The Fascist Occupation & the Tragedies in the Muslim World

The foreign fascists & the crime

Literally, fascism is an autocratic system of ruling by possessing all political power in one hand and by brutal annihilation of all forms of opposition and criticism. It is an extreme form totalitarianism; it makes shameless mockery of election, judiciary and prosecution. What robbers and thieves commit in darkness, the fascists do it daylight. It entails strict regimentation of all political, industrial, judicial and educational policies of the country with aggressive nationalist or racist attitude. If judged on such parameters, all the colonial rule of the European imperialists would perfectly fit into a frame of extreme fascism. Whenever and wherever they occupy a country, they immediately turn to worst fascists. Such occupation thus brings worst tragedies for the people in occupied countries. In fact, fascism is taken as a political tool to sustain the occupation. They occupy almost every things. All crucial sectors of the country stay under their full control. The citizens of the occupied countries turn mere political slave. They are given no political space or role to decide the fate of their own life and their own country. They are not given the right to practise even their own Qur’anic law. The US did the same after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is indeed the consequence of every occupation. So, in Islam, it is the most hateful act to embrace it.

One can easily see the ugliest form of fascism in the British occupation of Bengal. They occupied the country for economic exploitation in every possible way; no higher human conscience worked here. So, they could chop off the fingers of the native muslin weavers without any remorse. They deemed it as an economic necessity to secure monopoly of the British clothes. For the same reason, they didn’t feel any moral guilt to force the poor cultivators of Bengal to grow indigo plant, instead of rice, to feed the demand of their own domestic and international markets. Due to such moral death, these fascist imperialists didn’t feel any remorse either for the great Bengal famine of 1769-73 that killed almost one-third of the population. The famine was caused by the mindless colonial exploitation and the sheer neglect of food delivery. Before the British occupation, the fertile land of Bengal never had such famine in her entire history, rather had remarkable affluence –as recorded by the famous traveller Ibn-e-Battuta in his diary. The colonialist didn’t face any moral remorse either when they ethnically cleansed millions of Red Indians in America and millions of the Aborigines in Australia. Like sending people to gas chambers, the extermination of people by traditional ways of man-slaughtering or by politically engineered famine also remain the favoured options of the fascists. With such lowest low of the morality, the US could drop nuclear bombs too. How such fascists can claim any moral edge over the Nazi fascists?     


The native fascists

With the end of colonial occupation, the rule of the foreign fascists ended formally in the Muslim World. But a new era of occupation started with the home-grown fascists. Bangladesh, Egypt and Uzbekistan are indeed the perfect prototype to display the ugliest calamity of such occupation. They possess almost all the traits of the colonial fascists. They, too, are the worst enemy of Islam. Like the colonial era, the people of these occupied countries still stand deprived of basic human, political and religious rights. Islamic education, culture and sharia are given no space; all spaces in politics, judiciary, education and administration are grabbed by these fascists. In all these occupied countries, the opposition parties are not allowed to hold any public meeting. The free press is gagged. They elect themselves as the ruler, and raise courts to convict their political opponents. The political process has been restrained only to chant chorus in support of the rulers. These fascists fully understand that the real constituency of their power is not the people, but the foreign powers in Washington, Moscow, Delhi, France or other cities. That is why, Shaikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan and other fascist occupiers didn’t bother about the public anger. They stay more focused to fulfil the agenda of their foreign master. They understand, if the foreign life-support is withdrawn, they will instantly meet their political death like Shah of Iran or Mubarak of Egypt. Hence, their compliance to the foreign masters is hundred per cent. As a result, the Muslim World is impregnated with a new set of slave dynasty. Due to such slave rulers, India does not face any difficulty to get full length corridors or business deals in Bangladesh. They can even install the spy camp inside the cantonment. Nor does the USA face any difficulty in setting up military bases or recruiting foot soldiers for her war against Islam from the Muslim countries. These are indeed the ugliest calamities of occupation.


The brutal fascism: the case of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh grabbed power in 2013 without a proper election. Out of 300 seats of the parliaments, 152 MP got elected without a single ballot paper being casted in any ballot box. In the whole election process, even 5% voters didn’t attend the polling booth to cast their vote. But this time, on 30 December, 2018, Hasina touched the lowest low of immorality. She made a history in annals of election; the ballot boxes were filled with ballots in the night prior to the polling day. So, the people didn’t need to cast any votes; the voters were ask to return home. The job was done by the party hooligans and the subservient polling officers. In a constituency of Gopalgonj district, Shaikh Hasina got 229, 531 votes and the main opposition party candidate Lt. Col (retired) Faruk Khan got only 123 votes. It tells loudly a lot about the nonsensical farce of the so-called election. But still Mrs Hasina does not feel any shame to claim as the elected the Prime Minister. Under her rule, the judiciary, the prosecution and the law enforcing agencies look equally nonsensical. They stand ever ready to hang anybody if Shaikh Hasina wishes his elimination. Scores of opposition leaders have already been eliminated by these subservient people. It is significant to note that the Prime Minister India and the President of China didn’t show any morality either; they were prompt to congratulate such a proven ruthless robber of public votes.

Shaikh Hasina’s government is the largest terrorist outfit in the country to terrorise the people. The police, the army and the border guards are being used to kills and suppress the opposition parties and their members. For example, on 5th May, 2013, hundreds of protesters of Hefazat-e-Islam  -a religious conservative party, were killed or wounded on the streets of Dhaka. The dead bodies were stolen from the scene to hide the intensity of crime. Hundreds of the opposition activists are being kidnapped by the police and the security personnel in plain clothes; and they never return them back. Now Bangladesh stands more occupied then Kashmir. Although claims be secular, but the country has been converted a perfect satanic state. A 100% domestic court has been given a label of international criminal court to convict and hang the potential political opponents. He turned the judiciary a servile institution to serve only the ruling clique. Like the colonial era, the common people have a given a role only to be silent bystanders.


The fascists in the Muslim World and the patrons

In Egypt, the Army has become the most brutal fascist outfit. General Abul Fatah Sisi –the Army chief grabbed power only by military force by removing Dr Morsi -the firstly elected President in Egypt’s history. He killed thousands people to secure the power. In Uzbekistan, another fascist Islam Karimov rule the country with iron fist since the country’s independence from Soviet Union since his recent death. The big powers of the world always run business as usual with this criminals. Their only concern is to prevent any possible Islamic resurgence –the only perceived threat to their dominance. Since these home-grown fascists are pursuing the same political objective enjoy perfect ideological and political match with the imperialist warlords in Washington, Moscow, Delhi or Paris. Such policy of the international fascists gets overtly displayed in Syria. Bashar al Assad has proved to be one of the most brutal fascist in human history. He has killed nearly 4 hundred thousand Syrians and caused more destruction to the country’s largest city Aleppo than it was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He has driven out 8 million people from their home. But removing him from power is no issue for the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans. The bombers of these countries are cautiously avoiding his palace. Their only agenda is to fight the Islamists there; hence perfectly match with the agenda of the terrorist gangs of Bashar al Assad. Such international nexus of the anti-Islamic fascists not only creates havoc in the Middle East, but also appears as the greatest threat against peace of the whole mankind. Once there was only Adolf Hitler in the world and the terrorism of that fascist was more or less contained in the smallest continent of the world, but now so many Hitlers are working together to terrorize the whole world. Such a horrendous calamity never happened in the whole human history.      


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