Murder of President Morsi & Death of Democracy in Egypt

The premeditated murder

Allowing an ill person to die in prison without medical care is itself a homicidal crime. Such death is never called natural death, rather a deliberate murder. It is indeed a horrendous punishable crime; those who are responsible for it must face the punishment. Such a crime has exactly been committed against Dr Muhammad Morsi by Egypt’s brutal dictator President Abbel Fattah al-Sisi. In 2013, within one year of the election, al-Sisi removed Dr Muhammad Morsi from the Presidency by a military coup. So, al-Sisi committed another punishable crime by removing the country’s first and the only elected President to grab power for himself.

Dr Morsi was known for diabetes and liver disease which required regular investigation and treatment. Any criminal negligence could only precipitate his premature death. It was his basic human right to have the necessary medical care. The Egyptian law and the international law make it an obligatory duty of the Egyptian government to provide such care. But an established killer doesn’t care about the legal obligation. Otherwise how could he make a coup and kill the people? Hence deprivation of Dr Morsi’s medical care became a reality. Thus, he was forced to die without the treatment. Whereas, his treatment need was so crucial that once he collapsed in his prison cage inside the court because of low blood sugar. In fact, an enemy like al-Sisi could only ignore the treatment and wished his early death. 


The pure evil

One can seldom expect any kindness, morality or humanity from a proven mass-murderer, let alone medical care. Al-Sisi deployed the Army to massacre about 1,500 people in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo on 14th August in 2013. Whoever luckily survived were put in prisons only to suffer further thuggish torture – both physically and mentally. The fake courts were staged to put people on death penalty in mass. The western government didn’t show any interest to stop such brutality of this new Pharaoh. In fact, none of the western governments showed any appetite to look into this massive gruesome cruelty. Rather, the western leaders were seen to rub their shoulders with these brutal killer in Washington, Paris, Rome, Berlin and many other western capitals. Thus they stay complicit in the crime by supporting al-Sisi to practise his worst fascism against the Egyptian opposition. Only a British MP named Crispin Blunt -the ex-head of the House of Commons’ Selects Committee on Foreign Affairs, agreed to make a short visit in 2018 to Egypt –only while he was approached by Dr Morsi’s helpless family. The family were desperate to know what is going on to Dr Morsi’ health. Al-Sisi was not ready to give such an opportunity to the family or any native Egyptian. The cruelty, inhumanity and immorality of al-Sisi is so extreme that Dr Morsi was allowed to see his family only three times in almost 6 years period.

At the end, Mr Blunt could tell some bare truths in his report on horrendous sufferings of Dr Morsi. He found that Dr Morsi was being deprived of necessary medical care -as entitled as per Egyptian and International law. Mr Blunt predicted that Dr Morsi will die prematurely if he continues to suffer such dire deprivation of the medical care. The Conservative British Government of Theresa May didn’t take any heed from such a highly alarming report, rather preferred to sell more arms to feed al-Sisi’s killing machine. The other leaders of the western governments that lecture on human rights and higher values continued to do the same. Whereas, if the report was timely and properly pursued, Dr Morsi would have survived the easily preventable death from diabetes and its complication. Since the Islamists are considered foes by the Islamophobic west, the western leaders too, like their friend al-Sisi, wished Dr Morsi’s quick death and not a cure. As a result, Dr Morsi had no option but to face a premeditated murder. Whereas the same western leaders embrace the Marxist YPG of Syria and the leftist Mujahedin-e-Khalq of Iran –who have been involved in the terrorist killings of thousands, as friends of the west to promote their agenda in the Muslim World.   

The disease & the pathology

While deciding the political priority in the developing countries –especially in the Muslim countries, the western leaders drop issues like humanity, morality, liberty, rule of law and democratic values deep into the bins. They stand only for their selfish whims and strategic interests. Therefore, while supporting the killer regime of al-Sisi in Egypt or the brutal autocrats of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and others, the morality, humanity and other higher values do not work. Rather, these killer regimes look perfectly compatible with their own western imperialistic ideas and values. However, these are only the symptoms of the western disease; the real disease with its inherent pathology lies much deeper. The disease is radical secularism that kills people’s faith, spirituality and accountability in the hereafter. And the hidden pathology lies in the absence of faith in Allah –the Almighty Creator and the lack of sense of accountability in the hereafter. Such an evil pathology could prompt people to generate evil ideologies to commit and sanctify even the worst crimes. So the west –the birth place of secularism, could give birth to toxic ideologies like racism, nationalism, colonialism, apartheidism, imperialism, slavery, ethnic cleansing and even genocide –which have always been incompatible with any Divine faith of the east. They could also do the gruesome practice of these evil ideologies and could manufacture even two World Wars to kill more than 75 million people. They even could drop nuclear bombs without any moral remorse.

During the colonial occupation, the European secularists with their moral diseases moved from the birth place to the occupied lands in the east –birth place of all Divine religions. As a result, they could disseminate the western disease to the eastern people –especially among those who closely worked with them and received their secular education and training. So the worst and the most brutal people in the Muslim world are born neither in robbers’ dens nor in brothels’ wombs, but in the military cantonments and in secular institutions.

In the Muslim lands, the Army cantonments worked as the most fortified cultural islands of the radical secularists and gave zero access to Islamic ideology and culture. So they could emerge as the worst enemy of Islam in Muslim lands. In almost every Muslim country, they have proven to be fully incompatible with ideology of Islam and could be close friend of the imperialists. For example, those who are considered the role model in Pakistan Army -like General Ayyub, Yahiya, Tikka, Niazi didn’t join the Army to serve the Muslims or Islam, but to defend and strengthen the British occupation of the Muslim lands. In 1947, the colonial occupation ended in Indian subcontinent, but the secular belief and culture continued to thrive in the protected and secluded premises of the military cantonments. So the ideologically incompatible military elites trained in the secular cantonments could successfully dismantle the Islamic project of the Indian Muslims in Pakistan. And in 1971, because of their political incompetence they could also dismember the united Pakistan.

Any physical disease like malaria or pneumonia shows similar symptoms all over the world. The same is true with the moral disease. So, the Army raised by the colonial occupiers are showing the same enmity against Islam in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Algeria, Libya and other Muslim countries. In Egypt, their toxic venom against Islam and Muslim Brotherhood has made dark pages of extreme barbarity in the Muslim history. The secularist Army dictator Jamal Abdun Naser hanged one of the greatest son of Egypt like Sayid Qutb –the writer of one of the greatest tafseers of the holy Qur’an. And now al-Sisi executing the same barbarity against the current Islamists. In Syria, the Army has turned to be the worst forces of destruction. In Algeria, the Army generals could indeed metamorphose the whole holy Jihad of the Algerian Muslims against the French occupiers into radical secularism cum nationalism. And in Sudan, the Army has badly lost its war against the secessionists of the South, but has launched its brutal war against its own people.


Al-Sisi’s crimes & the western complicity

Only because of radical secularism, the western leaders could easily justify their support for all worst crimes of al-Sisi. Because, such an evil ideology disconnect people from any moral obligation and accountability. Because of that, they could also forget al-Sisi’s gruesome crime that he committed while dislodging the legitimate President Dr Morsi. In the past, because of the same immorality, the western war lords and leaders could easily justify and sanctify the colonial occupation, genocidal killing, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and other worst crimes in the occupied lands.

President Donald Trump recently mentioned al-Sisi as a great President doing great jobs against the terrorists. Such appeasement and appreciation for al-Sissi indeed tells a lot about his own moral disease. It exposes his own complicity in the crime through his political and moral endorsement. Such narratives give an expression to the selfish political and economic agenda of the western powers. Of course, al Sisi is doing good jobs for the USA and Israel, but not for the common Egyptians and democracy. He is indeed an Egyptian replica of Adolf Hitter to do all reprisals against his own people. The western leaders call him a force of stability. But what stability? Stability through mass killing? Stability through fake judiciary and election. Such narratives indeed fully exposes the western hypocrisy and complicity in crimes. Whereas al-Sisi has proven to be the perfect model of inhumanity, brutality, extreme fascism in the Middle East. President Trump’s appreciation shows how they prefer the brutal dictators to dismantle the democratic institutions in the Muslim countries. Like President Trump, other western leaders too, conveniently forget the facts that more than 60 thousands political prisoners are languishing in Egyptian jails in dire prison conditions.

Al-Sisi is not working alone. He is indeed showcasing all evil forces in the Middle East. He is fighting an unending war not only for himself but also for all anti-democratic and imperialistic forces of the whole Middle East. This is why, his war is rapidly expanding to Libya, Sudan and other neighbouring countries too. This is why he enjoys the support of a bigger global coalition. Unlike the old pharaoh, this new pharaoh is enjoying the full support of the Jews. The USA, Israel, the UK, France, King of Saudi Arabia, Shaikh of UAE, ruler of Bahrain and other autocrats of the Muslim World are also the part of the coalition. In fact, the death of Dr Morsi gave an opportunity to expose their true faces and motives. 20.06.2019

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