Civilizational War of the West

The West’s war

The British occupation of Iraq and Palestine in 1917, the French occupation of Syria in the same year of 1917, the US occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, the US-lead joint occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the current bombing in Syria. Libya, Yemen and Somalia are indeed the parts of the same Western civilizational war. After the quick demise of Soviet Union, the westerners started considering the Muslims as the main and real challengers against their civilisation, values and beliefs. In World War-I, they could successfully dismantle Osmania Khelafa – the core civilizational state of the Muslims. As the defending bastion, the Westerners have their core state like USA, the Hindu have India, and the Chinese have China. But the Muslims have none. So they have none to defend the Muslims’ lives and interests in any battle fields, nor in any international forum. So the Muslims in Bosnia, Palestine, India, Myanmar, Uighur, and Chechnya find themselves as the helpless perfect destitute. They had no option but to silently endure all enemy atrocities. 

Now, all the Westerners appear as a single tribe; hence a tribal culture prevails over them. The sentiment “my tribe is right or wrong” prompts them to support even the ugliest crimes in Muslim lands. Therefore, whenever a Muslim country is invaded by any of the Western countries, all other countries instantly support such crime as a legitimate one. Even if a homegrown terrible autocrat starts harming the Islamic resurgence is given red-carpet welcome in the western capital -as seen in the case of General Abdul Fattah Sisi of Egypt who have already killed thousand innocent men, women and children in the country and continues to kill.   

War, democracy, liberty –all these have a different tribal connotation. Hence democratic election of any Islamist is never recognised as proper democracy in the Western tribal culture if it goes against the west’s own interest.Hence whenever a war if fought for the liberation of any Muslim land, it is called terrorism. This is why the liberation struggles of the Muslims of Kashmir, Chechen, Myanmar, Siankiang, Pattani are quickly dismissed. Whereas terrorists’ wars against united Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia or Turkey is  labelled as genuine liberation war.

For the same reason, the occupational war on any Muslim land and eviction of its original people gets all sorts of military, monetary and diplomatic support if it in the interest of the West or its Jewish partners. Because of such a notion, even bombing the Muslim cities by the US, the British or the French Air Force, get full support in the west.  Therefore, the most criminal creation of Israel is recognised as a genuine humanitarian act and any effort to restore the basic human rights of the original residents is called terrorism.


Partnership in occupation and destruction

The US, the French, the British and the Russians have developed an intimate collaborating partnership to cause more deaths and destruction of the Muslims. They have indeed emerged as a single tribe; and exhibit tribal culture of mutual love and collaboration in their civilizational war against Islam and the Muslims. They show no enmity against President Basher al-Assad – another anti-Islamic comrade in their war against Muslims. The ugliest butcher of Syria has already killed more than 300,000 Syrians. Although the war planes, naval ships and drones of the West’s anti-Islamic tribe are busy day and night in dropping bombs and missiles on the Muslim cities and villages, these have never touched al-Assad and his army. They dropped more bombs in Syria and Iraq than that were dropped in the whole Europe in the World War 11. The city of Aleppo received more destruction than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The US alone dropped more than 11,000 bombs. and do not touch.

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