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How to Save Our Souls from Hellfire? Part-1

Deciding the final abode Each man and woman enjoys the full freedom to select any one of the two final destinations -one in heaven and the other in hellfire. There is no third endpoint. Each of these two final abodes has its own distinctive roadmap. The life that ends in hellfire meets the ultimate failure. […]

How to Save Our Souls from Hellfire? Part-3

Planning for the failure! Those who can’t plan for success, they plan only for failure. For failure, one need not seek any knowledge or skill; it thrives amidst ignorance. And the failure is about the eternal failure in the hereafter. The seed of such infinite failure is sowed during the short worldly life. Manufacturing such […]

How to Save Our Souls from Hellfire? Part-2

Planning for the hereafter For any gain, it needs good planning and its full execution. In life, no gain is effort-free, pain-free or cost-free. People work hard, invest money, spend long years, and even fight bloody wars for worldly gains. But such gains are very short-lived. Sometimes one may not achieve any gain either; all […]

Global Coalition against the Revival of Khilafa

Why war against khilafa? The last prophet of Islam (pbuh) not only preached the Divine Truth, but also established an all-inclusive infrastructure to continue the propagation and implementation of the Truth. And it was khilafa. The establishment of Islamic khilafa is indeed one of the most significant events in whole human history. Through khilafa, for […]

The Most Important Issue in Life

How important is the important issue?                 Like a piece of melting ice, our expected days of life are shrinking each day. But surprisingly, many people live this life without knowing its ultimate purpose! Even not realising the most important issue! They exactly resemble a man who drives days and nights without knowing the roadmap. Whatever […]

Face to Face with the Indian Muslims

The disbelief According to 2001 census, 15% of the Indians are Muslims. But most of the Indian Muslims do not believe this official figure. They think it skillfully manipulated to serve their political purpose. The Hindu ruling clique strongly feels that a higher figure will generate more sense of deprivation; and may cause more unrest […]