The Clash of Islamists and the Imperialists

The clash and the ideological basis 

Secularism is an ideology that has its own conceptual paradigm. Secularism can’t survive in a milieu where Islam dominates with it full ideological, cultural and civilisational aims. Hence the clash of Islamists and the imperialists is not a subject of the past, rather an all-time reality –especially in the Muslim world. The imperialists’s hedonic greed make them incompatible with the political and cultural dominance of Islam; so the clash is unavoidable. Since both secularism and Islam -as ideology, are not confined by any territorial boundary, the clash is global. Professor Huntington labelled it as clash of the civilization in his book; and described the followers of Islam as the sole challenger of the western civilisation. He advised to take Russia, China, India and others as partners in the battle against Islam and the Muslims. The sole objective of the occupying the imperialist enemy is not to build a Muslim country, rather to set up an infrastructure of weakness so that they can prolong their imperialist occupation. The British did it during their colonial rule. The French did it, too. Now the US is doing the same in Afghanistan, Iraq and other occupied Muslim lands. The divisive walls in the name of national or tribal boundaries are indeed raised a huge army of collaboratoIrs in all branches of the statecraft like politics, army, public administration and judiciary to work as their proxy even after the end of colonial rule.

The Americans have United States of America. The European have European Union. But their prescription for the Muslims are exactly opposite. The reason is quite simple. Since they consider Muslims as the civilizational enemy; they can’t allow the enemy to get united. Hence, the Muslims are not allowed to dismantle the walls of division. Rather they are supplying all necessary strategies, resources, weapons and even manpower on the ground to protect fortify walls of the division. In Iraq, the Sunni, the Shia, the Kurd all lived peacefully for last 14 hundred years. But the US led western invasion into Iraq made such peaceful co-existence unthinkable. The have given political power and arms to the Shia to torture and kill the Sunnis. Now each community live only in their own communities. This is new israelisation of the whole Muslim World –which entail forceful mass eviction of the original dwellers of the land and handing it over to the earth-grabbing people from the outside as is the norm in Israel. Before the US invasion of Iraq, the country was one country, and in the whole Arab World, there was only one Israel. But now there are many. Hence the Israelis are getting their friends in Arbil, Kirkuk, Solemania in Kurdistan; and in Baghdad, in Iraq and in many parts in Syria.


The imposed bar

An imposed bar restricts the most crucial aspect of the Muslims’s life, they are not even allowed to raise any voice against these post-World World boundaries that  –the greatest and the more harmful deviation from the prophetic tradition and the Qur’anic Islam. Islam doesn’t allow to raise divisive walls in the midst of the Muslims in the name of language, tribe, and territory. Such divisions please only the devil and not Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. They are not  allowed to return to original Islam that had sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad -as was preached by the last prophet of Islam. They faith, practice and politics must be ratified  Their mission is not obscure. Now they are bombing the Arab lands to promote the same imperialist mission and interests. They label it protecting the Western security.


The occupation and the engineering

The US occupation and its political engineering has fatally damaged the ethnic compatibility in the Middle East that survived for more 14 hundred years. It has raised walls of ethnic and sectarian separation –as was raised by the Persian Safavi Shia rulers in the past. It is a fundamental damage to the social fabric. What Saddam did in Iraq are indeed peanuts in comparison to crimes committed by Bush, Obama and their ally in Iraq and Afghanistan. More awfully, they haven’t finished yet. The case of the US collaboration with the occupying Israeli killers tells a lot about the USA’s venomous policy against the Muslims. Mr Donald Trump –the US Republican candidate for the US presidency has been honest to regurgitate some of the truest venom which are usually kept hidden by the hypocrites like President Obama and ex-President Bill Clinton and George Bush and the alike.

The US occupation of Muslim land didn’t start with the occupation of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. In fact, it started with the creation of Israel. Every inch of Arab land that has been occupied by Israel is done with the US money, weapon and the plan; and therefore not an exclusive Israeli occupation. It is rather a US-Israeli joint occupation; hence a fundamental US policy to prolong it. So, Israel receives enough encouragement to replicate the same brutality as the US did and still continues in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Russian enmity and atrocities against the Muslims is not new either. Nor did it start with the occupation of Afghanistan in 1979. It started with the Tsarist occupation of the whole Muslims central Asia, Crimea and the Caucasus. In the Islamic heart land, none of the big powers has enough courage to invade alone; so, they always need local and international collaborators. During the World War I, the British imperialists made such alliance with the Arab tribal leaders to destroy Osmania khilafa. In the Arab world, both the US and Russia have their own subservient regimes in place to work as their Trojan horses. Russia has its own in Damascus. Now, Israel is not the only client state of the USA; the regimes in Iraq, Irbil, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain are no less eager than Israel to help the US to promote its agenda in the Middle East.


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