Fight with Ballots to Save the Lives of the Palestinians

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Voting for the supporters of Israel is a crime

 A genocidal Israeli war against the Palestinians has already caused massive numbers of deaths and destruction in Gaza and in the occupied West Bank. More than 37 thousands people were already killed; and more than 20 thousands disappeared under the rubbles of the destroyed homes, hospitals, schools and shops. More than 70 thousands are injured; and thousands of them are maimed for the entire life. Because of the Western support, Israel still continues to commit the genocide. Millions of Muslims living in the Western countries have a crucial role to play. Staying silent or aloof is not an option. Such silence is a crime. Every man and woman of morality must fight the war against the Israeli war criminals and their supporters. Election gives an opportunity to show anger against these criminals.

All the main parties in the Western countries except Ireland, Spain and Norway are supporters of Israel. Therefore election in the West doesn’t give any chance of real victory; but it gives opportunities to play a moral role and advance the case further.

Israel could sustain such a destructive war only because of their continuous political and military support. They give the most advanced arms and ammunition to commit these war crimes. They call such genocidal massacres as the right of Israel’s self defence. But they do not recognise such rights for the Palestinians. Vote for these supporters of Israel is the vote for the war criminals. It is indeed a complicity in genocide. Can a person with an iota of humanity and morality support such genocidal criminals?

Those who are standing as the candidates in the forthcoming UK parliamentary election from the Labour and the Conservative Parties are not innocent. They are aligned with Israel’s genocidal intent. In the USA, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are innocent either. They have already shown their complicity in the genocide by standing on the side of the genocidal Israel. A man who has a heart to feel the pain and agonies of the victims in Gaza can never be complicit in the crime by voting for the supporters of Israel.


Ballots can work as weapons

 In the forthcoming parliamentary election in the UK and France and the presidential election in the USA, the major parties that support the genocidal Israeli war will need votes to stay in power.

In democratic countries, ballots work as powerful weapons. It has a powerful voice. People can change the government policies by casting votes against the war criminals. For that, the ballots need to be used strategically.

Those who lived in the West cannot directly help the victims of Israeli war crimes in Palestine. They can’t fight the war for them in Gaza. But they can fight an intellectual and political battle to show their deep empathy for these helpless victims. At least they can stand against the Israeli war criminals. An election presents opportunities to show love for the helpless victims and anger against the war criminals. A ballot against the supporters of Israel does that job.


Voting can be a good deed or an ugly crime

 Voting can be a great good deed to please Allah SWT -if it becomes a tool to defeat or punish the genocidal war criminals. On the other hand, it can be a ugly crime if it brings to the power the war criminals and their supporters. Supporting a killer regime is never an innocent deed; it is indeed the complicity in killing because of the wicked intent and the support for the criminals. Most people will enter into hellfire not for killing, raping or torturing anyone, but for supporting the criminals. Pharaoh wasn’t a solo criminal; his supporters were also the partners in the same crime. So they will meet the same fate in the hereafter.

A vote is indeed an expression of a person’s own belief and intention. Election comes as a trial for every believer. It shows where a man stands in the ongoing war. Is he or she standing with the Israeli war criminals or with the innocent victims of Palestine? The All-seeing Almighty Allah SWT is watching everyones. Those who support the Israeli war criminals and those stand for the victims of the work crimes -all of them are under His radar. Allah SWT never gives chances to anyone to hide his or her true colour; this forthcoming election will fully expose that. 29/06/2024

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