Betrayal of Islam & the Infrastructure of Failure

The betrayal

Islam has its own mission, vision and objectives; there is no obscurity or ambiguity on these basics. To be a true Muslim, one needs to be strictly life-long adherent to those Islamic mission, vision and objectives. Otherwise, he or she becomes a kafir (disbeliever) or a munaifiq (hypocrite). According to Islam, the worst category of humans are not the kafir; they are the munfiq. In the hereafter, they will be dumped in the worst part of the hellfire. Surprisingly, the munafiqs are not the product of any kafir family, society or state. These vilest creature come exclusively from the Muslim families, societies or states. Because of these evil people, a Muslim state runs the highest risk of turning into the worst place on earth –as currently being evidenced in many parts of the world. Millions of people of these Muslim states are now giving preference to living even in kuffar states. These evil peoples are produced through a process of betrayal against Islam’s core beliefs and agenda. They are Muslim only by name; but their culture, politics, warfare, education, law, constitution, banking and economics show total disobedience to Qur’anic decrees. Such disobedience, could only bring down the promised wrath of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la.

The last messenger of Islam Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) not only showed the roadmap for getting a place in the paradise, but also demonstrated how to attain peace, tranquillity and success in this world. This is indeed the sign of completeness of Islam and the greatest blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The credit goes to the prophet (peace be upon him) and his faithful companions that they could prove the right worth of the Qur’anic guidance by raising the best people and the finest civilisation on earth in the whole history of mankind. The greatest shirk (polytheism) is not mere adding some partners to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, but to believe that someone else can also prescribe better laws, better norms and culture, and can provide better inputs for higher morality, peace and tranquillity.  Such a belief recognises the superiority or equality of some deities or entities other than Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.  It denies the Divine Truth that guiding the mankind is exclusively His domain (inna alai’na huda). Taking anyone as the law giver –be it parliament, ruler or king, is in fact the overt betrayal against Almighty Allah’s Sovereignty. Hence, it is shirk. And, shirk is an unforgivable sin. It makes entry to paradise impossible. But it is awful that such shirk (polytheism) has achieved an epidemic proportion in the Muslim World; and could dismantle the fundamentals of Islamic faith. Such a shirk could successfully disengage the Muslims from practice of sharia and other decrees of the Qur’anic roadmap -on a fabricated pretext that sharia laws are obsolete or impracticable! As a result, out of 57 Muslim countries, none is sharia compliant! Can a believer with an iota of faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la be ever compatible with the laws that is not taken from Qur’an?       

If the Muslims could have achieved any success, peace, glory or dignity by the current level of rebellion against sharia and other Islamic principles, one could easily argue that the Qur’anic road map is no more essential. One could also claim that the prophet’s tradition now stand irrelevant. But the constant defeat, humiliation, tyranny and the down-hill course of the Muslims as a whole do not provide any ground to such claim. Rather, the current catastrophe in the Muslim World tells a lot about the seriousness of the disease. The Muslims have terribly failed not only in solving their own problems, but also in understanding the root cause of the problems. Their current level of failure and humiliation does not owe to inadequacies of mosques, madrasas, colleges or universities in the Muslim World; neither to the economy or the industry. Today, the Muslims have thousand times more mosques, madrasas, schools and colleges than they had in the golden days. Their economy shows much prosperity than those of the poor early Muslims. Today, they have more cantonments and hundred times more soldiers in uniform. They have nuclear bombs, too. But nothing is working to stop the ongoing enemy occupation, subjugation, destruction and the blood-bath. In fact, it is the huge deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap that has brought them to the current quagmire. Mosques, madrasas, schools, colleges, universities and the government and non-government institutions of the Muslim countries are not solving the problems; rather, they are the integral parts of the problems. In fact, the crime is being done by increasing the deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. To confirm the depth of deviation, one can easily compare the contemporary policies of the Muslim countries with those of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.  


The misplaced priority

Success or glory never comes to a people while the most important things get ignored. But it is a great irony that the Muslims are ignoring the most crucial issue of Islam for centuries. The prophet didn’t come to teach how to make national or tribal states; and neither to show how to build mosque, madrasah, palace or monument. The prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam gave the highest priority to build an Islamic civilizational state. Such a state is indispensable for practising full Islam -as indispensable for implementing sharia and raising the Muslims as a force of righteousness on earth. Hence, wherever there is no Islamic state, one can’t think of true and full Islam there either. So the prophet’s Islamic state became the common target of all the infidels. There wasn’t any iota of doubt about the importance of such a state in the mind of the companions of the prophet. Hence, after his death, the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) not only continued with the mission, but also multiplied its strength and expanse. They fought numerous wars and streamlined the whole energy of the ummah to give a very powerful sustenance to the prophet’s state. Which is why the early leaders of the ummah are called the rightly guided caliph (viceroy) of the prophet (peace be upon him). The Islamic state of the prophet (peace be upon him) continued to survive as the Islamic Caliphate in later days; and quickly emerged as the number one global power. Hence it was proven that only this way the Muslim ummah can work as an effective civilizational force and as the army of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la to serve His Vision (li’euzhirahu aladdini kullihi).

The down fall of the Muslims started at a time when they moved away from the prophetic tradition and spent their wealth, energy and intelligence for building tribal empires or states. In fact, the ugliest betrayal of the prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t occur in five times prayers, fasting, haj or other rituals, but in the arena of state building. It is true that increased number of mosques can provide more space for five times prayer but can’t create any political space, prestige or security for the ummah in the world stage. It is indeed the job of a powerful Islamic state with full compliance with the prophet’s tradition. But now the deviation of the Muslims is so huge, no more they show any interest in the creation of an Islamic state; as if, the concept of such a state doesn’t exist in the Muslims’ political dictionary. Their perversion has reached to a point that establishing an Islamic state on the prophetic model and defending it appears no more a job of the Muslims. Instead, they have joined the infidels’ rank to foil any such effort in any part of the world. To them, a Muslim state means either a tribal or a national state to pursue only some worldly gains. In the days of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions, there was no dispute on khelafa, sharia, hudud and jihad. To be a Muslim, one needed to be 100% compliant to those core concepts of Islam. In those days of the Muslims’ glory, an iota of disagreement on these core issues was enough to be perceived as a full kafir -there was no dispute among the Muslim scholars about such a diagnosis. But these Qur’anic concepts are made controversial and blamed as terrorists’ extremism. And those who are known for dropping nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, drones and missiles on civilian population and turning cities and villages into rubbles are embraced as civilizational force and labelled as the defenders of the Muslims. Like the infidels, they also believe, it is terrorism to create an Islamic state. And they also join hand in hand with the non-Muslims to dismantle such a state. These are indeed the vile efforts of the anti-Islamic coalition to destroy the life line of Islam and the Muslim ummah. If that had happened in the days of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided Caliphs, what would have been the reaction against these deniers of sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad? There were the coalition of anti-Islamic forces in those early days too. The early Muslims could successfully dismantle them. But, if their efforts had succeeded, could Islam reach to the current stage?

It is noteworthy that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t build a single mosque or madrasa during his initial 13 years of prophet hood in Mecca. His main focus was to build war-ready enlightened soldiers who would be ever-ready to sacrifice their time, wealth, energy and even life to establish and defend the Islamic state. And after his death, they would be competent enough to discharge the duty as the devoted khalifa (viceroy). For that, they needed one to one close education, mentoring and monitoring. The prophet (peace be upon him) worked as an all-time teacher, role-model and mentor for the Meccan Muslims. In a period of 13 years, he could make only about 150 such people; each one of them was fully imbued with the Qur’anic knowledge -personally by the prophet (peace be upon him) himself. Later on, they proved to be the best human on earth -not only in the Islamic history, but also in the history of whole mankind. They formed the rock-like solid foundation for the Islamic civilization which could withstand all forms of social and political upheavals. Thus, the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) proved to be the best teacher in the whole human history. After the migration to Medina, the prophet (peace be upon him) continued with the same methodology there. In the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, the full readiness of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) was always spontaneous. They never said like the companions of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), “O Musa! Go ahead with your God to fight for us, and we stay here waiting (till you clear the proposed land for us).” Rather, they told, “O Prophet of Allah! you decide whatever you like to decide. In the way of Allah, if you jump into the sea, you will surely find us with you.” Such self-sacrificing pledge and fearlessness came out instantly when they were asked about their opinion just before the highly unequal war of Badar –when 313 of them confronted 1000 best infidel warriors of Mecca. The prophet (peace be upon him) never failed to anticipate the imminent wars of the enemies, hence started the preparation from the day one.


The danger of meltdown

For a Muslim, the danger of living in a non-Muslim or un-Islamic state is quite real and grave. The problem is not economic or physical, rather spiritual and ideological. For survival, a fish needs water, a Muslim needs an Islamic environment. A Muslim can’t be a full Muslim without befitting Islamic institutional care. The un-Islamic state institutions of the Muslim countries –even the religious bodies of these states, have their own political and ideological agenda inimical to Islam and the Muslims. These are created not to help Muslims to grow up as true Muslim. Rather such institutions do the opposite by limiting or restraining the opportunities to know Islam. As a result, the most important agenda of the Muslim life gets severely compromised. Even the practice of full Islam get severely restricted; banning head-scarf or hejab is just a symptom of such hostility against Islam. So, the Muslims men and women runs the risk of moral, spiritual and ideological meltdown in a hostile political, educational and cultural milieu of an un-Islamic Muslim state or a non-Muslim kuffar state. What else would be worse than such a meltdown? This can only expedite the joint journey with the kuffars towards the hellfire.

The western countries have already shown their strength as a powerful melting pot. But these are not the exclusive cases of the western or the non-Muslim countries only; a Muslim country under the infidel or the secularist occupation also presents with the same consequence. For example, the de-Islamised Muslims of the secularist Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan is equally hostile to implementation of sharia like the Hindu kuffars of India. To be a true Muslim, like regular foods and drinks, he also needs regular inputs and throughputs from the Islamic value-adding institutions. He or she needs to go through a full refining process of Islam’s own educational and cultural system. To ensure such an environment of ideological enrichment and to protect them from meltdown in a kuffar culture and society, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his rightly guided companions needed to establish a full Islamic state from day one. It is the most massive and crucial duty of an Islamic state. As an individual one can bear the burden of getting bread and butter for his family; he can also build a good house for his family. But he can’t build the most crucially needed educational, cultural and spiritual environment for his children. It is beyond his ability. It is the prime responsibility of the Muslim state to protect his children not only from protectable deaths from disease epidemics, but also from spiritual, moral and ideological death. The state that bears such responsibility through its state institutions is called an Islamic state. Therefore it works as the institute of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la on earth. Hence the enemies of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la can never be ready to tolerate the existence of such a state. Rather, to put an end to it, they form global coalition.


The state that takes people away from Islam and its way of life by its corruptive and manipulative education, culture, media and deceptive politics is called an un-Islamic state. Such a state is indeed the most massive devilish tool on earth. If such a state becomes a World Power, the world peace becomes the first and foremost fatality –as it is now. Launching World Wars, dropping nuclear bombs, occupying countries, destroying cities, massive genocide, ethnic cleansing and vietnamisation of the countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are not the only crimes of these devils. They have also caused moral, spiritual or ideological death of billions of the people worldwide. As a result, the world body like UNO and its member states have lost the moral power to condemn the ongoing worst crimes in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world. They do wars not only with bombs, drones and missiles, but also with lies and the media cum propaganda industries. Hence, it has been the greatest wisdom and the most important sunnah of the prophet (peace be upon him) to dismantle the core industry of these devils. It is also a Qur’anic obligation in all ages. So, both the Roman and the Persian empires were defeated by the rightly guided early Muslims. In the whole history of Islam, it proved to be the most costly project. But it is also the most beneficial project in the whole history of mankind. Otherwise, the mankind would have missed to see the best civilizational achievement on earth. To defend and strengthen such a crucial Divine institution, more than 70 percent of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) needed to sacrifice their lives.



The best model for the mankind

Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has labelled His last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the best model (us’watun hasana) for the whole mankind for all times to come. More than 100 thousands prophets came to this world, but why such a special position for the last prophet (peace be upon him)? For such an exceptional adoration, there are sufficient understandable reasons. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s distinctiveness from all other prophets lies in his great success as a state and civilisation builder. He was a complete man: laying foot-steps for others to follow in every field of life. In annals of human history, there is no shortage of people who could utter wonderful nice words on equality, justice, human rights and higher values; but none of them could put their words into practice. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) is the only exception who could transform his words into actions; hence could produce enormous benefits for the mankind. He could build a powerful state and its institutions to continue implementing those principles. This is the reason that prompted even a Christian scholar like Michel Hart to put Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s life on the top of his selected one hundred best people of the whole human history –as he did in his famous book “The 100”. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the only person who could lay the foundation of a trans-ethnic civilizational state; and framed its judiciary, administration and the welfare system based on equality and justice. In his state, no one was discriminated on the basis of skin colour, race, language or social identity. He raised Islam not only as a faith, but also as the most powerful civilising force that could mould people’s belief, culture, law and warfare according to the Divine guidance. There exist many civilisations like the Western, the Chinese, the Hindu and the Japanese ones; but none of these are based on the Divine guidance. All these civilisations are based on the ancient pagan or some idiosyncratic notions on the creation of the world, the universe, laws, lives, states, societies, castes and others.


Since Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) or Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) couldn’t build any state either, the Jews and the Christians stand in darkness vis-à-vis guidance on state building and running its judiciary, warfare or administration. So, like any other unguided ignorant humans, the followers of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) invented scores of wrong and evil ideologies to add more disastrous havocs on earth. So, the Judo-Christian world could easily turn into fertile breeding grounds for racism, slavery, nationalism, fascism, Nazism, capitalism, colonialism, communism, imperialism and other highly toxic ideologies. These could cause horrific mayhem by causing wars of occupation, colonisation, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and mass scale hijacking of non-white people of Asia and Africa to feed their slave markets. They could also set a new high of barbarity by installing gas chambers, making holocausts, creating World Wars and dropping nuclear bombs. In the name of culture, heritage and religious festivals, they could blend the ancient pagan beliefs and practices of the Greek and the Roman with the corrupt perception of Christianity and Judaism.



The infrastructure of failure

Civilisation can’t be built on a small patch of tribal or national landscape; it requires a much bigger trans-national and trans-ethnic territory. So, tribalism and nationalism have no place in Islam; they are the serious obstacles in the way of Islam. Hence, it is a civilizational need to abolish the restrictive tribal, ethnic or national boundaries. So, the early Muslims didn’t make any delay in dismantling the tribal, geographical or linguistic walls of separation. They needed to reclaim the occupied lands of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la from His enemies’ illegal occupation. So, they quickly went far beyond the boundary of Arabian Peninsula. But the priority of the leaders of a national and tribal state is different; they do research for discovering even the faintest fault line of tribal or ethnic divisions among people and fortify the divisions. They totally ignore the Qur’anic decree that such division is haram (forbidden) in Islam. Due to these self-serving deviant leaders, the Islam’s heart land in the Middle East is divided into more than 20 tribal states. Thus, they have successfully blocked the growth of a pan-Islamic core Muslim state.


Now the Muslims do not need any infidel enemies to stop their emergence. The leaders of the tribal and national states are enough to do that. They provide the perfect recipe for further failure and catastrophe. They have forged close coalition with the enemies who in the recent past have dismantled the khilafa and mutilated the Muslim heart land into pieces. Because of them, the US, the French, the British and the Russian bomber jets now enjoy full freedom to bomb any Muslim city they wish. Due to these opportunist rulers, the civilizational growth of the Muslim ummah meets the total failure. Although they could create 57 tribal or nation states, but failed very badly to build a single core civilizational state. This is indeed not only a failure; rather, it is the deliberate betrayal of the assigned responsibility. In fact, here lies the core pathology of all political, cultural, ideological and civilizational collapse of the Muslim world.


In the whole length of human history, Islam is the only religion that could successfully purge the ancient pagan ignorance from the statecraft, religious rituals and culture; and could raise a civilisation exclusively based on the Divine laws and guidance. Instead of pagan culture and heritage, they gave birth to new culture of monotheism, trans-ethnic brotherhood, jihad and self-sacrifice. Hence, the distinctive superiority of Islamic civilisation does not rest merely on its beautiful grand mosques, minarets, cities, gardens, public baths, dresses, costumes, potteries, literature and arts. Rather, the most defining features are the rule of Divine laws (sharia), nourishing cultures, enlightening education, ethnic tolerance and the universal cosmopolitanism. They could conquer many countries, but unlike others they didn’t cause holocausts or ethnic cleansing in any of the non-Muslims countries for making space exclusively for them. They preferred to remain as religious minorities in those newly conquered countries for hundreds of years –as seen in the Balkans, Spain, Africa and India. Therefore, the Islamic civilisation of the past still stays unique and unparalleled in the whole human history. It was only possible because of a huge Islamic Caliphate which took part in the humanising cum civilisation building works with its massive infrastructure and state institutions. Now, the Muslims are deprived of such a state. Instead, they now possess more than 50 corruptive, divisive and dehumanising tribal or national states. These states could generate a perfect infrastructure only for failures. 05/11/16




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