The US sadism, the investment in death and destruction, and the looming global war

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The US sadism and the crime

The US Americans proved to be a nation of sadists. Sadism is an incurable mental disease. Since its root is ideological and racial, no medicine works against it. Sadism has robust behavioral and cultural symptoms. Normal people get grieved with pain, death, and the sufferings of others. But a sadist enjoys and celebrates the death, destruction, and miseries of others. They love war and invest massively in wars. So the war of occupation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, indiscriminate bombing are the parts of the sadists’ culture. They hate other people’s happiness and pleasure. Hence, they distaste putting money in peace, stability, and other people’s welfare.

The sadists don’t simply kill other people, rather torture, lynch and even burn alive to death. They invent more brutal ways of torturing even the hand-cuffed powerless prisoners. So waterboarding of prisoners is a US invention. This is why Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, Baghram prison in Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba could become torture industries. These prisons proved to be regular practicing grounds for the sadists. They urinated on the Qur’an –the holy book of the Muslims. They make people naked and made pyramids with their naked bodies and took selfies with the pyramid. These are done only to get an orgy of sadistic pleasure. For the same sadism, the USA dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Powerful Germany surrendered without nuclear bombs. Japan was close to surrender, too. But the American sadists were not happy with mere surrender. They wanted a wild celebration by burning hundreds of thousands of Japanese alive to death with nuclear fire. This is the exact display of US sadism.     

Toxic venoms of racism, supremacism, and toxic hatred against people of other faith, race, and skin color cause such violent sadism. The Red Indians and the African Blacks became the worst victims of such sadism in the USA. In India, the Muslims are facing the same wild sadism of the Hindu supremacist RSS and BJP thugs. They can’t enjoy the simple death of Muslims. They celebrate lynching Muslims in public, raping their women in gangs, and throwing the Muslim men and women alive in the fire. In 2002, such a celebration of massacre happened in Gujrat in a week-long anti-Muslim pogrom under the watch of Norendal Modi –then the chief minister of Gujrat. Even the Indian media depicted horrendous pictures of such sadistic carnage. And it is very endemic in India.


The USA investment in war   

The US President Joe Biden told in his White House speech on 31/08/2021 that the USA has spent 2 trillion US dollars in 20 years’ war in Afghanistan. He also told that the USA has spent 300 million per day over a span of 20 years. But Afghanistan is not the only war front of the USA. After 9/11, the USA launched the war in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and also Pakistan. Recently the Brown University –a leading American research university published a report on the USA’s war cost. It gave an estimate that the USA has spent $8 trillion in the war since 9/11 and has killed directly at least 897,000 to 929,000 people. The researchers mentioned that it is a conservative estimate of deaths. The deaths may be more than a million.

The Brown University gave the following breakdown of $8 trillion war investment:

  • $2.3 trillion spent in Afghanistan and Pakistan sector.
  • $2.1 trillion in Iraq and Syria.
  • $ 355 billion in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and other war zones.
  • $1.1 trillion on the USA Homeland Security
  • $2.2 trillion is estimated as the cost for taking future care of war veterans.

Of those killed, 387,000 are civilians, 207,000 are the Army and police personnel and 301,000 are opposition fighters killed by the troops of the USA and the allies. About 15, 000 US servicemen and contractors are also killed along with a similar number of deaths of the western allies. Prime Minister Imran Khan claims that 70,000 Pakistanis died because of Pakistan’s participation as an ally of the USA’s war on the Taliban. But there is a difficulty in calculating the actual number of deaths because the USA Army – the main agent in killings didn’t keep any account of the deaths.  


The looming new USA war

The USA had declared the end of its war in Afghanistan. It has evacuated all of its forces from Afghanistan. But the consequences of war still remain and a new US war against an old enemy is looming. Taliban is still struggling to get full control over the whole of Afghanistan. The economy is rapidly collapsing. The World Bank, IMF, and the US government have blocked their funds. The banks in Afghanistan suffer from an acute cash crisis. Still, the Taliban couldn’t form a government. Hence a lot of things are yet to be seen. If all these are not quickly fixed the country is going to be a failed state.

The current situation gives a golden opportunity to ISIS-Khorasan to get more fighters and more territories –as ISIS could quickly establish in failed states of Syria and Iraq. In Syria and Iraq, ISIS didn’t enjoy conducive terrain for guerrilla warfare against a massive US and its allies’ bombardment. But such a convenient geographic terrain perfectly exists in Afghanistan. So the USA and its allies get highly worried about ISIS-Khorasan. ISIS-Khorasan recently killed 13 US soldiers. That has amplified the west’s worries. To take revenge, the USA killed 10 innocent civilians by a drone attack. Of them, 6 are children. The drone was aimed at killing ISIS-Khorasan fighters, but it is made known how many of the ISIS has been killed.     


The USA war now turns global

The USA has totally failed in its war on the Taliban. The USA couldn’t eliminate the Taliban, rather has strengthened the organization remarkably. Now the USA finds ISIS-Khorasan its new enemy. The USA can’t fight against ISIS-Khorasan alone. It has terribly lost its confidence; and also suffers from economic ill-health. The US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin indicated in his Pentagon speech on 01/09/201 that the USA will build collaboration with the Taliban in its war on ISIS-Khorasan. President Biden in a speech on 31/08/2021 also recently appreciated the Taliban for their cooperation in the evacuation of the US forces from Afghanistan. It is true that the Taliban didn’t fire even a single bullet against any US soldier. Such appreciation tells a lot about the USA’s intended strategy to work with the Taliban.  

The Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan –although both the brands claim to be Islamists, are mutually fierce competitors. The Taliban have their own Achilles’ heel. They are based on more tribal and Afghan nationalist orientations. Whereas in Islam, causing division among the Muslims based on tribal, ethnic, or national identities is a forbidden and punishable crime as per sharia law. The Taliban believe in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Hence their focus is only within Afghanistan. So, they have no concern outside Afghanistan. Many Islamic Muslims don’t like such a nationalist mindset. Moreover, if the Taliban makes a coalition with the USA, it will drastically diminish its credibility. The USA is deeply hated in Afghanistan for its acts of killing and torturing millions of people there.

Whereas ISIS is pan-Islamic jihad. It doesn’t recognize national and tribal identities. This is why while ISIS established the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, they first removed the border between Iraq and Syria. They invited Muslims all over the world to emigrate there. Even the richest Muslim country in the world will not give such an invitation. Thousands of people from Europe, Asia, and Africa responded to that ISIS call. ISIS aspires to raise Muslims as an Islamic global superpower. So it appears more identical to the original Islam of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the early rightly guided caliphs –while the Arabs, the Iranians, the Africans, the Turks, and the Kurds lived and worked together. There was no tribal or national state in those golden days of Islam. This is why ISIS could become easily and rapidly a global Islamic brand with strong outposts in many countries in Asia and Africa. This is why the countries and the people that are based on radical secularism, nationalism, and tribalism like all Arab states, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh don’t like ISIS. They hate ISIS more than non-Muslims. This is why the USA gets these states as ever-ready partners in its war on ISIS.  

Therefore, the USA’s war on Islam shows no sign of ending. Rather the war on ISIS turns to be global. This is why President Biden told about a war over the horizon. Therefore, the USA war that was limited to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is turning into a war over the whole Muslim World. So, every Muslim country, every Muslim city, every Muslim village, and every Muslim will be under the watch of the US rudder. The USA will be hunting and fighting ISIS members everywhere. But the country that couldn’t win a war with a coalition of more than 60 sixty countries in Afghanistan in 20 years, how can win a global war spread over tens of countries? 02/09/2021




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