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The Calamity of Autocracy & Demilitarisation in the Muslim World

The strategy of de-empowerment Militarisation of the enemy and the strict demilitarisation of the Islamist Muslims are indeed the two-prong strategy towards de-empowerment of the ummah. The ongoing down-fall of the Muslims and the current calamity in the whole Muslim World indeed owe to quick successes of such an enemy strategy. In fact, it started […]

Monopolisation of War & the Neo-colonisation in the Muslim World

Imposed wars & the subjugation The US or the European citizens exercise the right to carry weapons anywhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Mali and many more Muslim countries. They even set military bases in those countries; and seek no permission from anybody to kill anyone there. Rather, they are the people […]

Institutional Collapse of the Muslims & the Civilizational War of the West

The nonfunctional institute To grow up as human, it is indispensable to have humanising institution. In absence of such institution, men and women even with perfect physical features turn fully animal. The naked men and women who live in bushes and caves in Nicobar Island or Papua New Guinea are indeed the proof of such […]

The Bleeding Palestine: Support for the Brutalities & Approval of the Occupation

Outsourcing the occupation Palestine is bleeding. Its people are the worst victims of one of the most brutal occupations in the whole human history. They are suffering for more than hundred years. Firstly, at the hand of the British colonialists; and now under the occupation of Israeli aggressors. Under the Israeli occupation, Palestine has turned […]

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi & the Saudi Obstruction to Justice

The crime & the cover-up Initially the Saudi government denied the death of Mr Jamal Khashoggi and claimed that he has left the Saudi consulate in Istanbul alive after getting his paperwork done. But after failing to sell this lie, the Saudi authority announced that Mr Khashoggi is dead. They also told a bizarre story […]

Downfall of the Muslims: A Review (Part-7)

The Muslim enmity against Islam – Even the illiterate idolaters of an Indian village know the exact meaning and implication of idolatry. So, they do not do any compromise in the practice of their religion; so this primitive ignorance (jaheliyah) thrives in modern India. Hence the most devout worshippers of idols, cows, snakes, monkeys and […]