Crimes and defeat of the USA in Afghanistan and crucial tests for the Taliban

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Taliban: now a big power

Whoever defeats a champion also emerges as a champion. This is the established norm of a war. And here lies the importance of the Taliban. Taliban have now emerged as a significant big power –especially in the heart of Asia that is now reckoned by everyone. The Vietnamese fighters in their war against the USA had Soviet Russia and China as backers. Nor did they fight against a coalition of more than fifty countries. But the case of the Taliban is unique. They fought alone not only against the US-led coalition of more than 50 countries but also a national Army of 300,000 Afghans. Hence, the victory of the Taliban is the most significant political cum war event in the last several hundred years of Muslim history. In none of the previous World Wars or any regional war, the capitalist world faced such a humiliating defeat. This time they met the defeat at the hand of rag-tag poor Taliban. In the past, two arrogant World Powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires met the same fate at the hand of the ragtag army of the early poor Muslims. History thus repeats itself to prove: the blood of the faithful prevails over the swords of the wicked.

The defeat of the US-led coalition has caused shock waves over the whole western world. The USA, the UK, France, Germany, and other allies of the USA are finding it difficult to swallow such a disgraceful defeat. Taliban’s victory has also caused huge shock and awe amidst the de-Islamised secularist ruling elites and media circles of the Muslim countries. For example, Taliban phobia has caused a high level of hysteria in Pakistan’s secular circles –especially in its strong secular deep state. One can see its vivid reflection in secular newspapers, especially in the Dawn –the flagship media organ of the radical secularists of Pakistan. Such secularist newspapers are ringing the non-stop alarm bell of the Talibanisation of Pakistan. They are demanding the secularisation of Afghanistan. The level of Islamophobia among these Pakistani secularists is no less intense than that of the Hindutva Hindus of India. Such a strong presence of secularists also presents an existential threat to Pakistan. Secularism leads to racism, nationalism, tribalism, and fascism, and in the end disintegration of a Muslim state. The radical secularists are indeed the all-time worst security threat to any Muslim country. Pakistan was its worst victim in 1971. Then, the country lost its eastern wing to India only because of such radical secularisation of its political elites, media professionals, students, academics, and intellectuals. Secularist Arabs have fragmented the Arab World into 22 states to fulfill their tribal desires.

Taliban’s victory proved that the decisive power in war doesn’t lie in manpower and military arsenals. All-Powerful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is the source of all power. Ties with Him decide the fate in war. Because of such a Divine tie, the Afghan Muslims could defeat other two superpowers like the British and Soviet Russia in the past. Jihad is the defensive and offensive weapon of Islam. Since jihad is fought only in the way of Alla Sub’hana wa Ta’la, He owns it. Hence Alla Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His angels become integral parts of it. This is why jihad can be prolonged for years or decades, but can never be defeated. Jihad in Afghanistan proved it again. Only this way Muslims become undefeatable in any war against enemies. Muslims fail in a war when they fail to transform it into a pure jihad.


An ideological tsunami

Afghanistan is now an epicentre of an ideological and political tsunami. Islam’s original tsunami in the days of Prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t start from an epicenter of World Power, but from an insignificant rural hub of Medina. It indeed started in the midst of a desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Afghanistan possesses more humans, more weapons, more economic resources, and more geopolitical importance than Medina. It lies in the heart of Asia –connected to central, south, and west Asia. Like a geological tsunami, a political cum ideological tsunami never remains confined within its epicentre. It over-reaches to distant parts of many continents. That happened in the early days of Islam. It proved that the Divine Light of the Holy Qur’an has tremendous potentials to cause an ideological tsunami globally. It could quickly spread to large areas of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It only needed to be truly shined by its true followers. For that, Muslims needed an Islamic state and supporting state infrastructures. Only then, Islam could show its incredible power to eradicate deep darkness and show the right path.

A deep dark cloud can hide even the mid-day sun. Likewise, the corrupt, the deviant, the hypocrite, and the fraudulent vendors of Islam can hide true Islam. They don’t allow showcasing of the amazing beauty of true Islam. Today, the beauty of Islam stays hidden from non-Muslims because of these corrupt and insincere Muslims. Hopefully, the Taliban will do everything to shine the true Islam –as happened in the golden days of Islam. In fact, their success wholly lies in showcasing true Islam. Only this way they can open the floodgate for people towards Islam –as did the early Muslims. Only then, Taliban victory will turn into a real ideological tsunami.


The anticipated threat 

The US-led west lost their war in Afghanistan. This is a reality. But it is also a reality that the imperialists’ war never ends. They only change their war objective, strategies, and battlefields. Moreover, the war in Afghanistan was not only a war on the Taliban. It was an indispensable segment of the same never-ending civilizational war on Islam and Muslims. The war on Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia and the military coup d’états in Algeria in 1991, a military takeover of Egypt in 2012, dismantling of election result in Palestine in 2006, and the recent dissolution of a democratic government in Tunisia in August 2021 are the parts of the same war.

Enemy invaders and occupiers never sit idle. Defeat in a battle doesn’t cause their end. Now, they will deploy every means to defeat, disturb, and restrict Taliban rule. They will continue to vilify the Taliban to make Afghanistan a pariah state and will persuade others not to give international recognition. This way they will impose economic and political isolation on Afghanistan. Terrorism has a dictionary meaning. It is the use of force for political and economic purposes. Such terrorism is indeed the policy of the western imperialist countries. George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Barak Obama, and many other western leaders invaded many countries, bombed hundreds of cities and villages, and killed millions. These leaders used weapons of mass destruction to terrorize people. But they are not called terrorists. For such horrendous crimes, the USA and the UK didn’t become pariah states. Taliban didn’t invade or bomb any enemy country. They fought against foreign occupiers only to liberate their own country. But they are labeled as terrorists. Such distortion of facts will continue to vilify the Taliban and other Islamists.

Now the USA and its allies are exerting pressure on the Taliban for an inclusive government. This has been declared a precondition for international recognition and aid. As if their own governments are all-inclusive. Even Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan is demanding the same. As if, his government is inclusive. Truly, in all democratic countries, the ruling party doesn’t represent even half of the electoral voters. As a result, more than half of the people remain unrepresented in the government. In India, Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got about 40 percent of the votes in the 2018 election. So, 60 percent of people remain unrepresented in the government. The situation is worse in Pakistan. Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf didn’t get even 40 percent votes. In the USA and the UK, the government represent seldom more than 50 percent of people. But they are putting pressure on the Taliban to be 100 percent inclusive. It means the diehard enemies who were in a war to defeat the Taliban need to be included in the government. Did it happen in any of the countries that were defeated in World Wars? Defeated parties were not given any place in the government. In fact, it is the enemy ploy to spoil the Taliban’s Islamisation project from inside. It has already been threatened that if the Taliban deny such prescription, their government will not be recognized. The USA has already blocked the 9 billion US dollar reserve deposit of Afghanistan. More sanctions are waiting in the line. Other western countries are also following the USA. The World Bank has also blocked its aid money. Therefore, the Taliban now faces an economic war.   


Media’s war crimes

In war, killings of innocent men, women, and children are not the only war crimes. Encouraging and eulogizing the crime, and hiding the crimes are also war crimes. Because such crimes protect criminals from prosecution and give incentives for further crimes. The western media is complicit in all such crimes. They run a propaganda war not only on the Taliban, it is also on Islam. The resurgence of Islam is described as a return to the Dark Age. The Islamic hijab for women is rebuked as a Stone Age practice. Any political struggle for implementing sharia is labeled as terrorism. The Sun –the most popular daily newspaper of the UK used to publish a fully naked picture of a teenage girl on page 3 of the paper. Such nudity on the daily newspaper pages tells a lot about western values and morality. It is indeed the display of Stone Age nudity. With such a Stone Age mental make-up, how daily newspapers like Sun can appreciate the burkha or hijab of an Afghan woman?

It has become extremely difficult for the western media to swallow the defeat in Afghanistan. Now they are looking for scapegoats. This is only to hide their own war crimes. With rare exceptions, all of the western media supported the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Those who opposed the war faced mockery; even abused as traitors. Barbara Lee –the only Congress member who opposed the invasion of Afghanistan needed 24 hours protection by bodyguards. In 2002, when the Northern Alliance stormed into Kabul and ran havoc of torture, genocide on the opponents, raping their women, London’s the Telegraph –the conservative daily wrote: “just rejoice, rejoice.” The Sun published a two-page editorial entitled “Shame of the traitors: wrong, wrong, wrong,…the fools who said Allies faced disaster.” In the Guardian -London’s most liberal daily, one of its columnists Christopher Hitchens wrote, “, and yah, boo, It was…obvious that defeat was impossible. The Taliban will soon be history.” In the liberal daily Independent, David Aaronovitch wrote, “If you opposed the ongoing war, you are “indulging yourself in a cosmic whinge”. These warmongers were so much intoxicated with Islamophobia that they couldn’t anticipate the return of the Taliban to power.  

These warmongers were not ready to tolerate any criticism of the war. Colin Powel –the then US secretary of state, tried to persuade Emir of Qatar to censor Al Jazeera -one of the few TV channels that were broadcasting the objective field reports on war atrocities. When failed, the US bombed Al Jazeera’s Kabul office. When the B52 bombers were taking off from a UK base for a bombing mission in Iraq, the BBC reporter’s body language was revealing. He was seen on the TV screen to rejoice the bomber’s take-off standing on the toes. During the Iraq invasion, the war’s opponents were given only 2 percent of the BBC airtime on the subject. Thus, the attempts to challenge the lies that were used as justification of the war on Iraq met severe restrictions. Along with manufacturing the justification for the invasion, genocidal massacres, and destruction of cities, the western media also played a pivotal role to create a high tide of patriotic excitement.  


Infrastructure of war-crimes

War of invasion is not a one-man’s job. It needs a collaborative cultural, intellectual, and political milieu. It needs a huge army of people not only in the field of war but also in the intellectual and media fields. Such media people and intellectuals are indeed the ideological soldiers for war crimes. Because of them, evil ideologies like imperialism, colonialism, racism, supremacism, and fascism could spread as ideological epidemics. The west has proven to be the most fertile land for that. This is why the highly genocidal wars like a war of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and World War could get so much massive growth in the west. In imperialists countries, all stakeholders are feed on colonial loot on other people’s lands. Hence most people of an imperialist country feel it a patriotic duty to support every invasion, every occupation, and every loot in foreign lands. So invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq could get so popular in the west. The illegal wars gave easy electoral victory to proven war criminals like George W. Bush in the USA and Tony Blair in the UK.     

Every war generates war crimes. An illegal war creates more robust war crimes. Since the USA did the highest number of wars in the last one hundred years, committed the highest number of war crimes in the same period. They even dropped nuclear bombs. They raised Guantanamo Bay like prison complex to conduct torture on an industrial scale. After the US occupation of Afghanistan, the whole country became a death valley for those who didn’t accept the invasion –especially the Taliban. An Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran and Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi made a documentary “The Convoy of Death on alleged war crimes committed by the Junbish-I Milli faction of the Afghan Northern Alliance under General Abdul Rashid Dostum. The crimes were committed against Taliban fighters. General Dostum was a partner of the US invasion. The Taliban fighters, who had surrendered to Dostum’s troops after November 2001 seize of Kunduz, were transported to Shebenghan prison in sealed containers –like loads of potato sacs. The prisoners had their hands tied together.  As per the estimate of the human rights groups, hundreds or thousands of them died during and after the long transit. They died of suffocation, congestion, and extreme cold. It was horrific war crimes.

The USA administration is now making a huge noise on the Taliban’s policy on women’s rights but remained silent on such genocidal massacres of 2002. Under their rule, the survival rights of the Taliban were denied. It is no more secret that in such mass killings, the US military personnel were present and complicit. Dasht-i-Latif is another such horrific massacre. A Newsweek report in August 2002, based on a leaked UN memo, did confirm the presence of mass graves in the Dasht-i-Latif. The documentaries on such war-crimes were shown in German, French, and other European media. But, not unsurprisingly, documentaries of such massacres were not allowed to show in the US media. More than half a million Iraqi children died during the USA-imposed embargo during President Bill Clinton’s era. Leaked pictures even by the US soldiers tell a lot about such crimes. Making fun with the bodies of the prisoners and killings innocents became sports of the American soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In Abu Gharib prison, they forced the prisoners to be naked and made pyramids with their naked bodies. John Pilger in his documentary “The war you don’t see” showed how the American snippers desperately opened fire on unarmed Iraqis. Some soldiers opened fire even on wounded civilians. These are the tips of the iceberg.


Mockery on women rights and human rights

The western media are demonizing the Taliban as anti-women, anti-children, and anti-human rights. After the defeat, they are now reiterating the same old war cry. They tell that they have the moral duty to defend western values, human rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights. In the past, in the same way, they also justified their invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing, and colonization of other people’s lands. Now they are very unhappy with President Biden’s disgraceful withdrawal. They think, if the USA had continued its occupation in Afghanistan for another 5, 10, or 20 years, western values in Afghanistan would have been better implanted. It shows how the western rulers, the intellectuals, and the media elites are captive within the imperial hubris. Some of the labels such invasion, occupation, and colonization as so-called moral imperialism. This is ridiculous. Muslims have their own understanding of freedom, human values, and women’s rights that are incompatible with western values. For the western leaders and intellectuals, removal of hijab, free mixing, free dating, and extra-marital living together are the markers of women’s rights. Whereas, a practicing Muslim woman can never take off her hijab in public. Nor can she engage in free mixing or extra-marital living together. These are rebellions against All-Powerful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that takes one to the hellfire. So, these are incompatible with the Islamic faith.

The western leaders lecture Muslims –especially the Taliban on the rights of women and children. The US first lady Laura Bush –the wife of George W. Bush told in her radio talk in 2001: “The civilized people throughout the world are speaking out in horror, not only because of our heartbreak for the women and children in Afghanistan but also because what we see in Afghanistan, the terrorists like to impose that on the rest of us.” This is sheer mindless propaganda against Islam and Muslims. Most Muslim countries of the world have a big size of the non-Muslim population. In Islam’s heartland like Lebanon, the non-Muslims are more than 30 percent. In Egypt, they are about 15 percent. In Spain, Muslims ruled for about 7 hundred years. In India, they ruled for more than 6 hundred years. But the Muslim rulers never forced the non-Muslims to take Islamic faith, dress, or values. How it is possible for the Taliban sitting in Afghanistan can enforce Islamic values all over the world –as Laura Bush is nonsensically anticipating?    

Do the western leaders possess any moral authority to lecture Afghan Taliban or any Muslim on the right of women and children? In fact, Taleban was mobilized to protect women from the rape and atrocities of the predator warlords that took control of Afghanistan after the fall of pro-Soviet President Najibullah. They started their war by hanging one of the most notorious sex predator warlords of Kandahar. The rapid rise in popularity of the Taliban indeed owes to such heroic acts against criminals.

Those who want do good for others set examples. A mere lecture doesn’t work. Taliban got the popularity for setting examples of good deeds and self-sacrificing motivation. But the examples that are set by the western powers are extremely ugly and horrific. While Allied powers occupied Germany in 1945, rape became a weapon to take revenge from the Germans. The German historian Miriam Gerhard writes in her book “When the Soldiers Came”: “After Germany was defeated in World War II, 2 million German women were raped by Allied soldiers (of American, Russian, British and French origin).”  But when the Taliban took over Kabul –a city of 5 million, none was killed, none was raped and not a single bullet was fired. So the western ruling elites who lecture on humanity and morality have a lot to learn from the Taliban. 

On 24 August 2021, the United Nations Human Rights Council announced its worries about the human rights violation in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. The same UN organization slept for 20 years of USA occupation of Afghanistan. They didn’t utter a single sentence condemning aerial bombings, killings of men, women, and children, and destruction of cities and villages. As if, there was no human rights violation in Afghanistan during 20 years of the US-led NATO occupation. Now, after the defeat of the USA, they have come out of the deep slumber and discovered human rights and women’s rights violations everywhere in Afghanistan. Now they express their worries and give lectures on those violations. If the western leaders have any interest in democracy, human rights, and women’s rights, they should have focused their attention on countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and others that are ruled by wicked tyrants. Instead of lecturing, they should have also saved the Palestinians from the Israeli atrocities.    


Investment in peace and investment in war

The USA and its allies have spent more than a trillion US dollars in the war in Afghanistan. They have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Syria. Still, their investment in war continues. But their investment for peace is very little. In fact, they manufacture wars after wars to sustain their global dominance. Building more than 800 USA bases worldwide tells a lot about their war preparedness. The US ruling elites also manufacture suitable narratives to justify their war objective. While US President George W. Bush declared war on Afghanistan, it was told they want to punish Afghanistan for sheltering Osama bin Laden. As if, if they can kill Osama bin Laden, they will have no war. Ten years ago, they killed Bin Laden. But their war didn’t end. Even after that, they bombed Afghan cities and villages. They killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghan men, women, and children. In fact, they had another agenda; and took another 10 years to pursue that. They raised another alluring facade to justify the long war. They told, it is state-building. Sometimes they claimed, protecting women’s rights and educating children is their agenda.

A wolf doesn’t need the pretext to catch prey. It only needs its own wish to do so. So a wolf doesn’t engage in hypocrisy. But the imperialists cum colonialists invent pretexts to catch their prey -the weaker countries. All humanitarian rhetoric is only to hide their hidden objectives. The US objective of the war on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria was to destroy and occupy Islam’s heartland and foil any possible Islamic resurgence. It was an integral part of the civilizational war on Islam. It was about Israel’s protection and control of oil. It was about a pipeline through Afghanistan to drain oil from central Asia. It was also to keep vigilance on China and Russia. It was to disintegrate Pakistan and destroy it nuclear facilities. For doing that against Pakistan, they took India as the partner. India invested 3 billion US dollars in Afghanistan to pursue its mission.


Wounded wolf and the real threat against peace

After the Taliban’s victory, the west is now a wounded wolf. They will never sit silent, rather will try to take revenge. They will devise new strategies and a new war against Islam and Muslims. Now, the civilizational war will get a new dimension and new intensity. But now, Muslims, too, have got a new base and new strength. So the war will be more intense and bloodier. After many centuries, the Prophet’s true Islam that entails Islamic State, sharia, hudud, jihad, and rule by shura of Islamic scholars has got the victory at least in one country like Afghanistan. The western powers consider the emergence of such a state a real threat. It is totally unpalatable and unacceptable for the west.

After the demise of communism, the western capitalists thought of a unipolar world with western values as its essence. But now they find Islam as a real obstacle. They realize that Islamic values and lifestyles are not compatible with their own values and lifestyle. As a result Islamophobia now attains the highest intensity in the west. This is why the US-led coalition’s enmity is not only against the Taliban but also against Islam and Muslims. The Soviet Union had only 280 million population in 1990. But Muslims are 1.5 billion. An unaccommodating attitude of the west towards 1.5 billion Muslims is indeed the real threat against world peace and stability. How the west can attain peace if they think every fifth man of the world is their enemy? Surprisingly, those who talk about world peace and stability, don’t pay any serious attention to that crucial issue. Rather they are adding more fuel to aggravate it. This is indeed an intellectual as well a moral failure of the west.   


The burden on the west

Occupying and bombing Muslim countries and cities will never bring any peace. The west has already tried that path. That will create more wounded lions in the Muslim World. Even Taleban guards will not be able to protect them. The bombing in Kabul on 26/08/2021 and the death of four retreating US soldiers proved that. For peace, the west must contain its own opposition against Islam. They must understand that the world doesn’t belong exclusively to a single faith, single ideology, single values, single world word, or a single race. The history of mankind was never like that; it is all about diversity. The planet belongs to all humans. Like others, Muslims, too, have the right to practice their faith on this planet as per Qur’anic prescription. Hence Muslims must be given space to fully practice their religion. Denying such right and blaming it as terrorism is extreme arrogance. China is executing such arrogance against Uighur Muslims. The west is doing the same against Islamists. Such interference in Muslims’ rights will only aggravate the situation. Bombing one Al Qaeda base in the hills of Tora Bora in Afghanistan or dismantling one ISIS stronghold in Iraq and Syria, has made tens of similar strongholds all over the Muslim World.

The west must not start any economic war on the Taliban either. If the western powers continue their military opposition against the Taliban and put an economic embargo on Afghanistan that will not bring any peace. That will only prolong the war and generate more refugees. That will aggravate the economic hardships of the common Afghan people. That will not be in the interest of the larger world community. If the west has any interest in peace, they should invest in peace in Afghanistan. Only this way they can promote peaceful co-existence on the earth.

War generates more wars. A bad peace deal is better than the best war. For peace, the capitalist west could stay away from the direct war against the communist state of Soviet Socialist Russia for 74 years –from 1917 to 1991. Such a policy of no war saved the European, American, and Russian cities from destruction. It saved hundreds of thousands of people from death. The question arises, why the west can take such a “no war” policy with Islamic Afghanistan and other Islamists? Why the world can’t be a place for the peaceful co-existence of states, communities, and people with opposite world views?

But such a policy of “no war” may not be accepted by the USA and its allies for discernible reasons. Since Soviet Russia has a huge stockpile of nuclear bombs, war was not an option for the west. Since Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t possess military deterrence, the USA can easily take the warpath. Hence people of Iraq and Afghanistan had to suffer invasion, occupation, deaths, destructions, and torture in the hand of the USA-led coalition. But North Korea didn’t face such a catastrophic fate because of its nuclear bombs and missiles. So, the power of deterrence becomes indispensable for living with dignity, security, and freedom. Without that, the enemy’s invasion becomes unavoidable.     


New trials, new conspiracies, and continuity of jihad   

Deviation, division, and corruption start after every victory. No movement or man is immune to that. Moreover, believers are always on trials and exams –as per the revealed plan of the Almighty (Sura Mulk, verse 2). Not a single day of a believer’s life is free from that. Sometimes the most difficult trial comes after a great victory. Even the caliphate of rightly guided companions faced such trials. They met the most catastrophic internal division, feuds, rebellion, and disaster after defeating the World Powers like the Roman and Persian Empires. The caliphate –the most important political institution of Islam was usurped by a devil called Yazid. Taliban must be careful about that.

Jihad sharpens iman, increases remembrance of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, and enhances the Divine connectivity. Hence, jihad must not end in Muslim life. Like a five-time prayer, it is a lifelong ibadah in Muslims’ life. Sometimes it is against the enemies and sometimes it is against the inner self (nafs). When jihad ends, conspiracies of the enemies get sinister inroads into the ummah. In the modern age, that has happened with the jihad of Algeria. After it achieved a great victory against France, it was hijacked by the secularists and socialists. And former jihadists returned back to mosques and madrasas and stayed jihad-free silent. So the enemies prevailed. The same happened after the Afghan Mujahedeen’s great victory against Soviet Russia and its cronies in the early 1990s. The Afghan jihad was hijacked by the criminal warlords. Credit goes to the Taliban that they defeated the warlords in 1996 and could bring back Islam in the governance.

Taliban can only prevail if they stay steadfast with Islam and continue with jihad. Political ambition must not be put ahead of ideological purity and strict adherence to the Qur’anic right path –called siratul mustaqeem. Any amount of flexibility in adherence to true Islam will damage their credibility. That will also prohibit the blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the only guarantor of victory and sustenance in Islam. If anyone neglects following the right way, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la selects others to do the job. Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la never likes those who deviate from the right path.

The USA and its allies have committed horrendous crimes in Afghanistan. So appeasing them is not an option. If such a route is taken by the Taliban, others are already waiting to take their place. Taliban must remember, there exist a lot of lions in Afghanistan who are badly wounded by the USA and its allies. They will not tolerate any compromise on Islam. In the name of inclusiveness, the enemies of Islam must not be incorporated in the Islamic polity of the government. They will spoil everything that has been gained by huge sacrifices in a long jihad. The whole Muslim ummah is looking at the Taliban with great hope and expectation. Only the enemies of Islam will be happy with their failure. True Muslims all over the world sincerely pray to the Most Merciful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that this great harvest of jihad must not get spoiled. 26/08/2021

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