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পাকিস্তান কেন ভেঙ্গে গেল এবং বাংলাদেশ কিরূপে ভারতের কলোনী হলো?

 ফিরোজ মাহবুব কামাল বাংলাদেশী সেক্যুলারিস্টদের delusion Delusion হলো এমন অবাস্তব, উদ্ভট ও অলীক ভাবনা -যা কখনোই কোন সুস্থ মানুষের ভাবনায় স্থান পায়না।  নিজ গৃহে এবং নিজ বিছানায় শুয়ে কোন সুস্থ মানুষই বাড়ী যাবো বাড়ী যাবো বলে চিৎকার করেনা।  কিন্তু নিউমোনিয়া বা টাউফয়েডের প্রকোপে গায়ে যখন প্রচণ্ড জ্বর উঠে তখন বহু রোগীকে সেরূপ ধ্বনি তুলে চিৎকার […]

The Agony of Colony Status that We Earned in 1971

 Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal  The Indian hegemony that we suffer in Bangladesh today is indeed what we earned in 1971 by our own blood. It is an agony of colony status under the Indian occupation. As a result, the democratic rights and basic human rights now stay buried in the graveyard. We have no right to […]

The Thriving Fascism and the Death of Democracy and Civil Rights in Bangladesh

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal The thriving fascism  Now fascism with all its brutal characteristics thrives in Bangladesh. Democracy and basic civil rights now live only in the graveyard. Hasina enjoyed enough time, power, and opportunities to show her talents and good deeds. But she took the other path. She showed her worst evils and criminal […]

Bangladesh: A Tale of Success of a Robber and the Failure for the Opposition  

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal Shaikh Hasina: a robber Shaikh Hasina –the ballot-robber Prime Minister of Bangladesh has proved to be the most successful robber in the whole history of mankind. In the past, robbers could only rob a few banks, shops and homes. They could never rob the ownership of a country. But Hasina could […]

Thoughts on the calamity of 1971

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal The earned occupation Some alarming news is circulating in the media. Now in police, civil administrations and ministerial secretariats of Bangladesh, Hindus are getting jobs at disproportionately higher proportion than the Muslims. Hundreds of thousands of Indians are working legally or illegally in Bangladesh. Now it is no secret that Shaikh […]

Tyranny of fascists in Bangladesh

Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal Demolition of democracy & tide of tyranny                 Fascism has never been a sign of civilized living. It is a symbol of pure barbarity. It is the rule of political criminals who make robbery on people’s basic rights and annihilate all democratic values. In a democracy, power lies in the hand of […]

Power-addict Hasina & Fake Election in Bangladesh

 The addiction & the calamity                                       Addiction to power is far more catastrophic than the addiction to drugs. A drug-addict only kills himself; but a power-addict may kill millions. They are more dreadful than the lethal bugs. No episode of Tsunami, epidemic illness or earthquake caused so such tragedies to the mankind as were inflicted by […]

Fake Election Victory of Hasina & Death of Democracy in Bangladesh

The calamity of immorality                             Those who are power-addict, morality stands as the most unwanted burden on their shoulder. Hence, they drop it in the dustbin on the first day of their political career. They are focussed only to grab more power. As a result, the moral deprivation cum immorality becomes the most distinctive feature in […]

Power-addict Hasina & the Death of Democracy in Bangladesh

The rule of the power-addict & the calamity              Addiction to power is far more catastrophic than addiction to drugs. A drug-addict slowly kills himself; but a power-addict autocrat may kill millions. They are more dreadful than any vile animal or bugs on earth. No Tsunami, epidemic or earthquake caused so such tragedies to the mankind […]

Enforced Indebtedness to India & the Politics of Appeasement in Bangladesh

The on-going war against democracy There are only two visible powers in the political landscape of Bangladesh: the people of Bangladesh and the government of India. The political history of Bangladesh is indeed mostly the history of clash of these two powers. Before 1971, India had its incessant war to demolish the arch enemy Pakistan […]