Appeasing a Criminal & the Crime of Prime Minister Imran Khan

Muhammad bin Salman: the criminal gang leader

Muhammad bin Salman -the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has proven to be one of the worst criminals on earth. And, it is the shame of the whole Muslim Ummah that the holy land of Islam is under the occupation of such a criminal. Hence, Shaitan and his followers have enough to celebrate. Muhammad bin Salman has shown the ugliest barbarity in cold blood by killing a journalist Mr Jamal Khashoggi in the cruellest possible way. His body parts were chopped off by an electric saw and were melted in acid. Such a horrendous crime didn’t take place in a jungle by the wild animals; but it happened in a government premise and was committed by the state-sponsored terrorists. It happened in Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2nd October, 2018. Since Mr Khashoggi was a critic of the Saudi policy, targeted for such a brutal elimination. Such extra-judicial killing of Mr Khashoggi is only a tip of a huge iceberg; much more horrendous atrocities are going on in the holy land.

Only a man with dead or immoral soul can commit such a worst crime. Firstly, the Saudi Authority denied that such a murder has ever happened in the consulate. They claimed that Mr Kashoggi has left the consulate without any harm. Later on, the Saudi monarchy started blaming the same Saudi officials as the culprits who were deployed by the authority and were transported to Istanbul to commit the crime. Now, in order to deflect the world opinion, the murderous Saudi regime is putting its most obedient servants on a farcical trial. As if, these servants had an enmity against Mr Khashoggi and needed to hire the consulate premise from the kingdom for the execution of the murder!

The crime Mohammad bin Salman is not confined within the Saudi territory. In fact, he is working as the ring leader of the tyrannical club of the worst Arab autocrats. Their prime objective is to dismantle any democratic change in any part of Arab World. They find such movement as a lethal threat to their survival. Since, the democratic movements in the Arab World are led mostly by the Islamists, they labelled them as the worst enemies. So, labelling them as terrorist and killing them without any trial is the key strategy of these tyrants. The Washington Post columnist Mr Jamal Khashoggi’s case is a typical example. He has been described as an Islamist, too.

These autocrats have formed coalition with Israel to pursue their evil agenda; they also get support from the USA. It is a great jubilation for these tyrannical rulers that they could successfully reverse the Arab spring. So, the Arab people are pushed back by these tyrant autocrats to the square one. In collaboration with the UAE monarch, the Saudi monarch financed the military coup against the first elected President Dr Mohammad Morsi of Egypt. The USA and its ally also supported it. They are now using the military junta General Abul Fatah Sisi to massacre the Islamists. On a single evening of 4th August 2013, General Sisi killed more than 12 hundred men, women and children in Rabaa al Adabiya square in Cairo. These innocent victims were not at war against the military; they were sitting in protest against the forceful removal of their elected President.

Mohammad bin Salman has also proved to be worst war-criminal. He is the architect of long war in Yemen. In coalition with UAE, he is conducting a massive genocide there; and has caused a heavy destruction of the infrastructure. Tens of thousands of people are already dead because of war-induced famine. They have found another gangster General Khalifa Haftar in Libya as the partner to dismantle the genuine democratic aspirations of the Libyan people. They are now taking control of the Libyan oil field. They are also collaborating with Israel to cause more suffering of the Islamist people of Gaza.


The crime of Imran Khan

Imran Khan came to the power on the promise that he will deliver justice. His party’s name is Tahrik-e-Insaf which means movement for justice. But one can’t deliver justice if he stands with the criminals. In Islam, it is obligatory to stand against the criminals. To stay as Muslim, at least, one needs to hate them –if not possible to forcefully remove them. Enjoining justice and eradication of crimes is the core agenda of Islam. Obligatory prayer is only 5 times a day; but standing for justice and fighting against the criminal is an all-time obligation. Jihad becomes supreme ibada only because of the embedded emphasis for pursuing such a Divine Mission. According to an authentic narration of the Prophet (peace be upon him), those who fail to hate the criminals they lack iman even to the amount of a mustard seed. It is significant to note that the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not mention about those who praise and embrace the criminals as friend. Most probably he didn’t consider them to be mentioned as a Muslim. So the Prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t bother about the state of their iman. Only the people with dead iman or immoral soul can appease the criminals. 

Even a robber needs friends for his survival. The same is true with Muhammad bin Salman. Because of huge uproar in the western press against the murder of Khashoggi, even the closest ally of Saudi Arabia like President Donald Trump of the USA and Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK is facing huge difficulty to sell their close friendship with the Saudi regime to their own people. Muhammad bin Salman is looking eastward to find new friends. So, he landed on Pakistan and went to India, Malaysia and China. Otherwise, these proud tyrants little bother about these poor countries. But, the way Imran Khan and his government welcomed this worst devil deeply frustrated many of his supporters. Many people thought, his leadership will benefit not only Pakistan but also the whole Muslim World. But he showed that money matters to him, but not morality or justice. Muhammad bin Salman must have gone to the gallows for his crime; but it is sad that this sort of criminals get huge honour in Muslim countries.

This tells a lot about the Muslims’ moral collapse. It is understandable that Pakistan has huge financial crisis. People’s iman gets perfectly tested only during the crisis. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) had to endure much more crisis, too; he had to eat leaves of trees to survive while faced the total embargo by the Arab kuffars. But such crisis must not justify to sacrifice iman and embrace a criminal as a friend. Those who run only for money and compromise morality, they also run for the promised hellfire. Such an act is enough to disqualify for any mercy from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Imran Khan made a vivid display of the fact that he relies more on established devil than Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala. Whereas, success comes only from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Those who make friendship with the pure evil, they bring punishment not only for themselves but also for the ummah. So, Imran Khan is now showing his true colour. Where is his moral integrity? Such betrayal of honesty, justice and morality can only generate more crisis. 21.02.2019



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