Unlimited Licence for Israel’s State Terrorism

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Testbook case of state-terrorism

Why don’t the USA, the EU and the UK condemn the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians? And why do they support unconditionally Israel? There is a simple reason. A wolf doesn’t condemn another wolf for killing someone. What Israel is doing against the Palestinians today, the USA, the EU countries like France, Italy, Netherland, Belgium and the UK committed the same crime in Asia, Africa and Latin American countries for a long period. This is the colonial policy of dehumanisation, occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing and settlement expansion. The imperialists used to call the native people of the occupied lands subhuman, uncivilised and evil. Hence they didn’t find any crime in committing ethnic cleansing against them. So, they could remorselessly commit genocide against the Red Indians in the USA, the Aborigines in Australia and the Maoris in New Zealand. The same way the Israelis consider the Palestinians as subhuman and uncivilised. So they don’t think that the Palestinians deserve any basic human rights, survival rights, civilised living and an independent state. So, every Palestinian –be a child or a woman is the military target of Israel. Residential buildings, hospitals, primary health centres, schools, refugee shelters, Red Cross office are also Israel’s military targets. As per the dictionary meaning of terrorism, Israel is a perfect textbook case of state terrorism. Since its illicit creation in the womb of British imperialism, its leaders have taken terrorism as the state policy.

In Israel, terrorism has become part of the national culture. So, with a few exceptions, most of the Israelis celebrate the killing of any Palestinian leaders by Israeli terrorists in any part of the world. However, the Palestinians are not the only targets; no Muslim country is immune. Many Iraqi and Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated by state-sponsored Israeli terrorists. Alongside the state-run terrorist institutions, many underground organisations like Haganah, Irgun and Lehi also did the same job. Their aim was to terrorise the whole Palestinian people and make it impossible for them to live in occupied Palestine. Their ultimate aim was to make ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. They killed the Palestinian leaders, conducted massacres in villagers and destroyed hundreds of villages to attain that aim. For instance, on 9 April 1948, Irgun led by Menachem Begin launched a massacre in Deir Yassin. In that village, at least 119 innocent Palestinians including children and women were brutally killed. It is a typical case of terrorist campaigns against the Palestinians. Late on, Menachem Begin became the Prime Minister of Israel. As per the ethnic cleansing project, in 1948, more than 750,000 people were evicted from Palestine. In the history of Palestine, it is known as nakba –the catastrophe. 

 Israel’s incompatibility

Israel’s cruelty has no limit. It can go to any ugly level of cruelty. Israel has no regard for others’ life and dignity. During the ongoing bombardment, it has flattened more than 450 high rise residential buildings, more than 50 schools, many hospitals, refugee camps, Red Cross building, and media offices. Israel has proven to be incurable of its terrible moral disease. Because of it, since its illicit creation 70 years ago, Israel continues with wars, killings, destructions, land grabbing, ethnic cleansing and steady settlements colonisation. A wolf can’t change its habit; hence never qualifies to live among humans. It goes to a jungle. A barbaric state like Israel can’t change its character either. Hence such an evil state forfeits the rights to exist in a civilised world. Israel has already shown how badly it is incompatible to any civilised people. The recent war against the people of Gaza is indeed intensifying the incompatibility.

If any nation tries to occupy the USA and start ethnically cleansing its people, what would be the reaction of the Americans? Will they embrace the attackers? Japan attacked Hawaii – a distant Pacific island of the USA in World War II. In revenge, the USA dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan. Whereas, Japan didn’t occupy any part of the USA, neither did ethnically cleanse any part of the USA. Whereas, Israel not only launched an attack but also occupied the whole of Palestine. Now Israel is on a constant mission to ethnically cleanse the occupied land. Israelis have evicted millions of Palestinians from their ancestral homes; more than 6 million Palestinians now live in an overseas diaspora. Should the Palestinians embrace the Israelis or take the US route of dropping the nuclear bomb? The USA has already shown its own model of reaction by dropping nuclear bombs. Hence on what moral ground the US leaders lecture Palestinians and condemn Hamas for firing homemade missiles?

The crime against Palestinians

The Palestinians are under constant Israeli bombings. The city of Gaza is steadily becoming the city of rubbles. The people of Gaza have no means to defend themselves. They can only wait to die –like a lamb in the lap of a wolf. In such a situation of helplessness to keep the Palestinians demilitarised is itself a great crime. Only the countries that are partners in Israel’s war crimes may wish such helpless death of the Palestinians. The USA, the EU countries and the U.K. are the main partners in its crime. Israel is a tiny country; it can’t dare show such audacity in crime without their support. These are the countries that created Israel and now deny to condemn its crime. Awfully, they even supply weapons to enhance crime. The current Israeli brutality has indeed exposed their colour.

Allowing the defenceless Palestinians to die in the hand of brutal Israelis is itself a great crime. It turns worst when the USA gives 4 billion dollars annually and deliver sophisticated weapons to strengthen Israel’s offensive power. The USA thus works as the largest financier of Israeli state terrorism. How can the leaders of the Muslim countries and the OIC accept such West-sponsored state terrorism? Gaza has a sea coast. Why don’t the Muslim countries send their naval ships to supply foods, medicines and weapons to the people of Gaza? Are they not their brother in faith? While the friends of Israel continue helping Israel, why the Muslim countries should stay behind?

Like others, the Palestinians too have survival rights. For survival, they need not only foods and drinks but also weapons. Keeping the Palestinians defenceless tantamount to allowing them only to die under the Israeli bombs. Can a civilised man allow that to happen? Why the Palestinians should use the underground tunnels to smuggle weapons? The Palestinians must have the rights to import arms openly and legally. Why they should be discriminated from others? Like any other country, they must have the same fundamental right. There is no substitute of weapons. Prayers, condemnation and resolution don’t work against weapons. Moreover, defensive war is never terrorism. It a holy war; and it is the basic right of everyone. Depriving Palestinians of that solemn right is itself a great crime.

It is a pity, while the Palestinians are deprived of defensive weapons, high tech offensive weapons are openly and freely supplied to Israel. What could be the worst injustice than this? And what could be the worst crime than arming the terrorists? The USA and other western countries are committing such crime without any remorse. Along with weapons, they give Israel unlimited licence for killing. Thus the state terrorism gets a boost to cause more brutality against defenceless people. 19/05/2021.

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