant powerless little creature. She can be easily caged with a piece of cloth. As if, her cloth makes her unable to move and interact in societies. What can be more humiliating portrayal of the woman than adding such denigrating narrative? Some secularists call such full garment a sign of radicalism. One can easily argue, if such all-body-covering cloth of a woman is an expression of radicalism, why the Christian nuns are not treated as radicals? In such a premise of deep moral deprivation, it is not surprising that the people will ban and forcefully snatch women’s garment to defend secularism. Exactly, that is happening in France. Not only the Qur’anic concepts of sharia, hudud, khelafa and ummah are being condemned, but also the dresses of the Muslims women are being criminalised. It has been reported in the press with a picture that the French police forcefully removed burkini –the whole body covering dress from the Muslim women at a sea beach. Those women were also penalised for wearing that garment. Nearly 1,400 women were fined 245, 000 Euro for wearing burkini. Is it not terrorism to scare people by using such force –only for wearing a modest dress? Is it not the selective attack only against the practising Muslims? What can be the worst symptom of cultural fascism than this? The Christian nuns also wear all body-covering dress. Do they get fined for that?

The Islamic sharia does not allow the Muslim women to take bath in public –especially in a sea beach crowded by men. But many Muslim women ignore such fundamental teaching of Islam and join the Western compatriots in the sea beaches to swim with them in an obscene milieu. It reveals much de-Islamisation of these women. Even such liberal Muslim women faces huge hostility for a piece of cloth that cover their body. Hence the message is clear; mere de-Islamisation of faith, practices and politics is not enough to satisfy these secularist fascists. They want more. They want to take away even the modest attire of the women’s body. They wish that the Muslim women must embrace nudity as the emblem of secularism –as proclaimed by French Prime Minister. This reveals, how strongly the secularist fascists dislike even the slightest affiliation of the Muslim men and women with Islam. As if, the Muslims must live without Islam. They want, the Muslims must melt down fully in the Western melting pot without an iota of Islamic affiliation.

The coercive de-Islamisation

The spell of fascism is not a French or European phenomenon, almost the whole West is under its grip. Now it has engulfed Muslims countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Uzbekistan and many others. The intolerance is not only against the headscarf, nikab, jilbab and other whole body covering attire of the women, but also against anything that show affiliation with Islam. Huge amount of money is being invested to raise and sustain hatred against anything that shows affiliation with Islam. In the USA alone, the report released on 20th June 2016 by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Centre for Race and Gender at University of California, Berkeley reveals: 33 Islamophobic groups were given at least 205 million US dollar between 2008-2013 to spread lie and hatred against Islam and the Muslims. In 2015, there were 78 recorded incidents in which mosques were targeted. In the months of November and December in 2015, there were 17 mosque incidents reported during each of these two months. The number of such attacks is almost equivalent to incidents that took place in an entire year in the previous two years. Islamophobia has attained so high that the people do not hesitate to declare “Muslim-free” businesses in public and openly carry fire arms in anti-Islam demonstrations. Two such recent incidents have been mentioned in the same report. The report also documents the negative impact of Islamophobia in the US politics and judiciary -as revealed through anti-Islam bills becoming law in 10 states. In France, burkini has been banned in 24 beaches. Such banning is not only a sign of anti-Islamic hatred; rather forceful cultural engineering to take the Muslims away from Islamic obligation. They do not pay any heed to a very crucial point that how a Muslim can stay as a full Muslim without submitting to Islam’s dress code? And how such a state-run legal compulsion can be labelled as neutrality vis-à-vis religion? Is it secularism? Is it about the separation of religion from politics? Truly, it is far from that. It is indeed the most flagrant political interference in the private affairs of Muslim men and women to promote further de-Islamisation of the Muslims. It is indeed the demolition of the basic human rights of an individual by state-run coercive apparatus. Fascism can’t survive without such organised bullying. Some of these extreme fascists, especially in Denmark, now openly demand to close mosques and ban Qur’an. Thus, the anti-Islamic war of the fascists is now entering into their domestic space. 6/9/2016




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