The Muslims’ Collective Failure & the Celebration of Occupation

The fake independence                                                                     

Within the last 60 years, most of the Muslim countries have received independence from the direct rule of their colonial masters. But, the so-called independence doesn’t give the Muslims the basic human rights to practise their political independence. Nor do they enjoy the religious rights to practise even the most crucial and defining Islamic obligations like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity and jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in any of these Muslim countries. Bangladesh is typical example of such a pseudo-independent country. Whereas, the Muslims fully enjoyed such rights in their native lands prior to the colonial occupation. The so-called independence has turned so fake that it doesn’t give them the freedom to dismantle even the divisive and de-empowering walls of the Muslim World –especially in the Middle East, created only to serve the colonial interest. Any attempt to draw the political map on the basis of the obligatory pan-Islamic brotherhood –as was the norm in most part of the Muslim history, is reversed even by full-fledged war. The enemy-imposed disintegration of the Muslim World into 57 states is now labelled as an integral part of international stability and security; hence, not allowed to break the divisive walls.

About 1.4 billion Indians of different religions, languages, casts and ethnicities live in one state. But less than 300 million Arab Muslims of same language, same religion and same ethnicity are forced to live inside the walls of more than 20 states –like the condemned detainees in prison cells. Such divisive prison cells –called states, are built only to protect the exploitative interest of the western imperialists, the security interest of Israel and the survival interest of the autocratic despots. These walls are also deemed essential by the imperialists to stop spillage of oil revenues to the neighbouring poor people. These are reserved only for their own exploitation. The colonial kufr laws, the western evil ideologies, the corruptive politics and the economics of multi-national exploitation still maintain their unfettered occupation in these so-called independent states. What could the worst irony that the Muslims celebrate such occupation as liberation! The anti-Islamic secularist elites -trained and tamed in the old colonial institutions, play the most decisive role to sustain such occupation. In most of the Muslim countries, the civil and military enclaves of these ruling elites are indeed the ideological cum cultural islands of the Western imperialists. These enclaves show little dissimilarities from the Western main lands.

As a result of such occupation, trillions of dollars of oil, gas, petrodollars and other natural assets of the Muslim World are adding more affluence and military strength to the imperialist kuffars than to the Muslims. All the bombs and missiles that are dropped on the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and other countries are indeed made by oil and gas money of the Muslim countries. It is worth noting, despite trillions of dollars of unearned petrodollars, 1.6 billion Muslims continue to remain the most powerless and the most defenceless people on earth. Instead, the brutal rulers of these client states receive the non-stop supply of bomber jets, heavy artilleries, tanks, cluster bombs, chemical bombs, and missiles to kill more people and destroy more cities. Recently, the US President Mr. Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia; and sold 110 billion dollars of weapon to enhance the kingdom’s killing power against its own people and the neighbours. The USA also sold 12 billion dollars of weapons to a tiny country of Qatar with a native population less than four hundred thousand.


The collective failure

For such an ongoing occupation of the Muslim countries, not a single group, generation or tribe to be blamed. It owes to the collective failure of the whole ummah. Rebellion against the orders of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and promoting their own opportunistic agenda indeed lie in the heart of all failures. They ignored the Islamic principle that obeying the Qur’anic prescription is an obligation on every Muslim; no one enjoys the exemption. Awfully, most of the Muslims pay little heed to such Qur’anic obligation. Islam is no more practised in the way as has been practised in the early days of Islam. When the Muslim countries remain occupied by the colonialists for about two hundred years, most of the Muslims showed total inaction or abstention. A very few took part in jihad against the occupying kuffars –although obligatory in all ages. Their action thus stands exactly opposite to that of the early Muslims. When the first Islamic state was attacked by the Arab, Persian or Roman kuffars, the Muslim participation in jihad was more than 90 cent percent. Only the sick, the blind and the lame stayed behind. In war against the invading Roman Army in Tabuk, only three Muslims didn’t take part. In response, they received a social boycott.

Iman of a believer never remains hidden; shows its visible expression through participation in war in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Physical, financial and intellectual involvement in jihad against the enemies of Islam indeed stands as the most reliable test of a Muslim’s faith. Even a hypocrite can dress like a Muslim. He can join the religious rituals and spent money in charity, too. But, he doesn’t possess the moral strength or appetite to sacrifice his life in a war against Islam’s enemies. The enemies of Islam now appear everywhere; almost all of the Muslim countries stand under their occupation. These forces of falsehood have dismantled sharia, hudud, shura, Muslim unity, Islamic education and other basics of Islam all over the Muslim World. But, where is jihad against these warring agents of falsehood? Instead, they accept them as the leader and celebrate their rule. Whereas, because of jihad, a few thousand people of Medina could raise the most powerful Islamic state in history. They could defeat two contemporary World Powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires. Within a very short period of time, they emerged as the most powerful state on earth. They could release millions of people from centuries-old slavery and tyranny. They could also practise full Islam with its sharia, hudud, shura, khelafa and trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood without an iota of comprise. This is why, they got labelled as the best people on earth in all ages.


The collective failure

In comparison to the achievement of the early Muslims, failure of today’s 1.6 billion Muslims is awful and humiliating. They could raise large armies; and could also build huge number of shops, roads, schools, universities and industries. But, they can’t even think of any Islamic state in any part of the world, let alone establishing it. They have made history in inaction, submission and surrender. Millions of them have even taken the path of collaboration and coalition with the invading enemies only to appease their opportunistic greed. Thus, they could move towards a total failure not only on the earth but also in the hereafter. The moral depletion of today’s Muslims has been so profound that it has caused serious ethical inability to hate, condemn or protest against the most brutal enemy aggression in any part of the Muslim world. So, the largest anti-war demonstration against the US invasion in Iraq in 2003 didn’t take place in any of the big Muslim capitals like Jakarta, Islamabad Cairo, Dhaka or Ankara rather in London, Paris or Rome.

The symptoms of the collective failure of the Muslims are huge; expressed robustly through moral, cultural, spiritual, educational, ideological and political failures. Of ten topmost corrupt countries of the world, most are the Muslim countries. Similarly, the most brutal autocrats who deny the basic human rights to their own people also claim to be Muslim. These despots are so cruel and genocidal that they roll tanks and heavy artilleries on the streets to kill unarmed protestors –as seen in recent years in Cairo, Islamabad, Dhaka, Damascus, in many Muslim cities. The government of Syria dropped chemical bombs, barrel bombs and cluster bombs on the civilians to kill or evict them from homes. When the people of Gaza got the shower of Israeli bombs, the Egyptian government didn’t bother to open the border to receive even the wounded children and women. When the traumatised Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar tried to take shelter in the neighbouring Bangladesh, initially their boats were not allowed to get nearer to the shore. They were forces to sail for far distant Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia


The calamity of cowardice

Cowardice immorality adds huge incompetence to be a true Muslim. Because, it indeed needs minimum courage to tell the truth and stand against injustices. Nor does it help qualify for basic human rights. Such rights have never been a gift, rather earned by bloody combat against the oppressive tyrants. The long imprisonment always deconstructs souls, beliefs and character; and it proved true during the long slavery under the colonial tyrants. It worked as a strong dehumanising factor to culminate cowardice among the Muslims. So, they could be easy prey for the home-grown autocrats. Therefore, the criminal rulers are not the only party to the crime in the Muslim World; the complicity of the cowardice people who accept such native or foreign killers as the ruler and work as their obedient servants also bear the blame. Such submission to the criminal despots brings disgrace, failure and punishment both here and in the hereafter. Indeed, such submission to the criminal despots is incompatible with true submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. This is why, fighting against kuffar occupation is such a high ibadah in Islam. Those who are killed in the encounter, are promised to the paradise without any trial.

The tyrants always make it impossible to follow the Qur’anic roadmap; they have their own roadmap to be pursued by their subjects.  Hence, standing against tyrant rulers is not a political agenda, it is a prophetic job. To add more importance to that, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and many prophets were commanded to stand face to face against the tyrants like Nimrod and Pharaoh. For freeing people from sinful submission to the evil rulers, jihad comes as the best form of ibadah. It stands as a Qur’anic obligation. To disseminate such a message, Allah Sub’hana Ta’la commands His great prophet (peace be upon him) to announce the following Qur’anic advice to the people in public: “O prophet! Say (to the people): I advise you only on one thing, rise up for Allah (against the criminals who oppose Islam) in two (if possible) or singly (on your own).” -(Sura Saba, verse 46).


The common kuffar agenda

Falsehood and its awful calamities never die. Instead, it keeps on challenging the Divine Truth all the time. In all ages, it gets new preachers, new leaders and new armies. Hence, the enmity to Islam that could attain the cataclysmic hype at the time of Nimrod and Pharaoh still survives under the US-led imperialists. Corrupting the Qur’anic ideology of Islam as well as the physical occupation of the Muslim ummah receive the highest priority in their politics, economics and warfare. For carrying out such anti-Islamic agenda, they have recruited a huge number of fake ulama, fraudulent Muslim intellectuals and mercenaries from the Muslim lands. They consider the rise of Islam as a great threat to the western civilisation. In his meeting on July 6, 2017 with the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin in Hamburg, the US President Mr. Donald Trump very candidly expressed such fear. To encounter the Islamic challenge, he sought very earnestly the Russian collaboration. Such a request for the Russian help exposes his deep fear that the US alone can’t win its war against the Islam. Such Islamophobia dominates not only in the psyche of President Donald Trump; the leaders of EU, Russia, India, China and other non-Muslim countries are no exception. These kuffar countries have a lot of differences on a lot of issues; but while they deal with Islam and the Muslims, show the full consensus. Because of such consensus, these imperialist countries could easily give the full legality to the illegal creation of Israel on an entirely occupied Muslim land of Palestine. Now, they show the full consensus too, in condemning any resistance against such illegal occupation as terrorism. Because of the same anti-Islamic venom, fighting against the US-led occupying force in a Muslim land get condemned as terrorism.

Each of the imperialist countries has its old anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic war in its own domain. Such wars take these countries naturally and understandably to the anti-Muslim camp. The USA is heavily entangled in its long and never-ending imperialistic war against the Islamists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine. The US Army has killed more than a million people in those countries and turned hundreds of cities and villages to rubbles. Thus the US has already raised a huge flame of hatred in the Muslim souls; and every day they are adding more fuel to the flame by killing more people. Russia has the similar genocidal war in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and Syria. In 1999, the Russian Army flattened the whole city of Grozny –the capital of Chechnya and killed thousands. The Russian war planes also flattened historic Syrian city of Aleppo and many other in Syria, too. India’s war in Kashmir and China’s war in Xinjiang are no less genocidal either. More than a hundred thousand Muslims have already been killed in Kashmir. The Indian Army’s killing mission still continues with more lethal weapons. Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi’s recent visit to Israel will definitely add more killing skills and weapons to the Indian Army. Anyone who stands against such killing of the Muslims is labelled as terrorist. But what an irony that those who occupy foreign countries, flatten cities and kill millions claim to be the torch bearer of a civilisation –as Donald Trump claims that the US is defending Western civilisation! Therefor the question arises, what else is the barbarity? On such a perverted conceptual premise, evicting people from homes, total destruction of cities and bombing people to death are declared as victory. Therefore, almost total destruction of Aleppo, Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit, Kobani, Raqqa and Mosul is celebrated as a great victory both by the occupying power and their cronies in the Muslim land. The occupied Muslim lands have indeed proven to be the fertile breeding ground for such servile cronies. The physical, intellectual and political occupation has proven to be so much morally toxic that the Muslims of the occupied land even join the kuffar enemies to celebrate their victories –as seen in Jerusalem and Damascus in 1917, Dhaka in 1971, in Kabul in 2001 and in Baghdad in 2003. And now, they celebrate the occupation of the native tyrants.

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