Misplaced Priority of the Muslims and the Downfall

The misplaced priority

The core belief (iman) of a man never remain obscure or hidden; rather gets exactly expressed through his priority of survival. In fact, both the believers (mu’min) and the disbelievers (kafir) appear in true colour through their distinctive priorities. Iman of a believer (mu’min) indeed works through setting the right priority –the most important issue in life. Life then moves towards the right direction –called siratul mustaqeem. In absence of iman, setting a correct priority or right direction in life is utterly impossible. Life then shows gross deviation. This is the most devastating disability of a human –much worse than any physical disability. Then, all of his efforts and sacrifices meet total failure. And such a failure has an unimaginable dimension. It doesn’t mean mere lack of success in this worldly life; rather entering the unending hellfire in the hereafter. With such conceptual cum ideological disability, one runs the real risks of becoming a mercenary for the worst evil forces on earth – a sure way of getting a place in hellfire. Awfully, such conceptual disease and disability has attained an epidemic proportion in the Muslim World. As a result, the established enemies of Islam do not face any problem in recruiting any number of mercenaries in a Muslim land. Because of these mercenaries, most of the Muslim states now stand occupied by the people who have forged coalition with the imperialist enemies to stop emergence of the Muslims as a global civilizational force.

To please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in all possible ways is the core priority of a believer’s life. That can only be attained by serving His Agenda that entails victory of His prescribed religion Islam over all the religions of falsehood. All the physical and intellectual abilities of an individual, his wealth, assets and life are the blessing of Almighty Lord. Such endowments of his supreme Lord should be invested only to promote His agenda; and never to serve any tribal, racial, national or imperialist cause. Only this way he can serve his own agenda of earning His forgiveness, and attaining a place in paradise. Prophets were sent and Divine Books were revealed only to show how to pursue that priority in life. Such a core priority should get the full reflection in his politics, culture, education, warfare and other aspects of life. Therefore, a believer’s way of living and sacrificing his wealth and life are qualitatively different from a disbeliever. Instead of floating with the contemporary cultural, ideological or political tide, he remains tightly anchored to the agenda of serving the cause of his Almighty.

Hence, for a true Muslim, mere faith in Islam and the faith-based rituals are not enough. He must know the priorities of Islam, too; and needs to embrace those priorities as his own. Any incongruence or incompatibility with the Islamic priorities is only possible with the detachment from Islamic faith. And with such detachment from Islamic faith, one can’t be the part of the Muslim ummah. This is a clear mark of de-islamisation. Such de-islamised people live their lives with full ideological, political and cultural readiness to join the enemy rank and make wars against the Muslims. Because of these people, the followers of the evil ideologies like communism, socialism, nationalism, tribalism, secularism, monarchism and the colonial imperialists could recruit millions of readymade mercenaries from the Muslim communities. They claim to be Muslims; but fought wars and gave lives to strengthen the enemies’ occupation of the Muslim lands. Such crimes still continue in the Muslim World. In Islamic vocabulary, such home-grown bloodletting enemies of Islam are called murtadh; in the golden days of Islam, the sharia law was applied to give them the capital punishment.

For such misplaced priority, little amount of money, energy or intelligence were left to address the most crucial issues of the ummah -like modernising science and technology and strengthening the defence. They could show their merit in building Taj Mahal, but remained very incapable in building universities and defensive weapons. As a result, the Muslim countries were easily occupied even by the little private armies of some trading companies. For example, Muslim states in India was occupied one after another by the East India Company of England. East India Company of Holland could do the same in Indonesia. The situation in not better even today.



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