The Fascist Occupation & the Tragedies in the Muslim World

The foreign fascists & the crime

Literally, fascism is an autocratic system of ruling by possessing all political power in one hand and by brutal annihilation of all forms of opposition and criticism. It is an extreme form totalitarianism; it makes shameless mockery of election, judiciary and prosecution. What robbers and thieves commit in darkness, the fascists do it daylight. It entails strict regimentation of all political, industrial, judicial and educational policies of the country with aggressive nationalist or racist attitude. If judged on such parameters, all the colonial rule of the European imperialists would perfectly fit into a frame of extreme fascism. Whenever and wherever they occupy a country, they immediately turn to worst fascists. Such occupation thus brings worst tragedies for the people in occupied countries. In fact, fascism is taken as a political tool to sustain the occupation. They occupy almost every things. All crucial sectors of the country stay under their full control. The citizens of the occupied countries turn mere political slave. They are given no political space or role to decide the fate of their own life and their own country. They are not given the right to practise even their own Qur’anic law. The US did the same after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is indeed the consequence of every occupation. So, in Islam, it is the most hateful act to embrace it.

One can easily see the ugliest form of fascism in the British occupation of Bengal. They occupied the country for economic exploitation in every possible way; no higher human conscience worked here. So, they could chop off the fingers of the native muslin weavers without any remorse. They deemed it as an economic necessity to secure monopoly of the British clothes. For the same reason, they didn’t feel any moral guilt to force the poor cultivators of Bengal to grow indigo plant, instead of rice, to feed the demand of their own domestic and international markets. Due to such moral death, these fascist imperialists didn’t feel any remorse either for the great Bengal famine of 1769-73 that killed almost one-third of the population. The famine was caused by the mindless colonial exploitation and the sheer neglect of food delivery. Before the British occupation, the fertile land of Bengal never had such famine in her entire history, rather had remarkable affluence –as recorded by the famous traveller Ibn-e-Battuta in his diary. The colonialist didn’t face any moral remorse either when they ethnically cleansed millions of Red Indians in America and millions of the Aborigines in Australia. Like sending people to gas chambers, the extermination of people by traditional ways of man-slaughtering or by politically engineered famine also remain the favoured options of the fascists. With such lowest low of the morality, the US could drop nuclear bombs too. How such fascists can claim any moral edge over the Nazi fascists?     


The native fascists

With the end of colonial occupation, the rule of the foreign fascists ended formally in the Muslim World. But a new era of occupation started with the home-grown fascists. Bangladesh, Egypt and Uzbekistan are indeed the perfect prototype to display the ugliest calamity of such occupation. They possess almost all the traits of the colonial fascists. They, too, are the worst enemy of Islam. Like the colonial era, the people of these occupied countries still stand deprived of basic human, political and religious rights. Islamic education, culture and sharia are given no space; all spaces in politics, judiciary, education and administration are grabbed by these fascists. In all these occupied countries, the opposition parties are not allowed to hold any public meeting. The free press is gagged. They elect themselves as the ruler, and raise courts to convict their political opponents. The political process has been restrained only to chant chorus in support of the rulers. These fascists fully understand that the real constituency of their power is not the people, but the foreign powers in Washington, Moscow, Delhi, France or other cities. That is why, Shaikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan and other fascist occupiers didn’t bother about the public anger. They stay more focused to fulfil the agenda of their foreign master. They understand, if the foreign life-support is withdrawn, they will instantly meet their political death like Shah of Iran or Mubarak of Egypt. Hence, their compliance to the foreign masters is hundred per cent. As a result, the Muslim World is impregnated with a new set of slave dynasty. Due to such slave rulers, India does not face any difficulty to get full length corridors or business deals in Bangladesh. They can even install the spy camp inside the cantonment. Nor does the USA face any difficulty in setting up military bases or recruiting foot soldiers for her war against Islam from the Muslim countries. These are indeed the ugliest calamities of occupation.


The brutal fascism: the case of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh grabbed power in 2013 without a proper election. Out of 300 seats of the parliaments, 152 MP got elected without a single ballot paper being casted in any ballot box. In the whole election process, even 5% voters didn’t attend the polling booth to cast their vote. But this time, on 30 December, 2018, Hasina touched the lowest low of immorality. She made a history in annals of election; the ballot boxes were filled with ballots in the night prior to the polling day. So, the people didn’t need to cast any votes; the voters were ask to return home. The job was done by the party hooligans and the subservient polling officers. In a constituency of Gopalgonj district, Shaikh Hasina got 229, 531 votes and the main opposition party candidate Lt. Col (retired) Faruk Khan got only 123 votes. It tells loudly a lot about the nonsensical farce of the so-called election. But still Mrs Hasina does not feel any shame to claim as the elected the Prime Minister. Under her rule, the judiciary, the prosecution and the law enforcing agencies look equally nonsensical. They stand ever ready to hang anybody if Shaikh Hasina wishes his elimination. Scores of opposition leaders have already been eliminated by these subservient people. It is significant to note that the Prime Minister India and the President of China didn’t show any morality either; they were prompt to congratulate such a proven ruthless robber of public votes.

Shaikh Hasina’s government is the largest terrorist outfit in the country to terrorise the people. The police, the army and the border guards are being used to kills and suppress the opposition parties and their members. For example, on 5th May, 2013, hundreds of protesters of Hefazat-e-Islam  -a religious conservative party, were killed or wounded on the streets of Dhaka. The dead bodies were stolen from the scene to hide the intensity of crime. Hundreds of the opposition activists are being kidnapped by the police and the security personnel in plain clothes; and they never return them back. Now Bangladesh stands more occupied then Kashmir. Although claims be secular, but the country has been converted a perfect satanic state. A 100% domestic court has been given a label of international criminal court to convict and hang the potential political opponents. He turned the judiciary a servile institution to serve only the ruling clique. Like the colonial era, the common people have a given a role only to be silent bystanders.


The fascists in the Muslim World and the patrons

In Egypt, the Army has become the most brutal fascist outfit. General Abul Fatah Sisi –the Army chief grabbed power only by military force by removing Dr Morsi -the firstly elected President in Egypt’s history. He killed thousands people to secure the power. In Uzbekistan, another fascist Islam Karimov rule the country with iron fist since the country’s independence from Soviet Union since his recent death. The big powers of the world always run business as usual with this criminals. Their only concern is to prevent any possible Islamic resurgence –the only perceived threat to their dominance. Since these home-grown fascists are pursuing the same political objective enjoy perfect ideological and political match with the imperialist warlords in Washington, Moscow, Delhi or Paris. Such policy of the international fascists gets overtly displayed in Syria. Bashar al Assad has proved to be one of the most brutal fascist in human history. He has killed nearly 4 hundred thousand Syrians and caused more destruction to the country’s largest city Aleppo than it was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He has driven out 8 million people from their home. But removing him from power is no issue for the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans. The bombers of these countries are cautiously avoiding his palace. Their only agenda is to fight the Islamists there; hence perfectly match with the agenda of the terrorist gangs of Bashar al Assad. Such international nexus of the anti-Islamic fascists not only creates havoc in the Middle East, but also appears as the greatest threat against peace of the whole mankind. Once there was only Adolf Hitler in the world and the terrorism of that fascist was more or less contained in the smallest continent of the world, but now so many Hitlers are working together to terrorize the whole world. Such a horrendous calamity never happened in the whole human history.      


The 21st Century Crusade & Emiratisation of the Muslim World

The gazaisation                                                

The Muslim Ummah now stands hostage to a new level of military aggression, occupation, deaths and destruction –as the people of besieged Gaza are suffering for more than a decade. The Israeli model of brutal gazaisation has its own admirers and perpetrators. The model is now replicated in many parts of the Muslim World. The perpetrators are not only the illegal state of Israel, it is the US-led global coalition of the 21st century crusaders. The medieval crusaders could occupy and run genocide only in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Palestine. They couldn’t invade deep inside the Muslim Middle East and fragment it into more than 20 pieces. They couldn’t run massacre in Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Mosul, Kabul, Kandahar and other great Islamic cities. Even the Mongol Tatars –known for their genocidal massacres, didn’t raze any Muslim city to the ground. But now the brutality has attained a new high; hence, Gaza is not the only besieged and ruined city on earth. Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Falluja, Tikrit, Ramadi and many more cities now stand as the perfect replica of Gaza in the Islamic heart land.


The Muslims have now attained a new low, too. It is indeed the lowest of the low on their own moral scale. The old crusaders couldn’t recruit any collaborator from the Muslim land, nor could built any military base or install Trojan horses there. But now they have many; they could raise thousands of collaborators with the Muslim name. The 21st century crusade are now being fought deep inside the Muslim lands. They now keep constant presence in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and many more Muslims countries with their defence personnel, war planes, tanks, missiles, drones, army or air bases. Inclusion of these collaborating countries in the coalition has given them enormous strategic depth in their war against Islam and the Muslims. Like the non-Muslims, the ruling cliques of these Muslim countries too, show equal disbelief and disapproval of the core Islamic principles like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and trans-ethnic global solidarity. Contrary to such Qur’anic ruling, they have raised walls of divisions to protect the pre-Islamic ethnic, linguistic and tribal identity. Turkey –the long-time citadel of Muslim power went further to embrace the imperialists’ project of creating Israel in occupied Muslim land. They were very quick even to recognise this illegal state –in fact the first Muslim country to recognise Israel. It was a great and ugliest betrayal against Islam and the Muslims. But awfully, it has been the policy of the current Turkish government to continue with the same betrayal. The Turkish government now allows the US to use its air bases to bomb the Syrian and the Iraqi cities. Besides, the US and Russia have their own sovereign territories cum military bases deep inside the Middle Eastern countries; even the local rulers are denied the sovereign right to enter there. As a result of those military bases, their war planes need not have any long haul air travel from their own countries to kill the Muslim men, women and children in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or any other Muslim country. In its long war campaign, the US now feels un-winning and exhausted; hence the old rival Russia is taken as a partner in its anti-Muslim campaign. The US secretary of state John Kerry made repeated visits to Moscow to persuade President Putin to focus his bombing campaign only against the Islamists.


The US hypocrisy

The hypocrisy runs very high in the US-led coalition. President Bashar Assad of Syria has razed many cities to the ground, killed more than 300 thousands Syrians and evicted more than 5 million from their home. But such brutality of Assad is not issue for these so-called protagonists of human rights and peace. They do not bother if he continues such atrocities for many more years. They do not bother to raise any coalition to stop such brutality against the civilian population. Their only worry is the Islamists. They label the Islamist as terrorist. But recently, the US authority has shown how fake is its agenda of fighting terrorism. It came to the press that the US army personnel are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Kurdish Marxist-Leninist YPG terrorists in northern Syria –though these Kurdish fighters are marked as terrorists even by the American administration. The US soldiers even wore the YPG badge on their military uniform –as currently shown in the media.


The whole Arab world is impregnated with murderous rulers. Each of these ruling gangs indeed owns the largest terrorist outfit in their respective countries; the aim is to terrorise their own people and keep the country under their autocratic occupation. The Syrian dictator Bashar Assad presents the worst scenario. But the Egyptian President General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, the Saudi king and other autocratic rulers of Gulf countries are no less bad and brutal either. Like President Bashar Al Assad of Syria, these tyrants too, execute the same policy of ruthless annihilation of the people who stand against their autocracy. In fact, all these cruel autocrats are in close coalition to fight against their own people. Hence, while the military junta of Egypt General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi kills thousands of innocent people on Cairo’s streets and announces death sentences against hundreds, not only receives encouragement but also billions of dollar from Saudi Arabia and UAE as prize money. If the USA and its partners had any interest to fight terrorism and promote democratic rights in the Middle East, they would have withdrawn their support from these man-slaughtering terrorists in power. But the truth is otherwise. The US and its coalition partners are the sole protectors of these terrorists. If the military and intelligence life-support were withdrawn by the US and its partners, they would have quickly overthrown by their own people –as happened with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the Sha of Iran. On the contrary, these ruling terrorists are taken as the close coalition partners in their war against the Islamists; and as a mark of integrating with these terrorists in power, their worst atrocities against their own civilians are excused.


The fallout of moral death                                                                     

The success of the 21st century crusaders is huge. The old crusaders couldn’t alter the demography and geography of Palestine. But now they have achieved it: not only in Palestine but also in whole Arab World. The earlier crusaders didn’t have any collaborating Muslim partners; but now the Muslim rulers -with few exception, compete each other to become the full collaborator cum coalition partner of the new crusaders. The ideological conversion cum de-Islamisation of these autocrats has been so complete that they face no ethical problem nor do feel any Islamic prohibition to provide bases for these established enemies of Muslims and Islam. Hence it is no surprise that there exists no protest voice in the ruling cliques of the Muslim countries against such massive destruction of the Muslim cities and massacre of innocents in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Afghanistan. In the US, there is no shortage of people who openly suggest dropping nuclear bombs on Islamic holy sites. In such a milieu of moral death and deprivation, if the USA, Russia, France or any other country drop nuclear bombs on Muslim cities and kill millions, is there any possibility that such act will be condemned in global forum or in the UN? Due to its captivity in the hands of the morally dead perpetrators, is there any doubt that the UN will definitely fail to pass a resolution of condemnation against such utter barbarity?


There are discernible reasons for moral paralysis of the UN. It stands under full occupation of the historical perpetrators of the brutal imperialistic invasions and genocide. As a result, it has already lost the moral appetite to condemn or resist any such brutality. Those who can drop nuclear bombs, how can they condemn others for dropping barrel bombs, cluster bombs or chemical bombs? Hence Assad of Syria and Netanyahu of Israel easily go pardoned and unpunished. In fact, the UN’s total silence vis-à-vis Israeli bombing on the civilians in Gaza and the US barbarity in Afghanistan and Iraq ratifies such moral death of the organisation. For the same moral death, dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t raise any condemnation in the US and in the countries allied it. The nuclear bombs killed nearly 140,000 people in Japan. But the US killed more than one million only in Iraq and Afghanistan. Could the UN pass any resolution of condemnation for such diabolical act of crime? The answer is big no. Neither could any of the NATO partners condemn those crimes either. Thus the moral death of the UN and its key stakeholders gets loudly pronounced.


The new high in war crimes & the new low in morality

The 21st century crusade has attained a new dimension of war crime. It is no more focussed only on Jerusalem or Palestine; nor bound by any territorial boundaries of the Muslim countries. The anti-Muslim terrorism has indeed engulfed the whole Muslim World. The US drones have taken the war into the sky to kill any man or woman anywhere in any Muslim country. These drones do not need to face any ground troop or border post to conduct the attack. In Pakistan, even its scores of nuclear bombs and hundreds of missiles couldn’t protect its innocent citizens and the sovereignty. Since they don’t face any accountability and punishment, the killers need not be accurate to hit the target. Hence, thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and other countries got killed without knowing their crime. The worst of all imaginations, a killer like President Barak Obama of the US – the key perpetrators of such indiscrete global killing by his drones was awarded a Noble Prize. No warmonger or killer got such honour in the whole human history.   

The sovereign boundary of the weaker countries and the security of the weaker people stand irrelevant to the big powers. To them, the national security of these powerful nation is the only security issue in this world; and the UN has indeed turned mere caretaker of their global interest. The imperialists discover their own national interest even in weaker people’s bedrooms or backyards. There is no place in the world to raise any complaint against such arrogance of the imperialists. The whole mankind -especially the Muslims, now stand helpless hostage to these brutal big powers. The occupation of Muslim lands, bombing the cities and killing millions is labelled as their security need to protect their so-called national interest. Even dropping nuclear bombs in 1945 was considered a rightful act on the same context. And whoever challenges such savage aggression and hegemony is labelled as terrorist. 


The 21st century crusade

The word crusade has its own historical anti Muslim connotation. It is the genocidal war of the Christian world against Islam and the Muslims -started in 1096 by Pope Urban II and lasted for about 2 hundred years.  Killing of the Muslims by the early crusaders was massive and barbaric; even the Christian historians wrote about knee-high Muslims’ blood flowing in the street of Jerusalem. The US president George W Bush very candidly and purposively used this very religiously charged word in his speech while launched the war against Afghanistan. Most likely, it was his coded message to the Christian World to rally behind the US in its fight against the Muslims. And that worked. So, more than 40 countries sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to support the US war there. And now, more than 60 countries have joined the US-led coalition to fight the Islamists –as claimed by the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry. Such a huge coalition didn’t emerge even in the World Wars. President Barak Hussain Obama is in fact following the same Bush policy. As a result, the war now continues as the US led unending crusade of the Christian coalition. Although the prime targets are the Islamic fundamentalists who show allegiance to the fundamentals of Islam like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and Muslim unity, the ordinary Muslim men, women and children are not spared either. The Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and others are taken only as the sideshow of the Christian crusade.

The old crusaders could commit their genocidal massacres only in the land of Palestine. But the 21st century crusade has a global dimension. Their drone can hit any home in any part of the world. They have more manpower and more killing machine to cause more massacres. In old crusades, there was no involvement of the global super powers. Nor did they possess nuclear bombs and drones; nor could install Trojan horses in the Muslim heart land. But now, they possess all such weapons of mass destruction. So they can kill millions within months; the old crusaders couldn’t commit crimes of such magnitude even in two hundred years. However, such cold-blooded murder of the millions is not new in imperialists’ history. The Muslims of Spain, the Jews of Europe, the Red Indians of America, the Aborigines of Australia and the Maoris of New Jewland have already tasted it. In modern age, they killed more than 75 million people only in two World Wars; thus could set a new high in brutality in history. The World Wars have ended, but the blood thirsty intention of these warmongers still thrives.

These imperialists are now showing their biting power and venom against the Muslims. Their mission is not confined within the borders of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; rather has engulfed many more Muslim lands. The Russians carried out its occupational war in Afghanistan for more than ten years, from 1979 till 1988. At the end, they had to leave, but not on any moral ground. They were forced to concede the defeat by the Islamists. The USA and its NATO partners entered the same Muslim land to fight the same Islamists. The US campaign started in 2001 and still continues with the same mission for the last 15 years. Like the Russians, the Americans too, were forced to withdraw most of its ground troops; but their desire to keep the occupation still stays unabated. And to continue the occupation, they need to bomb and kill the noncompliant Afghans. So, they bomb hospitals, wedding parties, residential areas, schools and market places in Afghanistan. Every dwelling place in Afghanistan looks like military installations to them, hence potential target of aerial bombing or drone attacks. Hence, there is no sign that the US-led war will end sooner. The former Republican candidate for the US Presidency Senator Mr John McCain suggested that the US should continue the occupation for a century.


The emiratisation

The imperialists’ occupation is never an end in itself. It always start with a specific goal from the very outset. The goal of the current war is to build a permanent infrastructure of weakness for the Muslim Ummah. Only that way they can continue their occupation. To attain such an aim, the division of the Muslim World into scores of emirates like the UAE -the most favoured model of the West’s vassal state (emiratisation) is the strategy. To them, the concept of pan-Islamism or Muslim Ummah is an extremely fundamentalist idea; they find existential threat in it. For the same reason they couldn’t tolerate a larger Pakistan either. Hence, they allow Muslims to only grow up as tribal or small lingustic groups; not as a global Ummah. So the British, the French and the other occupying countries led to fragmentation of the Middle East into more than 20 states. In 14 hundred years of Islamic history, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel never existed on the map as independent states; but now they do. These divisive states are the sole creation of the kuffar occupation.  Such emiratisation of the Ummah is indeed an effective recipie to keep Muslims permanently powerless. Thus, the foreign kuffars have been very successful to restore pre-Islamic Arab jahelia of tribalism. Based on mutual hatred and secular opotunism, they could succeed to create such division not only on the political map, but also in Muslims’ mindset.

Along with such emiratisation, the foreign occupiers also run projects to cause deep cultural and ideological conversion of the Muslims. These cultural converts are fully incompatible with true Islam; hence are equally inimical to resurgence of Islam  as were the pagan Arabs. Because of them, the Quranic concept of Muslim Ummah now survives only in the history book. In 14 hundred years of Islam’s history, there was no divisive walls on ethnic, tribal or geographical lines. The Arabs, the Turks, the Kurds, the Moors and the people of other ethnicities lived side by side in the same city and the same village. But, during the long colonial occupation, the corruption of the Muslim mind has been so massive and corrosive that even the basic tenants of Islam like mutual brotherhood has been washed out from the Muslim mind. The ethnic compatibility has been so badly damaged that peaceful co-existence of people of different ethnicities quickly turned to be an impossibility –as has been recently nurtured during the American and British occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Such ethnic incompatibility can only feed the enemy’s appetite to cause further emiratisation. Instead of removing the divisive walls, the de-Islamised rulers, the intellectuals and the politicians –the trusted cronies of the imperialists, now put more fuel to flare up the mutual mistrust and hatred. This way, they are strengthening the divided geopolitical entities of the Muslim land. Although the health, education, industry and social welfare sectors are in shambles in almost all the Muslim countries, but they spend hundreds of billions of dollar to protect and strengthen the walls of distrust and disunion. Thus the pre-Islamic Arab jaheliya of tribalism has received new life in the Arab World.   

The UN -the custodian of the global hegemony of the big powers, takes it as an assigned duty to protect the divisive statusquo of the Muslim World. The imperialist powers –the key stakeholders of the UN, consider such infrastructure of de-empowering the Muslims is indispensable; not only to sustian the unhindered exploitation of Muslim wealth, but also to protect their hegemony over more than 1.5 billion Muslims. Such a strategy of emiratisation now shows its fruits. The enormous Arab oil and gas has increaed the economic wellbeing, militry might and global dominance only for the West; but not for the Arabs. The wealth of the Arabs has only attracted the cold-blooded killers from all over the world. About 250 million Arabs still remain as the defenceless and most humilited people on earth. They have been forced to recognise the illegal creation of Israel on their own soil. Their countries are now put into wars, their cities are being bombed, and their men, women and children get killed. Hundreds of thousands of their own people now wander in the streets of the kuffar lands as destitute refugees. Such humiliation is unprecedented in the whole Muslim history.


The infrastructure of de-empowerment

The Muslim Ummah’s own political, economic or security interest has not been allowed to play any role in deciding the destiny of the Muslims. In drawing the map of the Muslim Middle East, the Western imperialists’ own interest played the decisive role; the decision was taken exclusively in the European capital. The notorious Sykes-Picot pact –the basis of modern Middle East’s political map, came into being as a product of Anglo-French joint conspiracy. In drawing such a map of the Arab land, the local Arab Muslims didn’t have an iota of involvement. More than 20 emirates like new states were created to fit in the new political map. A clan of puppet rulers were installed in these emirates only to serve the imperialists’ agenda and pursue their own opportunism. It has indeed proved to be the perfect infrastructure for sustenance of Muslims’ powerlessness and a framework of servitude to the imperialists. Now they replicates the same model in other Muslim territories. The most important assignment delegated to each gang of rulers entails keeping the divisive wall intact, providing safe havens for the imperialists and working as partners for attacking the neighbouring Muslim lands. To protect such an infrastructure of de-empowering the Muslims, it is labelled a great crime to remove any of these divisive boundaries –punishable only by capital punishment. Such attempt is also a crime under the UN charter. President Saddam Hussain removed the divisive wall between Iraq and Kuwait, and met with heavy punishment. But his crime for killing more than 5 thousand Kurds by chemical bombs were amicably excused. Rather, chemical bombs were manufactured and supplied to President Saddam by the Western governments to commit such crimes. Similar weapons of mass-destruction are now being consigned to murderous Shia regimes in Baghdad and Damascus to carry out the same crime. This shows the intensity of their cold blooded criminal motive to promote death and destruction in the Islamic World. The Islamists of Syria and Iraq do not recognise the enemy-made divisive boundary of the Muslim World, hence receive the wrath of these imperialists. But it is encouraged the same imperialists to promote and finance war for further emiratisation of any Muslim land –as was seen in the case of Pakistan in 1971, and recently in Sudan and Iraq.


The promised punishment

For the Muslims, in the name of ethnic and linguistic differences, the imperialists prescribed a road map of division and disunion. They did not allow them to know that it is the road map of promised punishment from Allah –the Almighty. On the other hand, they follow a different road map for themselves. They forged United States in America; and now work for a United State in Europe. On 8th December, 2015, the Guardian newspaper published an excerpt from a speech of Martin Shultz -the president of European Parliament. The report was initially published in the German daily “the Die Welt”. He said, “The Europe is in danger and no one can say whether EU will still exist in 10 years’ time. Alternative to EU would be a Europe of nationalism, a Europe of borders and walls. That would be horrific because such a Europe has repeatedly led in the past to catastrophe.”  Mr Shultz is not a Muslim. For him, keeping unity of Europe is mere political passion, and not a legal or religious obligation. But for a Muslim, forging unity of the Muslims is a Qur’anic compulsion. Any disobedience of such Divine decree doesn’t go unpunished. The promise of such punishment comes as follows: “And be not like those who become divided and disagreed after clear declaration had come to them, and these it is that shall have a grievous punishment.” –(Sura Al Imran, verse 105). Therefore, betrayal of this Qur’anic obligation is a definitive way of inviting the severest punishment from Allah Sub’hana wa Tala. It is indeed the road map of hellfire. Since the Muslims have already taken the route of disunity, it is the time to receive the promised punishment -both here and in the hereafter. In fact, the Muslims are already in the midst of worldly one of such punishment. How one can say that the deaths, destructions and humiliation they suffer today, is the mark of Divine blessing!


The war for slavery!

The political roadmap of a believer is clearly different from the others. Building divisive walls in the name of race, language or religious sect had never been a part of it. The Muslims in their golden days were known for dismantling such walls. Such walls on a Muslim land only serve the agenda of enemies; and fully incompatible with the Islamic faith. But, such divisive agenda is in full execution through division of the Muslim World into 57 states. The Arab Muslims –despite their ethnic, linguistic and geographical oneness, are divided into more than 20 states. The Muslims have happily compatible with such division; and even celebrate it as a mark of so-called national or turned tribal identity and glory. They even raise huge armies and fight wars to protect such divisive boundaries. They have the Europeans, the Americans, the Indians and other nonbelievers on their side to sustain internecine wars to protect such disunion. Thus they make a deep disconnection from the rightly guided early Muslims. The early Muslims fought wars and sacrificed their life and wealth to promote the Islamic identity, independence and greatness of the Muslim Ummah. But now, they fight wars and sacrifice lives for smallness and slavery of the foreign powers. For example, the Arab Muslims fought such war in 1917 with the help of the British to dismantle khilafa –the citadel of Muslim power; and the Bengali Muslims fought such war in 1971 with the help of India to dismember Pakistan –the largest Muslim country in the contemporary world. Such internecine wars are still going on in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Mali and Pakistan.


The celebration of defeat!

Every enemy occupation has its worst consequences. Not only it kills people and brings destruction to the infrastructure, but also makes it difficult to practise true and full Islam. The occupying enemy also set the context of continuous defeat and decline. Despite its Muslim majority population, the traditions of the prophet of Islam and his devout companions become the missing element. The people’s religious beliefs, practices and politics stay under constant monitoring of the occupiers. Everything that may cause resurgence of Islam are perceived as a threat to their rule. They allow only to add more deviation to Qur’anic roadmap; as a result, siratul mustaqeem –the guided path for the paradise becomes non-existent. Instead, fostering home-grown internal enemies of Islam becomes the educational and the cultural priorities of the enemy government. Hence, the Muslim countries’ occupation doesn’t end with the end of the foreign colonial rule; rather gets handed over to brutal occupation of the home-grown enemies. Therefore, the same deep de-Islamisation projects of the government and the non-government organisations go unabated; and beliefs, practices and politics continue to deviate from prophet’s Islam. And the propagation of Qur’anic knowledge gets severely restricted. As a result, the fundamental concepts of Islam like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, Muslim brotherhood and unity do not survive in any of the post-colonial Muslim countries. It is indeed the greatest calamity of enemy occupation; it opened avenues only to enhance deviation from Islam, and hence, towards the hellfire.


In order to protect Muslims from such disastrous consequence, it has always been the greatest ibada to stand against any enemy occupation. It is indeed the obligatory jihad in Islam. In early days of Islam, Muslims’ lives, wealth and talent were mostly spent to fulfil that obligation. They didn’t build any Tajmohol or Pyramid, but made safe haven for the Muslims to practise full Islam. The last prophet of Islam said, “Spending few moments as a vigilante at the frontier of the Islamic state is superior to spending the whole night in non-obligatory prayers.” Only this way the Muslims could protect their Islamic way of life and muslimness in the golden days; and could emerge as the global power. Failing to do so only leads to failure in protecting Islam and the muslimness. Such failure opens inroads for enemy occupation with all of its calamities. Muslims are then forced to live without Islam. As a consequence, out of 57 Muslim states, not a single one claims to be Islamic. As if, the prophet of Islam didn’t leave any tradition or guidance vis-à-vis islamising a state. It is indeed an eye-catching symbol of collective failure of the Muslims in following Qur’an and the Sunnah. As a result, in a world of more than 1.5 billion Muslims, Islam with its Qur’anic principle and the prophetic traditions doesn’t survive anywhere. What could be the worst disservice to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His cause? With such disconnection from the Qur’anic roadmap, how can one expect blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? Therefore, the enemies of Islam have enough reasons to celebrate such defeat and deviation of the Muslims. The deviation and de-Islamisation of the Muslims is so huge that they too, feel morally complacent to celebrate the worst crimes of the enemies. Hence, whatever the colonialists did to cause division, deviation, de-Islamisation and defeat for the Muslim Ummah still thrive in each of these Muslim countries. Moreover, the proxy rulers of the imperialists are doing many more things to sustain the ongoing defeat and decline.  9/7/2016

Misplaced Priority of the Muslims and the Downfall

The misplaced priority

The core belief (iman) of a man never remain obscure or hidden; rather gets exactly expressed through his priority of survival. In fact, both the believers (mu’min) and the disbelievers (kafir) appear in true colour through their distinctive priorities. Iman of a believer (mu’min) indeed works through setting the right priority –the most important issue in life. Life then moves towards the right direction –called siratul mustaqeem. In absence of iman, setting a correct priority or right direction in life is utterly impossible. Life then shows gross deviation. This is the most devastating disability of a human –much worse than any physical disability. Then, all of his efforts and sacrifices meet total failure. And such a failure has an unimaginable dimension. It doesn’t mean mere lack of success in this worldly life; rather entering the unending hellfire in the hereafter. With such conceptual cum ideological disability, one runs the real risks of becoming a mercenary for the worst evil forces on earth – a sure way of getting a place in hellfire. Awfully, such conceptual disease and disability has attained an epidemic proportion in the Muslim World. As a result, the established enemies of Islam do not face any problem in recruiting any number of mercenaries in a Muslim land. Because of these mercenaries, most of the Muslim states now stand occupied by the people who have forged coalition with the imperialist enemies to stop emergence of the Muslims as a global civilizational force.

To please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in all possible ways is the core priority of a believer’s life. That can only be attained by serving His Agenda that entails victory of His prescribed religion Islam over all the religions of falsehood. All the physical and intellectual abilities of an individual, his wealth, assets and life are the blessing of Almighty Lord. Such endowments of his supreme Lord should be invested only to promote His agenda; and never to serve any tribal, racial, national or imperialist cause. Only this way he can serve his own agenda of earning His forgiveness, and attaining a place in paradise. Prophets were sent and Divine Books were revealed only to show how to pursue that priority in life. Such a core priority should get the full reflection in his politics, culture, education, warfare and other aspects of life. Therefore, a believer’s way of living and sacrificing his wealth and life are qualitatively different from a disbeliever. Instead of floating with the contemporary cultural, ideological or political tide, he remains tightly anchored to the agenda of serving the cause of his Almighty.

Hence, for a true Muslim, mere faith in Islam and the faith-based rituals are not enough. He must know the priorities of Islam, too; and needs to embrace those priorities as his own. Any incongruence or incompatibility with the Islamic priorities is only possible with the detachment from Islamic faith. And with such detachment from Islamic faith, one can’t be the part of the Muslim ummah. This is a clear mark of de-islamisation. Such de-islamised people live their lives with full ideological, political and cultural readiness to join the enemy rank and make wars against the Muslims. Because of these people, the followers of the evil ideologies like communism, socialism, nationalism, tribalism, secularism, monarchism and the colonial imperialists could recruit millions of readymade mercenaries from the Muslim communities. They claim to be Muslims; but fought wars and gave lives to strengthen the enemies’ occupation of the Muslim lands. Such crimes still continue in the Muslim World. In Islamic vocabulary, such home-grown bloodletting enemies of Islam are called murtadh; in the golden days of Islam, the sharia law was applied to give them the capital punishment.

For such misplaced priority, little amount of money, energy or intelligence were left to address the most crucial issues of the ummah -like modernising science and technology and strengthening the defence. They could show their merit in building Taj Mahal, but remained very incapable in building universities and defensive weapons. As a result, the Muslim countries were easily occupied even by the little private armies of some trading companies. For example, Muslim states in India was occupied one after another by the East India Company of England. East India Company of Holland could do the same in Indonesia. The situation in not better even today.



Absence of Khilafa and the Culture of Mercenarism

The ultimate calamity

The absence of khelafa has its most disastrous consequence. In its absence, the other institutions can’t work rightly for an Islamic cause. Then, even the mosques, madrasas, schools and universities become the fertile breeding grounds for Islam’s enemies. One can see the grotesque failure of such institutions of the Muslim World. Both the government and the non-government institutions have turn into massive industries to produce the mercenaries. The products of these institutions work as political, cultural, economic and military mercenaries for the enemies both at home and abroad. Because of them, the most fundamental and the most obligatory tenants of prophet’s Islam like khilafa, sharia, hudud, shura, jihad and Islamic education stand defeated and ignored even in the Muslim lands. In the past, the enemies could recruit hundreds of thousands of such mercenaries to fight two World Wars. Now they deploy the new generations of mercenaries to fight their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Mali and money other parts. The whole Muslim World is under their occupation. Hence, their guns, tanks and fighter bombers do not fire against those who have occupied the Muslim lands of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya or Arakan; but against the Islam loving men and women on the streets.


The denial 

The full meaning of Islam and Muslim can never be correctly understood in isolation. For that, it needs a full understanding of the Vision of the Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la vis-à-vis the creation of mankind on earth. Only with such a knowledge, one can understand the real importance of the holy Qur’an and the mission of a Muslim’s life. Such an understanding is indeed the first and foremost requirement to become a true Muslim. Otherwise an ignorant man or woman would embrace some racial, familial or cultural practices as Islam and badly fail to grow up as a true Muslim. In fact, such failure of todays’ Muslims has now reached a catastrophic proportion. The Qur’anic Islam and the true muslimness –as were the distinctive features of the early Muslims, no more survive in any of the 57 Muslim countries. The modern Muslims are far detached from the fundamentals of Islam like sharia, hudud, khelafa, jihad and shura; and have incorporated kuffar laws, infidel life styles and secular paradigm of statecraft as their own. In the name of education, culture and national pride or heritage, they have already built huge government and non-government infrastructures to enhance the detachment. In fact, they practise Islam without Islam.

There shouldn’t be the slightest ambiguity in a Muslim mind vis-à-vis Islam as the only complete and comprehensive code of life from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for the whole mankind. The holy Qur’an is the last and the final embodiment of that code. Hence, the Muslims do not need any legal, cultural or political graft for incorporation in the body of a Muslim state and its institutions. Any doubt in such completeness of Islam, instantly nullifies a Muslim’s faith. In the absence of such an uncompromised faith in Islam, no amount of religious rituals help save one from the hellfire. The real distinctiveness of the Muslims lies in the fact that they are the people who not only declare their full and unadulterated belief in the comprehensiveness of the Qur’anic code; but also show their all-time readiness to implement that code. Any deliberate disobedience of any of the Qur’anic codes straightaway makes a person nonbeliever (kafir) –as occurred in the case of Satan. Adherence to Islamic code is indeed the sure road to true success -both here and in the hereafter. Such adherence to Qur’anic guidance brings down the promised blessings of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as has been the case in the early days of Islam. On the other hand, any detachment from the Qur’anic roadmap invites its own awful consequence; on this issue, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has provided a lot of historical evidences in the holy Qur’an. Even the ongoing calamities in the Muslim World give a testimony to that. Only because of relentless adherence to Islam and sacrifices for its cause, a few millions of the early Muslims could receive enormous blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. As a result, they could add series of successes and glory to the Muslim history. Only this way, they could emerge as the most powerful global power on earth. Whereas today, about 1.5 billion Muslims and their 57 states –despite all the gas, oil and other rich endowment, could make history only in decadence, defeat and disgrace. Thus, it continues to prove that any deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap is indeed a sure infrastructure of failure. It can take people down the road only towards the hellfire.


The obligation

Faith of a Muslim is always intertwined with some obligations. Accepting Islam means fulfilling the obligations. Unlike Christianity, only because of belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His apostle, one can’t attain Divine forgiveness or atonement. Even the infidels of Arabia used to believe in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; they used to name their sons as Abdullah (slave of Allah) before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Faith of a believer must get expressed through his or her politics, culture, behaviour and actions; otherwise gets labelled as a hypocrite. And, while fulfilling the obligation, it is not an easy walk over; one needs to pass through assigned tests in every stage of the life. He or she needs to survive with the Islamic mission and vision. His or her own mission and vision are not his or her own inventions; these are fixed only by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. A Muslim’s assigned mission is to stand up with the full submission to His Qur’anic command. Such a stand-up (qi’am) of a Muslim shouldn’t be confined only within the prayer mats or inside the mosques; rather must overwhelm all spheres of life with the spirit of enjoining the Truth and eradicating the falsehood (a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munker). This was indeed the life-long mission of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided companions. Likewise, a Muslim’s vision must match perfectly with the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that entails that Islam must prevail as a code of life over falsehood (le’yeuz hira’hu ala’ddini kullihi -as mentioned in the holy Qur’an). Such a stand-up (qiam) for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s is obligatory on all the believing men and women. This way a Muslim pays the price for his place in the heaven. So the Divine decree comes from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la: “Tell (O’ Muhammad!): (O’ the believers) I urge you only in one thing, that rise up for Allah’s cause in twos or singly..” –(Sura Saba, verse 46).

Therefore, a Muslim doesn’t need an army or huge party as a precondition to stand up for Islam, he must stand up even alone if fails to find a companion –as Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) stood alone in front of tyrant Nimrod and his tribe. For such an act of audacious steadfastness, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la made Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) the model for the believers of all ages to come -as mentioned in verse 4, sura Mumta’hana. Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) did the same in the court of Pharaoh. The last prophet of Islam Muhammad (peace be upon him), too did the same against the wolves of the Arab tribes. A Muslim’s stand-up (qi’am) on a prayer mat has indeed a very important symbolic implication; it is to inculcate the habit of standing up for the cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in all fields of life. Not only it needs the full audacity but also it requires the readiness to sacrifice one’s life and wealth for the victory of His cause. In order to generate such an audacious dedication among the believers, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la makes a holy pledge of recompense with the believers. So, it is revealed, “Surely Allah has purchased from the believers their life and their property for this that they shall have the paradise; and they fight in Allah’s way, so that they kill and get killed; a promise which is binding on Him in Taurat, and the Injeel and the Qur’an; and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Rejoice therefore in the pledge which you have made; and that is the great achievement.” –( Sura Taubah, verse 111). The companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) indeed made such a solemn pledge with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Hence, despite their numerical inadequacies, they to stood up against the huge armies of Roman and Roman empires –the contemporary world powers. More than 70 percent of them sacrificed their life to fulfil the pledge.


The culture of mercenarism

After such a solemn pledge with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la – as revealed in the above verse, how can a Muslim work the known enemies of Islam? It is indeed fully incompatible with the faith, culture, politics and body chemistry of a true Muslim to support or align with the agenda of any imperialist, colonialist, autocrat, infidel, nationalist, secularist, socialist, monarchist, autocrat and other enemies of Islam. It is the sure roadmap towards the hellfire. Only an established hypocrite can chase such a path of devilish deviation. The real faith or piety of a believer is not tested on prayer mats. Nor it is revealed in fasting or in pilgrimage. Hundreds of hypocrites took part in such rituals even in prophet’s time. Rather, it is tested in his role vis-à-vis the murderous enemies of Islam. His submission to those enemies and any co-operation with them instantly nullifies his faith. In fact, it is his bold stand-up against such brutalities of the enemies with all of his merits and abilities testifies his faith.


Any act of submission to the enemy’s anti-Islamist agenda and fighting shoulder to shoulder with them is, in fact, the work of a typical mercenary. A true believer can never sell the greatest amana of his Almighty– his life and abilities to the enemies. It is a major sin in Islam. Hence, none of the prophets’ companions joined the enemy army; neither did any Muslims during the Umaiyah and Abbasia khelafa time either. But later on, the Muslims made horrible history by working as the mercenary of the enemy. So, when Iraq, Palestine, Yemen and many other Muslim countries were occupied by the British colonial Army, majority of its troops were non-British and thousands of them were the Muslims. More awfully, these remorseless mercenaries who made their livelihood by selling their souls to the enemies could hijack the Muslim states, too. For example, General Eskender Mirza, General Ayyub Khan and General Yahiya Khan become the President of Pakistan in succession from 1958 to 1971. These three big icons of Pakistan Army along with many thousands others started their carrier as the mercenaries of the colonial British Army. By 1947, more than 200, 000 Indian Muslims served as mercenaries in the British colonial Army! They fought World Wars and wars of occupation for the imperialists in the different parts of the World and strengthen the British occupation in India. Later on, they could occupy their own country Pakistan, too; and thus could successfully serve the enemy agenda by dismantling the largest Muslim country of the world. The dream of the Indian Muslims for establishing a core Islamic civilizational state in the world was blown up in the wind. The picture in the Arab World is not different either. The Arab mercenaries are the people who under the leadership of Sherif Hussain of Mecca and his sons helped the British and the French to dismember Osmania Khilafa and establish Israel. The same evil legacy of mercenarism still survives with greater success. Hence the Americans, the Russians and the Indians need not deploy their own foot soldiers to occupy and subjugate their target Muslim lands; the home-grown mercenaries are doing the job. Whereas, it is the consensus of the Islamic jurists that jihad becomes an obligatory duty on every believing man if an enemy army descends on a Muslim land. 


Absence of Muslims’ Core Civilizational State & the Fall-out

The recipe for unending catastrophe

Whatever massive is the cost of establishing a core Islamic civilization state –the Islamic Khilafa, the benefits are immense. The human history has been witness to enormous benefits of such a state in the past. No state or institution could match its contribution. In the whole span of human history, it is the only example of civilizational excellence of the whole mankind. The early Muslims could reach a civilizational peak in their history only because of the massive humanising project of the Islamic Caliphate. The survival and the spread of Qur’anic Islam, the continuation of the prophetic mission, the security of the Muslims’ lives and the sustenance of the Muslims’ political and cultural dominance through centuries were only possible because of such a supportive infrastructure of a strong Islamic state.

One can feel the importance of oxygen only when he runs out of it. The same is true with an Islamic caliphate. In its absence, the Muslims now suffer from a chain of relentless calamities. Such an institutional collapse of the Muslim World into 57 tribal or national states have indeed generated a perfect recipe for enemy occupation and an unending catastrophe. The demographic surge of the Muslims, the huge number of mosques and madrasas around the world, the bulging per capita income in some Muslim States and even the nuclear bombs couldn’t work as the substitute of the Islamic Caliphate. The collapse of khelafa has indeed precipitated the collapse of the Muslims as a civilizational force. The fall-out of such a collapse has been so awful that it made almost 1.5 billion Muslims the real orphans. The Hindu’s have India, the Christians have the USA and the EU, the Chinese have China, the Jews have Israel; but the Muslims have none. In absence of such a civilizational core state, the Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Myanmar, Chechnya, Palestine, Xinxiang and many other parts of the world now suffer from unending persecution, humiliation and deaths.


The survival without a mission!

Islam can’t be fully practised in a non-Muslim state. It is equally true also in a Muslim country under the occupation of anti-Islamic forces. The ruling clique of the non-Muslim and the un-Islamic countries never allows any space to practise sharia, hudud, shura and jihad. How one can be a true Muslim without practising such Islamic fundamentals? Enjoining the right (a’maru bil ma’ruf) and eradicating the wrongs (nehi anil mukar) are the two-prong mission that has been Divinely assigned on every Muslim to help attain the highest rank on earth and in the hereafter –as has been revealed in Sura al-Imran, verse 110. Only by engaging in such a Divine mission, the Muslim ummah can attain the status of best people (khaira ummah) on earth; and an individual can register himself as a helper unto Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la (ansaerullah). Only then, a believer turns to a Divine tool to fulfil his Lord’s Vision which entails that Islam should prevail over all other religions. But under occupation of anti-Islamic forces, it is legally allowed only to be the helper of the occupying forces. People are brutally tortured and killed even for raising voice for independence; let alone practising full Islam. Any visible pursuance of an Islamic mission is considered a punishable crime.

In a non-Muslim or un-Islamic country, a Muslim is allowed to survive only with a visible detachment from the Qur’anic decree of “enjoining the right and eradication of the wrong”. Since such a mission conflicts directly with the agenda of the corruptive ruling elite, a believer has to live without Islam’s mission and vision –which is possible only after a gross deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. This is why migration from a non-Muslim land to an Islamic country received so much importance in the life of the early Muslims. In those days, there was no Islamic state in the world; hence they needed to build one. Even an animal does not die of hunger, the livelihood of physical sustenance comes from Almighty Allah. But the key issue is the spiritual cum ideological survival. Jihad in believer’s life indeed starts to address the issue; it is to create a safe haven for practising full Islam. For spiritual growth, one needs regular ideological cum spiritual nourishment from the best treasure of knowledge –the holy Qur’an. Only this way one can be rightly benefited from the greatest blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; otherwise meets a spiritual death. Therefore, upbringing men and women with the Qur’anic knowledge always remains the most crucial issue in Muslims’ life. But the evil forces do not wish that it should happen even in Muslim lands. They wish silent death of iman; so, the US and other anti-Islamic imperialists put pressure on their client states to curb the Qur’anic lessons in the school curriculum, mosques, media, and in public gatherings. So, in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, and in many more Muslim countries, not only the Qur’anic classes and Islamic TV channels are closed down, many of the Qur’an teachers are put behind the bar.


The danger of institutional void      

The most important event in the Islamic calendar is not the birth of the holy prophet (peace be upon him) or the victory of Mecca, but the prophet’s migration from Mecca to Medina. It is the most important milestone in Islam’s civilizational growth and in the emergence of the Muslim ummah as the most dominant World Power. The decision of the early Muslims to begin the Islamic calendar from the year of migration indeed gives recognition to the significance of the event. Only after the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, the Muslims could enjoy a safe premise to practise full Islam. Only such a big state could provide the infrastructural strength in fulfilling the Islamic obligation of the Muslims to help Truth prevail over falsehood. Only such a pan-Islamic state could help dismantle the divisive walls raised in the name of land, language, race and ethnicity; thereby could provide a space for large core civilizational state. Absence of such a core Islamic state could easily precipitate the worst catastrophic consequences in the Muslim World -as the Muslims experience today. The Muslims are now forced to live a life without full Islam. They are forced to reconcile even with the enemy occupation, deaths, destruction, eviction, and ideological cum cultural corruptions.

For healthy moral growth of humans, a constant nurture in a value-adding institutional environment is indispensable. Family, mosque, madrasa, school and the cultural cum educational milieu of an Islamic state constitute the essential parts of such a value adding infrastructural process. In absence of such institutions, the risk of moral, cultural and spiritual deprivation is quite real. In fact, in such an institutional void, men and women even with full physical fitness turn equal and even inferior to the animals –as has been stated in the holy Qur’an. (The Qur’anic expression: ula’ika k’al an’am, bal hum adal. The meaning: they are like the animal, rather worse than that). The naked men and women who live like animals in the jungles of Nicobar Island, are indeed the products of such institutional void. Physically and genetically they fully resemble a man or woman; but they can’t fit in a human society. Instead, they show more compatibility with the fellow animals. When they see men or women in their near vicinity, these fellow members of the same species quickly disappear into the forest –as shown in documentaries on their life. It reinforces the notion that meeting mere bodily needs doesn’t make people true human. The moral, educational, cultural and spiritual needs to be adequately addressed, too. For that, a value-adding vast infrastructure must be in place in education and culture.  Otherwise, they face the risk of moral death.


The overwhelming state power

Family, community, mosques, schools and colleges have their invaluable importance as the value-adding institutions. But none of these is equal or superior to state and its powerful infrastructure. State is the most powerful institution on earth that can add ultimate humanising or dehumanising factors to humans. State gives power to the people and people give power to the state. An Islamic state gives such congruity. But that does not work under the enemy occupation. The state and its institutions are then run by the enemy; they also work for the enemy. The people become only the subject of exploitation, subjugation, de-Islamisation and de-empowerment –as occurred under the colonial occupation in the past and it is happening now under the occupation of anti-Islamic forces. The occupying force of a state can easily undo the good works of other social and religious institutions. Hence, millions of mosques or madrasas are helpless to encounter the influence of the state power. Even mosques and madrasas can be turned into pubs, clubs, stables or fodder stores –as happened in Soviet Russia and China during the communist era. Thus, if state power falls in the hand of any evil forces, they can indeed cause unimaginable havoc on earth. Not only they can drop nuclear bombs and turns cities into rubbles, but also can endorse the worst criminals as god in the public life –as happened at the hand of Pharaoh and Nimrod. The magic spell of state power doesn’t end there; it can even approve the most scandalous crimes in the name of religion –as was done in the case of mass slaughtering wars of the European crusaders in the Muslim lands. It can indoctrinate people even in believing the most unbelievable lies. Cow, snake or idol worshipping paganism is indeed the product of such state-sponsored indoctrination.

Such manipulative state power can even turn the societal space morally and spiritually more damaging than jungles. A jungle is morally or spiritually neutral. The animals never persuade people in worshiping snakes, cows or idols: therefore do not guide people to hellfire. Nor do they promote a tyrant killer like Pharaoh to the label of a god. In fact, the most harmful evil creatures on earth were not born in jungles, rather in states run by the people like Pharaoh, Hitler, Stalin, Bush or Putin. The state institutions then work as the largest evil industry to produce the most murderous people with an industrial scale. Occupying states, colonising countries, running gas chambers and dropping nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, barrel bombs or chemical bombs then become the acceptable norms. Such states under the occupation of the evil forces become the powerful tools for making wars, World Wars, genocidal massacres, ethnic cleansing and mindless exploitation. The state apparatus then works as a massive machine to mould people to the extent that they grow as the most obedient worshippers, voters and warriors even for the worst killers on earth.

The task of promoting and protecting moral and spiritual health of men and women in a population is so heavy and difficult that it can’t be accomplished by some religious scholars, leaders or parties. Nor could be done mere at homes, mosques or madrasas. Islamisation of people is unattainable without full islamisation of the state and its institutions; both must run together. Otherwise, the people and those who run the state deviate from Islam together –as it is happening today in the Muslim World. Hence, for the sake of Islam and the Muslims, nothing is more important than islamisation of state. Such an extreme spiritual cum political necessity has also been emphasized in the holy Qur’an; and was an inseparable part of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) sunnah. In fact, building an Islamic state is the greatest and the most distinctive legacy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The huge success of the early Muslims owes greatly to the contribution of such a powerful Islamic state. Because of such a state, the Muslims could emerge as the most powerful civilizational force in the world and could better serve Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s agenda. And the Islamic Caliphate appeared as the core Muslim state to protect Muslim interest both at home and abroad. No other faith or religion, nor even the great prophets like Musa (peace be upon him) or Isa (peace be upon him) could build such a state. As a result, they couldn’t build any civilisation either. For the same reason, Buddha failed too. 


The highest piety

For building a higher civilisation, it needs the inclusive involvement of all the state and non-state actors and institutions. To accomplish such a highest act of piety, it also needs indispensable inputs from All-knowing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such Divine inputs are made available only through the revealed Books and the Divine prophets. And, in such an endeavour of state-building, all the believing men and women need to be fully mobilised and engaged –as happened in the days of prophet (peace be upon him). Islam makes it a binding obligation on them. Therefore, for a Muslim, remaining inactive or unengaged is not an option. In fact, success or failure of the ummah in raising such an Islamic state and civilisation depends on the level of people’s involvement. In such an islamising endeavour, the entire state establishment with all of its leaders, institutions and manpower must play the coordinating, mobilising and leadership role. Otherwise, all efforts meet failure. In prophet’s days, not a single believer remained inactive or disengaged from it. Any form of disengagement was known as a marker of disbelief (kufr) or hypocrisy (munafiqat). No other sector demanded such a massive investment of time, energy, wealth and human lives than building the Islamic state; most of the companions needed to be on the front line of jihad and sacrifice their life. In absence of Islamic state building endeavour, the people don’t sit idle. Rather, they engage in doing the opposites: they fight for the mutual destruction -as happening now in the Muslim World.

Building hospitals, high ways, farms, fisheries or industries are definitely good deeds. These add comforts to physical survival. But such economic or welfare works do not add any moral highness to people. Nor does it add any guidance to save people from hellfire. But the fate of mankind is decided elsewhere. It is through jihad for enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong. And the best way of doing it is the Islamic state building jihad. Then, the whole state and its institutions become the parts of the Divine mission for enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong. The Muslim countries now have thousands of hospitals, high ways, farms, fisheries and industries. They have nuclear bombs, too. But that didn’t help them emerge as a civilizational force on earth. Neither did that add an iota of glory to the Muslims on the world stage. The Muslims built 57 national or tribal states, each with a different map, flag and leader. But none of these states has any humanising or islamising role. The islamising or humanising objective of Islam can never be achieved by a national or tribal state; rather such states are fully incompatible with Islam’s core agenda. Such states can’t match with the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. This is the greatest calamity of the secular, tribal and nationalist states. Such states can lead people only to a total failure in the hereafter; indeed these states work as fast moving trains on satanic tracks to the hellfire. Whereas, the Muslims must set the whole state-craft on siratul mustaqeem; only then, the state and its institutions can help people moving towards the paradise. Only then, a state can do the greatest benefit to its citizens. It is indeed the real blessing of an Islamic state. Can any worldly benefit match such benefit in the hereafter? Therefore, what else can be the act of highest piety than building an Islamic state? It is awful that such a huge and distinctive difference between an Islamic and a non-Islamic state mostly goes unnoticed by the Muslims due to huge hostile propaganda of the evil forces!


Islamic Caliphate: why indispensable?

“Enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” is a pure law enforcement issue. Therefore, can’t be done through salah, fasting, haj or by giving charity. These rituals are only the means to reach the end; not the end in themselves. It needs law enforcement executive authority –which is possessed only by a state. It also needs huge infrastructure of policing and judiciary to find out the wrong doing criminals and to bring them to justice. Therefore, how the believers can discharge the assigned mission of “enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” in absence of a sharia enforcing state authority? Hence in absence of such a state, a great part of Islam remains unpractised –as is the norm in most of the Muslim countries. More importantly, without engaging in this obligatory mission, how a Muslim can please his Supreme Lord and can save his soul from the hellfire? 

In absence of such a state, sharia survives only in books –as happened in the case of sharia that was revealed to the prophet Musa (peace be upon him). The people of Bani Israel were heavily punished for such criminal negligence. Now, the Muslims have taken the same route. In such a context, what else would be the best act of piety than engaging in Islamic state building jihad? Whoever gets killed in the making and defending such a state is called shaheed. And a shaheed has a special place in Islam. No one can be a prophet anymore; but the door to become Shaheed stays open. And in the hereafter, the shaheeds will enjoy the highly valued privilege of sitting with the prophets. They are given exceptionally an instant entry to the paradise without an accountability. The Almighty Lord gets so much pleased with their self-sacrificing deed that He made it forbidden to call them dead. They are given food and drink even after their death –as promised in the holy Qur’an.


The greatest wisdom of the early Muslims

The greatest wisdom of the early Muslims lies in the fact that they could fully realise how indispensable is an Islamic state. It reflects not only their true understanding of the holy Qur’an, but also the understanding of the socio-political urgency of an Islamic state for the practice of full Islam. Because of such understanding, they didn’t confine the practice of Islam within the boundary of their personal or family life. Nor did they restrict it within the premises of the mosques. Their vision was so insightful and their commitment for the cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la was so profound that even in the tiny Muslim population of Arabia, there was no shortage of people who sacrificed their wealth and lives to make Islamic state a great success. Except few physically disabled, none of them stayed behind the front lime or remained aloof from jihad. In fact, most of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) became shaheed. Islam’s whole glory indeed belongs to them. This is the reason that the companions of the prophet Muhammad (be upon him) are labelled as the best people of the whole human history. Today’s 1.5 billion Muslims failed to make contribution of the same size. On the contrary, they made the ugliest part of the Muslim history by working side by side with the imperialists as their most subservient mercenaries –as evidenced in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The mercenaries look for money, not for Islamic principles or higher values. If they get money, they can quickly turn their guns towards the Muslim men, women and children.

Such mercenarism is indeed the dominant culture in the civil and military elites of the Muslim countries. They join government and non-government organisations (GO’s and NGO’s) to fight for the imperialist causes both at home and abroad. Already, they have showed their readiness to fight any nasty war for the imperialists. So they could drop bombs even on religious schools to kill innocent girls –as the Pakistan Army dropped on Islamabad’s Hafsa madrasa during President Musharraf’s era. They can also launch barrage of artillery shells even on a gathering of unarmed musallies in a street –as the Bangladesh Army did in Dhaka’s Motijheel in May, 2013. The Egyptian Army did the same massacre against the innocent unarmed men and women in Rabaa al Adawiya square in August, 2013. These are only the terrible symptoms of a sinister disease; and the disease itself is the absence of a core Islamic civilizational state and its institutions in the Muslim lands. The hard core enemies of Islam and the Muslims have taken full benefit of such a void; they could successfully occupy the whole Muslim World. Millions of mosques and more than 1.5 billion Muslims are not helping to end this enemy occupation. Muslims’ prayer and supplication are not helping either. It needs some crucially important things to be done –as was the case with the early Muslims. First thing must be done first, and that is the restoration of Islamic Khilafa –Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s only political institution on earth. Only such a state can dismantle the satanic states and their institutions from the Muslim lands. A devil never fails to understand his enemies. Hence, nothing can invite more wrath, more hostile propaganda and more bombardment from the anti-Islamic global coalition of the imperialists than such an Islamic state building initiative –as it is currently visible all over the Muslim World. In fact, such enmity of the proven enemy of Islam establishes the exact worth and correctness of the project. 05/11/2016




Appeasing a Criminal & the Crime of Prime Minister Imran Khan

Muhammad bin Salman: the criminal gang leader

Muhammad bin Salman -the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has proven to be one of the worst criminals on earth. And, it is the shame of the whole Muslim Ummah that the holy land of Islam is under the occupation of such a criminal. Hence, Shaitan and his followers have enough to celebrate. Muhammad bin Salman has shown the ugliest barbarity in cold blood by killing a journalist Mr Jamal Khashoggi in the cruellest possible way. His body parts were chopped off by an electric saw and were melted in acid. Such a horrendous crime didn’t take place in a jungle by the wild animals; but it happened in a government premise and was committed by the state-sponsored terrorists. It happened in Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2nd October, 2018. Since Mr Khashoggi was a critic of the Saudi policy, targeted for such a brutal elimination. Such extra-judicial killing of Mr Khashoggi is only a tip of a huge iceberg; much more horrendous atrocities are going on in the holy land.

Only a man with dead or immoral soul can commit such a worst crime. Firstly, the Saudi Authority denied that such a murder has ever happened in the consulate. They claimed that Mr Kashoggi has left the consulate without any harm. Later on, the Saudi monarchy started blaming the same Saudi officials as the culprits who were deployed by the authority and were transported to Istanbul to commit the crime. Now, in order to deflect the world opinion, the murderous Saudi regime is putting its most obedient servants on a farcical trial. As if, these servants had an enmity against Mr Khashoggi and needed to hire the consulate premise from the kingdom for the execution of the murder!

The crime Mohammad bin Salman is not confined within the Saudi territory. In fact, he is working as the ring leader of the tyrannical club of the worst Arab autocrats. Their prime objective is to dismantle any democratic change in any part of Arab World. They find such movement as a lethal threat to their survival. Since, the democratic movements in the Arab World are led mostly by the Islamists, they labelled them as the worst enemies. So, labelling them as terrorist and killing them without any trial is the key strategy of these tyrants. The Washington Post columnist Mr Jamal Khashoggi’s case is a typical example. He has been described as an Islamist, too.

These autocrats have formed coalition with Israel to pursue their evil agenda; they also get support from the USA. It is a great jubilation for these tyrannical rulers that they could successfully reverse the Arab spring. So, the Arab people are pushed back by these tyrant autocrats to the square one. In collaboration with the UAE monarch, the Saudi monarch financed the military coup against the first elected President Dr Mohammad Morsi of Egypt. The USA and its ally also supported it. They are now using the military junta General Abul Fatah Sisi to massacre the Islamists. On a single evening of 4th August 2013, General Sisi killed more than 12 hundred men, women and children in Rabaa al Adabiya square in Cairo. These innocent victims were not at war against the military; they were sitting in protest against the forceful removal of their elected President.

Mohammad bin Salman has also proved to be worst war-criminal. He is the architect of long war in Yemen. In coalition with UAE, he is conducting a massive genocide there; and has caused a heavy destruction of the infrastructure. Tens of thousands of people are already dead because of war-induced famine. They have found another gangster General Khalifa Haftar in Libya as the partner to dismantle the genuine democratic aspirations of the Libyan people. They are now taking control of the Libyan oil field. They are also collaborating with Israel to cause more suffering of the Islamist people of Gaza.


The crime of Imran Khan

Imran Khan came to the power on the promise that he will deliver justice. His party’s name is Tahrik-e-Insaf which means movement for justice. But one can’t deliver justice if he stands with the criminals. In Islam, it is obligatory to stand against the criminals. To stay as Muslim, at least, one needs to hate them –if not possible to forcefully remove them. Enjoining justice and eradication of crimes is the core agenda of Islam. Obligatory prayer is only 5 times a day; but standing for justice and fighting against the criminal is an all-time obligation. Jihad becomes supreme ibada only because of the embedded emphasis for pursuing such a Divine Mission. According to an authentic narration of the Prophet (peace be upon him), those who fail to hate the criminals they lack iman even to the amount of a mustard seed. It is significant to note that the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not mention about those who praise and embrace the criminals as friend. Most probably he didn’t consider them to be mentioned as a Muslim. So the Prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t bother about the state of their iman. Only the people with dead iman or immoral soul can appease the criminals. 

Even a robber needs friends for his survival. The same is true with Muhammad bin Salman. Because of huge uproar in the western press against the murder of Khashoggi, even the closest ally of Saudi Arabia like President Donald Trump of the USA and Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK is facing huge difficulty to sell their close friendship with the Saudi regime to their own people. Muhammad bin Salman is looking eastward to find new friends. So, he landed on Pakistan and went to India, Malaysia and China. Otherwise, these proud tyrants little bother about these poor countries. But, the way Imran Khan and his government welcomed this worst devil deeply frustrated many of his supporters. Many people thought, his leadership will benefit not only Pakistan but also the whole Muslim World. But he showed that money matters to him, but not morality or justice. Muhammad bin Salman must have gone to the gallows for his crime; but it is sad that this sort of criminals get huge honour in Muslim countries.

This tells a lot about the Muslims’ moral collapse. It is understandable that Pakistan has huge financial crisis. People’s iman gets perfectly tested only during the crisis. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) had to endure much more crisis, too; he had to eat leaves of trees to survive while faced the total embargo by the Arab kuffars. But such crisis must not justify to sacrifice iman and embrace a criminal as a friend. Those who run only for money and compromise morality, they also run for the promised hellfire. Such an act is enough to disqualify for any mercy from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Imran Khan made a vivid display of the fact that he relies more on established devil than Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala. Whereas, success comes only from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Those who make friendship with the pure evil, they bring punishment not only for themselves but also for the ummah. So, Imran Khan is now showing his true colour. Where is his moral integrity? Such betrayal of honesty, justice and morality can only generate more crisis. 21.02.2019



Evils of Enemy Occupation in the Muslim World

The evils of kuffar occupation

Every occupation has its terrible calamities. These are much worse than the effects of a disease on the physical health. A disease affects only the body. It doesn’t damage the spiritual entity; neither does harm the infinite life in the hereafter. But the kuffar-occupation of a country damages the moral, the spiritual and the intellectual wellbeing of the common man and woman. (Note: the term kafir and kuffar are the jargons used by Allah Sub’hana Ta’la again and again in the holy Qur’an to describe the deniers and the enemies of Islam, hence used in this article to show deep respect to this Divine description). Oppression, political subjugation and economic exploitation are not the only evils of the occupiers; their crimes are much nastier and much disastrous. Finding the Divine Truth and following the Divine straight path are made almost impossible. In order to escape the calamities of Kuffar occupation, the great people like Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and many other Truth-seeking people had to leave their own birth places.

Along with obstructing the Divine straight path, the occupying forces construct massive educational, cultural and administrative infrastructure of derailment towards the hellfire. Such projects of derailment are not hidden, rather robustly and seductively displayed not only in the kuffar World but also in the Muslim World. Hence, even in the Muslim majority countries, those who oppose the fundamental basics of Islam like sharia, khelafa, hudud, shura, jihad and establishment of a fully Islamic state are not exclusively the foreign or native kuffars; the most formidable enemies of Islam appeared to be those who are the ideological cum cultural converts raised by educational institutions built by the kuffar occupiers. With such massive ideological cum cultural conversion to non-Islam, can any people deserve any blessing from the Almighty Lord? It can only bring down the Divine punishment. Losing to the invading infidels thus proved to be no less catastrophic than losing directly to the Devil. In fact, the Muslims now suffer the consequences of such evil occupation all over the Muslim World. It has added new momentum to the Muslims’ downfall. Even in the Muslim countries, the Muslims now face restriction not only in practising full Islam, but also face the terrible danger of being drawn towards the hellfire. The non-Islamic states with their manoeuvring laws, politics, education, administration, culture and other institutions, in fact, are in fact doing the heinous job of the Devil.

Hence, fighting such enemy occupation is a crucial issue in Islam. It is crucial not only to save Muslim lands from foreign exploitation, but to save the premise of Islamic faith, ideology and culture from Devilish corruption. There exists no doubt in the Islamic purity and sanctity of such jihad. Taking part in such a war is not an option, but an obligation on every physically fit believer. In fact, it is the indispensable part of the Muslims’ faith that asks every believer to be ever-ready to encounter any kuffar invasion. So, the direct command of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la comes to every believer: “Hence, make ready against them (the enemy of Islam) whatever force and horses of war you are able to muster, so that you terrify the enemy of  Allah and also your own enemy and others besides them of whom you do not know, but Allah knows. And whatever (wealth, efforts and life) you spend in the cause of Allah will be repaid to you in full; and you will not be wronged.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 60).


Cowardice surrender and the destruction: the new normal

In Islam, it is haram to well-come any enemy on the frontier. It is haram to stand non-combative in front of any kuffar invasion. Iman of a true believer shows its instant expression through resistance in all possible means. In the early days of Islam, embracing Islam always meant to have full readiness for war against any enemy attack. Hence, calling people to Islamic faith and prayers wasn’t the only duty of the last prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam; rather, encouraging the believers to take part in a full war against the enemies was also an important part of his mission. The prophet (peace be upon him) was commanded to do so by his Almighty Lord; as it is revealed, “O prophet! Urge the believers to war.” –(Sura Anfal, verse 65). Therefore, calling people to Islam and asking them to perform prayers are not the only issues in Islam. How to fight the enemies also stands as a part of the Qur’anic guidance. Amidst war-mongering enemies, acquiring military skills, collecting weapons and engaging in war are not any luxury, rather important parts of the survival strategies. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) himself acquired such skills. He played the role of the Commander in Chief in the war front. Which is why, he made the distinctive difference from other great people of the human history; unlike them, he could implement what he preached. Today, such Qur’anic decree on jihad and the prophetic (peace be upon him) tradition of war engagement receive little importance in the Muslims’ life. Rather, welcoming and supporting occupation by the internal and external enemies of Islam has been a new normal in the Muslim World. Even the so-called ulama are not any exception from such cowardice practice. As a result, the enemies of Islam –both external and internal, faced little resistance in continuing their most corruptive and coercive occupation; moreover, got emboldened to dismantle sharia, hudud, khilafa, Islamic judiciary and many other fundamental teachings of Islam even in predominantly Muslim lands. So the downfall of the Muslims continues.

The Muslims have increased only in number, but not in honour, strength and dignity. They are now being defeated, subjugated, raped and slaughtered in many parts of the Muslim World. Their cities and villages are being bombed to rubbles one after another. The sufferings have been so much unbearable that the Syrians Muslims are dying in the Mediterranean and the Rohinga Muslims are dying in the Bay of Bengal in their desperate move to flee from their ancestral homes. This is the most disgraceful shame for 1.5 billion Muslims now living in the world. Their collective conscience shows little sign that they still possess any moral sense to feel the most despicable shame as shame. The number of Muslims now live only in one district of Bangladesh, Caliph Omar didn’t have such a population in his whole state. But he could defeat the two contemporary World Powers.

The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) predicted about such an awful state of the ummah about 14 hundred years ago. He also told about the causes of such a catastrophic fate: it is the love for this worldly life (hubbud duniah) and the dislike for the death (kerahatul maut) in the way of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la. Addictive love for this transient worldly life has caused them forget the infinite life in the hereafter. Hence, martyrdom in His way that opens the door of paradise is hateful to them. Amidst such overwhelming cowardice and surrender to enemies, those who pursue the path of martyrdom to fight the kuffar occupation don’t receive even the recognition for their deep faith and self-sacrificing sincerity. Like the kuffars, they also label them as fanatic, extremist and even deviant from true Islam. As if, there is no place of war against kuffar occupation in Islam! As if, there is no martyrdom or shahada in Islam! As if, those early Muslims who fought and became shaheed to eradicate the kuffar occupation over the vast land of Asia and Africa were also fanatic or extremist! Such a conceptual perversion is the legacy of colonial as well as secularist occupation of the Muslim World. Now it is the common agenda of the USA and Russia-led enemies of Islam that the Muslims must survive with such perversion; and they shouldn’t be give any chance to return to the original Islam that was preached by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Most of the secularist, monarchist, nationalist and despotic rulers of the Muslim world have already aligned with such an enemy agenda. As a result, the Muslims are given no choice apart from continuing with the downhill course.


The calamity of disconnection

The Muslims get dignity, honour and victory as the blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such blessing comes only as a gift for full integration with His agenda. In this regard, the early Muslims made a history. They are known for active alignment with the wish and strategy of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But today, the Muslims made another history; this is the history of total disconnection from the early heroes and their road map. They are connected only with their personal, national, racial or tribal agenda. Such disconnection form its roots has its own calamity. As a result, they are making a history completely different from the early Muslims. It is the history of moving far away from the Qur’anic straight path and bringing defeat, deaths and disgrace for the Muslim ummah. A servant receives the highest appreciation from his master and he becomes his closest friend if he invests all of his abilities, time and even life to fulfil his master’s dearest desire. That was indeed the exact strategy of the early Muslims. As a result, they got Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la as their closest wali (friend); and also received a promise for a place in paradise. Even against the strongest enemy, they were given the crushing victory; thousands of angels came down in their rank to fight alongside them. The commitment of these early Muslims was so deep that the majority of them died in the war fields. They were passionate not only in prayers, but also in wars. A Muslim household in those days, use to possess not only prayer mats, robes and rosaries, but also the best weapons and logistics appropriate for a war. The per capita weapons was the highest in the Muslim land. As a result, Islam could quickly prevail over a large part of the world. Their faith, patience and sacrifices pleased Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him) so much that they were described as the best people on earth.

Since the early Muslims were mentored by the greatest prophet (peace be upon him), they work as the perfect model of a true believer for all ages to come. They showed, how a Muslim needs to be fully aligned with the revealed wish, objectives and strategies of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. In fact, this is the only way to get nearer to Him. On the contrary, by aligning with colonialists, imperialists, secularists, nationalists, fascists, monarchists, and other enemies of Islam, one achieves exactly the opposite. He gets nearer to Devil and receives wrath of the Almighty Lord. Such political, ideological and cultural alignment with the kuffars take people only to hellfire through the same route of deviation that their non-Muslim comrades follow. The whole Muslim World is rife with such Devilish alignment. This is a clear marker of their deviation from the straight path. Five times prayer, month-long fasting, haj and charity may give false hope and deceitful self-satisfaction on their religiosity; but their alignment with the kuffars and deviation from prophet’s Islam will not help them receive the forgiveness from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The Almighty Lord never likes that a Muslim should be aligned with His enemies who oppose practice of sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and other basics of Islam in His Own land. But the Muslims’ problem is not confined within such alignment with the enemies, it has gone far beyond. The enemies who declared Crusade against Islam -as announced by the US President George W. Brush while invading Iraq in 2003, are invited inside the Muslim lands to establish their military bases. This is the case with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey and Afghanistan. These bases are used as launching pads for further mission of killing and occupation inside the Muslim World. With such capitulation to the enemy, how the Muslims can expect any blessings from their Almighty Lord?

Disintegration of the Ummah & Celebration of Division in the Muslim World

The non-existent ummah! –

The Muslims as an ummah is now non-existent. They exist only as national, racial or linguistic identities –as was the case of pre-Islamic Arab idolaters. A human body can’t survive with its truncated skeleton. Likewise, the body of the ummah can’t survive either, with the divisive maps, flags, walls and borders. Causing division among the Muslims has always been the job of the most evil enemies of Islam; a real believer never chases that path. Causing division is considered haram (forbidden) by all schools of Islamic faith. But now they have taken the divisive path themselves; and in every Muslim country they celebrate the division of ummah with profound grandeur. What else could be the worst rebellion against the wish of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? It is indeed the celebration of rebellion against His Qur’anic command!

The Qur’anic command “la tafarraku” (don’t be divided) is binding on every Muslim; only those who are stubborn disobedient to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la can ignore such stern warning. Islam is all about full submission to His all orders; and any disobedience to any order is kufr. Those who excel in consistence obedience of such Qur’anic orders, earn His blessing; otherwise qualify for His punishment. The current political map of the Muslim World is indeed an accurate indicator to show how deep such disobedience runs among the Muslims today. It also reveals how far they have deviated from the legacy of the prophet (peace be upon me) and his rightly guided companions. No amount of religious rituals like 5 times prayer, month-long fasting or haj can hide such failure. It also shows, how the obsession with ethnic, linguistic, tribal and other parochial interest has undermined the concept of ummah and dismantled Islam’s most powerful institution like khilafa. Under the new occupation, the same process of disintegration has started in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

In comparison to Muslims’ divisive obsession, the non-Muslims show far better political sagacity and wisdom. The South Asian Hindus could form the united India, the European colonialists could form the European Union and the American imperialists could forge the United States. But the Muslims have created 57 states. Despite the same language, the same ethnicity and the same geographical landmass, the Arabs have formed 22 states. When the Muslims had the glory of the most dominant World Power, they had only one state. Dividing and diminishing this World Power has always been the strategy of the enemies of Islam. They have always been in the forefront to support militarily, politically, intellectually and financially to cause its disintegration. To impose such disintegration, they even did bloody wars. In 1917, the British and the French launched wars in the Middle East to dismantle Osmania Khilafa and to create more than 20 Arab states. In 1971, the Indians with the Russian help did war against Pakistan to dismantle this largest Muslim country of the contemporary world. Now in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the US-led coalition is doing the same to precipitate the full disintegration of Islam’s heart land. The enemies of Islam are so arrogant that they do not keep it hidden that their core security interest lies in the divided map of the Muslim World. Again and again, they have shown their full commitment to protect this disintegration. This is why, while Saddam Hussain took Kuwait –the former integral part of Iraq, the whole western block launched war against him. But when India took Kashmir, Israel took Palestine and China grabbed Tibet, they didn’t do anything. Although they call it the stability of the status quo; but it is indeed the strategy to keep the Muslims disintegrated and powerless.

Ummah is a pure faith-based construct; it doesn’t bear any racial, ethnic or national connotation. The physical existence of the ummah is the most distinguishing marker of muslimness of a people. For knowing the true belief of the Muslims, it doesn’t need any soul-searching effort; it gets expressed through their political polity, identity, ambition and actions. Ummah is indeed the collective embodiment of the Muslims. It is the trans-ethnic common global identity of the believers with a solid foundation on their identical faith, values, laws, and political cum civilizational ambition. It provided the early Muslims the much needed huge infrastructure to emerge as the global civilizational power. Only because of such a faith-based infrastructure, the Muslims with the diverse ethnicities like the Arabs, the Persians, the Kurds, the Moors, the Turks and others could work together to bring victories in Asia, Africa and Europe. In the whole history of mankind, such united endeavours of different ethnicities never happened before. Otherwise, there is nothing new in conquering lands and establishing empires; the Mongol hordes, the European colonialists and the US imperialists could also conquer lands. But they couldn’t build any trans-ethnic brotherhood, higher values, sound laws or civilisation. Instead, they could build massive infrastructures for genocides, ethnic cleansing, slave trading, economic exploitation, famines, wars and World Wars. Because of their moral void and dehumanised rule, millions of Indians, Red Indians, Africans, Aborigines, Maoris, Incas and many others perished from the surface of earth. The catalogue of their crime is huge. The imperialistic mission of occupational wars, killing and economic exploitation still continues.

The Muslims had their own awful internal problems. The Muslim ummah can’t survive conceptually and physically even a short-lived starvation of the Qur’anic knowledge. The Muslims must have the constant feeding of Islamic thoughts, vision, mission and objective. Such knowledge is the vital life-line for the ummah. Hence in Islam, seeking knowledge is a life-long obligation -no less important than seeking shelter, foods and drinks. Seeking Qur’anic knowledge was made obligatory 11 years before the obligatory 5 times prayer. In absence of that, the institutions like Muslim ummah or khilafa can’t survive. This is why, the enemy’s war always feeds on ideological war that aims at dismantling the educative cum nourishing process of Islam. The Muslims have badly lost the ideological war; this owes to their long starvation of Qur’anic knowledge. In the name of education, such starvation was imposed during the colonial occupation of the Muslim countries. The colonialists have left; but the political power is grabbed by those who got fully brainwashed by the secularised education of the colonial era. So, they continue with the same de-Islamisation project of the enemy. As a result, the ummah ceased to survive.

With the demise of ummah and its political infrastructure called khilafa, the Muslims now face the most catastrophic calamity in the whole history. It is much more catastrophic than any political or economic crisis. In absence of political cum military infrastructure of khilafa, the Qur’anic guidance and the prophet’s tradition remain ineffective. Such a divisive state of affairs has indeed generated a perfect recipe for further occupation, exploitation and killing. Hence hundreds of trillions of unearned petrodollars of the Middle East and about 1.5 billion population couldn’t help them come out of the current quagmire. Rather, day by day they are sinking down to a new low. They are growing only in number, but not in faith and commitment. Like a diseased man, they are the seat of their own disease and rotten from inside. The crisis is so deep that the Muslims are no more known for their adherence to Qur’anic guidance. The Qur’anic laws, the pan-Islamic brotherhood, the trans-ethnic institutions like khilafa and jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la find no place in the Muslim World. They have embraced ideas, laws, values, cultural practices, warfare and the concept of state-building based on concepts of pre-Islamic jahiliya. So their states and communities, culture and education, laws and regulations, political visions and missions present little dissimilarities from those of the kuffars. They build states only to promote nationalistic or racial division and bias. They themselves appreciate the kuffar laws and denies the practice of sharia. Their educational institutions work to distract students from Islam and force-feed the established lies. They spend money, take training and fight wars shoulder to shoulder with the enemies to protect the hegemony of the imperialists over the Muslim World. The cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria give testimony to that.

The acquired dissimilarities of today’s Muslims from the early Muslims are not in the field of religious rituals, names and nomenclature, but in the purpose of survival, understanding of Islam, political priorities and institutions. The early Muslims, at its zenith, didn’t have a huge population; nor did have a big army. Neither did have trillions of dollars of unearned wealth like today. But they didn’t experience the similar scale of occupation, genocide, rapes, destruction and eviction as it continues now in Palestine, Kashmir, India, Myanmar, Uighur, Bosnia, Mindanao, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Rather, they made history of miraculous successes. Even the Mongol hordes couldn’t do such destruction, death, rapes and humiliation of the Muslims that they face today. The Muslims are now the most defenceless people on earth. Although they have armies and weapons, but these are only to protect the despotic rulers and bomb the freedom-seeking people –as currently happening in the Middle East.


The strategy of collaboration

The enemy’s crusade against Islam and the Muslims never ends. It only changes the strategy. They start new wars on new frontiers. The First World War ended in 4 years. The Second World War ended in 5 years. But the US-led new war against Islam and the Muslims doesn’t show any sign of ending even in its 16th year. They are inventing more clues and new narratives to enter into new territories. The current crusade –declared exactly as crusade by President George W. Bush, started in Afghanistan in 2001 to dismantle the Islamic rule of Taleban. It has now expanded to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and other territories. It is also true that the enemies of Islam have stopped winning any war. They can only continue the killing and the destruction. Even the US President Donald Trump acknowledged the fact in one of his recent speech. Even the US-led coalition of 60 countries couldn’t gain control over 20 per cent of Afghanistan in last 16 years. The same is true in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. They can only prolong the war to delay Islam’s resurgence as a global power. So, the current war will continue for many more decades to add more devastating miseries. Hence, there exists little doubt that more difficult days are lying ahead for the Muslims. Many more Muslim countries are in the queue to receive the same brutalities, deaths and destruction as happening now in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Yemen. This is the price that the Muslims are now subject to pay for their division, deviation and servile adherence to the established enemies of Islam. Such a punishment is indeed an unfaltering Qur’anic promise. For failing to do the assigned job, more severe punishment is awaiting for them in the hereafter.

Now it is the policy of President Donald Trump and his cronies to reinforce their war machines to drop more bombs, drones and missiles on the Muslim heads. He has announced a huge increase in the US defence budget and desperately searching for new killing machines. Russia, China and India are doing the same. Now the whole Muslim World is under constant surveillance of the multi-racial imperialists. They have divided the area of influence among themselves. What Israel is doing in Palestine, India is doing the same in occupied Kashmir. And China is doing the same in occupied Eastern Turkistan called Uighur or Xing Xiang. More bombs are dropped in Syria than were dropped in any single like German, Japan, France, or England in the First or Second World War. Whoever raises head in the name of Islam is labelled as the enemy; his home is marked for drone attack. He doesn’t need to engage in any war in the US or European soil. This is the new reality imposed on the Muslim World. In the name of fighting the Islamists, cities after cities are now bombed to rubbles. Drones are hitting homes in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia; and thousands of innocent men, women and children are being killed. About sixty countries are drawn into US-led war against the Muslims; such a huge number of states were not involved even in World Wars. Therefore, apart from occupations, destructions and killings, they have attained a spectacular success to create a global ummah of kufr. This ummah of kufr is also glued together by similar faith, values, political aim and commitment. To resist the resurgence of Islam, they are ready to do any war in any part of the world. In order to solidify their own occupation and to install their own cronies in the occupied lands, they have imposed a policy of forced eviction on people from their own home -as Israel did in Palestine. It is a new phenomenon; and it is new in the Muslim history, too. The Muslims do not have any strategy to face it. Instead, they are busy only with the surrender. They are even searching ways to work as the partners of occupation, arson and genocidal massacre. So President Erdogan of Turkey decided to work with killer President Vladimir Putin. In the past, Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh and Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan followed the same strategy of collaborating with the occupiers. Lust for worldly gains let them forget the consequence in the hereafter. Likewise, millions of de-Islamised Muslims have joined the US-led ummah of kufr to kill the fellow Muslims. Many of them have joined the intellectual war against Islam and the Muslims. Pharaoh, Nimrod, and the Arab infidels couldn’t think of such recruitment of Muslim as their own foot-soldiers in the past.

The enemies of Islam didn’t make any error in discovering the real source of Muslims’ strength. They discovered that it is the holy Qur’an and the unity of the Muslims. So, they at war on both the fronts. During their colonial rule they built religious schools to create a class of ulama who will encourage people to recite Qur’an and not to understand it. And they imposed and also reinforced sectarian and geographical division all over the Muslim World. Now they have bombing to destroy the physical infrastructures like roads, bridges, homes and hospitals. Thus they are doing everything to block the emergence of the Muslims as a united and viable ummah. As a parts of the same project, Israel is not the only enemy creation. The countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Oman, Yemen and Bahrain are also the creation of the same conspiracy. Before the British and the French occupation of Muslim heart land in World War I, like Israel, these states were also unknown in the Muslim history.

Like Israel, these artificial states, too were given readily recognition by the imperialist countries, the imperialist-owned League of Nations and later on by the UN. The map of the Arab World was drawn by the imperialists for the imperialists. Never a plebiscite took place to know the opinion of the people living there. This is the type of democracy that the imperialists prescribe for the people in the occupied Muslim lands. In each of these Arab states, they installed a dynasty of the most submissive and servile clients who never show any willingness to give any share of the political power to the citizens. The US-led coalition of the imperialists take the full burden of protecting these despots as well as the divisive map. They have already shown their readiness to fight any war to protect them. In return, the rulers of these oil-reach Arab states follow a strategy of full collaboration with the imperialists. Protecting the economic and strategic interest of the western imperialists is the core agenda of their rule. Hence, the US could build bases for its Air Force, Land Force and the Navy in the heart of Muslim World. From these bases, they can easily target any Muslim city, industry, bridge or home with better precision. And the western companies enjoy the monopolistic access to drain oil and gas from these countries. As a result, major portion of hundreds of trillion of unearned wealth of the Muslims do not stay in the Muslim lands, rather go directly to those who have already declared an unending crusade against Islam. The US dollar could attain the status of an international currency only because of this Muslim money funnelled into the US economy. Due to continuous flow of this Muslim money, the US could sustain the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, an area much larger than the whole Western Europe, and for a period longer than the World Wars.

In the creation of these new states, the imperialists had other sinister objective too. It was to prevent the spill-over of their unearned huge wealth to the poor Arabs living in neighbouring Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, and Mali. Such dispersion of wealth to the poor would have reduced the share of western imperialists; hence could badly damage their economic interest. Restrictive borders of these oil and gas-rich states thus provide the huge protected wealth for the imperialists’ consumption. This is why, the US and its ally do not hesitate to tell that the economic interest of the West as well as their national security lie in this Middle Eastern oil and gas. As if, these oil and gas do not belong to these powerless states alone, belong to the western companies as well. To keep this ownership, the imperialists are keen to protect these servile rulers, at any cost. Thus, an extreme western selfishness works here to protect this ugly status quo. Unless the oil and gas reserve get finished, there is a little chance that the imperialists and their cronies will come to the sense to remove this disastrous division of the Arab World and end the ongoing war. Whoever protest against this robbery of the Muslim wealth and stand for democratic right of the people are blamed terrorist. Bashar al-Assad has killed more than 2 hundred thousand people in Syria; half of the population are driven out of their home. He used chemical bombs, cluster bombs and barrel bomb on civilian population. The western countries who lecture on human rights didn’t throw a single stone against his army. Now they are lecturing to make peace with him.

Bashar al-Assad is not the only dictator engaged in genocidal mission. Israel is doing the same crime for more than 65 years. Other despots in the area are ready to commit the same brutal massacre if the people come down to the streets for their democratic rights like the brave Syrians. Their hatred against human right and people’s participation in politics is not unknown. Like Bashar al-Assad, these despots are fearful of their own people. Hence, they are highly fearful of Arab Spring. The US-led coalition is worried, too. Hence, it is the common strategy of these despotic rulers and the US-led imperialists to dismantle or contain the Arab Spring. So, they got common ground to celebrate the overthrow of Egyptian President Dr Mohammad Morsi ­-the first elected President of the country. In order to stop the wave of Arab Spring, the King of Saudi Arabia and UAE rulers gave billions of dollars to Egyptian Army and other anti-democratic forces in Egypt to overthrow him. Along with other despots, General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi –the brutal killer, too, is taken as a partner to kill the Islamists.


The Calamity of Autocracy & Demilitarisation in the Muslim World

The Calamity of Autocracy &

Demilitarisation in the Muslim World

The Corruption of Islam & the Calamities

The worst crime

In the Muslim World, the worst crime against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, Islam and the Muslims hasn’t been committed by the kuffars. It’s the work of the Muslims themselves. The objective of such crime is not to take back the Muslims to idolatry, atheism or other religions; but to take them away from the Qur’anic guidance and the prophetic practice of Islam. A man gets physical death if his body is invaded by lethal bugs, viruses or cancer. He meets spiritual death if his conceptual premise is infiltrated with the corrosive faiths, beliefs or ideologies. Physical death doesn’t take one to the hellfire; but spiritual death certainly does so for the infinity. This is why, preventing spiritual death is so crucial in Islam.  A man can save his soul from such death only by full adherence to the Qur’anic teaching and the teaching of the prophet (peace be upon him). These are indeed the life line for spiritual health of a man or woman. But now, the Muslims show their ugly defiance against such teachings. As a result, spiritual cum ideological death overwhelms the whole Muslim World. Such death could be easily recognised by the Muslims’ immorality, division, disintegration, deviation, corruption and rebellion against the Qur’anic doctrine.

Because of death of an Islamic identity, the so-called Muslims boast only as proud defenders of divisive walls, flag, maps and evil ideologies like nationalism, tribalism, secularism, monarchism, fascism, capitalism and others, and not as true follower of Islam. This is why, building national, tribal, secular or other form of kuffar state becomes their political objective, not establishing an Islamic state. For such an anti-Islamic objective, they even make global coalition with the known infidels. As a result, the Qur’anic Islam with its sharia, hudud, shura, khelafa, jihad, and pan-Islamic brotherhood -as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions survive nowhere in the lands of 57 Muslim countries. Such a crime against His prescribed deen –Islam, never goes unnoticed in the sight of All-knowing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; hence doesn’t go unpunished either. More than 1.6 billion Muslims’ status as the most powerless, defenceless and humiliated people on earth and the ongoing deaths, rapes, evictions and destruction in the Muslim World tell a lot about such punishment. More awfully, such a roadmap of punishment and defiance against the Qur’anic straight path never ends here on earth, rather takes to the hellfire.


The lost immunity

Immunity against evil faiths, beliefs or ideologies never grow from good foods, good drinks or good economy. One gets such immunity only if imbued with the Qur’anic knowledge and fear of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la -called taqwa. There exists no other alternative. Since such immunity is indispensable for survival as a true Muslim amidst all forms of toxic ideologies, seeking Qur’anic knowledge was made obligatory from day one of Islam –more than a decade prior to five-time prayers, month-long fasting, zakat, and haj. Because of such immunity, the early Muslim could develop perfect moral health in the midst of all distractions of strong jaheliyah. The need of such immunity is no less even today. Hence, seeking Qur’anic knowledge is made obligatory in all ages. This is why “iqra” that means “read” to access Qur’anic knowledge is made the first word of the holy Qur’an. It is very significant to note that Almighty Allah didn’t use any other expression to start His most important Qur’anic conversation with the mankind. Acquiring such knowledge is so vital that any failure in the field leads only to non-Islam and ultimately to the hellfire. Hence, for men, women and children, no other moral, social or educational service is more crucial than the provision of the Qur’anic education. To address such a critical need of the mankind, mosque –the house of Allah, was built as the first and the most important institution on earth. In fact, during the golden days of Islam, the Muslims didn’t have any other institution apart from the premises of the mosques to run the mass education. Thus, it showed how the five-time prayer to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and seeking His Qur’anic knowledge should run side by side in the same Divine premise. Like two wings of a bird, these two twin projects of Islam are vital, otherwise a Muslim can’t survive with his fully fledged Islamic objectives. The strategic importance of such twin projects become more pronounced even on the first day of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him)’s arrival in Medina. He didn’t waste even a single day to start constructing this Divine institution there. Five-time prayer as well educating the Muslim started on the same floor of prophet (peace be upon him)’s mosque from day one of the Islamic State in Medina. The issue of building his own abode came later.

The enemies of Islam are not ignorant of the true powerbase of Islam. Hence, they do not destroy foods, drinks, homes, highways or industries of the Muslims; rather, dismantle the mosque-based infrastructure of Islamic education. Because of success of the enemy project, millions of mosques in the Muslim World now run fully dysfunctional. The vast premises of the mosques are strictly restricted only to hold five-time prayers. This way, one vital wing of Islam now stay dismantled. As a part of the same inimical project against Islam, the anti-Islamic rulers of the Muslim states allocate more money, more manpower and more time to teach even evil ideologies, kufr laws, riba-based banking, dance, drama and music in state-run schools, colleges and universities. And, they restrict resources to teach the holy Qur’an and the Qur’anic language.

The powerful media organs are doing the same. This way, the despotic tyrants and their cronies manipulate the state-infrastructures to corrupt the Muslims mind and intellect. Thus, the taxpayers’ money are spent to hide the Qur’anic guidance and to guide people towards the hellfire. Because of such corruptive institutions, the Muslims now lead a life without the Qur’anic roadmap. As a result, the sovereignty of Allah Subhana wa Ta’la as well as the practice of sharia, hudud, khilafa, borderless pan-Islamic Muslim unity, jihad and other basics of Islam stand missing in the Muslims’ life. Because of the similar crimes by the Jews and the Christians, the great Ibrahimic faith of full submission to the revealed commandments of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la -as was practised by Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) now stand fully extinct. Judaism and Christianity survive only as an archive of massive corruption on the polity of the original Divine faith.


The corruptive engineering and the calamity

The Muslims too, have taken the same route. Hence, Islam that dismantled the tribal and the racial walls and raised the sharia-based finest civilisation on earth, doesn’t exist anywhere in the Muslim World. In true sense, the Muslims now live without Qur’anic Islam. What they follow are indeed the cultural, racial, tribal or sectarian perversions of Islam. Because of such perversion, even the so-called ulama and the leaders of the so-called Islamic parties could maintain their tongue-tied silence and inaction even in absence of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, jihad and Muslim brotherhood in the Muslim lands. Such a silence matter a lot; and it tells a lot about their disbelief in Qur’nic Islam. Like the cursed Jews and the deviant Christians, they are also trying to keep Qur’anic Islam in the archive. More awfully, the most of the Muslims even converted to evil ideologies like secularism, capitalism, monarchism, liberalism, and socialism and could stand shoulder to shoulder with the kuffar co-believers of the same ideologies to resist resurgence of Islam in any part of the Muslim World. They could even generate long wars to kill the passionate followers of the Qur’anic Islam.

The corruptive social, cultural and ideological engineering by the secular rulers of the Muslim states have been so pervasive that it could successfully kill the Qur’anic concept of Islam in most of the Muslims’ mind. As a result, Islam that prescribes the Sovereignty of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, sharia, hudud, shura, khilafat, borderless Muslim brotherhood, and jihad in His way stand strange even to the Muslims. As if, they have never heard of such Islam before. The ideological conversion has been so complete that these converts call Qur’anic Islam that has the political, social and civilizational aim as barbarism or terrorism. So, in opposing the Islamic way of life, they show no difference from the known kuffars of other faiths. Millions of such Muslims could easily be recruited by the native tyrannical despots or the invading kuffars as the most obedient servants to serve their anti-Islamic agenda. In the past, such people were used by the criminal rulers to kill even Imam Hussain –the leader of the youth in the paradise, and to abuse the family of Ali bin Abu Talib –the great hero for Islam. Now, the same de-Islamised Muslims are being used by the imperialists and their local cronies to kill Islamists; thereby to sustain their brutal occupation of the Muslim lands –as seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. What could be the worst calamity for the Muslims than such state-sponsored corruptive ideological engineering?