Moral Collapse of the Muslims & Alignment with the Enemy Agenda

The moral collapse & the complacency –

More awfully, the Muslims have added new low to their history. The pre-Islamic Arabs didn’t invite the Roman or Persian Empires to kill the compatriot Islamists in their midst; nor did they invest their wealth to finance the enemy’s war against Islam. But now, the unearned wealth of Islam’s heart land is given to the enemy camps and companies to finance their war of occupation, killing and destruction in Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Libya, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia and many other Muslim countries. Hence, every bomb that is now dropped in the Muslim cities or villages has a Muslim contribution in its production. Now they are inviting the US, Russian and the French bomber planes to kill the innocent Muslims men, women and the children. In the early days of Islam, the Muslims made jihad even in distant foreign lands to free the non-Muslims from tyranny. But now most of the Muslim countries stay under occupation of the worst types of despots. It is also a great irony that the so-called Islamic parties of the Muslim countries show the same moral collapse and complacency. They look very complacent even with the voting right under the enemy occupation. They show their complacency even with the secularists, hence make political alliance with them. They show little eagerness to perform full slavery to the Almighty Lord; hence do nothing in the implementation of sharia, hudud, khelafa, Muslim unity and jihad in the Muslim lands. As if, they are more fearful of the US-led coalition than Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Since Islamic fundamentals like sharia, khilafa and jihad are deeply detested by the US-led imperialists, they keep themselves far aloof from these basics.

More importantly, the Muslims show utter ignorance about the source of their own strength. Hence, look more focused to find more unearned wealth. Therefore, the holy Qur’an –the most powerful gift of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la receives little attention as a book of guidance. It is considered only as a book for recitation. They also show little wisdom to learn from the history of the early Muslims. For moral development of a people, there is a need for an effective value adding process. Humans get that added value not from any industry; but from the book of knowledge and from teachers and mentors. But what can be the better book of knowledge than the holy Qur’an. And who can be best teacher or mentor than the great prophet? The Muslims are the only people on earth who possess the Qur’anic roadmap –the miraculous key for successes both here and in the hereafter. The highly valued car doesn’t help reach the right destination, the correct road map is crucial. For the same reason, huge unearned wealth of the Arab Muslims didn’t help them attain any strength or glory. They are as defenceless and weak as the pre-Islamic Arab. They are repeated beaten by a tiny Israel. The early Muslims didn’t get any unearned wealth; but they could attain the glory of the most powerful civilizational force on earth. That was possible only because of the Qur’anic roadmap.  The ongoing downfall of the Muslims indeed owe to the fact that they didn’t make use of the highest gift of Almighty Lord.

A Muslim demonstrates to be a true Muslim only by his agenda of his survival; not by his name, dress or rituals. His prayers, politics, business, behaviour, culture, judiciary, warfare and all others activities must show the full alignment with the path revealed in the holy Quran and shown by the final prophet (peace be upon him). Any mismatch or non-alignment plays the decisive role to fix his place in the hellfire. These are not obscure issue in Islam. In fact, it is the central point of the holy Qur’an’s all revelations. The true distinctiveness of a Muslim from the non-Muslims has never been in his name or nomenclature nor in his rituals or customs. It is indeed in his agenda of survival. When the Arab people accepted Islam, they didn’t change their name or dress. They changed their agenda of survival.  The disbelievers also do survive. They also do politics, make sacrifices, and even die. But they make sacrifices and die either for the selfish personal interest or to serve their racial, national or tribal cause. But a Muslim make sacrifices and die only to fulfil the agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.

The agenda of Allah Sub’hana encompasses all arenas of the human life. In politics, His sovereignty must prevail over every things. No man, no king and no parliament has the right to challenge His sovereignty. A Muslim’s politics must be aimed at only promoting His sovereignty; not an king or parliament or people’s sovereignty. In the field of law and justice, no court or judge has the right to run the judiciary except according to His sharia law. If anyone goes against it, as per Qur’anic revelation he is a ka’fir, zalem and fasik. (sura Maida, Verse 44, 45 and 47). In warfare, no army or a soldier has the right to do any war except in the way of Allah Sub’ hana wa Ta’la. Since his own life is sold out to his Almighty Lord –as a part of a deal that gives him paradise in the hereafter, how can he spend it in causes other than of his Supreme Lord? A Muslims can’t do politics to divide the mankind and raise walls of hatred in the name of race, tribe or language. These are basics of Islam; whoever read the holy Qur’an, the traditions of the prophet (peace be upon him) and the history of the early Muslims must know these basics as he knows his own body, his own hands and feet.


Aligning with the enemy agenda

But now, the Muslims have made another history which is 180 degree opposite to the history of the early Muslims. It is the history of aligning with the satanic agenda and betraying the agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. In the early days of Islam, it was impossible to think that a Muslim will offer five times prayers behind the prophet (peace be upon him), but will run the judiciary according to the kuffar law that legalise extramarital sex and protect prostitution as a lawful profession; and allow the banks and other financial institutions to operate on riba. But now it is the common practice in most of the Muslim countries! In those days, could a Muslim ever imagine that the government will open sea beaches, establish hotels and run clubs, pubs and casinos and invite the sex tourists to practise all the haram things there? Prostitutes run their business hidden from the public eyes. But the rulers of the Muslim countries like Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia and many others set new low of shamelessness than the prostitutes. They openly run such ugliest sins as the part of their economy. And the Muslim citizens –even those who go to the mosques, keep fast and perform haj, wilfully pay taxes to finance and give police protection to such sins. With such alignment with the satanic agenda, how one can claim to be a Muslim?

Commitment on fulfilling the prescribed agenda of life can’t grow or survive on ignorance. Hence, removing such ignorance must be the most essential element of humans’ education. Seeking such education is obligatory in Islam. It is far more important than reading, writing or numeracy skills. Even the most advanced reading, writing, numeracy skills or a PhD may not save one from hellfire. Such life-saving knowledge is the exclusive domain of the holy Qura’n –the final Book of guidance from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Ignorance on such knowledge can only breed betrayal of the Divine agenda and cause deviation from the Qur’anic straight path; hence it is a major sin in Islam. Thousands of prophets were sent to mankind not to teach technology, business or medicine. They were sent to eradicate the mischievous ignorance that hides the core agenda of life, and to demonstrate how to align with the vision, mission and agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Almighty Lord’s agenda is indeed the agenda of Islam. And His vision and mission must be taken as the life’s vision and mission by every Muslim. Only with the full alignment with his Supreme Lord’s vision, mission and agenda, one can play the desired role as His viceroy on earth and find a place in the paradise. Otherwise, despite his five time prayer, month-long fasting, charity, haj and umrah, he may be sleep-walking with the enemies of Islam or actively engaged in the war against agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. They stand against Islam and forge coalition with other enemies of Islam. In fact, they has already caused immense calamities in most of the Muslim countries. Their animosity against the resurgence of Islam is no less than the known kuffars! It is an irony that their prayers, fasting, haj or umrah and charity do not help them align with Allah Sub’hana Ta’la and His agenda. Rather, they stand against the implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, Islamic judiciary and other basics of Islam. The anti-Islamic forces could thrive and even could capture political power in most of the Muslim countries only because of these people. They are the people who cast their votes, donate money and take arms in favour of the secularists, nationalists, racists, despots and other anti-Islamic forces who have already forged alliance with the global coalition against Islam. Such problem has already overwhelmed the whole Muslim World.


The wrong diagnosis

Due to poor understanding of the problem, the Muslims feel that their downfall owes to their housing, roads & highways and the lack of air-links. Hence they are spending trillions of dollar of these unearned wealth to construct new houses, new roads, new airports and high-rise buildings even in the seas and the hostile deserts –as seen in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and other gulf states. Thus they have added a lot of value to their sandy deserts, gulf straits and open skies; but invested very little to enhance their own moral cum Islamic values. Instead, they have devalued themselves to the level of pre-Islamic Arabs. Like the pre-Islamic Arabs, they have raised divisive walls on tribal, racial and geographical fault lines. Through such division, they have succeeded to restrict the flow of their unearned wealth to the Muslims of Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Mali, Mauritania and other impoverished Muslim lands.


The calamities of educational failure

Education failure leads to ultimate failure of humans’ survival. A man then terribly fails to set his own agenda of life. Such a man may have a long life; but spends his whole life only to reach the hellfire. Despite all of his rituals, his talent, time and abilities are spent only to bring the victory of the evil forces. Thus, he causes the total wastage of the Almighty Allah’s invaluable endowment trusted on him. Along with their own catastrophic loss, they also turn killing cum destructive tool in the hand of other evil forces. Because of such people, the colonialists could recruit thousands of Muslims as the mercenary to prolong their occupation and extend it to other countries. According to one estimate, by end of 1920, more than 200 thousands Indian Muslims served in the British Colonial Army to serve the British interest. They also fought the World Wars. So, in order to replenish their Army with the mercenaries, it was always a political cum educational priority in the enemy camps to keep the Muslims under the colonial occupation fully ignorant of the Qur’anic knowledge. This way they were kept ignorant of the agenda of Allah Sub’hna wa Ta’la and also ignorant of their own role as a Muslim.


In the occupied Muslims lands, the colonial occupiers established schools and madrasas, too. But the aim of the colonial education system was not to remove the most detrimental ignorance that restricted their growth as a true Muslim, but to deepen it. The main focus of the colonial education system was to create servile mercenaries; saving people’s iman and their life in the hereafter has never been their concern. The colonial rule has ended; but the same colonial legacy still prevails in the Muslim countries with few minor changes. Hence the same ignorance vis-à-vis Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala’s agenda and the Muslims’ role still survives. As a result, the ruling anti-Islamic forces in the Muslim countries –like their colonial mentors, still thrive on such ignorance. The ignorance on this issue is quite deep even among the Muslims who have qualified as bachelors, masters and even earned PhDs. To promote a class of so-called ulama with the same ignorance, the British colonialists also established religious madrasa too, like one called Kolkata Aliya Madrasa. The real purpose of this religious madrasa was to hide the most important issue of Islam by huge hypes of trivial and peripheral issues like differences between sects of Islam. Their main emphasis on teaching and reading the prophet’s (peace be upon him) tradition was to prove only the superiority of their own sect against other sects; and not for bringing victory or glory of Islam. Hence, in the Muslim World, the number of religious madrasas increased. The number of so-called religious scholars also increased. These madrasas could help fortify the beliefs of the different sects; and could also increase the number of their own followers. But Islam as a code of life and its sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and trans-ethnic unity remain badly defeated in Islam’s own lands. On the contrary, the early Muslims –despite their small number, could bring the spectacular success. Because, they didn’t miss Islam’s key points. These illiterate Arab shepherds, small traders or farmers could correctly and deeply understood the agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; hence could set the agenda of their own life correctly. As a result, they could add golden chapters to the Muslim history.


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