The Global Terrorism against the Muslims & the Consequence

The terrorising war of the imperialists

Terrorism has a precise dictionary meaning. It is the use of weapons to fill people’s minds with terror for political or monetary gain. The terrorising power of a weapon depends directly and proportionately on its destructive power. So, the terror of a knife-wielding robber can’t match with the terror done with bombs, drones, missiles or nuclear bombs. Hence, no one on the earth can match the terrorising power of the USA. Awe of terror has some paralysing effect. This is why, while the USA Army with its massive air, land and naval power invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and went on killing spree there, no country or international body could show any sign of morality or humanity to protest against such blatant war crime. Even the UN had to bow down to the US barbarity.

In World War II, the US dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities. Its objective was not to occupy and colonise Japan. Instead, to achieve a massive terrorising goal. It could fill people’s mind all over the world with the devastating power of the new weapon. As a result, the USA –with the collaboration of other imperialists, could easily twist the political course of many parts the world to fit into its own agenda; even could dare disintegrate the whole map of of Middle East into more than 20 pieces. And, could also install an illegal state of Israel in its midst by cleansing its settled population.

The USA still continues to deploy the same strategy to terrorise the whole world –especially the Muslim World. President Donald Trump –a proven anti-Muslim rogue, destroyed almost every house of Mosul -the second largest city of Iraq to achieve that goal. He also razed the cities of Kobani, Raqqa, Fallujah, Ramadi, Deira’zour and many others to the ground for the same purpose. Whereas, the US could win the war without such massive destruction. President George W Bush too, had the same mind set. He invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to reinforce the image of the American might on the world stage. The main purpose of the USA’s occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria was not for oil or gas, but for terrorising the whole world, especially the Muslim population. It was a calculated act of robust terrorism to enforce full capitulation of the Muslim rulers. It has indeed fully achieved that. As a result, the US could easily twist the arms of the Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Emirati, Omani and Bahraini rulers to deposit trillions of petrodollar in the US economy. In return, the US provides security to these tyrants. Now they are trying to do the same against Iran. To continue with the same terrorising aim, the US government has embedded the whole world with thousands of military bases around the world. Now it has turned indispensable for the US to pursue such a coercive strategy to sustain its Super Power status. The US is already the most indebted country in the world – more than a trillion dollar it owes to China. The security cost of the US has turned so huge that it can’t sustain on its own.  Only through a coercive strategy, the US can force other nations to bear the maintenance cost of the American global empire. So, it has no other option but to engage in constant robbery –the classic version of terrorism, all over the world.


Terrorism with the distorted connotation

Military occupation never ends with mere physical occupation of a country. It is followed by occupation cum colonisation of people’s mind. And it is done through media. For that, the western imperialists and their partners in crime in the Muslim World have already taken over the media. As a result, they could hide their own crimes and demonise those who stand against them. The captured media helped them even to distort the true meaning of terrorism. So, in their vocabulary, those who are killing and terrorising the people with deadly weapons and reducing cities to ground are not labelled as terrorist. So, even the armed Israeli illegal settlers or soldiers who shoot at unarmed Palestinians are labelled innocent. In fact, they mean the opposite. The children who protest with empty hands or throw stones to the Israeli tanks are portrayed as terrorist. In Kashmir, the unarmed Kashmiri men, women and children who protest in the streets and demand freedom from Indian occupation are killed with a label of terrorist.


With the emerging trend of Islamic revival in the Muslim World, the meaning of terrorism has been given another deceitful distortion. Even the people who want to practise original Islam –as was practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with its indispensable components like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, shura and jihad, are also labelled as extremist cum terrorist. So, the fascist regimes in Egypt, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries do not hesitate to kill the unarmed Islamists. So, on 6th May in 2013, hundreds of sit-in protesters were killed in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka in Bangladesh and on 14th August in 2013, more than two thousand peaceful protestors were killed in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo.


Terrorism: a multi-national imperialist enterprise

A mad dog doesn’t need to be hurt to get offensive. The same is true with the imperialists. No man or woman from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria bombed any American city; but the Americans came from other end of the glove to bomb the cities of those countries to kill more than a million. They dropped bombs, mother of all bombs, depleted uranium bombs, missiles and drones to turn thousands of Muslim houses and hundreds of cities to rubbles. But such killing campaigns have never been labelled in the western countries as a terror campaign. The US forces have detained and tortured thousands of innocent people with the extreme brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They established torture cells in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Bagram base in Afghanistan, Abu Gharib in Iraq to run brutality in an industrial scale. They also introduced rendition scheme to franchise such torturing scheme to other regimes known for cruel state apparatus. Awfully, under the US patronage, terrorism thus has become a multi-national state enterprise.

It is worth noting that the US-led imperialists aren’t concerned about the absence of basic human rights in the Muslim countries ruled by the US-supported tyrants. They get happy if these brutal killers help strengthen the national security of the US and serve their political, ideological & economic interests. Moreover, they appreciate these tyrants if they crush any Islamic resurgence. This is why the killer tyrant like General Abul Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt gets such a robust appreciation for killing, torturing and arresting the Islamists. It is clear, in the world order established by the US-led western powers, there is no scope for the Muslims to raise their heads and emerge as a significant global power. Such a world order is only to safeguard the interests of the US-led imperialists and Israel. Its prime aim is to keep the Muslims de-empowered.


The case of Russia, China & India

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has taken the same route. Like the US, it has committed the similar crimes against the Chechen Muslims. And, like any other member state of the UN Security Council, Putin also enjoys full impunity for his war crimes. On the other hand, the Chechen Muslims are labelled as terrorists for demanding freedom from the Russian occupation. To suppress their aspiration and liberation movement, in the year of 2000, the whole Chechen city of Grozny was bombed to the ground. Thousands were killed and many more were put in torture cells. And the Russian brutality still continues. In the Soviet era, the Russians did the same in Afghanistan in the eighties. Although the Russians were badly defeated in Afghanistan in 1989, but they didn’t stop their anti-Muslim campaigns. Now they are dropping bombs in Syria; and trying to expand the same state terrorism to Libya and the Central Republic of Africa.

China is committing the same brutality against the Uighur Muslims. In the name of cultural education, the Chinese government is carrying out a massive social engineering project of de-Islamisation. About a million Muslims are being kept in prisons and are being brain washed to take them away from Islam. They are not allowed to enjoy the basic human rights -like the right to practise their own religion. Even they were prevented to keep fasting and wearing their traditional dress. The religious education has also been strictly restricted.

The case of India is no less brutal against the Muslims either. The Muslims constitute about 15% of Indian population; but they are not give even 5% of the government jobs. Socio-economically, they are kept inferior to so-called untouchables. The Indian Army is on a long killing mission in the Muslim majority state of Kashmir. About a hundred thousand Kashmiri Muslims have already been killed and thousands of Kashmiri women are raped. In the Indian vocabulary, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either. Rather, those who are standing for freedom from Indian occupation and wand basic human rights are labelled as terrorists.


The crime of the Israeli terrorists

The case of Israel is a classic example of a state that could be established solely through terrorism and could survive through terrorism. It is the old practice of ethnic cleansing of the original people and colonisation by the foreign people in modern age. The Jewish people came from all over the world to Palestine to grab lands from the Palestinians. The Palestinians are either killed or forced to live in refugee camps for more than 70 years. On the illegally seized lands, hundreds of thousands of luxurious flats are built for those who were not born in Palestine. The same old policy of eviction, the same policy of land grabbing and the same scheme of settling the foreign Jews in the Arab land that started 70 years ago still continue. Apartheid practice has died in South Africa, but now thrives in the occupied Palestine. The old western colonial powers not only support such illegal Israeli occupation of the Muslim lands, but also sponsor it economically and militarily. So, the crime of brutal occupation and killing continues unabated. And, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either.

There is no doubt that the Jews have suffered a lot under the fascist regime in the west. Millions of them faced brutal death there. But, instead of learning compassion and humanity, they have learned a lot of brutal skills and inhumanities. These are now being deployed against the Muslims in Palestine. This is why, the atrocities against the occupied people of Palestine could attain such a scale of brutality. They have even lost all morality and civility to call the on-going brutality against the Palestinians as a cruel act, let alone calling it terrorism. Hatred against the Muslims has been so deeply embedded in the mind of Israeli rulers that they even feel highly content to embrace Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India as the friend of Israel. Whereas Narendra Modi is an Indian version of Adolph Hitler for the Indian Muslims. In 2002, he engineered the killing of more than two thousands innocent Muslim men, women and children in Gujrat while he was the Chief Minister of the province. He also instigated his followers to raze historic Babri Mosque to the ground. Recognising his robust criminality, even the US government imposed ban on his entrance to the US –although later on withdrawn in order to promote the American business interest with India.


The case of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Army is already known for genocidal war crimes against the Tamils. Such crimes have already been documented by the international human rights organisations. But the failure of the international bodies like the UN and the International Criminal Court has emboldened them to continue the similar crimes against other people. Now their guns are turned against the Muslims. The extrajudicial killing has started with the new strategy to target the Muslims in their living quarters. To cover up the killing, they are telling the world that the Muslim women and children are blowing up themselves. Last year, the Sri Lankan Muslims didn’t explode any bomb anywhere; but the Buddhists hooligans led by the monks went on killing spree. They looted, vandalised and burnt down the Muslim houses and businesses. Such anti-Muslim rampage went on for many days; but the Sri Lankan Army and the police did very little to protect the Muslims’ life and properties. The judiciary too, showed its inaction to bring the criminals to justice. Moreover, such mob killings and arsons didn’t find any place in their vocabulary to be called as terrorism or Buddhist extremism.


Boiling up the Muslim blood

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, every crime has a consequence. The Muslims are terribly suffering from all sorts of barbarity in almost every part of the world. The people of no other faith suffer in such an awful way. The cases of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, Uighur, Rohingya are only a few to mention. In the west, the Muslim women are tormented only for wearing a head scarf. President Donal Trump has put a ban on the Muslims coming to the USA. The Indian Muslims are being lynched to death only for keeping or eating beef. Many East European countries have put wall of barbed wire to keep away the Muslim refugee out of their country. The Muslim countries ruled by the brutal dictators are embedded with thousands of Guantanamo Bay-like torture cells. The USA and its cronies like it.

The US, the French, the British, and the Italian Air Force have shown their ever readiness to bomb any people in any part of the world who want to go back to original Islam -as has been practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) about 15 hundred years ago. They have their own prescription for the Muslims. It is far away from the Qur’anic prescription. Hence, the Islamic basics like Islamic state, sharia, hudud, pan-Islamic brotherhood, khilafa, shura, jihad against enemy occupation have no place in it. They have no problem with the Saudi mass execution, the Emirati tribal barbarity, the Bangladeshi mockery of democracy by Shaikh Hasina and the brutal tyranny of Egypt’s Abul Fatah Sissi. They appreciate their Islam as true and moderate Islam. By any decent standard, these are not any innocent act; rather, highly heinous crime against Prophet’s Islam, the innocent Muslims and the humanity.

Because of the hostile policy of the imperialists and their servile cronies, there exists not even a single space on earth for full practice of true Islam –as was practised in Islam’s golden age! Thus, the Muslims are prohibited to be a full Muslim. Hostility towards Islam and the Muslims must have a limit. One must not forget that 1.6 billion Muslims are not a collection of dead bodies. They have souls, emotion, faith and intellect. They also share the same globe with others. The ongoing crimes against Islam and the Muslims are explosive enough to boil up their blood. The boiled-up blood can turn them to live bombs. And it is not unusual that the bombs fail to differentiate the innocents from the criminals. Islam doesn’t allow suicide; but doesn’t prohibit to be a war appliance. So, it seems, the planet is turning rapidly to be an unsafe place for everyone. 01.05.2019




The Cost of Independence & the Evil of Surrender

The most costly enterprise

Freedom or independence has never been attained free of cost. It is indeed the most costly entitlement in human life. It needs sacrifice of money, life and all forms of physical and intellectual abilities. One and half million Algerians needed to sacrifice their lives to attain independence from the French colonial occupation. More than 2 million Afghans had to sacrifice their lives to get freedom from the Soviet and the American occupation; and the battle still continues. The people of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Arakan still continue to sacrifice for the same cause. Whereas, mere physical survival doesn’t cost too much; even insects and animals can meet the necessary needs for such survival.

Surrender to the slavery is like floating with the high tide. Such slavery may provide the provision for animal-like physical survival; but takes away the liberty to live with the cherished vision, mission and ideology. This is why slavery to the kuffar is incompatible with Islam; it makes impossible for a Muslim to live like a Muslim. As if, it is living like a fish out of water. A Muslim needs to fulfil not only the survival needs, but also the ideological, educational, cultural and spiritual needs. The road map of Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and many other obligatory components can’t be pursued in captivity, it needs bigger space fully free from the enemy occupation. So, in Islam, it is so important to safeguard the independence of a Muslim state. As per prophetic narrative, working for a moment as a frontier-vigilante is more importance than spending the whole night in nafl prayer.

Such independence can never be earned by taking help from the foreign kuffars. The foreign forces fight wars only to impose their own occupation. The case of Middle East and Bangladesh gives ample evidences. The Arab nationalists conspired with the British and the French forces to disintegrate Osmania Khilafa and to bring independence to the Arab lands. But, it didn’t bring the promised independence. Instead, fetched slavery of the British and France. It caused terrible fragmentation of the Middle East, installed terrible tyrant on each fragment and gave birth to illegitimate Israel. The case of the Bengali nationalists is no less awful either. In 1971, they invited the Indian Army to get them separated from the former united Pakistan. Instead of independence, Bangladesh earned a subdued status in the geopolitical domain of India.

Like fighting for independence, staying independence against enemy onslaught is also highly expensive. Independence of a state can never sustain on enemy’s good will; it depends wholly on its defence capability. To attain such capability, it needs the necessary geopolitical potentials of the state and the political will and unity of the people. It also needs a bigger land mass, advanced weaponry and intense military skills of its citizen. Without such capacity, a state easily turns to a slave state. Awfully, this is the status of the most of the Muslim countries in the world. In fact, the defence capability of all the Muslim Countries combined hardly matches with that of a tiny Israel.


Independent nations and slave nations

The defence spending of country indeed works as the most accurate indicator to show how much importance it pays to its security, dignity and independence. All nations –like all individuals, don’t survive with the same agenda. A slave nation –like a slave man or woman, possesses a little esteem need. Hence, such a state spends a little on its defence and dignity. Its priority mostly lies on mere physical survival, at best to get some degree of economic wellbeing -even through cajoling the big powers, as Bangladesh does with India and Saudi Arabia does with the USA. Whereas an independent nation with a strong sense of dignity spends lion’s share of its budget on defence to earn prestige and influence on the world stage. They even compromise their economic wellbeing to build up the defence capability –as buoyantly prioritised by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan that his countrymen would prefer to eat grass but will build nuclear bomb.

The size of the economy of Russia is smaller than that of South Korea, but its political weight in the world politics match only with the USA. The foreign currency reserve of Pakistan is less than that of Bangladesh; but in the field of defence and world politics it fights shoulder to shoulder with a seven-time bigger India. The political and military weight of Pakistan owes to its nuclear weapons and other advanced weaponry. To preserve its status in the world politics, the USA spends trillions of dollars to strengthen the defence and almost continuously fight wars all over the world. For similar reason, every man and woman of Israel takes military training. Israel has also piled up huge number of nuclear bombs, missiles, fighter jets, drones and other sophisticated arsenals. The per capita weapons in Israel is indeed the highest in the whole world. Its defence force can reduce all the Arab capitals to rubbles within minutes. This is why the ruling tyrant in Cairo and in other Arab capitals cajole Israel for their survival.  


Absence of strategy & the deviation

But the Muslims in general invest a little to strengthen their defence. They seldom possess any defence strategy either. The Arab money is being invested heavily in the West to finance their arms industry and economic boom. This year Saudi Arabia alone declared investment of more than 40 billion dollar in India to strengthen the economy of this kuffar country -where the Muslims are regularly lynched to death on alleged beef eating. Such enormous petro-wealth didn’t help them to build even a good quality gun or bullet. A very few Muslims take military training. As a result, there are the most defenceless people on earth. So, foreign occupation is their fate. Those who join the Army in the Muslim countries, they do it only to conquer their own country and to grab the government offices, the government assets and the lucrative lands in big cities. This is why, the military coup is so common in the Muslim World.

Whereas, in the golden days of Islam, every Muslim was a soldier -including the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself. There was no sleeping or inactive Muslim. And in those days, the per capita weapons in the Islamic state was the highest in the whole world. More than 70 percent of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives. As a result, they could raise the finest civilisation in the whole human history and the most powerful super power in the contemporary world. But now, such commitment to the Islamic cause is labelled as extremism even by the Muslims. On the other hand, they label working as partners with the US-led imperialists as modernity and moderate Islam. 26.04.2019

The Clash of Islamists and the Imperialists

The clash and the ideological basis 

Secularism is an ideology that has its own conceptual paradigm. Secularism can’t survive in a milieu where Islam dominates with it full ideological, cultural and civilisational aims. Hence the clash of Islamists and the imperialists is not a subject of the past, rather an all-time reality –especially in the Muslim world. The imperialists’s hedonic greed make them incompatible with the political and cultural dominance of Islam; so the clash is unavoidable. Since both secularism and Islam -as ideology, are not confined by any territorial boundary, the clash is global. Professor Huntington labelled it as clash of the civilization in his book; and described the followers of Islam as the sole challenger of the western civilisation. He advised to take Russia, China, India and others as partners in the battle against Islam and the Muslims. The sole objective of the occupying the imperialist enemy is not to build a Muslim country, rather to set up an infrastructure of weakness so that they can prolong their imperialist occupation. The British did it during their colonial rule. The French did it, too. Now the US is doing the same in Afghanistan, Iraq and other occupied Muslim lands. The divisive walls in the name of national or tribal boundaries are indeed raised a huge army of collaboratoIrs in all branches of the statecraft like politics, army, public administration and judiciary to work as their proxy even after the end of colonial rule.

The Americans have United States of America. The European have European Union. But their prescription for the Muslims are exactly opposite. The reason is quite simple. Since they consider Muslims as the civilizational enemy; they can’t allow the enemy to get united. Hence, the Muslims are not allowed to dismantle the walls of division. Rather they are supplying all necessary strategies, resources, weapons and even manpower on the ground to protect fortify walls of the division. In Iraq, the Sunni, the Shia, the Kurd all lived peacefully for last 14 hundred years. But the US led western invasion into Iraq made such peaceful co-existence unthinkable. The have given political power and arms to the Shia to torture and kill the Sunnis. Now each community live only in their own communities. This is new israelisation of the whole Muslim World –which entail forceful mass eviction of the original dwellers of the land and handing it over to the earth-grabbing people from the outside as is the norm in Israel. Before the US invasion of Iraq, the country was one country, and in the whole Arab World, there was only one Israel. But now there are many. Hence the Israelis are getting their friends in Arbil, Kirkuk, Solemania in Kurdistan; and in Baghdad, in Iraq and in many parts in Syria.


The imposed bar

An imposed bar restricts the most crucial aspect of the Muslims’s life, they are not even allowed to raise any voice against these post-World World boundaries that  –the greatest and the more harmful deviation from the prophetic tradition and the Qur’anic Islam. Islam doesn’t allow to raise divisive walls in the midst of the Muslims in the name of language, tribe, and territory. Such divisions please only the devil and not Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. They are not  allowed to return to original Islam that had sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad -as was preached by the last prophet of Islam. They faith, practice and politics must be ratified  Their mission is not obscure. Now they are bombing the Arab lands to promote the same imperialist mission and interests. They label it protecting the Western security.


The occupation and the engineering

The US occupation and its political engineering has fatally damaged the ethnic compatibility in the Middle East that survived for more 14 hundred years. It has raised walls of ethnic and sectarian separation –as was raised by the Persian Safavi Shia rulers in the past. It is a fundamental damage to the social fabric. What Saddam did in Iraq are indeed peanuts in comparison to crimes committed by Bush, Obama and their ally in Iraq and Afghanistan. More awfully, they haven’t finished yet. The case of the US collaboration with the occupying Israeli killers tells a lot about the USA’s venomous policy against the Muslims. Mr Donald Trump –the US Republican candidate for the US presidency has been honest to regurgitate some of the truest venom which are usually kept hidden by the hypocrites like President Obama and ex-President Bill Clinton and George Bush and the alike.

The US occupation of Muslim land didn’t start with the occupation of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. In fact, it started with the creation of Israel. Every inch of Arab land that has been occupied by Israel is done with the US money, weapon and the plan; and therefore not an exclusive Israeli occupation. It is rather a US-Israeli joint occupation; hence a fundamental US policy to prolong it. So, Israel receives enough encouragement to replicate the same brutality as the US did and still continues in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Russian enmity and atrocities against the Muslims is not new either. Nor did it start with the occupation of Afghanistan in 1979. It started with the Tsarist occupation of the whole Muslims central Asia, Crimea and the Caucasus. In the Islamic heart land, none of the big powers has enough courage to invade alone; so, they always need local and international collaborators. During the World War I, the British imperialists made such alliance with the Arab tribal leaders to destroy Osmania khilafa. In the Arab world, both the US and Russia have their own subservient regimes in place to work as their Trojan horses. Russia has its own in Damascus. Now, Israel is not the only client state of the USA; the regimes in Iraq, Irbil, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain are no less eager than Israel to help the US to promote its agenda in the Middle East.


Civilizational War of the West

The West’s war

The British occupation of Iraq and Palestine in 1917, the French occupation of Syria in the same year of 1917, the US occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, the US-lead joint occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the current bombing in Syria. Libya, Yemen and Somalia are indeed the parts of the same Western civilizational war. After the quick demise of Soviet Union, the westerners started considering the Muslims as the main and real challengers against their civilisation, values and beliefs. In World War-I, they could successfully dismantle Osmania Khelafa – the core civilizational state of the Muslims. As the defending bastion, the Westerners have their core state like USA, the Hindu have India, and the Chinese have China. But the Muslims have none. So they have none to defend the Muslims’ lives and interests in any battle fields, nor in any international forum. So the Muslims in Bosnia, Palestine, India, Myanmar, Uighur, and Chechnya find themselves as the helpless perfect destitute. They had no option but to silently endure all enemy atrocities. 

Now, all the Westerners appear as a single tribe; hence a tribal culture prevails over them. The sentiment “my tribe is right or wrong” prompts them to support even the ugliest crimes in Muslim lands. Therefore, whenever a Muslim country is invaded by any of the Western countries, all other countries instantly support such crime as a legitimate one. Even if a homegrown terrible autocrat starts harming the Islamic resurgence is given red-carpet welcome in the western capital -as seen in the case of General Abdul Fattah Sisi of Egypt who have already killed thousand innocent men, women and children in the country and continues to kill.   

War, democracy, liberty –all these have a different tribal connotation. Hence democratic election of any Islamist is never recognised as proper democracy in the Western tribal culture if it goes against the west’s own interest.Hence whenever a war if fought for the liberation of any Muslim land, it is called terrorism. This is why the liberation struggles of the Muslims of Kashmir, Chechen, Myanmar, Siankiang, Pattani are quickly dismissed. Whereas terrorists’ wars against united Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia or Turkey is  labelled as genuine liberation war.

For the same reason, the occupational war on any Muslim land and eviction of its original people gets all sorts of military, monetary and diplomatic support if it in the interest of the West or its Jewish partners. Because of such a notion, even bombing the Muslim cities by the US, the British or the French Air Force, get full support in the west.  Therefore, the most criminal creation of Israel is recognised as a genuine humanitarian act and any effort to restore the basic human rights of the original residents is called terrorism.


Partnership in occupation and destruction

The US, the French, the British and the Russians have developed an intimate collaborating partnership to cause more deaths and destruction of the Muslims. They have indeed emerged as a single tribe; and exhibit tribal culture of mutual love and collaboration in their civilizational war against Islam and the Muslims. They show no enmity against President Basher al-Assad – another anti-Islamic comrade in their war against Muslims. The ugliest butcher of Syria has already killed more than 300,000 Syrians. Although the war planes, naval ships and drones of the West’s anti-Islamic tribe are busy day and night in dropping bombs and missiles on the Muslim cities and villages, these have never touched al-Assad and his army. They dropped more bombs in Syria and Iraq than that were dropped in the whole Europe in the World War 11. The city of Aleppo received more destruction than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The US alone dropped more than 11,000 bombs. and do not touch.

Conceptual Crisis of the Muslims

The crucial question

Every Muslim must reflect on a serious and crucial question. If the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) would have returned back to the Muslim World and started his jihad for reviving sharia, hudud, khilafa and unity what would have been their own role? Do they possess the moral competence and readiness to join his mission? If they fail to do that, can they expect paradise in the hereafter? But if any real love for prophet’s mission still exists, why sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and unity are non-existent in the Muslim countries? Do they not constitute the most indispensable parts of Islam? Did the prophet of Islam and his great companions practise Islam without sharia, hudud, jihad, khilafa and unity? Surely, these Islamic fundamentals are not compatible with infidels’ way of life. But why a Muslim should accommodate such wish of the disbelievers? Is it not the way to invite the Divine wrath? Why they couldn’t start the same jihad as has launched by the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

In fact, the truth is otherwise. There runs a high level of hostility towards sharia, hudud, jihad, khelafa and unity in almost all Muslim countries. The Muslim leaders –even the leaders of many Islamic parties and groups try hard to be more compatible with the despotic rulers and the imperialists than fulfilling the Islamic obligation. So, there exists little effort to align with the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that entails overwhelming glory of Islam over all perverted faiths and beliefs.  They ignore the truth that aligning with the disbelievers and their agenda means distancing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet. Even in Muslim countries, whoever takes the prophetic mission of implementing sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad, faces the same persecution -as the prophet faced in the hands of infidel Arabs. An effort for dismantling the divisive walls that are raised in the name of national and tribal identities is a punishable criminal offence in almost all Muslim countries. The Qur’anic narratives of Islamic obligation like sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad are now taboo in most of the Muslim countries. Truly, this reveals the extent of deviation of the Muslims from the Qur’anic path. Islam survives only as a bunch of rituals, not as a code of life. This tells a lot about the success of Shaitan and the failures of the Muslims.


The incompatibility

It is the explicit agenda of the imperialists that the Muslims must live with the failures; and should practise Islam as mere rituals. They ask Muslims to accept this new reality. But accepting such reality means surrendering to falsehood –hence heading towards hellfire. Hence the US and its politico-ideological cronies with such anti-Islamic agenda are grossly incompatible with the most fundamental teachings of Islam. They are not ready to give Islam any space in politics, administration of state, economics, judiciary, education and culture. Whereas without the implementation of sharia, hudud, khelafa, Muslim unity and jihad, Islam is not true Islam. But retuning back to true Islam is labelled as religious extremism; they call it threat to the global stability.  Whereas in Islam, faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and the rituals like five times prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat, haj are not the end in themselves. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la wants to fill His heaven with the believers. But, it is not a free entry; even a believer needs to qualify for it. It comes as a blessing from the Almighty –as a mark of His forgiveness for the true believers. For getting forgiveness, one must pass a crucial test. Only then, he or she can enter the paradise.


The test and the mockery

Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the most merciful wants to help the believers qualify for the test. In fact, the Holy Qur’an was revealed and thousands of prophets were sent with such a key purpose. To add more intensity to such preparation, the Almighty has set up Divine institutions and prescribed a comprehensive Divine curriculum. The mosques, states, communities and families established on Qur’anic teachings and prophetic tradition, are indeed such Divine institutions. The rituals like five times prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat, haj are not the test for his faith in themselves, rather the obligatory elements of the Divine curriculum to help pass the real test. In absence of such institution and curriculum, one can’t think of qualifying for passing the test. So in Islam, it is indispensable to build Islamic state and other core institutions to help people pass the test. It also explains why Divine curriculum like five times prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat, haj is so obligatory. In order to pass the test, every believer is asked to stand up for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and for His religion. In fact, whenever a believer stands for the His cause, he puts his life and wealth at danger. He instantly becomes the target of Shaitan and his companions; and the real test then starts. Here, it needs to spend his wealth, invest his physical and intellectual abilities and even sacrifice life in His cause. The companions of the prophet didn’t fail to understand such basics of Islam. To pass the test and qualify for His forgiveness, most of the companions sacrificed their life in His cause.

So, declaring belief in Allah – Sub’hana wa Ta’la and taking part in the religious rituals are not trustworthy proof of one’s faith. Hundreds of hypocrites did that in prophet’s time. He needs to move further in His way. He needs to stand up for His cause with his all possible potentials. So, it is revealed in the Holy Qur’an, “Tell (the believer, O Muhammad): I only advise you of one thing, that rise up for Allah’s cause in pairs and singly, and give then thought” –(Sura Saba, verse 46). Hence, standing for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s cause is not a choice, it is an obligation on every single believer to show true faith in Him. But such obligation gets ignored by the most Muslims. Rather, in most of the Muslim countries, legal and constitutional prohibition have been put in place against fulfilling such an obligation. Instead, it has been the political culture to stand for tribal, national or regional cause. To promote such causes, standing shoulder to shoulder with the US, Russia, India or other country gets high priority. For most Muslims, standing for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is not an issue. Some call it religious extremism, some call it terrorism. What could be worst mockery of Islam than this? But the question arises: if standing for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His sharia is terrorism, what label should they put on the Holy Qur’an that made such standing a key to paradise?



Betrayal of Islam & the Infrastructure of Failure

The betrayal

Islam has its own mission, vision and objectives; there is no obscurity or ambiguity on these basics. To be a true Muslim, one needs to be strictly life-long adherent to those Islamic mission, vision and objectives. Otherwise, he or she becomes a kafir (disbeliever) or a munaifiq (hypocrite). According to Islam, the worst category of humans are not the kafir; they are the munfiq. In the hereafter, they will be dumped in the worst part of the hellfire. Surprisingly, the munafiqs are not the product of any kafir family, society or state. These vilest creature come exclusively from the Muslim families, societies or states. Because of these evil people, a Muslim state runs the highest risk of turning into the worst place on earth –as currently being evidenced in many parts of the world. Millions of people of these Muslim states are now giving preference to living even in kuffar states. These evil peoples are produced through a process of betrayal against Islam’s core beliefs and agenda. They are Muslim only by name; but their culture, politics, warfare, education, law, constitution, banking and economics show total disobedience to Qur’anic decrees. Such disobedience, could only bring down the promised wrath of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la.

The last messenger of Islam Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) not only showed the roadmap for getting a place in the paradise, but also demonstrated how to attain peace, tranquillity and success in this world. This is indeed the sign of completeness of Islam and the greatest blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The credit goes to the prophet (peace be upon him) and his faithful companions that they could prove the right worth of the Qur’anic guidance by raising the best people and the finest civilisation on earth in the whole history of mankind. The greatest shirk (polytheism) is not mere adding some partners to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, but to believe that someone else can also prescribe better laws, better norms and culture, and can provide better inputs for higher morality, peace and tranquillity.  Such a belief recognises the superiority or equality of some deities or entities other than Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.  It denies the Divine Truth that guiding the mankind is exclusively His domain (inna alai’na huda). Taking anyone as the law giver –be it parliament, ruler or king, is in fact the overt betrayal against Almighty Allah’s Sovereignty. Hence, it is shirk. And, shirk is an unforgivable sin. It makes entry to paradise impossible. But it is awful that such shirk (polytheism) has achieved an epidemic proportion in the Muslim World; and could dismantle the fundamentals of Islamic faith. Such a shirk could successfully disengage the Muslims from practice of sharia and other decrees of the Qur’anic roadmap -on a fabricated pretext that sharia laws are obsolete or impracticable! As a result, out of 57 Muslim countries, none is sharia compliant! Can a believer with an iota of faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la be ever compatible with the laws that is not taken from Qur’an?       

If the Muslims could have achieved any success, peace, glory or dignity by the current level of rebellion against sharia and other Islamic principles, one could easily argue that the Qur’anic road map is no more essential. One could also claim that the prophet’s tradition now stand irrelevant. But the constant defeat, humiliation, tyranny and the down-hill course of the Muslims as a whole do not provide any ground to such claim. Rather, the current catastrophe in the Muslim World tells a lot about the seriousness of the disease. The Muslims have terribly failed not only in solving their own problems, but also in understanding the root cause of the problems. Their current level of failure and humiliation does not owe to inadequacies of mosques, madrasas, colleges or universities in the Muslim World; neither to the economy or the industry. Today, the Muslims have thousand times more mosques, madrasas, schools and colleges than they had in the golden days. Their economy shows much prosperity than those of the poor early Muslims. Today, they have more cantonments and hundred times more soldiers in uniform. They have nuclear bombs, too. But nothing is working to stop the ongoing enemy occupation, subjugation, destruction and the blood-bath. In fact, it is the huge deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap that has brought them to the current quagmire. Mosques, madrasas, schools, colleges, universities and the government and non-government institutions of the Muslim countries are not solving the problems; rather, they are the integral parts of the problems. In fact, the crime is being done by increasing the deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. To confirm the depth of deviation, one can easily compare the contemporary policies of the Muslim countries with those of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.  


The misplaced priority

Success or glory never comes to a people while the most important things get ignored. But it is a great irony that the Muslims are ignoring the most crucial issue of Islam for centuries. The prophet didn’t come to teach how to make national or tribal states; and neither to show how to build mosque, madrasah, palace or monument. The prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam gave the highest priority to build an Islamic civilizational state. Such a state is indispensable for practising full Islam -as indispensable for implementing sharia and raising the Muslims as a force of righteousness on earth. Hence, wherever there is no Islamic state, one can’t think of true and full Islam there either. So the prophet’s Islamic state became the common target of all the infidels. There wasn’t any iota of doubt about the importance of such a state in the mind of the companions of the prophet. Hence, after his death, the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) not only continued with the mission, but also multiplied its strength and expanse. They fought numerous wars and streamlined the whole energy of the ummah to give a very powerful sustenance to the prophet’s state. Which is why the early leaders of the ummah are called the rightly guided caliph (viceroy) of the prophet (peace be upon him). The Islamic state of the prophet (peace be upon him) continued to survive as the Islamic Caliphate in later days; and quickly emerged as the number one global power. Hence it was proven that only this way the Muslim ummah can work as an effective civilizational force and as the army of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la to serve His Vision (li’euzhirahu aladdini kullihi).

The down fall of the Muslims started at a time when they moved away from the prophetic tradition and spent their wealth, energy and intelligence for building tribal empires or states. In fact, the ugliest betrayal of the prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t occur in five times prayers, fasting, haj or other rituals, but in the arena of state building. It is true that increased number of mosques can provide more space for five times prayer but can’t create any political space, prestige or security for the ummah in the world stage. It is indeed the job of a powerful Islamic state with full compliance with the prophet’s tradition. But now the deviation of the Muslims is so huge, no more they show any interest in the creation of an Islamic state; as if, the concept of such a state doesn’t exist in the Muslims’ political dictionary. Their perversion has reached to a point that establishing an Islamic state on the prophetic model and defending it appears no more a job of the Muslims. Instead, they have joined the infidels’ rank to foil any such effort in any part of the world. To them, a Muslim state means either a tribal or a national state to pursue only some worldly gains. In the days of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions, there was no dispute on khelafa, sharia, hudud and jihad. To be a Muslim, one needed to be 100% compliant to those core concepts of Islam. In those days of the Muslims’ glory, an iota of disagreement on these core issues was enough to be perceived as a full kafir -there was no dispute among the Muslim scholars about such a diagnosis. But these Qur’anic concepts are made controversial and blamed as terrorists’ extremism. And those who are known for dropping nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, drones and missiles on civilian population and turning cities and villages into rubbles are embraced as civilizational force and labelled as the defenders of the Muslims. Like the infidels, they also believe, it is terrorism to create an Islamic state. And they also join hand in hand with the non-Muslims to dismantle such a state. These are indeed the vile efforts of the anti-Islamic coalition to destroy the life line of Islam and the Muslim ummah. If that had happened in the days of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided Caliphs, what would have been the reaction against these deniers of sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad? There were the coalition of anti-Islamic forces in those early days too. The early Muslims could successfully dismantle them. But, if their efforts had succeeded, could Islam reach to the current stage?

It is noteworthy that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t build a single mosque or madrasa during his initial 13 years of prophet hood in Mecca. His main focus was to build war-ready enlightened soldiers who would be ever-ready to sacrifice their time, wealth, energy and even life to establish and defend the Islamic state. And after his death, they would be competent enough to discharge the duty as the devoted khalifa (viceroy). For that, they needed one to one close education, mentoring and monitoring. The prophet (peace be upon him) worked as an all-time teacher, role-model and mentor for the Meccan Muslims. In a period of 13 years, he could make only about 150 such people; each one of them was fully imbued with the Qur’anic knowledge -personally by the prophet (peace be upon him) himself. Later on, they proved to be the best human on earth -not only in the Islamic history, but also in the history of whole mankind. They formed the rock-like solid foundation for the Islamic civilization which could withstand all forms of social and political upheavals. Thus, the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) proved to be the best teacher in the whole human history. After the migration to Medina, the prophet (peace be upon him) continued with the same methodology there. In the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, the full readiness of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) was always spontaneous. They never said like the companions of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), “O Musa! Go ahead with your God to fight for us, and we stay here waiting (till you clear the proposed land for us).” Rather, they told, “O Prophet of Allah! you decide whatever you like to decide. In the way of Allah, if you jump into the sea, you will surely find us with you.” Such self-sacrificing pledge and fearlessness came out instantly when they were asked about their opinion just before the highly unequal war of Badar –when 313 of them confronted 1000 best infidel warriors of Mecca. The prophet (peace be upon him) never failed to anticipate the imminent wars of the enemies, hence started the preparation from the day one.


The danger of meltdown

For a Muslim, the danger of living in a non-Muslim or un-Islamic state is quite real and grave. The problem is not economic or physical, rather spiritual and ideological. For survival, a fish needs water, a Muslim needs an Islamic environment. A Muslim can’t be a full Muslim without befitting Islamic institutional care. The un-Islamic state institutions of the Muslim countries –even the religious bodies of these states, have their own political and ideological agenda inimical to Islam and the Muslims. These are created not to help Muslims to grow up as true Muslim. Rather such institutions do the opposite by limiting or restraining the opportunities to know Islam. As a result, the most important agenda of the Muslim life gets severely compromised. Even the practice of full Islam get severely restricted; banning head-scarf or hejab is just a symptom of such hostility against Islam. So, the Muslims men and women runs the risk of moral, spiritual and ideological meltdown in a hostile political, educational and cultural milieu of an un-Islamic Muslim state or a non-Muslim kuffar state. What else would be worse than such a meltdown? This can only expedite the joint journey with the kuffars towards the hellfire.

The western countries have already shown their strength as a powerful melting pot. But these are not the exclusive cases of the western or the non-Muslim countries only; a Muslim country under the infidel or the secularist occupation also presents with the same consequence. For example, the de-Islamised Muslims of the secularist Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan is equally hostile to implementation of sharia like the Hindu kuffars of India. To be a true Muslim, like regular foods and drinks, he also needs regular inputs and throughputs from the Islamic value-adding institutions. He or she needs to go through a full refining process of Islam’s own educational and cultural system. To ensure such an environment of ideological enrichment and to protect them from meltdown in a kuffar culture and society, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his rightly guided companions needed to establish a full Islamic state from day one. It is the most massive and crucial duty of an Islamic state. As an individual one can bear the burden of getting bread and butter for his family; he can also build a good house for his family. But he can’t build the most crucially needed educational, cultural and spiritual environment for his children. It is beyond his ability. It is the prime responsibility of the Muslim state to protect his children not only from protectable deaths from disease epidemics, but also from spiritual, moral and ideological death. The state that bears such responsibility through its state institutions is called an Islamic state. Therefore it works as the institute of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la on earth. Hence the enemies of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la can never be ready to tolerate the existence of such a state. Rather, to put an end to it, they form global coalition.


The state that takes people away from Islam and its way of life by its corruptive and manipulative education, culture, media and deceptive politics is called an un-Islamic state. Such a state is indeed the most massive devilish tool on earth. If such a state becomes a World Power, the world peace becomes the first and foremost fatality –as it is now. Launching World Wars, dropping nuclear bombs, occupying countries, destroying cities, massive genocide, ethnic cleansing and vietnamisation of the countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are not the only crimes of these devils. They have also caused moral, spiritual or ideological death of billions of the people worldwide. As a result, the world body like UNO and its member states have lost the moral power to condemn the ongoing worst crimes in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world. They do wars not only with bombs, drones and missiles, but also with lies and the media cum propaganda industries. Hence, it has been the greatest wisdom and the most important sunnah of the prophet (peace be upon him) to dismantle the core industry of these devils. It is also a Qur’anic obligation in all ages. So, both the Roman and the Persian empires were defeated by the rightly guided early Muslims. In the whole history of Islam, it proved to be the most costly project. But it is also the most beneficial project in the whole history of mankind. Otherwise, the mankind would have missed to see the best civilizational achievement on earth. To defend and strengthen such a crucial Divine institution, more than 70 percent of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) needed to sacrifice their lives.



The best model for the mankind

Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has labelled His last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the best model (us’watun hasana) for the whole mankind for all times to come. More than 100 thousands prophets came to this world, but why such a special position for the last prophet (peace be upon him)? For such an exceptional adoration, there are sufficient understandable reasons. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s distinctiveness from all other prophets lies in his great success as a state and civilisation builder. He was a complete man: laying foot-steps for others to follow in every field of life. In annals of human history, there is no shortage of people who could utter wonderful nice words on equality, justice, human rights and higher values; but none of them could put their words into practice. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) is the only exception who could transform his words into actions; hence could produce enormous benefits for the mankind. He could build a powerful state and its institutions to continue implementing those principles. This is the reason that prompted even a Christian scholar like Michel Hart to put Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s life on the top of his selected one hundred best people of the whole human history –as he did in his famous book “The 100”. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the only person who could lay the foundation of a trans-ethnic civilizational state; and framed its judiciary, administration and the welfare system based on equality and justice. In his state, no one was discriminated on the basis of skin colour, race, language or social identity. He raised Islam not only as a faith, but also as the most powerful civilising force that could mould people’s belief, culture, law and warfare according to the Divine guidance. There exist many civilisations like the Western, the Chinese, the Hindu and the Japanese ones; but none of these are based on the Divine guidance. All these civilisations are based on the ancient pagan or some idiosyncratic notions on the creation of the world, the universe, laws, lives, states, societies, castes and others.


Since Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) or Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) couldn’t build any state either, the Jews and the Christians stand in darkness vis-à-vis guidance on state building and running its judiciary, warfare or administration. So, like any other unguided ignorant humans, the followers of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) invented scores of wrong and evil ideologies to add more disastrous havocs on earth. So, the Judo-Christian world could easily turn into fertile breeding grounds for racism, slavery, nationalism, fascism, Nazism, capitalism, colonialism, communism, imperialism and other highly toxic ideologies. These could cause horrific mayhem by causing wars of occupation, colonisation, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and mass scale hijacking of non-white people of Asia and Africa to feed their slave markets. They could also set a new high of barbarity by installing gas chambers, making holocausts, creating World Wars and dropping nuclear bombs. In the name of culture, heritage and religious festivals, they could blend the ancient pagan beliefs and practices of the Greek and the Roman with the corrupt perception of Christianity and Judaism.



The infrastructure of failure

Civilisation can’t be built on a small patch of tribal or national landscape; it requires a much bigger trans-national and trans-ethnic territory. So, tribalism and nationalism have no place in Islam; they are the serious obstacles in the way of Islam. Hence, it is a civilizational need to abolish the restrictive tribal, ethnic or national boundaries. So, the early Muslims didn’t make any delay in dismantling the tribal, geographical or linguistic walls of separation. They needed to reclaim the occupied lands of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la from His enemies’ illegal occupation. So, they quickly went far beyond the boundary of Arabian Peninsula. But the priority of the leaders of a national and tribal state is different; they do research for discovering even the faintest fault line of tribal or ethnic divisions among people and fortify the divisions. They totally ignore the Qur’anic decree that such division is haram (forbidden) in Islam. Due to these self-serving deviant leaders, the Islam’s heart land in the Middle East is divided into more than 20 tribal states. Thus, they have successfully blocked the growth of a pan-Islamic core Muslim state.


Now the Muslims do not need any infidel enemies to stop their emergence. The leaders of the tribal and national states are enough to do that. They provide the perfect recipe for further failure and catastrophe. They have forged close coalition with the enemies who in the recent past have dismantled the khilafa and mutilated the Muslim heart land into pieces. Because of them, the US, the French, the British and the Russian bomber jets now enjoy full freedom to bomb any Muslim city they wish. Due to these opportunist rulers, the civilizational growth of the Muslim ummah meets the total failure. Although they could create 57 tribal or nation states, but failed very badly to build a single core civilizational state. This is indeed not only a failure; rather, it is the deliberate betrayal of the assigned responsibility. In fact, here lies the core pathology of all political, cultural, ideological and civilizational collapse of the Muslim world.


In the whole length of human history, Islam is the only religion that could successfully purge the ancient pagan ignorance from the statecraft, religious rituals and culture; and could raise a civilisation exclusively based on the Divine laws and guidance. Instead of pagan culture and heritage, they gave birth to new culture of monotheism, trans-ethnic brotherhood, jihad and self-sacrifice. Hence, the distinctive superiority of Islamic civilisation does not rest merely on its beautiful grand mosques, minarets, cities, gardens, public baths, dresses, costumes, potteries, literature and arts. Rather, the most defining features are the rule of Divine laws (sharia), nourishing cultures, enlightening education, ethnic tolerance and the universal cosmopolitanism. They could conquer many countries, but unlike others they didn’t cause holocausts or ethnic cleansing in any of the non-Muslims countries for making space exclusively for them. They preferred to remain as religious minorities in those newly conquered countries for hundreds of years –as seen in the Balkans, Spain, Africa and India. Therefore, the Islamic civilisation of the past still stays unique and unparalleled in the whole human history. It was only possible because of a huge Islamic Caliphate which took part in the humanising cum civilisation building works with its massive infrastructure and state institutions. Now, the Muslims are deprived of such a state. Instead, they now possess more than 50 corruptive, divisive and dehumanising tribal or national states. These states could generate a perfect infrastructure only for failures. 05/11/16




The Ideological Meltdown of Pakistan

The betrayal

After the conquest of Delhi in late 12th century by Muhammad Ghouri, the creation of Pakistan is the most important event in the Muslim history of South Asia. The inspiration for such a great achievement came from no other source or individual but from the holy Qur’an –the fundamental source of all inspirations of the Muslims. It was another great leader like Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who could successfully lead to another great victory for the South Asian Muslims. After a long colonial occupation, the degenerated and demoralised Muslim Ummah could find a ray of new hope in the creation of this new country. It went like thrills of astounding victory all over the Islamic world; and was indeed a remarkable achievement of the Indian Muslims. While the Muslims of other parts of the world were awfully disintegrated and the Arab heart land got fragmented into 22 pieces, the Indian Muslims showed astonishing spirit of pan-Islamic brotherhood and unity. It wasn’t any tribal, racial, geographical or linguistic affinity or any secular ideology that helped create this largest Muslim country in the contemporary world. It was only Islam that galvanised the Muslim population of the whole South Asia to unite against the British colonialists and the majority Hindu to establish an Islamic state. The Muslims can’t attain such success on their own; it was indeed a great blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that was bestowed on them for their pan-Islamic unity.

But the immense opportunity that came with the creation of Pakistan also started quickly disappearing. Now the country stands as a land of ugly betrayal. The betrayal is against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, His sharia and the philosophy of pan-Islamic brotherhood. The ideology that helped create Pakistan is no more welcome in its political and intellectual circles. The country is making another history. It is the history of disunity and hatred based on ethnic, linguistic and regional affinity. The pre-1947 pan-Islamic brotherhood is almost dead; Islamisation of state is no more a priority. Rather, secularisation has taken its place. The people are more interested in material gains; and more focussed on provincial matters, local tradition, feudal politics and the party interests. They want more foreign money and investment only to enhance their own pleasure; and implementation of sharia or Islamisation is perceived as an obstacle to that. Hence to impress the country’s foreign stakeholders, the de-Islamisation and secularisation have achieved a new level of intensity and has largely eroded the binding glue of pan-Islamism from people’s life. So the country is politically divided along the provincial borders as was in 1971 –with the only difference that the Indian Army invasion hasn’t yet taken place. So the opportunity of an Islamic renaissance which was in high hype in 1947 is now on deep recession. Instead of following the Qur’anic road map, the country’s political leaders and the army generals are more eager to be the partners of the US-led coalition of war on Islam. So the US drones are invited to the Pakistani air to kill the innocent Muslims. The US drones have so far launched more than 400 drone attacks on Pakistani soil and killed 1300 people. Of them, 90% are innocent. (Source: Al-Jazira English TV, 24/10/2015). The US Cobra helicopter can violate the border and kill anybody they wish –as they did in Abbottabad; the huge Army only stand as the bystander.


The evils of colonial occupation

The long rule of the colonialists in South Asia helped generate a huge army of ideological and cultural converts. The project of religion conversion of the European invaders failed badly, but the ideological and cultural conversion worked tremendously. These converts proved no less inimical against Islam than the religious converts. They worked as mercenary to prolong the colonial rule in Indian subcontinent. They even fought wars in Iraq and Palestine to bring those Muslim lands under the British occupation. The colonialists have withdrawn their own army but not the army of these ideological and cultural converts. As a result, although the colonial occupation formally ended; but their ideological and cultural occupation continued. The country’s cantonments, the judiciary and the bureaucracy still remain the occupied territory of these cultural and ideological converts. Islam with its fundamental concepts like sharia, hudud, jihad, shura, khilafa had little access to these occupied territories. The drinking of wine in officers’ mess in the cantonment was only stopped by General Ziul Haq in late seventies. The kuffar law of the British still rule the Pakistani judiciary; hence illicit sex (jinna) is not legally punishable if done with the consent.

Such occupation of Pakistan by the ideological and cultural converts restricts the practice of full Islam; and thereby prohibits the local citizens becoming complete Muslim. Whereas to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, a Muslim needs to have full submission. “Udkhul fis silm’e ka’affa” is the Qur’anic decree. Hence incomplete submission is not a sign of full belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, rather a marker of rebellion. Such a rebellion makes it difficult to save one’s souls from the hellfire. Therefore how a Muslim dare oppose the implementation of sharia? It is indeed the greatest and the ugliest calamity of kuffar rule that sharia stays unpractised in a Muslim country. Like many obligatory rituals, it is also an Islamic obligation that a Muslim must live under the sharia law. Any noncompliance with sharia makes a person kafir (nonbeliever), zaleem (oprressor) and a fasiq (sinner) -as revealed in holy Qur’an in sura Maida in verses 44, 45 and 47. Can a Muslim ever take that route? Therefore, before the advent of the colonial rule, all the Muslim countries had sharia law. Apart from sharia, the Muslims were not familiar with any other law. For more than six hundred years of Muslim rule, therefore the Indian judiciary used to run on sharia law. The famous Fatwa-e-Alamgiri is the collection of such laws. But the colonialists dismantled the whole system; not only they took away the political liberty, but also put an embargo on the practice of sharia. Thus the colonial occupation of India caused the ugliest catastrophe for the Muslims. Hence the Muslims didn’t have any choice but to end the kuffar occupation and create an Islamic state. For an Indian Hindu, freedom of India was a subject of his political freedom. But for the Indian Muslims, creation of an independent Islamic country was a religious obligation. Mere end of the colonial rule wasn’t the solution of the Muslims’ problem there. Today’s India is a clear proof of that. India got freedom; but the Muslims didn’t get the freedom for the full practice of Islam. They can’t even dream of practising sharia there. Even a false rumour of slaughtering a cow brings death to the Muslim. Even their secular worldly progress is severely restricted. The number of doctors, engineers, scientists, industrialists and other professionals that live in only one city of Karachi, that couldn’t be produced by the 200 million Muslims living in India!


The life and death issue

In fact, with the imminent end of the British colonial rule, it was quite obvious that the Muslims of South Asia would face more sinister danger of becoming the perpetual hostage in the hands of more aggressive foes like the Hindu chauvinists. Many of these Hindu bigots are not ready to give survival rights to the Muslims on Indian soil; they openly plead for full cleansing. Such project of the extremist Hindu came into execution just after the end of British rule. The Hindu extremist parties like RSS (Rashtiya Sebak Sangh), Shib Shena, Bishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and many others didn’t hide such intention. It is no secret that RSS and Shib Shena openly runs arms training camps in Indian cities to train its hundreds of thousands of young male and female members with such an anti-Muslim bigotry. Through wholesale massacre of the Muslim men and women and destroying their houses and shops in thousands of anti-Muslim riots, these extremist Hindu indeed display their murderous hatred against the Muslims. To them, Islamic faith is not the only problem. Since the Muslims kill and eat their goddess cow are taken as the unforgivable offenders. Hence they consider the Muslims as the irreconcilable enemies. The Hindu mob doesn’t bother killing Muslim on such pretext –such an event recently happened in Haryana State of northern India. A cow has more survival right than a Muslim man, woman or a child. Not only a great Muslim intellectual like Allama Iqbal or a visionary politician like Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah could read such toxic Hindu psyche, even a common Muslim of India could easily see that. They could easily foresee a catastrophic fate of the Muslims under the Hindu rule. Such an anti-Muslim motive was displayed in their culture, literature, social behaviour and in politics. It didn’t need to be an intellectual to understand the imminent calamity of Hindu rule in India. As result, establishing a separate state for the Indian Muslims didn’t remain mere a political matter; became a life and death issue. As the days of freedom from the British rule got closer, the issue of an independent Pakistan went up to an explosion level. The British colonialists were never a friend of Muslims; but they were more concerned for a safe departure from India. Denying the Muslims their survival rights would have seriously endangered such a safe return for them. Hence they were compelled to swallow the truth; and Pakistan –the largest Muslim country on the world map came into being.


The product of ideological war

Pakistan is indeed the product of an ideological war, no one needed to shot a single bullet for its creation. In those days the Indian Muslims were blessed with a good number of intellectual warriors. And they fought a very successful ideological battle against the opponents of Pakistan. Because of them, the Indian Congress failed miserably to sell its concept of an undivided India to the Muslims. However, the secularised ulama of the Jamiat-e-Ulama-i-Hind who divorced the idea of sharia rule from their belief couldn’t feel any need for an Islamic state. They thought that if mosques and madrasas like one in Deoband can survive on Indian soil that is enough for the Muslims’ religious right. Like Indian Congress, the political concept of these secular ulama too was rejected by the vast majority of the Muslims. The Muslims of five major linguistic categories of South Asia like the Bengalis, the Punjabis, the Sindhis, the Pashtuns and the Baluch voluntarily merged together to form this new Islamic country. They took such a decision under no duress or conspiracy or foreign intervention. It is worth noting that each of these constituent linguistic Muslim groups had the geographical area and the population size larger than more than half of the world’s independent states like Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Belgium, Switzerland and many others to form their own independent state. But they moved beyond those narrow parochial considerations and opted for a united Pakistan.

Even the Muslims of the Hindu majority provinces like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and others who had no chances to include their provinces in the proposed territory of Pakistan were also in the forefront of the Pakistan movement. In fact, some of the best campaigners of Pakistan Movement, even Muhammad Ali Jinnah –the main leader, came from one of such provinces. They considered it a crucial mission for the betterment of the whole Muslim Ummah. At least they wished the best for the majority Muslims of the subcontinent. The case of the Bengali Muslims –the largest Muslim population in South Asia was special. They were far ahead of other Indian Muslims to foresee a great catastrophe under the majority Hindu rule. The Muslims of Bengal had two oppressive chains around their neck: one of the British occupiers and the other one of the Hindu zamiders (landowners). Moreover, in comparison to others, they had the longer history of suffering under the kuffar rule. While Delhi lost independence in 1857, Bengal lost in 1757 –exactly 100 years ago. Hence, they didn’t need much lecture to understand the need of freedom from both British and Hindu rule. Therefore Bengal became the birth place of All India Muslims League, (Muslim League was born in Dhaka in 1906) and also the formidable stronghold of Muslim politics in the subcontinent. Bengal was the first province where the Muslims League could form its own government and played the role of game changer in Indian politics. Especially the massive sacrifice of the Bengali Muslims by the hands of Hindu thugs put the final nail on the coffin of Hindu dream of an undivided India. It was on Muslim League’s Direct Action Day on 16 August, 1946. On that fateful day, more than five thousand poor Bengali Muslims were slaughtered in the streets of Kolkata. After such a great sacrifice of the Bengali Muslims, the Indian Congress leader Mr Gandhi quickly accepted division of India and creation of Pakistan. Bengali Muslims


The Trojan Horses

But the victory of pan-Islamic ideology didn’t survive long. Pakistan had its worst enemy within. They are the enemy’s Trojan Horses. They are the secularist cum anti-Islamists who were defeated in 1947 but not fully crushed. Hence they got the full opportunity to resurge with full anti-Islamic venom and could fully occupy the country. So it was again proved that who make the half revolution only dig their own graves. As a consequence, the country is lost to the enemies who opposed its creation in 1947. It is now overwhelmed by the politics of betrayal. The betrayal is not only against the ideological concept of Pakistan’s own creation but also against the sovereignty of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His sharia. The ruling elite are so-much secularised that they more compatible with the kuffar imperialists than with the home-grown Islamists. These secularist elites are taken by the US and other imperialists as the trusted partners in their war on Islam. Pakistan was never short of such committed slaves of the imperialists. Those who fought shoulder to shoulder with the colonial imperialists to occupy Palestine or Iraq in World Wars or served their colonial bureaucracy were never sacked from Pakistan’s strategic position. In fact, the Army cantonments, the civil bureaucracy and the judiciary were under the direct occupation of these British trained secularists. Drinking wine –a kuffar practice was never forbidden in the Pakistan’s Army cantonments – the culturally occupied lands of the secularists. It was only stopped by General Zia-ul Haq in the late seventies.

Now their occupation is not confined within those institutional islands, rather they have taken the full control of the whole country. They have been fully successful to dismantle the Islamisation project of Pakistan. Initially, the secularists scornfully ridiculed that the Islamists of different sects will not be able to agree on a single point of Islam. But such a notion was quickly foiled. Not only on one point, the Sunnis, the Ahl-i-Hadith and the Shia ulama could agree on 22 points for full Islamisation of Pakistan. It was on January 21 to 24, in 1951, under the leadership Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, the eminent religious scholar of both East and West Pakistan could produce the historical document called the Basic Objective Points for the constitution. In those crucial days, the secularist Trojan Horses -left behind in key positions by their colonial masters had their own agenda. They could foresee their own political death in those 22 points of Islamisation. So they engineered coups, dismantled constituent assembly and finally put those 22 points in the cold storage. As a result, in 1971, the united Pakistan died of a constitutional crisis. The country still suffers from the same disease and the same crisis; and the same ideological meltdown continues. And such an ideological meltdown doesn’t come alone. It brings moral, cultural and political meltdown too.

Secularisation doesn’t have the glue to bind people together, rather makes them greedy, power-hungry and divisive. Why a Baluch or a Sindhi secularist should trust his Punjabi or Pashtun competitors? Rather they will consider each other as the incompatible enemy. Pakistan’s atomic bombs, large army and air or road links are not going to solve this problem. It needs strong linkage between people’s heart. Only with such strong linkage, the Muslims of the whole South Asia could create a united Pakistan with huge India in the midst. Hence for creating Pakistan, they need not any army. And same is true for its sustenance. Army is needed only to protect its border, not to occupy its own country. But the Pakistan Army repeatedly showed its priority to occupy the country and failed to defend the border. Still, the Army is bombing their own people with their American partners. The Muslims can forge the cementing glue only by strengthening Islamic ideology. On the contrary, through de-Islamisation, the secularists could successfully dismantle the pre-existing Islamic linkage and politically dismember the country in 1971 -long before the full Indian invasion.  Now their next target is the surviving Pakistan. Thousands of atom bombs and ballistic missiles couldn’t save Soviet Union; that will not work in Pakistan either. Bombs are not made to do that job. On the contrary, these can aggravate the problem irreparably. An ideological country must fix its problem ideologically and not militarily. But it looks, the country’s leaders have lost the focus; they are more focussed to aggravate the disease. If the consensus 22 point prescription of the ulama was incorporated in the constitution, Pakistan could have solved its problem more than 60 years ago and survived its 1971’s debacle.


The unending war

The ideology of the secularists is diagonally opposite to that of Islam. In a Muslims country, they restrict the entry of Islam into state institutions. Rather they use the state institutions to take the people away from Islam. Hence starts the conflict between the secularists and the Islamists; therefore a war is inevitable wherever the secularists occupy a Muslim country. A believer in Islam cannot reconcile such secularists’ occupation of a Muslim land.  As a result, wherever there exist Islamists, the country enters into an unending war. Pakistan is not an exception. The Islamists call it a war against secularists’ occupation and the secularists call it war on terrorism. As if, Islam has no war; only has terrorism! Hence Pakistan is indeed divided into two warring nations.

Establishing an Islamic state is a Divine obligation on every Muslim so that state institutions can work with the Islamic mission of enforcing the right and eradicating the evils –as ordained by Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la in the holy Qur’an. It is not a prophetic tradition to keep state and its institutions -the most powerful institutions on earth outside Islam’s domain. To fulfil such a Divine obligation, the prophet of Islam Muhammad sallAllah alaihis salam had to establish an Islamic state; and needed to fight many wars to defend its border. In fact, most of his companions had to sacrifice their lives to fulfil the vision. The Muslims in all ages have an obligation to follow this prophetic tradition. Pakistan was indeed created to fulfil such an obligation. But the secularists were not compatible with such a vision; hence turned arch enemies of its conceptual basis and its existence from the inception. So, the real enemies of Pakistan do not lie outside, they in fact exist and works inside its own polity. They lost their war in 1947, but they quickly take over the whole country. They could easily find many friends and patrons outside the borders too. Hence whenever they made any coup, those international patrons stood behind them. Their main power base is in the Army, the judiciary and the bureaucracy –the most secularist institutions in Pakistan and the perfect legacy of the colonial era. Former Governor General Gulam Muhammad, former President General Ayyub Khan, former President General Yahiya Khan, Former Chief Justice Munir and many bigwigs of Pakistan’s politics came from such secular institutions. They started their carrier as the perfect servants of the kuffar colonialists. They didn’t serve a single day in the Pakistan movement; hence didn’t have any love for its Islamic identity. The Islamists failed to identify and fight back these enemies. As a consequence, Pakistan became the helpless hostage of these Trojan Horses. Because of them, Pakistan didn’t need any external enemies to dismantle its ideological bedrock.


The moral meltdown

The creation of Pakistan has a special significance in the whole Muslim history. It was for the second time in the history that a state was created in the name of Islam; and the Muslims of a huge territory voluntarily moved beyond their narrow ethnic, linguistic and tribal boundaries. Such an ideological state was created for the first time by the early Muslims under the leadership of the prophet Muhammad sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam -the last prophet of Islam. It wasn’t mere a state building, rather a huge civilisation building mission. As result of such prophetic mission, the Arab, the Kurdish, the Turkish, the Iranian, the Moore and the Islamic converts of other ethnic and linguistic identities could form a single Ummah. But later on, due to ideological meltdown, the Muslims went back to the old days of pre-Islamic jaheliya (ignorance). They degenerated into pieces around their old tribal, racial, linguistic and other narrow parochial identities. The Arabs of one land, one religion, and one language become divided into 22 states. Although unity is obligatory in Islam, the Muslims thus proved to be unfit to live with a unified political and ideological identity. In such a degenerating context, the creation of Pakistan was indeed a great achievement. It showed a ray of great hope not only to the Muslims of the South Asia, but also to the whole Muslim world. Although the secularisation process is going much deeper and more faster, it is noteworthy that the major political parties of the dismembered Pakistan like Muslim League, People’ Party, Tahrik-e-Insaf and the Islamic Parties like Ja’amat-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Islam and many others still oppose taking secularism as a state policy. But the disease doesn’t need any state policy to spread its virulent virus among the people; it only needed some treatment strategies and active intervention to stop its menace. On the contrary, it enjoys all promotive support from all governmental and non-governmental institutions.

It is also a historical reality that the humans are highly susceptible to moral meltdown; hence keeping the ideological identity remains the greatest challenge in all ages. To prevent such a moral meltdown, Islam has its own prescription. It makes obligatory the religious rituals like five times prayers, fasting, haj, and zakat; and also emphasises to study the holy Qur’an. In absence of the Divine guidance, any human can quickly degenerate and turn not only to animals, but also much inferior to that. Animals form herds with selective affinity specific only to their own species; other species are not compatible in their midst. The wolves thus welcome cattle only for dietary consumption, not for peaceful co-existence. Humans too, form states on their own tribal, racial, linguistic and regional identities. With the similar animal instinct, the imperialists can’t be humane with the weaker people; they consider the occupied subjects as the legitimate targets for occupation, subjugation, exploitation and even ethnic cleansing. In such moral deprivation humanity, morality and other values do not survive; rather promotes racism, nationalism, tribalism, colonialism, imperialism, fascism and other toxic ideologies that justify exploiting, torturing and even slaughtering the people of other race, religion or belief. In such moral meltdown, wars, World Wars, military invasions, occupation, ethnic cleansing, gas chambers, and dropping atom bombs get massive political support in the land of the perpetrators. So Pharaoh, Halaku Khan, Chengiz Khan, Hitler, George W Bush and other genocidal killers were never the solo performers; millions of people voluntarily joined their mission. The US led war on Islam thus could generate a global coalition, too. Humans thus prove to be the wildest species on earth; all the wild animals of all ages couldn’t match their carnage.

In presence of moral meltdown, the toxic ideologies like nationalism, racism, tribalism, racism, fascism can turn even the best scientists and the best university graduates incurably genocidal. So, those who ran the World Wars or operated gas chambers or dropped atom bombs were not the illiterate people of a third world country. The people of the so-called developed world could kill 75 million only in two World Wars. Their killing machines still operate non-stop. Aristotle noticed such a conspicuous animal instinct in humans more than two thousand years ago; so he emphatically used the narrative “political animals” for defining the humans. But there is a difference. The wild animal does not do politics, neither does any war or World War; but the humans do. The animals do not do waterboarding, nor run Abu Gharib or Guantanamo Bay prisons to torture people, but humans -the political animals readily do. For such people, the All Knowing Allah Sub’hana Ta’la has an illustrative description in the Qur’an: “Ula’ika ka’al anam, bal hum adal”; which means: They are like cattle; rather infer to the cattle. But the secularists have a different narrative; they call it modernity.

The same western moral disease has also spread in Pakistan; and it has in fact expedited the moral meltdown.  Pakistan receives a lot of western money and weapons. Is it to strengthen Islam and the Muslims? Such collaboration with the imperialists itself tells a lot. They do not make any mistake to identify their own comrades. They spend every dollar with a strategic objective. They don’t run a charity either. Such help from the US-led imperialists comes to a Muslim country with a clear precondition that there shouldn’t be any effort of Islamisation; rather de-Islamisation should get the priority. Any step of Islamisation instantly stops all western helps. They rather encourage a coup to unseat any Islamist –as happened against President Muhammad Morsi in Egypt. They love people like General Abdul Fattah Sisi of Egypt who does massacre against the Islamists. They use Pakistani soil too to bomb Afghanistan. The US money and weapon have taken Pakistan far away from Islam; and made it impossible to implement sharia. Fear of losing American help is so pervasive that even the Islamists do not talk about 22 objective points of the ulama. Pakistan has failed to discover the real source of its strength. It is not the western ideology or weapons that helped its creation. Nor such help will help sustain its existence. It was Islam and the blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al that helped create this unique country.  And if Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al helps, who else can do the harm?  What is the benefit of mere sustenance when it fails to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? 31/10/2015

Consequence of Losing an Ideological War: The Case of Pakistan

 Construction and de-construction of the ideology of Pakistan

During the final days of the British colonial rule, the Muslims of South Asia –the largest Muslim population in the world, became imbued with a great dream to build an Islamic state. Dismantling of Osmania Khilafa both by the British imperialists and the Turkish secularists intensified such an urge. Abolishment of khilafa was in fact the joint enterprise of Islam’s internal and the external enemies. The Turkish and Arab Muslims lost their ideological war to secularist and nationalist enemies of Islam. It was one of the most depressive moments in Muslim history. Unlike inaction of the Arab and Turkish Muslims, the largest mass movement for preservation Osmania Khilafa, happened in India. Indeed it was the first mass movement in Indian history. Contrary to ugly fragmentation of the Muslim Middle East, the Muslims of the South Asia showed strong pan-Islamic brotherhood. The creation of Pakistan was indeed an embodiment of such pan-Islamic fraternity. When Arab, Turk, Kurd and Persian Muslims sleepwalked into prison states of linguistic, ethnic, tribal or territorial isolation, the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent moved beyond those narrow parochial borders and forged a grand pan-Islamic unity. The Muslims of Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Baluchistan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and other areas of the undivided India united to realise the dream of an Islamic republic. The British imperialists and the Hindu majority of India did not want such a state. But Pakistan came into being as the largest Muslim country on the World map despite all oppositions and conspiracies.

But the enemies of Islam never abandoned their project of dismantling Pakistan. The British imperialists left the subcontinent in 1947. But their unfinished job was handed over to their home-grown vice-regents. These are the ideological converts like secularists, nationalists, socialists and other brands of anti-Islamists. They were embedded in deep government of Pakistan. As a legacy of colonial secularism, the transcending cementing force that must exist in Muslims of all ethnicities was almost non-existent in the hard core secular institutions of the country like Pakistan Army and the bureaucracy.  So, the ethnic, linguistic and tribal fractures firstly appeared in the country’s most powerful bastions of secularism –the army and the bureaucracy. The ideological colonies of the British imperialists –like the cantonments, the judicial enclaves, the bureaucratic quarters and the university campuses with the secularized teachers and the combatant disciples, stood in revolt to undo the whole Pakistan project. The non-Muslim imperialists need not fire a single bullet. The gang of ideological cum cultural converts like Mr Golam Muhammad –the former obedient servant of the British Empire in India and later on the Governor General of Pakistan (he dissolved the elected government and the parliament and opened the gate for long military rule and thus put an end to participatory and reconciliatory politics of Pakistan’s both wings, thereby expedited the break-up of the country), Justice Munir –the faithful servant of the British Empire in its judiciary and later on the Chief Justice of Pakistan (he justified the dissolution of democratically elected parliament by a judicial decree), General Ayub Khan and General Yahiya Khan –both known for their obedient servitude for the British Empire and later on both became the President of Pakistan, did the job quite effectively.


The most significant event

After the conquest of Delhi about 8 hundred years ago, the creation of Pakistan was the most significant event in India’s Muslim history. It was indeed a grand outcome of wining an ideological cum political war. No army needed to fire a single bullet for the creation of this largest Muslim country of the world. At that time, the Indian Muslims didn’t have any army, but had some outstanding ideological warriors. After Pakistan’s creation, intellectuals of such height are never produced. How a country can achieve military and political success with intellectual failures? Ideological war is not a one-time war; it is an all-time continuous war. Like territorial frontiers, the ideological frontiers too need constant protection. It needs continuous deployment of the best ideological warriors on the front-line of this never ending war. In Islam, it is a holy jihad. Any neglect of such Islamic obligation breeds only disasters. Most catastrophic disaster in Muslim history indeed took place because of ignoring this holy intellectual war. In Pakistan, such jihad was grossly ignored; political mudslinging and repeated military coups indeed stampeded the prospect of any ideological war.

Pakistan’s secular civil and military rulers had little understanding of the country’s ideological issue. Nor do they possess any skill to fight such ideological war. They assumed that its secular education, industries, army and cantonments will save the country. But Islam’s ideological war can’t be won by the military, bombs and missiles. Soviet Union had thousands of atomic bombs and ballistic missiles in its store, but still couldn’t survive its ideological war. Pakistan too, made its ugliest history by losing its war on the ideological frontiers. Its ideological defeat made its own citizens the worst enemy against its own existence; and led to the catastrophic defeat in the military war with India in 1971. The same process is still ongoing.

The case of Pakistan has categorically proved that winning the ideological war is crucial -not only for the creation of an ideological state, but also for its survival. In such context, Pakistan’s failure presents huge learning opportunities for every Muslim man and woman in the world, not only for today, rather for all times to come. Surprisingly, the policy makers, academics and the intellectuals of Pakistan have little appetite to learn from its past failures. These painful sagas are seldom taught in Pakistan’s schools, colleges and universities; neither does appear in the country’s intellectually ambivalent media. These are swept under the carpet. How a people can defend their state and dignity with such historical amnesia? So the country continues to lose its war in the ideological frontiers.


Colonization of mind

The seeds of Pakistan’s failure were indeed sowed by the imperialists long before its creation in 1947. The Muslims were the ideological captives in the hand of enemies for 190 years. During the long rule, the British colonialists had the opportunity and freedom to inoculate the body of Muslim Ummah with high dose of anti-Islamic ideas. Education system played the crucial rule in such inoculation. It was indeed the colonisation of Muslim mind and soul. This way, not only they made them resistant to Islamic faith, but also made them incurable ideological converts. They were no less inimical to Islam and the Muslims than the religious converts. Instead of populating with their own people –as they did in America, Australia and New Zealand, in the Indian subcontinent the British were more focused to colonise people’s minds with toxic ideas.  The people with such colonised mind-set built their own cultural cum ideological colonies amidst the Muslim majority. After the end of the colonial era, these ideological converts could still flourish in those cultural colonies and worked as the imperialists’ Trojan horse. In Pakistan, huge number of such Trojan horses indeed proved detrimental to country’s own survival. The dwellers of these cultural cum ideological colonies look alike in belief and lifestyle their former colonial masters. The Western politicians, war lords and the NGO leaders enjoy full cultural match in such islands –as if these are their own lands. The settlers of these ideological colonies started war against Pakistan’s ideological basis of creation from day one. Such proxy soldiers of the imperialists –both civil and military, quickly took over the country’s driving seat; and those who fought for the creation of an Islamic Pakistan were dumped only as captive passengers in the backseat.

Pakistan lost its ideological war long before its defeat by India in December 1971. The embedded secularists in Pakistan Army have little appetite for fighting a decisive war against the arch enemy. They pleasure-seeking secularists were more concerned about big plots and lucrative houses in best residential areas of the country. They showed again and again their skills only in bombing and occupying their own country. In its 17 days’ war in 1971, the Pakistan Army in its East Pakistan sector never faced a single day of intense bombing like Israeli bombing on Gaza. Few thousands Hamas fighters didn’t surrender even after 50 days’ of carpet bombing. The Israeli tanks and artillery couldn’t penetrate Hamas’s defence line. Indian Army was never stronger than the Israeli Army and neither had such precision weapons. But Pakistan Army’s nearly 60 thousand men couldn’t stand against India even for 17 days. So, Pakistan Army made a history of ugly surrender in the whole Muslim history. The Islamists Razakars rather showed better fighting spirit and resistance. In their 9 month guerrilla fight, the India trained secessionist Mukti Bahini couldn’t capture even a single district, a sub-district or a small township of the former Pakistan due to strong defence put forward by the Islamists.


States of collaborators

The united Pakistan divided in 1971. The fallen-apart wings of former Pakistan now survive not only as the graveyard of the Islamists’ dream, but also as servile states of collaborators for the imperialists. The leftover Pakistan –the former West Pakistan, now works for US-led imperialists. The country played a decisive role as the logistic route for the US army for its war of occupation and genocide in Afghanistan. The Pakistan Army itself now continues its killing mission against the Islamists of the country. Even scores of young female students of an Islamic madrasa in Islamabad (Hafsa madrasa) had to die with Army’s bullets in their chest. The country is still on the path of an ideological death. Pakistan has a huge professional army and also possess huge high tech weapons –even atomic weapons, but has very few ideological warriors for Islam and for Pakistan. The country’s philosophically deprived political leaders and intellectuals have little insights of the ongoing ideological war against its own existence. Hence, they are sleepwalking into disaster after disasters. These secularists are always ready to display their extra-territorial commitment. They fought and shed their own blood for the imperialists in both the World Wars. So, it will not be surprising if the army joins the imperialists in their war against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. They have already helped them in Afghanistan; and now fighting the same war against the Islamists in their own country.

Bangladesh –the former eastern wing of Pakistan now works for the Indian imperialists. It is a logistic route for the Indian Army for its ongoing war against the liberation movements in the eastern Indian states. The Islamists are slaughtered in the streets of this Muslim majority country; thousands of the Islamists are now languishing in prisons of the ruling secularist extremists. The country itself survives as a captive market for India’s industrial and cultural products. The pro-Indian ruling secularists are so much glued with India and alienated from the basic teachings of Islam that they consider supporting and fighting for a united Pakistan in 1971 was a crime punishable only by death sentences or life-term imprisonment. The anti-Islamic venom in secular judiciary of Bangladesh is so strong that they have taken the job of judicial murder of the Islamists in their own hand. The situation was 70 years ago. Bengal played a crucial role as the engine of Pakistan movement; and Dhaka is the birth place of Muslim League –the organisation that created Pakistan in 1947. In 1940, in Muslim League’s All India convention in Lahore, the historic Pakistan proposal was raised by none but by Bengal’s Muslim League Prime Minister Mr A K Fazlul Haque. But such facts are now being forgotten in both the former wings of Pakistan.


The War of Ideas

Violence against ideas

The US President Barak Obama had his recent European tour. In Brussels, he delivered a lecture in Palais Des Beaux-Arts.  He told his elitist audience, “We must meet the challenges to our ideas and our international order with strength and conviction.”–(The Guardian, 31.03.14). In the context of recent exacerbation of cold-war polarisation, it is not a simple statement, it is a war cry. The human history is indeed the history of wars of ideas. But the wars of ideas do not remain confined within the ideological premise, rather mostly turn very bloody. Because, those who believe in “might is right” do not fight such ideological wars with ideas, instead, they deploy their all lethal military might. Such use of violence against ideas not only exposes their political arrogance, but also reveals their moral and ideological bankruptcy. In the history of mankind, the most monstrous crimes against great ideas, faith and beliefs are the works of these thoughtless political bullies. In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh mobilised his huge army to kill the prophet Moses (AS) and his followers only to annihilate their monotheistic Divine ideas. The old Pharaohs died, but new generations of Pharaohs took over the charge –not only in Egypt but globally, to continue with the same doctrine. Hence the use of violence against ideas has never ended. The old Pharaoh could not kill unarmed Moses (AS), but the new Pharaohs are killing the unarmed people everywhere. The recent statement of President Obama indeed reveals his full determination to continue the same war against ideas with full lethal might. And Mr Obama is not alone; the all NATO countries and many others are pursuing the same war.

After the demise of Soviet Union, Obama and his NATO friends do not perceive any foreseeable threat to their geopolitical frontiers. But they recognize threat to the ideological frontiers. Hence Obama emphasizes that NATO countries must meet the challenge with strength and conviction. Probably this is the most important message that he passed on to his friends during his recent visit to Europe.  Obama’s narratives on ideas and international order are not ambiguous. His idea –like any other western leaders, entails beliefs, values and life styles that are loaded with capitalist, imperialist and hedonist version of the worldview.  His values and beliefs justify military occupation of any country of the world, and dropping tons of bombs and drone attacks on the civilian population. He and his predecessors practised such belief and values in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other countries. The NATO countries do not possess any distinctive moral or ethical boundary; they share the same values, beliefs and ethical norms. Indeed, they are united in faith and ideas. Hence all heads of the NATO states find the same incitement to applaud the USA bombardment on any country as cheerleaders. Their faith and values do not find any moral problem with Israeli bombardment on unarmed Palestinians either.

Obama’s international order has a special meaning, too. It entails not only the west’s military, economic and political  dominance over the world, but also the protection of the artificial state of Israel and other artificial client Arab states that are created to protect the western interests. It aims at ensuring Israel a safe existence and provides an infrastructure of western exploitation. The current world order is in fact the legacy of the western colonialism, and gives the state of Israel the unrestrained right to grab the Arab land as much as she likes, and to expel its Muslim population from their own homelands. It also means giving Israel full right to build its huge arsenal of atom bombs, and deprive Iran and other Muslim countries of such rights. It also gives protection to the artificial Arab states and its autocratic rulers –as long as they show allegiance to the USA.


War against Islam

The main objective of this US led war against Islam is not to annihilate Islam, but to dismantle Islam’s influence on Muslims’ cultural, political, economic and social life. They allow Muslims to live with the name of Islam, but not with the teaching of Islam. They wish Muslims’ full cultural and political conversion to the west and to comply with its imperialistic global agenda. Obama’s current war is not against Russia, China, India or any other world power. Rather he begs their partnership and co-operation to pursue his own agenda against Islam. Prof Huntington –the writer of “The Clash of Civilization” advised the same. In response to such call, the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq received full support from Russia, China and India. The USA army didn’t fire a single bullet against these countries, but in last 50 years, they fought many wars against Islam and the Muslims, and the war is still on-going. Apart from their own bloody invasions, the USA and its NATO partners support some of the worst bully like Israel, and also Russia, China and India to do the same destruction against the Muslims. Hence like Israel’s Gaza invasion, Russia’s Chechnya devastation, China’s massacre against Uyghur Muslims, and India’s brutal Kashmir occupation did not get any condemnation from the USA and its NATO partners.

After the collapse of communism, Islam emerged as the only ideological force that presents a viable alternative for moral, spiritual, cultural, economic and political ills of the mankind. It is the only surviving Divine Truth –in fact the continuation of the same monotheistic faith that was promoted by all the prophets of the Divine chain –starting from Adam (AS) to Muhammad (pbuh).  A Muslim has a religious obligation only to practise this Divine Truth: any compromise on this premise or deviation from the trusted responsibility can only bring the demise of his own belief in Allah. Such a compromise or deviation only amounts to treason against Allah. Therefore, the religious obligation of a Muslim makes him a life-long warrior of the Divine faith. He considers his politics, intellectualism and war as an important instrument of fulfilling such Divine obligation. Hence, wherever Islam exists in its prophetic form, there also exist millions of its defenders. Hence the enemies of Islam cannot go unchallenged in any Muslim land.

Islam enters into a Muslim’s heart not only with its rituals of prayers, rather as a comprehensive way of life that reconstructs all spheres of his or her living.  Politics, education, culture, warfare or any other issue does not stay outside that domain. Hence, jihad comes in their midst as the natural outcome. Since the enemies of Islam want an easy and overwhelming access to the Muslim lands, they do not like this combative mood of the believing men and women. They call it political Islam. Since they want overwhelming dominance on the Muslim land, they want their full surrender -not only in the political, economic and military fields, but also in their cultural and ideological arenas. Practice of jihad and Islamic law (shariah) –the two inseparable parts of the Muslim life has no place in that surrendered land.


The west’s fundamentalism

Obama and his NATO colleagues are not ready to reconcile with the Divine obligations of the Muslims. This is the west’s worst fundamentalism. They want to make their own ideas and values dominant even in Muslim lands. Such an aggressive attitude of the NATO countries makes war against Islam inevitable. They ask the Muslims to restrict their practice of Islam only within the premise of prayer mats or mosques. This way they want to keep the political, cultural, judicial, economic and other arenas of the state free from the Islamists, and reserved for their own occupation. For implementation of sharia law, the USA and the NATO partners are not ready to give Muslims any space -even in a predominantly Muslim country. They label it as religious extremism. The western scholars –like a mufti, have even started lecturing on fundamentals of Islam. They claim that practice of Islam must be restricted only within the premise private life, and emphasises that Islam has nothing to do with people’s political, cultural or economic life. They label such limited practice of Islam within the confines of the mosque and in private life as the original Islam. They conveniently forget that Muhammad (pbuh) –the prophet of Islam was not only a religious head, but also the head of the Islamic state. Along with building mosques, he also organised numerous jihad against the enemies. He did not confine the practice of his faith in his private life, rather made it the state policy. And the law he implemented in the Islamic state, was nothing else but the Qur’anic law -called sharia. The Muslims in all ages possess no other superior mission but to follow the same prophetic tradition. Only this way, a Muslim man or woman can claim to be the true follower of this Divine prophet and the part of the Ummah.

The west ignores the fact that Islam cannot be practised without following the prophetic tradition of its full implementation –like the practice of sharia and jihad. An iota of deviation from such tradition is indeed a deviation from Islam. With such derailment from the prophetic road map, a Muslim turn enemy against his own faith and register his place in hell fire. This is the core teaching of Islam. But the west doesn’t want that Muslims should practise such fundamental beliefs of Islam in even a Muslim land. They like to see the deviants taking the full control. They wish that the Muslims should comply with the Western ideas and the world order, not with the prophetic Islam. To them, adherence to prophetic tradition is extremism and backwardness. While denying the Muslims the right of practising Islam in their own country, the western arrogance goes to the extent that they are desperate to take their cultural and ideological frontiers inside the heart of the Muslim lands. They demand that the Muslim countries should have the open borders for the unfettered practice of Western law, their economics, their culture, their values and even homosexuality and same sex marriage. Can Muslims swallow such non-Muslims’ interference in their own affairs? Does Islam allow that? Can Islam survive amidst such cultural and ideological invasion? Against such invasion, Islam prescribes its own weapon -the obligatory jihad for all believing man. Thus, the incompatibilities of the western extremists against Islam make a perfect recipe for a prolonged war in almost all Muslim lands.  Indeed, such a war against Islam has already been started for many years.


The Islamic obligation

Allah SWT reveals, “He it is Who has sent His Apostle with the guidance and the true religion, that He may make it overwhelming over all other faiths –although the polytheist may not like it.” –(Sura Saf, verse 9). Such revelation came three times in the Holy Qur’an. Here it gets fully expressed Allah SWT’s own vision. Such revelation gives a clear message to every believing Muslim man and woman that Qur’anic teachings are not for mere recitation, but for full implementation. A Muslim gets his vision and mission in everyday life from such Qur’anic guidance. Muslims’ preaching, politics, war and all sacrifices become the vehicle to carry on such mission. With such a Divine vision, Islam emerged as the most powerful civilizational force from day one. It played the most significant role in the whole history of the mankind to change its course. It could go beyond the ethnic, linguistic, geographic boundary, and within a short period of time, could take millions of people of Asia, Africa and Europe out of darkness (jaheliyah) towards Divine light. In a Muslims’ life, the source of inspiration to make huge sacrifice in bringing such a civilizational change is indeed in Allah SWT’s Own revelation. The Muslims are faith-bound to comply with such a vision of their own Lord and play such a prescribed role all the time.

But the west does not show any sign of reconciliation with such a Muslim vision. Denial of Muslim’s right of full practice of Islam with its sharia gives birth to the clash of civilisations between the west and the Muslims. As long as the west is stubborn in its attitude of non-reconciliation with such a core belief of Islam, there is no chance of cessation of this ongoing civilizational war. The Muslims has no option of surrender; such surrender amounts to betrayal against Allah’s expressed wish and leads to hellfire. Hence, as long as the Muslims remain faithful to Allah SWT and His Qur’anic revelation, the war may only change its frontiers but it will continue unabated. The west’s problem lies in their ignorance. They have fully failed to understand the Islam’s core beliefs and the Muslims’ binding obligation. Due to such ignorance, their dealing with the Muslims is very wrong and provocative. They appreciate even the homosexuals for their aberrant sexual orientation, but not ready to permit Muslims to practise shariah –the Divine law that were practised in Muslim countries for more than thousand years. They even label such core belief of Islam as backwardness and terrorism, and target them for total destruction. What can be more insulting to Muslims than such toxic vilification of their faith? The USA’s arrogance is not only in its insistence of dominance over a unipolar world, but also for a singular world order -which never happened in whole human history.


The NATO strategy

For its ongoing war against Islam, the USA and the NATO members have their own strategy. Apart from its 28 formal member states, this anti-Islamic axis has thousands of informal members and partners. These informal members and partners are playing a crucial role in their fight against Islam. The war of ideas doesn’t have any clear-cut battle ground. It runs through every land, and takes place in intellectual premise of every man and woman. It is truly global. Any man or woman who does not comply with the western morality, values and world order is considered a potential threat against the west. The Islamists are well known for such non-compliance, and hence become the real target.  In the USA and in many NATO countries, a close monitoring on these Islamists and their detention in cages is a routine phenomenon.  Hence infamous prison at Guantanamo Bay finds enough reasons to survive and proliferate. HencAnd Obama’s bombs, drones and missiles are being dropped not only on war fields, but also on caves, mountains, houses and madrasas in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. In fact, wherever they find a religious scholar or activist preaching Islamic ideas with a view of implementation of sharia become a preferred target of annihilation.

The so-called international world-order is indeed the work of the western colonial power for their own interest. It has been designed to assign Muslim countries a vassal state like status. To make such status a permanent feature of the Muslim world, the western imperialists needed to divide the Muslim heart land into more than 20 Arab states. The defensive power of a country diminishes with the decrease of its size; hence, dividing a Muslim country has been a definite strategy of crashing the Muslims’ backbone. To stop the emergence of any Muslim state as a global power, such fragmentation process is still ongoing. Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan –these larger Muslim states have been fragmented as a part of the same project. If the countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon and UAE achieve a per capita income 1000 times more than that of the USA, that will not change their status of a vassal state. When Obama and his NATO colleagues tell about defending the international order, he means to defend such divisions of the Muslim world. They are not ready to give a Muslim country the right to merge with another, not to increase its territory by a single inch. Saddam Hussain was a beloved man of the west. He was supplied with the weapons of mass destruction –even chemical bombs, to kill his own people. The west was very happy as long as he was engaged in killing the fellow Muslims. But when he tried to increase the territory of Iraq by annexing Kuwait, he became the enemy of the west. Because, he crossed the redline set by the west, NATO crashed the whole Iraq.

The Muslim countries have already been the occupied land of West. The colonial occupation has ended, but the cultural, educational, economic and ideological occupation still exists. Due to such foreign occupation, the Muslims cannot practice their own faith in their own land. Neither can they unite with their own fellow Muslim brothers. Dividing walls in the name of artificial states have turned their undivided land into a collection of virtual prison cells. Like the prisoners of cells, they cannot help each other either. Hence, when people of Gaza were bombed by the Israelis, the dwellers of the prison state of Egypt could not open their gates to receive the injured Muslims brothers. For the same reason, the Rohynga Muslims of Myanmar could not get access to Bangladesh.

Sharia –the Qur’anic laws are outlawed in almost all of these Muslim countries. Hence, more than one and half billion Muslims cannot practise Allah’s obligatory commandments in their own lands. What can be a bigger betrayal of Allah than such non-compliance? In the early days, when the Muslims were not even more than few thousands in the village of Medina, the situation was not so helpless. It is a colonial and post-colonial phenomenon. Before the colonial era, the Muslims had autocrats, but could practise at least sharia. Such non-compliance with Allah’s Law is indeed restricting them becoming a full Muslim, and forbids them getting His full mercy. To keep the Muslims away from the practice of sharia, the USA and its NATO ally want to maintain such occupation at any cost. But to minimise the cost of occupation, they have developed partnership with the dictatorial regimes of the Muslim states. These autocratic regimes, too, need the Western support for their own survival. Hence removal of the elected President Dr. Muhammad Morsi and the military took over in the Egypt receives warm welcome in the western capital. When Obama talks about defending the ideas and the world order, indeed he means defending this occupation.  06/04/14