Muslims’ civilizational failures and the new hope

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal The core Islamic concept and the Divine obligation A state is the most powerful institution on the planet. Both the best and the worst can be done by the state institutions. But an institution can’t work on its own, it needs an ideology, a methodology and the right type of people […]

বিবিধ ভাবনা ৭৪

ফিরোজ মাহবুব কামাল ১. সভ্য দেশ ও অসভ্য দেশ একটি দেশ কতটা সভ্য বা অসভ্য -সেটি বুঝা যায় সে দেশের পুলিশ, সেনাবাহিনী ও আদালত দেখে। কোন সভ্য দেশের পুলিশ ও সেনাবাহিনীর সদস্যগণ কখনোই এ কথা ভাবে না, কোন স্বৈর শাসককে বাঁচাতে জনগণের উপর তারা গুলী চালাবে। তেমনি সভ্য দেশের বিচারকগণও ভাবে না যে, স্বৈর শাসকের […]

Muslims’ downfall and the consequent calamities

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal Muslims’ downfall: an overview Every downfall of a civilization has its catastrophic calamities. The Muslims are now in the midst of the worst parts of it. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala has His set rules. He never helps those who decide not to change themselves and follow a downhill course. Whereas, whenever […]

Why do Muslims fail and why an Islamic state so crucial?

 Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal Why Muslims so powerless? The current state of powerlessness of Muslims mostly owes to absence of an Islamic state in the Muslim World. It is very easy to understand  that the full practice of Islam is impossible without an Islamic state. Then a Muslim remains only a partial or imperfect Muslim. […]

Absence of an Islamic state and the consequences

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal  Living without a strategy No faith can give sustenance to its conceptual paradigm, vision, mission, and objectives in absence of supportive state and institutions. In such institutional deprivation, not only the core beliefs but also those who are adherents to those beliefs face extinction. Communism ceased to survive as a significant […]

The infrastructure of Muslims’ downfall

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal  Denial of the greatest gift: the worst crime How can a sick man get cured of his disease when he ignores the only prescription for the cure? It is the core element of Muslims’ faith that the Holy Qur’an is the only prescription for all moral, social, political, cultural, spiritual, and […]

The moral collapse and the mercenary culture

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal  The infrastructure of enemy occupation                 In 2003, when the US Army took over Baghdad, hundreds of Iraqis came to the street to celebrate the American victory. Prior to that, many of the Iraqi leaders invited and co-operated with the murderous US Army. The same happened with the US’s invasion of […]

Aligning with the enemies and the lowest low of Muslims’ decline

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal Embracing the enemies The Muslims have reached a new low in history. In the early days of Islam, even the Arab kuffar didn’t invite contemporary world powers like the Roman or Persian empires to occupy their land and kill the Islamic compatriots. But, things now have changed. The so-called Muslims are […]

The calamities of cultural and ideological occupation

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal The infrastructure of continual occupation The west’s military occupation of the Muslim world has formally ended. But the cultural and ideological occupation still exists. In former colonies, the imperialist armies may not be visible in uniforms, but their soldiers –both the natives and the westerners, are still present in thousands to […]

বিবিধ ভাবনা ৭৩

ফিরোজ মাহবুব কামাল ১. নিছের ইচ্ছা নিজেকে করতে হয় মহান আল্লাহতায়ালা মানুষকে দৈহিক বল, আর্থিক বল ও বুদ্ধিবৃত্তিক বলসহ নানারূপ বল ও সামর্থ্য দেন। ঈমানদার বা বেঈমান -সবাইকে তিনি পানাহারও দেন। এসবই মহান আল্লাহতায়ালার অমূল্য নিয়ামত। সে নিয়ামতগুলো কে কীভাবে কাজে লাগাবে -সে ইচ্ছাটি তিনি কারো উপরই চাপিয়ে দেন না। প্রতিটি ব্যক্তিকে সে ইচ্ছাটি নিজ থেকে […]

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