Institutional Collapse of the Muslims & the Civilizational War of the West

The nonfunctional institute

To grow up as human, it is indispensable to have humanising institution. In absence of such institution, men and women even with perfect physical features turn fully animal. The naked men and women who live in bushes and caves in Nicobar Island or Papua New Guinea are indeed the proof of such institutional absence. Humans can’t grow as humans in jungles. In human history, the most important and the most powerful institution is the state that add ultimate humanising or dehumanising factors to the human. If state falls in the hand of evil forces then it turns more awful than jungles. Then it works as powerful industry to produce people in massive scale who rejoice occupying states, colonising countries and dropping nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, chemical bombs   crucial civilisation Hence in Islam, task is not to build hospitals, high ways and industries, but to build stat how absence of humanising institution can crippare indeed the is an example n In fact, every man bears the making of his formative institution.   The Muslims have serious crisis in the fields of education, economics, politics, commerce, science and technology. But the most crippling and catastrophic crisis lies elsewhere. It is the collapse of khilafa – the trans-ethnic universal political institution of Islam. There exists a total absence of that. It is the most distinctive failure of the modern days’ Muslims – the core pathology of all political, cultural and military crisis in the Islamic world. About two hundred years ago the Muslims didn’t have such a problem. In absence of such a state, the Muslims have turned political orphans and helpless destitute all over the world. The orphans can be bullied, slapped on face even by a lone hooligan; nobody will come to his or her help. That is exactly happening for the Muslims in every corner of the world. Since the early days of Islam, Khelafa worked as the core state cum guardian state for the whole Muslim Ummah. Only through such state, the Muslims could build pan-Islamic infrastructure to dismantle ethnic, linguistic and tribal boundaries and could stand as dominating World Power. Without such a state, Islam can’t demonstrate the Divine guidance to the mankind; nor can the Muslims emerge as the civilizational power. Such a core state is indispensable to fulfil the vision of Allah that entails the supremacy of His Deen over all non-Islamic faiths and beliefs –as has been repeatedly revealed in the holy Qur’an. Otherwise, sharia –the Divine Law survives only in books –as happened in the case of laws revealed to the prophet Musa (peace be upon him).  In absence of such an Islamic state, nor can a Muslim discharge his obligatory Divine mission of enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong –as has been prescribed by Allah Subhana wa Ta’la for every man and woman in the holy Qur’an.

In the holy Qur’an, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been labelled as the best and perfect model (us’watun hasana) for the whole mankind. He is the perfect model of guidance not only for the devout preacher or men of piety, but also for rulers, leaders and state-builders. His highest distinctiveness from other prophets doesn’t lie in his great achievement as a religious preacher, family man or showing miracles, but as a builder of a core civilizational state for promoting the vision of the Allah –the Supreme Almighty. He raised Islam not only as a faith but also as the most powerful civilising force on earth to mould people’s belief, culture, law and warfare according to the Divine guidance. There are other civilisations like the Western, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese; but none of these civilisation are based on Divine guidance. All these civilisations are based on pagan or other idiosyncratic notions on the creation of the world, laws, lives, states, societies and others. Since prophet Musa (peace be upon him) or Jesus (peace be upon him) couldn’t build any state, hence the Jews and the Christians stand in deep darkness in getting any guidance from them. So, like any unguided human, they invented scores of Devilish diversions. So, the Judo-Christian world could easily be the breeding grounds for racism, slavery, nationalism, fascism, Nazism, capitalism, colonialism, communism, imperialism and other evil ideologies. As a consequence, they could cause horrific havoc on earth by causing wars of occupation, mass scale hijacking of people as slaves, ethnic cleansing, gas chambers, holocausts and World Wars. In the whole human history, Islam is the only religion that could purge the ancient ignorance of paganism and barbarity from statecraft and raise civilisation on Divine laws, wisdom, values and guidance. Hence, the distinctive superiority of Islamic civilisation rests not only on its mosques, minarets, public baths, dresses and costumes, potteries and arts, but also in specifics of the Divine laws (sharia), nourishing cultures and education. They could conquer huge expanse of lands, but unlike others they didn’t cause holocausts or ethnic cleansing for the conquered.  Instead, they preferred remaining religious minorities in the newly conquered lands.


The catastrophic failure

The Muslims have attained failures after failures. All the bombs, deaths and destructions are their own earnings. Of all failures, the most crucial and the most pathological failure lies in understanding and protecting the greatest institutional legacy of the prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) –the khelafa. In those early formative days, each and every companion of the prophet had to engage in bloody wars against the brutal enemies. They fought wars not only against the local pagans, but also against the Roman and the Persian empires -the two contemporary world powers. In history of Islam, khelafa proved to be the most important and most costly institution. Islam’s global influence and the Muslims’ prestige, security, trade and strength owe to it. Protecting such a state is so high that the prophet (peace upon him) told, “Spending few moments in defending the frontier of Islamic state is worthier than spending whole night in prayer”. The companions of the prophet spend not only their precious time, but also their money, talent and lives to protect the greatest legacy of the prophet (peace upon him). In fact, the early Muslim didn’t spend so much wealth, energy or blood to build mosques or print Qur’an as they spend on defending Islamic khalifa. In fact, more than 70% of the companions became shaheed to protect the Islamic state from the enemies of Islam. Later on, the number of the Muslims increased manifold; but their failure is cataclysmic. They failed awfully to protect khilafa -the prophet’s greatest legacy that made him the most successful prophet on earth and turned Islam as the most powerful civilizational force in human history. Hence the Satanic forces didn’t need to target any mosque, madrasa or tribal state as the prime target, rather focussed fully to dismantle khelafa. And the opportunity came to them in 1923. They had enough Trojan horses in the Muslim land to help them dismantling this prophet’s legacy.

In such context, the failure of those who claim to be the scholars of Islam (ulama) is very painful and shameful. The secularists, the nationalists and the socialists –although Muslim by name, worked as the arch enemy of this fundamental institution of Islam. These internal enemies were trying hard to take the Muslims back to pre-Islamic jaheliya.  In the name of different tribes, languages, regions and ethnicities, they were desperate to divide the Muslim Ummah. They got full provocation and supports from the enemies of Islam; they launched war shoulder to shoulder with the imperialists. During the First World War, these enemies declared war against khilafa. Osmania khalifa had lot of inadequacies and problems, but the abolition of khilafa and the division of the Ummah in the name of race, tribe and language were not the Islamic options. These are haram in Islam. Only the de-Islamised people can adhere to such satanic deviations. How can a believer support that? But the so-called ulama didn’t do anything to encounter these enemies of Islam and nor did defend the institution from these home-grown Trojan horses. They were in deep inaction. The Indian Muslims under the leadership of the prominent Muslim intellectuals like Muhammad and his brother Shaukat Ali mobilised khelafa movement -the first mass movement in India’s history, to press the British government -the main culprit to dismember khilfa, to disengage from such venture. That too failed; and the anti-Islamic coalition won. After the collapse of Osmania khilafa, the Muslims had no core civilizational state. So, the Muslims have no defender. Therefore, the USA and Russia enjoy full-scale freedom to drop bombs as much as they like; there is no place on earth where they need to be accountable. The US has dropped more than 11 thousands bombs only in Islamic State areas; that amount of bombs were not dropped even on Germany and Japan –the USA’s enemies in World War II. The destruction of Aleppo is much greater than the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since the largest Muslim population live in South Asia, the strategic Muslim thinker cum leader like Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah launched movement to create Pakistan –a potential core state for the Muslim Ummah. But the majority of the so-called Ulama under the leadership of Hussain Ahmed Madani and Abul Kalam Azad showed their ugliest incompetence and ignorance to support such a brilliant project. They argued that instead of Pakistan, undivided India with its Hindu majority population would serve the Muslim interest better. That has been proven utterly false. India has now emerged as the exclusive core state of Hindu civilisation and a colonising power of the neighbouring states. They have already colonised Kashmir, Hyderabad, Sikkim and now attempting to colonise Bangladesh. Thus it ratifies the ignorance, miscalculation and far from reality state of the Deobandi ulama. Even after the creation of Pakistan –the largest Muslim country in the world, the so-called ulama showed little interest to Islamise the new country. These ulama were withdrawn from politics and confined the activities only within the confines of mosques and madrasas. Sometimes they labelled politics as the dirty job of the dirty people. But they forget the historical fact that before the take-over of politics by the prophet (peace be upon him), politics of Arabia was in the dirty hand of the people like Abu Jahl, Abu Sufian, Abu Lahab and Abdullah bib Uabai. So it is the great sunnah of the prophet not to disengage from politics, but to launch a full cleansing operation of the whole political arena. Only this way the deen of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala get the chance to prevail. It is the holy jihad in Islam. Politics is indeed a continuous intellectual as well cold and hot policy warfare vis-à-vis construction or deconstruction of the country. Sometimes it turns hot battle field of warfare. The Ummah’s fate is decided not only in the mosques or madrasas, but also in the war-fields. In prophet’s days, it was decided in battle field of Badar, Ohud, Khandak, Muta. Hunayun and many others. The politics of the Muslim countries still stay occupied by the brutal forces who are inimical to the Divine project of Islam. Due to such brutal occupation, the Qur’anic prescription stays unimplemented almost in all Muslim states. Hence, how can a believer withdraw himself or herself from such decisive crucial field? It is indeed the continuous jihad in Muslims’ life. But unfortunately, the Pakistani ulama remained almost aloof from such endeavour and the newly formed core civilisation state was handed to the de-Islamised secularists –who had no interest to work for Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Many of these Trojan horses fought war for their mentors in the past World Wars. As a result, the Pakistan project failed miserably and the country was dismembered. The so-called religious scholars conveniently forgot even the prophet’s most important sunnah (tradition). In the first 13 years of his prophet-hood in Makka, the prophet (peace upon him) didn’t build a single mosque or madrasa in the occupied land of kuffar. His primary priority was on building an Islamic state –whatever small it may be. He pursued such vision on the first day of his arrival in Madina. He become the head of the nascent Islamic state; as the formal head of the state he started making treaties with the neighbouring non-Muslim tribes and sent emissaries even to the Roman and Persian empires. It is also significant to note that the prophet (peace be upon him) built the first mosque in his life only after the arrival in Medina. He became the Commander in Chief of the Army, as well as the chief justice and the imam of the newly built mosque. The state, the mosque, the judiciary and the army –all these core institutions worked hand in hand with the prophet-hood to materialise the designated Divine vision and mission. As a result, speedily and steadily, the Muslims emerged as the top-most civilizational world power. Working with such full integration of all state institutions for the Divine cause is the lesson that the prophet (peace be upon him) left behind for the Muslim Ummah. No space or segment of the Muslim states should be left out or leased out to the enemies of Islam. Unfortunately, the Muslims ulama show deep disinterest towards following such prophetic route. By commission or omission, the whole statecraft of the Muslim states now stay under the enemy occupation. The prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was also given sharia; but couldn’t be implemented due to noncompliance of the followers –especially the ulama. They set their own agenda –far away from fighting in the cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. What could be the worst betrayal than it? Like Bani Israel, the Muslim ulama too, invented routes of escaping the prophetic path of jihad and establishing the Islamic state. As a result, Islam stand defeated and the Muslim ummah stand badly shattered and humiliated –as in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir, Rohinga, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world.

The prophet has died, but his tradition must not die. It is the responsibility of every Muslim man and woman live with his Divinely guided tradition. As his rightly guided khalifa, the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) continued with the same mission. But the so-called ulamas of today has divorced such prophetic tradition and has taken the different route. They have drawn a dividing line between state-affairs and religious affairs. As if they have no role to reconstruct the politics, education, economics, judiciary and military affairs. They have restricted their role only inside the mosques and madrasas. Under the occupation of anti-Islamic forces, the mosque and madrasas become dysfunctional. The perfect example of such dysfunctional mosques and madrasas is Bangladesh. The country has hundreds of thousands of mosques and madrasas; more than a million people assemble in Tablighi Jamaat’s ijtemah each year. It is a Qur’anic decree that a Muslim must live with the mission of enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong (a’maru bil ma’rul wa nehi anil munker). But all these mosques and madrasa and the ijtamas are utterly failing to generate such sense of responsibility among Muslim men and women. So the country is going to the opposite direction.  The de-Islamisation project of the enemy of Islam is running with full swing; as a result, the country could get the topmost rank in corruption 5 times. The ulama failed to understand the importance of Islamic state. Establishing an Islamic state is crucial, but it was impossible under the infidel occupation. Hence the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) needed to migrate from Makka to Medina. On day one of his life in Medina, the prophet (peace be upon him) laid the foundation of the core civilizational state of Islam and become the head of the state and also took the responsibility of the supreme commander of the army.

The Muslim world have 57 Muslims countries. They have millions of mosques, thousands of colleges and hundreds of universities. Millions of Muslim are in the armies. They have thousands of war planes; and possess nuclear weapons, too. They also possess enormous wealth like oil, gas and other mineral and agricultural resources. The number of Muslim scientists and PhD’s are much higher than those that Japan had at the time of her economic or military take-off. But these are not the substitute of an institute like Khilafa.

So the Muslim lands like Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria could be easily occupied; and the hundreds of Muslim cities could be easily flattened. About three million Muslims killed The Iraqi, Afghan and Syrian cities and villages therefore could be easily bombed by the US, Russian war planes to the ground without any protest in any international forum.  and  of Even the non-significant ethnic entity like the Serbs could slaughter about three hundred thousand Muslims in the backyard of Europe, and no one came to their rescue. For the same reason, a tiny nation of Israelis could occupy the heart land of Islam and could kill and drove out the Palestinians from their ancestral homes. And such a barbaric act of the human history never got condemned in the UN; rather the most inhuman and immoral creation of Israel got the UN recognition. As a result, millions of Palestinians continue to live as perfect destitute.  The same is happening with the Kashmiri, Uighur, Chechen, Arakan (Rohinga) and Moro Muslims. In fact, the colonisation has never ended in the Muslim lands.


The tragedy of fascists’ occupation

Literally, fascism is an autocratic system of ruling by possessing all political power in one hand and by brutal annihilation of all forms of opposition and criticism. It entails strict regimentations of all political, industrial, judicial and educational policies of the country with aggressive nationalist or racist attitude. If judged on such parameters, all the colonial rule of the European imperialists would perfectly fit into a frame of extreme fascism. Whenever they occupy a country, they immediately turn worst fascists. Such occupation thus brings worst tragedies for the people in occupied countries. In fact, fascism is taken as a political tool to sustain the occupation. They occupy almost every things. All crucial sectors of the country stay under their full control. The citizens of the occupied countries turn mere political slave. They are given no political space or role to decide the fate of their own life and their own country. They are not given the right to practise even their own Qur’anic law. The US did the same after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is indeed the consequence of every occupation. So, in Islam, it is the most hateful act to embrace it.

One can easily see the ugliest form of fascism in the British occupation of Bengal. They occupied the country only for economic exploitation; no higher human conscience worked here. The British occupiers didn’t heed to any higher human values while chopped off the fingers of the native muslin weavers. They deemed it as an economic necessity to secure monopoly of the British clothes. For the same reason, they didn’t feel any moral guilt to force the poor cultivators of Bengal to grow indigo plant, instead of rice, to feed the demand of their own domestic and international markets. Due to such moral death, these fascist imperialists didn’t feel any remorse either for the great Bengal famine of 1769-73 that killed almost one-third of the population. The famine was caused by the mindless colonial exploitation and the sheer neglect of food delivery. Before the British occupation, the fertile land of Bengal never had such famine in her entire history, rather had remarkable affluence –as recorded by the famous traveller Ibn-e-Battuta in his diary. The colonialist didn’t face any moral remorse either when they ethnically cleansed millions of Red Indians in America and millions of the Aborigines in Australia. Like sending people to gas chambers, the extermination of people by traditional ways of man-slaughtering or by politically engineered famine also remain the favoured options of the fascists. With such lowest low of the morality, the US could drop nuclear bombs too. How such fascists can claim any moral edge over the Nazi fascists?

With the end of colonial occupation, the rule of the foreign fascists ended formally in the Muslim World. But a new era of occupation started with the home-grown fascists. Bangladesh, Egypt and Uzbekistan are indeed the perfect prototype to display the ugliest calamity of such occupation. They possess almost all the traits of the colonial fascists. They, too, are the worst enemy of Islam. Like the colonial era, the people of these occupied countries still stand deprived of basic human, political and religious rights. Islamic education, culture and sharia are given no space; all spaces in politics, judiciary, education and administration are grabbed by these fascists. In all these occupied countries, the opposition parties are not allowed to hold any public meeting. The free press is gagged. They elect themselves as the ruler, and raise courts to convict their political opponents. The political process has been restrained only to chant chorus in support of the rulers. These fascists fully understand that the real constituency of their power is not the people, but the foreign powers in Washington, Moscow, Delhi, France or other cities. That is why, Shaikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan and other fascist occupiers didn’t bother about the public anger. They stay more focused to fulfil the agenda of their foreign master. They understand, if the foreign life-support is withdrawn, they will instantly meet their political death like Shah of Iran or Mubarak of Egypt. Hence, their compliance to the foreign masters is hundred per cent. As a result, the Muslim World is impregnated with a new set of slave dynasty. Due to such slave rulers, India does not face any difficulty to get full length corridors or business deals in Bangladesh. They can even install the spy camp inside the cantonment. Nor does the USA face any difficulty in setting up military bases or recruiting foot soldiers for her war against Islam from the Muslim countries. These are indeed the ugliest calamities of occupation.

In Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh grabbed power in 2013 without a proper election. Out of 300 seats of the parliaments, 152 MP got elected without a single ballot paper being casted there. In the whole election, even 5% voters didn’t attend the polling booth to cast their vote. But still Mrs Hasina claimed to be the elected as the Prime Minister. Her government is the largest terrorist outfit in the country to terrorise the people. The police, the army and the border guards are being used to kills and suppress the opposition parties and their members. For example, on 5th May, 2013, hundreds of protesters of Hefazat-e-Islam  -a religious conservative party, were killed or wounded on the streets of Dhaka. The dead bodies were stolen from the scene to hide the intensity of crime. Hundreds of the opposition activists are being kidnapped by the police and the security personnel in plain clothes; and they never return them back. Now Bangladesh stands more occupied then Kashmir. Although claims be secular, but the country has been converted a perfect satanic state. A 100% domestic court has been given a label of international criminal court to convict and hang the potential political opponents. He turned the judiciary a servile institution to serve only the ruling clique. Like the colonial era, the common people have a given a role only to be silent bystanders.

In Egypt, the Army has become the most brutal fascist outfit. General Abul Fatah Sisi –the Army chief grabbed power only by military force by removing Dr Morsi -the firstly elected President in Egypt’s history. He killed thousands people to secure the power. In Uzbekistan, another fascist Islam Karimov rule the country with iron fist since the country’s independence from Soviet Union since his recent death. The big powers of the world always run business as usual with this criminals. Their only concern is to prevent any possible Islamic resurgence –the only perceived threat to their dominance. Since these home-grown fascists are pursuing the same political objective enjoy perfect ideological and political match with the imperialist warlords in Washington, Moscow, Delhi or Paris. Such policy of the international fascists gets overtly displayed in Syria. Bashar al Assad has proved to be one of the most brutal fascist in human history. He has killed nearly 4 hundred thousand Syrians and caused more destruction to the country’s largest city Aleppo than it was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He has driven out 8 million people from their home. But removing him from power is no issue for the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans. The bombers of these countries are cautiously avoiding his palace. Their only agenda is to fight the Islamists there; hence perfectly match with the agenda of the terrorist gangs of Bashar al Assad. Such international nexus of the anti-Islamic fascists not only creates havoc in the Middle East, but also appears as the greatest threat against peace of the whole mankind. Once there was only Hitler in the world and the terrorism of that fascist was more or less contained in the smallest continent of the world, but now so many Hitlers are working together to terrorise the whole world. Such calamity never happened in the whole human history.


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