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The Wild White Racism & the Mass Killing in New Zealand

The pure evil & the calamity The Australian senator Frazer Anning has quickly discovered the cause of man slaughter of 45 people in 2 mosques in Christchurch. He blames the increasing presence of Muslims in New Zealand as the cause of such a massacre! He argues: if there was no Muslim, there wouldn’t be any […]

Sufferings of the Rohingya Muslims & The UN Policy of Palliation

    Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal  Bangladesh government’s deception Bangladesh Foreign Minister Mr Mahmood Ali met with Mayanmar minister U Kaye Tin Swe on 2nd October in Dhaka. He was Aung San Suu Kyi’s envoy to the Bangladesh Government. After the meeting, Mr Mahmood Ali told the press that Rohingya issue can be solved bilaterally […]

The Victims of Pure Genocide

The pure genocide “Genocide” is the cruellest and the most violent form of crime against humanity. It targets people for arson, rape, torture and total annihilation purely based on race, religion, and language. Therefore, no one needs to do any wrong for becoming the definitive target of genocide. His or her faith, race, language or […]

Face to Face with the Indian Muslims

The disbelief According to 2001 census, 15% of the Indians are Muslims. But most of the Indian Muslims do not believe this official figure. They think it skilfully manipulated to serve their political purpose. The Hindu ruling clique strongly feels that a higher figure will generate more sense of deprivation; and may cause more unrest […]