The Calamity of Autocracy & Demilitarisation in the Muslim World

The strategy of de-empowerment

Militarisation of the enemy and the strict demilitarisation of the Islamist Muslims are indeed the two-prong strategy towards de-empowerment of the ummah. The ongoing down-fall of the Muslims and the current calamity in the whole Muslim World indeed owe to quick successes of such an enemy strategy. In fact, it started much earlier than the colonial occupation of the Muslim lands by the Europeans. Such an awful demilitarisation of the ummah was accomplished by the home-grown ruling despots. It shows how the enemies of Islam –whether with the Muslim names or the non-Muslims, take similar route to damage Islam. The calamity indeed started with the monopolisation of war by the enemies with the Muslim name. Such a project severely de-empowered the common Muslims and made them incapable to play their divinely assigned role as the defender of Islam. Hence, most of the individuals of the ummah thus made mere silent observers of the wars and the process of their own enslavement. The defence of the Muslim countries thus made hostage to the whims of the tyrannical selfish despots. A wolf never preys on another wolf; it only looks for a weaker target. The enemies of Islam too, hunt for the Muslim countries with demilitarised cum de-empowered people. And that job was done by the enemies inside. Thus, the de-militarisation policy of the tyrannical despots prompted the enemies to invade the Muslim lands and helped them to take over quickly almost the whole Muslim World.

In the golden days of Islam, the defence of a Muslim state has never been an exclusive domain of the rulers and their cronies. It used to be considered the most crucial issue for every Muslim citizen. According to Qur’anic doctrine, any kuffar aggression against a Muslim land makes jihad obligatory on every believer on the first day of the aggression. But how a Muslim can play such an obligatory role of jihad effectively if he is de-militarised by the ruler? It is indeed the ugliest crime that the despotic Muslim rulers have committed against Islam and the Muslim ummah. They have turned the whole Muslim World into prisons cells for their own citizens. The people in prison cells can’t defend themselves if attacked or get fire. Thus, they are made hostage in their own land by their own rulers. This is why, while the European imperialists invaded a Muslim country, its people couldn’t play any defensive role. They could only stare at them with silent awe.

In the midst of successive debacles in the Muslim World, only the Afghan Muslims could stand as an exception. Since they were not de-weaponised and de-empowered by the rulers. In fact, the per capita weapons in Afghanistan stood highest in the whole world. Hence, they could rightly fulfil the religious obligation in defending Islam and their country. This is why, the poor Afghans could show the most spectacular miracles by defeating three contemporary World Powers like the British, the Russian and the Americans. The same policy could help Hamas and Hizbullah to stand against the Israeli aggressions. The history has repeatedly showed that staying armed with effective weapons is the best deterrence against enemy offence. Keeping such readiness is indeed a Qur’anic obligation. Therefore, it is the religious duty of a Muslim ruler not only to equip his citizens with the necessary weapons and training, but also to mobilise them to the war field so that they can play their desired role against any enemy invasion. But the enemies of Islam –both native and foreign, do not like such militarisation of the common people. They know that such militarisation cum empowerment of the common Muslims makes it difficult to sustain their own selfish occupation. They want that the weapons should work only as the tool of occupation; and must not fall in the hand of common people. As if, the common Muslims have no right or obligation to engage in the defence of Islam and their own country.

In order to give sustenance to colonial occupation, the monopolisation of war by the colonialists and the de-empowerment of the Muslim citizens were used as the key strategies since day one of their occupation. The British colonialists raised more than five hundred princely states in India only to execute such a policy. The rulers of these so-called states were not allowed to have any effective army or frame any war strategy. They were used only as tool to collect revenues, keep people de-empowered, and protect the British monopoly of warfare and the British goods. They could stay in power only because of their full submission to the colonial hegemony. Now, the direct colonial rule has ended; but the same policy of monopolisation of war by the despots and the de-empowerment of people still continues. Serving the interest of the US-led global coalition and keeping the Qur’anic principle away from the affairs of governance, education, culture and judiciary still work as the parts of the same agenda. Like the Indian princely states of the British era, the imperialists have raised 22 states in the Middle East and 57 Muslim States globally. The matters of war policy, warfare and raising new political maps or flags in the Islamic World still remain in the imperialists’ hands. The presence of US-led coalition in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, and Mali adds enough evidence to such an ongoing policy of imperialists’ hegemony.


The calamity of autocracy

Defending the frontiers of a Muslim country is no one’s monopoly. Nor is it the exclusive domain of a despot and his pet army. It is also crucial that the commanding authority of the Muslims’ defence force must not stay in the hands of the non-Muslims at any point of time –as it became the norm under the European occupation. It must stay as an all-time exclusive domain of the Muslims –as was the rule during the golden days of Islam. Most importantly, it is the religious duty, as well the solemn right of every believer. Moreover, fighting in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is the highest ibadah in Islam. As per prophetic narration, spending a moment on the frontier as defender of the Islamic state is more rewarding than standing the whole night in prayer. And, jihad -the greatest ibdah, does not take place in mosque or on a prayer mat; it happens only when one stands in a war face to face against the enemies in a combat zone. A man can’t be a prophet anymore. But he can attain the status of a highly esteemed shahid and can stay very near to the prophets in paradise by taking part in jihad. This is why, most of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) took that highly accredited route. Hence, during the golden days of Islam, there was no need of any professional army or any cantonment. Instead, the whole ummah worked as a solidified army and every Muslim was a soldier. And, the whole land of Muslim ummah grew up as the largest cantonment in history. The downfall of the Muslim indeed started at a time when such tradition of the early Muslims was forgotten and the ummah stood de-militarised. It is indeed the ugliest calamity of the autocracy that has engulfed the whole Muslim World over the centuries.

The fundamental right cum duty of a believer for defending his faith and country is usurped not only by the non-Muslim imperialist occupiers, but also by the so-called Muslim despots. A believer is thus prevented coercively from fulfilling his obligatory duty to fight against the enemies of Islam. This way, he is prevented from taking part in jihad. It is indeed one of the most catastrophic consequences of occupation by the external or internal enemies of Islam. Then a coercive prohibition is imposed on the promised route to the paradise. The Jihadi spirit and the war-skills of the common people are perceived as a serious threat to their own rule. In order to condemn such an original Islamic spirit, they even put a tag of terrorism on it. Whereas, the most terrorising forces in the whole Muslim World are not the Islamists; they are the tyrannical despots. The main concern of these despots is not to defend Islam or any Muslim country; but to give sustenance only to their own rule. They allow people to grow up only as submissive cowards, and not as death-defying fighters with the Islamic spirit. This way, the brave people are deliberately kept out of the country’s security or military corridors. This is why, the foreign invaders found it very easy to conquer the countries ruled by the most brutal dictators. The army of such despots show their skills only in quick surrender to the enemies or fleeing from the warfronts. The Arab despots’ wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973 against Israel give ample testimony to that.

For an autocratic ruler, war means a battle between two contestant ruling cliques and their pet armies. The common people are kept away from the scene. So, the history books hardly make any mention of the common people. The story of kings, amirs, shahs, sheikhs, presidents and other despots occupy the most part of it. Only the palaces of these despots could show their existence; and the dwellings of the common people show no traces of their presence. Apart from bearing the financial burden of the extravagant corrupt despots, the common citizens are given no political role and responsibility vis-à-vis governance and defence of any Muslim country. Hence, the common people are seldom equipped to do anything else in any war. Whereas, jihad against any kuffar occupation is a Qur’anic obligation on every believer. But, such teaching of Islam stand deeply hidden in the Muslim World. Even the imams of mosques and the teachers of the religious schools seldom mention such Qur’an prescriptions. The ruling despots frame laws, install courts and set media only to sanitise their oppression, suppression and even the genocidal massacres. They deploy huge team of police, prosecution and pet judges only to punish those who stand against their rule.

The autocratic despots have caused awful other calamities, too. It has turned all the value-adding institutions for the common men and women highly dysfunctional, non-functional or corruptive. Hence, the life changing social engineering institutions like schools, colleges and universities, mosques, madrasah, police academies, civil and military staff colleges are doing more damages to the ummah than any good. Instead of promoting an enabling environment for the people, they are generating a culture of de-motivation, de-moralisation and de-empowerment. As a result, the social capital stands very low in almost all of the Muslim countries. The military defeats, the endemic Army coups, the internal strife and other political calamities indeed owe to failures of these institutions. This is why, despite trillions of dollars of unearned money from petroleum, gas, and other resources, the Arab Muslims stay most powerless and defenceless in the world. The despotic rulers in the Muslim world survives only because of the powerlessness of the common people. If these autocrats were put as ruler in any of the western countries, they would have been beheaded or dethroned instantly by the empowered native people –as happened to many of their kings in the past. But, these Muslim despots –since they are the promoters of the enemy agenda, receive constant protection from the western and the eastern imperialists. These slave rulers of the Muslim World have proven their enough competence by keeping the Muslims confined in their heavily protected prison cells -called states. In absence of such servile rulers, the exploitative interest of the imperialists would have been in great peril. This is why the western powers are so strongly behinds these brutal autocrats.

Moreover, the monopolisation of war in the hand of a power-grabbing professional army also has its own catastrophic consequence. If the army betray or collapse against the enemy, there existed no second line of defence. In the Muslim history, the failure of these so-called professional armies is huge. They caused awful disasters even in recent years. The secular Army has minimal appetite to fight any war to the end. In war of 1948, 1967 and 1973 with Israel, the coalition of Arab Armies were badly defeated by the tiny Israeli Army. The whole Sinai Valley, the West Bank and the Golan Heights were quickly lost to Israel. Whereas, few thousand Hamas fighters could resist the Israeli advance under continuous air attacks in Gaza for about 50 days. The coalition of Arab Armies couldn’t withstand that even for a week. In 1971, the Pakistan Army had the same disgraceful failure in East Pakistan. India did much less bombing in Dhaka and other parts of East Pakistan than the Israeli bombing in Gaza or the US bombing on Mosul. Mosul didn’t fall in 9 months, but Pakistan Army with its 45 thousands soldiers surrendered to infidel Indian army in less than 3 weeks. These so-called professional armies could show their skills only in conquering their own countries. In Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and many other Muslim countries they could do that for many times. The army could also grab huge number of residential areas for its officers in major cities.

The Muslim history reveals some amazing truths. All the great victories of the early Muslims against the world powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires were not the works of so-called professional armies raised in barracks or cantonments. These owe to the death-defying common Muslims. Those who defeated the British Army twice in the Afghan soil were not any professional army either, they were the Afghan common Muslims. In the last few decades, the two world powers like the USSR and the USA were also defeated in the Afghan soils by the same common people. The USA was also defeated in Vietnam by the same type of volunteer fighters. On the contrary, the defeat of the professional Bengal Army against the tiny private army of the British East India Company sets an example how they are useless to serve any Muslim cause. The Army of Nawab Sirajuddaulah –the last Muslim ruler of Bengal, had 50 thousand soldiers, 40 canons and 10 war-elephants in the battle field of Palashy. Whereas the East India Company had only three thousand soldiers under Col. Robert Clive. But the Nawab lost the war before it was started. The betrayal of Mir Zafar –the Commander of the Muslim Army caused the catastrophe. When an army is raised out of the people with no commitment to Islam, such a disaster is natural. They change the paymaster if receive a bigger promise. Due to such betrayal, the Nawab’s Army didn’t fight any real war against the enemy. No shot was fired from any canon. Thus, the British East India got an easy victory over a huge area of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa; and the fleeing Nawab was captured and killed. It was one of the fateful day not only for the Bengali Muslims but also for the Indian Muslims as a whole. The disastrous consequence of the Muslim ummah indeed started from there. When the common people are de-empowered and kept out of the fateful scene such terrible consequence is the most common outcome.


Monopolisation of War & the Neo-colonisation in the Muslim World

Imposed wars & the subjugation

The US or the European citizens exercise the right to carry weapons anywhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Mali and many more Muslim countries. They even set military bases in those countries; and seek no permission from anybody to kill anyone there. Rather, they are the people who give permission vis-à-vis who should carry weapons, make weapons or do war in the Muslim World. Anyone who carry weapons, make wars and changes the political landscape without their permission get labelled as a terrorist and a threat to the so-called global security and stability. Such a doctrine of colonialism gives them full monopoly of war and to sanitise every act of their invasion, oppression, murder, destruction and exploitation in the occupied lands. In the colonial era, the army of a tiny country like Belgium killed 10 million people only in Congo. And the British colonial army could almost ethnically cleanse the whole population of the Red Indians from the USA, the Aborigines from Australia, and the Maoris from New Zealand. These colonialists proved so shameless and morally deprived that they erected statues of the leaders of genocidal cleansing on the occupied lands to glorify the massacres. Awfully, the same moral illness that caused immense deaths and sufferings in the former colonies still rule the Muslim World. So the blood shed continues. Like the era of old colonialism, these neo-colonialist killers do not face any conviction in the occupied lands. So they could kill more than a million in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, Kashmir and Yemen and could flatten thousands of cities and villages without facing any criminal charge in any court of the world. Therefore, the avid killers of the Muslims like George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Barak Obama, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Norendra Modi stand unpunished.

No Muslim country is immune to imperialists’ aggression. And, no Muslim country enjoys any moral or legal right to penalise even the worst criminals of the occupying countries. This is why, while the US helicopters ran a raid in Abbottabad in 2011 or Raymond Davis -an armed CIA man, killed two Pakistani man in Lahore in the same year, the government of Pakistan – a boastful nuclear power, couldn’t dare take any action, let alone punish the cold blooded murderers. The President and the Prime Minister of the country observed a tongue-tied silence even to condemn such a crime. Therefore, one can easily guess what could be the case of the non-nuclear Muslim states like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others while subjected to the same imperialist arrogance. They could be easily coerced to fit into their agenda. Which is why, a very few Muslim countries could resist the US pressure on joining a killing mission against Iraqi Muslims in 1991 on the pretext of Saddam’s invasion in Kuwait. Whereas the same Muslim countries stayed silent while the USA invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel invaded in Gaza and the Indian Army launched its killing mission in Kashmir.

Hypocrisy is the most conspicuous feature of the imperialists’ policy towards the Muslims. While the south Sudanese Christians started their terrorist campaign to dismember the largest country in Africa, the USA and its partners not only give the full political support but also gave huge money and weapons. But while the native citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Kashmir, or Chechnya do war to free their countries from the foreign occupiers, get the label of terrorism. The US drones do not respect any border of any Muslim country; and execute killing operation anywhere they wish. Israel does the same. This is indeed an absolute monopoly of a globalised war by the imperialists; they demand no less than total submission to their hegemony. Still, they blame the Muslims for their dirty mess and spread Islamophobic narratives as the cover-up. More awfully, most of the Muslim rulers, politicians, intellectuals and even ulama buy and spread the same enemy narratives. The sovereignty and dignity of more than 1, 600 million Muslims thus go to the gutter; and the kuffar imperialists appear as the real masters of the Muslim World.


The Muslim mercenaries & their crimes

The USA has established its Air Force base in Qatar, Naval Force base in Bahrain and has installed huge number or troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and many other Muslim and non-Muslim countries in the world to give long sustenance to the monopoly of their brutal war. Other countries like Russia, China, and India also run their regional monopolies in their occupied Muslim backyards. They also spread their own fabricated narratives to sanitise such war of blatant occupation. Whereas, the Muslims hide their own Islamic narratives, imperatives and agendas in warfare. In fact, the ugliest deviation of the Muslims from the Qur’anic roadmap and the maximum damage to the ummah started with the betrayal of the Qur’anic agenda in warfare as well as with the denial of the core survival objective -as has been prescribed by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The journey to hellfire indeed starts from such a self-engineered deviation. Thus, the most powerful tool of implementation of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s sovereignty on earth and His sharia is made not only ineffective, but also placed in the service of the worst enemies.

Because of Muslims’ own betrayal, Islam survives only in the pages of the holy Qur’an. The mass-scale conversion of the so-called believers in Islam to evil ideologies like secularism, nationalism, racism, tribalism, fascism, capitalism and others has brought qualitative as well as the most catastrophic changes in their  objective of survival and the life style. This has indeed caused overwhelming shift in their political, educational, professional and cultural priorities. Whereas, the Muslims must stay faith-bound only to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and die for His cause –as per holy pledge mentioned in Sura Taubah, verse 111. But these ideological converts to evil ideologies enjoy investing their wealth, talent and even life for the known enemies of Islam and the Muslims. They willingly work as mercenary not only in their civil and military infrastructures of evil, but also in media, education, information technology, commerce, and even in intellectual warfare all over the Muslim World. The newspapers, the TV channels and other media outlets in the Muslim countries vividly display the works of these mercenaries. They indeed run a full scale intellectual war against Islam and the Islamists in every Muslim country. This is indeed a new form of invasive colonisation of the Muslim mind by the worst form of corrosive ideologies -worse than the enemy’s military occupation. Such inclusive and invasive colonisation of the intellectual premise of the Muslims and the Muslim countries never happened in the past.

As a result, the Muslim men, women and children try in every possible ways to make themselves fully congruent and saleable to the enemies at a higher price. They learn languages, earn skills and train in subjects that have higher demand in the enemy’s job market. They indeed dream for the enemies, migrate for the enemies, work for the enemies and even do war and die for the enemies. For example, in two World Wars, more than one million Arabs and more than 200 thousand Indian Muslims fought for the British, the French and the Italian imperialists. And now, millions of Iraqis, Syrians, Chechens and Afghans are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the US and the Russian kuffars. In 1971, millions of Bengali Muslims joined the Hindu idolaters to dismember Pakistan -the largest Muslim country in the world. Such betrayal against Islam and the Muslims still continues. Because of these self-selling mercenaries with Muslim name, the enemies of Islam –both native and foreign, thrive in the Muslim lands. Therefore, they could sustain their brutal occupation and carry out their aggressive anti-Islamic agenda in politics, education, culture, administration, judiciary and warfare. Fighting in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and bringing back the glory of Islam no more survive as an issue in most of the Muslims’ life. Thus, the enemies of Islam have monopolised the whole war effort and political activities for their own benefit and left no space for the true believers and for true Islamic cause. In fact, more Muslims are now being killed in Muslim lands by these mercenaries than by the kuffars.










Institutional Collapse of the Muslims & the Civilizational War of the West

The nonfunctional institute

To grow up as human, it is indispensable to have humanising institution. In absence of such institution, men and women even with perfect physical features turn fully animal. The naked men and women who live in bushes and caves in Nicobar Island or Papua New Guinea are indeed the proof of such institutional absence. Humans can’t grow as humans in jungles. In human history, the most important and the most powerful institution is the state that add ultimate humanising or dehumanising factors to the human. If state falls in the hand of evil forces then it turns more awful than jungles. Then it works as powerful industry to produce people in massive scale who rejoice occupying states, colonising countries and dropping nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, chemical bombs   crucial civilisation Hence in Islam, task is not to build hospitals, high ways and industries, but to build stat how absence of humanising institution can crippare indeed the is an example n In fact, every man bears the making of his formative institution.   The Muslims have serious crisis in the fields of education, economics, politics, commerce, science and technology. But the most crippling and catastrophic crisis lies elsewhere. It is the collapse of khilafa – the trans-ethnic universal political institution of Islam. There exists a total absence of that. It is the most distinctive failure of the modern days’ Muslims – the core pathology of all political, cultural and military crisis in the Islamic world. About two hundred years ago the Muslims didn’t have such a problem. In absence of such a state, the Muslims have turned political orphans and helpless destitute all over the world. The orphans can be bullied, slapped on face even by a lone hooligan; nobody will come to his or her help. That is exactly happening for the Muslims in every corner of the world. Since the early days of Islam, Khelafa worked as the core state cum guardian state for the whole Muslim Ummah. Only through such state, the Muslims could build pan-Islamic infrastructure to dismantle ethnic, linguistic and tribal boundaries and could stand as dominating World Power. Without such a state, Islam can’t demonstrate the Divine guidance to the mankind; nor can the Muslims emerge as the civilizational power. Such a core state is indispensable to fulfil the vision of Allah that entails the supremacy of His Deen over all non-Islamic faiths and beliefs –as has been repeatedly revealed in the holy Qur’an. Otherwise, sharia –the Divine Law survives only in books –as happened in the case of laws revealed to the prophet Musa (peace be upon him).  In absence of such an Islamic state, nor can a Muslim discharge his obligatory Divine mission of enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong –as has been prescribed by Allah Subhana wa Ta’la for every man and woman in the holy Qur’an.

In the holy Qur’an, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been labelled as the best and perfect model (us’watun hasana) for the whole mankind. He is the perfect model of guidance not only for the devout preacher or men of piety, but also for rulers, leaders and state-builders. His highest distinctiveness from other prophets doesn’t lie in his great achievement as a religious preacher, family man or showing miracles, but as a builder of a core civilizational state for promoting the vision of the Allah –the Supreme Almighty. He raised Islam not only as a faith but also as the most powerful civilising force on earth to mould people’s belief, culture, law and warfare according to the Divine guidance. There are other civilisations like the Western, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese; but none of these civilisation are based on Divine guidance. All these civilisations are based on pagan or other idiosyncratic notions on the creation of the world, laws, lives, states, societies and others. Since prophet Musa (peace be upon him) or Jesus (peace be upon him) couldn’t build any state, hence the Jews and the Christians stand in deep darkness in getting any guidance from them. So, like any unguided human, they invented scores of Devilish diversions. So, the Judo-Christian world could easily be the breeding grounds for racism, slavery, nationalism, fascism, Nazism, capitalism, colonialism, communism, imperialism and other evil ideologies. As a consequence, they could cause horrific havoc on earth by causing wars of occupation, mass scale hijacking of people as slaves, ethnic cleansing, gas chambers, holocausts and World Wars. In the whole human history, Islam is the only religion that could purge the ancient ignorance of paganism and barbarity from statecraft and raise civilisation on Divine laws, wisdom, values and guidance. Hence, the distinctive superiority of Islamic civilisation rests not only on its mosques, minarets, public baths, dresses and costumes, potteries and arts, but also in specifics of the Divine laws (sharia), nourishing cultures and education. They could conquer huge expanse of lands, but unlike others they didn’t cause holocausts or ethnic cleansing for the conquered.  Instead, they preferred remaining religious minorities in the newly conquered lands.


The catastrophic failure

The Muslims have attained failures after failures. All the bombs, deaths and destructions are their own earnings. Of all failures, the most crucial and the most pathological failure lies in understanding and protecting the greatest institutional legacy of the prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) –the khelafa. In those early formative days, each and every companion of the prophet had to engage in bloody wars against the brutal enemies. They fought wars not only against the local pagans, but also against the Roman and the Persian empires -the two contemporary world powers. In history of Islam, khelafa proved to be the most important and most costly institution. Islam’s global influence and the Muslims’ prestige, security, trade and strength owe to it. Protecting such a state is so high that the prophet (peace upon him) told, “Spending few moments in defending the frontier of Islamic state is worthier than spending whole night in prayer”. The companions of the prophet spend not only their precious time, but also their money, talent and lives to protect the greatest legacy of the prophet (peace upon him). In fact, the early Muslim didn’t spend so much wealth, energy or blood to build mosques or print Qur’an as they spend on defending Islamic khalifa. In fact, more than 70% of the companions became shaheed to protect the Islamic state from the enemies of Islam. Later on, the number of the Muslims increased manifold; but their failure is cataclysmic. They failed awfully to protect khilafa -the prophet’s greatest legacy that made him the most successful prophet on earth and turned Islam as the most powerful civilizational force in human history. Hence the Satanic forces didn’t need to target any mosque, madrasa or tribal state as the prime target, rather focussed fully to dismantle khelafa. And the opportunity came to them in 1923. They had enough Trojan horses in the Muslim land to help them dismantling this prophet’s legacy.

In such context, the failure of those who claim to be the scholars of Islam (ulama) is very painful and shameful. The secularists, the nationalists and the socialists –although Muslim by name, worked as the arch enemy of this fundamental institution of Islam. These internal enemies were trying hard to take the Muslims back to pre-Islamic jaheliya.  In the name of different tribes, languages, regions and ethnicities, they were desperate to divide the Muslim Ummah. They got full provocation and supports from the enemies of Islam; they launched war shoulder to shoulder with the imperialists. During the First World War, these enemies declared war against khilafa. Osmania khalifa had lot of inadequacies and problems, but the abolition of khilafa and the division of the Ummah in the name of race, tribe and language were not the Islamic options. These are haram in Islam. Only the de-Islamised people can adhere to such satanic deviations. How can a believer support that? But the so-called ulama didn’t do anything to encounter these enemies of Islam and nor did defend the institution from these home-grown Trojan horses. They were in deep inaction. The Indian Muslims under the leadership of the prominent Muslim intellectuals like Muhammad and his brother Shaukat Ali mobilised khelafa movement -the first mass movement in India’s history, to press the British government -the main culprit to dismember khilfa, to disengage from such venture. That too failed; and the anti-Islamic coalition won. After the collapse of Osmania khilafa, the Muslims had no core civilizational state. So, the Muslims have no defender. Therefore, the USA and Russia enjoy full-scale freedom to drop bombs as much as they like; there is no place on earth where they need to be accountable. The US has dropped more than 11 thousands bombs only in Islamic State areas; that amount of bombs were not dropped even on Germany and Japan –the USA’s enemies in World War II. The destruction of Aleppo is much greater than the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since the largest Muslim population live in South Asia, the strategic Muslim thinker cum leader like Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah launched movement to create Pakistan –a potential core state for the Muslim Ummah. But the majority of the so-called Ulama under the leadership of Hussain Ahmed Madani and Abul Kalam Azad showed their ugliest incompetence and ignorance to support such a brilliant project. They argued that instead of Pakistan, undivided India with its Hindu majority population would serve the Muslim interest better. That has been proven utterly false. India has now emerged as the exclusive core state of Hindu civilisation and a colonising power of the neighbouring states. They have already colonised Kashmir, Hyderabad, Sikkim and now attempting to colonise Bangladesh. Thus it ratifies the ignorance, miscalculation and far from reality state of the Deobandi ulama. Even after the creation of Pakistan –the largest Muslim country in the world, the so-called ulama showed little interest to Islamise the new country. These ulama were withdrawn from politics and confined the activities only within the confines of mosques and madrasas. Sometimes they labelled politics as the dirty job of the dirty people. But they forget the historical fact that before the take-over of politics by the prophet (peace be upon him), politics of Arabia was in the dirty hand of the people like Abu Jahl, Abu Sufian, Abu Lahab and Abdullah bib Uabai. So it is the great sunnah of the prophet not to disengage from politics, but to launch a full cleansing operation of the whole political arena. Only this way the deen of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala get the chance to prevail. It is the holy jihad in Islam. Politics is indeed a continuous intellectual as well cold and hot policy warfare vis-à-vis construction or deconstruction of the country. Sometimes it turns hot battle field of warfare. The Ummah’s fate is decided not only in the mosques or madrasas, but also in the war-fields. In prophet’s days, it was decided in battle field of Badar, Ohud, Khandak, Muta. Hunayun and many others. The politics of the Muslim countries still stay occupied by the brutal forces who are inimical to the Divine project of Islam. Due to such brutal occupation, the Qur’anic prescription stays unimplemented almost in all Muslim states. Hence, how can a believer withdraw himself or herself from such decisive crucial field? It is indeed the continuous jihad in Muslims’ life. But unfortunately, the Pakistani ulama remained almost aloof from such endeavour and the newly formed core civilisation state was handed to the de-Islamised secularists –who had no interest to work for Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Many of these Trojan horses fought war for their mentors in the past World Wars. As a result, the Pakistan project failed miserably and the country was dismembered. The so-called religious scholars conveniently forgot even the prophet’s most important sunnah (tradition). In the first 13 years of his prophet-hood in Makka, the prophet (peace upon him) didn’t build a single mosque or madrasa in the occupied land of kuffar. His primary priority was on building an Islamic state –whatever small it may be. He pursued such vision on the first day of his arrival in Madina. He become the head of the nascent Islamic state; as the formal head of the state he started making treaties with the neighbouring non-Muslim tribes and sent emissaries even to the Roman and Persian empires. It is also significant to note that the prophet (peace be upon him) built the first mosque in his life only after the arrival in Medina. He became the Commander in Chief of the Army, as well as the chief justice and the imam of the newly built mosque. The state, the mosque, the judiciary and the army –all these core institutions worked hand in hand with the prophet-hood to materialise the designated Divine vision and mission. As a result, speedily and steadily, the Muslims emerged as the top-most civilizational world power. Working with such full integration of all state institutions for the Divine cause is the lesson that the prophet (peace be upon him) left behind for the Muslim Ummah. No space or segment of the Muslim states should be left out or leased out to the enemies of Islam. Unfortunately, the Muslims ulama show deep disinterest towards following such prophetic route. By commission or omission, the whole statecraft of the Muslim states now stay under the enemy occupation. The prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was also given sharia; but couldn’t be implemented due to noncompliance of the followers –especially the ulama. They set their own agenda –far away from fighting in the cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. What could be the worst betrayal than it? Like Bani Israel, the Muslim ulama too, invented routes of escaping the prophetic path of jihad and establishing the Islamic state. As a result, Islam stand defeated and the Muslim ummah stand badly shattered and humiliated –as in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir, Rohinga, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world.

The prophet has died, but his tradition must not die. It is the responsibility of every Muslim man and woman live with his Divinely guided tradition. As his rightly guided khalifa, the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) continued with the same mission. But the so-called ulamas of today has divorced such prophetic tradition and has taken the different route. They have drawn a dividing line between state-affairs and religious affairs. As if they have no role to reconstruct the politics, education, economics, judiciary and military affairs. They have restricted their role only inside the mosques and madrasas. Under the occupation of anti-Islamic forces, the mosque and madrasas become dysfunctional. The perfect example of such dysfunctional mosques and madrasas is Bangladesh. The country has hundreds of thousands of mosques and madrasas; more than a million people assemble in Tablighi Jamaat’s ijtemah each year. It is a Qur’anic decree that a Muslim must live with the mission of enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong (a’maru bil ma’rul wa nehi anil munker). But all these mosques and madrasa and the ijtamas are utterly failing to generate such sense of responsibility among Muslim men and women. So the country is going to the opposite direction.  The de-Islamisation project of the enemy of Islam is running with full swing; as a result, the country could get the topmost rank in corruption 5 times. The ulama failed to understand the importance of Islamic state. Establishing an Islamic state is crucial, but it was impossible under the infidel occupation. Hence the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) needed to migrate from Makka to Medina. On day one of his life in Medina, the prophet (peace be upon him) laid the foundation of the core civilizational state of Islam and become the head of the state and also took the responsibility of the supreme commander of the army.

The Muslim world have 57 Muslims countries. They have millions of mosques, thousands of colleges and hundreds of universities. Millions of Muslim are in the armies. They have thousands of war planes; and possess nuclear weapons, too. They also possess enormous wealth like oil, gas and other mineral and agricultural resources. The number of Muslim scientists and PhD’s are much higher than those that Japan had at the time of her economic or military take-off. But these are not the substitute of an institute like Khilafa.

So the Muslim lands like Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria could be easily occupied; and the hundreds of Muslim cities could be easily flattened. About three million Muslims killed The Iraqi, Afghan and Syrian cities and villages therefore could be easily bombed by the US, Russian war planes to the ground without any protest in any international forum.  and  of Even the non-significant ethnic entity like the Serbs could slaughter about three hundred thousand Muslims in the backyard of Europe, and no one came to their rescue. For the same reason, a tiny nation of Israelis could occupy the heart land of Islam and could kill and drove out the Palestinians from their ancestral homes. And such a barbaric act of the human history never got condemned in the UN; rather the most inhuman and immoral creation of Israel got the UN recognition. As a result, millions of Palestinians continue to live as perfect destitute.  The same is happening with the Kashmiri, Uighur, Chechen, Arakan (Rohinga) and Moro Muslims. In fact, the colonisation has never ended in the Muslim lands.


The tragedy of fascists’ occupation

Literally, fascism is an autocratic system of ruling by possessing all political power in one hand and by brutal annihilation of all forms of opposition and criticism. It entails strict regimentations of all political, industrial, judicial and educational policies of the country with aggressive nationalist or racist attitude. If judged on such parameters, all the colonial rule of the European imperialists would perfectly fit into a frame of extreme fascism. Whenever they occupy a country, they immediately turn worst fascists. Such occupation thus brings worst tragedies for the people in occupied countries. In fact, fascism is taken as a political tool to sustain the occupation. They occupy almost every things. All crucial sectors of the country stay under their full control. The citizens of the occupied countries turn mere political slave. They are given no political space or role to decide the fate of their own life and their own country. They are not given the right to practise even their own Qur’anic law. The US did the same after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is indeed the consequence of every occupation. So, in Islam, it is the most hateful act to embrace it.

One can easily see the ugliest form of fascism in the British occupation of Bengal. They occupied the country only for economic exploitation; no higher human conscience worked here. The British occupiers didn’t heed to any higher human values while chopped off the fingers of the native muslin weavers. They deemed it as an economic necessity to secure monopoly of the British clothes. For the same reason, they didn’t feel any moral guilt to force the poor cultivators of Bengal to grow indigo plant, instead of rice, to feed the demand of their own domestic and international markets. Due to such moral death, these fascist imperialists didn’t feel any remorse either for the great Bengal famine of 1769-73 that killed almost one-third of the population. The famine was caused by the mindless colonial exploitation and the sheer neglect of food delivery. Before the British occupation, the fertile land of Bengal never had such famine in her entire history, rather had remarkable affluence –as recorded by the famous traveller Ibn-e-Battuta in his diary. The colonialist didn’t face any moral remorse either when they ethnically cleansed millions of Red Indians in America and millions of the Aborigines in Australia. Like sending people to gas chambers, the extermination of people by traditional ways of man-slaughtering or by politically engineered famine also remain the favoured options of the fascists. With such lowest low of the morality, the US could drop nuclear bombs too. How such fascists can claim any moral edge over the Nazi fascists?

With the end of colonial occupation, the rule of the foreign fascists ended formally in the Muslim World. But a new era of occupation started with the home-grown fascists. Bangladesh, Egypt and Uzbekistan are indeed the perfect prototype to display the ugliest calamity of such occupation. They possess almost all the traits of the colonial fascists. They, too, are the worst enemy of Islam. Like the colonial era, the people of these occupied countries still stand deprived of basic human, political and religious rights. Islamic education, culture and sharia are given no space; all spaces in politics, judiciary, education and administration are grabbed by these fascists. In all these occupied countries, the opposition parties are not allowed to hold any public meeting. The free press is gagged. They elect themselves as the ruler, and raise courts to convict their political opponents. The political process has been restrained only to chant chorus in support of the rulers. These fascists fully understand that the real constituency of their power is not the people, but the foreign powers in Washington, Moscow, Delhi, France or other cities. That is why, Shaikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan and other fascist occupiers didn’t bother about the public anger. They stay more focused to fulfil the agenda of their foreign master. They understand, if the foreign life-support is withdrawn, they will instantly meet their political death like Shah of Iran or Mubarak of Egypt. Hence, their compliance to the foreign masters is hundred per cent. As a result, the Muslim World is impregnated with a new set of slave dynasty. Due to such slave rulers, India does not face any difficulty to get full length corridors or business deals in Bangladesh. They can even install the spy camp inside the cantonment. Nor does the USA face any difficulty in setting up military bases or recruiting foot soldiers for her war against Islam from the Muslim countries. These are indeed the ugliest calamities of occupation.

In Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh grabbed power in 2013 without a proper election. Out of 300 seats of the parliaments, 152 MP got elected without a single ballot paper being casted there. In the whole election, even 5% voters didn’t attend the polling booth to cast their vote. But still Mrs Hasina claimed to be the elected as the Prime Minister. Her government is the largest terrorist outfit in the country to terrorise the people. The police, the army and the border guards are being used to kills and suppress the opposition parties and their members. For example, on 5th May, 2013, hundreds of protesters of Hefazat-e-Islam  -a religious conservative party, were killed or wounded on the streets of Dhaka. The dead bodies were stolen from the scene to hide the intensity of crime. Hundreds of the opposition activists are being kidnapped by the police and the security personnel in plain clothes; and they never return them back. Now Bangladesh stands more occupied then Kashmir. Although claims be secular, but the country has been converted a perfect satanic state. A 100% domestic court has been given a label of international criminal court to convict and hang the potential political opponents. He turned the judiciary a servile institution to serve only the ruling clique. Like the colonial era, the common people have a given a role only to be silent bystanders.

In Egypt, the Army has become the most brutal fascist outfit. General Abul Fatah Sisi –the Army chief grabbed power only by military force by removing Dr Morsi -the firstly elected President in Egypt’s history. He killed thousands people to secure the power. In Uzbekistan, another fascist Islam Karimov rule the country with iron fist since the country’s independence from Soviet Union since his recent death. The big powers of the world always run business as usual with this criminals. Their only concern is to prevent any possible Islamic resurgence –the only perceived threat to their dominance. Since these home-grown fascists are pursuing the same political objective enjoy perfect ideological and political match with the imperialist warlords in Washington, Moscow, Delhi or Paris. Such policy of the international fascists gets overtly displayed in Syria. Bashar al Assad has proved to be one of the most brutal fascist in human history. He has killed nearly 4 hundred thousand Syrians and caused more destruction to the country’s largest city Aleppo than it was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He has driven out 8 million people from their home. But removing him from power is no issue for the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans. The bombers of these countries are cautiously avoiding his palace. Their only agenda is to fight the Islamists there; hence perfectly match with the agenda of the terrorist gangs of Bashar al Assad. Such international nexus of the anti-Islamic fascists not only creates havoc in the Middle East, but also appears as the greatest threat against peace of the whole mankind. Once there was only Hitler in the world and the terrorism of that fascist was more or less contained in the smallest continent of the world, but now so many Hitlers are working together to terrorise the whole world. Such calamity never happened in the whole human history.


The Bleeding Palestine: Support for the Brutalities & Approval of the Occupation

Outsourcing the occupation

Palestine is bleeding. Its people are the worst victims of one of the most brutal occupations in the whole human history. They are suffering for more than hundred years. Firstly, at the hand of the British colonialists; and now under the occupation of Israeli aggressors. Under the Israeli occupation, Palestine has turned to a huge concentration camp for its native people; but only with a difference. The concentration camp in Nazi Germany was very short lived. It quickly ended with the end of World War II. But the Israeli concentration camp is showing no such sign of ending in foreseeable future; rather, showing rejuvenation with more brutalities. Colonisation always brought brutal occupation, oppression, exploitation and deaths in the occupied lands of Asia and Africa. But the colonial occupation of Palestine has taken a different and more awful route. Half of the people in none of the former colonies were forced to live in the refugee camps of other countries. Nor were their land and assets confiscated by the thuggish immigrants from other corners of the planet to build their own empire –as have been done in Palestine by the Jewish immigrants.

Although, the western colonisation has ended in other parts of the world, but it has become a permanent feature in Palestine. Such sustained brutalities of deaths, oppression and eviction from homes didn’t happen in other Asian and African colonies. To understand all such horrific dynamics of Israeli occupation, one must understand the history of creation of Israel and the status of Israel in the western psyche. It needs to be understood that Israel is not an ordinary state like other states on earth. The leaders of Israel take it as a political cum ideological mission to uphold the crime and culture of the colonial occupation of Palestine that were started by the British in 1917. Because of the Israeli presence, although the British colonial era has officially ended in 1948, the brutality of colonial occupation and its horrific crimes and culture still thrive in the land of Palestine.

After the catastrophic damage to its defence, economy and manpower by two World Wars, the morally and economically depleted British imperialists were compelled to outsource the task of colonial occupation cum subjugation of their former colonial subjects to their faithful clients. At this critical point of history, the Jews emerged the new opportunists to carry the colonial flag. Moreover, in occupied land of Palestine, the British and the Jews had some shared civilizational cum political objectives. In the holy land of Jerusalem, they had the common vision and objective to leave no space for the Muslims. Moreover, because of their close affinity towards the western ideology, culture and values and derp incompatibility with the Muslims, the Jewish people could quickly become the natural and perfect surrogate of the imperialists to serve those shared objectives.

Therefore, in the occupied land of Palestine, the illegitimate birth of Israel in the womb of British colonialism was deemed essential not only to address the political cum ideological objectives of the Jews, but also to sustain the political, economic, and military agendas of the western imperialists. In the west, there exists so much consensus on such assumed utility of Israel that all the western countries were very quick to give legitimacy to the illegitimate birth of Israel in 1948. Now they are pressurising all the Muslim countries –especially the Arab countries, to do the same. Since the British didn’t conquer Palestine from any Jewish people, they didn’t have any moral and legal authority to hand over any part of this occupied land to the Jew. The legality of ending the colonial occupation could only be accomplished by returning the whole Palestine to its original Arab owners -whose land they occupied in 1917; and not to the immigrants from other continents. Since that hasn’t been done by the British, the whole creation of Israel on occupied land stands on the premise of such blatant illegality. No amount of military might or political manoeuvring can remove such a blemish of illicitness of Israel’s creation. In fact, here lies the original pathology in the whole Arab-Israeli dispute.

Israel can occupy any amount of land by military might, but can’t establish its legality. The original crime against the Palestinians was committed by the British colonialists. And it was supported by other imperialists of the west. Now the same former colonial powers stand as the sole protector of Israel. The presence of Israel in Muslim Middle East, in fact, looks like a graft of an incompatible foreign organ inside an immune-competent body. Such inherent incompatibility of the Jews against the Muslim polity is working as the incurable barrier to reach any peace deal. No amount of negotiations or dropping bombs can destroy such defensive immunity of the Muslims. Signing of any number of accords by any high ranking Palestinian leader or by any Arab king can’t substitute the ratification by the whole ummah –the real stakeholder of the holy land. Such a deadlock indeed works as the crux of the whole problem in the Arab-Israel conflict. Defending the holy land is so integral part of Muslim faith that resistance against Israeli occupation of Palestine is never going to die out. Ultimately, the ongoing incompatibility inside Muslim heart land is destined to eat away this colonial implant. Thousands of nuclear bombs couldn’t protect the dissolution of Soviet Union. Israel may have hundreds nuclear warheads, too; but it survives on life-long life-support from the west. Therefore, how such a country can survive better than Soviet Union?


The shared ideology & the complicity in crime

The Israelis have strong ideological affinity with the western imperialists. Occupation, colonisation, subjugation and breaking backbone of the Muslims are parts of the same shared ideology. Because of that, the government of Israel can easily work in tandem with the imperialists to occupy any Muslim land and destroy its cities. For the same reason, the western countries can’t tolerate any harm, defeat or condemnation of Israel in any national or international forum. This is why, the US government repeatedly applies its veto power in the UN Security Council to protect Israel from any condemnation even for its worst war crimes. In the war of 1973, when the Israeli defence was near to collapse, the USA made a quick dispatch of advanced weapons to Israel. Because of such complicity in crime, while the Israeli Army kills people and flatten cities in Gaza or in occupied West Bank, the US-led western coalition provide the full political, diplomatic and military support. Because of such close partnership, Israel survives as the biggest military power in the whole Middle East. It indeed works the extension of the west’s own garrison inside the Muslim heartland. The western countries also bear the whole economic cost of this imperialistic enterprise of warfare inside the Muslim Middle East. This is why, Israel is the recipient of the largest US aid since its creation. Therefore, fighting against Israel tantamount to fighting against the whole western imperialist block.

The western powers never hide their shared values, common objective and strategic alliance with Israel. Rather, on the pretext of such shared values, the US President, the UK Prime Minister and the French President, the German Chancellor and other key western leaders reiterate their firm commitment to do everything for Israel’s security. These western leaders argue that defending Israel means defending western values and objectives. So, the security of Israel is indispensable to them –even at the huge cost of life, liberty and homeland of the native Muslims. On 10th of December, while addressing a press conference with the visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benzamine Netanyahu, the French President reiterated the same western doctrine vis-à-vis  Israel. Because of such extreme pro-Israeli bias, the survival issues, the security issues and the basic human rights issues of the Palestinians do not matter at all to the western leaders.

In fact, the USA President and other western leaders never worked as the neutral negotiator; they role has only been the defence lawyer for Israel. They plead Israel’s case not only on a negotiating table with the Palestinians, but also on other international stages. Such a pro-Israeli bias should have spontaneously disqualified them to be an arbitrator. But still they display a hypocritical posture in the name of so-called “peace deal” between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Such a peace-making stance has always been a deceitful ploy only to buy time for Israel to build thousands of new homes for the Jewish people illegally settled in the occupied land. This way, the USA and its western ally have wasted more 70 years of the Palestinians in the name of so-called negotiation. Hundreds of hours were spent to make accords in Camp David and Oslo only to secure legitimacy of Israeli by the Palestinians. They never wanted any peace for the Palestinians; this is why they oppose return of the Palestinian refugees to the homeland. They wanted peace and security only for Israel so that it doesn’t need any war for its sustenance. In the past, the colonialists also wanted similar peace in the occupied countries. They wanted such peace only to give long life to their colonial occupation, exploitation and subjugation without any war. Israel has taken the same route.

But the question arises: what are those western values that Israel and the western powers uphold in the heart land of Islam? Certainly, these are not the democratic values. If these were the democratic values, why the western countries collectively boycotted the elected Hamas government in Palestine? And, why they embraced the leaders of a military coup that ousted the first elected government in Egyptian history of Dr Morsi? If the so-called western values had an iota of concern vis-à-vis the basic human right issues, why these western countries sell arms to the most brutal and autocratic regimes in the Middle East? However, the values that the western powers promote in the Third World countries are not unknown to any student of colonial history. These are the values of brutal occupation, colonisation, mass killing, genocidal ethnic cleansing and apartheidism. Because of such wicked immorality, they could easily think that the native Palestinians are not entitled to have the dwelling space in Palestine. As if, their destiny is only to be evicted from their ancestral homes and live in refugee camps in other countries. The US-led western powers call it peace making effort to support such pure immorality in the Middle East. Does it need any other proof to show how morality has died in their souls? Because of such death of morality they could kill 75 million people in two World Wars, send million people to gas chambers, drop nuclear bombs and could totally destroy dozens of Syrian and Iraqi cities. They call it western values! And Israel takes tremendous pride to be the part of the same values.


President Trump’s crime

By declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, President Donald Trump has violated the international law. Such violation of a statutory law is itself a huge crime. He must know that Jerusalem doesn’t belong to Israel; it is the indispensable part of Palestine -illegally occupied in the war of 1967. Hence the city is legally bound to return it to its original owner –as recognised by the UN resolution. As per international law, no country is entitled to make any forcefully occupied city its own capital. But the USA administration is not ready to accept such historical truth; hence, work as a bully to recognise Jerusalem unilaterally as the Israeli capital, President Donald Trump claims that by recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital he has only recognised the reality on the ground.

Mr Trump conveniently forgets that this false reality was created by Israel by its illegal occupation. No one has the right to recognise such a manufactured reality on the ground; it is the violation of international law. Such recognition generates further illegal occupation. This is why, Mr Trump’s announcement received world-wide condemnation. Mr Trump has crossed the red line only because of extreme love for Israel. In doing so, he didn’t bother about law or morality. Moreover, the question arises, ISIS could also create a new and huge reality by establishing an Islamic State with a territory more than double the size of England. It survived more than two years, and had the potential to survive, too. Why that reality was annihilated by wholesale destruction of historic cities like Mosul, Raqqa, Ramadi, Deirazour, Tikrit, Kobani, Fallujah and many others? President Saddam Hussein also created ground reality by occupying Kuwait. Why that reality wasn’t recognised? If the US-led coalition could take military action to end the reality of ISIS and Saddam Hussein, why the Palestinians shouldn’t enjoy the same right to undo the illegal reality of Israel? Why such double standard against the Palestinians?


Does Muslim life matter?

In so-called western values, the Muslim life does not matter. This is why Israel –the west’s most favourite protégée, has been given the unfettered right to practise all forms of colonial crimes in occupied Palestine. Only in the year of 1948, Israel forcefully evicted 750,000 Palestinians from their homes. Still, they are not allowed to return back. The western leaders didn’t have any soul to condemn such a robust and heinous crime. While the Palestinians are still languishing in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordon, Syria and other countries, Israel is building thousands of luxury apartments for the new Jewish arrivals from other countries. Many Palestinian villages were destroyed to create more space for them. Such Israeli crime does not touch the western mind; they are only worried about the peace, comfort and security of the Jews.  What could be the worst form of colonial occupation than this? Because of such shared colonial values, the Israeli leaders stand so close to the heart of their western leaders. Therefore, illegal occupation by Israel becomes not only lawful to them, but also a rallying point of celebration. This is why, the illegal creation of Israel was given the prompt legality in 1948 by the western countries and by the UN – the restrictive club of the western powers.  Now, they stand solidly behind Israel to defend the occupation. The US President Donald Trump used the same colonial logic to give legality to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The colonial occupiers have their own value-adding narratives to describe even their worst despicable deeds. So, they describe the most inglorious act of colonial occupation as most glorious act in history. Hence a notorious robber like Robert Clive of East India Company could be appreciated as Lord Clive in their midst. They have narratives also to describe their enemies. This is why, while the colonial occupation of Palestine receives legality in the west, but any honest effort to end such illegal occupation is condemned as terrorism. In the past, the same narratives were used by the colonialists in other occupied lands. Those who fought against the French occupation of Algeria were labelled as terrorist; but the genocidal killing of about 1.5million Algerians by the occupying forces of France was never mentioned as a war crime. The same colonial values and narratives are currently used to describe the situation in Palestine. Hence the children those throw stones to the Israel’s occupying Army is labelled as terrorist and taken to the prison. But those who keep the illegal occupation, kill the Palestinians and turn their houses to rubble are acquitted from any crime.

The USA, the UK, France, German and many other countries show their only concern for the security of Israel. Hence, they could embrace the Israeli leaders when the Israeli Army kills the Palestinian children for shouting and throwing stones against the well-armoured Israeli soldiers. For so-called security of the Israelis, the whole West Bank and Gaza have become an open-air prison. The Israeli Army doesn’t bother to flatten even the hospitals, the schools and the mosques. To encounter the ineffective missile of Hamas, the USA and its ally even supported Israel’s 50 days bombing campaign in Gaza. They keep their eyes closed while Israel makes nuclear bombs; but do advocacy to make the whole West Bank and Gaza as demilitarised zones. As if the Palestinians do not need any protection or security. Israeli government talk about peace and security; but these are only for the Jews. The Palestinians have no space in that premise; they are given place only in the concentration cells. The long and very tall concrete walls crisscrossing through Palestinian farms and residential areas have effectively made the whole occupied land into virtual prison cells. In prison camp, no one can enjoy any liberty. Even Yasser Arafat –the late leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) didn’t have the liberty to call a doctor, go to hospital or meet a friend. In his last days of life, Yasser Arafat was kept in captivity in his official residence in Ramallah. He needed Israeli permission for any move. At the end, he died a mysterious death –suspected to be a homicidal poisoning.

So in occupied Palestine, the life of the Jews are flourishing at the expense of total dehumanisation of the Palestinians. The western leaders call it a flourishing democracy in the Middle East. Such democracy flourished in occupied South Africa for the white supremacists. In the midst of such flourishing democracy of occupied Palestine, the native Palestinians are deprived of all basic human rights. They are destined to survive only at the mercy of the Israeli Army. When they applied their democratic rights in 2006 to elect Hamas as the ruling party of Palestine that democratic choice was not accepted by the western leaders. As if, reflection of people’s choice is not enough to be a democratic. It must express the choice of Israel and its western cronies. To kill its credibility, Hamas is labelled as an extremist organisation. As if, Hamas has done more destruction, more killing, more bombing and more genocide than the Israeli Army. Thus, the democratic functioning of occupied Palestine was dismantled by Israel and its western cronies. In 1982, Israeli Army with its Lebanese Christian surrogates massacred thousands of Palestinian men, women and children in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut suburb. But such cold-blooded butchering of innocent people didn’t make Israel a terrorist entity. To ensure the security of Israel and to increase sufferings of the Palestinians, they do not allow to build any sea port in Gaza and an airport in the West Bank. Such seaport and airport are deemed unthinkable luxury in a prison. Even the apartheid regime of South Africa did turn the whole country to such an open-air prison for the native people. Ironically, such a worst form of inhumanity is embraced by the western leaders as the western values. 17/12/2017

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi & the Saudi Obstruction to Justice

The crime & the cover-up

Initially the Saudi government denied the death of Mr Jamal Khashoggi and claimed that he has left the Saudi consulate in Istanbul alive after getting his paperwork done. But after failing to sell this lie, the Saudi authority announced that Mr Khashoggi is dead. They also told a bizarre story that he died in a fight with the staff in the consulate and the dead-body was handed to a local man for the disposal! It beggars belief! When a man dies in a fight in a civilised state, is it not the duty to call the police to take the body, do the post-mortem and find the killers for the prosecution? But the Saudi authority didn’t take that route. Instead, they pursed the most horrendous path to hide the crime. Firstly, by making a wholesale denial of the murder. Secondly, by restricting the investigation of the crime and now, blocking the enforcement of the justice in the Turkish court.

With such a heinous objective, the Saudi consulate staff –as per premediated plan, quickly disposed the body on their own? The Saudi authority tells that the dead body was given to local man for the disposal. The question arises, Mr Khashoggi was a Saudi national, why his body should be given to a local man to make the body hidden from the public eyes? Moreover, is it the Islamic way of burial? Why the Saudi authority is not disclosing the name of local collaborator?  If the local collaborator is known, it will easier to find the dead body and through light on the true nature of the crime. This is why, every murderer tries to hide the weapon of the crime and the dead body. The killers of Mr Khashoggi did that too.

The crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) –who has been alleged to engineer the murder, declared that the culprits responsible for killing Mr Jamal Khashoggi will be severely punished. But how? Without having the forensic evidence of crime on the dead body, how can they deliver the justice? In the name of prosecution, are they engineering another fraudulent cover-up? If the Saudi authority has an iota of true intention to deliver justice, why they are not telling the name of the local collaborator who disposed the dead body of Mr Jamal Khashoggi? Why they took 17 days to allow the Turkish investigation team to enter into the premise? Is it so difficult to tell the name of the local collaborator? Is it aimed to save the local collaborator or to save the real killer who sent 18 people to do the murder?

There are enough reasons to believe that the Saudi authority is obsessed with only one agenda. The kingdom’s tyrant clique decided to get rid of its critic Mr Jamal Khashoggi. They could achieve that aim only by committing a heinous crime on a foreign soil. Now, they are doing everything to cover up the crime. And that is very evident from day one of the crime. They are telling one big lie to cover up another lie. Only to obstruct the prosecution, they didn’t allow the Turkish investigation team for 17 days to enter the premise. They didn’t allow to enter into the consulate head’s house as per wish of the investigation team.


The obstruction to justice

The Saudi authority has intentionally added an international dimension to the crime. So, the prosecution no more remains as Saudi Kingdom’s internal matter. It is the matter of injured dignity of the Turkish government too. So Turkey has the moral, legal and the international obligation to prosecute the criminals in its own court –since its own law has been violated on its soil. So, President Erdogan has enough reasons to ask Saudi Arabia to hand over 18 people to Turkish authority. Since they were send to Turkey to commit the crime, then must be sent back to the same place to face the trial.

And now, the world leaders who want a fair prosecution have some binding obligations. Turkey can’t do that on its own. The Saudi authority has proven to be very obstructive to the investigation from day one. Now they have declared that the alleged murders will not be handed over to Turkey. Turkey can’t launch a war to get them back to the Turkish court, either. Since the crown prince himself is alleged to be the ring leader of the murder, he will never allow a transparent investigation. If the Saudi authority has no confidence in Turkish judiciary, they can argue for an international court to do that, but can’t avoid prosecution. The world leaders, the media and the international communities must press on that. Since the truth is coming out, the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman is also changing his narrative. He is now facing difficulties to sell the old lies. Because of that, the crown prince had to accept the truth that Mr Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate premise. But the story of heinous crime does not end there; he has to tell other unknown truths.

The Saudi authority is now trying to deflect the whole issue towards other directions. Summoning Mr Khashoggi’s eldest son to the court of King Salman and the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and paying condolence to him is indeed a crude attempt to cover up the crime. Instead of condolence, was it not the first duty of the Saudi authority to hand over the dead body of Mr Khashoggi to the family? In order to give a full whitewash, the Saudi authority will definitely sanction huge punishment to some people. But such punishment will not be for the crime, but for committing the crime so badly and putting the Saudi Kingdom in the worst disrepute worldwide. Arrest of 18 employees by the Saudi authority who were sent to kill Mr Khashoggi is indeed the part of such whitewash. They are blamed as rogue elements committing the crime on their own without the knowledge of the king or the crown prince. Even a fool can recognise it another lie to cover up the premeditated murder.

While performing duties in an official premise, the government employees are allowed only to carry out the assigned official agenda. How could it happen that 18 government servants arrived at Saudi consulate in Istanbul in officially arranged planes to carry out their personal agenda? And that too, inside a government office? How such a horrendous murder could be committed by a gang of 18 people in front of the head of the consulate and the Saudi authority at the top couldn’t know? Why the CCTV of the consulate premise was switched off at the time of the crime? If it was not an execution of government agenda, why the consulate boss allowed that to happen in his office? Behind every act executed by the government employees, there always exists a superior authority to give the order. Hence, in any prosecution of a crime, it is the crucial issue not only to know the people who commit the crime, but also to know who gave the order and the motive behind it. Moreover, how could 18 government employees converge on a common private agenda to kill a high profile journalist who never did any harm to any one of them? It’s totally nonsensical. It is indeed a failed attempt to cover up a horrendous crime in an international arena.


The barbarity & the enmity against democracy

The Saudi tribal barbarity is creating terrible problem not only for Saudi Arabia, but also for the whole Middle East. They sponsored and financed the killing of democracy in Egypt and causing genocide and destruction in Yemen. The regime talks about reforms. But reform doesn’t come through massacring people. It is not about building cities, tourist resorts, roads, shopping malls and industries. It is about protecting the human lives and basic rights of the people. Provision of space for the common people for free expression of their views is the most important marker of such reform. But the Saudi rulers are no ready to give such space for their countrymen. Instead of reforms, the regime is promoting brutal barbarity. The cold blooded murder of Mr Khashoggi indeed gives testimony to that. And it shows how horribly these tyrant rulers dislike the basic human rights. In fact, the failure of Arab spring largely owes to such evil attitude of the Saudi regime; they consider such democratic wave threat to their own survival.

It came to the press that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is upset and angry with the worldwide backlash after Mr Khashoggi’s murder. The Saudi Foreign Minister Mr Adel al-Jubeir expressed his anger in Bahrain by telling that there runs a hysteria on his murder. There is a reason for such bizarre Saudi views. Since killing of Mr Khashoggi didn’t go well, so the ruling tyrants have turned angry, upset and panicky. They are not accustomed to listen such criticism. The ruling clique couldn’t think other countries different from Saudi police state where the king & the crown prince can kill any number of people without any backlash and accountability. Like the medieval tyrants, they have also deployed imams and sheikhs to cover up their crimes. Sheikh Sudaisi -the Imam of Ka’aba has proven himself as the suitable pawn to give a sermon against the international press that exposed the Saudi crime.

Now it is established that Mr Khashoggi has been killed and his body was not been given to the family. It is alleged that the body has been mutilated and disposed without any religious ritual. The Saudi King claims to be “khademul haramain” –the custodian of the two most holy mosques of Islam. But how such a crime fit in the standard of the care-taker of the holy sites? If a ruler fails to observe the basic tenets of Islam, how can work as the custodian of the holy mosques.


The obligation of the international bodies

Now the world bodies like UN, the international human rights organisations and the media that care about the minimum human rights like the survival rights of the people must come forward to demand for an independent and transparent prosecution of the crime. From the top to the bottom of the Saudi regime who took part in the crime must be brought to justice and must be ensured that none go unpunished. This is an international responsibility. The Saudi wealth must not be allowed to cover up this horrendous crime. The world leaders now face a litmus test. Whether they are mere economic animal having the preference only for Saudi petro-dollar or possess moral ingredients to enforce justice will be accurately tested now. Those who have morality must not allow lies, lust and the criminal motive to work together to cover up the murder of Mr Khashoggi.

Crime breeds crimes. If the crime of killing Khasoggi go unpunished, it will breed similar crimes –both inside and outside the kingdom. In fact, most of the Middle Eastern countries have already proven to be the fertile breeding ground of such crimes. So the General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt could kill more than twelve hundred innocent people in one night in Raba Al-Adabiaya Square on 14th August in 2013. President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has killed more than 4 hundred thousand people and evicted more than 6 million. It can be rightly assumed that if the unarmed people of Saudi Arabia come to the street in protest against its autocratic ruler, the regime will not be less brutal than Bashar al-Assad. President Bashar has many strong critics living in foreign countries. But he didn’t make his consulate office a killing ground. Hitler didn’t do that either.

The club of killers is very huge in the Middle East. This is why, hardly any country of the Middle East has condemned the state-sponsored killing of Mr Khashoggi. Those who possess humanity, must show some moral audacity. In this regard, the failure of the Muslim leaders is huge. While the leaders of the non-Muslim countries – like the heads of European countries have stopped visiting Saudi Arabia and stopped shaking hands with them, the leaders of the Muslim countries still continue to embrace these alleged killers. It looks very ugly and awful that most of the Muslim rulers and leaders look compatible with this alleged murderer as the custodian of the holy land! 28.10.18


Downfall of the Muslims: A Review (Part-7)

The Muslim enmity against Islam –

Even the illiterate idolaters of an Indian village know the exact meaning and implication of idolatry. So, they do not do any compromise in the practice of their religion; so this primitive ignorance (jaheliyah) thrives in modern India. Hence the most devout worshippers of idols, cows, snakes, monkeys and other objects could easily defeat the modern secularists in general election; and could become the Prime Minister and Chief Minister in India by popular votes. On the contrary, Islam stays as the most misunderstood as well as the most betrayed religion by its own followers. Such misunderstanding cum betrayal is even much deeper among the mullahs, the imams and the religious leaders. So, in most of the Muslim countries, in order to get electoral victory, one needs to be firstly secularised and de-linked from Islam. The Qur’anic Islam that was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions stands alien even in the Muslim majority lands.

Such a milieu of betrayal and misunderstanding has twisted even the leaders and the activists of the so-called Islamic parties to entirely shift their political agenda. As a result, the Qur’anic vocabularies like sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, jihad and many others are dropped from their intellectual or religious discourse, let alone talking about their implementation. The fear of evil forces -not the fear of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, has worked decisively to bring this political swing. While in mosque or in haj, they declare their allegiance to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala; but while in politics, judiciary or other worldly business, they practise their full ideological conversion to secularism and silent submission to kufr law. Like any secular nationalist or tribal parochialist, they also celebrate their political cessation from other Muslim countries based on ethnic, linguistic or geographical identity. For protecting the separating walls and borders, they even fight bloody wars. Such inconsistency in faith and practice is indeed the clear symptom of deviation from Qur’anic straight path; and it overwhelms the whole Muslim World. It is not a sign of iman, rather displays deeper hypocrisy and arrogance. The early Muslims sacrificed their life and wealth for Islam; but today’s Muslims die for spreading their perversion and hypocrisy. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala never likes such people; it makes them unfit to get accepted their taubah; and deprives them from His guidance. It could only drive them farther away from Islam. The sustained deviation and downfall of the ummah indeed owes to it.

Islam is a religion of all-time submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. So, there is no scope of part-time compromise or short-term deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. Every wilful compromise or deviation is a major sin and equals to rebellion against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Only a quick correction of such deviation and deep repentance on doing such sin can save one from eternal hellfire. A Muslim ceases to exist as Muslim with the continuation of rebellion against the Qur’anic order; and such rebellion directly takes one to the enemy camp. It is the route of Iblis who stood against the order of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as refused to prostrate in front to Adam (peace be upon him). But it is awful that such compromise on Islam or the deviation from the roadmap has become the norm in Muslim life. Because of such compromise and deviation, even many obligatory key parts of Islam like sharia, hudud, jihad, shura, khilafa are no more visible in the Muslim World. About these flip-flopping believers, the holy Qur’an reveals, “Surely, those who disbelieve after believing and then in disbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted, and these are they who stay deviated.” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 90). So, the consequence of any compromise and deviation is very catastrophic; his or her taubah doesn’t get accepted. And, the rejection of taubah equals nothing else than entering into hellfire for an infinity.

The Muslim enmity against Islam has other ugly faces. If a brave Muslim stands against the internal or external occupying forces and starts working with a political mission for establishing sharia, hudud, khialfa, shura, jihad and border dismantling trans-ethnic Muslim unity –as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and the early Muslims, is quickly labelled as terrorist. As if, adherence to Qur’anic Islam and the prophet’s tradition is the doctrine of terrorism. The brutal murder of such Islamists by the US-led coalition bombing in any part of the Muslim World even get celebrated by these so-called Muslims. They fail to distinguish between jihad and terrorism. They even distort the dictionary meaning these two distinctively different words. Jihad is the holy war prescribed by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for dismantling the rule of kufr and for implementing His Own sovereignty and His Qur’anic law. It is the defensive and executive arm of Islam; without it, the true and full Islam can’t survive even in Muslim lands. Whereas, terrorism is the use of violent act to frighten people of an area for political and economic gain. It is the offensive arm of kufr to bring the rule of kufr and to dismantle the rule of sharia. Terrorism was the tool of the European colonialists to occupy and exploit the weaker Asian and African countries. And, in Muslim countries it was used not only to dismantle Muslim rule, but also to abolish sharia law and judiciary. Israel is using the same terrorism against the people of Palestine. Now the US-led coalition is using the same tool to terrorise the people of the whole Muslim World for giving sustenance to their imperialist occupation. The US Army has not yet nuclear bomb against the Muslims; but has dropped 10 ton bomb –the most powerful bomb second only to nuclear bomb, in Afghanistan to terrorise its people.


Corrupting the meaning of Islam

Iblis never failed to understand Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s vision, mission and objective. Hence, from day one he stood against it. Therefore, misunderstanding vis-à-vis Islam’s meaning, mission, vision and objective never existed among its arch enemies. Like today, even in the very early days of Islam, the enemies didn’t make any mistake to understand Islam either. Hence, in those days, like today, all brands of the enemies made the coalition to destroy the nascent state of Islam headed by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam himself. The newly form Islamic state was inflicted with a chain of wars. More than 70 per cent companions of the prophet had to sacrifice their life to confront these enemies. Even in those formative days, for their own security, they needed to dismantle two contemporary World Powers like Roman and Persian Empires. As a result, Islam could stand as the number one World Power and as the only humane civilizational force in the whole human history only because of their huge sacrifice. And they could rescue millions of people from their ongoing march towards the eternal hellfire; it was indeed the greatest and most successful rescue effort in the whole history of mankind. Trillions of dollar aid is nothing in comparison to such a rescue from the hellfire. One can only understand the worth of such a rescue if he can understand the meaning of this Qur’anic verse: “Surely, those who disbelieve and die while they are unbelievers, the earth full of gold shall not be accepted from one of them, though he should offer to ransom himself with it..” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 91). By bringing millions of people to the path of paradise –as was possible through their conversion to Islam, the early Muslims thus could accomplish the greatest benevolent task for the mankind. So, they could rightly prove their credential as the best people in the entire history of mankind –as narrated by the prophet (peace be upon him).

But is a great mockery with Islam that most of the Muslim ulama, mullahs, imams and political leaders tell people that Islam means peace. But what is that peace? And where was that peace? Did the prophets of Islam like Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him), Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), Prophet Isa (peace be upon him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and many others and their followers had ever enjoyed such peace? Their peace exists only in the paradise. Most probably they talk about peace that comes through inaction, submission or peaceful co-existence with the evil forces –as they are practicing themselves. But such peace has never been the part of the life of these great people. They took mission of “enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong (a’amaru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar)” as the motto, hence invited incessant challenges. As a result, from day one of their prophet hood, they had to suffer oppression, suppression, persecution and eviction. Thousands of the great prophets and their followers were labelled as the public enemy by the contemporary rulers and were brutally killed. So embracing Islam doesn’t bring any peace in a believer’s life; rather brings him face to face with the dangerous challenges that even cost his life. In fact, it gives the believer a Divine purpose to his survival; and brings a life-long struggle in his life for the revealed Truth against all ranges of falsehood.

Hence “Islam means peace” is the most ridiculous expression of crude ignorance on Islam. They reiterate this cliché with a sinister political cum ideological motive. They want to hide Islam’s real vision, mission and objective by spreading such lies. This way, they are harming Islam like the worst enemies. Islam’s dictionary meaning and ideological connotation is totally different from such hugely circulated lie. Islam is all about full submission to all Qur’anic orders of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al. Any rebellion against any of the Qur’anic commands is kufr; and such rebellion is indeed the sure marker of a kafir.  And those who fully enter into such submission are called true Muslim. And how to submit to all Qur’anic prescriptions, the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions set the perfect example. Implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, Islamic state cum khilafa, jihad, trans-ethnic Muslim unity comes under the gamut of such submission.  The same is true even now –as it is true in any segment of history.

The world is not depleted with CAn idolater doesn’t have any ignorance about the idolatry. But a Muslim’s misunderstanding revolves around the misson, vision and objective of Islam. Such ignorance cum misunderstanding runs not only among the common Muslims; rather among the so-called ulama of Islam. They commonly tell people that Islam means peace. They also tell that there is no war or violence in Islam; and has only rituals life 5 time prayer, month-long fasting, . As if, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam violated Islam by leading more than 20 wars himself!  lis truly understood Because of such disbelief, millions of people who offer five times prayers, keep month-long fasting in the month of Ramadan and also take part in Tablighi Jama’at show peaceful compatibility with the most corrupt and criminal rulers of their own countries. The Qur’anic decrecc “a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar” goes by the wind. Nor do they show any interest in the revival of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity, and jihad in Muslims’ life –as was practised by the early Muslims. With such detachment from Islam, the people could work as mercenaries of the internal and external enemies of Islam in all ages.  Even today, they vote for the enemies, fight for the enemies and even die for the enemies.

More than a million Muslims of Arab and Indian origin fought in the First World War as the mercenaries in the European armies to dismantle Osmania Khilafa, The killed the soldiers of the Muslim Army and occupied the Muslim land to hand over to the kuffar. The disintegrated heart land of Islam indeed owes to their crime. Most of these mercenaries were not disbeliever in Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him). Many of them even offered five time prayer and keep month-long fasting. But such belief and the practice of such Islamic rituals didn’t stop them doing the heinous crimes against Islam and the Muslims. It owes to severe inadequacy of their iman. They failed to understand its full gamut and the implication. Such deficiency of im’an didn’t make them different from the war-mongering kuffar. Rather, they committed the same shocking crimes against Islam and the Muslims –as are committed by the enemies through ages. Like the disbelievers, they too, failed to align with the vision of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la that entails overwhelming victory of the Truth over all brands of falsehood -as carried out by the early Muslims. Instead, they voluntarily aligned with the agenda of the known enemies.

Even today, millions of internal enemies of Islam live in disguise in the midst of Muslims. Publicly they claim to be believer in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him). They live with the highly harmful agenda against Islam and the Muslims. Because of them, the imperialists, the colonialists and other enemies of Islam didn’t find any difficulty to get partners in the Muslim lands to kill the Muslims, occupy the Muslim lands and destroy the Muslim cities and villages. They have taken Islam only as a joke; their true nature of toxic enmity against true Qur’anic Islam gets fully exposed in their politics, political ideologies and mercenary role in the enemies’ warfare. Their congruity with the kuffar is so complete that, like the worst non-Muslim enemies of Islam, they too, stand against implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity, migration and jihad in any Muslim land. Like the enemies, they too, want to protect the divisive walls; and even celebrate the destruction of the Muslim cities. Therefore, while the cities like Ramadi, Falujah, Aleppo, Kobani, Homs, Hama, Mosul and many other Muslim cities get bombed to rubbles, not only they are the party of destruction; but also the party of enemies’ jubilant celebration. So, it proves, in absence of full practice of Islam, even the Muslim countries and the Muslim families can produce such war criminals in huge number. So, in Islam, practising full Islam is crucial and obligatory. So, the Qur’anic command comes: “udkhulu fis silm ka’ffa” –enter into the submission (to Allah) with the entirety. But while judiciary, law, politics, administration, education, culture, banking, warfare and family life stay outside the Qur’anic prescription, how can one claim the full submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la?


The incompetence to be khalifa

Moral health is indeed the most accurate marker of true faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala and adherence to His Qur’anic guidance. Fake faith can’t cause any moral revolution. Because of solid faith (iman), the early Muslims could make the highest moral achievement in human history. In the life of early Muslims, the evidence of such moral highness is huge. Osama bin Ziad was a son of a slave and was very young; but was appointed as the Commander in Chief of the Muslim army by the prophet (peace be upon him). Belal was an Ethiopian salve; and was appointed as the muazzin in prophet’s mosque. Those who were once shepherd, small farmer or trader could become the best judge, best governor and the best administrator in human history. Khalifa Omer (RA) -the ruler of the contemporary world’s most powerful state, could walk alone in the deep darkness of the night in search of the hungry people. In his 600 miles journey from Medina to Jerusalem, he could ask his servant to ride on his camel and he himself walked ahead with the rope in his hand. The common people were so empowered that while giving sermon in a Jummah congregation, the head of the state had to respond why his dress looked exceptionally bigger than that of the common citizens.

Only the people with solid iman can work as the viceroy of the Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Those who fail to be His viceroy, definitely become the viceroy of Shaitan.  There is not third option. Iman does mean mere belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, His prophet (peace be upon him), angel, resurrection, paradise and hell. Iman also entails belief in His Sovereignty, sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad in His way. The early Muslims could qualify for the role; hence received repeated victories, enormous blessings and honour. Such a Divine role is never delegated to the corrupt; so, the Muslims lost the role long ago. It owes to their huge corruption and wide deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. Because of such disqualification in the sight of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, they could be easily recruited as the trusted partners of the imperialists and colonialists in their war of occupation against the Muslims. Therefore, while the imperialists won the war against the Osmania Khilafa, they could comfortably install their trusted viceroys with the mandate of continuing with their legacy. The illegal Israel was handed over to their Jewish collaborators and the bunch of illegal client Muslim states were handed over to the Muslim collaborators. A portion of power was also given to the Lebanese Christian. Thus the map of disintegrated Muslim Middle East could survive with the mutual collaboration of the imperialists and their viceroys.

In fact, because of such moral disability, all scientific advancement could add series of catastrophic calamities to the mankind. Millions of people are scorched to death. Such calamities do not happen in animal kingdom. Animals never engage in genocidal massacres, ethnic cleansing or World Wars; they kill someone only for the physical survival. Like physical disability, moral disability too has its own symptoms. It makes people the worst killer than the worst beast. An animal never runs after killing while full in its stomach. But the people with moral disability doesn’t know any limit in their greed. They grab countries after countries. They drop nuclear bombs, run gas chambers or continue with oppression. The best and the finest creation of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la then turn into the worst creation on earth -much worse than the most harmful animals, insects or bugs. All the catastrophic deaths and destruction in human history are indeed the works of these morally disabled people. Racism, nationalism, colonialism, imperialism, communism, ethnic cleansing, war of occupations, genocidal wars, World Wars, gas chambers and dropping nuclear bombs are indeed the exclusive works of these people. No animals, bugs, cyclones, earthquakes or tsunami could match their killing power. They killed 75 million people only in two World Wars. The people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine Somalia, and many other parts of the world are still experiencing their killing power. The worst beasts never turn cities into rubbles and never destroy mosques, hospital schools and houses; but the political animals with the perfect human shape do that indiscriminately. They could drop even the nuclear bombs. Now they are dropping cluster bombs, barrel bombs, missiles and drones.

Due to sound moral health the Muslims could live with the non-Muslims for about seven hundred years in Spain, India, Africa, Balkans and other parts of the world without cleansing the natives. Even in Muslim heart lands like Egypt, Iraq, Syria about 15% percent population remained non-Muslims. In Lebanon it is about 30 per cent. But other people conducted full scale genocidal cleansing to make their presence overwhelming. So non-Christians were cleansed from the whole Roman Empire when the Byzantine Roman Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity in 4th century. The Buddhists were cleansed from their birth land of India by the Hindu rulers. The Mongol hordes conducted the wholesale massacre in Baghdad, Nishapur, Samarkand, Bokhara and many other Muslim cities. The Spanish Christian rulers couldn’t live with the Muslims either; they conducted the total cleansing of the Muslim population and the 700 year old Islamic institutions from Iberian Peninsula. The Serbian Christians conducted cleansing of Muslims from many Balkan enclaves. The Western imperialists relished the same moral disability wherever they could establish their colonial occupation.  With the same objective, now Israel and the US led huge coalition have entered into the Muslim heart lands. No country in the world has ever been bombed so badly as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been bombed. The Muslim cities, villages, houses, mosques, schools, hospital and markets are being bombed into rubbles. Muslims were cleansed from


The moral incompatibility

Islam wants to save people from such eternal calamity both here and in the hereafter. For that, seeking Qur’anic knowledge gets the topmost priority in the Qur’anic prescription. It was made obligatory prior to any other ritual –even fiver time prayers and fasting were made obligatory much later. Without Qur’anic knowledge, even five times prayers, month-long fasting, haj, umrah and other rituals can’t cure the more disability. The Muslim World has about a billion of such worshippers; but they couldn’t add any glory or security to the ummah. Rather, millions of them turn brutal foot-soldier for the internal and external enemies of Islam. Despotic monarchs and rulers could sustain their anti-Islamic oppressive rule in the Muslim countries only because of such moral illness. For the same reason, the US-led coalition doesn’t need any more to keep their own soldiers to kill Muslims in the Muslim lands. This is core reason that prompted the US and its ally to withdraw their troop from Afghanistan and Iraq. As a key symptom of moral ill-health, many of the Muslim countries stand on the top of the most corrupt countries of the world. Moral disability make people fully compatible even with the most wicked and killer regimes on earth. This is why, it is the prime strategy of all the oppressive rulers to spread ignorance vis-à-vis the Divine Truth at an epidemic scale. Nimrod and Pharaoh did that. The colonialists, imperialists and the monarchists did it. Now all the despotic rulers of the Muslim World are doing it, too. Hence Qu’anic studies are restricted even in the Muslim World.

Morally disable people are completely incompatible with the good people. Hence, they are not given access to paradise –the exclusive abode of the morally sound people. Therefore, for an entry to paradise, the moral disability must be treated first. For that, there exists no medical cure. No amount of scientific skills help either. This is why, more than hundred thousand prophets and many Divine Books were sent not to teach any medical science or to add any scientific know how. Their sole mission was to cure the moral disabilities; and to make people fully fit for the paradise. For the same reason, the first man on earth was also a prophet. To continue with the same mission, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala sent down the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the final Book of guidance -the holy Qur’an. The holy Qur’an is the final prescription to treat all the moral, social, familial, political and economic ills of the whole mankind for all times to come. It is indeed the complete code of life. It is the only Divine project on earth to take people to the paradise. It has shown tremendous success in the past; and can show similar success in any time in the future. By fully adhering to this prescription, the morally sick people of Arabia could cure their old wickedness and could also treat others in Asia, Africa and Europe. They could also become the only people on earth who could raise a truly humane civilisation on earth based on the Divine law, equity, justice, human rights, labour right, minority right, women right, child right and other civility in the whole length of history.

Conquering countries, building empires, raising palaces and castle and making big walls are not unique in history. The Greek and the Roman pagans, the Egyptian king-worshipers, the Chinese Confucians, the Mongol hordes, the Hindu idolaters, and the Western colonialists cum imperialists could also build empires and raise thousands of palaces, castles, pyramids and walls. Such monuments tell a lot about the ugliest crimes against the mankind; these are indeed the monuments of serious moral disabilities. These monuments were built by slaves, prisoners and forced labourers only to glorify the wicked winners of the wars. These are indeed the monuments of terrible crimes committed by the warmongering warlords, monarchs, colonialists, imperialists and other despots. Blood and tears of millions of ill-fated people lie in the foundation of these monuments. Wherever the exploitation, brutality and criminality were the highest, the monument also got higher. Therefore, how such a process of exploitation, oppression and brutality could be called civilisation? If these are called civilisations, what else is the true barbarity? In fact, these are the most revealing signs of moral failure; and owes to failure in discovering the Truth.


Mosques in disservice

The enemies of Islam will never build any temple or church in the Muslim community to distract Muslims from Islam. Instead, they will build mosques and madrasah with the same sinister objective. Even the prophet’s (peace be upon him) era was not immune to such conspiracy. The hypocrites built a mosque in the close vicinity of Medina; known as masjid-e-Dhira. They used to assemble there in the name of prayer; but their real motive was to harm the cause of Islam. They even invited the prophet to visit there. But such motive was not out of the radar of Allah Subhana wa Tala. Hence, He asked the prophet (peace be upon him) never to go there; and ordered him to quickly dismantle it. But after the death of prophet (peace be upon him), the enemies in disguise got new life. Such mosques in the Muslim World thrived in thousands. Because of them, deviation from the real Qur’anic Islam is the rule in the Muslim World. So, sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood, jihad –as were implemented in the days of early Muslims survive nowhere. Rather, these mosques give huge promotion to sectarian divisions all over the Muslim World. These mosques survive only to promote their own manufactured perversion.

Mosques are the institute of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la on earth to carry out His Own vision and mission. In the days of the early Muslims, there was no school, college or university apart from this Divine institution. In those golden days, mosques worked as the most powerful value-adding industries in the whole history of mankind. All of the soldiers, generals, governors, judges and administrators were trained in this Divine institution. Because of this value-adding institution, a raw man could easily become the most refined man in the history of mankind. In the making of the best and only humane civilisation on earth, mosque thus played the most crucial role. But now the mosques cease to survive as a value-adding Divine institution; its ownership has gone to various sectarian groups. As a result, its agenda has also changed. Implementation of Islam’s basics and spreading the Qur’anic message are not their objective; most of these mosque survive only to promote their narrow sectarian view and build divisive walls in the Muslim ummah in the name of race, sects, and mazhab. Unity of the ummah, implementation of sharia, hudud, and shura and establishing an Islamic state –as were practised by the early Muslims are not any issue for them. What could be the worst disservice against Islam than this? With the same inimical intention, the British colonial power established and funded madrasah and other religious institutions in India; Kolkata A’liyah Madrasah is an example of such a British colonial project. It was indeed a camouflaged attempt to colonise the mind of the Muslim religious leaders.


Mosques under occupation

With the colonial occupation of the Muslim countries, the enemies didn’t need to build any new institutions to promote their agenda. They started to occupy the mosques, madrasas and other institutions that are already built by the Muslims. Their success was huge; they could easily occupy most of these institutions. Those occupied institution were allowed to survive only with a gross deviation from the path of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided companions. Such political cum ideological occupation of institutions brought occupation of the mind of the Muslims who work or study there. This is why, most of the imams of these occupied mosques and the teachers of religious institutions show their full compatibility with the anti-Islamic agenda of the ruling despots! The big sheikhs of al-Azhar therefore can rub their shoulders with the killer President General Abul Fatha al-Sisi of Egypt with great pleasure. The ulama of Deoband could invite an infidel like late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi of India in their midst in the eighties to celebrate their works. This way they could be in the good book of kuffars, too. The sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and other countries also align with the agenda of the autocratic rulers. When the people of Syria, Iraq, and Palestine are brutally bombed, these sheikhs even do not ask the people to show their anger in the street. Rather, they look very complacent with their tongue-tied silence. Absence of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and jihad in the Muslim World is not an issue for them. Could any companion of the prophet (peace be upon him) think of such divorce of Islam from their life?

Most of the governments of the Muslim World now show full compliance with the agenda of the US-led anti-Islamic global coalition. As a mark of total submission to the master, obstructing the resurgence of Islam in any Muslim land is their key political goal. Hence they enjoy full license to massacre Islamists in the most brutal way –as fully exercised by Bashar al-Assad is Syria, General Abul Fatah al-Sisi in Egypt, Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh and many others. As a part of the project, mosques, madrasas and Islamic institutions are restricted to deliver very minimal and very selective teachings of Islam. They are not allowed to raise any voice against the vested interests of the ruling despots and agenda of the global coalition. Therefore, the Muslims are deliberately deprived of an enabling environment that could help them grow up as full Muslim and pursue Islam’s civilizational objective. Nor would they provide any space in any arena of the state for full practice of Islam. Such restrictive strategy has produced huge success for the enemies. The brainwashing has been so complete that the Muslims has lost their insights. Hence, they are incapable to comprehend that how one can be a full Muslim without practising Islam’s basics like sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, and jihad. So, they do not get any inner incentive to do any appraisal vis-à-vis their own deviation!

In the golden days of Islam, mosques provided the free forum to discuss religious, political, educational, administrative, and security issues of the ummah. Thus, the Muslims could get a premise to share their knowledge and views. But, now the mosques are under seize and provide space only for five time prayers. Playing any educational, political or culture making role is restricted; the doors are opened only prior to prayer and closed shortly afterward. The imams can’t deliver freely even their sermons. They are allowed only to preach the stuff that would please the political master of the country. In many Muslim countries, the imams are allowed only to read typed sermons supplied by the authority. They are allowed only to praise the government and protect the sectarian division in the ummah. They are encouraged to demonise those who want to practise full Islam with its sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and jihad. The imams and sheikhs are obliged by the ruling clique to call those Islamists as terrorists. Thus, telling the true message of Islam and pleasing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la get grossly ignored.


The barrier to civilisation

Civilisation is all about progressive humanisation of humans. It is exactly opposite to barbarism. It is opposite to colonialism, imperialism, fascism, racism, communism, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and other catastrophic wrongdoings of the worst criminals. It is about promoting the core human values, nurturing higher morale, refinement of ideas and making people fit for the paradise. Civilisation can’t be built out of falsehood. Falsehood can only breed mass murderers, gas chambers, World Wars, genocidal massacres and other calamities. It also twists human souls to celebrate even the worst crimes. This is why the wholesale extermination of the Muslims from Spain, cleansing of Red Indians from America and dropping nuclear bombs brought huge celebration amidst the worshippers of falsehood. One can notice the same celebration in the imperialist camp with the mass scale massacre, destruction and eviction in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the true signs of barbarism in modern form; and could only grow from new falsehood.

In the making of a civilisation, the Divine Truth is an indispensable necessity. It is the only source of the correct guidance in building a civilisation. Humans can invent machine tools, can grow fruits and vegetables, and can fly in the air or dive deep in the sea. But they can’t invent Truth; Truth exists since the creation of mankind; it needs only to be discovered and followed. Here lies the key for civilisation building. In such mission, the Divine guidance, the prophetic tradition, the intention for doing the right and eradicating the wrong must work together. Only this way, human mind can firmly fix the focus on pleasing his Almighty Lord. Hence, civilisation is not only about making buildings and potteries, painting and industries, roads and highways, but also reconstructing people’s beliefs and ideas, mode of living and character, culture and deeds. For such colossal works, it needs huge state-run enabling infrastructure. It needs massive engineering in the field of politics, culture, economy and education. Otherwise, even a child of a great religious man turn to a big evil –as evidenced in the history. Mere supplication, sermon or advice don’t make people humane.

All humans are born innocent and possess huge potentials to promote the good and eradicate the evil on earth. But for exploring and streamlining such potentials, it needs an enabling environment. If these innocent people fall in the hands of war mongering racists, nationalists, colonialists, imperialists, and fascists, they become brutal killers, ethnic cleansers, gas chamber operators and nuclear bombers to kill millions. In such criminalising political milieu, even a Muslim turn into a blood-letting mercenary. In World War I, more than one million Arabs fought shoulder to shoulder with the British, the French and the Italians to kill the fellow Muslims in the Middle East and to dismantle khalifa. More than 200 thousand Indian Muslims also did the same. In every segment of human history, the criminal warlords always run similar shows of barbarity; and they obstruct the march of civilisation. Now, they are running the same show in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries. Thieves and robbers never call thievery and robbery as crimes. Likewise, the genocidal perpetrators who occupy Muslim lands and run mass killing, massive destruction and exploitation do not call such barbarity a crime either. They call it a project of democratisation. In fact, it is the worst criminalisation of the whole state and its infrastructure.

The prime objective of kuffar occupation of a land is to run a comprehensive social, political and educational engineering to propel people to the hellfire. This is the greatest crime of kuffar occupation. Under such occupation, schools, colleges, universities, media, clubs, pubs, music concerts, civil and military administration and political organisations work together as the part of the same evil project. These occupational forces do not give any space or opportunity to save people from hellfire. Any effective endeavour to save people from hellfire is labelled as extremism, fundamentalism and even terrorism. They belong to the same brand of people who didn’t give space and freedom even to the great prophets in the past. They even did their best to kill them. To avoid the persecution, the greatest people of human history like Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and many others had to migrate from their birth places. Hence in Islam, it is the greatest and the most civilizational act to dismantle such state-run infrastructure of crime. It is called jihad in Islam; and those who are killed in such jihad are called shaheed.

In Islam, ensuring an islamising and enabling environment for good deed is so crucial and binding that the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his companions needed to dismantle the whole infrastructure of evils in Arabia and build an Islamic state. Later on, the holy project was taken to other territories in Asia, Africa and Europe. There couldn’t be any comprise on that. Islam could stand as a civilizational force only because of such Islamic state building project; not due to its millions of mosques and seminaries –as exist today. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) thus set the most formidable lesion for all the believers for all the ages to come. From day one of its creation, the native kuffars as well as the foreign World Powers like Persian and Roman Empires tried to dismantle this nascent state. As a result, most of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) companions had to sacrifice their life for defending and protecting that state.

The gift of the Islamic state established by the early Muslims is huge. As a consequence of such highly enabling state environment, the early Muslims could do miracles. Before Islam, they were the people badly divided into tribes. They used to bury their own daughters alive. They made long wars even on trivial matters. They used to rape women and rob and kill people. After the formation of Islamic state, they could quickly emerge as the most civilised people on earth. They turned to be the saviour of the oppressed humanity. Although they didn’t build any palace, castle or pyramid on earth, the Islamic state of the early Muslims still survives as the highest human achievement on earth. In the holy Qur’an Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la expressed His great satisfaction on their achievement. In the whole history of whole mankind, it is indeed the only true civilisation. But with the downfall of Muslims, the whole mankind enters into a new era of grave crisis. The straight road towards making a true civilisation stands forcefully blocked. Now it is the era of neo-jaheliya cum absence of civilisation. So, occupation of a weaker country, destroying its cities, turning houses into rubbles, and massacring the civilian population get highly celebrated in all camp of anti-Islamic forces. One can’t find such celebration in the animal world. This is the lowest low of the mankind.