Absence of Muslims’ Core Civilizational State & the Fall-out

The recipe for unending catastrophe

Whatever massive is the cost of establishing a core Islamic civilization state –the Islamic Khilafa, the benefits are immense. The human history has been witness to enormous benefits of such a state in the past. No state or institution could match its contribution. In the whole span of human history, it is the only example of civilizational excellence of the whole mankind. The early Muslims could reach a civilizational peak in their history only because of the massive humanising project of the Islamic Caliphate. The survival and the spread of Qur’anic Islam, the continuation of the prophetic mission, the security of the Muslims’ lives and the sustenance of the Muslims’ political and cultural dominance through centuries were only possible because of such a supportive infrastructure of a strong Islamic state.

One can feel the importance of oxygen only when he runs out of it. The same is true with an Islamic caliphate. In its absence, the Muslims now suffer from a chain of relentless calamities. Such an institutional collapse of the Muslim World into 57 tribal or national states have indeed generated a perfect recipe for enemy occupation and an unending catastrophe. The demographic surge of the Muslims, the huge number of mosques and madrasas around the world, the bulging per capita income in some Muslim States and even the nuclear bombs couldn’t work as the substitute of the Islamic Caliphate. The collapse of khelafa has indeed precipitated the collapse of the Muslims as a civilizational force. The fall-out of such a collapse has been so awful that it made almost 1.5 billion Muslims the real orphans. The Hindu’s have India, the Christians have the USA and the EU, the Chinese have China, the Jews have Israel; but the Muslims have none. In absence of such a civilizational core state, the Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Myanmar, Chechnya, Palestine, Xinxiang and many other parts of the world now suffer from unending persecution, humiliation and deaths.


The survival without a mission!

Islam can’t be fully practised in a non-Muslim state. It is equally true also in a Muslim country under the occupation of anti-Islamic forces. The ruling clique of the non-Muslim and the un-Islamic countries never allows any space to practise sharia, hudud, shura and jihad. How one can be a true Muslim without practising such Islamic fundamentals? Enjoining the right (a’maru bil ma’ruf) and eradicating the wrongs (nehi anil mukar) are the two-prong mission that has been Divinely assigned on every Muslim to help attain the highest rank on earth and in the hereafter –as has been revealed in Sura al-Imran, verse 110. Only by engaging in such a Divine mission, the Muslim ummah can attain the status of best people (khaira ummah) on earth; and an individual can register himself as a helper unto Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la (ansaerullah). Only then, a believer turns to a Divine tool to fulfil his Lord’s Vision which entails that Islam should prevail over all other religions. But under occupation of anti-Islamic forces, it is legally allowed only to be the helper of the occupying forces. People are brutally tortured and killed even for raising voice for independence; let alone practising full Islam. Any visible pursuance of an Islamic mission is considered a punishable crime.

In a non-Muslim or un-Islamic country, a Muslim is allowed to survive only with a visible detachment from the Qur’anic decree of “enjoining the right and eradication of the wrong”. Since such a mission conflicts directly with the agenda of the corruptive ruling elite, a believer has to live without Islam’s mission and vision –which is possible only after a gross deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. This is why migration from a non-Muslim land to an Islamic country received so much importance in the life of the early Muslims. In those days, there was no Islamic state in the world; hence they needed to build one. Even an animal does not die of hunger, the livelihood of physical sustenance comes from Almighty Allah. But the key issue is the spiritual cum ideological survival. Jihad in believer’s life indeed starts to address the issue; it is to create a safe haven for practising full Islam. For spiritual growth, one needs regular ideological cum spiritual nourishment from the best treasure of knowledge –the holy Qur’an. Only this way one can be rightly benefited from the greatest blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; otherwise meets a spiritual death. Therefore, upbringing men and women with the Qur’anic knowledge always remains the most crucial issue in Muslims’ life. But the evil forces do not wish that it should happen even in Muslim lands. They wish silent death of iman; so, the US and other anti-Islamic imperialists put pressure on their client states to curb the Qur’anic lessons in the school curriculum, mosques, media, and in public gatherings. So, in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, and in many more Muslim countries, not only the Qur’anic classes and Islamic TV channels are closed down, many of the Qur’an teachers are put behind the bar.


The danger of institutional void      

The most important event in the Islamic calendar is not the birth of the holy prophet (peace be upon him) or the victory of Mecca, but the prophet’s migration from Mecca to Medina. It is the most important milestone in Islam’s civilizational growth and in the emergence of the Muslim ummah as the most dominant World Power. The decision of the early Muslims to begin the Islamic calendar from the year of migration indeed gives recognition to the significance of the event. Only after the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, the Muslims could enjoy a safe premise to practise full Islam. Only such a big state could provide the infrastructural strength in fulfilling the Islamic obligation of the Muslims to help Truth prevail over falsehood. Only such a pan-Islamic state could help dismantle the divisive walls raised in the name of land, language, race and ethnicity; thereby could provide a space for large core civilizational state. Absence of such a core Islamic state could easily precipitate the worst catastrophic consequences in the Muslim World -as the Muslims experience today. The Muslims are now forced to live a life without full Islam. They are forced to reconcile even with the enemy occupation, deaths, destruction, eviction, and ideological cum cultural corruptions.

For healthy moral growth of humans, a constant nurture in a value-adding institutional environment is indispensable. Family, mosque, madrasa, school and the cultural cum educational milieu of an Islamic state constitute the essential parts of such a value adding infrastructural process. In absence of such institutions, the risk of moral, cultural and spiritual deprivation is quite real. In fact, in such an institutional void, men and women even with full physical fitness turn equal and even inferior to the animals –as has been stated in the holy Qur’an. (The Qur’anic expression: ula’ika k’al an’am, bal hum adal. The meaning: they are like the animal, rather worse than that). The naked men and women who live like animals in the jungles of Nicobar Island, are indeed the products of such institutional void. Physically and genetically they fully resemble a man or woman; but they can’t fit in a human society. Instead, they show more compatibility with the fellow animals. When they see men or women in their near vicinity, these fellow members of the same species quickly disappear into the forest –as shown in documentaries on their life. It reinforces the notion that meeting mere bodily needs doesn’t make people true human. The moral, educational, cultural and spiritual needs to be adequately addressed, too. For that, a value-adding vast infrastructure must be in place in education and culture.  Otherwise, they face the risk of moral death.


The overwhelming state power

Family, community, mosques, schools and colleges have their invaluable importance as the value-adding institutions. But none of these is equal or superior to state and its powerful infrastructure. State is the most powerful institution on earth that can add ultimate humanising or dehumanising factors to humans. State gives power to the people and people give power to the state. An Islamic state gives such congruity. But that does not work under the enemy occupation. The state and its institutions are then run by the enemy; they also work for the enemy. The people become only the subject of exploitation, subjugation, de-Islamisation and de-empowerment –as occurred under the colonial occupation in the past and it is happening now under the occupation of anti-Islamic forces. The occupying force of a state can easily undo the good works of other social and religious institutions. Hence, millions of mosques or madrasas are helpless to encounter the influence of the state power. Even mosques and madrasas can be turned into pubs, clubs, stables or fodder stores –as happened in Soviet Russia and China during the communist era. Thus, if state power falls in the hand of any evil forces, they can indeed cause unimaginable havoc on earth. Not only they can drop nuclear bombs and turns cities into rubbles, but also can endorse the worst criminals as god in the public life –as happened at the hand of Pharaoh and Nimrod. The magic spell of state power doesn’t end there; it can even approve the most scandalous crimes in the name of religion –as was done in the case of mass slaughtering wars of the European crusaders in the Muslim lands. It can indoctrinate people even in believing the most unbelievable lies. Cow, snake or idol worshipping paganism is indeed the product of such state-sponsored indoctrination.

Such manipulative state power can even turn the societal space morally and spiritually more damaging than jungles. A jungle is morally or spiritually neutral. The animals never persuade people in worshiping snakes, cows or idols: therefore do not guide people to hellfire. Nor do they promote a tyrant killer like Pharaoh to the label of a god. In fact, the most harmful evil creatures on earth were not born in jungles, rather in states run by the people like Pharaoh, Hitler, Stalin, Bush or Putin. The state institutions then work as the largest evil industry to produce the most murderous people with an industrial scale. Occupying states, colonising countries, running gas chambers and dropping nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, barrel bombs or chemical bombs then become the acceptable norms. Such states under the occupation of the evil forces become the powerful tools for making wars, World Wars, genocidal massacres, ethnic cleansing and mindless exploitation. The state apparatus then works as a massive machine to mould people to the extent that they grow as the most obedient worshippers, voters and warriors even for the worst killers on earth.

The task of promoting and protecting moral and spiritual health of men and women in a population is so heavy and difficult that it can’t be accomplished by some religious scholars, leaders or parties. Nor could be done mere at homes, mosques or madrasas. Islamisation of people is unattainable without full islamisation of the state and its institutions; both must run together. Otherwise, the people and those who run the state deviate from Islam together –as it is happening today in the Muslim World. Hence, for the sake of Islam and the Muslims, nothing is more important than islamisation of state. Such an extreme spiritual cum political necessity has also been emphasized in the holy Qur’an; and was an inseparable part of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) sunnah. In fact, building an Islamic state is the greatest and the most distinctive legacy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The huge success of the early Muslims owes greatly to the contribution of such a powerful Islamic state. Because of such a state, the Muslims could emerge as the most powerful civilizational force in the world and could better serve Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s agenda. And the Islamic Caliphate appeared as the core Muslim state to protect Muslim interest both at home and abroad. No other faith or religion, nor even the great prophets like Musa (peace be upon him) or Isa (peace be upon him) could build such a state. As a result, they couldn’t build any civilisation either. For the same reason, Buddha failed too. 


The highest piety

For building a higher civilisation, it needs the inclusive involvement of all the state and non-state actors and institutions. To accomplish such a highest act of piety, it also needs indispensable inputs from All-knowing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such Divine inputs are made available only through the revealed Books and the Divine prophets. And, in such an endeavour of state-building, all the believing men and women need to be fully mobilised and engaged –as happened in the days of prophet (peace be upon him). Islam makes it a binding obligation on them. Therefore, for a Muslim, remaining inactive or unengaged is not an option. In fact, success or failure of the ummah in raising such an Islamic state and civilisation depends on the level of people’s involvement. In such an islamising endeavour, the entire state establishment with all of its leaders, institutions and manpower must play the coordinating, mobilising and leadership role. Otherwise, all efforts meet failure. In prophet’s days, not a single believer remained inactive or disengaged from it. Any form of disengagement was known as a marker of disbelief (kufr) or hypocrisy (munafiqat). No other sector demanded such a massive investment of time, energy, wealth and human lives than building the Islamic state; most of the companions needed to be on the front line of jihad and sacrifice their life. In absence of Islamic state building endeavour, the people don’t sit idle. Rather, they engage in doing the opposites: they fight for the mutual destruction -as happening now in the Muslim World.

Building hospitals, high ways, farms, fisheries or industries are definitely good deeds. These add comforts to physical survival. But such economic or welfare works do not add any moral highness to people. Nor does it add any guidance to save people from hellfire. But the fate of mankind is decided elsewhere. It is through jihad for enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong. And the best way of doing it is the Islamic state building jihad. Then, the whole state and its institutions become the parts of the Divine mission for enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong. The Muslim countries now have thousands of hospitals, high ways, farms, fisheries and industries. They have nuclear bombs, too. But that didn’t help them emerge as a civilizational force on earth. Neither did that add an iota of glory to the Muslims on the world stage. The Muslims built 57 national or tribal states, each with a different map, flag and leader. But none of these states has any humanising or islamising role. The islamising or humanising objective of Islam can never be achieved by a national or tribal state; rather such states are fully incompatible with Islam’s core agenda. Such states can’t match with the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. This is the greatest calamity of the secular, tribal and nationalist states. Such states can lead people only to a total failure in the hereafter; indeed these states work as fast moving trains on satanic tracks to the hellfire. Whereas, the Muslims must set the whole state-craft on siratul mustaqeem; only then, the state and its institutions can help people moving towards the paradise. Only then, a state can do the greatest benefit to its citizens. It is indeed the real blessing of an Islamic state. Can any worldly benefit match such benefit in the hereafter? Therefore, what else can be the act of highest piety than building an Islamic state? It is awful that such a huge and distinctive difference between an Islamic and a non-Islamic state mostly goes unnoticed by the Muslims due to huge hostile propaganda of the evil forces!


Islamic Caliphate: why indispensable?

“Enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” is a pure law enforcement issue. Therefore, can’t be done through salah, fasting, haj or by giving charity. These rituals are only the means to reach the end; not the end in themselves. It needs law enforcement executive authority –which is possessed only by a state. It also needs huge infrastructure of policing and judiciary to find out the wrong doing criminals and to bring them to justice. Therefore, how the believers can discharge the assigned mission of “enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” in absence of a sharia enforcing state authority? Hence in absence of such a state, a great part of Islam remains unpractised –as is the norm in most of the Muslim countries. More importantly, without engaging in this obligatory mission, how a Muslim can please his Supreme Lord and can save his soul from the hellfire? 

In absence of such a state, sharia survives only in books –as happened in the case of sharia that was revealed to the prophet Musa (peace be upon him). The people of Bani Israel were heavily punished for such criminal negligence. Now, the Muslims have taken the same route. In such a context, what else would be the best act of piety than engaging in Islamic state building jihad? Whoever gets killed in the making and defending such a state is called shaheed. And a shaheed has a special place in Islam. No one can be a prophet anymore; but the door to become Shaheed stays open. And in the hereafter, the shaheeds will enjoy the highly valued privilege of sitting with the prophets. They are given exceptionally an instant entry to the paradise without an accountability. The Almighty Lord gets so much pleased with their self-sacrificing deed that He made it forbidden to call them dead. They are given food and drink even after their death –as promised in the holy Qur’an.


The greatest wisdom of the early Muslims

The greatest wisdom of the early Muslims lies in the fact that they could fully realise how indispensable is an Islamic state. It reflects not only their true understanding of the holy Qur’an, but also the understanding of the socio-political urgency of an Islamic state for the practice of full Islam. Because of such understanding, they didn’t confine the practice of Islam within the boundary of their personal or family life. Nor did they restrict it within the premises of the mosques. Their vision was so insightful and their commitment for the cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la was so profound that even in the tiny Muslim population of Arabia, there was no shortage of people who sacrificed their wealth and lives to make Islamic state a great success. Except few physically disabled, none of them stayed behind the front lime or remained aloof from jihad. In fact, most of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) became shaheed. Islam’s whole glory indeed belongs to them. This is the reason that the companions of the prophet Muhammad (be upon him) are labelled as the best people of the whole human history. Today’s 1.5 billion Muslims failed to make contribution of the same size. On the contrary, they made the ugliest part of the Muslim history by working side by side with the imperialists as their most subservient mercenaries –as evidenced in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The mercenaries look for money, not for Islamic principles or higher values. If they get money, they can quickly turn their guns towards the Muslim men, women and children.

Such mercenarism is indeed the dominant culture in the civil and military elites of the Muslim countries. They join government and non-government organisations (GO’s and NGO’s) to fight for the imperialist causes both at home and abroad. Already, they have showed their readiness to fight any nasty war for the imperialists. So they could drop bombs even on religious schools to kill innocent girls –as the Pakistan Army dropped on Islamabad’s Hafsa madrasa during President Musharraf’s era. They can also launch barrage of artillery shells even on a gathering of unarmed musallies in a street –as the Bangladesh Army did in Dhaka’s Motijheel in May, 2013. The Egyptian Army did the same massacre against the innocent unarmed men and women in Rabaa al Adawiya square in August, 2013. These are only the terrible symptoms of a sinister disease; and the disease itself is the absence of a core Islamic civilizational state and its institutions in the Muslim lands. The hard core enemies of Islam and the Muslims have taken full benefit of such a void; they could successfully occupy the whole Muslim World. Millions of mosques and more than 1.5 billion Muslims are not helping to end this enemy occupation. Muslims’ prayer and supplication are not helping either. It needs some crucially important things to be done –as was the case with the early Muslims. First thing must be done first, and that is the restoration of Islamic Khilafa –Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s only political institution on earth. Only such a state can dismantle the satanic states and their institutions from the Muslim lands. A devil never fails to understand his enemies. Hence, nothing can invite more wrath, more hostile propaganda and more bombardment from the anti-Islamic global coalition of the imperialists than such an Islamic state building initiative –as it is currently visible all over the Muslim World. In fact, such enmity of the proven enemy of Islam establishes the exact worth and correctness of the project. 05/11/2016




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