Corruption in the Conceptual Premise & Betrayal of the Core Agenda

 The distraction –

Causing distraction from Allah Sub’hana wa Tala and His objective is the major agenda of the enemies. They do not cause this distraction by the name of idol worshiping, cow worshipping, Christianity or atheism.  Most of the distraction from Islam is done in the name of Islam; and not by the kuffars, but by the so-called Muslims. The damage to Qur’anic teaching is being done in the name of respecting Qur’an. Hence such projects of harming Islam have been very successful. The continuing downfall of the Muslim owes to this deep distraction. As a result of such distraction, the Muslims are distracted from Islam’s prime mission. Hence, unlike the early days of Islam, the guidance of Islam and the laws of Islam are found only in then holy Qur’an; not in the Muslim life.

The enemies’ war against Islam has many frontiers; and in each frontier these enemies have specific strategies. They recruit a lot of Muslims –even Mullahs as their soldiers. Most of the damages against Islam are done not by the non-Muslims but by these so-called Muslims. They have damaged even the Islam’s own methodology to build connection with Allah Sub’hana wa Tala. These are done in the name of Islam. They are harming Qur’an in the name Qur’an too. They have been successful to cause distraction from the holy Qur’an. The holy Qur’an can only help people to show the straight path to the paradise when it is understood and followed. No kafir told Muslim that mere recitation of Qur’an brings reward; but it was told by the Muslim Mullahs and sheikhs. Millions of Muslim children in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia Afghanistan and many other countries are taught how to read Qur’an; but not to understand it. Whereas it is revealed: “Whoever firmly hold Qur’an, he is guided onto the way of siratul Mustaqeem.” If anyone believes that hold a correct roadmap will lead to the right destination and for that he does not need to understand the roadmap, people will label him as an insane. But such insanity prevails among the Muslims. Hence they failing to get the right path; also failing to build up connection with the Allah Sub’hand Ta’la.

Zikr (remembrance) of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la is the powerful tool to connect people with Him. Whenever a person remember the Almighty Lord, He also remember him. Fazkuruni azkurukum: you remember me I will remember you –is His promise, as revealed in Sura Baqara). And the best zikr is salah. Five time salah a day gives the best opportunity to do deep zikr of Him –especially on the message, guidance and obligation that have been revealed in the holy Qur’an. In the early days of Islam, the mosques in Muslim World played the most important role to build the connection with Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la. Mosques are the only institution of Allah Sub’hana Tala. The damage against such connecting zikr was done also in the name of zikr. In the days of prophet (peace be upon him) no sufi khanqa or shrines were built for adding any extra premises zikr; nor the Muslims were taken out of the mosques to do that.

Damage to spirit of salah is also done in the name salah. Tabligh-e-jamaati people have been successful to distract millions of Muslims from Islam’s prime agenda. Sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and Islamic state do not fit into their agenda. Their whole agenda is confined mostly within the five times salah. They do not call the Muslims to full Islam. So they are adding new calamity to the Muslims.

In the golden days of Islam, the Muslims didn’t have any university or college. The mosques provided the premises not only for prayers but also worked as the Divine institution to disseminate the knowledge of Qur’an. Now the Muslims have millions of mosques, but most of the palacious mosques are non-functional or dysfunctional. The doors are kept open only for prayers. The huge spances of these mosques remain unutilised.


The conceptual demise

The foreign occupation, deaths and destruction, the eviction of the Muslims from their own homes are only the symptoms.  The disease of the Muslim ummah is much deeper; it is intensely inside the conceptual premise. Humans’ every deed, behaviour, politics and character are indeed the expression of his conceptual paradigm. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the Most Wisest delivers such a wisdom to His great prophet (peace be upon him) and to the whole mankind. So, it is revealed, “Tell (O Muhammad): every one act as per his (conceptual) form, but you Lord knows the best who is best guided in the path.” –(Sura Isra, verse 64). In this verse, the word “shakela” is used; it means form or shape. But it is not the physical form of a human that shapes his character or act; it is indeed the conceptual form or the paradigm. This is why, a man of secular model of thought profoundly differ from the people of the Islamic model. Hence, every meaningful social revolution owes to the revolutionary gain in the conceptual premise. Islam is not an exception either. So, those who want to bring any societal revolution start with the conceptual premise of the humans. The evil forces do the same, too. The holy Qur’an and the prophet (peace be upon him) took more than a decade to bring a conceptual revolution in the early Muslims; as a result, a group of war-ready people came up to make every sacrifices to promote the cause of Islam. But the deep secularisation process during the anti-Islamic rule of the foreign and native occupiers has reversed the whole process of Islamisation. As a result, the whole ideological premise of the Muslim ummah now stand dismantled. So, the Muslim countries are producing more enemies of Islam than the soldiers.

Since the de-Islamisation process still continues, the Muslims’ downfall also continues. The political and ideological forces in the Muslim countries hence face exactly the opposite direction; and stand far away from Almighty Lord’s agenda. Rather, they are more aligned with the kuffars. So, the imperialists, nationalists, monarchists, secularists and the ugly despots get more friends and soldiers in the Muslim World that Islam. Like the kuffars, they too, look happy with the annihilation of the early days’ Islam. Moreover, they are also desperate to stop any chances of its revival. Because of such animosity towards Islam, the most revered Islamic jargons of the early Muslims like jihad, khilafa, sharia, shura, ummah, ittehad and hudud have turned taboo amidst these so-called Muslims. What Abu Jahl or Abu Lahab used to do with the early Muslims, they are doing the same against those who -like the early Muslims, want to bring back the Islamic rule. They are either being killed or put in prison. The conceptual distortion has gone so worse that even fighting against the occupation of foreign kuffar is criminalised; it is called terrorism. With such a mind-set, even the US-led occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq with the death of about 1.5 million and destruction of numerous cities and villages got legalised -not only by the kuffar states but also by many of the Muslims states. In such a culture of perversion, even the rule of the most inhuman despotic autocrats over the Muslim countries are tolerated with deep silence of approval.


 The betrayal of the core agenda

The Muslims have hugely increased in number. But they live with a culture of continued betrayal of the core agenda of survival. Hence, they fail conspicuously to add any glory or success to Islam and the Muslims. Whereas, Islam is the only prescribed religion for the whole mankind; as revealed: “innad dina endallihil Islam” (meaning: certainly, Islam is the only acceptable religion unto Allah). So, how could it happen that the followers of His deen would fail to achieve the promised victory? Such disgraceful failure in all spheres of life can only be the marker of Divine punishment. It proves another core principle of Almighty Lord that His blessings comes only to the people who engage with their life, wealth and skills in the implementation of His deen. Opposing sharia, hudud, khelafa, and Muslim unity or staying away from the implementation of Islam is indeed the crime of the kuffars. Hence how it is possible that such an act of betrayal will bring any blessing or victory?

How crucial is the implementation of Islam’s law, hudud and other principle is not an obscure issue; it has been made very clear many times in the holy Qur’an. It is revealed: “He has made plain to you (O Muhammad) of the religion (deen) what He commanded upon Noah and that which We have revealed to you, and that which We commanded upon Ibrahim and Musa and Isa –to establish the religion (deen) and not be divided therein.” –(Sura as-Shura verse 13). Hence, the sole mission of all the Divine prophets was the establishment of the revealed deen -Islam. Therefore, this verse has a huge ground-breaking implication. It brings an overwhelming revolution in Muslims minds. Those who truly live with Islam, the agenda of establishing His deen (aqamat-e-deen) in fact brings obligatory jihad in their life. Hence, none of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) companion was away from it; more than 70 per cent become shaheed only because of their commitment for establishing Islam. Islam was never revealed to the holy prophets to keep captive its laws (sharia), punitive codes (hudud) and all other necessary directives for full slavery of Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la inside the Qur’an. Nor should it be confined with in the premise of private life –as envisaged through some rituals, supplication and recitation.

How Islam needs to be practised in social, political, cultural and state level has never been obscure. In fact, it was the prime agenda of the final prophet (peace be upon him) to demonstrate the whole methodology in front of the public eye. He never died until he could fully showcase how this deen (religion) to be established on a land. Since no society, state or ruling clique provides any empty space for its implementation, the real test of iman of a believer initiates here. The task brings a Muslim face to face against the war-ready kuffars; hence it takes a turn into a bloody war. Even the finest and the kindest man like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) couldn’t avoid such a war. The prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions had to leave their ancestral homes and migrate to Medina to establish the deen.

In the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has revealed His Own agenda thrice -using almost the same narrative. To make it an obligatory Divine agenda, a single Qur’anic proclamation is enough. But, the Almighty Lord preferred to repeat it thrice: it came in sura Taubah, sura Fatah and sura Saf. Such repetition has added extra importance to His Vision. The common text in all three verses is the same and comes as “liyuzhirahu alad dini kullihi”. It is indeed the core intent of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It means “to make His din (Islam) prevail over all other creeds or religions”. Such revelation of His vision has indeed a huge implication on those who sincerely believe in Him and has true love for Him. It sets the agenda of a true believer’s life. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la never likes that His Own revealed religion with its distinctive creed, sharia, hudud, khilafa, justice system, jihad in His way and the concept of united Muslim ummah should get replaced by the kuffar’s way of life. Hence those who have iota of love for Him cannot like any defeat of His religion either. Any amount of compliance with Islam’s annihilation from political, cultural, judicial, economic and other areas of life is enough to cause displeasure of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such compliance with the kuffar is enough to bring utter failure in the hereafter. Therefore, how a believer can tolerate the current state of annihilation of Islamic fundamentals like sharia, hudud, khilafa, justice system, jihad and the concept of united Muslim ummah from Muslim states and societies? Instead, it will be the heart-felt mission of every believer to bring those Islamic basics back to the Muslims life –as was done by the last prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions. Only then, his own agenda of survival becomes fully consistent with the agenda of Allah sub’hana wa Ta’al. In humans’ life, nothing can be more important and more sacred than such congruence with his Almighty Lord’s vision.

Islam came to the world to make people fit to fulfil the core objective of their creation (full servitude to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la); and thus to make them competent for the paradise. As a part of the full servitude to Almighty Lord, the early Muslims followed Islam’s own methodology, mission and the roadmap. As a result, they could successfully attain both the stipulated objectives of Islam: enjoining the right (amaru bil maruf) and eradication the wrongdoers (nehi anil munker). Hence they could attain the promised highest rank (khaira ummat) amidst whole mankind. Because of the highest morality, the early Muslims could cause huge religious conversion in Asia, Africa and Europe. But later on, they Muslim failed on both the fronts. As a result, instead of getting eradicated from the face of earth, the corruptive wrongdoers could capture the state power; and they could build huge infrastructure of corruption by the taxpayers’ money. The whole civil and military administration, the police, the judiciary, the educational institutions, the media and even the religious bodies become servile tool in their hand to spread corruption. Now the whole Muslim World stay under their occupation. As a result of the occupation, the downhill march of the ummah got a new speed. Instead of becoming the best people on earth (khaira ummat), they could take them down to the level of the worst people on earth. Even the cow-worshipping Indian idolaters could show better sense than these so-called corrupt Muslims. Despite their ethnic, linguistic and cast differences, more than one billion Hindus could stay united in one country.

As a consequence, the  with the moral collapse, they are doing greater harm to Islam and the Muslims. Because of them, the religious conversion rate to Islam now stands very low. Islam is now hostage in its own lands by the most corrupt and despotic people on earth. Clouds hide even the glowing sun; likewise, the corrupt Muslims could successfully hide the real Islam. Thus, they do the job of the worst enemies of Islam. This way, these internal enemies of Islam have proven their worth as the partner of the external enemies to subvert any effort of Islamic resurgence in any Muslim lands. Because of them, the bombing campaign of USA, Russia, France get support in the Muslim lands. These internal enemies do other catastrophic harms, too. They nullify Islam’s core project of eradicating the wrongdoers (nehi anil munker). As a result, they are inviting more Divine punishment on a Muslim land. from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Corruption breeds more corruption; and makes people’ mind and souls hostile to any faith. It is a moral disease that kills faith and moral instincts of humans. For faithful moral survival, therefore, it needs the total eradication of the source of corruption. Hence, Almighty Lord has prescribed the curative measures, too. Mere enlightenment with Qur’anic knowledge and the religious rituals do not help cure the disease. Full implementation of sharia and hudud hence made obligatory to eliminate the criminals – the source of the disease. So it is revealed, “You are the best of the nations raised for (the benefit of) the mankind; you enjoin what is right and eradicate the wrong and believe in Allah..”-(Surah al-Imran, verse 110).

But the Muslims’ failure in enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong is huge. When a number of the Muslim countries score as the most corrupt countries in the world, it shows the real disease of the Muslims. It reveals that the Muslims are terribly failing to grow up as true Muslim. The huge number of mosques, madrasas, school and colleges can’t hide such failure. Such moral failure indeed gives an exact estimate of the Muslims’ downfall as a civilizational force. It shows how badly they are failing to be the viceroy of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Since sharia, hudud and the Islamic judiciary do the eradicating part of the job against corruption, the Muslims can’t regain moral health without their full implementation. In absence of such eradicating tool in place, corruption is climbing up with an alarming rate. In Islam, the importance of sharia and hudud is so high that Almighty Allah has labelled those who do not run their judiciary as per revealed law (sharia) as kafir, zalim and fasik. –(Surah Maidah, verse 44, 45, 47). But, the Muslims show the ugliest betrayal not only of the assigned mission, but also of the Qur’anic prescription. More awfully, they look quite complacent even with this terrible failure. As if, they can survive as Muslim and enter the paradise without adhering to the prescription. Now, such betrayal is showing the ugliest face. The rulers of these Muslim countries now stand hand in hand with the kuffars against the implementation of sharia, hudus, khilafa, jihad and other basics of Islam.



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