The 21st Century Crusade & Emiratisation of the Muslim World

The gazaisation                                                

The Muslim Ummah now stands hostage to a new level of military aggression, occupation, deaths and destruction –as the people of besieged Gaza are suffering for more than a decade. The Israeli model of brutal gazaisation has its own admirers and perpetrators. The model is now replicated in many parts of the Muslim World. The perpetrators are not only the illegal state of Israel, it is the US-led global coalition of the 21st century crusaders. The medieval crusaders could occupy and run genocide only in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Palestine. They couldn’t invade deep inside the Muslim Middle East and fragment it into more than 20 pieces. They couldn’t run massacre in Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Mosul, Kabul, Kandahar and other great Islamic cities. Even the Mongol Tatars –known for their genocidal massacres, didn’t raze any Muslim city to the ground. But now the brutality has attained a new high; hence, Gaza is not the only besieged and ruined city on earth. Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Falluja, Tikrit, Ramadi and many more cities now stand as the perfect replica of Gaza in the Islamic heart land.


The Muslims have now attained a new low, too. It is indeed the lowest of the low on their own moral scale. The old crusaders couldn’t recruit any collaborator from the Muslim land, nor could built any military base or install Trojan horses there. But now they have many; they could raise thousands of collaborators with the Muslim name. The 21st century crusade are now being fought deep inside the Muslim lands. They now keep constant presence in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and many more Muslims countries with their defence personnel, war planes, tanks, missiles, drones, army or air bases. Inclusion of these collaborating countries in the coalition has given them enormous strategic depth in their war against Islam and the Muslims. Like the non-Muslims, the ruling cliques of these Muslim countries too, show equal disbelief and disapproval of the core Islamic principles like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and trans-ethnic global solidarity. Contrary to such Qur’anic ruling, they have raised walls of divisions to protect the pre-Islamic ethnic, linguistic and tribal identity. Turkey –the long-time citadel of Muslim power went further to embrace the imperialists’ project of creating Israel in occupied Muslim land. They were very quick even to recognise this illegal state –in fact the first Muslim country to recognise Israel. It was a great and ugliest betrayal against Islam and the Muslims. But awfully, it has been the policy of the current Turkish government to continue with the same betrayal. The Turkish government now allows the US to use its air bases to bomb the Syrian and the Iraqi cities. Besides, the US and Russia have their own sovereign territories cum military bases deep inside the Middle Eastern countries; even the local rulers are denied the sovereign right to enter there. As a result of those military bases, their war planes need not have any long haul air travel from their own countries to kill the Muslim men, women and children in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or any other Muslim country. In its long war campaign, the US now feels un-winning and exhausted; hence the old rival Russia is taken as a partner in its anti-Muslim campaign. The US secretary of state John Kerry made repeated visits to Moscow to persuade President Putin to focus his bombing campaign only against the Islamists.


The US hypocrisy

The hypocrisy runs very high in the US-led coalition. President Bashar Assad of Syria has razed many cities to the ground, killed more than 300 thousands Syrians and evicted more than 5 million from their home. But such brutality of Assad is not issue for these so-called protagonists of human rights and peace. They do not bother if he continues such atrocities for many more years. They do not bother to raise any coalition to stop such brutality against the civilian population. Their only worry is the Islamists. They label the Islamist as terrorist. But recently, the US authority has shown how fake is its agenda of fighting terrorism. It came to the press that the US army personnel are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Kurdish Marxist-Leninist YPG terrorists in northern Syria –though these Kurdish fighters are marked as terrorists even by the American administration. The US soldiers even wore the YPG badge on their military uniform –as currently shown in the media.


The whole Arab world is impregnated with murderous rulers. Each of these ruling gangs indeed owns the largest terrorist outfit in their respective countries; the aim is to terrorise their own people and keep the country under their autocratic occupation. The Syrian dictator Bashar Assad presents the worst scenario. But the Egyptian President General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, the Saudi king and other autocratic rulers of Gulf countries are no less bad and brutal either. Like President Bashar Al Assad of Syria, these tyrants too, execute the same policy of ruthless annihilation of the people who stand against their autocracy. In fact, all these cruel autocrats are in close coalition to fight against their own people. Hence, while the military junta of Egypt General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi kills thousands of innocent people on Cairo’s streets and announces death sentences against hundreds, not only receives encouragement but also billions of dollar from Saudi Arabia and UAE as prize money. If the USA and its partners had any interest to fight terrorism and promote democratic rights in the Middle East, they would have withdrawn their support from these man-slaughtering terrorists in power. But the truth is otherwise. The US and its coalition partners are the sole protectors of these terrorists. If the military and intelligence life-support were withdrawn by the US and its partners, they would have quickly overthrown by their own people –as happened with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the Sha of Iran. On the contrary, these ruling terrorists are taken as the close coalition partners in their war against the Islamists; and as a mark of integrating with these terrorists in power, their worst atrocities against their own civilians are excused.


The fallout of moral death                                                                     

The success of the 21st century crusaders is huge. The old crusaders couldn’t alter the demography and geography of Palestine. But now they have achieved it: not only in Palestine but also in whole Arab World. The earlier crusaders didn’t have any collaborating Muslim partners; but now the Muslim rulers -with few exception, compete each other to become the full collaborator cum coalition partner of the new crusaders. The ideological conversion cum de-Islamisation of these autocrats has been so complete that they face no ethical problem nor do feel any Islamic prohibition to provide bases for these established enemies of Muslims and Islam. Hence it is no surprise that there exists no protest voice in the ruling cliques of the Muslim countries against such massive destruction of the Muslim cities and massacre of innocents in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Afghanistan. In the US, there is no shortage of people who openly suggest dropping nuclear bombs on Islamic holy sites. In such a milieu of moral death and deprivation, if the USA, Russia, France or any other country drop nuclear bombs on Muslim cities and kill millions, is there any possibility that such act will be condemned in global forum or in the UN? Due to its captivity in the hands of the morally dead perpetrators, is there any doubt that the UN will definitely fail to pass a resolution of condemnation against such utter barbarity?


There are discernible reasons for moral paralysis of the UN. It stands under full occupation of the historical perpetrators of the brutal imperialistic invasions and genocide. As a result, it has already lost the moral appetite to condemn or resist any such brutality. Those who can drop nuclear bombs, how can they condemn others for dropping barrel bombs, cluster bombs or chemical bombs? Hence Assad of Syria and Netanyahu of Israel easily go pardoned and unpunished. In fact, the UN’s total silence vis-à-vis Israeli bombing on the civilians in Gaza and the US barbarity in Afghanistan and Iraq ratifies such moral death of the organisation. For the same moral death, dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t raise any condemnation in the US and in the countries allied it. The nuclear bombs killed nearly 140,000 people in Japan. But the US killed more than one million only in Iraq and Afghanistan. Could the UN pass any resolution of condemnation for such diabolical act of crime? The answer is big no. Neither could any of the NATO partners condemn those crimes either. Thus the moral death of the UN and its key stakeholders gets loudly pronounced.


The new high in war crimes & the new low in morality

The 21st century crusade has attained a new dimension of war crime. It is no more focussed only on Jerusalem or Palestine; nor bound by any territorial boundaries of the Muslim countries. The anti-Muslim terrorism has indeed engulfed the whole Muslim World. The US drones have taken the war into the sky to kill any man or woman anywhere in any Muslim country. These drones do not need to face any ground troop or border post to conduct the attack. In Pakistan, even its scores of nuclear bombs and hundreds of missiles couldn’t protect its innocent citizens and the sovereignty. Since they don’t face any accountability and punishment, the killers need not be accurate to hit the target. Hence, thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and other countries got killed without knowing their crime. The worst of all imaginations, a killer like President Barak Obama of the US – the key perpetrators of such indiscrete global killing by his drones was awarded a Noble Prize. No warmonger or killer got such honour in the whole human history.   

The sovereign boundary of the weaker countries and the security of the weaker people stand irrelevant to the big powers. To them, the national security of these powerful nation is the only security issue in this world; and the UN has indeed turned mere caretaker of their global interest. The imperialists discover their own national interest even in weaker people’s bedrooms or backyards. There is no place in the world to raise any complaint against such arrogance of the imperialists. The whole mankind -especially the Muslims, now stand helpless hostage to these brutal big powers. The occupation of Muslim lands, bombing the cities and killing millions is labelled as their security need to protect their so-called national interest. Even dropping nuclear bombs in 1945 was considered a rightful act on the same context. And whoever challenges such savage aggression and hegemony is labelled as terrorist. 


The 21st century crusade

The word crusade has its own historical anti Muslim connotation. It is the genocidal war of the Christian world against Islam and the Muslims -started in 1096 by Pope Urban II and lasted for about 2 hundred years.  Killing of the Muslims by the early crusaders was massive and barbaric; even the Christian historians wrote about knee-high Muslims’ blood flowing in the street of Jerusalem. The US president George W Bush very candidly and purposively used this very religiously charged word in his speech while launched the war against Afghanistan. Most likely, it was his coded message to the Christian World to rally behind the US in its fight against the Muslims. And that worked. So, more than 40 countries sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to support the US war there. And now, more than 60 countries have joined the US-led coalition to fight the Islamists –as claimed by the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry. Such a huge coalition didn’t emerge even in the World Wars. President Barak Hussain Obama is in fact following the same Bush policy. As a result, the war now continues as the US led unending crusade of the Christian coalition. Although the prime targets are the Islamic fundamentalists who show allegiance to the fundamentals of Islam like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and Muslim unity, the ordinary Muslim men, women and children are not spared either. The Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and others are taken only as the sideshow of the Christian crusade.

The old crusaders could commit their genocidal massacres only in the land of Palestine. But the 21st century crusade has a global dimension. Their drone can hit any home in any part of the world. They have more manpower and more killing machine to cause more massacres. In old crusades, there was no involvement of the global super powers. Nor did they possess nuclear bombs and drones; nor could install Trojan horses in the Muslim heart land. But now, they possess all such weapons of mass destruction. So they can kill millions within months; the old crusaders couldn’t commit crimes of such magnitude even in two hundred years. However, such cold-blooded murder of the millions is not new in imperialists’ history. The Muslims of Spain, the Jews of Europe, the Red Indians of America, the Aborigines of Australia and the Maoris of New Jewland have already tasted it. In modern age, they killed more than 75 million people only in two World Wars; thus could set a new high in brutality in history. The World Wars have ended, but the blood thirsty intention of these warmongers still thrives.

These imperialists are now showing their biting power and venom against the Muslims. Their mission is not confined within the borders of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; rather has engulfed many more Muslim lands. The Russians carried out its occupational war in Afghanistan for more than ten years, from 1979 till 1988. At the end, they had to leave, but not on any moral ground. They were forced to concede the defeat by the Islamists. The USA and its NATO partners entered the same Muslim land to fight the same Islamists. The US campaign started in 2001 and still continues with the same mission for the last 15 years. Like the Russians, the Americans too, were forced to withdraw most of its ground troops; but their desire to keep the occupation still stays unabated. And to continue the occupation, they need to bomb and kill the noncompliant Afghans. So, they bomb hospitals, wedding parties, residential areas, schools and market places in Afghanistan. Every dwelling place in Afghanistan looks like military installations to them, hence potential target of aerial bombing or drone attacks. Hence, there is no sign that the US-led war will end sooner. The former Republican candidate for the US Presidency Senator Mr John McCain suggested that the US should continue the occupation for a century.


The emiratisation

The imperialists’ occupation is never an end in itself. It always start with a specific goal from the very outset. The goal of the current war is to build a permanent infrastructure of weakness for the Muslim Ummah. Only that way they can continue their occupation. To attain such an aim, the division of the Muslim World into scores of emirates like the UAE -the most favoured model of the West’s vassal state (emiratisation) is the strategy. To them, the concept of pan-Islamism or Muslim Ummah is an extremely fundamentalist idea; they find existential threat in it. For the same reason they couldn’t tolerate a larger Pakistan either. Hence, they allow Muslims to only grow up as tribal or small lingustic groups; not as a global Ummah. So the British, the French and the other occupying countries led to fragmentation of the Middle East into more than 20 states. In 14 hundred years of Islamic history, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel never existed on the map as independent states; but now they do. These divisive states are the sole creation of the kuffar occupation.  Such emiratisation of the Ummah is indeed an effective recipie to keep Muslims permanently powerless. Thus, the foreign kuffars have been very successful to restore pre-Islamic Arab jahelia of tribalism. Based on mutual hatred and secular opotunism, they could succeed to create such division not only on the political map, but also in Muslims’ mindset.

Along with such emiratisation, the foreign occupiers also run projects to cause deep cultural and ideological conversion of the Muslims. These cultural converts are fully incompatible with true Islam; hence are equally inimical to resurgence of Islam  as were the pagan Arabs. Because of them, the Quranic concept of Muslim Ummah now survives only in the history book. In 14 hundred years of Islam’s history, there was no divisive walls on ethnic, tribal or geographical lines. The Arabs, the Turks, the Kurds, the Moors and the people of other ethnicities lived side by side in the same city and the same village. But, during the long colonial occupation, the corruption of the Muslim mind has been so massive and corrosive that even the basic tenants of Islam like mutual brotherhood has been washed out from the Muslim mind. The ethnic compatibility has been so badly damaged that peaceful co-existence of people of different ethnicities quickly turned to be an impossibility –as has been recently nurtured during the American and British occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Such ethnic incompatibility can only feed the enemy’s appetite to cause further emiratisation. Instead of removing the divisive walls, the de-Islamised rulers, the intellectuals and the politicians –the trusted cronies of the imperialists, now put more fuel to flare up the mutual mistrust and hatred. This way, they are strengthening the divided geopolitical entities of the Muslim land. Although the health, education, industry and social welfare sectors are in shambles in almost all the Muslim countries, but they spend hundreds of billions of dollar to protect and strengthen the walls of distrust and disunion. Thus the pre-Islamic Arab jaheliya of tribalism has received new life in the Arab World.   

The UN -the custodian of the global hegemony of the big powers, takes it as an assigned duty to protect the divisive statusquo of the Muslim World. The imperialist powers –the key stakeholders of the UN, consider such infrastructure of de-empowering the Muslims is indispensable; not only to sustian the unhindered exploitation of Muslim wealth, but also to protect their hegemony over more than 1.5 billion Muslims. Such a strategy of emiratisation now shows its fruits. The enormous Arab oil and gas has increaed the economic wellbeing, militry might and global dominance only for the West; but not for the Arabs. The wealth of the Arabs has only attracted the cold-blooded killers from all over the world. About 250 million Arabs still remain as the defenceless and most humilited people on earth. They have been forced to recognise the illegal creation of Israel on their own soil. Their countries are now put into wars, their cities are being bombed, and their men, women and children get killed. Hundreds of thousands of their own people now wander in the streets of the kuffar lands as destitute refugees. Such humiliation is unprecedented in the whole Muslim history.


The infrastructure of de-empowerment

The Muslim Ummah’s own political, economic or security interest has not been allowed to play any role in deciding the destiny of the Muslims. In drawing the map of the Muslim Middle East, the Western imperialists’ own interest played the decisive role; the decision was taken exclusively in the European capital. The notorious Sykes-Picot pact –the basis of modern Middle East’s political map, came into being as a product of Anglo-French joint conspiracy. In drawing such a map of the Arab land, the local Arab Muslims didn’t have an iota of involvement. More than 20 emirates like new states were created to fit in the new political map. A clan of puppet rulers were installed in these emirates only to serve the imperialists’ agenda and pursue their own opportunism. It has indeed proved to be the perfect infrastructure for sustenance of Muslims’ powerlessness and a framework of servitude to the imperialists. Now they replicates the same model in other Muslim territories. The most important assignment delegated to each gang of rulers entails keeping the divisive wall intact, providing safe havens for the imperialists and working as partners for attacking the neighbouring Muslim lands. To protect such an infrastructure of de-empowering the Muslims, it is labelled a great crime to remove any of these divisive boundaries –punishable only by capital punishment. Such attempt is also a crime under the UN charter. President Saddam Hussain removed the divisive wall between Iraq and Kuwait, and met with heavy punishment. But his crime for killing more than 5 thousand Kurds by chemical bombs were amicably excused. Rather, chemical bombs were manufactured and supplied to President Saddam by the Western governments to commit such crimes. Similar weapons of mass-destruction are now being consigned to murderous Shia regimes in Baghdad and Damascus to carry out the same crime. This shows the intensity of their cold blooded criminal motive to promote death and destruction in the Islamic World. The Islamists of Syria and Iraq do not recognise the enemy-made divisive boundary of the Muslim World, hence receive the wrath of these imperialists. But it is encouraged the same imperialists to promote and finance war for further emiratisation of any Muslim land –as was seen in the case of Pakistan in 1971, and recently in Sudan and Iraq.


The promised punishment

For the Muslims, in the name of ethnic and linguistic differences, the imperialists prescribed a road map of division and disunion. They did not allow them to know that it is the road map of promised punishment from Allah –the Almighty. On the other hand, they follow a different road map for themselves. They forged United States in America; and now work for a United State in Europe. On 8th December, 2015, the Guardian newspaper published an excerpt from a speech of Martin Shultz -the president of European Parliament. The report was initially published in the German daily “the Die Welt”. He said, “The Europe is in danger and no one can say whether EU will still exist in 10 years’ time. Alternative to EU would be a Europe of nationalism, a Europe of borders and walls. That would be horrific because such a Europe has repeatedly led in the past to catastrophe.”  Mr Shultz is not a Muslim. For him, keeping unity of Europe is mere political passion, and not a legal or religious obligation. But for a Muslim, forging unity of the Muslims is a Qur’anic compulsion. Any disobedience of such Divine decree doesn’t go unpunished. The promise of such punishment comes as follows: “And be not like those who become divided and disagreed after clear declaration had come to them, and these it is that shall have a grievous punishment.” –(Sura Al Imran, verse 105). Therefore, betrayal of this Qur’anic obligation is a definitive way of inviting the severest punishment from Allah Sub’hana wa Tala. It is indeed the road map of hellfire. Since the Muslims have already taken the route of disunity, it is the time to receive the promised punishment -both here and in the hereafter. In fact, the Muslims are already in the midst of worldly one of such punishment. How one can say that the deaths, destructions and humiliation they suffer today, is the mark of Divine blessing!


The war for slavery!

The political roadmap of a believer is clearly different from the others. Building divisive walls in the name of race, language or religious sect had never been a part of it. The Muslims in their golden days were known for dismantling such walls. Such walls on a Muslim land only serve the agenda of enemies; and fully incompatible with the Islamic faith. But, such divisive agenda is in full execution through division of the Muslim World into 57 states. The Arab Muslims –despite their ethnic, linguistic and geographical oneness, are divided into more than 20 states. The Muslims have happily compatible with such division; and even celebrate it as a mark of so-called national or turned tribal identity and glory. They even raise huge armies and fight wars to protect such divisive boundaries. They have the Europeans, the Americans, the Indians and other nonbelievers on their side to sustain internecine wars to protect such disunion. Thus they make a deep disconnection from the rightly guided early Muslims. The early Muslims fought wars and sacrificed their life and wealth to promote the Islamic identity, independence and greatness of the Muslim Ummah. But now, they fight wars and sacrifice lives for smallness and slavery of the foreign powers. For example, the Arab Muslims fought such war in 1917 with the help of the British to dismantle khilafa –the citadel of Muslim power; and the Bengali Muslims fought such war in 1971 with the help of India to dismember Pakistan –the largest Muslim country in the contemporary world. Such internecine wars are still going on in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Mali and Pakistan.


The celebration of defeat!

Every enemy occupation has its worst consequences. Not only it kills people and brings destruction to the infrastructure, but also makes it difficult to practise true and full Islam. The occupying enemy also set the context of continuous defeat and decline. Despite its Muslim majority population, the traditions of the prophet of Islam and his devout companions become the missing element. The people’s religious beliefs, practices and politics stay under constant monitoring of the occupiers. Everything that may cause resurgence of Islam are perceived as a threat to their rule. They allow only to add more deviation to Qur’anic roadmap; as a result, siratul mustaqeem –the guided path for the paradise becomes non-existent. Instead, fostering home-grown internal enemies of Islam becomes the educational and the cultural priorities of the enemy government. Hence, the Muslim countries’ occupation doesn’t end with the end of the foreign colonial rule; rather gets handed over to brutal occupation of the home-grown enemies. Therefore, the same deep de-Islamisation projects of the government and the non-government organisations go unabated; and beliefs, practices and politics continue to deviate from prophet’s Islam. And the propagation of Qur’anic knowledge gets severely restricted. As a result, the fundamental concepts of Islam like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, Muslim brotherhood and unity do not survive in any of the post-colonial Muslim countries. It is indeed the greatest calamity of enemy occupation; it opened avenues only to enhance deviation from Islam, and hence, towards the hellfire.


In order to protect Muslims from such disastrous consequence, it has always been the greatest ibada to stand against any enemy occupation. It is indeed the obligatory jihad in Islam. In early days of Islam, Muslims’ lives, wealth and talent were mostly spent to fulfil that obligation. They didn’t build any Tajmohol or Pyramid, but made safe haven for the Muslims to practise full Islam. The last prophet of Islam said, “Spending few moments as a vigilante at the frontier of the Islamic state is superior to spending the whole night in non-obligatory prayers.” Only this way the Muslims could protect their Islamic way of life and muslimness in the golden days; and could emerge as the global power. Failing to do so only leads to failure in protecting Islam and the muslimness. Such failure opens inroads for enemy occupation with all of its calamities. Muslims are then forced to live without Islam. As a consequence, out of 57 Muslim states, not a single one claims to be Islamic. As if, the prophet of Islam didn’t leave any tradition or guidance vis-à-vis islamising a state. It is indeed an eye-catching symbol of collective failure of the Muslims in following Qur’an and the Sunnah. As a result, in a world of more than 1.5 billion Muslims, Islam with its Qur’anic principle and the prophetic traditions doesn’t survive anywhere. What could be the worst disservice to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His cause? With such disconnection from the Qur’anic roadmap, how can one expect blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? Therefore, the enemies of Islam have enough reasons to celebrate such defeat and deviation of the Muslims. The deviation and de-Islamisation of the Muslims is so huge that they too, feel morally complacent to celebrate the worst crimes of the enemies. Hence, whatever the colonialists did to cause division, deviation, de-Islamisation and defeat for the Muslim Ummah still thrive in each of these Muslim countries. Moreover, the proxy rulers of the imperialists are doing many more things to sustain the ongoing defeat and decline.  9/7/2016

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