The new war in Afghanistan and a new turn in history

 Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

A new war with a new strategy      

The enemies’ war never ends. They only change the strategies and the weapons. That is exactly true for the USA and its allies. The military war of the USA and its allies has ended in Afghanistan. But the Taliban is still perceived as an enemy. Hence, the war continues. But it is an economic cum ideological war. The USA and its allies are now behaving like wounded wolves. They are not in a mood to swallow the humiliating defeat. They are exploring every possible way to take revenge on the Taliban. They have killed directly and indirectly more than a million people in Afghanistan. They have dropped thousands of bombs to destroy cities, villages, and homes.

But a predator never stays silent in a cave. The appetite for causing more harm to the Taliban and to the Afghan people now guides US policy. Creating the worst famine in Afghanistan is now a lethal weapon in the US hands. To cause such a famine, the USA has blocked Afghanistan’s reserve of 8 billion US dollars in the USA’s monetary institutions. The USA-dominated World Bank has also blocked 6 billion US dollar aid for Afghanistan. Thus, making Afghanistan a failed state and discrediting the Taliban for the failure is their joint strategy. They didn’t bother about the deaths of innocent Afghans during the war of occupation; nor do they bother about the deaths during the ongoing economic occupation. 

Before the USA occupation, Afghanistan was not a country of the destitute.  The country’s economy was not that worse as it is now. In those days, the people were not so desperate to leave the country like today. The current dire economic crisis owes to 30 years’ war against foreign occupation. The war went on for10 years against Soviet Russia in the 1980s and 20 years against the USA. The long occupational wars of the foreign invaders made Afghanistan a country of destruction, deaths, refugees, and severe economic crisis.

The USA and its allies have left Afghanistan. But the worst consequences of the long war stay there to aggravate the pains of the people and cause terrible hurdles for the Taliban administration. It is widely acclaimed that with the victory of the Taliban, the law and order situation has drastically improved. Peace has returned back. Men and women can move without fear of being killed or robbed outside the home. But the war-fatigued Taliban fight the imposed economic war.

But it is a shame that the western media and the western leaders are blaming the Taliban for all the ongoing miseries in Afghanistan. Moreover, the west’s ideological foot-soldiers are let loose in the streets of Kabul to protest against the Taliban for western values cum feminist rights. They are not ready to give the Taliban a war-free time to restore the peace, tranquillity, and economy of the country. They conveniently forget that Afghanistan is a war-torn country. Not surprisingly, the UN Human Rights Council is now vocal on women’s rights and human rights in Afghanistan. They look selective and biased against the Taliban. Whereas, they remain conspicuously silent on the survival rights of the Afghan people under the US occupation.   


The war on Islam

The USA and its western allies have their beloved legacies and ideologies. These western nations are raised in a culture of imperialism, colonialism, colonial exploitation, racism, nationalism, fascism, and ethnic cleansing. They need an enemy to feed their imperial war and war industries. In the past, they had a communist block led by the Socialist Soviet Union of Russia. After its collapse, they have identified Islam as the new enemy. These countries are now ruled by people who are intoxicated by Islamophobia. They hate everything that relates to the revival of Islam. Terrorism is now defined to fit into their war agenda. Islamists are now labeled as terrorists.

They consider the Islamists who want to return back to the original Islam of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that constitutes Islamic state, sharia, pan-Islamic unity, and jihad as a security threat to the west. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair postulated such apprehension in a recent seminar in London. This way the people of his ilk justify the pre-emptive occupation of Muslim countries as a legitimate right. Thus, they legitimize the west’s perpetual war on Islam.

Mr. Tony Blair showed his strong distaste for the USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. He believes in a perpetual war against radical Islam and Islamists. After the US withdrawal, he even suggested a European war against the Islamists. For people like him, the occupation of Palestine, the demolition of Palestinians’ homes, the ethnic cleansing of the occupied land, and the settlement colonization in Palestine are the legitimate normal. Hence they don’t raise any voice against Israel. Any protest against the western or Israeli occupation is labeled as a war against western values, culture, and democracy –as was proclaimed by George W. Bush while launching the US war on Afghanistan. This way they raise the necessary foundation of a civilizational war.


No love for people

The USA and its allies have no love for the survival right or the economic wellbeing of the people of Afghanistan; nor for any other people in any of the Muslim countries. They don’t bother either about democracy, human rights, women’s rights, or health rights for these poor people. They make these issues only to sell their political and military objectives to others in the world.

The USA has invested 2.2 trillion US dollars in the war in Afghanistan. They have invested 2.1 trillion US dollars in the war in Iraq. If they have any love for the people of Afghanistan they would have invested a few billion to save lives. Currently, it is reported that more than 70 percent of people in Afghanistan live in poverty. Even a UNO official told in the UNO’s Security Council about a looming economic catastrophe there. But that is not an issue in the ruling circles of the west. They are worried about women’s burkha and feminist rights. In the name of inclusivity, they are desperate to put more pressure on the Taliban to take some political enemies in the cabinet. They are putting pressure to stop the implementation of the fundaments of Islam. This way they run an ideological war on Muslims.  

The USA and its allies celebrated the military victory of the USA in Afghanistan by killing and torturing thousands of people. They opened torture industries in Bagram, Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Ghraib, and in many client states. To escape international law, they even established torture cells in cargo ships floating in deep oceans. Hundreds of Islamists are kept in jail for about 20 years without any trial. These are the US standards. Those who have an iota of love for human life and dignity, can they indulge in such brutality?

Whereas on 15 August 2021, while the Taliban got the military victory, they showed their love and honor for human lives and dignity. None was killed. None was tortured. None was arrested. Such a peaceful victory didn’t happen in the whole span of western history. The Taliban announced general amnesty to everyone. Even those who collaborated with the US occupying forces in killing the Taliban fighters are given amnesty. Such a glorious history didn’t enjoy even a mention in the morally depleted western press. They are busy vilifying the Taliban.


The investment only in wars

The USA and its allies are ready to invest trillions of dollars in the war of occupation and geopolitical dominance. They invest to run socio-cultural engineering to produce mental slaves in third-world countries so that they can work as mercenaries. But they dislike investing in peace and development. In the last 20 years, they have created a huge number of mental slaves in Afghanistan to make them fully incompatible with the native people, native culture, and the Islamic faith. They are nurtured only to fight against Islam and the Islamists hands in hands with the foreign occupiers. These misfits are the people who are now queueing up to leave Afghanistan. This reveals how much the USA and its allies have corrupted people’s mind and culture and alienated from Islam. 

The US ruling elites love war-like deep polarization of the world. So the US President George W. Bush prescribed the dichotomy: either with us or against us. Neutrality in the US-led war and staying away from the war weren’t given an option. So they have divided the world into two poles: the US-led pole of anti-Muslim and the pole of Muslims. Afghanistan is deeply divided on that. It is good news for the Islamists that they could defeat the most powerful world power. The credit goes to the Taliban. They proved to be the great heroes of Islam.


The ray of new hope

Now it is the beginning of the end of the American Empire. In history, the Muslims have proved to be the destroyers of superpowers. They destroyed the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Soviet Empire, and the British Empire. Now they are on a head-to-head collision against the American Empire. In dismantling the British Empire, the ending of British rule in India played a crucial role. Because the huge wealth of India played a major role to give sustenance to the British Empire. Its huge manpower also gave expansion to the British occupation in Africa and other parts of the world. The Indian Muslims played the most decisive role to drive the British out of India. In this regard, the Khilafat Movement against the British was the first mass movement in Indian political history. Mr. Ghandi of the Indian Congress didn’t see such a mass movement in India before. He also gave support to it. The Khilafat Movement was indeed the Indian Muslims’ strong retaliation against the British for their role in dismantling the Osmania Khilafa. That was the beginning of the quick end of the British Empire.

World history is now taking a sharp new turn. At least, the Muslims now have a state to showcase the beauty of Islam. It is the most significant turning point of modern history. Only those who earnestly love to sacrifice their lives to please All-Powerful Allah can change the fate of human history. Muslims proved that many a time in the past. The Taliban are proving it now. Almighty Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la becomes an integral part of such a Divine mission. The Taliban have shown that the blood of the martyrs is mightier than bombs, drones, and missiles. This is indeed the strength of Islam.11/09/2021.         

The Indian war on Muslims and the occupied Kashmir

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The war on the Indian Muslims

India’s war on Muslims is not new. It is ongoing since the country’s independence in 1947 from British rule. The Indian Hindutva leaders can’t reconcile the old wounds of defeat by the Muslims. They conveniently forget that such wounds are not specific to the Hindus, every nation on the earth has scars of such defeats. They consider the long Muslim rule in India as a denigrating stigma on their religious identity that haunts them all the time. The Muslims not only built the Taj Mahal and scores of other monuments in India but also built the Indian economy that could constitute at the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb about 27 per cent of the global GDP. Whereas when the British left India, India could constitute only 3 per cent of the world GDP. (Shashi Tharoor: Inglorious Empire). British historian William Dalrymple wrote, “In 1600, when the British East Indian Company was established, Great Britain had 1.8 per cent of the world GDP, and India had 22.5 per cent. (Professor Amartya Sen’s article published in Ananda Bazar).  The Muslim rulers never caused any famine in India; but the British caused a devastating famine in Bengal in 1769-70 -the richest province of India to kill one-third of its population. The British created another famine in Bengal in 1943 that killed 3 million.

The Hindus can forget and forgive the British colonial rule, loot, genocide and the destruction of the Indian economy, but can’t appreciate the patriotic rule of the Muslims. The Muslim rulers never take back the wealth from India to build palaces and cities in their ancestral lands in central Asia as the British did to cause massive development in the UK. Moreover, for the independence of India from British rule, Muslims gave more blood than the Hindus. In the India gate of Delhi, there is a list of martyrs, in that list, the Muslims outnumber the Hindus by a huge margin. But propaganda continues to vilify Muslims as the enemies of India.

Such a toxic Hindu mindset against Muslims influences Indian politics decisively. The emergence of the extremist Hindutva forces in politics indeed owes to such a hostile mindset. They consider the creation of Pakistan a victory of the Muslims and inimical to the Hindutva dream of an undivided India. The Hindutva leaders use the history of past Muslim rule and the creation of Pakistan to fuel the anger of the common Hindus. As result, an average Indian Hindu has become incurably sadist. They enjoy everything that harms or damage Muslim life, honour and property. And any Muslim succss anywhere in the world makes them Islamophobic and gloomy. Such an Islamophobic impact is visible in the Indian media after the recent Taliban victory in Afghanistan. 

India is the home of the highest number of the poorest people in the world. The average life span, infant mortality, child mortality, per capita income and GDP growth are inferior to that of Bangladesh. The Hindu caste system makes social and religious disintegration and exclusion obligatory. Hence it makes the inclusion of people of different religions, colours, and ethnicity in its political fabric impossible. This is why more than 200 million Muslims and 200 million Dalits stay excluded from the hierarchy of power and politics. India was united only three times in its whole history; that too by the non-Hindu rulers. They are the Buddhist ruler Ashoka, the various Muslim rulers and the British colonialists. In the name of religion, they follow the ancient ignorance like idol worshipping cow worshipping, snake worshipping, etc. Surprisingly, such primitive ignorance has become a matter of huge hubris in the Hindu psyche. Since they find no real glory to celebrate, they have made it a euphoric sport to harm, kill, lynch, humiliate and rape Muslims. In such a toxic milieu of anti-Muslim hatred, the anti-Muslim riots, exclusion of the Muslims from government jobs, eliminating them from politics, annulment of their citizenship rights and pushing back the Muslims into a neighbouring country like Bangladesh enjoy huge popularity among the Hindu majority. The Indian war on Muslims gets fuel from such an ideological cum political build-up.


Two war fronts

In its war on Muslims, India has two frontiers of hostilities. One is on the border against Pakistan. The other one is the internal war against Muslims living inside India. The Hindutva Hindus don’t feel happy to give Muslims survival rights inside India. Such a mindset gets loudly expressed in the popular Hindutva slogan in the streets. They shout with rancour that the Indian Muslims have only two destinations: either to Pakistan or to kabaristan (graveyard). The current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of India pursues such a Hindutva policy of Muslims’ exclusion officially. The National Citizenship Registration (NCR) is in fact a ploy to exclude millions of Muslims as foreign infiltrators –blamed to be from Bangladesh. However, the Indian government doesn’t give any factual basis. Since the socio-economic condition of Bangladesh is better than India, infiltration of Bangladeshis into India is baseless rhetoric only to serve the political agenda of the Hindutva elements.

Nevertheless, the project like sending Muslims to kabaristan (graveyard) gets executed through frequent genocidal massacres in the form of anti-Muslim riots. Even many Indian politicians told in public that such whole massacres in daylight can only happen with direct government patronage. In 2002, such a massacre went on for about a week in the capital of Gujrat under Narendra Modi’s direct watch. The following few examples of massacres can give some glimpses on how the task of sending Muslims to kabaristan (graveyard) gets executed in India. These are the Hyderabad genocide in 1948, the Gujrat riot in 1969, the Moradabad massacre in 1980, the Nellie genocide in 1983, the Gujrat riot in 1985, the Hashimpura massacre in 1987, the Bhagalpur massacre in Bihar in 1989, the Bombay riot in 1992, the Gujrat genocide in 2002, the Malagao bombing in 2006, the Muzaffarnagar riot in 2013, the Assam massacre in 2014, and the Delhi riot in 2020. These are only a few of thousands of anti-Muslim riots.


The Indian wars of occupation

The Hindutva Hindus believe in undivided India. Hence they exploit every opportunity to grab new land to expand their border. The Hindutva forces are divided into two brands: the hardcore one called RSS-BJP-Bishwa Hindu Parisad axis and the softcore one that includes Indian National Congress and other Hindu dominated political parties. The occupation of Kashmir, genocide in Hyderabad, demolition of Babri Mosque and many genocidal massacres took place under the so-called softcore Hindutva parties like Congress. 

After its independence in 1947, India started its war of occupation against the weakly neighbouring Indian states. During British rule, India had 550 princely states. As per declared principle, the princely states were given the right to join either Pakistan or India or could remain independent. But India used its military might to override such rights of the individual states. The ruler of Hyderabad wanted to stay independent, but the Indian Army invaded Hyderabad and launched a genocidal massacre to annex it. The Indian Army and the Hindutva terrorist killed about 200,000 Muslims in Hyderabad. Since Vallabhbhai Patel led the annexation cum genocides there, became the most revered Hindutva icon of Hindutva politics in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government built Mr Patel’s statue in Gujrat which is the largest statue in the world. This way his anti-Muslim massacre has been glorified in India. 

India also annexed Junagarh and Manvadar by its military might in 1948. The Muslim rulers of both these states declared to join Pakistan. India justified the annexation of these two states on the basis of the majority Hindu population. But the Indian government reversed the same argument in the case of Kashmir. Kashmir is a Muslim majority state but India annexed it on the ground that its Hindu ruler acceded to India. The people were not given the right to join Pakistan or stay independent.  India also annexed Nagaland. Whereas Nagaland was never a part of India except for a brief period of the British occupation. India also occupied Sikkim, and it was done through political horse-trading and trickery.     


The genocide in Kashmir

India’s occupation of Kashmir is indeed a part of its constant war on Muslims and to expand its border. In Kashmir, the genocidal massacre, rape and torture is continuing since 1947. What happened to Muslims in Jammu in 1947 is catastrophic. It was a pure genocide. The Jammu region of Kashmir had a Muslim majority population before the massacre of 1947. The ruling Hindu Maharaja took a policy of Muslim cleansing of the state and started it from the southern district of Jammu. The RSS terrorists and Sikhs conducted the genocide with the Maharaja’s patronage. After the Muslim cleansing, Jammu becomes a Hindu majority district. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi separated the Hindu majority Jammu from Kashmir and made it a federal territory. 

Horace Alexander while writing in The Spectator in January 1948 says, “Hindus and Sikhs of the Jammu area… apparently with at least the tacit consent of the Hindu state authorities, have driven many thousands of their Muslim neighbours from their homes”. Citing Gandhi –the Congress leader, he asserts that “some two hundred thousand are… not accounted for”. Christopher Sneddon, in his article “Kashmir: The Unwritten History” estimates that between 70,000 and 237,000 Muslims were killed in Jammu. (Quote from Karan Thapar’s article).

Arjun Appadurai and Arian Mack, in India’s World, believed that 200,000 could have been killed in Jammu and a further 500,000 have been displaced. Much higher figures were reported by the newspapers of the time. The Statesman suggested 500,000 Muslims were killed. The journalist Ved Bhasin and the scholar Ilyas Chattha claimed that the RSS was involved in the genocide -supported by Kashmir’s Maharaja Hari Singh. (Quote from Karan Thapar’s article).

Wajahat Habibullah in his “My Kashmir: The Dying of the Light” suggests two reasons. First, it occurred when communal riots and brutal massacres were happening right across northern India. In that bigger outrage, this smaller tragedy seems to have been forgotten. But the second reason is intriguing. It exposes the complicity of Sheikh Abdullah, then the undisputed leader of the Kashmir Valley in the crime. He could draw attention to this massacre, but he deliberately chose to ignore it because the Muslims of Jammu did not support his National Conference but were inclined towards Jinnah’s Muslim League. The Sheikh’s politics seems to have silenced his conscience! (Quote from Karan Thapar’s article). In the face of such a crime, silence or negligence is nothing but complicity in the crime. And Shaikh Abdullah committed that crime deliberately.

During the last three decades of the intensified war since the 1980s, the Indian Army have killed about 100,000 Kashmiris and raped hundreds of women. Torturing, killing and raping have become routine brutality of the Indian Army in Kashmir. What happened on January 21, 1990, in Gawkadal, Srinagar is horrific. Indian Army killed 52 unarmed civilians and injured 250 –reported by Human Rights Watch. On January 6 1993, the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) killed 43 unarmed civilians in Sopore in Kashmir who were travelling on a bus. On October 22, 1993, in Bijbehara, the BSF killed 51 civilians. It has been reported by Amnesty International. On 29 and 30 May 2009 at Bongam in Shopira district, the Indian Army men abducted, raped, and murdered two young women and their bodies were drowned in a stream. These are only a few examples and tips of an iceberg.

The Indian rulers have no shame, no integrity, no common sense and no honesty. Even the common Indians don’t show intellectual soundness either. What low morale and an ideological sense that they still worship cows, snakes, mountains, rivers, naked sadhus, etc., and drink cow urine. It is shame that they could elect a man like Narendra Modi who is the murderer of more than 3 thousand people in Gujrat. How a man with an iota of moral sense can do that? What a shame that Mr Modi still believes that his ancestral Indians could fly in the sky and could transplant elephants’ noses on humans. Surprisingly, these fantasies are taught in schools. Many Hindus also believe that cow urine contains gold and can cure Covid-19.


Peaceful solution blocked

India has blocked any sort of peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. A peaceful solution is only possible if the legitimate rights of the people are honoured and justice is delivered. Justice is not the continuation of the military occupation. But the Indian government doesn’t show any interest in that. They have taken a warpath and want to sustain the occupation by continuous war. The Indians show their pride in democracy. They boast India as the largest democratic state in the world. But they don’t allow democracy to work in Kashmir.

Democracy means respecting people’s verdicts. But in Kashmir, India is imposing its own agenda and ignores people’s wishes. India claims that Kashmir is an integral part of India. That is the wish of the Hindutva Hindus. Do the people of Kashmir subscribe to such an Indian view? That could be only proven by a plebiscite that Jawaharlal Nehru promised to conduct in 1948 –as it was planned in the UNO Security Council proposal for the peaceful solution of the Kashmir problem. The UNO Security Council appointed the US Admiral Nimitz to conduct a plebiscite in Kashmir. But India didn’t allow Admiral Nimitz to enter Kashmir and to do that. Thus India betrayed its own promise with the support of Soviet Russia.

India reiterates bilateral dialogue with Pakistan to solve the Kashmir problem. But it puts a red line by saying that Kashmir is India’s integral part. Thus the wish of the Kashmiri people is kept off the table of any bilateral dialogue. Pakistan is not allowed to question that wishful claim of India. So the door of a negotiated solution to the Kashmir problem is unilaterally closed by India. Now there remains only a single option, and that is a liberation war. Even a Kashmiri child understand that. Such a liberation war is called jihad in Islam. But India –like any other occupying forces label such a liberation war as terrorism.  


The way-forward

The Indian war of occupation going on for more than 30 years in Kashmir.  India has deployed more than 600,000 troops to crush a few thousand mujahids. India has employed the most sophisticated weapons bought from the USA and Israel. But still, they see no success even in the distant future. It is already causing huge economic bleed to the poor Indian economy. The Indians have yet to learn that Islam’s jihad is undefeatable. The jihad of the mujahids has another undefeatable Power on the top of it. He is the All-Powerful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Any victory in war is decided only by Him.

If war is a perfect jihad, its ownership does not stay in the hands of mujahids. It is owned by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. And All-Powerful Allah decides its fate. This indeed gives the undefeatable strength to jihad. The Army of Angels come down from the haven to fight with the mujahids to give victory. The Muslim history is full of such Divine help starting from the first war against the infidels in the field of Badar. This is why the ragtag poorly armed Muslims could defeat huge Armies of Roman and Persian Empires –the contemporary World Powers. It may look fantasy to a non-Muslim. But a Muslim can never be a true Muslim unless he or she believes in such an undefeatable Power of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.

In jihad, the Mujahids have a solemn duty. They must make their war 100 per cent pure jihad. They must protect it from the toxic venom of nationalism, tribalism, secularism, and other vile ideas. Otherwise, such ideological pollution kills the spirit of jihad and causes delinking from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Then it causes deprivation of His help. Exactly that happened in the case of PLO. Mr Yasser Arafat and his secular colleagues under the influence of Jamal Abdel Nasser and other Arab nationalists made the war against Israeli occupation a secular nationalist war; therefore failed terribly. Instead of relying on Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, the leaders of the PLO now look for political, intellectual, and media support from the western secular liberals. They get euphoric seeing big pro-Palestine protest rallies in the streets of the west.

In order to sustain such support of the western secularists, they stay vigilant against the Islamisation of their struggle. As if, these liberals will bring victory against the Israeli occupation. Only the de-Islamised fools can subscribe to such a utopian wish. In fact, this is a ploy to allure Palestinians away from jihad. Such protest rallies in the western cities couldn’t reduce the Israeli atrocities. The Israeli settlement colonisation, eviction of the Palestinians and torture on Palestinian men, women and children continue unabated. And Gaza still remains as an open-air prison.

Jihad is the sure and quick gateway to paradise. This is the Qur’anic promise for those who engage in jihad. This is the defensive wing of Islam. Like Islamic faith, jihad is never limited by any ethnic or geographic border. Those who look for quick entry to paradise, rush at their own expense to find a field of perfect jihad. This is why the mujahids from all over the Muslim World joined the jihad in Afghanistan. So, if it is a pure jihad, the mujahids of Kashmir will not be left alone. Moreover, a true mujahid never retires; it is his life-long ibadah. Hence his struggle for paradise continues. That was the practice of the Muslims in the golden days of Islam. Hence, those who ended their jihad in Afghanistan will join the jihad in Kashmir. The Indian leaders understand that; hence they are now trembling. But the mujahids must keep perseverance and patience (sabr). To keep such perseverance and patience is indeed a major trial for every believer. If they keep continuing doing their jihad, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la surely does His Own job, too. He never breaks Hid promise.


The Afghan experience

The Kashmiri mujahids have a lot to learn from the Taliban. The Taliban waited for 20 years with perseverance and patience in their jihad. Thousands of them became Shaheed and maimed. In the end, they got Divine help and won the victory. An elephant can’t return alive if enters a den of dragons. Dragons can’t crush an elephant but take the strategy to make elephants bleed to death. The same way the aggressor Army can’t go victorious from the land of mujahids. The Afghan mujahids proved it three times. In 1842, the Afghan mujahids made the whole invading British Army vanish; only one soldier could return alive. In the 1980s, they caused Soviet Russia to bleed to collapse and disintegration. The same strategy worked against the mightiest World Power like the USA and its more than 50 partner countries. They got the most humiliating defeat in history. In the 1960s, the same strategy worked against a World Power like France in Algeria.

India is not stronger than the USA, Soviet Russia and France. So the Kashmiri mujahids must not underestimate themselves. They should apply the same strategy against India. It may take ten or twenty years, but the day will surely come when India –like the USA will beg for a safe retreat from Kashmir. One can’t end enemies’ occupation by a dialogue. It never worked in the whole of human history. There exists no political solution to military occupation. The military solution is the only solution. The Taleban in Afghanistan proved that. The PLO failed in its struggle because its secularist leaders worked for the political solution of military occupation. They neglected jihad. As a result, Mr Yasser Arafat met captivity and death under the Israeli occupation.

War is the only option against the enemy’s war. Even the most humble and peace-loving Prophet (peace be upon him) couldn’t make any peaceful political solution with the enemies. He had to take the military option. So it is the Prophet (peace be upon him)’s legacy to take that path. Secularist Shaikh Abdullah of Kashmir failed badly because he pursued a path of political solution with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of India. He didn’t meet any success but faced long-time jail and humiliation. Islam shows path not only in five times prayer and other rituals but also in struggles against the enemies. And it is jihad –the greatest ibadah in Islam. Those who live without jihad, have to live without dignity and freedom under the enemy’s occupation. How can Kashmiri Muslims take that path of humiliation and slavery? 05/09/2021      




The US sadism, the investment in death and destruction, and the looming global war

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The US sadism and the crime

The US Americans proved to be a nation of sadists. Sadism is an incurable mental disease. Since its root is ideological and racial, no medicine works against it. Sadism has robust behavioral and cultural symptoms. Normal people get grieved with pain, death, and the sufferings of others. But a sadist enjoys and celebrates the death, destruction, and miseries of others. They love war and invest massively in wars. So the war of occupation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, indiscriminate bombing are the parts of the sadists’ culture. They hate other people’s happiness and pleasure. Hence, they distaste putting money in peace, stability, and other people’s welfare.

The sadists don’t simply kill other people, rather torture, lynch and even burn alive to death. They invent more brutal ways of torturing even the hand-cuffed powerless prisoners. So waterboarding of prisoners is a US invention. This is why Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, Baghram prison in Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba could become torture industries. These prisons proved to be regular practicing grounds for the sadists. They urinated on the Qur’an –the holy book of the Muslims. They make people naked and made pyramids with their naked bodies and took selfies with the pyramid. These are done only to get an orgy of sadistic pleasure. For the same sadism, the USA dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Powerful Germany surrendered without nuclear bombs. Japan was close to surrender, too. But the American sadists were not happy with mere surrender. They wanted a wild celebration by burning hundreds of thousands of Japanese alive to death with nuclear fire. This is the exact display of US sadism.     

Toxic venoms of racism, supremacism, and toxic hatred against people of other faith, race, and skin color cause such violent sadism. The Red Indians and the African Blacks became the worst victims of such sadism in the USA. In India, the Muslims are facing the same wild sadism of the Hindu supremacist RSS and BJP thugs. They can’t enjoy the simple death of Muslims. They celebrate lynching Muslims in public, raping their women in gangs, and throwing the Muslim men and women alive in the fire. In 2002, such a celebration of massacre happened in Gujrat in a week-long anti-Muslim pogrom under the watch of Norendal Modi –then the chief minister of Gujrat. Even the Indian media depicted horrendous pictures of such sadistic carnage. And it is very endemic in India.


The USA investment in war   

The US President Joe Biden told in his White House speech on 31/08/2021 that the USA has spent 2 trillion US dollars in 20 years’ war in Afghanistan. He also told that the USA has spent 300 million per day over a span of 20 years. But Afghanistan is not the only war front of the USA. After 9/11, the USA launched the war in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and also Pakistan. Recently the Brown University –a leading American research university published a report on the USA’s war cost. It gave an estimate that the USA has spent $8 trillion in the war since 9/11 and has killed directly at least 897,000 to 929,000 people. The researchers mentioned that it is a conservative estimate of deaths. The deaths may be more than a million.

The Brown University gave the following breakdown of $8 trillion war investment:

  • $2.3 trillion spent in Afghanistan and Pakistan sector.
  • $2.1 trillion in Iraq and Syria.
  • $ 355 billion in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and other war zones.
  • $1.1 trillion on the USA Homeland Security
  • $2.2 trillion is estimated as the cost for taking future care of war veterans.

Of those killed, 387,000 are civilians, 207,000 are the Army and police personnel and 301,000 are opposition fighters killed by the troops of the USA and the allies. About 15, 000 US servicemen and contractors are also killed along with a similar number of deaths of the western allies. Prime Minister Imran Khan claims that 70,000 Pakistanis died because of Pakistan’s participation as an ally of the USA’s war on the Taliban. But there is a difficulty in calculating the actual number of deaths because the USA Army – the main agent in killings didn’t keep any account of the deaths.  


The looming new USA war

The USA had declared the end of its war in Afghanistan. It has evacuated all of its forces from Afghanistan. But the consequences of war still remain and a new US war against an old enemy is looming. Taliban is still struggling to get full control over the whole of Afghanistan. The economy is rapidly collapsing. The World Bank, IMF, and the US government have blocked their funds. The banks in Afghanistan suffer from an acute cash crisis. Still, the Taliban couldn’t form a government. Hence a lot of things are yet to be seen. If all these are not quickly fixed the country is going to be a failed state.

The current situation gives a golden opportunity to ISIS-Khorasan to get more fighters and more territories –as ISIS could quickly establish in failed states of Syria and Iraq. In Syria and Iraq, ISIS didn’t enjoy conducive terrain for guerrilla warfare against a massive US and its allies’ bombardment. But such a convenient geographic terrain perfectly exists in Afghanistan. So the USA and its allies get highly worried about ISIS-Khorasan. ISIS-Khorasan recently killed 13 US soldiers. That has amplified the west’s worries. To take revenge, the USA killed 10 innocent civilians by a drone attack. Of them, 6 are children. The drone was aimed at killing ISIS-Khorasan fighters, but it is made known how many of the ISIS has been killed.     


The USA war now turns global

The USA has totally failed in its war on the Taliban. The USA couldn’t eliminate the Taliban, rather has strengthened the organization remarkably. Now the USA finds ISIS-Khorasan its new enemy. The USA can’t fight against ISIS-Khorasan alone. It has terribly lost its confidence; and also suffers from economic ill-health. The US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin indicated in his Pentagon speech on 01/09/201 that the USA will build collaboration with the Taliban in its war on ISIS-Khorasan. President Biden in a speech on 31/08/2021 also recently appreciated the Taliban for their cooperation in the evacuation of the US forces from Afghanistan. It is true that the Taliban didn’t fire even a single bullet against any US soldier. Such appreciation tells a lot about the USA’s intended strategy to work with the Taliban.  

The Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan –although both the brands claim to be Islamists, are mutually fierce competitors. The Taliban have their own Achilles’ heel. They are based on more tribal and Afghan nationalist orientations. Whereas in Islam, causing division among the Muslims based on tribal, ethnic, or national identities is a forbidden and punishable crime as per sharia law. The Taliban believe in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Hence their focus is only within Afghanistan. So, they have no concern outside Afghanistan. Many Islamic Muslims don’t like such a nationalist mindset. Moreover, if the Taliban makes a coalition with the USA, it will drastically diminish its credibility. The USA is deeply hated in Afghanistan for its acts of killing and torturing millions of people there.

Whereas ISIS is pan-Islamic jihad. It doesn’t recognize national and tribal identities. This is why while ISIS established the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, they first removed the border between Iraq and Syria. They invited Muslims all over the world to emigrate there. Even the richest Muslim country in the world will not give such an invitation. Thousands of people from Europe, Asia, and Africa responded to that ISIS call. ISIS aspires to raise Muslims as an Islamic global superpower. So it appears more identical to the original Islam of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the early rightly guided caliphs –while the Arabs, the Iranians, the Africans, the Turks, and the Kurds lived and worked together. There was no tribal or national state in those golden days of Islam. This is why ISIS could become easily and rapidly a global Islamic brand with strong outposts in many countries in Asia and Africa. This is why the countries and the people that are based on radical secularism, nationalism, and tribalism like all Arab states, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh don’t like ISIS. They hate ISIS more than non-Muslims. This is why the USA gets these states as ever-ready partners in its war on ISIS.  

Therefore, the USA’s war on Islam shows no sign of ending. Rather the war on ISIS turns to be global. This is why President Biden told about a war over the horizon. Therefore, the USA war that was limited to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is turning into a war over the whole Muslim World. So, every Muslim country, every Muslim city, every Muslim village, and every Muslim will be under the watch of the US rudder. The USA will be hunting and fighting ISIS members everywhere. But the country that couldn’t win a war with a coalition of more than 60 sixty countries in Afghanistan in 20 years, how can win a global war spread over tens of countries? 02/09/2021




Crimes and defeat of the USA in Afghanistan and crucial tests for the Taliban

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Taliban: now a big power

Whoever defeats a champion also emerges as a champion. This is the established norm of a war. And here lies the importance of the Taliban. Taliban have now emerged as a significant big power –especially in the heart of Asia that is now reckoned by everyone. The Vietnamese fighters in their war against the USA had Soviet Russia and China as backers. Nor did they fight against a coalition of more than fifty countries. But the case of the Taliban is unique. They fought alone not only against the US-led coalition of more than 50 countries but also a national Army of 300,000 Afghans. Hence, the victory of the Taliban is the most significant political cum war event in the last several hundred years of Muslim history. In none of the previous World Wars or any regional war, the capitalist world faced such a humiliating defeat. This time they met the defeat at the hand of rag-tag poor Taliban. In the past, two arrogant World Powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires met the same fate at the hand of the ragtag army of the early poor Muslims. History thus repeats itself to prove: the blood of the faithful prevails over the swords of the wicked.

The defeat of the US-led coalition has caused shock waves over the whole western world. The USA, the UK, France, Germany, and other allies of the USA are finding it difficult to swallow such a disgraceful defeat. Taliban’s victory has also caused huge shock and awe amidst the de-Islamised secularist ruling elites and media circles of the Muslim countries. For example, Taliban phobia has caused a high level of hysteria in Pakistan’s secular circles –especially in its strong secular deep state. One can see its vivid reflection in secular newspapers, especially in the Dawn –the flagship media organ of the radical secularists of Pakistan. Such secularist newspapers are ringing the non-stop alarm bell of the Talibanisation of Pakistan. They are demanding the secularisation of Afghanistan. The level of Islamophobia among these Pakistani secularists is no less intense than that of the Hindutva Hindus of India. Such a strong presence of secularists also presents an existential threat to Pakistan. Secularism leads to racism, nationalism, tribalism, and fascism, and in the end disintegration of a Muslim state. The radical secularists are indeed the all-time worst security threat to any Muslim country. Pakistan was its worst victim in 1971. Then, the country lost its eastern wing to India only because of such radical secularisation of its political elites, media professionals, students, academics, and intellectuals. Secularist Arabs have fragmented the Arab World into 22 states to fulfill their tribal desires.

Taliban’s victory proved that the decisive power in war doesn’t lie in manpower and military arsenals. All-Powerful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is the source of all power. Ties with Him decide the fate in war. Because of such a Divine tie, the Afghan Muslims could defeat other two superpowers like the British and Soviet Russia in the past. Jihad is the defensive and offensive weapon of Islam. Since jihad is fought only in the way of Alla Sub’hana wa Ta’la, He owns it. Hence Alla Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His angels become integral parts of it. This is why jihad can be prolonged for years or decades, but can never be defeated. Jihad in Afghanistan proved it again. Only this way Muslims become undefeatable in any war against enemies. Muslims fail in a war when they fail to transform it into a pure jihad.


An ideological tsunami

Afghanistan is now an epicentre of an ideological and political tsunami. Islam’s original tsunami in the days of Prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t start from an epicenter of World Power, but from an insignificant rural hub of Medina. It indeed started in the midst of a desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Afghanistan possesses more humans, more weapons, more economic resources, and more geopolitical importance than Medina. It lies in the heart of Asia –connected to central, south, and west Asia. Like a geological tsunami, a political cum ideological tsunami never remains confined within its epicentre. It over-reaches to distant parts of many continents. That happened in the early days of Islam. It proved that the Divine Light of the Holy Qur’an has tremendous potentials to cause an ideological tsunami globally. It could quickly spread to large areas of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It only needed to be truly shined by its true followers. For that, Muslims needed an Islamic state and supporting state infrastructures. Only then, Islam could show its incredible power to eradicate deep darkness and show the right path.

A deep dark cloud can hide even the mid-day sun. Likewise, the corrupt, the deviant, the hypocrite, and the fraudulent vendors of Islam can hide true Islam. They don’t allow showcasing of the amazing beauty of true Islam. Today, the beauty of Islam stays hidden from non-Muslims because of these corrupt and insincere Muslims. Hopefully, the Taliban will do everything to shine the true Islam –as happened in the golden days of Islam. In fact, their success wholly lies in showcasing true Islam. Only this way they can open the floodgate for people towards Islam –as did the early Muslims. Only then, Taliban victory will turn into a real ideological tsunami.


The anticipated threat 

The US-led west lost their war in Afghanistan. This is a reality. But it is also a reality that the imperialists’ war never ends. They only change their war objective, strategies, and battlefields. Moreover, the war in Afghanistan was not only a war on the Taliban. It was an indispensable segment of the same never-ending civilizational war on Islam and Muslims. The war on Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia and the military coup d’états in Algeria in 1991, a military takeover of Egypt in 2012, dismantling of election result in Palestine in 2006, and the recent dissolution of a democratic government in Tunisia in August 2021 are the parts of the same war.

Enemy invaders and occupiers never sit idle. Defeat in a battle doesn’t cause their end. Now, they will deploy every means to defeat, disturb, and restrict Taliban rule. They will continue to vilify the Taliban to make Afghanistan a pariah state and will persuade others not to give international recognition. This way they will impose economic and political isolation on Afghanistan. Terrorism has a dictionary meaning. It is the use of force for political and economic purposes. Such terrorism is indeed the policy of the western imperialist countries. George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Barak Obama, and many other western leaders invaded many countries, bombed hundreds of cities and villages, and killed millions. These leaders used weapons of mass destruction to terrorize people. But they are not called terrorists. For such horrendous crimes, the USA and the UK didn’t become pariah states. Taliban didn’t invade or bomb any enemy country. They fought against foreign occupiers only to liberate their own country. But they are labeled as terrorists. Such distortion of facts will continue to vilify the Taliban and other Islamists.

Now the USA and its allies are exerting pressure on the Taliban for an inclusive government. This has been declared a precondition for international recognition and aid. As if their own governments are all-inclusive. Even Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan is demanding the same. As if, his government is inclusive. Truly, in all democratic countries, the ruling party doesn’t represent even half of the electoral voters. As a result, more than half of the people remain unrepresented in the government. In India, Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got about 40 percent of the votes in the 2018 election. So, 60 percent of people remain unrepresented in the government. The situation is worse in Pakistan. Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf didn’t get even 40 percent votes. In the USA and the UK, the government represent seldom more than 50 percent of people. But they are putting pressure on the Taliban to be 100 percent inclusive. It means the diehard enemies who were in a war to defeat the Taliban need to be included in the government. Did it happen in any of the countries that were defeated in World Wars? Defeated parties were not given any place in the government. In fact, it is the enemy ploy to spoil the Taliban’s Islamisation project from inside. It has already been threatened that if the Taliban deny such prescription, their government will not be recognized. The USA has already blocked the 9 billion US dollar reserve deposit of Afghanistan. More sanctions are waiting in the line. Other western countries are also following the USA. The World Bank has also blocked its aid money. Therefore, the Taliban now faces an economic war.   


Media’s war crimes

In war, killings of innocent men, women, and children are not the only war crimes. Encouraging and eulogizing the crime, and hiding the crimes are also war crimes. Because such crimes protect criminals from prosecution and give incentives for further crimes. The western media is complicit in all such crimes. They run a propaganda war not only on the Taliban, it is also on Islam. The resurgence of Islam is described as a return to the Dark Age. The Islamic hijab for women is rebuked as a Stone Age practice. Any political struggle for implementing sharia is labeled as terrorism. The Sun –the most popular daily newspaper of the UK used to publish a fully naked picture of a teenage girl on page 3 of the paper. Such nudity on the daily newspaper pages tells a lot about western values and morality. It is indeed the display of Stone Age nudity. With such a Stone Age mental make-up, how daily newspapers like Sun can appreciate the burkha or hijab of an Afghan woman?

It has become extremely difficult for the western media to swallow the defeat in Afghanistan. Now they are looking for scapegoats. This is only to hide their own war crimes. With rare exceptions, all of the western media supported the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Those who opposed the war faced mockery; even abused as traitors. Barbara Lee –the only Congress member who opposed the invasion of Afghanistan needed 24 hours protection by bodyguards. In 2002, when the Northern Alliance stormed into Kabul and ran havoc of torture, genocide on the opponents, raping their women, London’s the Telegraph –the conservative daily wrote: “just rejoice, rejoice.” The Sun published a two-page editorial entitled “Shame of the traitors: wrong, wrong, wrong,…the fools who said Allies faced disaster.” In the Guardian -London’s most liberal daily, one of its columnists Christopher Hitchens wrote, “, and yah, boo, It was…obvious that defeat was impossible. The Taliban will soon be history.” In the liberal daily Independent, David Aaronovitch wrote, “If you opposed the ongoing war, you are “indulging yourself in a cosmic whinge”. These warmongers were so much intoxicated with Islamophobia that they couldn’t anticipate the return of the Taliban to power.  

These warmongers were not ready to tolerate any criticism of the war. Colin Powel –the then US secretary of state, tried to persuade Emir of Qatar to censor Al Jazeera -one of the few TV channels that were broadcasting the objective field reports on war atrocities. When failed, the US bombed Al Jazeera’s Kabul office. When the B52 bombers were taking off from a UK base for a bombing mission in Iraq, the BBC reporter’s body language was revealing. He was seen on the TV screen to rejoice the bomber’s take-off standing on the toes. During the Iraq invasion, the war’s opponents were given only 2 percent of the BBC airtime on the subject. Thus, the attempts to challenge the lies that were used as justification of the war on Iraq met severe restrictions. Along with manufacturing the justification for the invasion, genocidal massacres, and destruction of cities, the western media also played a pivotal role to create a high tide of patriotic excitement.  


Infrastructure of war-crimes

War of invasion is not a one-man’s job. It needs a collaborative cultural, intellectual, and political milieu. It needs a huge army of people not only in the field of war but also in the intellectual and media fields. Such media people and intellectuals are indeed the ideological soldiers for war crimes. Because of them, evil ideologies like imperialism, colonialism, racism, supremacism, and fascism could spread as ideological epidemics. The west has proven to be the most fertile land for that. This is why the highly genocidal wars like a war of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and World War could get so much massive growth in the west. In imperialists countries, all stakeholders are feed on colonial loot on other people’s lands. Hence most people of an imperialist country feel it a patriotic duty to support every invasion, every occupation, and every loot in foreign lands. So invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq could get so popular in the west. The illegal wars gave easy electoral victory to proven war criminals like George W. Bush in the USA and Tony Blair in the UK.     

Every war generates war crimes. An illegal war creates more robust war crimes. Since the USA did the highest number of wars in the last one hundred years, committed the highest number of war crimes in the same period. They even dropped nuclear bombs. They raised Guantanamo Bay like prison complex to conduct torture on an industrial scale. After the US occupation of Afghanistan, the whole country became a death valley for those who didn’t accept the invasion –especially the Taliban. An Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran and Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi made a documentary “The Convoy of Death on alleged war crimes committed by the Junbish-I Milli faction of the Afghan Northern Alliance under General Abdul Rashid Dostum. The crimes were committed against Taliban fighters. General Dostum was a partner of the US invasion. The Taliban fighters, who had surrendered to Dostum’s troops after November 2001 seize of Kunduz, were transported to Shebenghan prison in sealed containers –like loads of potato sacs. The prisoners had their hands tied together.  As per the estimate of the human rights groups, hundreds or thousands of them died during and after the long transit. They died of suffocation, congestion, and extreme cold. It was horrific war crimes.

The USA administration is now making a huge noise on the Taliban’s policy on women’s rights but remained silent on such genocidal massacres of 2002. Under their rule, the survival rights of the Taliban were denied. It is no more secret that in such mass killings, the US military personnel were present and complicit. Dasht-i-Latif is another such horrific massacre. A Newsweek report in August 2002, based on a leaked UN memo, did confirm the presence of mass graves in the Dasht-i-Latif. The documentaries on such war-crimes were shown in German, French, and other European media. But, not unsurprisingly, documentaries of such massacres were not allowed to show in the US media. More than half a million Iraqi children died during the USA-imposed embargo during President Bill Clinton’s era. Leaked pictures even by the US soldiers tell a lot about such crimes. Making fun with the bodies of the prisoners and killings innocents became sports of the American soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In Abu Gharib prison, they forced the prisoners to be naked and made pyramids with their naked bodies. John Pilger in his documentary “The war you don’t see” showed how the American snippers desperately opened fire on unarmed Iraqis. Some soldiers opened fire even on wounded civilians. These are the tips of the iceberg.


Mockery on women rights and human rights

The western media are demonizing the Taliban as anti-women, anti-children, and anti-human rights. After the defeat, they are now reiterating the same old war cry. They tell that they have the moral duty to defend western values, human rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights. In the past, in the same way, they also justified their invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing, and colonization of other people’s lands. Now they are very unhappy with President Biden’s disgraceful withdrawal. They think, if the USA had continued its occupation in Afghanistan for another 5, 10, or 20 years, western values in Afghanistan would have been better implanted. It shows how the western rulers, the intellectuals, and the media elites are captive within the imperial hubris. Some of the labels such invasion, occupation, and colonization as so-called moral imperialism. This is ridiculous. Muslims have their own understanding of freedom, human values, and women’s rights that are incompatible with western values. For the western leaders and intellectuals, removal of hijab, free mixing, free dating, and extra-marital living together are the markers of women’s rights. Whereas, a practicing Muslim woman can never take off her hijab in public. Nor can she engage in free mixing or extra-marital living together. These are rebellions against All-Powerful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that takes one to the hellfire. So, these are incompatible with the Islamic faith.

The western leaders lecture Muslims –especially the Taliban on the rights of women and children. The US first lady Laura Bush –the wife of George W. Bush told in her radio talk in 2001: “The civilized people throughout the world are speaking out in horror, not only because of our heartbreak for the women and children in Afghanistan but also because what we see in Afghanistan, the terrorists like to impose that on the rest of us.” This is sheer mindless propaganda against Islam and Muslims. Most Muslim countries of the world have a big size of the non-Muslim population. In Islam’s heartland like Lebanon, the non-Muslims are more than 30 percent. In Egypt, they are about 15 percent. In Spain, Muslims ruled for about 7 hundred years. In India, they ruled for more than 6 hundred years. But the Muslim rulers never forced the non-Muslims to take Islamic faith, dress, or values. How it is possible for the Taliban sitting in Afghanistan can enforce Islamic values all over the world –as Laura Bush is nonsensically anticipating?    

Do the western leaders possess any moral authority to lecture Afghan Taliban or any Muslim on the right of women and children? In fact, Taleban was mobilized to protect women from the rape and atrocities of the predator warlords that took control of Afghanistan after the fall of pro-Soviet President Najibullah. They started their war by hanging one of the most notorious sex predator warlords of Kandahar. The rapid rise in popularity of the Taliban indeed owes to such heroic acts against criminals.

Those who want do good for others set examples. A mere lecture doesn’t work. Taliban got the popularity for setting examples of good deeds and self-sacrificing motivation. But the examples that are set by the western powers are extremely ugly and horrific. While Allied powers occupied Germany in 1945, rape became a weapon to take revenge from the Germans. The German historian Miriam Gerhard writes in her book “When the Soldiers Came”: “After Germany was defeated in World War II, 2 million German women were raped by Allied soldiers (of American, Russian, British and French origin).”  But when the Taliban took over Kabul –a city of 5 million, none was killed, none was raped and not a single bullet was fired. So the western ruling elites who lecture on humanity and morality have a lot to learn from the Taliban. 

On 24 August 2021, the United Nations Human Rights Council announced its worries about the human rights violation in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. The same UN organization slept for 20 years of USA occupation of Afghanistan. They didn’t utter a single sentence condemning aerial bombings, killings of men, women, and children, and destruction of cities and villages. As if, there was no human rights violation in Afghanistan during 20 years of the US-led NATO occupation. Now, after the defeat of the USA, they have come out of the deep slumber and discovered human rights and women’s rights violations everywhere in Afghanistan. Now they express their worries and give lectures on those violations. If the western leaders have any interest in democracy, human rights, and women’s rights, they should have focused their attention on countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and others that are ruled by wicked tyrants. Instead of lecturing, they should have also saved the Palestinians from the Israeli atrocities.    


Investment in peace and investment in war

The USA and its allies have spent more than a trillion US dollars in the war in Afghanistan. They have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Syria. Still, their investment in war continues. But their investment for peace is very little. In fact, they manufacture wars after wars to sustain their global dominance. Building more than 800 USA bases worldwide tells a lot about their war preparedness. The US ruling elites also manufacture suitable narratives to justify their war objective. While US President George W. Bush declared war on Afghanistan, it was told they want to punish Afghanistan for sheltering Osama bin Laden. As if, if they can kill Osama bin Laden, they will have no war. Ten years ago, they killed Bin Laden. But their war didn’t end. Even after that, they bombed Afghan cities and villages. They killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghan men, women, and children. In fact, they had another agenda; and took another 10 years to pursue that. They raised another alluring facade to justify the long war. They told, it is state-building. Sometimes they claimed, protecting women’s rights and educating children is their agenda.

A wolf doesn’t need the pretext to catch prey. It only needs its own wish to do so. So a wolf doesn’t engage in hypocrisy. But the imperialists cum colonialists invent pretexts to catch their prey -the weaker countries. All humanitarian rhetoric is only to hide their hidden objectives. The US objective of the war on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria was to destroy and occupy Islam’s heartland and foil any possible Islamic resurgence. It was an integral part of the civilizational war on Islam. It was about Israel’s protection and control of oil. It was about a pipeline through Afghanistan to drain oil from central Asia. It was also to keep vigilance on China and Russia. It was to disintegrate Pakistan and destroy it nuclear facilities. For doing that against Pakistan, they took India as the partner. India invested 3 billion US dollars in Afghanistan to pursue its mission.


Wounded wolf and the real threat against peace

After the Taliban’s victory, the west is now a wounded wolf. They will never sit silent, rather will try to take revenge. They will devise new strategies and a new war against Islam and Muslims. Now, the civilizational war will get a new dimension and new intensity. But now, Muslims, too, have got a new base and new strength. So the war will be more intense and bloodier. After many centuries, the Prophet’s true Islam that entails Islamic State, sharia, hudud, jihad, and rule by shura of Islamic scholars has got the victory at least in one country like Afghanistan. The western powers consider the emergence of such a state a real threat. It is totally unpalatable and unacceptable for the west.

After the demise of communism, the western capitalists thought of a unipolar world with western values as its essence. But now they find Islam as a real obstacle. They realize that Islamic values and lifestyles are not compatible with their own values and lifestyle. As a result Islamophobia now attains the highest intensity in the west. This is why the US-led coalition’s enmity is not only against the Taliban but also against Islam and Muslims. The Soviet Union had only 280 million population in 1990. But Muslims are 1.5 billion. An unaccommodating attitude of the west towards 1.5 billion Muslims is indeed the real threat against world peace and stability. How the west can attain peace if they think every fifth man of the world is their enemy? Surprisingly, those who talk about world peace and stability, don’t pay any serious attention to that crucial issue. Rather they are adding more fuel to aggravate it. This is indeed an intellectual as well a moral failure of the west.   


The burden on the west

Occupying and bombing Muslim countries and cities will never bring any peace. The west has already tried that path. That will create more wounded lions in the Muslim World. Even Taleban guards will not be able to protect them. The bombing in Kabul on 26/08/2021 and the death of four retreating US soldiers proved that. For peace, the west must contain its own opposition against Islam. They must understand that the world doesn’t belong exclusively to a single faith, single ideology, single values, single world word, or a single race. The history of mankind was never like that; it is all about diversity. The planet belongs to all humans. Like others, Muslims, too, have the right to practice their faith on this planet as per Qur’anic prescription. Hence Muslims must be given space to fully practice their religion. Denying such right and blaming it as terrorism is extreme arrogance. China is executing such arrogance against Uighur Muslims. The west is doing the same against Islamists. Such interference in Muslims’ rights will only aggravate the situation. Bombing one Al Qaeda base in the hills of Tora Bora in Afghanistan or dismantling one ISIS stronghold in Iraq and Syria, has made tens of similar strongholds all over the Muslim World.

The west must not start any economic war on the Taliban either. If the western powers continue their military opposition against the Taliban and put an economic embargo on Afghanistan that will not bring any peace. That will only prolong the war and generate more refugees. That will aggravate the economic hardships of the common Afghan people. That will not be in the interest of the larger world community. If the west has any interest in peace, they should invest in peace in Afghanistan. Only this way they can promote peaceful co-existence on the earth.

War generates more wars. A bad peace deal is better than the best war. For peace, the capitalist west could stay away from the direct war against the communist state of Soviet Socialist Russia for 74 years –from 1917 to 1991. Such a policy of no war saved the European, American, and Russian cities from destruction. It saved hundreds of thousands of people from death. The question arises, why the west can take such a “no war” policy with Islamic Afghanistan and other Islamists? Why the world can’t be a place for the peaceful co-existence of states, communities, and people with opposite world views?

But such a policy of “no war” may not be accepted by the USA and its allies for discernible reasons. Since Soviet Russia has a huge stockpile of nuclear bombs, war was not an option for the west. Since Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t possess military deterrence, the USA can easily take the warpath. Hence people of Iraq and Afghanistan had to suffer invasion, occupation, deaths, destructions, and torture in the hand of the USA-led coalition. But North Korea didn’t face such a catastrophic fate because of its nuclear bombs and missiles. So, the power of deterrence becomes indispensable for living with dignity, security, and freedom. Without that, the enemy’s invasion becomes unavoidable.     


New trials, new conspiracies, and continuity of jihad   

Deviation, division, and corruption start after every victory. No movement or man is immune to that. Moreover, believers are always on trials and exams –as per the revealed plan of the Almighty (Sura Mulk, verse 2). Not a single day of a believer’s life is free from that. Sometimes the most difficult trial comes after a great victory. Even the caliphate of rightly guided companions faced such trials. They met the most catastrophic internal division, feuds, rebellion, and disaster after defeating the World Powers like the Roman and Persian Empires. The caliphate –the most important political institution of Islam was usurped by a devil called Yazid. Taliban must be careful about that.

Jihad sharpens iman, increases remembrance of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, and enhances the Divine connectivity. Hence, jihad must not end in Muslim life. Like a five-time prayer, it is a lifelong ibadah in Muslims’ life. Sometimes it is against the enemies and sometimes it is against the inner self (nafs). When jihad ends, conspiracies of the enemies get sinister inroads into the ummah. In the modern age, that has happened with the jihad of Algeria. After it achieved a great victory against France, it was hijacked by the secularists and socialists. And former jihadists returned back to mosques and madrasas and stayed jihad-free silent. So the enemies prevailed. The same happened after the Afghan Mujahedeen’s great victory against Soviet Russia and its cronies in the early 1990s. The Afghan jihad was hijacked by the criminal warlords. Credit goes to the Taliban that they defeated the warlords in 1996 and could bring back Islam in the governance.

Taliban can only prevail if they stay steadfast with Islam and continue with jihad. Political ambition must not be put ahead of ideological purity and strict adherence to the Qur’anic right path –called siratul mustaqeem. Any amount of flexibility in adherence to true Islam will damage their credibility. That will also prohibit the blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the only guarantor of victory and sustenance in Islam. If anyone neglects following the right way, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la selects others to do the job. Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la never likes those who deviate from the right path.

The USA and its allies have committed horrendous crimes in Afghanistan. So appeasing them is not an option. If such a route is taken by the Taliban, others are already waiting to take their place. Taliban must remember, there exist a lot of lions in Afghanistan who are badly wounded by the USA and its allies. They will not tolerate any compromise on Islam. In the name of inclusiveness, the enemies of Islam must not be incorporated in the Islamic polity of the government. They will spoil everything that has been gained by huge sacrifices in a long jihad. The whole Muslim ummah is looking at the Taliban with great hope and expectation. Only the enemies of Islam will be happy with their failure. True Muslims all over the world sincerely pray to the Most Merciful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that this great harvest of jihad must not get spoiled. 26/08/2021

Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan: lessons and challenges

The new peak of excellence

The Taliban forces took over Kabul –the capital of Afghanistan on Sunday 15 August. They took the whole country only in 10 days –much quicker than the USA could achieve in 2001. It gave a sense of great victory all over the Muslim World. After series of defeats and enemy occupations, it is the only victory in the last several hundred years that the Muslims could celebrate. The US President George W. Bush declared a crusade on Muslims, and the US Army occupied Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. After a war of 20 years –the longest war in US history, the US-led crusade met a humiliating defeat. This is the third time that the poor Afghan Muslims have fought and defeated a World Power. In the past, they defeated the British Army twice in the mid-eighteenth century. They also defeated Soviet Russia at its peak in the eighties in the last century. So, they proved that the World Powers are not invincible; and Afghanistan is the sure graveyard for empires.

Taliban made history in other ways. While taking over Kabul, they showed high morality, humanity and sagacity. Kabul is a city of 5 million people. Not a single man was killed by the Taliban on the day of take-over. Not a single man or woman was harmed or humiliated. Not a single bullet was fired at any living object on that day. Whereas when the USA took over Afghanistan in 2001, the history was otherwise. Deaths, blood and destruction were everywhere. Taliban leaders declared amnesty for all men and women who fought against them, tortured them, killed their colleagues and collaborated with the occupying forces. It is unbelievable. In the whole span of human history, it has happened only once. It was at the time when the city of Makkah was taken over by the Muslims under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Those who tortured and killed Muslims and evicted Muslims from Makkah empty-handed and tried to kill the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions were forgiven. The same kindness and forgiveness are repeated by the Taliban while taking control over Kabul.

All people all over the world with moral sense got amazed with such a peaceful take-over. But not unsurprisingly, in the western media such an astonishing act of moral highness didn’t get any mention. The western media were found busy vilifying the character of the Taliban fighters. They are described as terrorists, extremists, murderers, and oppressors of children and women. They were busy expressing their concern about the fate of women and children under the Taliban rule. Whereas such concern was not seen when the Afghan and Iraqi cities were taken mercilessly by the US Army. Hundreds of cities and villages were razed to the ground. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were killed or injured by the US bombings. The US bombers even bombed wedding and funeral gatherings. In prisons in Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo Bay and many other places, innocent people were tortured on an industrial scale. But the western media didn’t show any concern for that. As if they had seen nothing and heard nothing in those days of the US occupation. It is also accused that the Taliban will take Afghanistan to Stone Age. The Stone Age people didn’t have clothes. Many westerners like such nudity. But burkha or hijab for women in Taliban rule is not a Stone Age symbol.  

In the war against the USA-led coalition and the US-raised Afghan Army, the Taliban fighters showed extraordinary skills and excellence. They successfully resisted the victory of the US-led coalition of more than 50 countries. The Afghan Army had 300, 000 fighters and were trained by US trainers. The British, the German, the Italian and the other nationals from the EU countries also took part in the upbringing of the Afghan Army. They had tanks, artillery guns, armoured vehicles, helicopter gunships and bomber planes. They were raised in US-built modern cantonments and trained in modern military academies. They also had high-quality war attires like well-fitted dresses for all seasons, shoes, helmets, bullet-proof vests, night-vision goggles, and long-vision binoculars. On the other hand, the Taliban fighters didn’t have even shoes. Their battle filed dresses were traditional loose shalwar and kameez. Instead of the helmet on the head, they wear a turban. Their weapons are only AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. They didn’t receive any training in any cantonment.    


The learning point

Jihad is the highest act of ibadah in Muslim life. It is the only defensive tool of the Muslims –prescribed by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Hence, if there is no jihad, there is no defence. In fact, here lies the cause of enemies’ strong distaste against jihad. The best jihad is to defend a Muslim country from non-Muslims’ aggression. So, the Taliban’s jihad against the US-led war was a pure jihad. Those who get killed in such jihad gets direct entry into the paradise without waiting or facing any trial on the day of judgement. A Muslim can’t be a Muslim if he or she possessed any doubt on such Qur’anic promise.  Such jihad can never be the work of those secular opportunists who join the army to take it as a profession for grabbing powerful jobs, property and status in society. Unlike a mujahid, saving life gets the number one priority for these secularist Army professionals. Instead of sacrificing life in a war, surrender remains always a preferred option –as Pakistan Army did in 1917 to the Indians and the Egyptian Army did in 1967 to Israelis. But for a true believer, surrender is not an option. It is like turning the back to the open door of paradise.

Like five-time prayer, month-long fasting, hajj and zakat, jihad is also the core responsibility of every Muslim. In Prophet (peace be upon him)’s days, every Muslim man took part in jihad; those who stayed away from jihad were labelled as munafiq (hypocrite).  The Muslims’ defeat started when this highest ibadah was abandoned by the common Muslims and it turned into a war of the secularist professionals living in Army barracks. Taliban could get the victory because they fought the war as jihad. And whenever there is jihad, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la with His angels stands as a concerned party to that. And as per Islamic belief, victory comes only from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as revealed in sura Anfal verse 10, “wa ma nasru illa min in’dillah (And there is no victory except from Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la).

Believers join jihad on their own –as they join prayer and fasting on their own. Hence it doesn’t need any recruitment officer. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la Himself prompts His believers to join the jihad. A true believer always tries to bring perfection in his prayer. Likewise, a believer also always tries to bring perfection in his fighting skills. Like improving five-time prayers, improving war skills becomes a part of his life. As a result, every Muslim city and every village becomes a cantonment. And every household becomes a training cell. And every Muslim is a trainer as well as a trainee. Hence Taliban didn’t need any cantonment. This is why the best general in Muslim history like Khaled bin Walid, Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas, and Tariq bin Ziad was not the product of any Army Academy or stuff college. They grew up in the locality where they lived. It was their deep passion for jihad that helped them constantly refining their war skills. Their war strategies are taught in Army academies in the developed countries.        

In recent history, those who could stand successfully against the enemies are the jihadis and not the secular Army professionals. Taliban in Afghanistan, Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah in Lebanon are examples. The joint armies of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan couldn’t stand for 6 days against Israel in the 1965 war. In that war, Egypt lost the whole of Sinai Peninsula, Syria lost the Golan Heights and Jordan lost the West Bank region. Whereas in 2014, Hamas could stand up against Israeli air and land attacks for 50 days. In 1971, Pakistan Army couldn’t stand against the Indian Army even for 3 weeks. They quickly surrendered –as if they were ready for that. These are the eye-catching failures of the so-called professional Armies grown up in secular cantonments. These secular armies showed their success only in occupying their own countries by military take-over –as happened in Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Indonesia, Nigeria, and many others.

Whereas those who could defeat three World Powers like the British, Soviet Russia, and the USA were not the formal Army men. They were the jihadis grown up in villages of Afghanistan. In the early days of Islam, the same happened in wars against the Roman and the Persian Empires. Those wars were won by the fighters grown up in villages. This is indeed the crucial learning point. Like five-time prayers and month-long fasting, jihad should come to every Muslim’s life in every community. Teaching war skills and war strategies should return back from cantonments to the people living in cities, townships and villages. This should be the part and parcel of every Muslim’s life. Only this way Muslims can successfully fight the enemies and regain the lost glory. This is indeed the legacy of the golden days of the Muslims.


The new challenges

The Taliban could defeat the USA-led coalition but now face new challenges. Enemies’ war only changes its frontiers and strategies but never ends. The USA has declared that it will withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan by 31 August 2021. That doesn’t mean that the USA’s war has ended. It will take new strategies and new weapons on new frontiers to defeat the Taliban’s Islamic project. It is a stern and proven reality that whoever stands for Islam, instantly faces an imposed war. If a true Muslim stands alone on a mountain, Satan still has a plan against him. As long as the Taliban people stand for Prophet (peace be on him)’s Islam that entails Islamic state, sharia, hudud, shura, jihad and trans-ethnic brotherhood, they will never have a war-free day. The enemies will never end their hostility. Even the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) –the most peaceful man on the earth in the whole of human history was not given a chance to carry out his mission peacefully. War after the war was imposed on him. Pakistan had only two wars in its more than 73 years of existence, but Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had more than 20 wars in his 10 years of rule.

Therefore, those who think that the war in Afghanistan has ended and a new era of peace will overwhelm are living in fools’ paradise. There are millions of Islamophobic people inside and outside Afghanistan who vehemently oppose Islam’s victory in that strategic country. The neighbouring states of Afghanistan like Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and China will never like the full Islamisation of Afghanistan. All these states are under the occupation of radical secularists. Full Islamisation of Afghanistan will help it emerge as the Islamic civilisation state and will initiate a tide of Islamisation in the whole area. Hence there prevails a consensus among the rulers of the neighbouring countries to restrict the Islamisation of Afghanistan at any cost. And the USA-led coalition will be an ever-ready partner in that combined effort.

However, there is good news for the Islamists. The USA has ceased to win any war since its humiliating defeat in Vietnam in the seventies. Former US President Barak Obama once boastfully proclaimed that the American soldiers are invincible. The ragtag Afghan mujahids have solidly proven how futile was that claim. They can only occupy a land, flatten its hills, kill its people, destroy its cities, and torture its men and women, but can’t win a war. Moreover, a country can be occupied and its soldiers can be killed, but bombs, drones and missiles can’t kill an ideology. So, Islam and Islamists prove to be invincible and not the USA soldiers.

The USA did its war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. All these wars are indeed parts of the same war and had the same objective. It is to kill and terrorise Muslims, destroy Muslim cities and dismantle the backbone of the Muslim states. To create a climate of awe and terror in the Muslim World, the historic cities like Mosul, Ramadi, Falluja, Raqqa, Kobani, Aleppo, Dera’jur and many others are razed to the ground. Georg W. Bush declared his war as a crusade. And crusade has a special historical and ideological connotation. It is a Christians’ religious war against Islam and the Muslims. They used the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria genocidal to take revenge for the 9/11 deaths of 2996 people. In revenge, they killed hundreds of thousands and maimed many more. On 9/11, only 2 buildings were destroyed, but the US Army destroyed hundreds of thousands.

The western media do not publish the crimes of the USA and NATO Armies committed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. But they portray the Taliban and other Islamists as the worst savage people on earth. If the US Army destroy a whole village or a market doesn’t become news. But if Islamists kill any enemy man becomes a headline. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they discovered Islam and Islamists as the new enemy of the west. So the western media are constantly demonising Islam and the Islamists. They show no love for democracy. Hence the military coup against President Dr Mohammad Morsi of Egypt gets applauded in the west. The western leaders denied accepting the victory of Hamas in the 2006 election in Palestine. They encouraged a military takeover over Algeria in 1991 to obstruct the election victory of the Islamist FIS. The same western media showed displeasure for a failed coup against President Erdogan of Turkey. They portray Mr Erdogan as an autocrat –although he is elected by popular votes. But their love for killer autocrats like the king of Saudi Arabia and General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi knows no bound.    


The war in a new phase

The USA will never remain silent or inactive against the Islamists’ take-over in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has enormous geopolitical importance. It is the gateway to South Asia, Central Asia, China, and Iran. Hence whoever controls Afghanistan, gets the privilege to influence a very huge and significant part of the world. This is why the USA’s invasion of Afghanistan didn’t aim not only to dismantle Taliban rule but also to politically dominate the whole area. Moreover, the chances of Afghanistan rising up as an Islamic civilizational force is huge. It has the treasure of rich history, ideology, culture, geopolitical potential and the fighting spirit. Most Muslim countries are either nationalist or tribalist -home only to the people of a specific ethnic and linguistic identity. But the people of Afghanistan are cosmopolitan. Hence people of various tribes and languages like the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkomans, Hazara, and Baluch have been living in the same country for a millennium.  Afghanistan is one of the few Muslim countries that could protect itself from the colonial occupation. As a result, this is the only country in the world that has the highest number of people who stay out of secularists’ influence and stay firmly adherent to Prophet’s Islam that entails Islamic emirate, sharia, hudud, shura, trans-ethnic unity. Here, jihad is an indispensable part of people’s culture. The per capita weapons in Afghanistan is the highest in the world. Moreover, Afghanistan is the only country in the world that could defeat three World Powers –the British, Soviet Russia and the USA -while these countries were at the peak of their military might. Taliban have already earned the skills to survive air attacks, drone attacks and heavy artillery shelling for the last 20 years. Such enemy attacks could only breed a new generation of diehard fighters. Hence Taliban has nothing to lose. In fact, they have every chance to prevail.      

The dominant world powers like the USA, Russia and China will not allow Afghanistan to fall into the hands of the Islamists. They find their own danger in it. Thousands of Chechens, Uzbeks, and Uighurs from Russia and China fought shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban against the occupying forces. Since Soviet Russia’s occupation in 1979, Afghanistan worked as a training institute as well as an epicentre of global jihad –as was the case of the first Islamic State under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The anti-Islamic World Powers don’t like that. The USA occupation in 2001 was aimed at undoing that role of Afghanistan. But it failed. The US occupation only added more fuel to enhance the flame of jihad that defeated the global coalition.

During 20 years of occupation, the USA and its western partners did a lot of political, educational and cultural engineering. They could create a class of pro-western secularised people who could become partners in their occupation. Although these people are fully subservient and ideologically compatible with the west, they become fully incompatible with the common people. That helped the Taliban to conquer Afghanistan with lightning speed. These ideological and cultural converts became equally Islamophobic like their ideological siblings of the west. Because of that, they hate not only the Taliban but also Islamic sharia and other Islamic obligation. So it becomes unthinkable that these two incompatibles can stay together. This is why there is now a rush to flee Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has become the strongest epicentre of a political earthquakes in the whole of South and Central area. It has every potential to turn global –as happened in the early days of Islam. In fact, the occupation by Soviet Russia and the USA has played a catalyst role to cause a huge ideological and cultural transformation in favour of Islam. This is why it also remains a target of the US-led global coalition of war on Islam. However, those who can give blood can shake people’s hearts and make a revolution. They find it a gateway to enter paradise. The Afghan Islamists have made a new history in pursuing that gateway. The early Muslims did the same. More than half of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) companions became shaheed (martyr) to meet that target. As a result, they could bring huge ideological, political and cultural revolution in large parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. In the same way the Afghan Islamists will surely shake the geopolitics of neighbouring Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Xin Xian and Kashmir. The countries like the USA, Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan and India have no love for such Islam. They have their own acceptable version of Islam where Prophet (peace be upon him)’s Islam that talks about Islamic State, sharia, jihad, shura, and Muslims’ global unity have no place. Hence they are desperate to contain the fallout.

Taliban’s war is indeed a civilizational war that never ends. The enemies of Islam will surely deploy new strategies, new weapons and new actors. The war will have two war fronts: the cold war and the war with arms and ammunitions. Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries have no shortage of mercenaries. And those mercenaries are ready for sale if get a lucrative price. Most likely, the USA, Russia and other anti-Islamic countries will follow the Libyan model. They will recruit warlords like Khalifa Haftar and thousands of native and foreign mercenaries to fight their wars. They will support them with money, missiles, drone and airstrikes. This way they will try their best to resist the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. This would be plan A for the ant-Taliban forces. If the Taliban succeeds to take full control, they will deploy plan B. It is the same strategy that the USA executed against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They will not send any land troops but will send bombers to flatten the major cities like Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Lashkergah and others. Truly, they don’t differentiate between ISIS and the Taliban. The country that could ethnically cleanse the Red Indians and drop nuclear bombs in the past, will face no moral inhibition to commit massive destruction of cities and genocidal massacre of the Afghan people. The western media stand ever-ready to call such a project of mass destruction and massacres as the US-led restoration of humanity -as they did during the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.         


The American values and the danger for the mankind

The USA is built on a culture of military occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, settlement colonisation, slave labour and exploitation. Such a culture always influences its ethics, politics and warfare. So it could drop nuclear bombs, barrel bombs, chemical bombs, and mother of all bombs on the civilian population without an iota of remorse. The US Army and its allies have killed millions of people in recent years all over the world. They have razed hundreds of cities and villages to dust in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Somalia, Yemen and Syria. The USA used chemical bombs in Vietnam. These are American values. The USA repeatedly shows that it has no love for human lives and democracy. They want to resist the emergence of Islam. It only wants worldwide political and economic dominance. For that, it has more than 800 military bases outside its border. It takes brutal autocrats as subservient partners to keep the dominance. It has its naval and air bases in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and other countries to protect the killer autocrats of the Middle East. But the captive media of the west and also of the Muslim World promote the USA as the leader of the free world and depict Islamists as the forces of the dark ages. As if the cities of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria were destroyed by the Islamists!

What a shame that the worst criminals on the earth like the rulers in the USA, Israel, Russia, China and India enjoy impunity. They enjoy unlimited licences to commit the worst crimes. The UN Security Council shows its readiness only to ratify those crimes, let alone condemn them. No power on the earth could prosecute and punish these criminals. The International Criminal Court could catch only some small fishes, but the big fishes always stay out of their net. So the crimes in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Xin Xian, and Kashmir go unabated. So, the world has turned terribly unsafe for the defenceless weak. Now the non-aligned media of the world and the people with moral conscience have a duty. They can at least make the crimes and the name of the criminals known to the world. At least these criminals must be shamed by the people of the world. Immense credit goes to the Islamists of Afghanistan that they could successfully oust the criminals from their country. It was the longest war in the USA and it has badly lost. Thus the Afghan Islamists of Afghanistan did a great service to the defenceless people of the whole world. The arrogant wolf has been given a good slap on the face. They are the real heroes on earth. Their heroic bravery will be remembered in the annals of mankind through millenniums. However, since the enemies still exist, the war also persists. The peace-loving people of Afghanistan need to show their talent, valour, iman, perseverance and unity in the continuation of the fight.     


The conspiracy and the only choice

The enemies’ ongoing war on Islam and conspiracy against Islamists will continue for all ages to come. This is indeed the testing ground for the believers that will function all the time in all places. Muslims all over the world has only one option. They can stand either with the Islamists or with the enemies. They have no third option. For standing with the right people, they must possess the minimum skills to know the friends as well the foes of Islam. Both sets of people have eye-catching markers. Therefore anyone with common sense can easily figure them out. In fact, every man or woman faces a crucial moral test here. On the Day of Judgement, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la will not ask about the skills in business, agriculture, medicine or engineering, but about the ability to know the truth from the falsehood and identifying the friends of Islam from the foes. And also will be asked about the success and failure in engaging in the right side of the war.

The enemies of Islam are known for their utter deprivation of love for Islam and the Islamists. Nor do they have any love for human lives, human values and democratic rights. With the victory of the Taliban, the new conspiracy has also started. Now the enemies are demanding that the Taliban government should be fully inclusive. That implies that the Taliban should take their enemies in the government. In fact, it is the enemies’ strategy to spoil the Taliban’s Islamic rule at its nascent state. Is the US government inclusive? About half of the US people are Republican, are they included in the Democratic President’s government? Millions of Muslims live in the USA. Is any Muslim included in the US policy-making body? The same question is very relevant to the government of India, China, Russia, the UK, France, Germany, and others.

In most Muslim countries, the enemies have robbed human rights and effectively blocked the path of democratic participation for the Islamists. Civil and military fascism dominate in almost all of the Muslim countries. The countries that are run by monarchs –like kingdoms and sheikhdoms of the Arab World get full protection from the USA. And the countries that stand brutally against the Islamists get economic and military aid and political support from the USA and its western ally. An example is Egypt. The military junta of Egypt is known for murderous brutality against the Islamists. General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi deposed the elected Islamist President Dr Mohammad Morsi and killed more than two thousand peaceful protestors on one evening in the street of Cairo on 14 August 2012. He used tanks on the street against the unarmed civilians. For that brutality, the Egyptian regime is being awarded 1.3 billion US dollars annually from the USA. And the military coup of General al-Sissi was described by former US President Barak Obama as the restoration of democracy by the Army.  

Those who are the enemy of Islam, have a distinctive character. A man of little common will not fail to identify them. They love the US policy of invasion, destruction, genocide, and Guantanamo Bay-like confinement and torture. They also love the Israeli policy of occupation, ethnic cleansing, land grabbing, settlement expansion and apartheidism. Their war is on Islam, Islamic state, sharia, hudud, jihad, and Muslim unity no more stays hidden. Former USA President Donald Trump boastfully told that the USA will not tolerate any Islamic State on the earth. President Biden’s policy is no different either. They want to see Islam strictly confined within the rituals like five-time prayer, month-longing fasting, hajj and zakat. They do not offer Islam any role in politics, economics, judiciary, education, culture and warfare. Whereas Islam presents an altogether different picture. Prophet Muhammad was the head of the state for ten years. He left behind a huge wealth of legacies in politics, state-building, social and economic policies and other spheres of practical life. It is a binding obligation that Muslims must put in practice those legacies. But those who want to practise those legacies are labelled as political Islamists cum terrorists and face imposed war of annihilation. This is why the Taliban people also face an imposed war. More than 50 countries were brought into that bloody war in Afghanistan.


The time for the Taliban 

Most people will go to hellfire not for killing someone or committing adultery, theft or robbery. They will go to the hellfire for standing with the known enemies of Islam. Nobody is perfect in this world. Perfection is an attribute reserved only for Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. So the Islamists may not be perfect either. They may have errors and failures. But everyone needs to decide on some crucial matters. Most Muslims in the Muslim World are standing for secularism, nationalism, tribalism, fascism, monarchism, and military fascism. But Islamists are the only people who are standing for Islam and sacrificing their lives to end kuffar occupation and to implement Islamic education, sharia, hudud, and jihad. In Afghanistan, they are the Taliban. These facts are not obscure from the public eyes.

It is also true that so far all the chances of ruling Muslim countries have been usurped by the monarchists, the military and civil fascists, the secularists, and the nationalists. Now it is the time to give a fair chance to the Islamists. Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Although most parts of their time were spent on encountering enemies, stability, peace and rule of law could return only during their rule. In those Taliban days, crimes were reduced significantly. And that opportunity was dismantled by the US invasion. The Taliban rule could eradicate poppy cultivation and drug trade almost completely. Law and order situations also improved. These were big achievements. This is why they enjoy popular support among the people. But the hostile media don’t appreciate that. They consider Islam worse than the American and Israeli occupation, killing and barbarity. Hence they stand so inimical to Islamists. So they launched a war against the Taliban. Taliban have no other option but to fight the enemies. The Armies of more than 50 countries couldn’t defeat them in 20 years. Therefore, how do they dare to defeat them now? 19/08/2021

The ideological war on Muslims

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The war of ideas

While on a tour to Europe in 2014, the former US President Barak Obama delivered a lecture in Palais Des Beaux-Arts, in Brussels.  He told his elitist audience, “We must meet the challenges to our ideas and our international order with strength and conviction.”–(The Guardian, 31.03.2014). In the context of the recent exacerbation of cold-war polarisation, it was not a simple statement, it was a war cry. Human history is indeed the history of wars of ideas. But wars of ideas don’t remain confined within the ideological premise of books or lecture rooms, rather get bloody on battlefields. Because those who believe in “might is right” do not fight such ideological wars with ideas, instead, they deploy their all available lethal weapons against the believers of the opposing ideas. They use vile ideologies like fascism, nationalism, racism, white supremacism, imperialism, and intolerant religious views to poison people’s minds. Such use of violence against people of other ideas and faith not only exposes their political arrogance but also the deep moral and ideological perversion.

In annals of mankind, the most heinous crimes against people of great ideas and religious beliefs are the works of these immoral political, ideological or racist bullies. Genocidal cleansing of people of different religions, ethnicity, and tribe are the works of such criminals. Muslims of Spain, Buddhists of India, Red Indians of North America, and aborigines or Australia were almost cleansed by these genocidal killers. In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh mobilized his Army to kill Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and his followers only to annihilate their monotheistic faith.

The old Pharaohs died. But a new generation of Pharaohs has taken the charge –not only in Egypt but also globally. Hence use of violence against ideas and religious faith has never ended. The old Pharaoh could not kill unarmed Moses (peace be upon him), rather he himself got killed by Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But the new Pharaohs are killing the unarmed people everywhere. General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi of Egypt killed more than two thousand innocent men and women on 14 August 2012. They were peacefully protesting against the military coup d’état against President Dr. Mohammad Morsi –the first elected President of Egypt. Shaikh Hasina of Bangladesh killed hundreds of innocent protestors in Dhaka on 5 May 2013. The recent statement of President Obama indeed reveals his determination to continue the same war on ideas with the full lethal might. And President Obama is not alone; all NATO countries and many others are pursuing the same war.


The new enemy

After the demise of the Soviet Socialist Union of Russia (USSR) in December 1991, President Obama and his NATO comrades don’t perceive any foreseeable threat to their geopolitical frontiers from any other country. But they recognize a threat to the ideological frontiers. They think it is from resurging Islam –the fast-growing religion in the world. Therefore Muslims –the followers of Islam is taken as the new enemy. President Obama emphasized that NATO countries must meet the challenge with full strength and conviction. Probably this is the most important message that he passed on to his friends during his recent visit to Europe. President Obama’s narratives on ideas and international order are not ambiguous. His idea –like any other western leader entails the beliefs, values, and lifestyles that are loaded with the capitalist, imperialist, and hedonist version of the worldview. His values and beliefs justify the military occupation of any country of the world, and dropping bombs and drone attacks on the civilian population. He and his predecessors practiced such beliefs, values, and ideologies in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other countries. The NATO countries do not possess any distinctive national ideological boundary. They share the same values, beliefs, ideology, and ethical norms. Indeed, they are united in faith and ideas. Hence all heads of the NATO states find the same incitement to applaud the USA bombardment on any country as cheerleaders. Their faith and values do not find any moral problem with Israeli bombardment on unarmed Palestinians either.

President Obama’s international order has a special political and security implication, too. It entails not only the west’s military, economic and political dominance over the world but also the protection of the artificial state of Israel and other artificial client Arab states that are created to protect the western interests. It aims at ensuring Israel a safe existence and sustaining an infrastructure of western exploitation. The current world order is in fact the legacy of western colonialism. It gives the state of Israel the unrestrained right to grab the Arab land as much as likes, and to expel the native Muslim population from their own homes. It also means giving Israel unlimited right to build nuclear bombs and deprive Iran and other Muslim countries of such rights. It also gives protection to the autocratic rulers of the artificial Arab states–as long as they show allegiance to the USA.


War against Islam

The main objective of this US-led war against Islam is not to annihilate Islam. It is to dismantle or diminish Islam’s influence on Muslims’ cultural, political, economic, and social life. They allow Muslims to live with the rituals of Islam, but not with the full teachings of Islam. They wish Muslims’ cultural, ideological, and political conversion to the west and to comply with its imperialistic global agenda. President Obama’s current war is not against Russia, China, India, or any other world power. Rather he begs their partnership and cooperation to pursue the agenda of war on Islam. Prof Huntington –the writer of “The Clash of Civilization” advised the same. In response to such a call, the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq received full support from Russia, China, and India. The USA army never fire a single bullet against these countries. But in last 50 years, they fought many wars against Islam and the Muslims. The war is still on-going. Apart from their own war, the USA and its NATO partners also support every war of Israel ­- the worst bully in the Middle East. Russia, China and India also commit the same crime against the Muslims living in these countries. Hence, like Israel’s Gaza invasion, Russia’s war in Chechnya, China’s atrocities against Uyghur Muslims, and India’s occupation of Kashmir did not get any condemnation from the USA and its NATO partners. 

After the collapse of communism, Islam emerged as the only ideological force that presents a viable alternative for the moral, spiritual, cultural, economic, and political ills of mankind. It is the only surviving Divine Truth –in fact, the continuation of the same monotheistic faith that was promoted by all prophets of the Divine chain –starting from Adam (peace be upon me) to Muhammad (peace be upon me).  A Muslim has a religious obligation only to practice this Divine Truth. Any compromise on this premise or deviation from the assigned responsibility can only bring the demise of his own belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such a compromise or deviation only amounts to treason against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Therefore, the religious obligation makes a Muslim life-long defender of the Divine faith. He considers his politics, intellectualism, and war as important instruments of fulfilling such Divine obligation. Hence, wherever Islam exists in its prophetic form, there also exist millions of its defenders. Hence the enemies of Islam cannot go unchallenged in any of the Muslim lands.

Islam enters into a Muslim’s heart not only with a format of five-time prayers, month-long fasting, hajj, and zakat. It presents a comprehensive Divine prescription that reconstructs every sphere of human life.  Politics, education, culture, socio-economy, warfare, or other issues of life don’t stay outside Islam’s domain. Jihad comes in their midst as the natural outcome. Jihad is Islam’s defensive arm. Since the enemies of Islam want a cakewalk over the Muslim lands, they do not like the combative mood of the Muslims. They call it political Islam. Since they want an overwhelming dominance on the Muslim land, they want their full surrender -not only in political, economic, and military fields but also in cultural and ideological domains. This is why in surrendered land, the practice of jihad and Islamic law (shariah) –the two inseparable parts of the Muslim life has no place.


The west’s own radicalism

President Obama and his NATO colleagues showed that they are not ready to reconcile with the Divine obligations of the Muslims. This is the west’s worst form of radicalism. They want to make their own ideas and values dominant even in Muslim lands. Such an aggressive attitude of the NATO countries makes war against Islam inevitable. They ask the Muslims to restrict their practice of Islam only within the premise of prayer mats and mosques. This way they want to keep the political, cultural, judicial, economic, and other areas of the state free from Islam, and to reserve for their own occupation. For the implementation of sharia law, the USA and the NATO partners are not ready to give Muslims any space -even in a predominantly Muslim country. They label it as religious extremism. And any effort for that is described as terrorism. The western scholars –like a mufti, have even started lecturing on the fundamentals of Islam. They claim that the practice of Islam must be restricted only within the premise of private life, and emphasizes that Islam has nothing to do with people’s political, educational, cultural, or economic life. They label such limited practice of Islam within the confines of the mosque and private life as true Islam. They conveniently forget that Muhammad (peace be upon him) –the prophet of Islam was not only a religious head, but also the head of the Islamic State for ten years. Along with building mosques, he also organized numerous jihad against the enemies. He did not confine the practice of his faith in his private life, rather made it the state policy. The law he implemented in the Islamic state, was nothing else but the Qur’anic law -called sharia. The Muslims of all ages possess no other superior mission or objective but to follow the same prophetic tradition. Only this way a Muslim man or woman can claim to be a true follower of Islam and its great Prophet (peace be upon him) and becomes a part of the Ummah. Otherwise, he or she becomes a deviant from the true path (siratul mustaqeem).

The west ignores the crucial fact that Islam cannot be truly practiced without the full implementation of the prophetic traditions. The practice of sharia and jihad is an indispensable part of that. An iota of non-compliance to prophetic tradition is indeed the deviation from true Islam. With such derailment, a Muslim becomes an enemy against his own faith and register his place in the hellfire. This is the core teaching of Islam. But the west doesn’t want that Muslims should practice such fundamental beliefs of Islam in even a Muslim land. They like to see the deviants taking full control. They wish that the Muslims should comply with the Western ideas, lifestyle, and world order, not with the prophetic Islam. Adherence to prophetic tradition is labeled as extremism and backwardness. While denying the Muslims the right of practising Islam in their own country, the western arrogance goes to the extent that they are desperate to take their own cultural and ideological frontiers inside the heart of the Muslim lands. They demand that the Muslim countries should have opened borders for the unfettered practice of Western law, their economics, their culture, their values, and even homosexuality and same-sex marriage. What could be the worst cultural and ideological imperialism than that? Can Muslims swallow such non-Muslims’ interference in their own affairs? Does Islam allow that? Can Islam survive amidst such cultural, ideological, and political occupation? To encounter such occupation, Islam prescribes its own weapon -the obligatory jihad for all believing man. Thus, the incompatibility of western extremism with Islam makes a perfect recipe for unending war in almost all Muslim lands.  Indeed, such a war against Islam is already ongoing in many parts of the Muslim World.


The Islamic obligation

Allah Sub’hana Wa Ta’ala reveals, “He it is Who has sent His Apostle with the guidance and the true religion, that He may make it overwhelming over all other faiths –although the polytheist may not like it.” –(Sura Saf, verse 9). Such revelation came three times in the Holy Qur’an. Allah Sub’hana Wa Ta’ala’s own vision thus gets fully expressed. Such a revelation gives a clear message to every believing man and woman that the Qur’anic teachings are not for mere recitation but for full implementation. A Muslim thus gets his life-long vision, mission, and objective from such Qur’anic guidance. Muslims’ politics, preaching, educational policy, judicial policy, war, and all sacrifices become a vehicle for that. With such a Divine vision, Islam emerged as the most powerful civilizational force from the very beginning. It played the most significant role in the whole history of mankind to change its course. It could go beyond the ethnic, linguistic, geographic boundary; and within a short period of time, could take millions of people of Asia, Africa, and Europe out of darkness (jaheliyah) towards the Divine light. In Muslims’ life, the source of inspiration to make a huge sacrifices in bringing such a civilizational change indeed lies in Allah Sub’hana Wa Ta’ala’s revelation. The Muslims are faith-bound to comply with such a vision of their own Lord and execute the prescribed role.

But the west does not show any sign of reconciliation with such a Muslim vision. So, the problem lies with the west. Their denial of Muslim’s right to the full practice of Islam with its sharia gives birth to the clash of civilizations between the west and the Muslims. As long as the west is stubborn in its attitude of non-reconciliation with such a core belief of Islam, there is no chance of cessation of this ongoing civilizational war. Surrender is not an option for the Muslims; such a surrender is tantamount only to betrayal against Allah’s expressed wish. Such a betrayal leads only to hellfire.

Hence, as long as Muslims remain faithful to Allah Sub’hana Wa Ta’ala and His Qur’anic revelation, the war may only change its frontiers but it will continue unabated. The west’s problem lies in their own ignorance. They have fully failed to understand Islam’s core beliefs and Muslims’ binding obligation. These are the red lines that a Muslim can never cross. Due to such ignorance, their dealing with the Muslims is very wrong, humiliating, and provocative. They appreciate even homosexuals for their aberrant sexual orientation and practice but are not ready to permit Muslims to practice shariah –the Divine law that was practiced in Muslim countries in the whole span of their history till the colonial occupation. What an arrogance that they even label such core beliefs of Islam as backwardness, barbarity, and terrorism, and target them for total destruction! What can be more insulting to Muslims than such toxic vilification of their faith? The USA’s arrogance is not only in its insistence on the sustenance of its dominance over a unipolar world but also for singular world order and value system -which never happened in the whole span of human history.  


The NATO strategy

For its ongoing war against Islam, the USA and the NATO members have their own strategy. Apart from its 28 formal member states, this anti-Islamic axis has thousands of informal members and partners. These informal members and partners are playing a crucial role in their fight against Islam. The war of ideas doesn’t have any clear-cut battleground and frontline. It runs through every land and takes place in the intellectual premise of every man and woman. It is truly global. Any man or woman who does not comply with western morality, values, and world order is considered a potential threat against the west. The Islamists are well known for such non-compliance and hence become the real target.  In the USA and in many NATO countries, close monitoring of these Islamists and their detention in cages is a routine phenomenon. Hence infamous prison at Guantanamo Bay finds enough reasons to survive and proliferate. Hence the US bombs, drones, and missiles were dropped not only on war fields but also on caves, mountains, houses,  and madrasas in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. In fact, wherever they find a religious scholar or activist preaching Islamic ideas with a view of the implementation of sharia become a preferred target.  

The so-called international world order is indeed the work of the western colonial power for their own interest. It has been designed to assign Muslim countries a vassal state-like status. To make such status a permanent feature of the Muslim world, the western imperialists needed to divide the Muslim heartland into 22 Arab states. The defensive power of a country diminishes with the decrease of its size; hence, dividing a Muslim country has been a definite strategy of crashing the Muslims’ backbone. To stop the emergence of any Muslim state as a global power, such a fragmentation process is still ongoing. Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan –these larger Muslim states have been fragmented as a part of the same project. If the countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, and UAE achieve per capita income 1000 times more than that of the USA, that will not change their status of a vassal state. When Obama and his NATO colleagues tell about defending the international order, he means to defend such divisions of the Muslim world. They are not ready to give a Muslim country the right to merge with another. They will not allow any Muslim country to increase its territory by a single inch. Saddam Hussain was a beloved man of the west. He was supplied with weapons of mass destruction –even chemical bombs to kill his own people or Iranians. The west was very happy as long as he was engaged in killing his fellow Muslims. But when he tried to increase the territory of Iraq by annexing Kuwait, he became the enemy of the west. Since he crossed the red line set by the west, NATO decimated the whole of Iraq.


Sustenance of occupation is the strategy

The Muslim countries have already been the occupied land of the west in one form or another. The colonial occupation has ended. But the cultural, educational, economic, and ideological occupation still exists. Due to such foreign occupation, the Muslims cannot practice their own faith in their own land. Neither can they merge together into a larger state. Dividing walls in the name of artificial states have turned their undivided land into a collection of virtual prison cells. Like the prisoners, they cannot help each other either. Hence, while the people of Gaza were bombed by the Israelis, the dwellers of the prison state of Egypt could not open gates to receive the injured Muslims brothers. For the same reason, initially, the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar could not get ready access to Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh needed to be pressurised for that.

It is a great shame on Muslims that sharia –the Qur’anic laws are outlawed in almost all Muslim countries. As a result, more than one and a half billion Muslims cannot practice Allah’s obligatory commandments. What can be a bigger betrayal of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la than such non-compliance? In the early days, when the Muslims were not more than a few thousand in the village of Medina, but the situation was not so helpless. They could enjoy the privilege to practice full Islam. The absence of sharia in Muslim countries is a colonial and post-colonial phenomenon. Before the colonial era, the Muslims had autocrats but could practice sharia. Such non-compliance with sharia is indeed restricting them from becoming full Muslim, thereby forbids them from getting His full mercy.

To sustain such a status quo, the USA and its NATO allies want to maintain such occupation at any cost. To minimize the cost of occupation, they have developed partnerships with the dictatorial regimes of the Muslim states. These autocratic regimes, too, need western support for their own survival. Thus there works a framework of mutual collaboration between them. This is why the west promotes and protects autocracy in the Muslim World. Hence, the removal of the elected President Dr. Muhammad Morsi and the military took over in Egypt receives so applause in the western capitals. When President Obama talked about defending the ideas and the world order, indeed he meant defending this occupation. 1st edition 06/04/2014; 2nd edition 16/08/2021

The twenty-first-century crusade and the internal crusaders  

 Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The crusaders: external and internal         

The Muslim World now faces the most crucial war in its history. It is the US-led coalition’s crusade on Islam. While launching a war on Iraq in 2003, the former US President George W. Bush formally announced it as a crusade. Crusade has its own historical implication and legacy. It isn’t a single state’s war against a single Muslim state. It is indeed the Christian World’s combined civilizational war on Muslims. Like the previous crusades, the current one, too, is joined by many Christian countries. The medieval crusades were limited to military occupation and genocide in Jerusalem and in the surrounding areas. There was not a single Muslim collaborator in their midst. But the current crusade has many; they are indeed the internal crusaders.

The ongoing crusade has two forms. Firstly, a crusade by the external enemies. It runs in the form of direct military occupation, genocide, long-term confinement of Muslim defenders in Guantanamo bay-like prisons, torture, mental colonization, educational and cultural engineering. It bombes cities to rubbles drives people out of their homes and drops bombs on wedding and funeral gatherings –as committed many times in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is multi-national and multi-dimensional. Therefore, the USA had more than 50 countries as partners in its occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya are the worst victims of these external crusaders. Secondly, a crusade run by the internal enemies. It also causes brutal occupation, massacres, torture, forced disappearances, extrajudicial murders, dissolution of rule of law, and annihilation of basic human rights. Egypt, Syria, Bangladesh, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and many others are the most awful victims of this second form of a crusade. Both forms of crusades possess the same objective: it is to block the resurgence of Islam and to eliminate those who want to practice Prophet (peace be upon him)’s Islam that entails Islamic state, shura, sharia, hudud, jihad, and pan-Islamic unity.

Like the external enemies, the internal enemies, too, use tanks, artillery guns, machine guns, and helicopter gunships to kill unarmed civilians. On 14 August 2013, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi rolled tanks and heavy artillery guns on the streets of Cairo to massacre more than two thousand unarmed protestors at Rabaa al-Adawiya square. In that carnage, about 4 thousand people were injured. And those who survived were taken to prisons. The Syrian crusader Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons many times to kill innocent men, women, and children. On the night of 5 May 2013, hundreds of innocent street protestors were massacred by the Army of Bangladesh to protect the fascist regime of Sheikh Hasina. Artillery guns and machine guns were used against the unarmed people. Democracy, free press, rule of law, and basic human rights have no place in these occupied countries. Thousands of people are languishing in jails in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States only for expressing their independent views. Expressing political opinions is a punishable crime in those countries.


Crimes against democracy

Both the external and internal enemies have special enmity against democracy. They cooperate with each other to kill the democratic rights of the people. To block the democratic process in Algeria, a coup d’état cum genocide against Islamists was engineered in 1991. Because the winning party in the election was the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). The emerging election victory of the Islamists brought brutal wrath on them. The election victory of Hamas in 2006 was also undone by the same anti-Islamic global coalition. These western imperialists didn’t recognize the victory of Hamas. Whereas, the former US President Jimmy Carter –the leading member of the international monitoring team told that the election was fair and transparent.

Now there remains a little doubt about the USA-led coalition’s zero-tolerance against the election victory of the Islamists in any part of the world. This is why the Army’s coup d’état against Dr. Mohammad Morsi –the first elected President of Egypt was supported by the US-led imperialists’ camp. Now, the autocratic suspension of parliament in Tunisia –the birth place of Arab spring receives applause in the same circle. Now the imperialists’ camp making a lot of noise that the Taleban fighters are taking control of Afghanistan without any popular mandate. Did the USA take control of Afghanistan in 2001 and of Iraq in 2003 with any popular mandate? Even if Taleban gets the popular mandate in any election, will these western imperialists give them legitimacy? History shows, they have no love for democracy. They have love only for their hegemony. If they have any love for democracy, why didn’t they support the election victory of Islamist Hamas in Palestine in 2006? Why did they put an embargo on the formation of government by Hamas? Why didn’t they support Dr. Mohammad Morsi -the first elected President of Egypt against General Abdel Fatah Sisi’s military coup in 2012? And why did they cooperate with the Army leaders who made coup d’état to obstruct the election victory of the Islamist FIS in Algeria in 1991? Their policies and behavior indeed exposed their ugly mockery of democracy and human rights. Truly, even the first Islamic State under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t get international legitimacy. The contemporary World Powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires tried their best to annihilate the Islamic State in its formative days. Legitimacy was established only by prevailing over the enemies in wars. Taleban has taken the same path. The crusaders –both external and internal have a strong distaste for that.


The crime of silence and inaction

The crimes of the US-led imperialists abound everywhere. Destruction of cities, deaths of innocents, eviction of people from homes are the outcomes of every US occupation. In corridors of crimes, silence is itself a crime of appeasing the criminals. Such silence encourages them to commit more crimes. But surprisingly, the criminal silence prevails all over the world. Even the UNO stays mum. Whereas, in two World Wars, none of the warring countries was so heavily bombed –as the enemies bombed Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and Palestine. The native population was never evicted in such a huge number as done in those countries. The USA-phobia keeps the world leaders and people mum. Whereas, for those who can stop crime, their silence and inaction are a major sin in Islam. “Enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” is the Qur’anic assignment for every believing man and woman. Hence, silence is incompatible with the Islamic way of life. Such silence is the policy of morally sick men and women. Such people do not disturb or resist the criminals from doing crimes.

The UNO could quickly stop the war; it is its official duty to do so. But the member of the UN Security Council couldn’t pass even a single resolution to condemn such genocidal war crimes, let alone stop them. No amount of barrel bombs, chemical bombs, cluster bombs could break the passionate inaction of this world body. So, the ugly war crimes continue. By inaction, the UN becomes an accomplice in the crimes. There is a discernible reason for such inaction of the UN against wars in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. It doesn’t enjoy its own independence.


The captive UNO

The UNO itself stands captive. Its governing body –the Security Council, stands under the full occupation of the established war criminals. They fought two World Wars and committed unprecedented crimes in both wars. The UNO is a post-World War II creation. Hence, it is the product of a psyche loaded with pathological greed for global hegemony. These warring parties showed their teeth of barbarity by killing more than 75 million people only in two World Wars. The USA –the most powerful member of the club set a new record of barbarity by dropping two nuclear bombs on two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that instantly burnt to death alive about 140, 000 people. For that worst crime in human history, the USA didn’t face any punishment or condemnation. Rather, it becomes part of the US values –duly practiced in the occupied countries. Former President George W. Bush described the 9/11 event as an attack on those values. The UNO came into being only to sustain the newly gained supremacy of the winning parties in World War II. The winning countries like the USA, the Socialist Soviet Union of Russia (USSR), the UK, France, and China secured the veto-owning permanent status in the Security Council. The majority of the world population was kept out of this most powerful international body.

It has been claimed that the main purpose of UNO’s creation is to protect the world from further wars and to promote peace globally. But the history proves otherwise. The veto-owning countries proved to be the key promoters of wars across the world –sometimes by direct wars of invasions and sometimes by wars by the proxies. How the UNO can stop a war while most of the bombs, drones, and missiles are made and dropped by the five permanent members of the Security Council. The UNO indeed proves that it has been created only to protect the domineering interest of the big powers. This is why it can’t even condemn the most grotesque war crimes of the client states. As a result, Russia could flatten Grozny and annex Crimea, the USA could bomb Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria and China could put more than a million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps without facing protest in the UNO. And Israel –a USA protégé doesn’t face any condemnation for its unfettered crimes of the occupation, ethnic cleansing, illegal settlement colonization, and bombing campaigns in Gaza. The strangulation of the UNO by the warmongering stakeholders only could lead to its moral death. The moral death of the UNO is so much pronounced even on formative days that it couldn’t find any ethical problem in giving recognition to the illegal creation of Israel on the occupied land of the local Arabs. Nor did it find any immorality to give prompt legality to the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even after two destructive World Wars, the warring countries like the USA, the UK, Russia, France, and China didn’t exhaust their appetite to commit more crimes. The post-World War occupations and genocides in Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Xinxiang, Algeria, and many other countries give convincing testimony to that. Because of its own captivity and moral death, the UNO couldn’t do anything for the people under the foreign occupation. The USA’s own immorality is so horrible that its army personnel in recent years embraced the Kurdish YPG terrorists in Syria as partners in war. Whereas, they are known as terrorists even by the US administration for years. To demonstrate the alignment with YPG Marxist terrorists, during their stay in Syria, the USA army personnel wore the Marxist-Leninist emblem. It is clear that the anti-Islamic obsession has unfettered the US policymakers from any moral inhibition. Hence, they are ready to embrace any tyrant thugs like killer Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, the Saudi King, Sheikhs of the Gulf States, and the YPG terrorists as partners in their crusade against Islam.    

The global epidemic of immorality

Immorality is no less virulent and epidemic than a physical disease like Covid-19. Because of its epidemic spread and virulence, immorality can be an integral part of the dominant culture and values. This is why the immorality of Pharaoh badly affected the Egyptian common people. As a result, they could become a party to brutal crimes against the people of Israel. They could kill the Jewish males and enslave the females. The moral immorality of the West European rulers and colonizers infected so much the common people that they could fully engage in enslaving the Africans and genocidal ethnic cleansing of Red Indians in the USA, Aborigine in Australia, and Maoris in New Zealand. Adolf Hitler’s moral ill-health also could infect the common Germans. Therefore, they didn’t face any moral inhibition to become feeders of the gas chambers with Jews. However, in modern days, the moral death is not confined within the imperialists’ either. Most leaders of the Muslim countries also suffer from similar moral death. Hence, they stand shoulder to shoulder with the imperialists in the crusade against Islam and Muslims. Because of moral death, they stay silent on the USA’s war of occupation and genocidal crimes –as if they have no role to stop the ongoing brutalities.    

In all ages, it has been the popular culture of evil forces to rejoice deaths and destruction in the occupied lands. Such enemy practices are not new in the Muslim lands. In recent times, the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq have seen the dancing perpetrators of such crimes on their streets. The US soldiers made a lot of fun by making pyramids by the naked bodies of the captive Iraqis. Such a practice tells a lot about moral ill-health. It is indeed the culture of the medieval Christian crusaders who did a genocidal war in Palestine. Whereas, Muslims exhibited a different culture. The infidels of Makkah or the Christians of Jerusalem didn’t feel even the slightest horror of war when the cities were taken over by the Muslims. Not a single man was killed while Jerusalem came under Muslim rule. But the Muslims of Jerusalem had a full blood bath when it was taken by the crusaders. That happened, too, to the Muslims of Spain by the hands of the Christian conquerors. It was a total cleansing of Muslims and Islam from Spain. The same horror visited many Asian and African countries in the 18th and 19th centuries with the colonial rule of the European imperialists. In the 20th century, it was the joint invasion of the Osmania khilafa that caused the disintegration of the Arab World into 22 pieces and created an illegal state of Israel in their midst by forceful eviction of the natives. Now it is the 21st century’s crusade that has attained a new height of barbarity. Thousands of bombs, drones, and missiles are being dropped on Muslim cities and villages. Such barbarity never happened with any other people on the earth.

The ongoing crusade has its own pathological backdrop. The anti-Muslim hatred of the early crusaders never died out from the psyche of the European Christians. It was replayed in the colonial era and re-emerged in 21st century’s western imperialism. Later on, its severity got amplified by anti-Islamic virulence. Even a small headscarf of a Muslim schoolgirl becomes an object of severe hate and distaste. In such a milieu, a crusade gets popularity. Hence the popularity of US President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair jumped high when a crusade was declared against Iraq. However, in the Muslim World, the ongoing crusade has a different face. An individual western country like the USA no more works alone there like a lone predator. They form a global coalition. Therefore, in the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the USA was not alone. More than 60 countries joined as partners –as was claimed by John Kerry, the former US Secretary of State.


The status quo of occupation

The imperialists have their own agenda in the occupation of the Muslim countries. The natural resources and the strategic importance of the Arab World have attracted more enemies than friends. If a rich man stays weak, invites robbers. That has exactly happened with the resource-reach Arab World. Now the robbers have made military bases in their midst. A watchdog-state like Israel has been established in the heart of the Arab World to keep a constant eye on them. Now the whole Arab World stays under their rudder. The imperialists have indeed established a status quo of occupation in the Arab World. Multiple military bases, naval fleets, bomber planes, and drones are stationed there to sustain the status quo. The medieval crusaders had to go, but the new crusaders plan to stay.

The imperialists cum crusaders find their security interest in every oil field, gas field, cotton field, waterway, and most importantly even in the Islamic belief of the Muslims. In order to protect such self-declared security interest, they claim they have the right to declare any war or pre-emptive strike against any country or city in any part of the Muslim world. On such self-manufactured pretext, the US invaded and destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq. The mission of destruction didn’t stop there. Syria, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, and many more countries were added to the list. Any resistance to such imposed war of aggression is called terrorism.  And any Islamic resurgence to go back to the prophetic Islam of an Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, and jihad is perceived as a threat to their security interest. This is their concocted narratives on Islam and Muslims. So, Muslims are being bombed to restrict their Islamic belief and practice. Both the USA and Russia are bombing people to force them surrendering to their hegemony -as Israel is practicing since its illegal creation in 1948.


The status quo of containment

The leaders of the imperialist camps have no quarrel with the brutal killers in the regions like General Abdul Fattah al Sisi of Egypt, the Saudi King, Sheikhs of the Gulf States, and other autocrats. Although they dropped thousands of bombs on innocent civilians but never used a single stone against them. On the contrary, they have forged a close coalition with these killer regimes to pursue a common agenda. The common agenda entails the status quo of autocratic rule, keeping intact the divisive walls in the Arab World, prohibition of basic human rights, obstruction of democracy, and non-implementation of Islamic obligations like an Islamic state, sharia, khilafa, jihad, hudud, and the Muslim unity. Such status quo is indeed the needed infrastructure to keep the Muslim ummah weak, defeated, occupied and away from Prophet (peace be upon him)’s Islam. It is indeed the status quo of contentment of Islam and Muslims. So far, it has shown its full effectiveness in preventing the resurgence of Islam and Muslims as a global power. This is why the anti-Islamic global coalition is very keen to do everything to give sustenance to this status quo. Any attempt to dismantle any element of it is considered a threat to their so-called security interest. They call it a threat to global stability. So the concurrent wars of the various imperialists have become a global war on Islam and Muslims. It is also the war of their own survival as the world’s dominant power.

It is a common strategy of the imperialists to put some humanitarian façades to hide the real intention. After the occupation of Afghanistan, such a façade were the state building, institution building, education, women’s rights, and democracy promotion projects. But how humanitarian causes could be served by dropping bombs, drones, and missiles on the civilian population? They have already displayed their intention by flattening cities, killing men, women, and children, and igniting ethnic feuds. They have poisoned even the innocent environment of the occupied land. The US Air Force dropped depleted uranium and other toxic chemicals on Iraqi cities and villages. Thus they have polluted the soils and water so badly that it will take generations to produce healthy foods and vegetables there –as reported by many international experts. As an outcome of such US crimes, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children are born with birth defects or cancer. The intensity of destruction is unparalleled in whole human history. In Iraq and Syria, the number of war-related deaths has been almost 7 times higher than the deaths by nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, the US barbarity has indeed attained an unprecedented new high. And the killing still continues. This way, the US reveals its own moral death. Only with such moral death, the people in the White House, in the US Congress, and in the media could celebrate such colossal barbarity in Iraq and Afghanistan as “mission accomplished”.

However, in most Muslim countries, the US-led imperialists could also find people with the same moral death to take as partners. Hence, they could readily forge a coalition with them. Therefore, while USA bombers dropped bombs on Muslim cities and villages, they didn’t call it the US bombings. Rather, they labeled it as coalition bombings. It is quite common that even a brutal killer gets plenty of love from his domesticated pets. In the Muslim countries, the imperialists invested heavily to raise such pets with no moral entity. The British did it successfully during their colonial era through its mind-manipulating education system. Hence when the British Army occupied Iraq and Palestine in 1917, most of its soldiers were such pets growing up in the colonies. More than a million domesticated Arabs also joined the British, the French, and the Italian Armies. In most Muslim countries, such a corrupt system still continues. This is indeed the educational, cultural, and ideological engineering projects of the enemies. The prime object of these projects is to produce mercenaries for the enemies. This is why in most of the Muslim countries, there is no shortage of such peoples who love fighting shoulder to shoulder with the foreign occupiers and kill their own people. Hence, thousands of such people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and many other Muslim countries joined the US-led war. Now in Afghanistan, millions of such people are ready to leave the country.


The new power equation

Russia and the US were known for mutual enmity for ages. In the post-World War era, they couldn’t stay on the same side of any war. They were the enemies in the Korean and Vietnam wars. They were engaged in the Cold War for about half a century. But now they stand together against the Muslims. To truncate the body of Muslim Ummah, the Russian and the Americans work together as the two cutting blades of the same scissors. The US and its partners have a lot of anguish against Russia’s role in Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia, and many other countries; and have imposed an economic embargo on Moscow. But the USA is quite happy with Russia’s role in Syria since it is killing the Islamists and destroying the Syrian cities. Such a Russian role exactly fit into the strategic frame of the US-led crusade. As a consequence, the USA and its partners have even developed a close partnership with Russia to encounter any Islamic resurgence in the Muslim World. They have mutually divided the field of operation in the Muslim land to kill the common targets. And no one enters into another’s domain of crime. Hence when the Russian Army raged the Chechen city of Grozny to the ground and committed a massacre there, Vladimir Putin received a warm welcome in the USA and other western capitals. The Russian Air Force bombed Syria and the USA did the same in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each enjoys the support of the other. They destroyed the cities, villages, roads, houses, and highways indiscriminately and showed no restraint in bombing even the hospitals, mosques, schools, and marketplaces. Most parts of the cities like Ramadi, Tikrit, Kobani, Homs, and Hama are razed to the ground. The Russian jets are dropping massive bombs on historical cities of Syria like Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Palmyra, and many others. Such anti-Muslim global unity of the imperialists is a new phenomenon in the so-called Clash of Civilisation –as was postulated by Professor Huntington in his book. Islamic resurgence in any form and in any part of the world is perceived as a threat to western civilization. But in such a war against Islam, only the Muslims stand divided.


Collaboration with the killers

Promoting peace and tranquillity in Muslim World has never been the aim of these neo-imperialists cum neo-crusaders. They are interested only to prolong their political, ideological, and cultural occupation. They can achieve that goal only through the collaboration of the local clients and de-empowerment of the people. Hence they forge close partnerships with autocratic killers to keep people away from the corridor of power. Therefore to kill democracy and basic human rights of the people, the USA gives 1.3 billion dollars to General Sisi of Egypt, and Russia supplies arms to Bashar al Assad of Syria.  President Bashar al Assad has killed more than 300 thousand people and driven out more than 4 million out of Syria. But still couldn’t have any control over the country. The end of the Basher regime in Syria means the end of Russia’s hegemony in the Middle East. So Russia has joined Assad to kill more Syrians and destroy more Syrian cities and villages to protect his oppressive regime.


The moral death: the pathology and symptoms

The Muslim Ummah is in tragic turmoil. It doesn’t owe only to the enemies’ war. The most catastrophic problem is indeed the moral death of Muslims. Physical death has its distinctive signs: the dead man can’t move and respond. But the morally dead people have other sinister symptoms. They can move and respond, but can’t see even the worst crime as crime. Even the ugliest brutality doesn’t touch their heart. Before Islam, because of moral death, the Arab infidels could bury their daughter alive. And today, most Muslims don’t possess the moral ability to condemn even the killer rulers. Rather, they prefer to live under their tyranny.  

In the Muslim World, the ruling clique, the political leaders, the intellectuals, and the media elites have mostly died a moral death long before. Hence, they can’t see any crime in such wars of invasion.  Therefore, the largest or the second largest, or the third largest anti-war rallies against the US invasion in Iraq didn’t take place in Jakarta, Karachi, Dhaka, Istanbul, or Cairo. It was in London, Rome, and Paris. It is most unlikely that the morally dead people will ever recognize the worst crimes of the criminals. This is why there is no shortage of intellectuals, religious scholars, imams, and academics in any Muslim country to support the rule of brutal tyrants. They even fail to appreciate the Greatness of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Nor do they see the beauty of His revealed Truth. They even fail to find their own heroes. They fail to recognize the self-sacrificing Muslim heroes who fight the foreign occupiers. Due to such moral death, the people like Nimrod, Pharaoh, Abu Jehel, Abu Lahab couldn’t see even the best attributes of their contemporary great prophets. With such moral death, can they fight the crusaders?

The moral death of Muslims owes to an awful invasive pathology. Men and women attain their moral highness not for physical height, but for moral height. For that, it is indispensable to acquire the Divine knowledge -revealed only to the prophets. It is the only food for the soul. The Holy Qur’an still exists as the final and the most accurate source of such food. About 14 hundred and fifty years ago, the early Muslims could attain the climax of moral health only because of the Qur’anic knowledge. But now the Muslims are on severe starvation of Qur’anic knowledge. Hence the pathology leads to moral death.

Such starvation of souls owes to the long colonial rule of the kuffar imperialists and the rule of home-grown brutal autocrats. They didn’t have any love or any interest to ensure the Divine food for souls. Rather, they did everything to keep Muslims away from that. They advised people to take the Holy Qur’an only as a book of mere recitation, and not for understanding. As a result, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s Holy Sermon couldn’t get access to their souls. Satan doesn’t fail to identify its enemy. In this regard, the colonialists, the secularists, and the autocrats don’t fail either. They know that the Qur’anic knowledge and the prophetic tradition make people incompatible with the un-Islamic rule –irrespective of colonial or home-grown autocratic brand. This is why the tyrants find no support from people with virtue and morality. Hence the open roads for moral collapse. That is through obstructing the Qur’anic education. Most Muslim rulers follow the same road. As a result, the moral deaths have been so massive and so epidemic in the Muslim world. It has turned more than one and half a billion Muslims spineless silent watchers of the worst crimes against Islam and Muslims. Worst of all, millions of these Muslims have turned into collaborators of the imperialists.

The war of aggression is the ugliest crime of humans on the earth. Crimes of the beastly animals are no match to it. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, torturing people, stealing wealth, and destruction of cities, villages, and houses are the parts of it. The US-led coalition of the imperialists stands unparalleled in such crimes. Unsurprisingly, the people with moral death fail to condemn such crimes. Such war crimes stand beyond the scope and imagination of an ordinary murderer. Those imperialists who could kill more than 75 million people in two World Wars, drop nuclear bombs, raze thousands of cities to the ground and killed more than a million in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other countries can only commit and relish such crimes. Only the people with moral death can approve and rejoice such crimes of the criminals.

But moral death has become so much pervasive that even war criminals get huge support all over the world. A group of weak people can’t challenge or condemn a coalition of powerful bullies. Exactly such a situation has overwhelmed world politics. Hence, instead of condemning, most world leaders support the USA occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 60 countries send soldiers to sustain the invasion. Whereas Islam sets an altogether different binding principle. Opposing, condemning, and eradicating crime is not mere politics, it is a religious obligation. For a Muslim, enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong is a lifelong mission (a’maru bil ma’ruf wa nehi anil mukar) –as has been assigned by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in the Holy Qur’an. So, it is forbidden (harm) to be a partner or supporter of a criminal. But it is a mind-boggling reality that those who are the partners of enemies’ invasions and war crimes in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other countries are not the known infidels. They are people with Muslim names. It indeed exposes the extent of calamity caused by moral deaths in Muslims.


The aftermath of moral death

Physical death puts an end to all abilities of a man. He can’t do any good deed; nor can he commit any crime. Moral death doesn’t reduce physical strength. Rather, it enhances the potentials to commit crimes on a cataclysmic scale. All the catastrophic wars, World Wars, ethnic cleansing, and genocides are the works of the people with moral ill-health or moral death. With moral death or moral ill-health, people even with sound physical health eulogize the worst war crimes of the warmongering leaders. This is why those who dropped nuclear bombs didn’t face any condemnation in the USA. In such a milieu of immorality, even a tyrant autocrat can raise a huge genocidal army. So, Adolf Hitler of Germany could raise a huge army and could run gas chambers. And Joseph Stalin of Soviet Russia could commit a huge number of political executions and run thousands of concentration camps. Due to the same moral collapse, the USA didn’t need any animals to drop nuclear bombs.

Since the people with moral health never support and engage in war crimes, imperialists and brutal despots never like them. They also make no mistake to understand that the people with healthy morality are the perpetual enemies against their tyrannical rule. Hence they restrict people’s Islamic or moral upbringing. So they restrict the Qur’anic teaching.  Secularisation and de-Islamisation are the two-prong strategies for that. In all ages, such criminal despots stood as the worst enemy of the prophets. Now they stand against Islam and the followers of Islam. To precipitate such moral collapse of men and women, they spread poisonous lies that kill moral conscience. The modern propaganda machinery spread such lies massively. As a result, moral death becomes a wild epidemic. In such a corruptive milieu, truth faces resistance and criminals get popularity.  This is why Adolf Hitler was a popular figure in Germany. For the same reason, the war criminals like US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair –who launched a genocidal war in Iraq on a false pretext, stayed popular. They could get elected for the second term.  


The stern reality

The morally dead people never come to the street to protest or raise any concern against brutalities. The war criminals and the man slaughtering autocrats are very happy with these morally dead people. They call them law-abiding good citizens. And the Islamists those who protest against the crimes are labeled as terrorist. The absence of protest against tyranny is indeed a sure indicator of the moral death of people. The bodies of these people become the coffin of their dead souls. Such people kept tongue-tied silence when thousands of bombs were dropped on the defenseless people of Iraq and Syria by the USA and Russia. The moral degradation has gone so worse globally that the worst war crimes are now endorsed as collateral damage –especially if committed by the winning war criminals.

It is a huge shame on the UNO that the worst war criminals of human history are not put on trial. In an abundance of such unpunished killers, how peace can be attained in the world? The world has turned into a perfect jungle. Here, like a man-eating tiger of a jungle, the powerful criminal enjoys full impunity for its worst crimes. If the USA drops a dozen of nuclear bombs on Muslim cities, still will enjoy the full impunity –as enjoyed previously! None on the earth has the ability to punish such a criminal. The deaths and destruction that are committed by the USA in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria have already surpassed the brutality caused by nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the USA still stands unpunished! The genocidal killers of the medieval crusades also remained unpunished. So the legacy of the old crusade still survives. This is the stern reality that Muslims face today. 15/08/2021.

The cost of independence and the evils of surrender

Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The most costly enterprise

Freedom or independence has never been attained free of cost. It is indeed the most costly entitlement in human life. It needs the sacrifice of wealth and life and also the investment of physical and intellectual abilities to enjoy independence. Those who can’t afford it, can’t enjoy it. One and half million Algerians needed to sacrifice their lives to attain independence from the French colonial occupation. More than 2 million Afghans had to sacrifice their lives to get freedom from the Soviet and the American occupation. The battle still continues. The people of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Arakan (Rakhine state in Myanmar) still continue to sacrifice for the same cause. Thus it proves that freedom is very costly. Whereas, mere physical survival like plants, insects and animals doesn’t cost too much.

Surrender to slavery is as easy as walking downhill or floating with a high tide. Such slavery may provide the provision of physical survival but takes away the liberty to live with cherished vision, mission, objectives and ideology. Since Islam has its political, cultural, educational and ideological agenda, can’t be fully practised in captivity. This is why slavery to the enemies is incompatible with Islam. Then, it becomes impossible for a Muslim to live like a true Muslim. It is living like a fish out of water. A Muslim needs to fulfil not only the survival needs, but also his ideological, political, educational, cultural, and spiritual needs. The Qur’anic road map for an Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and many other obligatory Islamic prescriptions can never be pursued in captivity. It needs bigger space fully free from the enemy occupation. So, in Islam, it is a big and non-negotiable issue to safeguard the independence of a Muslim state. As per prophetic narrative, working for a moment as a frontier vigilante is more important than spending the whole night in nafl prayer.

Such independence can never be earned by surrendering to the occupation of the native or foreign enemies. The enemy forces fight wars only to impose their own rule. They implement their own political, ideological and cultural agenda. They recruit mercenaries from the native Muslims only to enforce their own agenda. The case of the Arab World and Bangladesh gives ample evidence. The Arab nationalists conspired with the British and the French forces to disintegrate Osmania Caliphate on a false promise of independence from Osmania rule. But, they didn’t get independence, rather earned the colonial rule of the British and the French. The imperialists imposed not only an exploitative colonial rule but also fragmentation of the Arab World into 22 states. For each fragment, they installed a tyrant as the ruler –accountable only to them. They also gave birth to an illegitimate state of Israel as a military watchdog state in the Arab World. The case of the Bengali nationalists is no less awful either. In 1971, these anti-Islamists invited the ever-ready Indian Army to get East Pakistan separated from former united Pakistan. Instead of independence, Bangladesh earned a subjugated status under Indian dominance. The military occupation in 1971 helped India to install stooges in the political, cultural, military and intellectual arenas of Bangladesh. Now the pro-Indian fascists rule the country.   

As a war of independence, sustenance of independence is also highly expensive. It needs combative men, money and weapons. It needs the necessary geopolitical potentials. Moreover, the people must have a strong appetite for freedom. They need to stand united. A state can’t sustain its independence at the enemy’s mercy. If there isn’t any power of defence, there is no independence. To enhance the defence capability of a state, it needs to educate and empower people. Freedom is the most valued higher human attribute. Only the people with education, dignity and higher esteem need truly understand its worth. It is the most distinctive marker of people with higher motives and values. For those who possess civilizational vision, mission and objective, freedom is indispensable. Otherwise, their lives become a total failure. Hence, they fight for freedom and even die for freedom. Since Islam instils a civilizational goal in its followers, freedom for a Muslim is crucial. In captivity, he can’t exercise his ability to promote Islam’s civilizational goal. He needs a conducive state to practice his faith. This is why the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had to fight for an Islamic state and he sat on its driving seat. He fought war after war for its defence. It was indeed the seminal seed for the civilizational growth of the Muslims. The Muslims could emerge as the World Power and give birth to the finest civilisation only because of a conducive Islamic state.


Defence: the highest priority

Those who are not equipped to fight against enemies, indeed build grounds for surrender. It needs a strong infrastructure of defence to stay safe and independent. It needs a strong appetite for that. It must be taken as the most important agenda for survival. Humans face most of the catastrophic calamities not from wild animals, but from humans. All the genocidal killings, economic plunders, and enforced slavery are the works of humans. Hence, it is the most fundamental duty of every man and woman to face those beastly humans. In Islam, it is the best ibada. It is called jihad. In the past, only the spirit of jihad could give protection from imperialist predators. The European colonialists could quickly take over the Asian, African and American lands. It owes not only to the war machinery of these colonialists but to the lack of defence of the native people. So they paid the price for being weak and defenceless. They faced brutal genocidal cleansing. Their wealth was plundered and they were enslaved.

Those who are focused only on eating, drinking and physical survival, may not have an appetite for civilizational growth. They think only about the physical sustenance of foods and drinks. For defence, it needs a big and strong independent state. Living in caves, tents, and small states, people can’t develop a strong defence. In fact, the independence of a state proportionately depends on its size. The countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and UAE may have huge wealth but enjoy little independence. The rulers of these states are dependent on others for their political survival. They heavily pay for that. If the wealth disappears, they will meet the fate of a failed state like today’s Lebanon.

In fact, those who divide into small states like Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE expose their distaste for independence and security. Those who have an iota of interest in independence can’t stay divided into such small states. Such division opens the door to foreign occupation and slavery. The size of Russia’s economy is smaller than that of South Korea. But its political might and independence is equal to the USA. It mainly owes to its huge geographical size and nuclear bombs. So, it is haram (forbidden) in Islam to fragment a Muslim country. Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam encouraged only to expand it. Hence, from day one of the Islamic State, the Muslims were focused to enlarge its political map. It was indeed their high political sagacity that they spread the Islamic state into three continents. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) even advised his companions to take over Constantinople –the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. This was in fact a civilizational necessity. Because of the same sagacity, in 1947, the Bengali Muslims joined Pakistan to constitute the largest Muslim country in the contemporary world. But the politicians with parochial intoxication lost such wisdom, hence wrecked the great country. The weakness of 400 million Arabs indeed owes to their disintegration into 22 states. As a result, the defence capability of 22 Arab states stands much inferior to that of a tiny Israel. Moreover, the division brings the promised punishment from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as warned in verse 105 of Sura Al-Imran. Therefore, the divided Arabs proved to be the recipients of the promised punishment. Israel has become the instrument of such punishment.

For defence, it is crucial to have the most advanced weaponry and the necessary military skills. Without such weaponry, a state easily lose its independence. Such states easily embrace the slavery of bigger states. The US military bases in the Gulf States is an indicator of such slavery. An independent state never allows another state to set a military base on its soil. Awfully, this is the status of most Arab states. Muslims started to lose their independence when they ignored the defence and invested more money in building palaces and amusement. When Bengal fell to the British, Robert Clive –the military Head of British East India Company was amazed seeing the huge treasure of gold and silver of the defeated Nawab Shiraj-ud-Daulah. If such huge wealth was spent to strengthen defence and empower people, the fate would have been much different.


Imposed enemies’ civilizational wars

The enemies’ wars on Islam are not only occupational, in many cases these are civilizational. The usual conventional war takes place between two neighbouring countries, but a civilizational war takes place between people of two different beliefs and civilizations. It doesn’t possess any national boundaries. The countries over the globe get lumped together according to faith and civilizational adherence. The medieval crusades were typical multi-national European civilizational war on Islam. In the modern age, the western imperialists considered their war against Osmania Caliphate as a civilizational war of the Christian World on Islam. It got an explicit display in the Balkan War as well as in World War 1. All major countries of the Christian faith like the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Canada and New Zealand joined the war against the Caliphate. Most of these countries were far away from the Ottoman border, but they joined the war to show their civilizational oneness. Although they live in different countries and continents, they view the Muslim World with one eye and one political perspective. They also celebrated the dissolution of the Caliphate –the political institution of Islam jointly.

In fact, wherever there is a major war against Muslims, it turns into a civilizational war. Then, the polarisation in politics doesn’t remain regional or continental, it becomes global. The players of world politics then divide into two poles: the pole of Islam and the pole of non-Islam. Israel’s war of occupation and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians is an example of a classical civilizational War on Islam. Almost all Christian countries from all over the world support Israel. The Christians consider the Israelis as their close civilizational siblings. Only Ireland is an exception. In 1971, the war against Pakistan –the largest Muslim country in the contemporary world was also a civilizational war. Hence, the polarisation was global. As a result, Hindu India was not alone in that war. The non-Muslims like the Communists (Soviet Russia), Israel, most of the Christian countries, and the non-Muslim media supported India. Although Pakistan was on the US side of the Cold War but suffered an embargo on importing arms from the USA. On the other hand, almost all the Muslim countries supported Pakistan. It is tantamount to violation of the UN law to dismember a country by military force. There wasn’t any plebiscite in favour of the dismemberment of Pakistan. The parliamentary election of 1970 was based on framing a constitution and provincial autonomy and not on the separation of East Pakistan. But the non-Muslim countries became complicit in the crime by either supporting India’s anti-Muslim project or remained deliberately silent. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq has the same civilizational character. More than 45 Christian countries took part in President George W. Bush’s declared crusade on Islam. Except for Turkey –a member of NATO, none of the Muslim countries was a part of the US-led civilizational war. This is indeed the typical level of polarisation of a civilizational war.   


Independent nations and slave nations

The defence spending of a country indeed works as the most accurate indicator to show how much importance it pays to its security, dignity and independence. All people don’t build a big wall around the house. Those who are worried about dignity and security, build it at any cost. The same is true about a nation. All nations don’t live with the same agenda. A slave nation –like a slave man or woman, possesses little esteem or security need. Hence, such a state pays little priority to its defence. The priority of such states mostly gets tied to mere physical survival, at best to get some degree of economic wellbeing even through cajoling the big powers. India had more than 500 such states during the British colonial rule. Whereas an independent nation with a strong sense of security and dignity spends lion’s share of its budget on defence to earn prestige and influence on the world stage. They search for a balance of deterrence. They even compromise their economic wellbeing to build up the defence capability –as buoyantly prioritised by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan that his countrymen would prefer to eat grass but will build nuclear bombs.

The size of the economy of Pakistan is far less than that of Saudi Arabia, but in the field of defence and world politics, it can fight shoulder to shoulder with a seven-time bigger India. And Saudi Arabia can’t win against even a poor country like Yemen. The political and military weight of Pakistan owes to its nuclear weapons and other advanced weaponry. To preserve the status in world politics, the USA spends trillions of dollars to strengthen the defence and almost continuously fight wars all over the world. For a similar reason, all men and women of Israel take military training. Israel has also piled up a huge number of nuclear bombs, missiles, fighter jets, drones and other sophisticated arsenals. The per capita weapons in Israel is indeed the highest in the whole world. Its defence force can reduce all the Arab capitals to rubbles within minutes. This is why the ruling tyrant in Cairo and other Arab tyrants cajole Israel for their political survival.  


Neglected defence and the evil of occupation

But now, most Muslim countries invest a little to strengthen their defence. They seldom possess any defence strategy either. In a jungle infested with wild animals, the unarmed man becomes easy prey. The same is true in a world infested with imperialist predators. The state of defencelessness invites the enemy’s occupation. So in Islam, defence of an Islamic state is a religious obligation –no less important than the obligatory prayers. So, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la gives the mandatory command: “Against them make ready all your strength to the utmost of your power, including the (strong) horses of war (best weapons in the modern days), to cause fear in the heart of the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others beside them -whom you may not know but Allah does indeed know. And whatever you spend in the Cause of Allah, it shall be repaid back to you. You shall not be treated unjustly.”-(Sura Al-Anfal, verse 60). So, investing the utmost strength in the defence of Islam and Muslims is a religious obligation. By doing that, a Muslim indeed pays his price for a place in paradise.

But now the Muslims do otherwise. They possess a huge endowment of wealth by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. These oil and gas are unearned wealth, Muslims need not do any work for that. But they invest the endowed wealth in building palaces and for luxuries, not in the defence of Islam and Muslims. The Arab wealth is being invested heavily in the lands of imperialists to finance their arms industries and to help sustain their global dominance. Recently, Saudi Arabia declared an investment of more than 40 billion US dollars in India to strengthen the economy of this kuffar country -where its captive Muslims are regularly lynched to death on alleged beef-eating. The enormous wealth of the Arabs didn’t help them build even a gun or bullet. A very few inhabitants of Saudi Arabia take any military training. As a result, the Saudis are among the most defenceless people on the earth. Their huge wealth has only invited the economic predators and has increased the foreign dependence. Submission to the USA agenda is the policy. What should be taught in schools and colleges of Saudi Arabia is also a subject to the US-wish. The conditions of other Muslim countries are no less dismal either. In most Muslim countries, the issues like independence of the state and its defence enjoy little priority. Those who join the Army in these countries, find it a useful route to conquer their own country. To grab the power, to steal the state treasure, and to seize the lucrative lands in big cities become their prime agenda. This is why the military coup is so common in the Muslim World.

Whereas, in the golden days of Islam, the defence of the state received the top-most priority. Every Muslim was an all-time soldier -including the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself. There was no formal cantonment, but every Muslim community was a cantonment. There was no sleeping or inactive Muslim. In those days, the per capita weapons in the Islamic state was the highest in the whole world. Even the Prophet (peace be upon him) had about a dozen best swords and shields in his home. Every companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was a soldier and was equipped with the best weapons. War exercise was the best sport among the youth. More than 60 per cent of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives in war fields. As a result of such a huge sacrifice, they could emerge as the most powerful World Power and could raise the finest civilisation on the planet –the best in the whole span of human history. But now, most Muslims have abandoned Prophet (peace be upon him)’s a most important legacy. Commitment to the Islamic civilizational cause is labelled as extremism even by the so-called Muslims. And fighting against the imperialists’ occupation is called terrorism –as called in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Myanmar, and Kashmir. On the other hand, participation in the US-led War on Islam and surrender to enemies are labelled as modernity and moderate Islam. These are indeed the catastrophic evils of physical and mental occupation by the enemies. 1st edition 26/04/2019; 2nd edition 09/08/2021.

The global terrorism against Muslims

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Imperialists’ terrorizing war

Terrorism has a precise dictionary meaning. It is the use of weapons to fill people’s minds with terror for political or economic gain. The terrorizing power of a weapon depends directly and proportionately on its destructive power. So, the terror of a knife-wielding robber can’t match the terror done with bombs, drones, missiles, or nuclear bombs. Hence, no one on the earth can match the terrorizing power of the USA. Awe of massive terror has a profound paralyzing effect. This is why while the USA Army with its massive air, land and naval power invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria and went on a killing spree there, the whole world stood paralyzed, deaf, and dumb. No country and no international body could show any sign of morality and humanity to protest against such blatant war crime. Even the UN had to bow down to the US arrogance and barbarity.

In World War II, the USA dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities. Its objective was not to occupy and colonize Japan. Instead, to achieve a massive terrorizing goal. It could fill people’s minds all over the world with fear of the devastating power of the new weapon. As a result, the USA –with the collaboration of other imperialists, could easily twist the political course of many parts of the world to fit into its own agenda -even could dare disintegrate the whole map of the Arab World into more than 20 pieces. They could also install an illegal state of Israel in its midst by cleansing its settled population. Moreover, Israel has been given the most sophisticated weapons by the USA and its allies to terrorize the whole Muslim World. It has also been given an unlimited license to bomb, kill, and cleanse the Palestinians. So Israel works as an unfettered bully in the Middle East.

The USA itself still continues to deploy the same strategy to terrorize the whole world –especially the Muslim World. Former President Donald Trump –a proven anti-Muslim rogue, destroyed almost every house of Mosul -the second largest city of Iraq to achieve that goal. He also razed the cities of Kobani, Raqqa, Fallujah, Ramadi, Deira’zour, and many others to the ground for the same purpose. Whereas, the USA could win the war without such massive destruction. President George W Bush too had the same mindset. He invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to reinforce the image of the American might on the world stage. The main purpose of the USA’s occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria was not for oil or gas, but for terrorizing the whole world, especially the Muslim population. It was a calculated act of robust terrorism to enforce the full capitulation of the Muslim rulers. It has indeed fully achieved that. As a result, the USA could easily twist the arms of the Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Emirati, Omani, and Bahraini rulers to deposit trillions of petrodollar in the US economy. These Arab tyrants gave spaces to establish the air, land, and naval bases for the US Armed forces in the heartland of Islam. As if these countries are the parts of the USA territory. In return, the US provides security to these brutal tyrants. Now they are trying to do the same against Iran. To continue with the same terrorizing aim, the USA government has embedded the world with 800 military bases. Now it is indispensable for the USA to pursue such a coercive strategy to sustain its Super Power status. The USA is already the most indebted country in the world – more than a trillion-dollar it owes to China. The security cost of the USA has turned so huge that it can’t sustain itself on its own.  Only through a coercive strategy, the USA can compel other nations to bear the maintenance cost of the American global empire. So, it has no other option but to engage in a constant robbery –the classic version of terrorism all over the world. The resource-rich Muslim World has been the constant target of such robbery since day one of western imperialism. Now, the tyrant rulers of the Arab World –installed and protected by the imperialists are complicit in such crime.


Terrorism and the distorted connotation

Military occupation never ends with the mere physical occupation of a country. It is followed by an occupation cum colonization of people’s minds. And it is done through media. For that, the western imperialists and their partners in crime in the Muslim World have already taken over the media. As a result, they could hide their own crimes and demonize those who stand against them. The captive media helped them even to distort the true meaning of terrorism. So, in their distorted vocabulary, those who are killing and terrorizing the people with deadly weapons of mass destruction and reducing cities to the rubbles are not labeled as terrorists. Even the armed Israeli illegal settlers or soldiers who shoot at unarmed Palestinians are labeled innocent. The children who protest against the Israeli atrocities with empty hands or throw stones to the Israeli tanks are portrayed as terrorists. This way they present the exact opposite connotation of terrorism to the world. In Kashmir, the unarmed Kashmiri men, women, and children who protest in the streets and demand freedom from Indian occupation are killed with a tag of terrorist.

With the emerging trend of Islamic revival in the Muslim World, the meaning of terrorism has been given another deceitful distortion. Even the people who want to practice original Islam –as was practiced by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with its indispensable components like an Islamic state, sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, and jihad are also labeled as extremist cum terrorist. So, the fascist regimes in Egypt, Bangladesh, and other Muslim countries do not hesitate to kill the unarmed Islamists. So, on 6 May in 2013, hundreds of sit-in protesters were killed in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka in Bangladesh, and on 14 August in 2013, more than two thousand peaceful protestors were killed in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo. The killers deployed tanks, artillery guns, and machine guns to execute the massacres. The so-called defenders of democracy stayed deaf and dumb on such fascist acts of genocide. Rather they take these tyrants as partners in their War on Islam.


Terrorism: a multi-national enterprise

A mad dog doesn’t need to be hurt to get offensive. The same is true with the imperialists. No man or woman from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria bombed any American city. But the Americans came from another end of the glove to bomb the cities of those countries to kill more than a million. They dropped bombs, mother of all bombs, depleted uranium bombs, missiles, and drones to turn thousands of Muslim houses and hundreds of cities into rubbles. But such killing campaigns have never been labeled in western countries as terror campaigns. The US forces have detained and tortured thousands of innocent people with extreme brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. They established torture cells in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Bagram base in Afghanistan, Abu Gharib in Iraq to run brutality on an industrial scale. They also introduced a rendition scheme to franchise such torturing schemes to other regimes known for barbaric state apparatus. Awfully, under the USA patronage, terrorism thus has become a multi-national enterprise.

It is worth noting that the US-led imperialists aren’t concerned about the absence of basic human rights in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, and many others ruled by the US-supported tyrants. Rather, they get happier if these killer rulers strengthen the security of the USA and serve its political, ideological, and economic interests. Since these tyrants and the USA-led western coalition consider Islamic resurgence as the common enemy, these western leaders shower heavy appreciation on these tyrants if they crush any Islamic resurgence. This is why the killer tyrant like General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt gets robust appreciations and economic aid for killing, torturing, and arresting the Islamists. The USA alone gives 1.3 billion US dollars each year. It is clear that in the current world order established by the USA-led western powers, there is no scope for the Muslims to raise their heads and emerge as a global power. The current world order is only to safeguard the interests of the US-led imperialists and Israel. Its prime aim is to keep Muslims disintegrated and de-empowered.


Anti-Muslim terrorism of Russia, China & India

Vladimir Putin’s Russia also possesses the same imperialist ambition. Like the USA, it has committed similar crimes against Chechen Muslims. Like any other member state of the UN Security Council, Russia also enjoys full impunity for its war crimes. On the other hand, the Chechen Muslims are labeled as terrorists for demanding freedom from the Russian occupation. To suppress their aspiration and liberation movement, in the year 2000, the whole Chechen city of Grozny was bombed to rubbles Thousands were killed and many more were put in torture cells. The Russian brutality still continues. In the Soviet era, the Russians committed the same crimes in Afghanistan in the eighties. Although the Russians were badly defeated in Afghanistan in 1989, they didn’t stop the anti-Muslim campaigns. Now they are dropping bombs in Syria and keep their military presence. The killer tyrant Bashar al-Assad still survives in power only because of Russia’s military help. Russia is also trying to expand the same state terrorism to Libya and the Central Republic of Africa.

China is committing the same brutality against the Uighur Muslims. In the name of cultural education, the Chinese government is carrying out a massive social engineering project of de-Islamisation. The Muslims are prevented to stay as practicing Muslims. The children are taken from their parents and are kept in concentration camps. Islam is made alien to them. About a million Muslims are being kept in prisons and are being brainwashed to take them away from Islam. They are not allowed to enjoy basic human rights -like the right to practice their own religion. Even they were prevented to keep fasting and wearing their traditional dress. Religious education has also been strictly restricted.

The case of India is no less brutal against the Muslims either. Muslims constitute about 15% of the Indian population, but they are not given even 5% of the government jobs. Socio-economically, they are kept inferior to so-called untouchables –the lower caste Hindus. Massacres against Muslim lives, businesses, mosques, and institutions are a common phenomenon. Muslims are beaten to death for eating even beef. Cows enjoy more survival rights than Muslims. The Indian Army is on a long killing mission in the Muslim majority state of Kashmir. More than six hundred thousand Indian soldiers are deployed there to sustain the Indian occupation. About a hundred thousand Kashmiri Muslims have already been killed and thousands of Kashmiri women are raped. In the Indian vocabulary, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism. Rather, those who are standing for freedom from Indian occupation and want basic human rights are labeled as terrorists. 


The Israeli terrorism

The case of Israel is a classic example of a state that could be established solely through terrorism and could survive and expand through terrorism. It is the textbook case of ethnic cleansing of the native people by the enemy’s military occupation and colonization by the aliens. The Jewish people came from all over the world to Palestine to grab lands from the Palestinians. The Palestinians are either killed or forced to live in refugee camps in foreign lands for more than 70 years. On the illegally seized lands, hundreds of thousands of luxurious flats are built for those who were not born in Palestine. The same old policy of eviction, the same policy of land grabbing, and the same scheme of settling the foreign Jews in the Arab land that started 70 years ago still continue. Apartheid practice died in South Africa but now thrives in occupied Palestine. The old western colonial powers not only support such illegal Israeli occupation of the Muslim lands politically but also sponsor it economically and militarily. So, the crime of brutal occupation, eviction, and killing continues unabated. Such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either.

There is no doubt that the Jews have suffered a lot under the fascist regime in the west. Millions of them faced brutal death there. But, instead of learning compassion and humanity, they have learned a lot of brutal skills and inhumanities. These are now being deployed against the Muslims in Palestine. This is why the atrocities against the occupied people of Palestine could attain such a scale of brutality. They have even lost all morality and civility to call the ongoing brutality against the Palestinians a cruel act, let alone calling it terrorism. Hatred against the Muslims has been so deeply embedded in the mind of Israeli rulers that they even feel highly content to embrace Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India as the friend of Israel. Whereas Narendra Modi is an Indian version of Adolph Hitler for the Indian Muslims. In 2002, he engineered the killing of more than three thousand innocent Muslim men, women, and children in Gujrat while he was the Chief Minister of the province. He also instigated his followers to raze the historic Babri Mosque to the ground. Recognizing his robust criminality, even the US government imposed a ban on his entrance to the US –although later on withdrawn in order to promote the American business interest in India.


The case of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Army is already known for genocidal war crimes against the Tamils. Such crimes have already been documented by international human rights organizations. But the failure of international bodies like the UN and the International Criminal Court has emboldened them to continue similar crimes against other people. Now their guns are turned against the Muslims. The extrajudicial killing has started with the new strategy to target the Muslims in their living quarters. To cover up the killing, they are telling the world that the Muslim women and children are blowing up themselves. Last year, the Sri Lankan Muslims didn’t explode any bomb anywhere but the Buddhist hooligans led by the monks went on a killing spree. They looted, vandalized, and burnt down the Muslim houses and businesses. Such an anti-Muslim rampage went on for many days, but the Sri Lankan Army and the police did very little to protect the Muslims’ life and properties. The judiciary too showed its inaction to bring the criminals to justice. Moreover, such mob killings and arsons didn’t find any place in their vocabulary to be called terrorism or Buddhist extremism.


Boiling up the Muslim blood

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, every crime has a consequence. The Muslims are terribly suffering from all sorts of barbarity in almost every part of the world. The people of no other faith suffer in such an awful way. The cases of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, Uighur, and Rohingya are only a few to mention. In the west, Muslim women are tormented only for wearing a headscarf. The form USA President Donal Trump put a ban on the Muslims coming to the USA. The Indian Muslims are being lynched to death only for keeping or eating beef. Many East European countries have put a wall of barbed wire to keep away the Muslim refugee out of their country. The Muslim countries ruled by brutal dictators are embedded with thousands of Guantanamo Bay-like torture cells. The USA and its cronies like it.

The US, the French, the British, and the Italian Air Force have shown their ever readiness to bomb any people in any part of the world who want to go back to original Islam -as practiced by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) about 14 hundred years ago. These non-Muslims have their prescription for Muslims. It is to take away from the Qur’anic prescription. The Islamic basics like an Islamic state, sharia, hudud, pan-Islamic brotherhood, khilafa, shura, jihad against enemy occupation have no place in it. They have no problem with the Saudi mass execution, the Emirati tribal barbarity, the Bangladeshi mockery of democracy by Shaikh Hasina, and the brutal tyranny of Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. They appreciate their Islam as true and moderate Islam. By any decent standard, these are not any innocent acts. Rather, these are the worst heinous crimes not only against Prophet’s Islam but also against innocent Muslims and humanity.

Because of the hostile policy of the imperialists and their servile cronies, there exists not even a single space on earth for the full practice of true Islam –as practiced in Islam’s golden age! Thus, Muslims are prohibited to be full Muslims. Hostility towards Islam and Muslims must have a limit. One must not forget that 1.6 billion Muslims are not a collection of dead bodies. They have souls, emotions, faith, and intellect. They also share the same globe with others. The ongoing crimes against Islam and the Muslims are explosive enough to boil up their blood. The boiled-up blood can turn them to live bombs. It is not unusual that the bombs fail to differentiate the innocents from the criminals. Islam doesn’t allow suicide but doesn’t prohibit to be a war appliance. So, it seems, the planet is turning rapidly to be an unsafe place for everyone. 1st edition 01.05.2019; 2nd edition 07.08.2021.

The war on Islam and the Muslim collaborators

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal 

The unending war on Islam

The enemies’ war on Islam and Muslims never ends. It parallelly exists since the emergence of Islam about 14 hundred years ago. It only changes its targets, strategies and war fronts. The history gives full testimony to that. The imperialists led by the USA and its allies are already on a warpath against Islam and Muslims. The former US President George W. Bush coined his war on Iraq as a crusade. And crusade has a special historical connotation. It aims only against the Muslims and is always genocidal. The USA has another well-known identity; it is now the flagship of global imperialism. And imperialism needs invasion, occupation, and exploitation of foreign lands to sustain its survival. Hence it needs war.

It is the most manifest symptom of imperialism that the imperialists invent their national interest inside every other country of the world. It was true for British imperialism in the recent past and it is equally true for US imperialism now. This is why the USA from another end of the globe gets incorrigible obsession to cross the whole Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean to bomb Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, and other countries. The western imperialists’ war caused the greatest and the worst catastrophe for the whole of mankind. Their wars inflicted more deaths and destructions than were caused by all the earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, and wild animals in the whole span of human history. They killed more than 75 million people only in two World Wars. The World Wars stopped, but the catalog of wars never stopped. The USA spent several trillion dollars to keep its occupation only in the Middle East and spent more than a trillion only in Afghanistan.

The US-led killing and destruction still continue with more lethal weapons of mass destruction. The USA killed about 2 million in Vietnam and about 1 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. A small European country like Belgium killed 10 million people only in Congo during its colonial rule there. France killed 1.5 million people only in one country like Algeria. The European colonialists almost ethnically cleansed the Red Indians from North America, the Aborigines from Australia, and the Maories from New Zealand. The western imperialists cum colonialists thus stand as the worst evil force in the whole human history. The imperialist also runs many proxy wars in various parts of the world. The total deaths and destructions caused by all the brands of the anti-imperialist militants –Islamists or secular all over the world are indeed peanuts in comparison to that caused by the western imperialists.

The imperialists’ current war clearly differ from their old wars. In two World Wars, the imperialists killed each other. But now, all the killing machines of the imperialists are aimed only at Muslims. The Europeans were never united in any of the previous wars. Russia and the USA-led coalition of the west never bombed jointly any Muslim land before. But now they bomb jointly in Syria. All the imperialists are now united on one issue: that is to undo Islamic resurgence in any part of the world. Hence, after the humiliating defeat in Afghanistan in the eighties, the Russian bomber jets, tanks, artilleries and missiles are now back in Syria with more aggressive ferocity. As if, they are taking revenge for the defeat in Afghanistan. The US imperialism didn’t die in Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq either. It carried out an intensive bombing campaign in Syria and Lybia. The old colonialists like the UK and France too flexed their muscles by dropping bombs in Syria and Iraq. Now the imperialists of all kinds and of all brands have found a common enemy and a common agenda. The common enemy is Islam. And the common agenda is to destroy Islam as an ideological, political and military force. The western powers have turned the war truly into a civilizational war –as envisaged by the US Professor Huntington in his book “The Clash of Civilisation”.


The bombing campaign and the celebration

The US-led coalition has already committed enough genocidal crimes in recent years. But that didn’t quench their thirst for more crimes. Over the last 20 years, the US has dropped thousands of tons of bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq and has flattened numerous cities, villages, houses, and institutions to the ground. Even after 20 years, the war didn’t end in Afghanistan. Although the USA has withdrawn most of its forces from Afghanistan, is still bombing the Taleban positions to save its own stooges from an imminent defeat. As long as the Taleban people carry the Islamic agenda and there remain the US-breed stooges in Afghanistan, the USA’s war is not going to end. The USA and its allies have invested a lot in the field of ideological, educational, cultural, and political engineering in Afghanistan. They can’t afford to lose that. Therefore the US’s war will also remain. Only the strategies and the tactics will change.

The USA, Russia, the UK, France and many other countries displayed their true motive in Syria. As if, every Muslim man, every woman, every child, every house, and every physical structure in Syria is a high-value military target for them. Hence, cities, villages, hospitals, schools, even wedding or funeral gatherings were not spared. The Russians fired Cruise missiles from the naval ships stationed in the Caspian Sea. These missiles and bomber jets did not need to be accurate; hitting anyone in any village or any city is considered a great success. And they claimed that their bombers and the long-range missiles were hitting the designated targets in Syria. When the objective is destructive and genocidal, they have enough reason to celebrate such successes. For the same reason, the US-led coalition could celebrate such successes in Afghanistan and Iraq from day one of their invasion. Now they want to protect the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Whoever fights against this killer autocrat of Syria is labelled an Islamist terrorist, hence a valid target for the bombing.


Muslims’ coalition with the war criminal

President Bashar al-Assad is at war against his people. In ongoing 10 years’ war, he has already killed about 300,000 people. More than 5 million people have been driven out of the country. Another 4 million are internally displaced. The Syrian army is using barrel bombs, chemical bombs, tanks, missiles and artilleries against unarmed men, women, and children. These are heinous war crimes. But still, he is considered a high-value strategic partner in the war against the Islamists – not only by Russia but also by the US-led coalition. So, he remains untouched. The genocidal killing and the destruction of cities by Assad’s Army are not considered a punishable crime either; neither considered a threat to peace in Syria. Rather the Islamists who are fighting against his killer regime are labeled as terrorists, even amplified as the west’s greatest civilizational threat.

A wolf doesn’t attack another wolf. The imperialists, too, don’t harm killer Bashar al-Assad. Rather, they want to protect him from the Islamists’ campaign. For the same reason, in Egypt, they quickly supported the Army’s coup against Islamist President Dr Mohammad Morsi. And the coup-leader General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi –more brutal than all previous Egyptian tyrants has been taken as a partner in their war on Islam. In Syria, the sole purpose of the Russian air campaign is to protect this brutal killer –while the regime was on the edge of collapse. The US-led coalition, too, only bombed on the Islamists’ positions. The criminal records of the imperialists are not better than Bashar al-Assad either. They killed people on an industrial scale. For that, they used weapons of mass destruction and took the war on the civilian population centers. The mindset that could drop nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, deploy gas chambers against Jews and engineer ethnic cleansing in America, Australia and New Zealand now work against the Muslims. This is why the imperialists could take killers like General Abdul Fattah Sissi of Egypt, King Abdullah of Jordan, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and Shaikhs of the Gulf States are taken as coalition partners. Because of such moral ill-health, they make themselves incompatible with the Islamists. Therefore, the Islamists became the potential targets of their bombing campaign? This is why the USA Air Force could find it morally quite permissible to flatten the Muslim cities of Mossul, Ramady, Fallujah, Kobani, Aleppo, Raqqa, Dera Zour, and many others rather than throwing even a stone at Bashar al-Assad. As of 4:59 p.m. on September 8, 2015, the USA and the coalition conducted a total of 6,700 airstrikes (4,198 in Iraq and 2,502 in Syria). (Source: US Department of Defence website). 


 The coalition in crime

The imperialists of both the East and the West have sharp differences on many issues. They quarrel on Ukraine’s internal war, Russia’s occupation of Crimea, China’s occupation of Tibet and South China Sea islands, and so many other issues. But they have no difference of opinion on the war on Islam and occupying the Muslim lands and killing the Muslims. Hence the imperialists of all colors and all denominations easily find a common agenda to support the occupation of Palestine and drive out its original people to establish the illegal state of Israel. They are also united to support Israel’s bombing campaigns at any time on any Muslim lands and expand the occupation. Because of such an anti-Muslim agenda, the US lead imperialists could quickly occupy Afghanistan and Iraq and kill millions of Muslims there. With the same anti-Islamic objective, President Putin of Russia could launch a genocidal war in Chechnya and could flatten the Muslim city of Grozny in the year 2000. In 2003, the UNO declared Grozny the most devastated city on the earth. But Putin received full Western support for his criminal war against the Chechen Muslims. Shortly after the massacre in Grozny, both the USA and the UK warmly welcomed Putin in their capitals. The same Putin joined the war on Islam side by side with the US coalition. He is now carrying out another Grozny-like destruction in Syria.


The war on Islam

The imperialists of all brands have their own inherent incompatibility with Islam –hence finds a ground for a long war. They are compatible only with the fully de-Islamised Muslims. So they hunt for such people in Muslim countries to take them as partners in the war on Islam. Due to long colonial occupation, the Muslim World hasn’t any shortage of such Trojan horses. Hence Egypt’s elected Islamist President Muhammad Morsi –even after his promise that he will not implement sharia, couldn’t fit into their political agenda. The imperialists’ enmity is not against any particular tribe, language or skin colour -only against the Islamic element of a Muslim. If Islam is fully discarded from political belief and shows complete readiness to work against Islam’s revival, only then any Abdullah or any Abdur Rahman gets readily accepted by the imperialists as their trusted comrade. This is why the Egyptian General Abdul Fattah Sisi, the Jordanian King Abdullah, the Saudi King Salman and the alike in the Muslim World are very close to them. Thus, their war on Islam gets its true expression –although they tell a lot of lies to hide the real agenda. 

The concept of khalifa, sharia, hudud, shura, and jihad is not acceptable to the imperialists; although, these are the most fundamental elements of Islam and got implemented by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself and by the early Muslims. If it was not bad or barbaric during the Prophet (peace be upon him)’s days, why should it be a problem today to return back to that? Being a Muslim means full adherence to such basics. But the imperialists call such adherence to the Qur’anic prescriptions medieval barbarism. How a believer can be compatible with such corrosive beliefs? A man or woman can swallow such an anti-Islamic concept only after full de-Islamisation of his or her faith. And those who want to sustain the basics of the Islamic faith are labeled as a threat to their own vision of the world.

It is the declared policy of the imperialists –most unambiguously articulated by the former US President Donald Trump that they will not tolerate any attempt of the Islamists to establish an Islamic state and implementation of sharia in any part of the world. This is why wherever they discover such effort of the Islamists, they start indiscriminate bombing. It doesn’t need to possess any weapon of mass destruction or set a state to invite the war of the imperialists, the intent for implementation of sharia or belief in sharia is enough. They even label the unarmed men, women and children with an Islamic vision as their arch enemies. They call them extremists, fundamentalists and Islamic militants. With such a concocted perception, they have already launched an unending war against Islamists in almost every corner of the Muslims World. Therefore what else does it require to prove that the ongoing war of the US-led imperialists is not a war on Islam?


The terrorism of the state-terrorists

The worst terrorising forces in history have always been the state-owned armies, the police and the ruling party’s political thugs. Sometimes the war turns very genocidal. None of the non-state agents or any militant outfit can match their terrorising killing power. In their colonial days, the western imperialists used terrorism as a tool to steal wealth, men and women of the weaker countries to increase their affluence. The last two World Wars are indeed the works of these state-run terrorists. Even today, these killers run the worst bloodbaths in different corners of the world. Those who kill people can also lie. In fact, lying has turned into a political necessity for them. They tell a lie with a political purpose -not only to hide their own crimes but also to justify their further crimes. War is a bread and butter issue for the imperialists. Like a wolf, they, too, look for new prey and new hunting ground. Hence the USA’s war didn’t end in two World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, and in wars in Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq. The war continues. But these invaders, occupiers, killers and warmongers are very vocal to blame others as killers. If terrorism is defined as the use of violence to terrorise people for a political, economic and imperial cause, then a war of occupation is the worst form of terrorism. State terrorists are the real threat to global peace. Those who blame Islamists as the terrorist, what do they do to stop these state actors of terrorism? 

The USA and its allies couldn’t deliver any peace or solution in the countries they occupied. They could only promote state terrorism and sectarian bloodshed. The case of Afghanistan and Iraq is the best example. Most of the deaths and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq are caused by these state terrorists. The USA dropped more bombs on Afghanistan than that are dropped on Vietnam. They did everything in Iraq and Afghanistan to start sectarian feuds and bloodshed there. In Iraq, they armed Shias to kill Sunnis. In Afghanistan, they gave arms to the non-Pashtun Tajiks and Uzbeks of the Northern Alliance to kill the Pashtuns. In Afghanistan and Iraq, they took partners only to kill, and not to make peace. They did the same crime in Syria. They gave heavy arms and training to the Kurds to kill Islamists.


Islamophobia of the Muslims

The enemy’s war not only causes physical deaths but also kills people’s beliefs and confidence. To cause such damage, Muslims have no shortage of external as well as internal enemies. The internal enemies take Muslims away from the basic teachings of Islam. They cause moral death and turn people into more fearful and cowardly. Such morally defeated people grow only in number, but not in faith, power and confidence. Such cowardice was seen in the Muslim World during the Mongol invasion and again during the European colonialists’ occupation. In those days, the Muslims didn’t fight the enemy invasion. Whereas fighting the enemy invasion is the best ibada in Islam –called jihad. They disengaged from warfare and searched satisfaction only in religious rituals, Sufi mysticism and visiting graveyards. Now, the same mood prevails in the Muslim World. Hence the courses on Dajjal, jinn, Sufism, Sufi songs, mysticism and competition in the recitation of the Holy Qur’an are getting increasingly more popular among the Muslims. In such a milieu of cowardice and dissociation from Islam’s basics, the occupying forces recruit more Muslim collaborators for their expansionist cause. In India, the British imperialists could recruit thousands of Muslims as foot soldiers to occupy more Muslim lands and to rule India for 190 years. The Arab World was not an exception either. More than a million Arab Muslims joined the British, French and Italian Armies as mercenaries. When the British Army occupied Iraq and Palestine in 1917, the majority of the soldiers were non-British. A huge number of them were Muslim. This was only possible due to the deep de-Islamisation of the Muslims. Otherwise, how can a Muslim undertake such a haram act? The situation now runs worst. Because of the large number of collaborators in the Muslim lands, the imperialists could use the Muslim lands to bomb Muslims. They used Arab and Turkish soil to drop bombs in Syria. They also used Pakistani soil to kill Muslims in Afghanistan.

With the imperialists’ bombing campaign runs high in any Muslim land, the cowardice of the Muslims also gets new heights. As a result, Muslims now suffer more from Islamophobia than non-Muslims. The enemies do not look at their skin colour or language, but at their faith, behaviour, and political agenda. Keeping faith in Islam’s basic beliefs like sharia, hudud, khalifa, shura and jihad make them immediate targets for the enemy bombs. Hence these turn taboo words in the Muslim World. So, the Muslims are now distancing themselves from the obligatory elements of the Islamic faith and making themselves more compatible with the enemy agenda. Even the leaders of Islamic organisations, the imams of mosques and the Muslim intellectuals are reluctant to use such Islamic jargon like sharia, hudud, khalifa, shura and jihad. They are more fearful of the enemies and not of Allah. They pay little heed to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s order: “la takhshao’hum akhshao’ni (don’t fear them, fear Me).”


The disgrace

How can a Muslim remain Muslim without the practice of Islam’s obligatory basics like sharia, hudud, khalifa, shura, and jihad? Is it not sharia obligatory on every Muslim? Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la declares, “..and those who do not run judiciary according to the revealed law (sharia) they are kafir (denier of Islam), ….they are zaleem (oppressor) and ….they are fasiq (sinner)” –(Sura Maida, verse 44, 45 and 47). Is it not jihad obligatory for every Muslim too? How can they defend Islam and Muslims without engaging in Jihad? Jihad is the defensive arm of Islam. If there is no jihad, there is no defence. Then the occupation by the enemies becomes inevitable.

Jihad is an integral part of Muslims’ iman (faith). In order to give the most comprehensive definition of a believer (mu’min) Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals, “The believers (mu’min) are only those who believe in Allah and His Apostle and then doubt not and engage in jihad with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah; they are indeed truthful in their claim of faith.”–(Sura Hujrat, verse 15). Jihad is a life-long struggle to implement Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s Qur’anic guidance in every private and public affair of life. It is to encounter enemies’ every effort against Islam and Muslims. Therefore, to become a true believer (mu’min), there exists no option in Islam to stay out of jihad. Those who stay out of jihad and claim to be Muslim, according to the Qur’an, are not really truthful in their claim.

Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la gives a clear command: “Say (O Muhammad), I advise you only of one thing, that you rise up for Allah either in pair or alone..” –(Sura Saba, verse 46). Therefore, can a Muslim sit idle or remain complacent only with the religious rituals like five times prayers, month-long fasting and hajj while the Muslim lands stay occupied by the enemies of Islam and sharia remains unimplemented in the judiciary? Should he still look for an excuse to justify his inactivity and silence? Does he think that his tongue, his intellect, his wealth, his body and other blessing are only for promoting his personal, familial or party agenda? Every believer is designated as the khalifa (viceroy) of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, and whoever discharge his or her duty as His devoted khalifa (viceroy) will be rewarded with the pleasures of paradise in the hereafter.

How can one dare expect that Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la will fill His paradise with the cowards making a coalition with the kuffars or stay silent in the face of enemy occupation?  Did any companion of the prophet display such inaction or betrayal against the Qur’anic dictate? But such betrayal has become the norm of modern Muslims! Inaction and distancing from the basic obligations of Islam don’t bring any benefit or honour –neither in this world nor in the hereafter. This way one can only embrace the worldly disgrace and the infinite hellfire in the hereafter. Due to inaction and silence, the Muslims have already earned a lot of disgrace in the world. About 1.5 Billion Muslims have no say or role on the World stage. Most of the Muslim countries stay occupied by the internal or the external enemies of Islam. Can they expect a better fate in the hereafter? 03/08/2021