Conceptual Crisis of the Muslims

The crucial question

Every Muslim must reflect on a serious and crucial question. If the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) would have returned back to the Muslim World and started his jihad for reviving sharia, hudud, khilafa and unity what would have been their own role? Do they possess the moral competence and readiness to join his mission? If they fail to do that, can they expect paradise in the hereafter? But if any real love for prophet’s mission still exists, why sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and unity are non-existent in the Muslim countries? Do they not constitute the most indispensable parts of Islam? Did the prophet of Islam and his great companions practise Islam without sharia, hudud, jihad, khilafa and unity? Surely, these Islamic fundamentals are not compatible with infidels’ way of life. But why a Muslim should accommodate such wish of the disbelievers? Is it not the way to invite the Divine wrath? Why they couldn’t start the same jihad as has launched by the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

In fact, the truth is otherwise. There runs a high level of hostility towards sharia, hudud, jihad, khelafa and unity in almost all Muslim countries. The Muslim leaders –even the leaders of many Islamic parties and groups try hard to be more compatible with the despotic rulers and the imperialists than fulfilling the Islamic obligation. So, there exists little effort to align with the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that entails overwhelming glory of Islam over all perverted faiths and beliefs.  They ignore the truth that aligning with the disbelievers and their agenda means distancing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet. Even in Muslim countries, whoever takes the prophetic mission of implementing sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad, faces the same persecution -as the prophet faced in the hands of infidel Arabs. An effort for dismantling the divisive walls that are raised in the name of national and tribal identities is a punishable criminal offence in almost all Muslim countries. The Qur’anic narratives of Islamic obligation like sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad are now taboo in most of the Muslim countries. Truly, this reveals the extent of deviation of the Muslims from the Qur’anic path. Islam survives only as a bunch of rituals, not as a code of life. This tells a lot about the success of Shaitan and the failures of the Muslims.


The incompatibility

It is the explicit agenda of the imperialists that the Muslims must live with the failures; and should practise Islam as mere rituals. They ask Muslims to accept this new reality. But accepting such reality means surrendering to falsehood –hence heading towards hellfire. Hence the US and its politico-ideological cronies with such anti-Islamic agenda are grossly incompatible with the most fundamental teachings of Islam. They are not ready to give Islam any space in politics, administration of state, economics, judiciary, education and culture. Whereas without the implementation of sharia, hudud, khelafa, Muslim unity and jihad, Islam is not true Islam. But retuning back to true Islam is labelled as religious extremism; they call it threat to the global stability.  Whereas in Islam, faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and the rituals like five times prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat, haj are not the end in themselves. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la wants to fill His heaven with the believers. But, it is not a free entry; even a believer needs to qualify for it. It comes as a blessing from the Almighty –as a mark of His forgiveness for the true believers. For getting forgiveness, one must pass a crucial test. Only then, he or she can enter the paradise.


The test and the mockery

Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the most merciful wants to help the believers qualify for the test. In fact, the Holy Qur’an was revealed and thousands of prophets were sent with such a key purpose. To add more intensity to such preparation, the Almighty has set up Divine institutions and prescribed a comprehensive Divine curriculum. The mosques, states, communities and families established on Qur’anic teachings and prophetic tradition, are indeed such Divine institutions. The rituals like five times prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat, haj are not the test for his faith in themselves, rather the obligatory elements of the Divine curriculum to help pass the real test. In absence of such institution and curriculum, one can’t think of qualifying for passing the test. So in Islam, it is indispensable to build Islamic state and other core institutions to help people pass the test. It also explains why Divine curriculum like five times prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat, haj is so obligatory. In order to pass the test, every believer is asked to stand up for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and for His religion. In fact, whenever a believer stands for the His cause, he puts his life and wealth at danger. He instantly becomes the target of Shaitan and his companions; and the real test then starts. Here, it needs to spend his wealth, invest his physical and intellectual abilities and even sacrifice life in His cause. The companions of the prophet didn’t fail to understand such basics of Islam. To pass the test and qualify for His forgiveness, most of the companions sacrificed their life in His cause.

So, declaring belief in Allah – Sub’hana wa Ta’la and taking part in the religious rituals are not trustworthy proof of one’s faith. Hundreds of hypocrites did that in prophet’s time. He needs to move further in His way. He needs to stand up for His cause with his all possible potentials. So, it is revealed in the Holy Qur’an, “Tell (the believer, O Muhammad): I only advise you of one thing, that rise up for Allah’s cause in pairs and singly, and give then thought” –(Sura Saba, verse 46). Hence, standing for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s cause is not a choice, it is an obligation on every single believer to show true faith in Him. But such obligation gets ignored by the most Muslims. Rather, in most of the Muslim countries, legal and constitutional prohibition have been put in place against fulfilling such an obligation. Instead, it has been the political culture to stand for tribal, national or regional cause. To promote such causes, standing shoulder to shoulder with the US, Russia, India or other country gets high priority. For most Muslims, standing for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is not an issue. Some call it religious extremism, some call it terrorism. What could be worst mockery of Islam than this? But the question arises: if standing for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His sharia is terrorism, what label should they put on the Holy Qur’an that made such standing a key to paradise?



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