The US-led Coalition to Support the Israeli Nazis and to Eradicate the Palestinian Resistance

 Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

A textbook case of Nazism

Nazism has its own well-known specifics. It is the subjugation, persecution, apartheidism and physical elimination of other people that are dissimilar to race, religion and language. What Hitler’s Nazism committed against the Jewish people in Germany, Israel is doing the same against the Palestinians. The Jews in Germany not only suffered the persecution but also learned the basic tenets and tools of Nazism to apply those against the Palestinians. So, with the death of Adolf Hitler, Nazism didn’t die, rather flourishes in the mind and souls of the present day’s Israelis. It also survives among the Hindutva force of India’s ruling clan. So the Hindu Nazis parade in the streets of India to show their solidarity with their ideological comrades in Israel.

The crimes that are being committed by the Israeli Army against the Palestinians is a textbook case of state-run terrorism cum Nazism. The GermanJ ews faced extermination by the Nazis. The indigenous people of Palestine face the same extermination by the hand of Israelis. Hitler invented gas chambers to kill the Jews. Israel dropped more than 6000 bombs to kill the people of Gaza. So the objective is the same, only the means are  different. The cruelty and barbarity are also the same. The German Nazis called the Jewish people as rats; with the same mindset, the Israeli Nazis call the Palestinians as human animals. So, the Israeli Nazis argue to flatten the whole of Gaza.

For killing human rats, the German Nazis invented gas chambers. And for killing the human animals, Israel invented indiscriminate carpet bombings. This is why selective precise surgical strikes do not suit the Israeli Nazis. So, they take whole-sale carpet bombing as the only effective option. So the Israeli Army could destroy more than 60 percent of the houses of Gaza and killed about 6,000 people in only a few days. Of 35 hospitals in Gaza, they could shut down 15. Now the injured men, women and children in Gaza await only for deaths, and not for any treatment. Of all deaths in Gaza, more than 2,000 are children.

The Israelis could also show their superiority in causing deaths and destruction than their ideological cousins working in the US Army. The US took months to cause similar destruction in Iraqi and Syrian cities like Mosul, Fallujah, Ramadi, Kobani, Raqqa, Dera Jour and others. But the Israeli Army could accomplish the same deaths and devastation only in two weeks.


Israel: a colonizing apartheid state

Israel has proven to be a perfect colonizing state in Palestine. During the British occupation in 1922, the Jewish population in Palestine was abou 11 percent. But by demographic engineering -firstly, through planned migration of Jewish people from other parts of the world and secondly, by forced eviction of the indigenous Arab people, they became 36 percent in 1948. The British colonial ruler gave 56 percent of Palestine to these 36 percent Jews.  

Israel is created as a settlers’ colony state of Israel in Palestine. Terrorism is its fundamental state policy. Terrorism is defined as the use of force for political purposes. The history gives the testimony that Israel is created by terrorism, sustained by terrorism and now expands by terrorism. In 1948, Israel was given 56 percent of Palestine; but now it possesses 78 percent. As per Oslo Agreement signed in 1993, PLO was given 22 percent of the Palestinian land. But out of that, Israel is continuously expanding its occupation inside the awarded land. East Jerusalem was not part of Israel in 1948; it is supposed to be the capital of the future Palestinian state. But it has been annexed by Israel. Israel has made the whole of Jerusalem its own capital. The US also transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel has also built more than a hundred settlers’ colonies inside the West Bank to be embedded by more than 450,000 Jewish population.

Now, Israel is planning to annex the whole Gaza Strip. For that, the Israeli Army is asking the people of Gaza to vacate its northern part and move towards the south Gaza. When evacuation of northern Gaza is complete, Israel will ask for a full evacuation of the whole Gaza. Israel and its allies are already putting pressure on Egypt to build tent cities for the refugees in the Sinai desert. This way, Israel is implementing its plan for a greater Israel. In the recent annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netianhu delivered a lecture and showed a map of the new Middle East. In that map, there was no independent Palestine State, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem were shown inside Israel.

Israel also works as the perfect apartheid state. It has one law for the Jews and another law for the Palestinians. The Israelis have all rights and the Palestinians have no right. The Jews live in luxurious houses in settlers’ colonies and the Palestinians live in concentration camps. In the West Bank, hundreds of check posts are raised only to harass and torment the Palestinians. Because of the checkposts, for a Palestinian, it takes several hours to travel even half a kilometer in the occupied land.         


The selective condemnation

The US and other western leaders are very selective to see the crimes and condemn them. They see the deaths only of the Israelis, but not the deaths of the Palestinians. Israel has been continuing these crimes for the last 75 years. Along with the US, the EU and the UK, India has also joined the camp to support Israel. To them, supporting politically and militarily a terrorist state like Israel is not a crime. But it is a  crime to support those who resist the state terrorism of Israel. Only the people with moral blindness and complicity in the crime can do that. 

The US and its allies show their double standard.Those who fight against the Russian occupation in Ukraine are praised for their valour and patriotism. But those fighting against the Israeli occupation of Palestine are labelled as terrorists. They want to eradicate them. 

The western leaders and the media are very loud to blame Hamas for killing the Israelis. But the same leaders do not announce a single sentence to condemn the killing of Palestinians and destruction of Gaza by Israel. He called Hamas as ISIS and asked for a global coalition to eradicate Hamas. But ISIS didn’t bomb civilian people and hospitals. ISIS didn’t stop the supply of water, food and medicine to any city. No other organisation on the earth caused so many deaths and destruction that are committed by Israel. If Mr Macron had an iota of concern for the innocent lives, he would have been more interested to form a coalition to eradicate the greater occupier and killer state like Israel?

The same western leaders and the media keep tongue-tied silence when the Israeli Army kills the Palestinian civilians. Israeli history is full of genocidal massacres against the indigenous Arab people. In 1982, on 16th and 17th April, about three thousands Palestinians were killed by Israel-sponsored Christian Phalange militia in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon. Children, innocent men and women were not spared in such an awful carnaget. Until now, neither ISIS, nor Hamas has committed such a massive genocidal massacre. But none of the Israelies and its collaborators faced any punishment for that.

The French President Mr Emmanuel Macron recently visited Israel. He condemned the killing of Israelis by Hamas. But he didn’t pronounce a single sentence to condemn the Israeli atrocities. Mr Macron has totally failed to understand the historical truth that occupation of any land always generates resistance. Those who fight against the occupying forces like Hamas can never be labelled as terrorists. In all ages, they are always praised as heroic freedom fighters. Only the illegal occupying forces and their partners in crimes dehumanise them. It is also true that no honest people make peace with the occupiers. It is considered a heinous crime of betrayal against the freedom struggle. Mr Macron -like Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak has sided with the war criminals.


The end of occupation is the only solution

Everyone in Palestine wants genuine peace. But that is not through surrender to the Israeli occupation The end of the Israeli occupation is the only way to make peace in Palestine. Israel, the USA, the EU, the UK and other friends of Israel have failed to understand such a simple truth. Since the creation of Israel in 1948, all attempts of peace have failed. Because, there wasn’t any sincere attempt to end the Israeli occupation. On the contrary, in the name of peace negotiations and treaties, all attempts were made only to ensure Israel’s peace and security and never for the Palestinians. Those were only to fortify Israeli occupation.

Now the Israelis have new demands. They claim the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque is an ancient Jewish relic. And the Israeli occupiers have put new restrictions on Muslims’ access to the Al-Aqsa mosque. Whereas, the Israeli extremists are entering into the mosque under the police protection. It is enough to trigger new explosion in Mulims’s mind. What happened on 7 October must be judged keeping an eye on that explosive context on the ground.

The UN Secretary General Mr António Guterres could understand the context. So, he said, what happened on 7 October didn’t happen in a vacuum. It is the result of suffocating Israeli occupation. The Israeli authority has no appetite to swallow such a historical truth. Instead, they want to stop others from telling such truths. So, Israel is officially asking Mr Guterres to resign from his UN post.


The coalition against Hamas

 Israel can’t tolerate any resistance movement against its own occupation. Initially, the PLO and its Fatah faction fought to end the occupation. Because of that, PLO and Fatah leaders became the targets of assasination. Many of the Fatah leaders were killed by the Israeli hit team both inside and outside Palestine. But now, the PLO has taken a non-violent path and signed the Oslo agreement in 1993 to recognise the illegal state of Israel. As a result, Fatah met its political death. But the resistance movement continues. And Hamas leads the fight against the Israeli occupation.This is why Hamas leaders now stand as targets of Israeli assasination. Since Israel is failing to annihilate Hamas on its own, Mr. Macron calls for an international coalition to do the job.

Hamas is a socio-political cum jihadi organisation. Israel and allies could tame PLO but not Hamas. In the 2006 parliamentary election, Hamas won most of the seats. Former US President Jimmy Carter was the head of the election monitoring team. He certified that the election was free and fair. But Hamas wasn’t allowed to run the government both by the defeated PLO and the Israelis. For Israel and its western allies, fair election is not enough, the friends of Israel must be elected for getting recognition from Israel and its allies. This is true for any election in any Muslim country. For the same reason, Dr Mohammad Morsi – the first elected President of Egypt was removed from his office. Thus the US and its allies stand as the arch enemies of democracy in any Muslim country.

Since Hamas has every chance to win any election in Palestine, PLO has no appetite for election. To avoid a defeat, PLO didn’t allow any election to happen in Palestine after the 2006 election. Mahmud Abbas continues to work as the President of Palestine Authority -although his term ended 17 years ago. Israel and its allies were happy with the status quo. Israel was busy making friendship with the autocratic rulers and signed the Abraham Accord to bury the Palestine issue. Saudi Arabia too was very close to making friendship with Israel. But Hamas wanted to take the fight against the occupation to a new height. And the attack on Israel on 7 October is the outcome.  


The US greenlight to war crimes

Israel enjoys green lights to commit all forms of war crimes and faces no accountability. The UN stands clinically dead because of the US vetoes. The UN can’t even condemn the grotesque Israeli war crimes, let alone stop it.  So far, Hamas killed 1405 Israelis. As per Gaza Health Ministry report on 25 October, Israel has killed 5,7891 Palestinians by its relentless bombing on Gaza.

The people of Gaza are under a total Israeli seizure. Since 7 October, no water, no electricity,  no food are allowed to enter Gaza. Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war. Israel is committing war crimes in all possible ways. Israel made 15 out of 35 hospitals closed. The Israeli Army and the settlers are also killing the Palestinians in the west bank. Till 25 October, they killed 103 Palestinians in the West Bank and arrested 1400. Al Jazeera reported today that Israel has also bombed refugee camps in the West Bank. 


The US complicity in war crimes

Killing innocent men, women and children are not acts of war, these are the acts of war crimes. Supporting such crimes is also a crime. And the USA is hugely complicit in such crimes. Since 1946, the USA has allocated 372.6 billion dollars to the Middle East, most of it going to Israel. In the 1973 war, the US shipped 22, 235 tons of military equipment to Israel. Recently, the USA has declared to send 2,000 soldiers to Israel and dispatch its largest aircraft carrier named Gerald Ford to the Mediterranean sea. The US is also making quick transhipment of advanced weapons to Israel. Such support to Israel only caused more sufferings, more deaths, more destructions and more occupation of the Palestinian land.

Russia occupied a part of Ukraine. The Western powers used that context to criminalize Putin. So the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against him. Israel is also occupying power and has also killed civilians. Putin’s Army didn’t destroy 60 percent of the residential homes of Ukraine, didn’t kill about 6,000 people in Ukraine and didn’t bomb hospitals and churches. But no arrest warrant was issued for the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu -the Israeli Prime Minister. So ICC also shows its double standard.

The practice of racism, Nazism and apartheidism is recognised as crimes in international law. It is also war crimes to collectively punish a people and do carpet bombings. Israel is committing all such crimes against the Palestinians. Israel and its allies want peace only for the Israelis and not for the Palestinians. Instead, they want a total eradication cum cleansing of the Palestinians from their homeland. In favor of Israel, the US has given veto 43 times and even blocked condemnation of Israeli massacre by the UN Security Council.

A great miracle

So, the war of Hamas is not only against the Israeli Army but also against the US and its allies. A weapon doesn’t fight a war, rather fight the man who stands behind the weapon. Therefore the moral, intellectual and spiritual constract of the man who fights the war makes the difference. Because of the deep Islamic construct, the early Muslims could make miracles. Hamas is reviving the same glory. Whereas secular armies of the Muslim countries could make history only in failures. 

In 1967, the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria couldn’t stand against the Israeli Army even for one week. In 1971, the Pakistan Army couldn’t stand against the kuffar Indian Army even for 2 weeks. And it is a great miracle that few thousands Hamas fighters are still alive in the field. It is also a great miracle that even after 18 days of relentless bombing, the most powerful Army of the Middle East couldn’t dare enter into Gaza – a tiny land of only 141 square miles. Even if Hamas is defeated, the miracle will still survive in the history of warfare. 26/10/2023   

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