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Disconnection with Allah (SWT): The Mother of All Failures

The failed priority – The prime agenda of Islam is to connect humans with their Almighty Creator Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such a connection is indeed the most crucial issue in human life. For a human, nothing is more important than this connectivity with his Supreme Lord. Whether a man will reach heaven or hell […]

The Muslims’ Betrayal of the Civilizational Role

The neglected objective – The Muslims claim to be the followers of Islam; but they live without pursuing Islam’s key objective. Because of that, they could ignore the importance of politics –the most powerful tool to purse any civilizational objective. In fact, the downfall of the Muslims not only owes to colonisation of Muslim lands […]

Disintegration of the Ummah & Celebration of Division in the Muslim World

The non-existent ummah! – The Muslims as an ummah is now non-existent. They exist only as national, racial or linguistic identities –as was the case of pre-Islamic Arab idolaters. A human body can’t survive with its truncated skeleton. Likewise, the body of the ummah can’t survive either, with the divisive maps, flags, walls and borders. […]

Betrayal of Iman & Showcasing of Disbelief by the Muslims

The abuse of rituals – The enemies of Islam never preach idolatry to take the Muslims back to the old days of primitive ignorance. They use and abuse Islam’s obligatory rituals to divert them from the core objective of Islam. And the core objective of Islam is not to promote few selective pillars of Islam […]

The Moral Disability & the Downfall of the Muslims

The moral disability & its fallout – The most important cause of Muslims’ downfall is not any natural disaster or economic collapse or any epidemic of a killer disease. It is indeed the moral disability that has brought them to the current quagmire. Such disability even kills any fresh attempt to rise up as a […]

The Muslims’ Betrayal against Islam

 The changed objective & the betrayal – In some diseased conditions, the human body even fails to discriminate its own cells from the cells of the invading bugs. In such misplaced immunity, the body’s own organs is perceived foreign and get badly damaged. It is called autoimmune disease. Similarly, the self-harming conceptual state runs very […]

Colonisation of the Muslim Mind & the Ideological Defeat

 The lost immunity An invincible immunity is crucial for survival in an environment embedded with millions of lethal bugs and viruses. Hence, the Almighty Allah –the Most Merciful, has blessed every man and woman with an inbuilt system of immunity. An effective defence barrier with highly potential cellular and biochemical weapons exist in every part […]

Muslims’ Neglect of the Role & the Infrastructure of Downfall

 Neglect of the greatest gift How a sick man can get cured when he ignores the only true prescription of the cure? Iman of a believer is very inclusive; believing only in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, His prophet, His angels and the hereafter (akhera) is not enough. Iman of a man is not iman if […]

The Calamity of Neo-jaheliya in the Muslim World

Conversion to the old jaheliha Ignorance (jaheliya) is the mother of all ugly inhumanities and failures. Today’s Muslims stand as the perfect testimony to that. The early Muslims could raise the finest civilisation on earth only because of their full compliance with the most fundamental basics of Islam like seeking Qur’anic knowledge, establishing Islamic state […]

The Calamity of Autocracy & Demilitarisation in the Muslim World

The Calamity of Autocracy & Demilitarisation in the Muslim World