Downfall of the Muslims: A Review (Part-7)

The Muslim enmity against Islam –

Even the illiterate idolaters of an Indian village know the exact meaning and implication of idolatry. So, they do not do any compromise in the practice of their religion; so this primitive ignorance (jaheliyah) thrives in modern India. Hence the most devout worshippers of idols, cows, snakes, monkeys and other objects could easily defeat the modern secularists in general election; and could become the Prime Minister and Chief Minister in India by popular votes. On the contrary, Islam stays as the most misunderstood as well as the most betrayed religion by its own followers. Such misunderstanding cum betrayal is even much deeper among the mullahs, the imams and the religious leaders. So, in most of the Muslim countries, in order to get electoral victory, one needs to be firstly secularised and de-linked from Islam. The Qur’anic Islam that was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions stands alien even in the Muslim majority lands.

Such a milieu of betrayal and misunderstanding has twisted even the leaders and the activists of the so-called Islamic parties to entirely shift their political agenda. As a result, the Qur’anic vocabularies like sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, jihad and many others are dropped from their intellectual or religious discourse, let alone talking about their implementation. The fear of evil forces -not the fear of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, has worked decisively to bring this political swing. While in mosque or in haj, they declare their allegiance to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala; but while in politics, judiciary or other worldly business, they practise their full ideological conversion to secularism and silent submission to kufr law. Like any secular nationalist or tribal parochialist, they also celebrate their political cessation from other Muslim countries based on ethnic, linguistic or geographical identity. For protecting the separating walls and borders, they even fight bloody wars. Such inconsistency in faith and practice is indeed the clear symptom of deviation from Qur’anic straight path; and it overwhelms the whole Muslim World. It is not a sign of iman, rather displays deeper hypocrisy and arrogance. The early Muslims sacrificed their life and wealth for Islam; but today’s Muslims die for spreading their perversion and hypocrisy. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala never likes such people; it makes them unfit to get accepted their taubah; and deprives them from His guidance. It could only drive them farther away from Islam. The sustained deviation and downfall of the ummah indeed owes to it.

Islam is a religion of all-time submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. So, there is no scope of part-time compromise or short-term deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. Every wilful compromise or deviation is a major sin and equals to rebellion against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Only a quick correction of such deviation and deep repentance on doing such sin can save one from eternal hellfire. A Muslim ceases to exist as Muslim with the continuation of rebellion against the Qur’anic order; and such rebellion directly takes one to the enemy camp. It is the route of Iblis who stood against the order of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as refused to prostrate in front to Adam (peace be upon him). But it is awful that such compromise on Islam or the deviation from the roadmap has become the norm in Muslim life. Because of such compromise and deviation, even many obligatory key parts of Islam like sharia, hudud, jihad, shura, khilafa are no more visible in the Muslim World. About these flip-flopping believers, the holy Qur’an reveals, “Surely, those who disbelieve after believing and then in disbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted, and these are they who stay deviated.” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 90). So, the consequence of any compromise and deviation is very catastrophic; his or her taubah doesn’t get accepted. And, the rejection of taubah equals nothing else than entering into hellfire for an infinity.

The Muslim enmity against Islam has other ugly faces. If a brave Muslim stands against the internal or external occupying forces and starts working with a political mission for establishing sharia, hudud, khialfa, shura, jihad and border dismantling trans-ethnic Muslim unity –as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and the early Muslims, is quickly labelled as terrorist. As if, adherence to Qur’anic Islam and the prophet’s tradition is the doctrine of terrorism. The brutal murder of such Islamists by the US-led coalition bombing in any part of the Muslim World even get celebrated by these so-called Muslims. They fail to distinguish between jihad and terrorism. They even distort the dictionary meaning these two distinctively different words. Jihad is the holy war prescribed by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for dismantling the rule of kufr and for implementing His Own sovereignty and His Qur’anic law. It is the defensive and executive arm of Islam; without it, the true and full Islam can’t survive even in Muslim lands. Whereas, terrorism is the use of violent act to frighten people of an area for political and economic gain. It is the offensive arm of kufr to bring the rule of kufr and to dismantle the rule of sharia. Terrorism was the tool of the European colonialists to occupy and exploit the weaker Asian and African countries. And, in Muslim countries it was used not only to dismantle Muslim rule, but also to abolish sharia law and judiciary. Israel is using the same terrorism against the people of Palestine. Now the US-led coalition is using the same tool to terrorise the people of the whole Muslim World for giving sustenance to their imperialist occupation. The US Army has not yet nuclear bomb against the Muslims; but has dropped 10 ton bomb –the most powerful bomb second only to nuclear bomb, in Afghanistan to terrorise its people.


Corrupting the meaning of Islam

Iblis never failed to understand Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s vision, mission and objective. Hence, from day one he stood against it. Therefore, misunderstanding vis-à-vis Islam’s meaning, mission, vision and objective never existed among its arch enemies. Like today, even in the very early days of Islam, the enemies didn’t make any mistake to understand Islam either. Hence, in those days, like today, all brands of the enemies made the coalition to destroy the nascent state of Islam headed by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam himself. The newly form Islamic state was inflicted with a chain of wars. More than 70 per cent companions of the prophet had to sacrifice their life to confront these enemies. Even in those formative days, for their own security, they needed to dismantle two contemporary World Powers like Roman and Persian Empires. As a result, Islam could stand as the number one World Power and as the only humane civilizational force in the whole human history only because of their huge sacrifice. And they could rescue millions of people from their ongoing march towards the eternal hellfire; it was indeed the greatest and most successful rescue effort in the whole history of mankind. Trillions of dollar aid is nothing in comparison to such a rescue from the hellfire. One can only understand the worth of such a rescue if he can understand the meaning of this Qur’anic verse: “Surely, those who disbelieve and die while they are unbelievers, the earth full of gold shall not be accepted from one of them, though he should offer to ransom himself with it..” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 91). By bringing millions of people to the path of paradise –as was possible through their conversion to Islam, the early Muslims thus could accomplish the greatest benevolent task for the mankind. So, they could rightly prove their credential as the best people in the entire history of mankind –as narrated by the prophet (peace be upon him).

But is a great mockery with Islam that most of the Muslim ulama, mullahs, imams and political leaders tell people that Islam means peace. But what is that peace? And where was that peace? Did the prophets of Islam like Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him), Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), Prophet Isa (peace be upon him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and many others and their followers had ever enjoyed such peace? Their peace exists only in the paradise. Most probably they talk about peace that comes through inaction, submission or peaceful co-existence with the evil forces –as they are practicing themselves. But such peace has never been the part of the life of these great people. They took mission of “enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong (a’amaru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar)” as the motto, hence invited incessant challenges. As a result, from day one of their prophet hood, they had to suffer oppression, suppression, persecution and eviction. Thousands of the great prophets and their followers were labelled as the public enemy by the contemporary rulers and were brutally killed. So embracing Islam doesn’t bring any peace in a believer’s life; rather brings him face to face with the dangerous challenges that even cost his life. In fact, it gives the believer a Divine purpose to his survival; and brings a life-long struggle in his life for the revealed Truth against all ranges of falsehood.

Hence “Islam means peace” is the most ridiculous expression of crude ignorance on Islam. They reiterate this cliché with a sinister political cum ideological motive. They want to hide Islam’s real vision, mission and objective by spreading such lies. This way, they are harming Islam like the worst enemies. Islam’s dictionary meaning and ideological connotation is totally different from such hugely circulated lie. Islam is all about full submission to all Qur’anic orders of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al. Any rebellion against any of the Qur’anic commands is kufr; and such rebellion is indeed the sure marker of a kafir.  And those who fully enter into such submission are called true Muslim. And how to submit to all Qur’anic prescriptions, the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions set the perfect example. Implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, Islamic state cum khilafa, jihad, trans-ethnic Muslim unity comes under the gamut of such submission.  The same is true even now –as it is true in any segment of history.

The world is not depleted with CAn idolater doesn’t have any ignorance about the idolatry. But a Muslim’s misunderstanding revolves around the misson, vision and objective of Islam. Such ignorance cum misunderstanding runs not only among the common Muslims; rather among the so-called ulama of Islam. They commonly tell people that Islam means peace. They also tell that there is no war or violence in Islam; and has only rituals life 5 time prayer, month-long fasting, . As if, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam violated Islam by leading more than 20 wars himself!  lis truly understood Because of such disbelief, millions of people who offer five times prayers, keep month-long fasting in the month of Ramadan and also take part in Tablighi Jama’at show peaceful compatibility with the most corrupt and criminal rulers of their own countries. The Qur’anic decrecc “a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar” goes by the wind. Nor do they show any interest in the revival of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity, and jihad in Muslims’ life –as was practised by the early Muslims. With such detachment from Islam, the people could work as mercenaries of the internal and external enemies of Islam in all ages.  Even today, they vote for the enemies, fight for the enemies and even die for the enemies.

More than a million Muslims of Arab and Indian origin fought in the First World War as the mercenaries in the European armies to dismantle Osmania Khilafa, The killed the soldiers of the Muslim Army and occupied the Muslim land to hand over to the kuffar. The disintegrated heart land of Islam indeed owes to their crime. Most of these mercenaries were not disbeliever in Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him). Many of them even offered five time prayer and keep month-long fasting. But such belief and the practice of such Islamic rituals didn’t stop them doing the heinous crimes against Islam and the Muslims. It owes to severe inadequacy of their iman. They failed to understand its full gamut and the implication. Such deficiency of im’an didn’t make them different from the war-mongering kuffar. Rather, they committed the same shocking crimes against Islam and the Muslims –as are committed by the enemies through ages. Like the disbelievers, they too, failed to align with the vision of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la that entails overwhelming victory of the Truth over all brands of falsehood -as carried out by the early Muslims. Instead, they voluntarily aligned with the agenda of the known enemies.

Even today, millions of internal enemies of Islam live in disguise in the midst of Muslims. Publicly they claim to be believer in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him). They live with the highly harmful agenda against Islam and the Muslims. Because of them, the imperialists, the colonialists and other enemies of Islam didn’t find any difficulty to get partners in the Muslim lands to kill the Muslims, occupy the Muslim lands and destroy the Muslim cities and villages. They have taken Islam only as a joke; their true nature of toxic enmity against true Qur’anic Islam gets fully exposed in their politics, political ideologies and mercenary role in the enemies’ warfare. Their congruity with the kuffar is so complete that, like the worst non-Muslim enemies of Islam, they too, stand against implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity, migration and jihad in any Muslim land. Like the enemies, they too, want to protect the divisive walls; and even celebrate the destruction of the Muslim cities. Therefore, while the cities like Ramadi, Falujah, Aleppo, Kobani, Homs, Hama, Mosul and many other Muslim cities get bombed to rubbles, not only they are the party of destruction; but also the party of enemies’ jubilant celebration. So, it proves, in absence of full practice of Islam, even the Muslim countries and the Muslim families can produce such war criminals in huge number. So, in Islam, practising full Islam is crucial and obligatory. So, the Qur’anic command comes: “udkhulu fis silm ka’ffa” –enter into the submission (to Allah) with the entirety. But while judiciary, law, politics, administration, education, culture, banking, warfare and family life stay outside the Qur’anic prescription, how can one claim the full submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la?


The incompetence to be khalifa

Moral health is indeed the most accurate marker of true faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala and adherence to His Qur’anic guidance. Fake faith can’t cause any moral revolution. Because of solid faith (iman), the early Muslims could make the highest moral achievement in human history. In the life of early Muslims, the evidence of such moral highness is huge. Osama bin Ziad was a son of a slave and was very young; but was appointed as the Commander in Chief of the Muslim army by the prophet (peace be upon him). Belal was an Ethiopian salve; and was appointed as the muazzin in prophet’s mosque. Those who were once shepherd, small farmer or trader could become the best judge, best governor and the best administrator in human history. Khalifa Omer (RA) -the ruler of the contemporary world’s most powerful state, could walk alone in the deep darkness of the night in search of the hungry people. In his 600 miles journey from Medina to Jerusalem, he could ask his servant to ride on his camel and he himself walked ahead with the rope in his hand. The common people were so empowered that while giving sermon in a Jummah congregation, the head of the state had to respond why his dress looked exceptionally bigger than that of the common citizens.

Only the people with solid iman can work as the viceroy of the Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Those who fail to be His viceroy, definitely become the viceroy of Shaitan.  There is not third option. Iman does mean mere belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, His prophet (peace be upon him), angel, resurrection, paradise and hell. Iman also entails belief in His Sovereignty, sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad in His way. The early Muslims could qualify for the role; hence received repeated victories, enormous blessings and honour. Such a Divine role is never delegated to the corrupt; so, the Muslims lost the role long ago. It owes to their huge corruption and wide deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. Because of such disqualification in the sight of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, they could be easily recruited as the trusted partners of the imperialists and colonialists in their war of occupation against the Muslims. Therefore, while the imperialists won the war against the Osmania Khilafa, they could comfortably install their trusted viceroys with the mandate of continuing with their legacy. The illegal Israel was handed over to their Jewish collaborators and the bunch of illegal client Muslim states were handed over to the Muslim collaborators. A portion of power was also given to the Lebanese Christian. Thus the map of disintegrated Muslim Middle East could survive with the mutual collaboration of the imperialists and their viceroys.

In fact, because of such moral disability, all scientific advancement could add series of catastrophic calamities to the mankind. Millions of people are scorched to death. Such calamities do not happen in animal kingdom. Animals never engage in genocidal massacres, ethnic cleansing or World Wars; they kill someone only for the physical survival. Like physical disability, moral disability too has its own symptoms. It makes people the worst killer than the worst beast. An animal never runs after killing while full in its stomach. But the people with moral disability doesn’t know any limit in their greed. They grab countries after countries. They drop nuclear bombs, run gas chambers or continue with oppression. The best and the finest creation of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la then turn into the worst creation on earth -much worse than the most harmful animals, insects or bugs. All the catastrophic deaths and destruction in human history are indeed the works of these morally disabled people. Racism, nationalism, colonialism, imperialism, communism, ethnic cleansing, war of occupations, genocidal wars, World Wars, gas chambers and dropping nuclear bombs are indeed the exclusive works of these people. No animals, bugs, cyclones, earthquakes or tsunami could match their killing power. They killed 75 million people only in two World Wars. The people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine Somalia, and many other parts of the world are still experiencing their killing power. The worst beasts never turn cities into rubbles and never destroy mosques, hospital schools and houses; but the political animals with the perfect human shape do that indiscriminately. They could drop even the nuclear bombs. Now they are dropping cluster bombs, barrel bombs, missiles and drones.

Due to sound moral health the Muslims could live with the non-Muslims for about seven hundred years in Spain, India, Africa, Balkans and other parts of the world without cleansing the natives. Even in Muslim heart lands like Egypt, Iraq, Syria about 15% percent population remained non-Muslims. In Lebanon it is about 30 per cent. But other people conducted full scale genocidal cleansing to make their presence overwhelming. So non-Christians were cleansed from the whole Roman Empire when the Byzantine Roman Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity in 4th century. The Buddhists were cleansed from their birth land of India by the Hindu rulers. The Mongol hordes conducted the wholesale massacre in Baghdad, Nishapur, Samarkand, Bokhara and many other Muslim cities. The Spanish Christian rulers couldn’t live with the Muslims either; they conducted the total cleansing of the Muslim population and the 700 year old Islamic institutions from Iberian Peninsula. The Serbian Christians conducted cleansing of Muslims from many Balkan enclaves. The Western imperialists relished the same moral disability wherever they could establish their colonial occupation.  With the same objective, now Israel and the US led huge coalition have entered into the Muslim heart lands. No country in the world has ever been bombed so badly as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been bombed. The Muslim cities, villages, houses, mosques, schools, hospital and markets are being bombed into rubbles. Muslims were cleansed from


The moral incompatibility

Islam wants to save people from such eternal calamity both here and in the hereafter. For that, seeking Qur’anic knowledge gets the topmost priority in the Qur’anic prescription. It was made obligatory prior to any other ritual –even fiver time prayers and fasting were made obligatory much later. Without Qur’anic knowledge, even five times prayers, month-long fasting, haj, umrah and other rituals can’t cure the more disability. The Muslim World has about a billion of such worshippers; but they couldn’t add any glory or security to the ummah. Rather, millions of them turn brutal foot-soldier for the internal and external enemies of Islam. Despotic monarchs and rulers could sustain their anti-Islamic oppressive rule in the Muslim countries only because of such moral illness. For the same reason, the US-led coalition doesn’t need any more to keep their own soldiers to kill Muslims in the Muslim lands. This is core reason that prompted the US and its ally to withdraw their troop from Afghanistan and Iraq. As a key symptom of moral ill-health, many of the Muslim countries stand on the top of the most corrupt countries of the world. Moral disability make people fully compatible even with the most wicked and killer regimes on earth. This is why, it is the prime strategy of all the oppressive rulers to spread ignorance vis-à-vis the Divine Truth at an epidemic scale. Nimrod and Pharaoh did that. The colonialists, imperialists and the monarchists did it. Now all the despotic rulers of the Muslim World are doing it, too. Hence Qu’anic studies are restricted even in the Muslim World.

Morally disable people are completely incompatible with the good people. Hence, they are not given access to paradise –the exclusive abode of the morally sound people. Therefore, for an entry to paradise, the moral disability must be treated first. For that, there exists no medical cure. No amount of scientific skills help either. This is why, more than hundred thousand prophets and many Divine Books were sent not to teach any medical science or to add any scientific know how. Their sole mission was to cure the moral disabilities; and to make people fully fit for the paradise. For the same reason, the first man on earth was also a prophet. To continue with the same mission, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala sent down the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the final Book of guidance -the holy Qur’an. The holy Qur’an is the final prescription to treat all the moral, social, familial, political and economic ills of the whole mankind for all times to come. It is indeed the complete code of life. It is the only Divine project on earth to take people to the paradise. It has shown tremendous success in the past; and can show similar success in any time in the future. By fully adhering to this prescription, the morally sick people of Arabia could cure their old wickedness and could also treat others in Asia, Africa and Europe. They could also become the only people on earth who could raise a truly humane civilisation on earth based on the Divine law, equity, justice, human rights, labour right, minority right, women right, child right and other civility in the whole length of history.

Conquering countries, building empires, raising palaces and castle and making big walls are not unique in history. The Greek and the Roman pagans, the Egyptian king-worshipers, the Chinese Confucians, the Mongol hordes, the Hindu idolaters, and the Western colonialists cum imperialists could also build empires and raise thousands of palaces, castles, pyramids and walls. Such monuments tell a lot about the ugliest crimes against the mankind; these are indeed the monuments of serious moral disabilities. These monuments were built by slaves, prisoners and forced labourers only to glorify the wicked winners of the wars. These are indeed the monuments of terrible crimes committed by the warmongering warlords, monarchs, colonialists, imperialists and other despots. Blood and tears of millions of ill-fated people lie in the foundation of these monuments. Wherever the exploitation, brutality and criminality were the highest, the monument also got higher. Therefore, how such a process of exploitation, oppression and brutality could be called civilisation? If these are called civilisations, what else is the true barbarity? In fact, these are the most revealing signs of moral failure; and owes to failure in discovering the Truth.


Mosques in disservice

The enemies of Islam will never build any temple or church in the Muslim community to distract Muslims from Islam. Instead, they will build mosques and madrasah with the same sinister objective. Even the prophet’s (peace be upon him) era was not immune to such conspiracy. The hypocrites built a mosque in the close vicinity of Medina; known as masjid-e-Dhira. They used to assemble there in the name of prayer; but their real motive was to harm the cause of Islam. They even invited the prophet to visit there. But such motive was not out of the radar of Allah Subhana wa Tala. Hence, He asked the prophet (peace be upon him) never to go there; and ordered him to quickly dismantle it. But after the death of prophet (peace be upon him), the enemies in disguise got new life. Such mosques in the Muslim World thrived in thousands. Because of them, deviation from the real Qur’anic Islam is the rule in the Muslim World. So, sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood, jihad –as were implemented in the days of early Muslims survive nowhere. Rather, these mosques give huge promotion to sectarian divisions all over the Muslim World. These mosques survive only to promote their own manufactured perversion.

Mosques are the institute of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la on earth to carry out His Own vision and mission. In the days of the early Muslims, there was no school, college or university apart from this Divine institution. In those golden days, mosques worked as the most powerful value-adding industries in the whole history of mankind. All of the soldiers, generals, governors, judges and administrators were trained in this Divine institution. Because of this value-adding institution, a raw man could easily become the most refined man in the history of mankind. In the making of the best and only humane civilisation on earth, mosque thus played the most crucial role. But now the mosques cease to survive as a value-adding Divine institution; its ownership has gone to various sectarian groups. As a result, its agenda has also changed. Implementation of Islam’s basics and spreading the Qur’anic message are not their objective; most of these mosque survive only to promote their narrow sectarian view and build divisive walls in the Muslim ummah in the name of race, sects, and mazhab. Unity of the ummah, implementation of sharia, hudud, and shura and establishing an Islamic state –as were practised by the early Muslims are not any issue for them. What could be the worst disservice against Islam than this? With the same inimical intention, the British colonial power established and funded madrasah and other religious institutions in India; Kolkata A’liyah Madrasah is an example of such a British colonial project. It was indeed a camouflaged attempt to colonise the mind of the Muslim religious leaders.


Mosques under occupation

With the colonial occupation of the Muslim countries, the enemies didn’t need to build any new institutions to promote their agenda. They started to occupy the mosques, madrasas and other institutions that are already built by the Muslims. Their success was huge; they could easily occupy most of these institutions. Those occupied institution were allowed to survive only with a gross deviation from the path of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided companions. Such political cum ideological occupation of institutions brought occupation of the mind of the Muslims who work or study there. This is why, most of the imams of these occupied mosques and the teachers of religious institutions show their full compatibility with the anti-Islamic agenda of the ruling despots! The big sheikhs of al-Azhar therefore can rub their shoulders with the killer President General Abul Fatha al-Sisi of Egypt with great pleasure. The ulama of Deoband could invite an infidel like late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi of India in their midst in the eighties to celebrate their works. This way they could be in the good book of kuffars, too. The sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and other countries also align with the agenda of the autocratic rulers. When the people of Syria, Iraq, and Palestine are brutally bombed, these sheikhs even do not ask the people to show their anger in the street. Rather, they look very complacent with their tongue-tied silence. Absence of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and jihad in the Muslim World is not an issue for them. Could any companion of the prophet (peace be upon him) think of such divorce of Islam from their life?

Most of the governments of the Muslim World now show full compliance with the agenda of the US-led anti-Islamic global coalition. As a mark of total submission to the master, obstructing the resurgence of Islam in any Muslim land is their key political goal. Hence they enjoy full license to massacre Islamists in the most brutal way –as fully exercised by Bashar al-Assad is Syria, General Abul Fatah al-Sisi in Egypt, Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh and many others. As a part of the project, mosques, madrasas and Islamic institutions are restricted to deliver very minimal and very selective teachings of Islam. They are not allowed to raise any voice against the vested interests of the ruling despots and agenda of the global coalition. Therefore, the Muslims are deliberately deprived of an enabling environment that could help them grow up as full Muslim and pursue Islam’s civilizational objective. Nor would they provide any space in any arena of the state for full practice of Islam. Such restrictive strategy has produced huge success for the enemies. The brainwashing has been so complete that the Muslims has lost their insights. Hence, they are incapable to comprehend that how one can be a full Muslim without practising Islam’s basics like sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, and jihad. So, they do not get any inner incentive to do any appraisal vis-à-vis their own deviation!

In the golden days of Islam, mosques provided the free forum to discuss religious, political, educational, administrative, and security issues of the ummah. Thus, the Muslims could get a premise to share their knowledge and views. But, now the mosques are under seize and provide space only for five time prayers. Playing any educational, political or culture making role is restricted; the doors are opened only prior to prayer and closed shortly afterward. The imams can’t deliver freely even their sermons. They are allowed only to preach the stuff that would please the political master of the country. In many Muslim countries, the imams are allowed only to read typed sermons supplied by the authority. They are allowed only to praise the government and protect the sectarian division in the ummah. They are encouraged to demonise those who want to practise full Islam with its sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and jihad. The imams and sheikhs are obliged by the ruling clique to call those Islamists as terrorists. Thus, telling the true message of Islam and pleasing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la get grossly ignored.


The barrier to civilisation

Civilisation is all about progressive humanisation of humans. It is exactly opposite to barbarism. It is opposite to colonialism, imperialism, fascism, racism, communism, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and other catastrophic wrongdoings of the worst criminals. It is about promoting the core human values, nurturing higher morale, refinement of ideas and making people fit for the paradise. Civilisation can’t be built out of falsehood. Falsehood can only breed mass murderers, gas chambers, World Wars, genocidal massacres and other calamities. It also twists human souls to celebrate even the worst crimes. This is why the wholesale extermination of the Muslims from Spain, cleansing of Red Indians from America and dropping nuclear bombs brought huge celebration amidst the worshippers of falsehood. One can notice the same celebration in the imperialist camp with the mass scale massacre, destruction and eviction in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the true signs of barbarism in modern form; and could only grow from new falsehood.

In the making of a civilisation, the Divine Truth is an indispensable necessity. It is the only source of the correct guidance in building a civilisation. Humans can invent machine tools, can grow fruits and vegetables, and can fly in the air or dive deep in the sea. But they can’t invent Truth; Truth exists since the creation of mankind; it needs only to be discovered and followed. Here lies the key for civilisation building. In such mission, the Divine guidance, the prophetic tradition, the intention for doing the right and eradicating the wrong must work together. Only this way, human mind can firmly fix the focus on pleasing his Almighty Lord. Hence, civilisation is not only about making buildings and potteries, painting and industries, roads and highways, but also reconstructing people’s beliefs and ideas, mode of living and character, culture and deeds. For such colossal works, it needs huge state-run enabling infrastructure. It needs massive engineering in the field of politics, culture, economy and education. Otherwise, even a child of a great religious man turn to a big evil –as evidenced in the history. Mere supplication, sermon or advice don’t make people humane.

All humans are born innocent and possess huge potentials to promote the good and eradicate the evil on earth. But for exploring and streamlining such potentials, it needs an enabling environment. If these innocent people fall in the hands of war mongering racists, nationalists, colonialists, imperialists, and fascists, they become brutal killers, ethnic cleansers, gas chamber operators and nuclear bombers to kill millions. In such criminalising political milieu, even a Muslim turn into a blood-letting mercenary. In World War I, more than one million Arabs fought shoulder to shoulder with the British, the French and the Italians to kill the fellow Muslims in the Middle East and to dismantle khalifa. More than 200 thousand Indian Muslims also did the same. In every segment of human history, the criminal warlords always run similar shows of barbarity; and they obstruct the march of civilisation. Now, they are running the same show in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries. Thieves and robbers never call thievery and robbery as crimes. Likewise, the genocidal perpetrators who occupy Muslim lands and run mass killing, massive destruction and exploitation do not call such barbarity a crime either. They call it a project of democratisation. In fact, it is the worst criminalisation of the whole state and its infrastructure.

The prime objective of kuffar occupation of a land is to run a comprehensive social, political and educational engineering to propel people to the hellfire. This is the greatest crime of kuffar occupation. Under such occupation, schools, colleges, universities, media, clubs, pubs, music concerts, civil and military administration and political organisations work together as the part of the same evil project. These occupational forces do not give any space or opportunity to save people from hellfire. Any effective endeavour to save people from hellfire is labelled as extremism, fundamentalism and even terrorism. They belong to the same brand of people who didn’t give space and freedom even to the great prophets in the past. They even did their best to kill them. To avoid the persecution, the greatest people of human history like Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and many others had to migrate from their birth places. Hence in Islam, it is the greatest and the most civilizational act to dismantle such state-run infrastructure of crime. It is called jihad in Islam; and those who are killed in such jihad are called shaheed.

In Islam, ensuring an islamising and enabling environment for good deed is so crucial and binding that the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his companions needed to dismantle the whole infrastructure of evils in Arabia and build an Islamic state. Later on, the holy project was taken to other territories in Asia, Africa and Europe. There couldn’t be any comprise on that. Islam could stand as a civilizational force only because of such Islamic state building project; not due to its millions of mosques and seminaries –as exist today. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) thus set the most formidable lesion for all the believers for all the ages to come. From day one of its creation, the native kuffars as well as the foreign World Powers like Persian and Roman Empires tried to dismantle this nascent state. As a result, most of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) companions had to sacrifice their life for defending and protecting that state.

The gift of the Islamic state established by the early Muslims is huge. As a consequence of such highly enabling state environment, the early Muslims could do miracles. Before Islam, they were the people badly divided into tribes. They used to bury their own daughters alive. They made long wars even on trivial matters. They used to rape women and rob and kill people. After the formation of Islamic state, they could quickly emerge as the most civilised people on earth. They turned to be the saviour of the oppressed humanity. Although they didn’t build any palace, castle or pyramid on earth, the Islamic state of the early Muslims still survives as the highest human achievement on earth. In the holy Qur’an Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la expressed His great satisfaction on their achievement. In the whole history of whole mankind, it is indeed the only true civilisation. But with the downfall of Muslims, the whole mankind enters into a new era of grave crisis. The straight road towards making a true civilisation stands forcefully blocked. Now it is the era of neo-jaheliya cum absence of civilisation. So, occupation of a weaker country, destroying its cities, turning houses into rubbles, and massacring the civilian population get highly celebrated in all camp of anti-Islamic forces. One can’t find such celebration in the animal world. This is the lowest low of the mankind.




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