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Calamity of autocracy and the Islamic obligation

The Islamic agenda Autocracy has never been a sign of civilised living; it indeed thrives in milieu of immorality. Hence it displays the worst brutality. This is why, it is incompatible with the people of enlightenment and higher values. Mere buildings, highways, economic affluence and luxuries can’t hide the wicked backwardness. In the early days […]

Taq’wa: the Recipe of Success

Taq’wa: the missing element                                                                          For the ultimate fate of humans -both here and in the hereafter, nothing is more crucial than Taq’wa. In the scale of Divine Judgement, it is indeed the highest rewarding quality of a human. Taq’wa is commonly described as the fear of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But such fear doesn’t express […]

The Lost Objective & the Muslims’ Downfall

The lost vision & identity                                     Every human –except the mad and the imbecile, survives with a key objective. The faith, the philosophy, the ideology and the politics of a man or woman indeed get very vividly expressed through […]

The Muslims’ Failure & the Enemy Occupation

 The moral collapse To condemn terrible brutalities, it doesn’t cost physical energy, money or blood; it only needs sound morality. The Muslims have failed utterly to show such morality again and again in the history. Instead, millions of them have joined the enemies to celebrate their occupation and destruction. Thousands of them even work as […]

The Muslims’ Collective Failure & the Celebration of Occupation

The fake independence                                                                      Within the last 60 years, most of the Muslim countries have received independence from the direct rule of their colonial masters. But, the so-called independence doesn’t give the Muslims the basic human rights to practise their political independence. Nor do they enjoy the religious rights to practise even the most crucial […]

The Survival Challenge and the Muslims’ Betrayal

 The marker of faith A Muslim has never been free from challenges since the day one of his appointment as the viceroy of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la on earth. Because, the devilish powers never sit idle against the Divine agenda. It is indeed the survival challenge as His khalifa. In order to survive against the […]

The Enemy Obsession of War & the Islamic Option

 The decisive factor The fate of Islam or the Muslims has never been decided on the prayer mat or by mere supplication.  Nor by recitation or memorization of the holy Book. It has always been decided in the war field. The combat zone against enemies is the only place where Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la examine […]

How to Save Our Souls from Hellfire? Part- 6

The highway to heaven Mere pronouncement of faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and in His religion doesn’t do any good for any individual, nor for any society. Faith needs to be fully transferred into action, otherwise it is meaningless. And the best form of transformation of faith is jihad. Jihad then brings huge revolution […]

How to Save Our Souls from Hellfire? Part 5

Muslimness: the key To get saved from hellfire, the complete muslimness is the prime requisite. Muslimness means full submissiveness to Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It is the key to paradise. Here comes the stern warning: “O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and do not die unless you are Muslim”–(Sura […]

How to Save Our Souls from Hellfire? Part 4

The crisis in moral immunity Every man and woman has to live in a physical as well an ideological environment. Both the environments are infested with serious killer diseases. The physical illness kills the body; and the ideological illness kills the soul. Cholera, typhoid, pneumonia, malaria, cancer, stroke, AIDS are the examples of a few […]