The Imperialists’ War Coalition & the Calamity of Moral Death

The coalition in crime            

The Muslims now face one of the most critical crisis in the history. Deaths and destruction abound everywhere. Alavi Shia regime of President Bashar al Assad in Syria and the pro-Iran Shia regime in Iraq are relentlessly engaged in killing the Sunni Muslims and destruction of Islam’s historic heart land. They have forged coalition with the known external enemies of Islam. The majority Sunni Muslims of Iran had the same fate of persecution and genocidal cleansing with Shia occupation of that country by the Safavi Shia rulers in the early sixteenth century. They were give two option: either to convert to Shia belief or die. The predominant Sunni Iran was then forcefully converted to a Shia Iran; and a wall of complete separation was built against Muslim World on a sectarian line. Since then, Shia Iran worked as a close partner of the European imperialists to restrict or truncate the Osmania khilafa –the citadel of Muslim power in those days. Today, Iran has returned back exactly to the same old role. They trust and make partnership with the non-Muslims than the Muslims. Imam Khomeini –the father of Iranian revolution in 1979, used to call the US as great Shaitan, but now Iran has embraced the US to foil any attempt of emerging the Muslims as a great civilizational power.  

Razing cities after cities to the ground, killing people and evicting them as destitute into a foreign land is not the job of a country’s government; these are the agenda of the enemy. Israel is doing that to the Palestinians since its creation. The US did the same in Iraq and Afghanistan. But both the Syrian and Iraqi Shia regimes are doing the same to the native Muslims. Such acts could only please the enemy of Islam and invite more military and monetary help to cause more death and destruction. In fact, to add more brutality to the destruction, the old and established enemies of Islam have already joined the Shia mission. The US and its partners are providing the high tech destructive weapons to Iraq to do the job with more ferocity. The US usually gives such weapons of mass destruction to Israel to keep its brutal occupation in Palestine. But now the US has many Israel in the area to do its job and crush any possible Islamic resurgence. The Syrian regime too, receives similar weapons from its Russia to do the same job. Along with the Americans, thousands of Iranian revolutionary guard fighters and Iranian Army personnel have joined the war to cleanse Iraq of its Sunni population. In Syria, along with the Russians, thousands of Shia fighters from Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan have joined the Syrian regime in its war against the Sunni majority. As a result, the whole Muslim heartland is quickly becoming a complete war zone. The flame of war that was ignited by the US and its coalition partners in Afghanistan and Iraq, now receives explosive fuel.  

Neither the US, nor Russia rely on the local clients to promote their agenda. Hence they have themselves entered into the war. Thus they show, it is their own war. The Russian Air Forces now run an intense bombing campaign in Syria. The US Air Force is doing the same in Iraq. Most parts of historic cities like Aleppo, Homes, Hama, Idlib, Zabadani, Daraya, Kobani in Syria and Ramadi, Tikrit, Hadisa and Fallujah in Iraq are already reduced to heaps of rubbles. During the US occupation, the cities like Fallujah, Tikrit and Mosul –the citadel of resistance against the occupation, were destroyed several times; now face the combined assault of the US, Iraq and Iran. Thousands of the US Army personnel are now fighting alongside the Iraqi and the Kurdish fighters. Likewise, hundreds of Russians are fighting alongside the Syrian regime. The Sunni men, women and children are being bombed only to force them to a full surrender. In both Syria and Iraq, since there is little sign of collapse of the resistance, killings and destructions are not going to end either.


The crime of silence

In the corridor of crimes, keeping silence has an immoral implication. Such silence is itself a crime of appeasing a criminal. Those who can stop crime, their silence and inaction is a major sin in Islam. “Enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” is the Qur’anic assignment for every believing man and women. Hence, silence is incompatible with the Islamic way of life. It may be pursued by morally sick people not to distract, disturb or resist the criminals from wrongdoings. But such silence indeed prevails all over the world. Even in World Wars, none of the warring countries was so heavily bombed and had half of the population evicted from homes. The UN could stop the war; it is its official duty to do so. But the member states couldn’t pass even a single resolution to condemn such genocidal war crimes. No amount of barrel bombs, chemical bombs, cluster bombs could break the passionate inaction of this world body. So, the ugly war crime continues. The UN thus becomes accomplice to crime.

There is a discernible reason for such failures of the UN. The UN’s governing body –the Security Council, stands fully occupied by a club of established war criminals. It is a post-World War II creation; hence work of a psyche loaded with pathological greed for global hegemony. The warring parties of two World Wars showed their teeth of barbarity by killing more than 75 million people. The US –the most powerful member of the club set a new high of cruelty by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that instantly killed about 140, 000 people. The organisation came into being only to sustain the newly gained supremacy of the winning parties in the war. As members of the same club, the US, the Soviet Union, the UK, France and China secured the veto-owning permanent status in the Security Council; the majority of the world population were thus kept out of this most powerful UN body. There is proof that the UN aims at freeing the world from further wars. Instead, the veto-owning countries proved to be the key promoter of war across world. How the UN can think of stopping any war while most of the bombs and missiles are still being are made and dropped by the five permanent members of the Security Council. The UN stands hostage to their domineering interest of the big powers; as a result, it can’t condemn even the most grotesque war crimes of the client state –as happened repeatedly in the case of Israel. Such strangulation by the warmongering stakeholders only could lead to its moral death. In fact, the moral death of the UN is so much pronounced that it couldn’t find any ethical problem in giving recognition to illegal creation of Israel on the occupied land of the local Arabs. Nor did it find any immorality to give prompt legality to the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, instead of stopping or condemning the massive death and destruction in Iraq and Syria, the UN ratifies such barbarity of the US and Russia and their partners. Now, not only people of Iraq and Syria, but also the whole world stands hostage to the brutal immorality of the killer big powers.

Even after colossal deaths and destruction in two World Wars, the warring countries like US, the UK, Russia, France and China didn’t exhaust their appetite to commit more crimes in their own backyard or in their occupied lands. The post-World War genocides in Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Xinxiang, Algeria and many other countries give convincing testimony to that. While the UN itself stands captive of their veto power; how can such an organisation help others get free from their captivity? So the UN couldn’t do anything for the people under occupation in Palestine, Kashmir, Arakan (Rakhayan state in Myanmar), Chechnya, Xinxiang and many other parts of the world. In fact, the UN had its moral death on the first day of its birth; and due to the corruptive immorality of the stakeholders, the moral death has turned global. As a result, the coalition’s brutality in Iraq and Syria gets support from almost all western countries. Due to the same moral death, they didn’t bother to support the illegal creation of Israeli on the occupied land of Palestine and the massive destruction and massacre in Gaza. The US’s perversion is so huge that its army personnel embraced the Kurdish YPG terrorists in Syria as the partners of war, though they are known as terrorist even by the US administration for years. To demonstrate their comradeship with YPG, the US army personnel also wore their Marxist-Leninist emblem. Due to their anti-Islamic obsession, they are ready to embrace any anti-Islamic thugs like the killer Abdul Fattah Sisi of Egypt, YPG terrorists and Bashar al-Assad of Syria.    


The culture of immorality

Immorality or moral death is no less epidemic than the most epidemic form of physical illnesses. Moral death of Pharaoh thus affected the Egyptian too. Hence, they become a party to brutal crimes against the Bani Israel. Hitler’s moral death thus affected the Germans too, they became feeders of the gas chambers against the Jews. Likewise, in modern days, the moral death is not confined with the imperialist circles; the leaders of the Muslim countries are also infected with the same disease. Hence they stand silent –as if they have no role to stop the ongoing barbarity.    

 In all ages, it has been the culture of evil forces to rejoice deaths and destruction in their occupied lands. Such enemy practices are not new in the Muslim lands. In recent time, the people of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq have seen the dancing perpetrators of such crimes on their streets. In the medieval era, it was crusade – a genocidal war of the European Christian coalition in land of Palestine. The infidels of Makkah or the Christians of Jerusalem didn’t feel even the slightest horror of war when the cities were taken over by the Muslims. Not a single man was killed while Jerusalem came under the Muslim rule. But the Muslims of Jerusalem had a full blood bath when it was taken by the Crusaders. That happened too, to the Muslims of Spain by the Christian conquerors: it was a total cleansing of Muslims and Islam there. The same horror visited the Muslim World and many Asian and African countries in the 18th and 19th century with the colonisation by the European imperialists. In 20th century it was the joint invasion of the Osmania khilafa, mutilation of the Muslim Middle East into more than 20 pieces and the creation of the illegal state of Israel in their midst by forceful eviction of  its original inhabitants. And now it is the 21st century crusade with a new high of barbarity. Thousands of bombs and missiles are being dropped on their head, such barbarity never happened with any other people on earth.

Every disease has its own causes, pathology and symptoms. Therefore, the current brutality against the Muslims has its own causes and pathological backdrop, too. The anti-Muslim hatred of the early Crusaders never died out from the European psyche. It has in fact re-emerged in 21st century’s Western imperialism with more virulence. It has only taken a new form. The individual western country no more works like lone predators in the Muslim World; now they don’t have such power to do that either. Hence, they need to form a global coalition. Therefore, in the occupation and destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US was not alone. More than 40 countries joined its crusade. While starting the invasion, President George Bush used the narrative of crusade in TV speech with the full understanding of its historical motive and perspective. And now, more than 60 countries contribute to the US crusade in Iraq and Syria –as claimed by John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. Now, both the Western and the Eastern brands of the Christian imperialists are concurrently committing their atrocities in a coordinated manner. The declared aim of the joint campaign is not to harm Basher al-Assad of Syria or sectarian Shia regime in Iraq, but to resist any attempt of Islamic resurgence.

So the world enters into a new stage. Such a huge and joint enterprise in killing never happened before; not even in the World Wars. Death, destruction and eviction and other brutality that started in Palestine about 70 years ago, are now taking place with more intensity in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine and many other Muslim countries. The men, women and children who never left their home before, are now forced to leave their country. The poor and innocent people of Afghanistan tasted 24 years of American and Russian atrocities; 1l years (1979-89) by the hand of Russians and 13 years (2001-14) by the Americans. They forced more than 5 million Afghans to leave the country and killed more than one and half million. Although, the US announced the withdrawal of its troop in 2014, but it wasn’t a full pull-out. Hence the occupation hasn’t truly ended; therefore, Afghanistan still stays occupied and the killing still continues. The same occupation continues in Iraq.


The new high in barbarity

The USA, Russia and other imperialists have their own agenda in the occupation in Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. The natural resources and the strategic importance of the region have attracted more enemies than friends; therefore, added more deaths and destruction to the people. An enemy state like Israel was established in the heart of Muslim Middle East to make such suffering a permanent feature of the Muslim life. The imperialist countries find their security interest in every oil field, gas field, cotton field, water way and most importantly even in the Islamic belief of the Muslims. In order to protect such self-declared security interest they claim they have the right to declare any war or pre-emptive war against any country in the world. On such self-manufactured pretext the US invaded and destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq. The mission of destruction hasn’t stopped yet, Syria, Libya, Mali, Yemen and many more countries are added to the list. Any resistance to such imposed war of aggression is called terrorism.  Any Islamic resurgence to go back to the prophetic Islam of sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad is conceived as a threat to their security interest. So Muslims are being bombed to restrict their Islamic practice to the US prescription. Both the US and Russian are bombing people to force them surrendering to their hegemony -as Israel is doing since its illegal creation.


The status quo of failure

The leaders of the imperialist camps have no quarrel with the brutal killers in the regions like General Abdul Fattah al Sisi of Egypt, the Saudi King or other autocrats. Although they dropped thousands of bombs on the innocent civilians, but never used a single word against them. On the contrary, they have forged a close coalition with these killer regimes to pursue a common agenda. The common agenda entails the status quo of autocratic rule, keeping intact the divisive walls and non-implementation of Islamic obligations like sharia, khilafa, jihad, hudud and the Muslim unity. Such status quo is indeed the infrastructure to keep the Muslim ummah weak and defeated. It has shown its full efficiency in preventing the resurgence of Islam as a global power. This is why the anti-Islamic global coalition is very keen to do everything to give sustenance to this status quo; any attempt to dismantle any element of it is considered a threat to their so-called security interest. They call it a threat of global stability. So the concurrent wars of the various imperialists has become a global war on Islam and the Muslims. It is also the war of their own survival as the world’s dominant power.

It is a common strategy of the imperialists to put some humanitarian façades to hide the real intention. But how a humanitarian cause could be served by dropping bombs and missiles on civilian population? They have already displayed their intention by flattening cities, killing men, women and children and igniting the ethnic feuds. They have poisoned even the innocent environment of the occupied land. The US Air Force dropped depleted uranium and other toxic chemicals on Iraqi cities and villages. Thus they have polluted the soils and water so badly that it will take generations to produce healthy foods and vegetables –as reported by many international experts. As an outcome of such US crime, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children are born with birth defects or cancer. The intensity of destruction is unparalleled in the whole human history; no other country received so many bombs and missiles in the past –not even during the World Wars. In Iraq and Syria, human deaths have been almost 7 times higher than the deaths by nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, the US barbarity has indeed attained an unprecedented new high. And the killing still continues. This way, the US reveals its moral death. And only with such moral death, the people in the White House, in the US Congress and in the media could celebrate such colossal barbarity in Iraq and Afghanistan as “mission accomplished”. However, in the Muslim countries, they could also find people with the same moral death. They readily forged coalition with them; therefore while US bomber drops bombs on his own could get the excuse to call it a coalition bombing. It is no surprise that even a brutal killer gets plenty of love from his domestic pets. In the Muslim countries, the imperialists invested heavily to raise such pets with no moral entity. The British did it successfully during their colonial era through its mind-manipulating education system. Hence when the British Army occupied Iraq and Palestine in 1917, most of its soldiers were such pets grown up in its colonies. In most of the Muslim countries, such mind corruptive system still continues. So in the Muslim lands, there is no shortage of such peoples who love fighting shoulder to shoulder with the foreign occupiers and kill their own people. Hence, thousands of such people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries have already joined the US-led war.


The new power equation

The Russia and the US were known for mutual enmity for ages. In the post-World War era, they couldn’t stay on the same side of any war. They were the enemies in the Korean and the Vietnam wars. They were engaged in the Cold War for about half a century. But now they stand together against the Muslims. To truncate the body of Muslim Ummah, the Russian and the Americans work together as the two cutting blades of the same scissors. The US and its partners have a lot of anguish against Russia’s role in Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia and many other countries; and have imposed economic embargo on Moscow. But they are quite happy on its role in Syria since it is killing the Muslims and destroying the Syrian cities. Such Russian role exactly fit into the strategic frame of the US led crusade. As a consequence, the US and its partners have even developed close partnership with Russia to encounter any Islamic resurgence in the Muslim World. They have mutually divided the field of operation in the Muslim land to kill their common targets. Hence when the Russian Army raged the Chechen city of Grozny to the ground and committed a massacre there, Vladimir Putin got enthusiastic support from the US and other western capitals. Now the Russian Air Force is bombing Syrian part; and the USA is doing the same in Iraq. Each of them enjoys the support of the other. They are destroying the cities, villages, roads, houses, roads and high ways indiscriminately; and show no restraint in bombing even the hospitals, mosques, schools and market places. Most parts of the cities like Ramadi, Tikrit, Kobani, Homs, and Hama are razed to the ground. The Russian jets are dropping massive bombs on historical cities like Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Palmyra and many others. The United States and its ally are carrying out the same mission in Falluja, Mosul and other parts of Iraq. Such anti-Muslim global unity of the imperialists is a new phenomenon in so-called Clash of Civilisation –as was postulated by Professor Huntington in his book. Islamic resurgence in any form and in any part of the world is perceived as a threat to the western civilisation. In such a war against Islam, only the Muslims stands divided.


Collaboration with the killers

Promoting peace has never been the aim of these neo-imperialists. They are interested only to prolong their hegemony. They can achieve that only through collaboration of the local clients. Hence they forge close partnership with autocratic killers and work keep enmity against any people’s revolution. So to kill democratic rights of people, the US gives billions of dollar to General Sisi, and Russia supplies arms to Bashar al Assad.  President Bashar al Assad has killed more than 300 thousands people in Syrian, and driven out 3 million out of Syria with full Russian help. But still couldn’t have any control over the country. The end of Basher regime in Syria means end of Russia’s hegemony in the Middle East. So Russia has joined Assad to kill more Syrians and destroy more Syrian cities and villages to protect his oppressive regime. The USA is doing the same in Iraq. End of Shia regime means the end of US hegemony in Iraq. With such collapse, several trillion dollars of its military investment in the war of occupation will go in vain.  The US is not ready to tolerate such a loss. Therefore to keep the status quo intact, the US is supplying the sophisticated killer machines to the Shia militia to kill more Sunni Iraqis. Through the US assistance, the Shia regime that has already evicted millions of Sunni Iraqis from their ancestral homes. But the Shia regime still couldn’t fully crash the Sunni resistance, hence the US needed to directly enter into the field. The US Air Force has already dropped thousands of bombs on Sunni cities and villages.


The epidemic of moral death

The Muslim Ummah is now in a tragic turmoil. The deaths and destruction are only the symptoms; the real disease lies much deeper. The most catastrophic problem is indeed the moral death of the Muslim Ummah. The physical death has its own distinctive signs; the dead people can’t move and response. But the morally dead people have other symptoms. They can move and response; but they can’t see even the worst crime as crime. Even the ugliest brutality doesn’t touch their heart. With such moral death, the Arab infidels could bury their daughter alive. What could be the ugliest terrorism on earth than launching a man-slaughtering war against an innocent weak people? The US led invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq was exactly the same. The Russian bomber planes are committing the same crime in Syria. In the Muslim World, the ruling clique, the political leaders, the intellectuals and the media elites have mostly died a moral death long before. Hence, they can’t see any crime in such war of invasion.  Therefore, the largest or the second largest or the third largest anti-war rallies against the US invasion in Iraq didn’t take place in Jakarta, Karachi, Dhaka, Istanbul or Cairo. It was in London, Rome and Paris. The morally dead people can’t even appreciate the Greatness of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; nor do they see the beauty of His revealed Truth. They even fail to find their own heroes. They fail to recognise the self-sacrificing Muslims heroes who fight the infidel foreign occupiers. Due to such moral death, the people like Nimrod, Pharaoh, Abu Jehel, Abu Lahab couldn’t see even the best attributes of their contemporary great prophets.

Men and women get their highest height as human not for physical health, but for moral highness. And one can’t build up his or her moral health by eating and drinking most heathy food staff. For that, it is indispensable to acquire the Divine knowledge – revealed only to the prophets. The Holy Qur’an still exist as the final and the most accurate source of such knowledge. About 14 hundred years ago, the Arab people showed how the summit of perfect moral health could be quickly reached by acquiring Qur’anic knowledge; as a result of such moral achievement, they could build the best people on earth in the whole human history. Their moral boost was so high that the ruler of the largest country of the contemporary world could ask his servant to ride on the camel by turn and he himself would pull the rope on foot in a more than 5 hundred mile long journey to Jerusalem. And in the middle of the nights, he would carry food to the poor putting it on his own shoulder. Not a single ruler in any episode of time in the whole human history could display such a high moral health.

But such health of morality has cataclysmically collapsed in the Muslim world. And it owes to long rule of colonial infidels and the home-grown brutal autocrats. They didn’t have any love or any interest to ensure the supply of Divine food of knowledge for the human souls. Rather, they stood against the Quranic knowledge; and allowed people to take Qur’an only as a book of mere recitation, but not for understanding what Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has commanded to them. Like today, they considered the Islamist people with sound Qur’anic knowledge as the staunch enemy. Satan doesn’t fail to identify its enemy. The colonialist, the secularists and the autocrats didn’t fail either. They realised that the Qur’anic knowledge and the prophetic tradition make people incompatible with their un-Islamic colonial or autocratic rule. They found it extremely difficult to win over the hard core Islamists of high moral heights. Hence they opened road for a moral collapse. That was through secularisation of education. Today’s Muslims are following the same road. As a result, the moral deaths have been so massive and so epidemic in the Muslim world that it has turned more than one and half a billion Muslims spineless silent watchers of the worst crime against Islam and the Muslims. Worst of all, millions of these Muslims have turned armed collaborators in the imperialists’ war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and many other countries.

The people with moral death even fail to recognise that war of aggression is not a simple crime; rather the ugliest criminal act on earth. Such crime is beyond the imagination of an ordinary murderer. Those who could drop nuclear bombs, raze cities to the ground and could kill more than a million in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries can only unleash the spiral of such crime –as started with their invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. They are now putting more fuel to keep the flame of war alive and to give it a global dimension. Only the people with moral death can approve such a genocidal war and rejoice its bombing campaign. But such moral death has become so pervasive and epidemic that launching and sponsoring such genocidal wars is not only a White House or Kremlin affair. Now it has global sponsors and supporters. Instead of condemning such war crimes, most of the world leaders support it. In Islam, doing everything to eradicate crime is not mere politics, it is a religious obligation. In a Muslim’s life, enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong is a lifelong mission (a’maru bil ma’ruf wa nehi anil mukar) –as has been assigned by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in the holy Qur’an. But those who embrace and co-operate with the non-Muslim invaders in their countries are not the known infidels; rather the people with Muslim names. Here it reveals the extent of moral death of today’s Muslims.


The calamity of moral death

Physical death puts an end to man’s all abilities. But moral death opens the door to do crimes on a cataclysmic scale. All the catastrophic wars, World Wars, ethnic cleansing, and genocides are the works of the people with moral death. With such a death, men and women even with sound physical health eulogize the most criminal act of warmongering leaders. These are the people who have eyes but can’t see the brutalities. They have ears but can’t hear the agonies of atrocities. They have tongue, but don’t speak out against the cruelties. They have soul too, but loves falsehood and can’t understand the Truth. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala –the Creator, labels these people as the vilest animal on earth. It is revealed, “Surely, the vilest of animal in Allah’s sight are the deaf, the dumb who do not understand.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 22). Amidst abundance of such moral death, even a killer autocrat can raise a huge genocidal army and enjoy popular support. So, Hitler could raise huge army; and also could run many gas chambers. And Joseph Stalin could run thousands of concentration camps. Due to same moral collapse, the US didn’t need any animals to drop the nuclear bombs. Since the people with moral health deter war crimes; and hinder recruitment to feed war need, the war criminals and the brutal despots never like them. Instead, they like moral annihilation. They realise that the people with moral health do not submit to their lies; hence they restrict the spread of Truth and Islamic upbringing. So, they restrict Qur’anic teaching. In all ages, such war criminals and despots stood as the worst enemy of the prophets. Now they stand against Islam and the tradition of the prophet. To ensure such moral collapse of men and women, they need to spread poisonous beliefs and lies that kill moral conscience. The modern propaganda machinery does the job very effectively. Hence, Hitler and many others could easily raise a huge army of collaborators. Due to the same reason, the US President George Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair could get elected for the second term after launching a genocidal war in Iraq on false pretext.

The morally dead people never come to the street to protest or raise any concern against any brutality. They didn’t respond when the people were taken to the gas chambers or killed with nuclear bombs. The war criminals and the man slaughtering autocrats are very happy with these morally dead people. They call them law-abiding good citizens. In fact, such absence of protest in the street is an indicator of intensity of moral death of people. Their own body becomes the coffin of their dead souls.  Such people keep tongue-tied silence when thousands of bombs are being dropped on defenceless people of Iraq and Syria by the US and Russia. The situation has gone so worse that the worst war crimes are being endorsed as collateral damage or rightful war activities –especially if committed by the winning war criminals. Hence, the nuclear bombers or the killers in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are not put in any war tribunal. The US and Russian bombers in Syria and Syria also go unpunished.

How can peace be achieved in the world in abundance of such grotesque killers? The world has turned a perfect lawless jungle; here the powerful aggressor enjoys full impunity for its worst crimes. And the weaker receives all deadly punches and death. Is there any doubt that if the US drops dozens of nuclear bombs on the Muslim cities, still will be enjoying the full impunity –as enjoyed previously? The deaths and destruction that the US has already committed to Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian people are equivalent to lethal brutality of half a dozen nuclear bombs of the size dropped on Hiroshima. The Hiroshima bomb killed about 90, 000 people; but the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq is responsible for the death of more than a million. But the US still stands innocent! They do not have any remorse for that. This is why they couldn’t see any crime in massive Israeli bombardment on innocent civilians of Gaza. With such a dead soul and an image of brutality, how the US can be compatible with the civilised soul of the moral human? Such people have enough reason to be paranoid of others, hence the US develops huge defence force and global monitoring to ensure their security. Here lies the real problem of the US. With such a problem of dead morality, the US can only bomb and aggravate the problems. Since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, they have given enough testimony to that. 20/062016







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