Disconnection with Allah (SWT): The Mother of All Failures

The failed priority –

The prime agenda of Islam is to connect humans with their Almighty Creator Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such a connection is indeed the most crucial issue in human life. For a human, nothing is more important than this connectivity with his Supreme Lord. Whether a man will reach heaven or hell is solely decided on this single factor. But now, the Muslims are known for deeper disconnection. Their deeds and behaviour, states and ideologies, politics and warfare, law and constitutions, education and culture show little or no connection with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His final Book of guidance –the holy Qur’an. With such robust disconnection from Almighty Allah and His holy Qur’an, if the 1.6 billion Muslims had achieved any success, peace or glory that would have easily nullified the need of Islam for the humans. But, that didn’t happen in any part of the Muslim World. Instead, such disconnection has caused terrible deviation from the straight path (siratul mustaqeem); and hence proven to be the mother of all failures in the Muslim World.

In Muslims’ life, the symptoms of such disconnection and deviation are huge. Because of that, the Muslims do not hesitate even to stand against Islam and against the tradition of the prophet (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims. Such disconnection from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la can only lead to spiritual death. Hence, in the Muslim majority countries, those who oppose the practice of sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, Muslim unity and other Qur’anic basics are not the kuffars; they are the spiritually dead Muslims. Because of such massive epidemic of spiritual death, the warmongering kuffars are not alone in their war against Islam to kill more Muslims, occupy more Muslim lands, and prevent resurgence of any Islamic state in any part of the world. For the same reason, the imperialist kuffars of the West were not alone to dismantle the Osamnia khilafa in 1917; they could easily get millions of Muslim mercenaries in their rank. The British, alone, could recruit more than a million Arab Muslims. The other imperialists like the French and the Italians also got the similar successes. It is astonishing to know that such a large number of Arab Muslims never fought any war for Islam in any segment of the Muslim history. About half a million of the Arabs gave their lives for the British cause only in the First World War. (Source: Al Jazeera English, the First World War through Arab Eyes). Their spiritual death was so complete that they hated to sell their life in exchange of deathless life in paradise. But they sold the same amanah of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la only for a salary of few hundred pounds per month to the kuffars. Thus the Arab contribution in the disintegration of the Arab World and in the creation of their own enemy –Israel, is immense. The state of the Indian Muslims was not different either. More than 200 hundred thousand Indian Muslims fought as mercenaries for the British in the World Wars. They helped in the occupation of Iraq and Syria. All the ruling military elites of Pakistan like General Eskander Mirza, General Ayub Khan, and General Yahiya Khan started their life as the perfect mercenary of the colonial British. Later on, these proven Trojan Horses of the enemies and the ideological cum cultural converts of the West could easily grab the highest post of the country as its despotic President. While in power, they could cause rapid and immense ideological meltdown of Pakistan – a country that was created with a great Islamic civilisation objective by pan-Islamic coalition of the South Asian Muslims. In a Muslim land, the success of the cow-worshipping Indian infidels were also huge; they could easily recruit millions of Bengali Muslims to kill Muslims and destroy Pakistan in 1971. The USA’s huge success in quick occupation and destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq and now in Syria also owes to the same spiritual disconnection and death of the Muslims. More awfully, millions Muslims and their pro-occupation governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, and many other Muslim countries have already joined he US-led coalition in its destructive war in the Muslim World. So, rapes, deaths, destruction and eviction in the Muslim lands get more expanse and a new speed.

A Muslim’s strong commitment to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s agenda is not utopian. Rather, it automatically generates from a stronger spiritual connection with Him. Such a strong linkage pulls men or women out of the devilish march and puts them onto the straight path towards the paradise. Such a reality is very explicit in the holy Qur’an: “Whoever holds fast to Allah, he is indeed guided onto the straight path.”–(Sura al-Imran, verse 101). The question arises, how can one hold fast to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al is not visible; but His vision, mission and agenda became distinctly audible and easily recognisable through the holy Qur’an. One gets connected with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la only through fully aligning with those expressed vision, mission and the objective –as expressed in the holy Qur’an. In fact, such connectivity is the true spirituality of a man or a woman. The holy Qur’an works as the rope of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, Hence, whoever wants to connect with Him, must connect with Qur’anic teaching. Only this way one can build up his true spirituality. A person may spend thousands of nights in sufi khanqa, darwishi circles or shrines; but his disconnection with His vision, mission, and objective proves his spirituality as fake. Such a disconnected man can live a pain-free complacent life even after the enemy occupation, deaths, rapes and destructions in the Muslim lands. He can even celebrate the kuffar occupation, and adapt their culture and life-style. Absence of sharia, hudud, jihad, khilafa and the fragmentation of the Muslim Ummah is not an issue for him. Amidst such disconnection, true Islamic belief can’t survive in their heart; only grows disbelief and hypocrisy. The early Muslims could achieve all their successes only due to strong connection with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.


Amidst a world of ideological warfare, one can think of neutrality only for those who are infant, insane or dead. It needs little effort to prove that every man or woman takes a side. Those who fail to connect with Almighty Allah and His agenda, definitely connect with the falsehood. They align with the army of evil forces: they differ only with the degree of involvement. And, while connected with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, a believer receives strong inner motivation to work as His most obedient servant on earth. Only through such connection, a believer feels an inner urge to invest all of his talent, energy, skills and even blood to fulfil the Wish of his Supreme Lord. Due to such connection, more than 70 per cent of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) could sacrifice even their life to fulfil the agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.


The disconnection with the Almighty

The Divine connectivity cum spirituality of a Muslim does not mean mere remembrance or glorification (tasbeeh) of His holy name. Rather, it is the deep commitment to abide by His every Qur’anic decree. True faith of a believer gets expressed only through such commitment. So, a true believer shows his uncompromising attitude to implement His prescribed code of life (deen) in every arena of life. He shows his commitment to run the judiciary only according to the sharia. He never shows any leniency in executing the sanctioned punishment (hudud) on the convicts. And establishing khilafa, Muslim unity and jihad (holy war) in His way become the parts of his life. Absence of such Qur’anic prescription in Muslims’ life indeed presents evidence of their disconnection form the Almighty Lord. No amount of religious rituals can’t repair that disconnection. The ongoing downfall of the Muslims indeed owe to such disconnection. With such grotesque disconnection, how a Muslim can deserve any success or glory? In fact, any amount of success of these disconnected Muslims would have gone against the Divine principle. Moreover, on the top of such awful disconnection from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, their connectivity with Satan is huge. These are expressed through their character, culture, politics, judiciary, economics, warfare, and religious beliefs. Supremacy of the kufr laws in the judiciary, riba in banking, acceptance prostitution in the society, and nationalism, racism, tribalism and despotism in politics are indeed the examples of such Satanic connection.

Each faith, ideology or religion has its own ways to build the connection with its deities. Hindu faith takes its followers to jungles or monasteries and asks them to do contemplation or yoga in isolation with specific posture and recitation of some specific mantra. But these are only for some special people called guru; the common people are allowed only to go the temple as visitor. The same is true in Buddhism. The Christian faith try to connect people by means of some short-lived weekly congregation in churches. Singing songs and reading pages from bible remain as the practice. All these devices are human interventions; hence do not show any universal procedure or standard. Western hedonism, materialism and liberalism have their own way to connect their followers, too. Pubs, clubs, casinos, brothel houses, opera houses, theatres, drugs, pornography and many other stuff do the job to connect the people to the new life style.

Without a strong connection with the Supreme Creator, a Muslim can’t survive as a true Muslim; nor can be party in His way. Such a disconnected man can’t stand against the strong current of corruptive faiths, thoughts, life styles and cultural cum political forces. Rather gets quickly pulled away from the straight path; and then taken to the hellfire. But such connection can’t be built by mere pronouncement of faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and belief in His books and prophets. Belief needs to be added with deep understanding. Religious rituals of an ignorant man can’t help build such connection; neither does help mere recitation of the Qur’an without any understanding. For a full revolution in character and deeds, it needs a total revolution in the conceptual premise –the birth place of all revolution. For that, it is crucial to strongly connect humans’ body, mind and conscience with the omnipresent and omnipotent Creator -Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al. Islam has its own methodology to build such a connection. In fact, Islam is the only religion that can successfully connect people with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. And it owes to the methodology devised only by Him. All obligatory religious rituals like 5 time daily prayer, month long fasting, charity, haj are indeed the parts of that methodology. And the most powerful tool to build this connection is the holy Qur’an. The word “Qur’an” means the act of recitation. It is itself a great ibadah. In initial 13 years of prophet hood, there was no obligatory five time salah (prayer) like today. Standing in the middle of night and recitation of the holy Qur’an was the recommended ibadah. So, in one of the earliest chapter of Qur’an it is revealed: “Stand (to pray) all night except a little; half of it or a little less than that. Or a little more. And recite the Qur’an (aloud) in a slow (pleasant tone and) style. Indeed, We will send down to you heavy words (the obligatory prayers, jihad and the sharia laws). Verily, the rising by the night is most potent way to govern one’s self and suitable for understanding the Word (of Allah).” –(Sura al-Mujammel, verse 2-6). Through slow and mindful recitation of Qur’an, mind gets the much needed nutrition for his spiritual growth –crucial to survive as a true slave of the Almighty Lord. An anaemic patient needs regular transfusion of blood for his survival. For the survival of iman, a believer, too needs regular transfusion; and it is the transfusion of Qur’anic knowledge. It works through recitation of the holy Qur’an. The Message, the Vision and the Mission of the Almighty Lord then get direct access to his heart. The knowledge of the unseen world then get the powerful expression through believers’ voice only in His Own vocabularies. While a man or woman recites the holy Qur’an in prayers, indeed the message of the Almighty Lord gets dip down into his soul and recharges his iman. Hence in salah, the best part is the qiyam when Qur’an is recited. Deep understanding of the holy Qur’an (not mere rote reading), five time salah in congregation, month-long fasting in Ramadan, haj, and regular charity in the way of Almighty Lord are the prescribed means to build and continuously strengthen such connection. In the early days of Islam, this Divine prescription worked with tremendous success to build the best people on earth. Five time salah worked as the meeraj of the believer –as described by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Meeraj is the ascension to the nearness to Allah; it the communication of Divine message deep into the heart of the believer. It is the deep integration with His mission. That happens when a believer stands in salah and recites the holy Qur’an with the full understanding of its meaning. In the holy Qur’an, they are described as the people who say “Samey’na wa ata’na” meaning “we listened and we obeyed.” But such a motivation of listening and obeying seldom works in the Muslim mind. Therefore, the disconnection with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la gets deeper.

The Muslims’ Betrayal of the Civilizational Role

The neglected objective –

The Muslims claim to be the followers of Islam; but they live without pursuing Islam’s key objective. Because of that, they could ignore the importance of politics –the most powerful tool to purse any civilizational objective. In fact, the downfall of the Muslims not only owes to colonisation of Muslim lands and their minds by the colonial enemies, but also to their own insane attitude towards politics –especially of those who claim to be religious scholar or ulama. Among the so-called puritan Muslims –called traditional ulama, politics is a highly detested taboo. As if, politics is a tool of distraction from ibadah and the Qur’anic straight path. As if, it is an exclusive domain of dirty worldly people.

Because of such a conceptual epidemic in the Muslim World, most of the religious scholars and the common Muslims stay out of politics. As a result, an empty space was voluntarily created for the foreign or home-grown anti-Islamic forces to occupy the driving seats of almost every Muslim country. Even when the Muslim lands were occupied one by one by the kuffar colonialists these so-called ulama remained confined inside their own religious seminaries. The enemies of Islam thus could take control of the whole Muslim World without fighting a single significant war. It is indeed the most calamitous event in the whole history of Islam. They terribly failed to understand the importance of politics. They fail to recognise that the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) not only engaged in politics but also was the head of Islamic state. This way he left a sunnah cum legacy for his followers. Moreover, for others, politics is a tool for grabbing power and pursuing the selfish interest. But for Muslims, it is the holy mission for attaining Islam’s civilizational vision. Therefore denial of politics is indeed the betrayal of Prophet’s (peace be upon him) teachings. It is also a betrayal of Islam’s humanising cum civilizational objective. How such betrayal can be reconciled with the vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that entails that His deen should prevail over all other faiths and religions?

Even now, the antipathy to politics is playing the most damaging role to speed up the ongoing downfall of the Muslims. Such a conceptual collapse of the so-called ulama could only happen due to total deprivation of an ideological cum political understanding. It is their utmost intellectual incompetence that owes to their utter ignorance of Islam’s early history and its sociological and philosophical concepts. Because of such conceptual incompetence and ignorance, they proved totally unfit to have any leadership role in the Muslim World. They have totally withdrawn even from the ideological frontline and captured the back seats. Whereas in the early days of Islam, ruling and leading the ummah always remained the exclusive domain of the most religious people. As long as the prophet (peace be upon him) was alive, such a key role was always in his hand. After his death, the role was undertaken in succession by the next most religious man in the ummah –like the rightly guided four khalifa. Therefore, it is the legacy of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided companions that the best Muslims must be in the central stage of the state and must take the driving seats in every steps of its governance, defence and expansion. Hence, withdrawal from the politics is indeed the betrayal of the core legacy of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his best companions. Such betrayal always causes the most disastrous consequence. In fact, because of such a betrayal, the whole Muslim World now stands seized from all sides by the worst enemies.


Crime of rejecting politics

Politics itself is the gateway to access control of the statecraft. The rulers indeed execute their policies through politics. For that, they use and abuse the state infrastructures. Hence, rejecting politics is itself rejecting a powerful tool; how Muslims could build the finest civilization on earth and emerge as the most powerful World Power without the power of the state craft. One can be saint sitting in tent or cave, but can’t become a builder of a civilization. Nor can he set values, implement law, give protection and deliver justice. Hence staying away from politics is a huge crime against the Muslim Ummah. It is the tool of de-empowerment of the Muslims. Such rejection of politics leaves a void to be taken over by the enemies without a fight. And such enemy occupation always caused awful havoc for the Muslims. This is why, the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) needed to take away this powerful weapon from the enemies. It is indeed his great sunnah cum legacy of the prophet (peace be upon him). More than 70% companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) had to sacrifice their lives to achieve that. As a result, the state and its institutions were used as a powerful value-adding tool. The best humans in the whole history could be produced only because of such a state-supported value-adding process. In that effort, the holy Qur’an was used as the text book.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught not only the holy Qur’an, but also sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, politics, administration and other social sciences. His own teacher was All-knowing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. In those days, there was no school or college in Arabia. His mosque-based school in Medina was the only teaching institute. And the prophet (peace be upon him) was its whole-time teacher. In those fateful days of Islam, the best governors, administers, judges and generals got their education and training in that mosque-based institute.  If the politics of manipulating the state power had been in the hand of evil forces, was it feasible for the prophet’s (peace be upon you) to operate such a Divine value-adding process in the midst of the kuffars.

It was the prophet’s (peace be upon you) sociological concept that every human is born as a pure Muslim, but grows up as a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew or an idolater depending on societal cum educational influence. Such a concept makes political, educational and cultural engineering indispensable for nurturing people with a specific moral mould. This is why, in humanising or dehumanising humans and in corrupting or correcting their characters, the social cum intellectual environment raised by the ruler and its political, cultural and educational institutions play the most decisive role. This is why, the state-run institutions of Pharaoh and the cultural milieu could make the people man-worshipping criminals. Likewise, the Indian Hindu rulers and the supportive priests could make the people cow, snake or idol worshipping psychopaths. But the success of the western imperialists and their institutions went further down the dehumanising route; they could make their people perfect ethnic cleanser, slave traders, gas chamber operators and atomic bombers. These flag bearers of modernity could kill 75 million people only in two World Wars.


Politics: the crucial tool

Whoever understands Islam and the prophetic concept, can’t ignore or detest politics. Politics is not only about ruling a country; it is also about governing the people’s faith, culture and life style. It is about framing constitutions, building institutions, enforcing laws, doing the good things and eradicating the evils. It is about educating the people, protecting and promoting the ideas, securing the securities for the citizens and the state. It is about mobilising the people, building and cementing the bondages, protecting the borders, making friends with the neighbours and conducting war against the enemies. Hence, politics is everywhere. It is about implementing Islam and promoting the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It is all about ibadah. Without engaging in politics, how one can practise Islam? How can one implement sharia, hudud, shura, jihad and other obligatory Qur’anic basics? Politics is indeed embedded in every step of practising Islam. All great civilizational achievements in human history like human rights, women’s rights, abolition of slavery, abolition of colonialism, end of enemy occupation and many others owe to political actions of the people. The great iconic personalities of Islam like Imam Hussain (RA), Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmed Hanbal, Imam Ibne Taimiyah, and many others had to suffer severe persecution; some of them even martyrdom, due to their political thoughts.

Whoever is insane can’t understand the worth of life-saving medicine; they even run away from the treatment. Those who are insane conceptually, they don’t behave differently either. They detest and keep themselves away from politics. It owes to their inadequacy of knowledge not only on political science but also on social sciences. Since such sciences are not taught in religious schools, such ignorance is quiet deeper among the so-called ulama. Hence they fail to realize that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided khalifa were not only the religious leader; they were the political leader of the ummah, too. They were the head of the state. How a Muslim can reject their sunnah? Without engaging in politics, is it possible to be a full Muslim? In fact, the political training is indispensable to lead the Muslims wisely and successfully in the war-prone International arena. Otherwise, crippling incompleteness ensues. In fact, because of these incomplete Muslims, the Muslim Ummah has reached the current quagmire.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle described humans as the political animals. Politics is the science of organising, mobilising and governing societies and states for the continuous betterment of people’s lives. Civilizations are the outcome of such collective efforts of men and women. Such an instinct propels humans to sacrifice their time, wealth, energy, even life to bring changes in the country where they live. Animals do not possess such instinct, they survive only to eat, drink and to procure. Hence people with animal instinct can’t build any civilisation. A Muslim must possess the political instinct to fit into Islam’s own framework of vision, mission and objective. Only those who fit into the Vision of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la can engage in jihad and attain shahadah (martyrdom). The Vision is li’yuzhirahu aladdini kullihi; it means that His prescribed code of life (deen) should prevail over all other deens. That was true for the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him). That is why all of them joined jihad and majority of them attained shahada. But those who claim to be the traditional ulama or moderate Muslim they have taken a different path. In their path, there is no Islamic state, no jihad, no shahada and no place for sharia and khilafa. So, it runs far away from the path of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided companions. So, no drone or missile falls on heads of these deviated pseudo-Muslims. Rather, all the despotic rulers of the Muslim countries keep their door open to welcome them. Even the enemies of Islam spread prayer mats for them.


The crime of inaction

In the golden days of Islam, building and defending an Islamic state called khilafa always occupied the central part of the Muslims’ agenda. They used to spend wealth, fight wars and sacrifice life for that. Today, it is a very peripheral issue of the common Muslims and a non-issue for the so-called ulama. Some people think casting a vote in every 4 of 5 years is enough to do the job. They have little or no role in islamisation of the state. As a result of such inaction, most of the Muslim states stay unfit or incapacitated to do any meaningful service to Islam and the Muslims. Inaction is not the part of Islam; Muslims pleases Allah Sub’hana wa Tala only through benevolent actions. Muhammad bin Qasim – a brave Muslim general hurried with his Army to save the oppressed Hindu people of Sind from a tyrant ruler. But now the Muslim rulers and their armies stand silent while the Muslims are persecuted in their neighbouring countries. Sometimes, they become part of the persecution. Such collaborator of evil are huge in the Muslim World. For example, the former Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf and his cronies collaborated with the US invasion in Afghanistan and helped arrest hundreds of innocent people to feed Guantanamo Bay prison. The former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak didn’t allow even the injured Muslims of Gaza to enter Egypt while they were heavily bombed by Israel. The Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina didn’t allow the boats of tormented Rohynga Muslims to get nearer to the sea shore of the country. And the Syrian and Iraqi refugees didn’t receive any easy access to Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich gulf states; as a result, they needed to sail their unsafe boat to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of them died on the way and many women were raped. These are the harsh reality of the Muslim World. It tells a lot about the total incompetence cum criminality of the rulers who now rule the Muslim World.


Unsafe even for the Muslims

Under any despotic rule, a Muslim state never works as a safe haven even for Islam and the Muslims. Instead, such a country, like any other kuffar country, turn equally hostile to full practice of Islam. And how one can practise full Islam without practising sharia, hudud, shura, khelafa and jihad. Islam as a complete code of life can never be fully practised in a hut, tent, cave or palace. It needs a conducive and enabling environment of an Islamic state. So, the prophet of Islam and his companions had to build a state. How can a Muslim ignore such a great legacy? Communism ceased to exist as a political power after the collapse of the Soviet Russia in 1991. Communism now survives only in the Marxist books. The same has happened to Muslims after the ruin of the core Islamic state. Now, sharia, hudud, shura, jihad, khilafa and other Divine prescriptions are found only in the holy Qur’an and in the books of Islamic fiq’h. These have no place in Muslims’ life; nor in any Muslim country! Surprisingly, after all these grotesque deviation from the prophet’s (peace be upon him) legacy, they still think Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is pleased with them and they will enter paradise! In the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la depicted the same funny belief of the Jewish people to warn such erroneous Muslims They were given sharia in Torah; they were asked to establish a state and practise sharia. They betrayed the decree of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But still they claim that they are the chosen people of the Lord and will enter paradise. Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la never fulfill the wishful thinking of the rebels. 10/03/17

Betrayal of Iman & Showcasing of Disbelief by the Muslims

The abuse of rituals –

The enemies of Islam never preach idolatry to take the Muslims back to the old days of primitive ignorance. They use and abuse Islam’s obligatory rituals to divert them from the core objective of Islam. And the core objective of Islam is not to promote few selective pillars of Islam like five-time prayer, fasting, haj, etc. Rather, to build the whole house of Islam with full practice of all elements of the Qur’anic guidance. In fact, it is all about bringing an overwhelming victory of the Qur’anic code of life with its entirety over all brands of falsehood. Because, it is the only road map to save people from hellfire, nothing is more important for the mankind than working with this agenda.

But awfully, a lot of harms have already been done to the Muslims and to the mankind by abusing Islam’s own prescription. One of the 5 pillars of Islam is five-time daily prayer; but it is being badly abused not only to belittle other pillars, but also to dismantle the project of building the whole house of Islam. A prescription of a physician may contain a combination of 5 very important medicines to save a patient’s life –as it a common practice in treating a complicated disease. But, if anyone emphasize only one medicine and ignore the other four then it would be equal to inviting death to the patient. It is indeed a homicidal crime. The aim of the prescription is to save a life using all suggested medication; not to glorify a specific item. Likewise, a horrendous crime is going on against the holistic prescription of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in the name of promoting five time prayer. The whole objective of Islam to move with its entire Qur’anic prescription; not to promote a single pillar –whatever important it may be. The whole house cum civilisation of Islam can’t be built on a few pillars. Along with the pillars, it also needs a huge infrastructure of an Islamic state and its numerous state institutions. It is so fundamental and so indispensable that the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions didn’t make any mistake to understand its importance. In fact, here lies the greatest gap of understanding between the Muslims of early days and today. So the outcomes are also different. They could attain victory after victory. But, today, the Muslims are sliding to new low every day.

Example of using some pillars of Islam to undermine the others and even the whole project of Islam is huge. Works of an organisation called Tablighi Jama’at provide an illustrative example. Tablighi Jama’at has invented some new methodology –which were non-existent in prophet’s day, to distract the Muslims from some highly important Islamic obligations. Like the surge of sufism in the past, Tablighi Jama’at got a huge growth in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and many other countries. Its main emphasis is to call the Muslims to the practice of five times prayer. The preachers of this organisation seldom talk about implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, Islamic state and jihad. Surprisingly, they have no enmity even with the worst enemy of Islam. They have no quarrel even with the most corrupt and despotic governments of the Muslim countries. Bombs, chemical bombs, barrel bombs, drones and missiles are falling on Muslim men, women and children almost every day. Even many secularists and non-Muslims come to the streets to protest against them. But, they keep their eye blind and mouth tongue-tied vis-à-vis what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and many other Muslim countries. As if, they have seen nothing and have listened nothing. The same is true with the most of the imams, religious leaders and the common Muslims. In the name of focussing on prayers or other rituals, they stay blind on ongoing deaths, rapes and destruction in the Muslim World. They also pay blind eye on dismantling of sharia, hudud, khilafa, and the Muslim unity. Such self-imposed blindness or silence is highly punishable active crime, and will be awarded with eternal blindness in the hereafter. So, the warning comes, “And whoever is blind in this life, will also be blind in the Hereafter and more deviating from the way.” –(Sura Isra, verse 72).

In the past, sufism cum mysticism did the same terrible damage by deflecting the Muslims’ attention from the despotic corrupt rulers while they started grabbing the Muslim countries one after another and destroyed Islam’s civilizational mission. Even while the Mongol murderers were destroying Muslim cities and massacring men, women and children, they stayed blind. They didn’t come out of their homes and khanqas to take part in any jihad against the invaders. They caused a huge mass distraction in the name of purifying heart. What would be worst crime against Islam and the Muslims? The prophet (peace be upon him) didn’t leave such legacy. They built sufi khanqas and ran circles of zikr -as if it needs separate institutions to achieve purification. Whereas zikr is the part of Muslims’ life even while sitting, walking, working or lying in bed -as mentioned in the holy Qur’an (Sura al-Imran: verse 191). Zikr is all about remembering the mercy, glory and greatness of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Five time daily prayer, studying the holy Qur’an, fasting, haj, charity –in fact all acts of ibadah are zikr. And the greatest zikr takes place in jihad. Under the barrage of bullets, bombs, drones and missiles, zikr of a frontline mujahid gets oceanic depth. A parasitic sufi seating idle in his safe haven can’t even think of that.

Sufism and Tabligh Jamaat are in fact two blades of the same scissors. Tabligh Jamaat was started by the people like Sheikh Ilyas and Sheikh Zakaria of India. They didn’t hide that they were deeply influenced by sufism. In Sheikh Zakaria’s book “Fazayel-e-Amal”, he has been introduced by the publisher as a great sufi. These people and their organisations are indeed the part of the same social, cultural and religious engineering to keep the Muslims away from Qur’anic mission. This is why the most murderous rulers are very compatible with them. In response, they, too, do not blame these killers either. As if, condemning and protesting against any massacre or crime is not a part of iman! Whereas, protesting against any genocidal crime by all means is not mere politics, it is indeed the spontaneous expression of true iman. Appeasing the enemies is similar to feeding the crocodiles; it is indeed feeding the enemies’ political ambitions.

In India, even a non-political Muslims TV channel like Peace TV was closed down by the anti-Muslim BJP government, but Tabligh Jama’at is allowed to flourish. In Bangladesh, the secularist fascist government is carrying out every brutality against Islam’s resurgence. But Tabligh Jamaat is allowed not only to hold an assembly of more than 2 million people each year; but also given the full government co-operation. Every year, even the Prime Minister and the President of Bangladesh –who vehemently oppose any effort that can cause resurgence of Islam in the country, also join the supplication (munajat) part of the ijtima. Tablighi people visit millions of households each year to make people performer of five time daily prayers. But what is the impact of such door to door visits and massive annual congregation on the morality, politics and culture of the Bangladeshi people? In the history of Bangladesh, no other organisation could mobilise such a huge number of people to carry out its task. Such massive efforts are not helping the country to come out of the bracket of one of the most corrupt counties in the world. Moreover, the country has now entered into the darkest segment of its history under the rule of the most violent anti-Islamic fascists. Tabligh Jama’at itself now stands as an evidence that innovation doesn’t work. It can only cause huge wastage of time, money and energy. Moreover, it increases the deviation from prophet’s tradition.


The basics are ignored

First thing must be done first, and in Islam the first thing is iman (faith). No good deed –even not the sacrifice of life is acceptable to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la without im’an. Iman is the starting point of a Muslim’s life. But iman is not mere belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; rather the full integration with the objective, vision and mission of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la. Even the idolaters of Arabian Peninsula believed in Allah and named their children’s name as Abdullah (slave of Allah), Abdur Rahman, etc. But in practice they integrated with the ancient falsehood and did war against His sovereignty, His great prophet and His revealed law. The same arrogance now overwhelms the Muslim World against the fundamental basic of Islam like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, jihad and pan-Islamic Muslim brotherhood. Iman, taqwa and jihad go together in Muslims’ life. Iman, taqwa and jihad in His way can get nourishment and sustenance only from Divine knowledge; hence seeking such knowledge was made compulsory on the day one of the revelation of the holy Qur’an. Five-time prayers, month-long fasting and haj were made obligatory more than a decade later. Im’an, taqwa and jihad work together as the most powerful engine in a believer’s journey towards paradise. It also sets the true direction and agenda in life. Otherwise, other religious rituals can’t save people from hellfire.


After a failed encounter against Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), the magicians who brought im’an in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la were cut into pieces by the order of Pharaoh. But such terrible torture couldn’t distract them from faith. Minutes before, they were fully disbeliever and engaged in sin. But the power of their iman was so forceful that it quickly transformed them to 100 per cent believer and made them shaheed. The depth of their im’an impressed Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la so much that He mentioned the event several times in the holy Qur’an and raised their status as the model of true im’an for all people in all ages to come. Although they didn’t get any chance to offer a single unit of prayer, but their strong im’an did the job fully to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But those who perform rituals like 5 time prayer, month-long fasting, haj, and give charities throughout the whole adult life, how many of them attain such impressive iman? In fact, here lies the greatest deficit in Muslims’ life. Iman has lost the true importance amidst rituals.

Hence, im’an and its implication must be understood first before understanding any other pillar of Islam. Without perfection of im’an, one can’t perform rituals like prayers, haj, fasting or others with the required perfection. Even a munafiq can take part in rituals –as was the case at the time of the prophet (peace be upon him). They didn’t need any iman for that. They were the embedded enemies. This moral disease has always been endemic in all ages; but now has reached a diabolic prevalence. With such disease, people get easily deviated from the Qur’anic roadmap. They become friend of the worst enemies of Islam; and get quickly complicit in their crimes. Truly, this is the case with millions of so-called Muslims in the Muslim World, now. So, the US-led coalition could kill more than 1 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq with their complicity. And the Russia-led coalition is running the similar massacre in Syria. Hence, it is the strategy of the enemies of Islam to destroy im’an of a believer first; not his rituals like 5 times prayer, month-long fasting, haj or zakat. Even the White House and the Kremlin staffs spread prayer mat and offer iftari; but they drop bombs and send drones to kill those who nurture im’an on sharia, hudud, khelafat, jihad, Islamic state and global unity of the Muslims.

Like any disease, the moral disease has also its starting point. It starts with the lie in the declaration of ima’an. More than a billion of Muslims claim that they believe in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him). But how perfect and how sincere is the belief? Belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him) is an indivisible package. Islam is all about believing and practising all components of the package. There can’t be any disbelief or compromise in any single element of that. Im’an is inclusive and comprehensive. It is the source of light in believers’ everyday life; and shows the Qur’anic straight path (siratul mustaqeem) in every segments of his journey. It is the firm belief not only in the oneness of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala, but also in the truthfulness of His prophet’ legacy. It is also the belief in the supremacy of His Sovereignty, His revealed Book –the holy Qur’an, and the Qur’anic prescription of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity, migration and jihad in His way. Iman also entails the belief in the Qur’anic decree of enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong (a’maru bil ma’ruf wa nehi’anil munkar) –as the prescribed mission for every Muslim.


The belief in the prophet (peace be upon him) is also inclusive. His legacy includes not only the preaching of Islam, but also the establishment of an Islamic state. And, he was also the Head of the State. Hence abiding by his tradition entails the practice of his state policy in education, politics, warfare, administration, laws, people’s welfare, judiciary, and other practices. His legacy also includes jihad fi sabilillah to defend and expand the territory of the Islamic State. A Muslim also needs to believe in the Qur’anic revelation that obeying the prophet (peace be upon him) is obeying Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as revealed in the holy Qur’an “Whoever obeys the prophet, he indeed obeys Allah” –(Sura Nisa, verse 80). Hence, a Muslim must stick to prophet’s legacy; it is an obligation. But if his politics, culture, law, judiciary, economics, state institutions, administration and warfare follow his own obsession or footsteps of the enemy, how can he claim to be a Muslim?


Showcasing of the disease and the disbelief!

The best way of marketing a product is to showcase it in a market place; otherwise even the best product can’t catch the public eye. The same is true with Islam. Hence Islam can’t be practised in caves; and nor in a place where showcasing of its beauty is restricted. So, migration from such a state is a great ibadah in Islam. The greatest preacher in the human history like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) couldn’t convert more than 200 hundred people in his 13 years’ of hard work in Makkah. But when he could showcase the blessing of Islamic state, education, sharia, hudud, social welfare, culture, judiciary and trans-ethnic brotherhood in Medina, a huge mass conversion started. Within a decade Islam appeared as the number one World Power. Other great prophets like Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) couldn’t attain that success because they were not allowed by the evil forces to showcase the Truth. Shaitan and his followers understand the strength of such strategy; so it is their key objective not to allow the Muslims to showcase the beauty of Islam in the form of a full-fledged Islamic state. Rather, they allow only to showcase the disease and disbeliefs of the fake Muslims. Therefore, like protecting the rare animal species, the US-led enemies of Islam are protecting the most despotic corrupt Muslim rulers as the model of Islam in the world. So their disbelief and disease get showcased on the global stage as Islam. The call this ugly perversion as the moderate or mainstream Islam.

Both belief and disbelief in Islam have their own distinctive expressions. Iman (belief) of a true believer expresses through his good deeds –as fire expresses through its heat. So, in the holy Qur’an, iman and amal-us-saleh (good deeds) are mostly mentioned together –as if they are the twin expressions of a believer. Thus, a Muslim turns into a showcase of true Islam. Only this way the early Muslims could work as powerful magnets to attract millions of people to Islam; otherwise they didn’t have any propaganda machinery. But now, they are doing the opposite. They have turned into ugly showcase of moral disease and disbelief. True iman, sharia, hudud, khilafa, shura, pan-Islamic Muslim brotherhood, jihad have no place in that showcase.  Rather, divisive walls, racial hatred, extrajudicial killings, parochialism, nationalism, secularism, despotism, and corruptions are the parts of it. This way they are serving the cause of Shaitan.

In absence of showcasing of true Islam, millions of visits by Tablighi workers at the doorsteps of the people have utterly failed to make any discernible impact. They are very selective to talk about im’an, yakeen and ibadah, and not about sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, jihad and Islamic state –as if these are not part of Islam. But this selective and restrictive prescription on Islam has failed to bring any visible change in the behaviour, actions, attitude, politics, and culture of the Muslim ummah –even not in the Muslim life in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan where they are in huge number. Is it the aim of Islam to make some big ijtama and putting more volunteers on the street to call people only to five time prayer? Was it the practice of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims?

If iman and yakeen do not have visible expression in deeds, politics, culture, behaviour of people, do they really exist? They fail to understand that changing people’s beliefs, behaviour, actions, attitude, politics, and culture is a massive task. Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) worked day and night for 950 years, but with little gain. Spending few minutes in a group in reciting Fadayel-e-Amal (the commonly recited book of Tabligh Jama’at) or listening short lectures by laymen or long munajat by bujurgs (old sheikhs) is not going to make any big difference. That didn’t work in the past either. The same is true about thousands of non-political Islamic organisations working in the Muslim World. It needs to engage in massive social, cultural, educational, political engineering. For that, a powerful Islamic state with its various massive organisational infrastructures are indispensable. Only then, a state becomes the most powerful value-adding industry on earth; then citizens turn into the most refined and the civilised humans –as was the case in the early days of Islam. Only because of such an Islamic state, the early Muslims could raise the only true civilisation on earth. And indeed, this was the highest achievement in the whole length of human history. For establishing such a state, the early Muslims had to pay the price. More than 70 percent of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) companions needed to become shaheed. And, the prophet (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided khalifas needed to be the head of the state. That is the greatest and the most important legacy of the prophet (peace be upon him) and his great companions. How can a true Muslim deny or ignore that? But now, the Muslims are paying a heavy price, too. That is to spread and defend the virus of moral disease and disabilities. By their own money, efforts and blood, they indeed serve the enemies and indeed feed the engine of their own downfall. 08/04/2017


The Moral Disability & the Downfall of the Muslims

The moral disability & its fallout –

The most important cause of Muslims’ downfall is not any natural disaster or economic collapse or any epidemic of a killer disease. It is indeed the moral disability that has brought them to the current quagmire. Such disability even kills any fresh attempt to rise up as a civilizational force on earth. If not treated, the ongoing disability can bring moral death. Then, a man survives only as an animal with human shape. None of the physical disabilities brings such a disgraceful end to a man or woman. In the history of mankind, such disabilities caused catastrophic calamities –much worse than any earthquake, epidemic or tsunamis. Hundreds of earthquakes or epidemics couldn’t kill 75 million people; but only two World Wars could kill more than that. The ugliest crimes on earth like colonial genocides, imperialist occupations, ethnic cleansings, slave trading, gas chambers, World Wars, and dropping of barrel bombs, chemical bombs, drones and nuclear bombs are indeed the works of these morally disables.

Moral disability takes humans to a level much inferior to animals; animals do not show such deviation from their own path or style of survival. The Qur’anic narratives like “in hum illa ka’al an’am, bal hum adallu sabila –(Sura: al-Furqan, verse: 44)” (meaning: they are nothing but as cattle, rather they are deviated farther off from the path) gives testimony to that. The annals of history abundantly display such terrible ills. Like animal, such ill people become insensitive to Truth; even miracles make no impact on them. Cattle search only for water, grass and grazing fields; they do not ponder on Truth. Hence, the miracles like resurrection of the dead, talking while in the cradle, cure of the born-blind, walking across the sea, foods coming down from the sky, water gushing out of a stone -as shown by Prophet Isa (peace be upon him), and Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), utterly failed to impress them. For the same reason, today, the morally disabled Muslims are turning a blind eye to the horrendous crimes of the imperialists against the Muslims. So, the killers, the occupiers and the bombers are taken as close friends. Even millions of Muslims registrar as the mercenaries to fight their war.

No nation collapsed or disappeared from the history for any physical disability. It is the moral collapse or lewdness that destroyed many nations in the past; and ruined the Muslims as the civilizational power. What could be the worst disgrace for the Muslims that many Muslim countries stand top in the list of the most corrupt countries in the world! What is the impact of their faith and prayers? About 1.6 billion Muslims claim that they believe in Islam; more than a billion take part in five-time daily prayer and month-long fasting in Ramadan; and several millions perform haj and umrah each year; but that couldn’t help them to come out of awful moral illness. It owes to a total shift in their agenda of survival. They do not bother about their moral failures. They are so much deluded with the pleasure of worldly gains that corruption has become the common tool of their survival. Hence, “enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong (a’maru bil ma’ruf wa nehi’anil munkar)” – the obligatory Qur’anic mission, enjoys little importance in their practical life. Instead, they are engaged exactly in the opposite mission; so they relish corruption, crimes and even serving in the enemy armies.

Such a shift in the purpose of survival has generated a new set of self-serving priorities and political culture at all levels. This is why, even the worst despots do not face any shortage of supporters on the street of the Muslim countries. Even those who are known as imams, sheikhs and religious scholars also rub their shoulder with them. A’maru bil ma’ruf wa nehi’anil munkar is not an issue for them. And sharia, hudud, khilafa, and jihad have no place in their life. The Muslims thus display the vilest betrayal of the Cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It tells a lot about the severity of their moral illness. How can such betrayal bring any blessing from Him? Awfully, it has fully incapacitated them to understand even the dire consequences of the disease. Hence, how could Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la select such sick people to accomplish His Own vision? So, the Muslims now stand unseated from the position of His khalifa. They show fitness only to work as khalifa of the internal and external enemies of Islam!


The best deed & the worst crime

Moral disease is the commonest and the most calamitous disease of the mankind. Even the physically fit people are not immune to it. Now, it prevails as a global epidemic. Awfully, the damage is eternal; hence more than billion times awful than any worst cancer. Not only it inflicts a catastrophic damage to the worldly life, but also takes the diseased men or women to eternal hellfire. The virus of the disease is conceptual. Hence, the disease run through thoughts, beliefs and ideologies. Since the pathology lies in soul, can be treated only by curative thoughts, beliefs and ideologies –as was the methodology of all Divine prophets. For that, the holy Qur’an exist as the only final prescription. In the history of mankind, only the holy Qur’an has proven the full treatment efficacy; as treated successfully one of the most morally diseased people on earth 14 hundred years ago. No other prescription has shown similar success in any part of the world in any time. In fact, here lies the greatest and the unique strength of Islam. It possesses the most important and the only curative prescription for the moral ills of the mankind. This is why, Islam is the only target of all satanic forces on earth. In the whole length of human history, never worked such a huge global coalition against any faith as it is now against resurgence of Islam.

The deprivation of Divine knowledge is lethal; it leads to death of soul. It is indeed the greatest catastrophe in an individual’s life and also for the destiny of the mankind. Men and women then survive only as a biological entity; but possess full physical ability to commit the worst crime. Thus they possess the full potentials to add worst calamities not only to their own lives, but also to others. The world enters into disastrous wars and World Wars only because of such morally dead people. So, it is the most important task on earth to remove this deprivation of Divine knowledge. People can grow cattle, grains, fruits and vegetables, but can’t grow food for soul. It is the exclusive domain of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Hence, He sent down the angel with the Divine knowledge to His apostles to address this crucial issue. And the holy Qur’an survives as the final and the only unadulterated source of such knowledge. So, it is the only life line of moral survival of the whole mankind. Hence it is the greatest deed to adhere to this Qur’anic knowledge. And it is greatest crime to get delinked from that life line of Qur’anic knowledge. So, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam therefore said, “Those who learn Qur’an and teach Qur’an are the best people on earth”. Hence, Islam has a crucial role to play.


The ancient ignorance as a religion

The denial of cure of the moral ills has other calamities; it becomes the satanic obsession to live with the disease. Then, it thrives as a culture. Such culture may even survive as a religion –as happened in India. This is why, the most primitive falsehood like idolatry, cow worshipping, snake worshipping, river worshipping and such other practices could survive as a powerful popular culture in India through millenniums. Such cultural cum religious bulwark could effectively protect the falsehood against the Qur’anic Truth during six hundred years’ Muslim rule in India. Billions of dollars are being spent in India every year to build and maintain temples, seminaries and other cultural institutions to strengthen such cultural fortification. It has also proven that false propaganda could do miracles; it could promote idols, cows, monkeys and snakes to the rank of goddess. And in such jingoistic cultural milieu, slaughtering cows is a punishable crime but not massacring the Muslims or demolishing mosques. The people thus take huge pride in becoming the defender of falsehood. Therefore, those who want to survive with falsehood and defy Truth –


The replication of Indian kufr

Since the ancient ignorance could survive in India even in modern days with its primitive originality, India works as the perfect model for those who want to sustain their ignorance and to stand against Islam. Now the Indian model of cultural fortification against the resurgence of Islam is being replicated all over the Muslim World. Since conversion to idol worshipping, cow worshipping, or snake worshipping doesn’t work in the Muslim World, the enemies of Islam have deployed other hybrid strategies. The fortification against resurgence of Islam is being done in the form of a cocktail of nationalism, regionalism, traditionalism, secularism, racism, monarchism, tribalism and other parochial obsessions. Every day, they are inventing new means of distraction from Islamic revival. Billions of dollars are being spent in such projects in the Muslim countries.

To replicate such an Indian strategy, thousands of institutions are built and given sustenance by the anti-Islamic global coalition in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and other Muslims countries to run dance, drama, sports and music classes. As if, these are the causes of Muslims’ downfall and miseries! As a part of the project, the former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif became a great fan of kite flying and Diwali. In Bangladesh, the secularists and the nationalists have become very chauvinistic with the spring festival, the New Year festival, the Valentine day celebration along with other festivals. Very recently they have started with light worshipping in the name of so-called mangal prodip (the lamp of good fortune). To make it integrated with the on-going anti-Islamic cultural cum ideological engineering, the hard core secularists are asking to make it obligatory in the school curriculum. The Afghans and Kurds are being fuelled with the new sense of pride and festivity on the occasion of Nowruz. And in the Arab World, the people are being encouraged to get anchored to their local tribal traditions. The Egyptians are told by the country’s autocratic ruler to celebrate the ancient heritage of Pharaoh and keep distance from the prophetic teachings of Islamic state, khilafa, shura, sharia, hudud, jihad and the pan-Islamic brotherhood. This way, the cultural tide of old jaheliya that could keep the people tightly anchored to the ancient belief and practices of falsehood in India and other parts of the world are now showing heavy resurgence in the Muslim World.


The calamity of moral death

So the prognosis appears very gloomy; every day the Muslims are drifting to a new low. The physical disabilities may make people frail to do anything good or bad; but that doesn’t kill the moral ability to know the right from the wrong. Nor does it destroy the ability to worship the Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Hence, the physically ill people can still pursue the straight path towards the paradise. But, moral disability brings the worst calamity; much worse than a wild cancer. It kills the soul and the morality. Thus, it destroys the whole ability of a man or woman to align with the project of Islam. Islam wants that every human must live with the Divine Truth. He or she must work as a witness as well as the defender of the Truth. In one’s life, nothing is more important than getting integrated with such Divine project. For that, he or she is called khalifa of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, and his job turns into a life-long jihad. And those who dies in defending the Truth is called shaheed –the greatest honour that a man can achieve in his life.

A seed can’t grow on a stone; it needs fertile soil and water for that. Likewise, the Qur’anic Truth can’t flourish on a dead soul. This is why, recital and memorisation of the holy Qur’an doesn’t help those who are morally dead or disable. In fact, the powerful Qur’anic verses are falling on many of these dead souls. Of millions who recite the holy Qur’an every day, a very few could come out as the defender of Truth. Such people make themselves unfit for any Divine guidance. Proclaiming belief in Islam and reciting Qur’an is not enough, it has other implication. A believer must live with the assigned mission. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals His Own disappointment on those who distract from the belief and disengage from the assigned mission. So, He reveals, “How shall Allah guide a people who disbelieved after their belief and has witnessed that the Messenger is true and clear signs had come to them and Allah does not guide the oppressors?” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 86).

Such distraction from Islamic belief and its mission is indeed the most common disease among the Muslims. Such disease makes them morally sick, hypocrite and wrongdoer. Moreover, it makes them morally incompetent to stand for the Divine Truth. Whereas, a Muslim must show his readiness and competence not only in standing for five time prayers and other rituals; but also for sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa and other basics of Islam –as was the practice of every companions of the prophet. Such readiness and competence are indeed the expression of true iman and work as the bench mark of a true Muslim in all ages. Only this way, a Muslim can pass the obligatory tests in this life and enter paradise. About the test, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals, “Do you think that you will enter paradise while Allah has not yet known those who did jihad among you and those who are steadfast?” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 142).

Incompetence to stand for Islam doesn’t build up alone; it makes people directly or indirectly complicit in serious crime against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. People then work as mercenaries in the army of enemies, as happened in almost every occupational war of the enemies in the Muslim lands –as happening now in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. Because of such blatant complicity of the Muslims in crime against Islam, the Muslims have lost many vital things. Sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim ummah and other qur’anic basics have become non-existent in the Muslim World. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la never recruits witness (shuhada) or defender (mujahid) for His deen from these morally dead or disable people. Nor does He guide these people towards the paradise. Hence come the repeatedly pronounced Qur’anic warnings:“la’yahdi’Allahu qaomazzalimeen”,“la’yahdi’Allahu qaomal ka’firun”,“la’yahdi’Allahu qaomal munafiqun”,“la’yahdi’Allahu qaomal fasiqun” (meaning: Allah doesn’t guide the oppressors, the disbelievers, the hypocrites  and the wrongdoers). And, those who are deprived of His guidance, they can only pursue a path towards the eternal hellfire. Therefore, downfall in this world is not the only calamity; the worst awaits in the hereafter.

The Muslims’ Betrayal against Islam

 The changed objective & the betrayal –

In some diseased conditions, the human body even fails to discriminate its own cells from the cells of the invading bugs. In such misplaced immunity, the body’s own organs is perceived foreign and get badly damaged. It is called autoimmune disease. Similarly, the self-harming conceptual state runs very high in the Muslim ummah. The disease has gone to the extent that the Muslims have turned themselves the worst enemy of the Muslims and Islam. In the early days of Islam, the Muslims fought unending chain of wars for defending the Islamic state –established and headed by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam himself. More than 70 per cent the companions sacrificed their life such holy combat. Because of their huge sacrifice, the Islamic state could stand on its feet and showcase the beauty of sharia, hudud, shura, trans-ethnic unity, jihad, khilafa and other Qur’anic prescription; hence could create a strong trend of mass conversion to Islam. The state and its various infrastructures worked as the powerful instruments for social engineering to embed Islam’s core teaching and values in the heart and mind of the new Muslims. Thus, the Islamic state worked as a powerful vehicle to take people to the paradise.

But now, the priority has changed. The Muslims now fight wars, sacrifice lives and establish state with an exact opposite purpose. They fight wars in coalition with the kuffars to stop emergence of any Islamic state. Instead of implementing sharia, they showcase kuffar law in their judiciary. They celebrate the divisive walls, borders and flags of the Muslim lands, instead of dismantling them. They even welcome the enemies in the Muslim lands and ask them to bomb the Muslim cities and villages –as seen in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Instead of showcasing Islam, they showcase racism, nationalism, secularism, fascism, despotism, monarchism and other evil ideologies through their constitution, administration, state media and politics. Betrayal against the Qur’anic agenda thus has become the politics of the Muslims.

Such betrayal against one’s own faith doesn’t exist anywhere among the kuffars. Even the illiterate idolaters of an Indian village know the exact meaning and implication of idolatry. So, they do not do any compromise in the practice of their religion; so the primitive ignorance (jaheliyah) like idolatry could thrive even in modern India. Hence the most devout worshippers of idols, cows, snakes, monkeys and staffs could easily defeat the modern secularists in general election; and could become the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister or MP in India by popular votes. On the other hand, Islam stays as the most misunderstood as well as the most betrayed religion by its own followers. Such misunderstanding cum betrayal is even much deeper among the mullahs, the imams and the religious leaders. So, in most of the Muslim countries, in order to get any electoral victory, one receives impetus from his own followers to get secularised and de-linked from Islam. The Qur’anic Islam –as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions, stands alien and ignored even in the Muslim lands.

Such a milieu of betrayal and misunderstanding has twisted even the leaders and the activists of the so-called Islamic parties to entirely shift their political agenda. As a result, the Qur’anic vocabularies like sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, jihad and many others are dropped from their intellectual or religious discourse, let alone struggling for the implementation. The fear of evil forces -not the fear of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, has influenced to bring such political swing. While inside the mosque or standing for rituals, they declare their allegiance to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala; but while in politics, judiciary or other worldly business, they appear in their real colour. Then they show their full ideological and cultural conversion to secularism and complete submission to kufr law. Like any nationalist or racist, they too, celebrate their political cessation from other Muslims based on ethnic, linguistic or tribal identity. For protecting such divisions, they even fight bloody wars.

Such inconsistency in faith and practice is indeed the clear symptom of deviation from the Qur’anic straight path. Such deviation now overwhelms the whole Muslim World. The key point of Islam is not to build mere mosques, madrasahs and minarets; but to change the whole world. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s Own narrative “li’euzhira’hu alad’dini kullihi” (meaning: to overwhelm all religions of the world) is very explicit on that issue. The early Muslims exactly got the message; hence, a few millions of them could do a lot to overwhelm huge parts of Asia, Africa and Europe by Islamic faith. But now, the 1.5 billion Muslims are doing exactly the opposite. Instead of influencing the others, they are themselves overwhelmed by the kuffar faiths and ideologies.

Today’s Muslims terribly fail to understand even the key message of Islam; it is indeed the mother of all failures. Islam was never revealed for the man-fearing cowards who even can’t announce publicly their faith on sharia, hudud, jihad, khilafa, border-dismantling Muslim unity and Islamic state. There is no proof that Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has ever built any paradise for such fake Muslims. A Muslim is required to express his Allah-fearing courage in his politics and warfare. The early Muslims sacrificed their life and wealth for spreading and defending Islam. But today, the Muslims are moving exactly in the opposite direction; they are spreading and defending their own perversion. They even die for the cause of the enemies. More than a million fought and several hundred thousands died in both the World Wars for the cause of the western imperialists. For the same known enemies, several millions are now fighting in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other parts of the world. Because of them, the whole Muslim world now stands fully occupied by the internal and external enemies who fiercely oppose any victory of Islam even in the Muslim majority countries. Such a betrayal against Islam cum submission to the kuffars has serious consequences; it makes people fully unfit for making any acceptable taubah. It also deprives them from the Divine guidance and blessings. As a result, they get farther away from Islam. The sustained deviation and downfall of the Muslim ummah indeed a living testimony to that.


The culture of compromise

Islam is a religion of all-time full submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Hence, there is no scope of part-time compromise or short-term deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap. Every wilful compromise or deviation is a major sin and nurtures a culture of rebellion against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Only a quick correction of such deviation and deep repentance on doing such sins can save one from eternal hellfire. A Muslim ceases to exist as Muslim with the continuation of any compromise or deviation. Such a compromise or deviation indeed takes a Muslim to the enemy camp. It is the route of Iblis that made him a rebel against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But it is awful that such compromise on Islam or the deviation from the Qur’anic roadmap has become the norm in Muslim life. Because of such compromise and deviation, even many obligatory key parts of Islam like sharia, hudud, jihad, shura, khilafa are no more visible in the Muslim World. On such flip-flopping believers, the holy Qur’an reveals a very stern warning in the following verse: “Surely, those who disbelieve after believing and then increase in the disbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted, and these are the people who stay deviated.” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 90). So, the consequence of any compromise and deviation is very catastrophic; his or her taubah doesn’t get accepted. And, the rejection of taubah equals nothing but entering into hellfire for an infinity.


The Muslim enmity against Islam has other ugly faces. If a brave Muslim stands against the internal or external occupying forces and starts working with a mission for establishing sharia, hudud, khialfa, shura, jihad and trans-ethnic Muslim unity –as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims, is quickly labelled as terrorist. As if, adherence to Qur’anic Islam and the prophet’s tradition is the doctrine of terrorism. The brutal murder of such Islamists by the US-led coalition in any part of the Muslim World even get celebrated by these so-called Muslims.

The Muslims’ failure to distinguish jihad from terrorism is huge. They even distort the dictionary meaning these two distinctively different words. Jihad is the holy war prescribed by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for dismantling the rule of kufr and for implementing His Own sovereignty and His sharia law. It is the defensive and executive arm of Islam. Without jihad, the Muslims can’t engage in the Divine mission of “enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong”. In absence of jihad, the full practice of Islam becomes impossible even in Muslim lands. The occupying forces in the Muslim countries never leave any space for practice of such Islam.

Whereas, terrorism –as per standard lexicon, is the use of violent act to frighten people of an area for political and economic gain. It is the offensive arm of kufr to bring the rule of kufr and to dismantle the rule of sharia. Terrorism was the tool of the European colonialists to occupy and exploit the weaker Asian and African countries. This way, they abused the weakness of the weaker people of the world for their imperialistic benefit. In Muslim countries, they act as terrorists not only to dismantle Muslim rule, but also to abolish the pre-existing sharia law and judiciary. Israel is using the same terrorism against the people of Palestine. And India is showing the same in Kashmir.

Now the US-led coalition is using the same tool to terrorise the people of the whole Muslim World. Recently, the US Army has dropped 10 ton bomb –called mother of all bombs, in the eastern part of Afghanistan. Its destructive power is only next to a nuclear bomb. Flattening a hill or killing some Islamists was not the only target; the objective was to show the terrorising power of the USA. The predator beasts show their teeth with the same purpose. For the same reason, they also dropped nuclear bombs in the past. To give sustenance to their imperialist dominance in the world, displaying such terrorising power is the part of their key strategy.


The greatest benevolence act on earth

Iblis never failed to understand the meaning of Islam. He didn’t fail either to understand Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s vision, mission and objective vis-à-vis the creation of mankind. Hence, from day one, he stood against it. Hence, ignorance vis-à-vis Islam’s objective is not an issue among the followers of Shaitan. Even in the very early days of Islam, the kuffars of Arabia didn’t make any mistake to understand the agenda of Islam either. They could foresee their doom in Islam’s victory –as was the case also with Nimrod and Pharaoh. Hence, in those formative days of Islam, all brands of the enemies made the coalition to destroy the nascent Islamic state headed by the great prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam. Then, the newly formed Islamic state was inflicted with an unending chain of wars. Even the two contemporary World Powers –the Roman and the Persian Empires, engaged in war against the prophet’s state. Islam could secure its security and stand as the number one World Power only after defeating those enemies.

Now the Muslims are known for their forgotten mission. They live without an Islamic state; and feels no responsibility to establish one and defend it. In fact, they find it obstructive against fulfilment of their own whims and that of their evil masters. Hence, they have conveniently forgotten the indispensable part of the Muslim history that the last prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) was not only a preacher but also the founder of a state and the first head of that state. The Muslims now show little interest to live with that prophetic tradition. Instead, they have turned inimical to that key prophetic project of Islam; they even call whoever want to take that prophetic path as terrorist with full congruence with the enemy narrative.

In any segment of history, the absence of an Islamic state is catastrophic. The Muslims then miss the powerful state infrastructure on their side. Instead, they are then subjected to state-run social and political engineering only aimed at dumping them in the hellfire. Whereas, the benefit of the Islamic state is huge. The state and the state institutions then turn into powerful instruments to protect people from the hellfire. Through pious leadership, enlightening education, humanising cultural engineering, Divine law and the state-run welfare, an Islamic state works as the most benevolent institute on earth. Because of such a state power, the early Muslims could rescue millions of people from their awful march towards the eternal hellfire. It was indeed the greatest and most successful rescue effort in the whole history of mankind. Economic aid of a trillion dollar to a man is nothing in comparison to such a rescue from the hellfire. One can only understand the worth of such a rescue if he comprehends the meaning of the following Qur’anic verse: “Surely, those who disbelieve and die while they are unbelievers, the whole earth full of gold shall not be accepted from one of them, though he should offer to ransom himself with it.” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 91). By bringing millions of people to the path of paradise –as was possible through conversion to Islam, the early Muslims thus could accomplish the greatest benevolent task in the whole history of the mankind. Through such huge rescue efforts, they could rightly prove their credential as the best people among all people of all ages –as narrated by the prophet (peace be upon him).


Corrupting the meaning of Islam

It is a great mockery that most of the ulama, mullahs, imams and political leaders tell the people that Islam means peace. But what is that peace? And where was that peace found in the history of Islam? Did the prophets of Islam like Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him), Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), Prophet Isa (peace be upon him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and many other prophets and their followers had ever enjoyed such peace? For them, peace exists only in the paradise. Those who tell that Islam means peace, probably they talk about peace that comes through inaction, submission or peaceful co-existence with the evil forces –as they themselves practise in their life. But such peace has never been the part of the life of these great prophets. They took mission of “enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong (a’amaru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar)” as the life-long motto, hence invited incessant challenges from the enemies. The enemies of Divine Truth never allow such prophetic mission go unchallenged. As a result, from day one of their prophet hood, they had to suffer oppression, suppression, persecution and eviction. Thousands of the great prophets and their followers were labelled as the public enemy by the contemporary rulers; and were killed brutally. So embracing Islam doesn’t bring any peace in believers’ life on earth; rather pushes them towards dangerous challenges that even cost their life. In fact, it gives the believer a Divine purpose of survival; and brings a life-long struggle for the revealed Truth against all ranges of falsehood.

In fact, “Islam means peace” is the most ridiculous expression of ignorance on Islam. They reiterate such cliché with a sinister political cum ideological motive. They want to hide Islam’s real vision, mission and objective by spreading such concocted narrative. This way, they are harming Islam. Islam’s dictionary meaning and ideological connotation is totally different from such hugely circulated lie. In fact, Islam is all about full submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al’s Qur’anic orders. The word “Islam” is the verbal noun of the verb “aslama” which means “to surrender”. Any rebellion against any of the Qur’anic commands is kufr; and such rebellion is indeed the distinctive marker of a kafir.  And those who fully enter into such submission are called true Muslim. And how to submit to all Qur’anic prescriptions, the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions set the perfect example. Implementation of sharia, hudud, shura, Islamic state cum khilafa, jihad, trans-ethnic Muslim unity comes under the gamut of such submission.  The same is true even now –as it was true at the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).24/04/2017


Colonisation of the Muslim Mind & the Ideological Defeat

 The lost immunity

An invincible immunity is crucial for survival in an environment embedded with millions of lethal bugs and viruses. Hence, the Almighty Allah –the Most Merciful, has blessed every man and woman with an inbuilt system of immunity. An effective defence barrier with highly potential cellular and biochemical weapons exist in every part of the body against any invading toxic agents. Similar defensive immunity is also crucial for healthy conceptual or ideological survival of a believer. Otherwise, his mind gets quickly occupied by corrosive beliefs and ideas. Such ideas quickly kills iman. This is why, colonisation of the Muslim mind always receives the highest priority in enemies’ ideological warfare against Islam and the Muslims. Hence the enemy bombing campaign or occupation is always accompanied by powerful propaganda war. The European colonialists always launch such invasive project from day one of their occupation of the Muslim lands. In fact, Islam now stands defeated in every Muslim country not for any sustained military or political occupation; but for deep colonisation of the Muslim minds. Because of such intellectual occupation by evil ideas, Islam doesn’t stand victorious even in Muslims’ conceptual premise, let alone overwhelm in other arenas.

Proper nutrition and vaccination help immensely to enhance the body’s immunity. A man with enhanced immunity can walk safely even amidst the infected people with killer bugs and viruses. The HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) does the opposite. It causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and brings death by dismantling the body’s protective immune barrier. As a result, millions of opportunistic bugs that live normally and silently on the body surface quickly get access deep inside the body and speed up the dying process. Similar immunity lapse has developed in the ideological cum conceptual premise of the Muslims. As a consequence, there exists little or no barrier in most of the Muslim minds against the wicked ideologies like racism, tribalism, nationalism, secularism, capitalism, socialism, fascism and many other toxic ideas. Hence, instead of Islam, these illicit ideologies get practised in most of the Muslim countries. So, the Muslim countries make little or no difference from a non-Muslim country in practising kufr, shirk, hypocrisy and betrayal against the commands of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.

Against Islam, the imperialists now gives enormous importance to ideological warfare. They call it Cold War. They have seen its efficacy against the Soviet socialist bloc. Islam is the next target. The western imperialists deployed only its ideological weaponry to dismantle the United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR); and needed not to fire a single bullet to dissolve this nuclear World Power. But against the Muslims, the imperialists’ war is two-pronged; they are fighting both militarily and ideologically. It is indeed the intensification of the same old war that started about thousand years ago in the name of Crusade. The European colonialists never stopped by mere military occupation of the Muslim lands; rather continued with colonisation of the Muslim mind, too. Now, such project has received further re-enforcement through an aggressive western media all over the world. The ongoing socio-political engineering is also an important part of it. The secularist governments of the Muslim countries also work as the close partners of such project.

AIDS dismantles the bodily immunity; therefore brings physical death. But, the ideological invasion of the enemies destroys the intellectual cum conceptual immunity; hence cause spiritual death. Since, Qur’anic knowledge is the lifeline of iman; the imperialists and their native mercenaries could inflict a lethal blow to iman by restricting the Qur’anic education and destroying the Islamic institutions in the occupied Muslim lands. In fact, it has always been the key strategy of all anti-Islamic forces in the Muslim lands. Moreover, it has never been a hidden strategy of the enemy. Mr. William Gladstone -the nineteenth century British Prime Minister and a prominent promoter of colonialism and imperialism, very emphatically told in the Parliament that unless the Muslims are taken away from the Qur’an, they can’t be brought under the British rule. He didn’t make any mistake to realise that the holy Qur’an makes the Muslims totally incompatible with the kuffars’ ideologies and rule. Therefore, the colonialists’ war of occupation was not aimed at cleansing the Muslim lands of the Muslims; but to cleanse their minds of the Qur’anic teachings. And, the project still continues.


The ideological corruption & the misguidance

A man’s vision, mission, objective, deeds, attitude, behaviour, culture, politics and warfare are indeed the exact expression of his conceptual model. It is equally true for a Muslim, too. His or her right guidance or misguidance entirely depends on it. The immense importance of such a conceptual model is revealed in the following Qur’anic verse: “Tell (O Muhammad), every one acts according to his (conceptual) model (shakela) and your Lord best knows who is rightly guided.”–(Sura Isra, verse 84). For a Muslim, his conceptual model is fully based on the teaching of the holy Qur’an. If such internal model of his belief pattern gets dismantled, no more one can survive as a true Muslim; rather becomes a kafir or munafiq. The importance of occupying the conceptual premise is not unknown to the enemies. Hence, they occupy not only the Muslim lands; but also the Muslim minds. And, cleansing the Muslim mind of the Qur’anic teaching is indeed their topmost agenda. Therefore, the Muslims’ fate for survival as a true Muslim is not decided on the prayer mats, rather by their ability to defend the Islamic state and their conceptual territory. But the Muslims have terribly failed on both. So, in Islam, jihad is so crucial; spending few minutes in jihad is more valuable than whatever exist on earth.

What the colonialists did in the past, now the US-led imperialist coalition is doing the same all over the Muslim World. Not only bombs, drones and missiles are added to their arsenal; billions of dollar are also invested to enhance Muslims’ deviation from the Qur’anic road map. The teaching curriculum of the Muslim countries are strictly under their rudder. They have enforced tight restriction on teaching and learning of the holy Qur’an not only in schools, madrasahs and mosques but also in all media, public discourses and seminars.

Absence of sharia, hudud, shura, jihad, khilafa and other Islamic basics in the Muslims’ life clearly demonstrates how badly they have lost the ideological war. It shows total ideological collapse. In fact, the imperialists’ coercive cum manipulative strategy has been very successful to cause a deep ideological cleansing of the Muslim mind. During the long colonial era, the enemies used and abused the whole education system as a massive tool to take the Muslims away from the holy Qur’an. They even established religious madrasahs to corrupt the Muslims intellectually. They could also raise even a huge army of ulama, mullah and Muslim intellectuals to serve their cause. According to Hanafi school of thought, on day one of the enemy occupation, jihad become obligatory on the Muslims of the occupied land. But, because of ideological cleansing, the Muslims show little commitment or motivation for such jihad.

The ideological cleansing has other sinister consequences. It brings not only deviation from the right path –siratul mustaqeem; but also generates deep distaste to know the right path –as shown in the holy Qur’an. Instead of seeking knowledge on the holy Qur’an, mere recitation gets the priority. They even think that understanding of the holy Qur’an is the exclusive domain of the ulama. To make it worse, the subservient governments of the Muslim countries work as partners of such project.

Al-Qur’an is the only book of true Divine guidance. Therefore, without understanding it, how one can get the Divine guidance? In fact, it is the ugliest criminal neglect of the greatest gift of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such a neglect of the holy Qur’an can only leave a man with no choice but to seek guidance from kufr –like the western ideas, laws, politics, and economics. Even the political maps of the Muslim countries are made by the enemies. Such a deviated state of the Muslims can only please Shaitan.

Seeking Qur’anic knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman; not only on the imams, ulama, and sheikhs. Ignorance makes it impossible for any human to stay in the true path; hence it is a major sin. It is revealed: “Among all His servants, only those who are filled with the knowledge (of Qur’an) are the ones who truly fear Allah.” –(Sura Fatir, verse 28). Hence, for becoming an Allah-fearing Muslim, one must be a man of Qur’anic knowledge. This is why, every companion of the prophet (peace be upon him) was a great a’lim.  Moreover, how a seeker of the true path can ignore or stay ignorant of the only treasure of true guidance on earth? Such guidance can’t be acquired by mere rote recitation or memorisation; it needs proper understanding. This is why, in the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has repeatedly asked for tafah’hum (understanding), tawaq’qul (contemplation), tadab’bur (pondering) on the Qur’anic revelation.


Disastrous than AIDS

Any distaste against the understanding of the holy Qur’an can only increase the deviation from straight path and can take people directly to the hellfire. Those who ignore the understanding of the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is very explicit on them. They are labelled as deaf, dumb, and blind; even called inferior to the cattle. The early Muslims could excel as the followers of the straight path only because of their deep Qur’anic knowledge. In those days, the thirst for seeking guidance from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s revelation was so intense that those who were from the non-Arab countries like Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mali and many others left their mother tongue and embraced Arabic as their own language. Whereas, in those days, there was no school, college or government institute to do the job.

As a result of long colonial occupation, the Muslims went far away from the Qur’anic guidance. Hence, they fail very badly to grow up as true Muslim. The fallout of such a failure is catastrophic; more disastrous than AIDS or any killer disease. AIDS and other killer diseases do not take people to the hellfire; but the conceptual perversion cum moral death definitely takes them there for an infinity. The European colonialists allowed the Muslims only to live with rituals like 5 time prayers, month long fasting, haj and charity; but not with Islam’s project of educational, cultural and socio-political engineering –as was the key tradition of the prophet (peace be upon him). Rather, they started their own state-run project of de-Islamisation. They raised educational, cultural and political institutions as tools to vaccinate the Muslims with various evil ideologies. They also heavily embedded the Muslim countries with the wicked institutions of evil like pubs, clubs, prostitution, gambling, dancing, sports, and riba-based banks and other civil and military institutions. Those who are raised and trained in such institutions developed strong immunity against the core concept of Islam. Due to such deep de-Islamisation, the wicked ideologies like secularism, tribalism, racism, nationalism, socialism, capitalism, fascism and hedonism got strong base and huge clientele even in the Muslim majority countries.

The direct enemy occupation of Muslim lands has ended. But the same evil occupation still survives by the hands of the native mercenaries. Therefore, the enemy project of corrupting and colonising the Muslim minds still continues. These native mercenaries work as the major ideological cum political bulwark against the resurgence of Islam in any part of the Muslim World. Because of them, those who violently oppose the implementation of Islamic basics in Muslim countries are not the infidels; they are the de-Islamised local Muslims. Wherever, these local mercenaries face defeat, their imperialist masters are very quick to dispatch the heavy re-enforcement. It goes to the credit of the local mercenaries that they could successfully foil any effort of implementation of Islam in the Muslim lands. This way, they could raise their servile usefulness in the eyes of the enemies.


The Sunnah of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la

Humans’ journey towards hellfire doesn’t start for a disease in any of the body parts; rather it owes entirely to a disease in the conceptual premise. The only treatment is through enlightenment with the Divine Truth. Only this way, one can fortify his own defensive immune barrier against evil. So, it has been the strategy of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la to accomplish the first thing first. He sent thousands of prophet and revealed Divine Books to address this critical issue. The holy Qur’an is the final Divine prescription to work against the disease. Hence, learning the holy Qur’an was made the first and the most important obligation on every believer since its revelation; rituals like five times prayer, fasting in Ramadan and haj became obligatory more than a decade later. The holy Qur’an is the source of Divine Light; it shows right path even in deep darkness of ignorance. Because of the Qur’anic enlightenment, the early Muslims could strengthen their souls; and could raise enough resistance and fighting spirit against the falsehood. As a result, even in kuffar environment of Makkah, the diseases like idolatry, adultery, vulgarity, obscenity, racism, tribalism, and others evil dogmas couldn’t touch their souls. Thus, the conceptual premise of the early Muslim remained heavily protected from enemy occupation. In fact, this worked as the moral foundation of all great successes of the early Muslims.

The Divine Truth has always shown its massive strength in raising people’s immunity against falsehood. Because of that, a true believer in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la never gets meltdown in a kuffar society. This is why, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) could stand alone and declare war against Nimrod and his whole tribe. And Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) could stand in front of brutal tyrant like Pharaoh. Because of similar immunity, the early Muslims in Makkah could roam amidst the vulgar idolaters and their obscenity without an iota of influence. In absence of such resistance, melting down into the dominant political and ideological milieu becomes the rule. Now, such a melting down phenomenon is indeed working not only among the Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, but also among those who live in the Muslim majority countries. This is why, tribalism, nationalism, secularism, fascism, monarchism, despotism and other evil ideologies could get massive followers even among the Muslims. Because of such moral collapse, hubs like pubs, clubs, riba-based banks, prostitution enclaves and secular political parties could attract huge number of clients even in Muslim societies. In prophet’s (peace be upon him) time, could anyone ever imagine such inclination of the Muslims to evils?




Muslims’ Neglect of the Role & the Infrastructure of Downfall

 Neglect of the greatest gift

How a sick man can get cured when he ignores the only true prescription of the cure? Iman of a believer is very inclusive; believing only in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, His prophet, His angels and the hereafter (akhera) is not enough. Iman of a man is not iman if he denies or ignores the Truth that the holy Qur’an is the only prescription from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for all moral, social, political, spiritual and economic ills of the whole mankind. Iblis became a cursed Shaitan cum despised kafir not for disbelieving the Almighty Lord and His attributes, but for disobeying only one of His many commands. The rule of “all or none” works here. Hence, a believer is not a true believer if he shows any disobedience or betrayal against any of the Qur’anic commands. This is why, believing and obeying the Divine prescription revealed in the holy Qur’an is the most important element of a Muslim’s life.

About the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals His Own powerful statement: “Thus, We send down through this Qur’an all that gives health (to the soul) and is a mercy for those who believe (in Us); but it only adds to the ruin of the evildoers.” – (Sura Isra, verse 82). The above verse works as the guiding compass for every Muslim. It also makes it clear that the holy Qur’an doesn’t help those who are disbeliever in the holy Qur’an and persistent wrongdoer. Hence, unflinching faith in all elements of this Divine prescription must be an integral part of iman of a believer. It is also crucial for acceptance of any of his good deeds. In absence of such faith, rituals like 5 times prayer, month-long fasting, haj and charity go in vain. Moreover, without such inclusive iman, how can one get motivated to put all of his efforts, energy, and wealth and even sacrifice his life to practise the Qur’anic prescription?

Iman must play the most crucial role in a Muslim’s life. It must work as the engine to pull him towards the paradise; otherwise he goes downhill towards the hellfire. Even a perfect prescription can’t help a patient if the medicines are not taken accordingly. Picking up an item according to the wish and ignoring the others does cure the disease. Reciting and kissing the prescription even thousand times doesn’t help either; rather invites the death. But now, the Muslims are doing the same with the holy Qur’an –the Divine prescription. Some people have taken 5 times prayer, month long fasting, haj and giving some charity as the complete Islam. They have totally disregarded the core mission of the Muslims’ life like ‘amaru bil maruf and nehi’anil munkar’, establishment of Islamic state with its obligatory sharia, hudud, khilafa, shura, jihad and the Muslim brotherhood. It is indeed the explicit disrespect to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la who has bestowed this the greatest gift for full implementation. Such a disrespect to His prescription makes them altogether different and far deviated from the path of the early Muslims. Such deviation could only add more to their own ruin –as mentioned in the above verse.


 Failing the most crucial test

Knowing the correct roadmap is the most crucial issue in any journey. Without knowing the roadmap, no sane man starts walking. It is far more crucial for the journey towards the paradise. Any failure to take the right roadmap definitely takes one to the eternal hellfire. This is the only plausible possibility. Hence, nothing is more important in life than rightly knowing the siratul mustaqeem –the Qur’anic roadmap. Therefore, while standing in a prayer, the greatest and the most important supplication is not asking the Almighty Lord for any professional, political, economic or marital success, but seeking the right path called siratul mustaqeem. To emphasize on this most crucial point in life, recital of “ih’dinas siratul’mustaqeem” (meaning: O Allah! Show me the right path) –as it is embedded in Sura Fatiha as its most important part, is made obligatory in every rakah (unit) of 5-time prayer. And after being blessed with the right path from Allah Sub’hana waTa’la, it becomes obligatory to follow that path and try hard to get protected from any slightest deviation. What could be the highest priority in life than this? Hence, to keep focussed on such priority, supplication in Sura Fatiha receives so importance in prayers.

But awfully, such supplication in 5-time prayers shows little or no reflection in Muslims’ life. It is limited only within the rote recitation in prayer rituals. In practice, they are consciously and deliberately following the Devilish deviations in every Muslim country and pays little or no attention to seek the right path towards the paradise. Siratul mustaqeem –the Qur’anic roadmap, has its own very robust and distinctive signposts. These are the Islamic state, shura, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, and dissolution of ethnic boundaries, trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood and the politics of “a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar” -as found in the holy Qur’an and in the history of early Muslims. A true believer who has the spiritual insights, the Qur’anic knowledge and knows the history of early Muslims must not miss such sign posts. And every Muslim must pursue every mile post of siratul mustaqeem in his or her personal and collective life. Whoever stay away from it, can never pursue the Qur’anic right path; as a result can’t achieve the ultimate success either.

Like siratul mustaqeem, the satanic deviation too, has its own eye-catching robust signposts. These are the corruptive ideologies like tribalism, nationalism, secularism, capitalism, socialism, despotism, monarchism, and their oppressive political institutions like civil and military infrastructures, kufr judiciary, kufr law, and the divisive states based on ethnic differences. And the political cum military coalition with the kuffar imperialists reinforce such divisions and deviation among the Muslims. A true believer with some insights must not fail to figure out such deviation. Whoever fails to detect such deceptive signposts, indeed follows the road towards the hellfire. In fact, only those who are spiritually deaf, dumb and blind (summun, bukmun, um’yun -as per the Qur’anic narrative) and don’t bother about knowing the siratul mustaqeem, fail to recognise such huge devilish diversion.

The most important test of wisdom or IQ of a man or woman doesn’t take place in any exam hall, but in identifying the True path –the siratul mustaqeem towards paradise. The test instantly starts in everyone’s life when he or she stands on a crossroad face to face with only two options: either to take the route towards the paradise or towards the hellfire. Such cross-roads are present everywhere – vis-à-vis every personal, familial, social, political, cultural, judicial, economic issue of life. In fact, every decision of life till death –whether political, ethical, economical or familial, works as a crucial exam outpost. Humans’ ability to identify the Truth from the established falsehood and to cut off his or her bondage with falsehood and also with the evil forces of falsehood is tasted here.

For success in any test, it needs knowledge. Ignorance can only generate failures. But the test that examines the ability to figure out the Divine Truth from the falsehood needs deep understanding of the holy Qur’an. In absence of that, even intellectuals, imams, mullahs and Nobel Prize winning scientists may fail the test very badly. Such disqualified people in the test may turn to be slavish foot-soldier of the worst devilish ruler on earth. All the horrendous criminal acts like making and dropping the nuclear bombs, chemical bombs, barrel bombs, mother of all bombs are indeed the works of these intelligent criminals. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and George W. Bush had many of them in their armies; hence could occupy states and slaughter millions of people in an industrial scale. On the other hand, because of Qur’anic understanding, a shepherd can pass the test with high marks –as happened in the early days of Islam. The finest and the greatest men and women in the whole span of human history indeed come only from this category of people who could pass the test. The success in the test leads to eternal pleasure in the paradise; and the failure takes to infinite hellfire. But awfully, most of the ulama, mullah, imams, darwish, and sheikhs in the Muslim countries show their dismal failure to take the right path –as happened with the ulama of bani Israel. In the past, the despotic rulers like Yazid bin Muwabiah, Hajjaz bin Yousuf and others had many of such people in their armies. Today, the situation is not different either. The ranks and files of the current despots in the Muslim World stand heavily embedded by them.


The ideological ignorance

An idolater doesn’t have any ignorance on idolatry. A racist, nationalist, fascist, colonialist or imperialist hasn’t any ignorance on his ideology either. Hence, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing, colonial occupation or imperialistic wars are always the essential part of their politics, culture and warfare. This is why, they do not possess any iota of distaste or hatred against their criminal practices. Rather they receive inner incentive to such utter brutalities. Hence, the brutal occupation of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria is so dear to them; and never get condemned in the imperialists’ international club like the UN.

Awfully, a Muslim’s ignorance is also very huge; it revolves around the key conceptual cum ideological attributes of Islam. Because of such ignorance, the Muslims now survive only with some religious rituals and cultural practices. Such ignorance runs deeper not only among the common Muslims, but also among the so-called mullah, imams, sheikhs, ulama and the Muslim intellectuals. They commonly tell people that Islam means peace and there is no holy war or Islamic state in Islam. They also tell that Islam has only rituals like 5 time prayer, month-long fasting, haj, and charity; and whoever excels in that will definitely enter paradise. This way, they hide the fact that the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam himself was the head of the Islamic state with the capital in Medina. He was the Commander in Chief and led 19 wars himself. He kept multiple swords and other war-weapons in his own residence. How one can be the true follower of the prophet (peace be upon him) if he defy such prophetic tradition?


Because of deep disbelief and ignorance, millions of Muslims who offer five times prayers, keep month-long fasting, perform haj and also take part in door to door campaign of Tablighi Jama’at, show conspicuous compatibility with the most corrupt and criminal rulers of their countries. The Qur’anic decree like “a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar” doesn’t inspire their soul. Nor do they show any interest in the revival of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity and jihad in Muslims’ life. Because of such detachment from Islam, these people could easily work as mercenaries of the internal and external enemies of Islam in all ages. Even today, they vote for the enemies, fight for the enemies and even die for the enemies. The enemies they serve can be foreign or native. Their service to the foreign enemies has been very catastrophic for the whole Muslim ummah. More than a million Muslims of Arab and Indian origin fought in the First World War as the mercenaries in the European armies to dismantle Osmania Khilafa, The didn’t bother to kill the soldiers of Khalifa’s Army and occupy the Muslim land to hand over that to the kuffar. Thus they collaborated with the kuffar to disintegrate the heart land of Islam –the Middle East. The creation of Israel, indeed owes to their crime against Islam and the Muslim. Awfully, such crime still continues.


The perfect setting for downfall

Most of these enemy mercenaries of the Muslim World are not full disbeliever in Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la and His prophet (peace be upon him). Many of them offer five time prayer, keep month-long fasting and performed haj. But, such belief and religious practices do not stop them from doing the most heinous crimes against Islam and the Muslims. It owes to their severe inadequacy in iman. They even fail to understand the full gamut of iman. Because of such incompetence and deficiency, they voluntarily join the war-mongering enemies and became easily compatible with their anti-Muslim agenda. Because of them, the enemies find no difficulty to get native collaborators to execute their crimes in Muslim lands. Their toxic enmity against Islam gets fully exposed through their politics. Their congruity with the kuffar is so complete that they too, stand against the implementation of full Islam like the worst kuffar enemy.

Since full practice of Islam is a rarity, even the Muslim families produce the worst enemies of Islam. They can even match the agenda of the nastiest foreign enemies. Their number is huge and could roll tanks on the streets and kill more than 12 hundred unarmed protestors in the Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo in 2013. They could massacre hundreds of innocent Muslim protestors in Shapla Square in Dhaka in 5th May, 2013. They could storm Red Mosque and the adjoining Al-Hafsa women’s Madrasa in Islamabad in July, 2007and could kill more than 150 female students in the compound. Because of them, the colonialists, the imperialists, the nationalists, the autocratic despots and even the Hindu idolaters find no difficulty to recruit large number of mercenaries in the Muslim land. In the early days of Islam, such joining to the enemy rank was unthinkable in a Muslim land.

So, in Islam, implementation of full Islam in all segments of public life is crucial. No space in life, society or state should be kept outside the rule of Islam. Such space never stays empty, rather works as the breeding ground for such criminals. A Muslim needs to be full Muslim not only in faith and rituals, but also in deeds, education, culture, politics, trade, and warfare. So, the Qur’anic command comes: “udkhulu fis silm ka’ffa” –enter into the submission (to Allah) with the entirety. But while the country’s judiciary, law, politics, administration, education, culture, banking, and warfare stay outside the domain of Qur’anic prescription –as is the case in every the Muslim country, how can one show his or her full submission to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? With such failed submission, people can still loudly claim to be Muslim, but can only add new speed to the Muslims’ downfall. This is indeed the perfect setting for a sustained downfall. 07/05/2017

The Calamity of Neo-jaheliya in the Muslim World

Conversion to the old jaheliha

Ignorance (jaheliya) is the mother of all ugly inhumanities and failures. Today’s Muslims stand as the perfect testimony to that. The early Muslims could raise the finest civilisation on earth only because of their full compliance with the most fundamental basics of Islam like seeking Qur’anic knowledge, establishing Islamic state and practising sharia, hudud, Muslim unity, khilafa and jihad. But today’s Muslims fail on every count of all those basics. They now survive with full non-compliance or arrogant disobedience against those fundamentals. So they could made a history of quick downfall. They are making history in disunity, fratricidal wars, decadence, destruction, corruption, alliance with kuffars and rebellion against the order of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. They indeed present themselves as a totally dissimilar brand of people from the early Muslims.

Iman and ignorance are mutually incompatible; hence, an ignorant man or woman can never be a true Muslim. Nor can be even a humane imbued with higher values. Deprivation of Qur’anic knowledge works as the key barrier to that. Since iman can never grow, nor can survive in presence of ignorance, Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la needed to start with the first thing first. This is why ‘iqra’ becomes the first Divine command in the holy Qur’an. Iqra (read) has a wider a connotation: it implies that reading has an immense importance for accessing Divine knowledge. Therefore, a Muslim must start his life with Qur’anic knowledge. Before Islam, the Arabs had a history of ugly failures; but the holy Qur’an showed its miracles by bringing revolutionary changes in their life. Other peoples could build big empires, amazing monuments, pyramids, palaces, temples, walls, sculptures, potteries and paintings; but the Muslims are the only ones who could raise a civilisation based on the rule of Divine laws, higher values, justice, equality, social welfare and trans-ethnic brotherhood. On the top of all those huge achievements, they are the only ones who could show the right path to the paradise and saved hundreds of millions of people from the hellfire. Such a miracle could only happen because of their full and deep conversion to Islam –the only true Divine religion on earth, and total abhorrence of all shreds of ignorance. Assimilation of the Qur’anic knowledge in their beliefs and deeds worked as the key to all those spectacular successes.

But now, they are making a different history. Every day, they are dropping down to a new low and engaging in a new phase of division, destruction and brutality. Their current downhill course indeed owes to mass conversion to the old ignorance (jaheliya) in new names. Instead of Islam, they have returned back to the pre-Islamic Arab jahiliya of secularism, tribalism, racism, nationalism, monarchism, hedonism and mutually exterminating brutality. They are blessed with hundreds of trillions of dollars of unearned natural wealth; but these are now being spent in collaboration with the imperialist enemies on wars, genocidal massacres and massive destructions –as happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Somalia and other Muslim countries. Even the pre-Islamic Arab kuffars (note: kuffar hasn’t an iota of abusive intention, rather taken as Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s preferred Sunnah of describing the exact state of people who deny Islam –as has consistently been used in the holy Qur’an) didn’t engage in such brutality and destructions as happening now. Nor did they make any coalition with the kuffars of the contemporary Roman or Persian Empires to dismantle the nascent Islamic state of the great prophet (peace be upon him). At least, in those days, millions of Muslim people were not evicted from their own homes and forced to cross sea on boats and seek shelter in Europe. Jaheliya is always ugly, brutal and destructive. Not only it takes people to the hellfire, but also creates terrible hells on earth. Hence, trillions of petro-dollars and thousands of schools and colleges in the Muslim World could add no higher sense, values, morality to these new converts to jahiliya; rather added new intensity to their brutality.

Worse than the infidels!

These new converts to jahiliya in the Muslim lands have turned worse than the cow, monkey, snake, and idol-worshipping Hindus. Despite huge linguistic, ethnic and cultural differences, more than 1.3 billion Indian Hindus could merge together into one state. As a result, they are a significant regional power and trying to be a World Power. But less than 300 million Arabs –despite their one Allah, one language and one geography needed to build more than 20 states to feed their selfish tribal appetite. Like their pre-Islamic kuffar ancestors, these Arabs now celebrate their divisive borders, walls, flags and tribal bondage. Moreover, mutual killings and destructions have become the parts of their new political culture. The rulers of the Muslim countries have turned into new pharaoh and do not allow any opposition voices on the streets. They drop barrel bombs on civilians, run tanks and heavy artillery on the streets and even use chemical bombs to kill the protesters. All these atrocities are seen in cities and villages of Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Mali and Yemen and on the streets of Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. They even invite the foreign kuffars to carry out massacres in the Muslim lands –as revealed through the bombing campaigns of the USA, Russia, France, the UK, and Italy. No infidel ruler invites such alien killers to bomb his own citizens.

Love for the enemies is not a new disease. It showed its grave signs even in the days of last prophet (peace be upon you). Hence, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la addressed the issue very seriously; and revealed many verses on that. In the holy Qur’an, the Muslims are repeatedly warned against friendship with the combatant enemies. It was revealed: “O you who believe! Do not take My enemy and your enemy as friends; would you offer them love while they disbelieved in the revelation of the Truth that has come to you in the Quran and expelled the messenger and yourselves from your homes only because you believe in the one Allah alone. If you go forth in jihad in My path and seek My pleasure, would you make manifest love to them? And I know what you conceal and what you manifest; whoever of you does this has indeed gone deviated from the straight path.” –(Sura Mumtanhana, verse 1).

As per above verse, making friendship with the combatant kuffars is a definitive marker of deviation from siratul mustaqeem. But awfully, such deviation has been the way of politics, statesmanship and warfare in most of the Muslim countries. The USA’s hatred against the Muslims and love for their own occupation and the Israeli occupation of Muslim land is not hidden. They are responsible for more than a million deaths and massive destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Despite all this anti-Muslim bias and atrocities, they are still taken as friend and allowed to establish military bases to bomb more Muslims.

Similarly, India has its own history of anti-Muslim bias and atrocities. In the name of so-called communal riots, killing the Muslims, destroying the Muslim properties and dismantling the historic mosques like Babri Mosque are the parts of the dominant Indian Hindu culture. The whole political and administrative infrastructures of India work with the singular anti-Muslim strategy to keep its 200 million Muslims as the poorest and the most de-empowered people on earth –much poorer than the India’s untouchables. Extreme Muslim-phobia works here; hence their social, economic and educational progress has been severely restrained. As result, the number of doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, industrialists and civil servants that live in only one city of Dhaka or Karachi, more than 200 million Indian Muslims are not allowed to produce even half of that. About 700, 000 Indian troops are kept in Kashmir to sustain the brutal occupation of this Muslim land. About a hundred thousand Muslims have already been killed and injured in Kashmir. The killing and raping campaign still continues there. How a Muslim with an iota of faith in Islam and love for the Muslims can make friendship with such a combatant enemy? But despite all these atrocities against Islam and the Muslims, India enjoys friendship and co-operation not only with Bangladesh and Afghanistan but also from many Muslim countries. Allah Sub’hana Ta’al’s warning against such co-operation with kuffars falls on deaf ears. Whoever has the slightest faith in Almighty Lord, can he ignore the stern warning embedded in the following verse? It is revealed: “Let not the believers take the unbelievers as friends rather than the believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the protection and guidance of) Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully; and Allah makes you cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and to Allah is the eventual returning.” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 26).

Due to full submission to the Qur’anic commands, the early Muslims enjoyed immense immunity against the known enemies. But now, the situation has totally changed. Due to detachment from the Qur’anic teachings, such immunity is lost. As a result, the disease now exists as a widely spread cancer. More than 20 states in the Muslim Middle East and the whole herd of the ruling tribes are indeed the products of an intimate collaboration with the combatant kuffars. Not only Israel, all the tribal states of the Muslim Middle East came into illicit existence through such collaboration. Such collaboration with the enemies never added any dignity to the Muslims, rather brought abject humiliation. Regular slaps on the Muslim face by a tiny Israel and deaths and destructions in the Muslim lands provide ample proofs of that.

Since the establishment of the model Islamic state by the prophet (peace be upon him) in Medina, the Muslims never allowed any kuffar force to build any military base or enclave in any part of the Muslim land. The Umaiyah, the Abbasia and the Osmania khilafa didn’t make any compromise on that fundamental issue. But now, the new converts to jaheliya have made a 180 degree shift in the traditional policy of the ummah. Since they do not draw any legitimacy from Islam, and neither from the people, stay always dependent on the collaboration with their kuffar protectors. They do not trust their own people, either. Hence, for staying in power, getting foreign help by any means is their key strategy. Therefore, they allowed the US-led coalition to establish military bases in the heart lands of Islam –as currently exist in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Syria.

However, protecting these subservient clients is not the main agenda of the imperialists. They protect these clients only to use them as the compliant partners to crush any Islamisation project in the Muslim World. They even install new clients to do the job more brutally. As a part of the imperialists’ project, newly installed General Abul Fatah al-Sisi and his Army are carrying the same old assignment to crush the Islamists in Egypt. He is being prompted to extend his brutal hand even in neighbouring Libya to crush the Islamists there. Billions of petro-dollars are given by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE to finance such ant-Islamic projects of the kuffars. There is no doubt that strong Islamophobia works not only among the imperialist kuffars, but also among the despotic Muslim rulers. Hence, they are forced to work together for their own survival. Likewise, in Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the Indian Hindu infidels have made strong coalition with the native anti-Islamic secularists and socialists to crush the Islamists there. As a result of such joint conspiracy against Islam, the Islamic basics like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and trans-tribal brotherhood that were practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam has no place in the occupied Muslim World. Like any worst infidels, the ruling despots of the Muslim countries stand fiercely against any emergence of such a state in any place of the Muslim world. In fact, whoever show any audacity to return back to the prophet’s (peace be upon him) days of sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood are labelled as the public enemy number one. For their annihilation, they even make coalition with the native and foreign kuffars. The whole secular propaganda machineries are engaged globally to label the Islamists as the bad guys. Surprisingly, those who have killed millions in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen and turned thousands of cities and villages into rubbles have never been given such a bad label in their media. So, the question arises, if the Islamists who stand for Islamic fundamentals like Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and pan-Islamic brotherhood are the bad guys, where the good guys that could bring back the prophetic days of obligatory sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and border-dismantling unity again in the Muslim World? Should the Muslims practise Islam without such obligatory basics and return back to their Almighty Lord as the bad guys and face the infinite hellfire? Can a true believer embrace such a terrible route towards the hellfire?

Intoxication of lies

While intoxicated, people can speak and do nonsense. They terribly fail even to figure out the shining Truth out of ugly and established lies. Intoxication of lies does the same harm against the Truth. In a corruptive milieu of deep ignorance (jaheliya), even cows, monkeys, snakes, naked humans, mountains, stones and idols turn to be the holy objects of worship –as hugely practised by more than a billion Hindu people of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other countries. Because of the same intoxication, the man-made ideologies, laws, and dogmas receive deep respect in all ages. Islam could cure millions of such intoxicated people in Asia, Africa and Europe in its early days. It could achieve such miracle only through spreading the Qur’anic knowledge –the greatest Gift from the Almighty Creator for His human creation. The holy Qur’an has indeed proved its worth as the only antidote to such intoxication.

But now, because of detachment from the holy Qur’an, the deep intoxication with ignorance –like the pre-Islamic days, has engulfed most of the Muslims. As a result, they create states and raise armies, political parties, cultural organisations and civil societies to protect their own myths and intoxication with fanciful lies. While intoxicated, people can do awful ugly things. They can even burn their own houses, destroy their own cities, kill their own people and sacrifice their own life for the well-known lies. That is now exactly happening in the Muslim World. Only in the span of last 60 years, tens of millions of people in the Muslim World sacrificed their lives for proven falsehood like secularism, nationalism, socialism, communism, fascism and others ideologies. Therefore, more Muslims died for falsehood than for Islam. More awfully, they built 57 states for non-Islam, and not even a single state for Islam. A man’s true man is expressed through his intention and investment in state building. It need sacrifice of wealth and life. Most of the companions had to sacrifice their life to materialise this huge task; the enemies didn’t allow to go it peacefully. Now, the Muslims are moving in the direction 180 degree opposite to that of the early Muslims.

Although the Muslims didn’t return back to worshipping of cows, monkeys, snakes, stones and idols, but they converted quite deeply and massively to others inventions of the falsehood like nationalism, socialism, capitalism, communism, fascism and other evil ideologies. Now, they survive with such falsehood in their personal life, politics, culture, judiciary and economics. Because of such conversion to jaheliaya, they pay the ugliest disrespect even to the greatest gift of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the holy Qur’an. They make states, run judiciary and raise armies not to implement the Qur’anic prescription of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la or to add any glory to Islam, but to practise the kuffar ideologies, culture and laws. In order to dismantle the pan-Islamic Muslim brotherhood, they have raised divisive borders in the Muslim World. Because of such restrictive borders, the devout Muslims face difficult hurdles even to get access for pilgrimage to the holy places. On the other hand, all the land, air and sea frontiers of the Muslim states are made open for the US-led coalition. As a result, the kuffar armies can enter even into the holy land of Islam and establish the military bases without any restriction. The door is widely open even in the field of ideology, culture, politics, trade and anti-Islamic warfare. Even the premises of mosques, schools, madrasahs and colleges stay under their constant surveillance. Which verses of the holy Qur’an should be taught in classes or recited in the sermons are not decided by the imams or mullahs but the advisers from US-led coalition. Thus, everything in the Muslim World stays under the imperialists’ radar. Such occupation of the Muslim ummah started with the advent of colonial occupation. The foreign colonialists have left; but the same occupation survives in education, culture, politics, economics and judiciary under the native stooges with the colonised mind. But, like an intoxicated man or woman, the Muslims turn euphoric to celebrate such occupation as independence! If the current tide of neo-jaheliya continues, there is no doubt that the Muslims have much more defeat, deaths and humiliation to endure in the near future.

Alliance with the Enemies & Issue of Non-Compliance with Islam

The fake Muslims & the crimes

Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has revealed His Own prescription for the global peace as well as for humans’ salvation in akhira. Such peace and salvation come only through full enforcement of sharia, hudud, shura, jihad, pan-Islamic brotherhood and unity –the elements of Qur’anic prescription. There exists no other option or roadmap. Faith in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and following His Qur’anic roadmap –siratul mustaqeem, are the indispensable components of the same package. Full enforcement of sharia and hudud in all segments of life is indeed an illustrative marker of belief in Allah –Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Boasting iman in public is entirely fake if one disregards the Qur’anic prescription and adheres to non-Islamic faiths or ideologies as the provider of law, code of governance, education, morality and salvation. Such adherence to non-Islamic faiths or ideologies is shirk –an unpardonable sin. It is indeed an act of polytheism. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la may forgive every other sin but not shirk. The implication of such shirk is huge. Not only does it deny or belittle the Qur’anic roadmap –the greatest blessing of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for the mankind, but also glorify the corruptive ideological inventions of the devils.

Having faith in non-Islamic ideologies or beliefs, one can’t engage in the assigned Qur’anic mission of enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong. For that, full ideological compatibility with Islam is crucial. Moreover, full engagement in such a mission is the sole key for salvation both here and in the hereafter. Only this way, one can find peace, justice, tranquillity and other benefits of Islam and enjoy a safe and supported journey in a Muslim land towards the paradise. But, it is a great loss and calamity that one can’t think of such salvation under the occupation of the evil forces like nationalists, racists, fascists, monarchists, secularists, capitalists, socialists, idolaters and other non-Islamists. Nor can one achieve such salvation through mere rituals like five-time prayer, month-long fasting, haj, and charity. For that, practice of sharia is indispensable –as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions.


It is also a fact that the occupying forces of evil never allow any space to practise the Divine prescription of eternal salvation. Because, the rule of sharia means the end of their occupation. Moreover, enmity to sharia is not a minor crime; it is the worst crime on earth. It amounts to stand against Allah Sub’hana wa ta’la’s design. Hence, more disastrous than dropping nuclear bombs. Nuclear bombs kill people, but do not take the dead to infinite hellfire. But the project of dismantling sharia does that heinous crime quite massively. It dismantles the whole project of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la to deliver endless eternal benefit to the whole mankind. Not only it obstructs the Qur’anic mechanism of delivering the peace and justice to the people, but also blocks the roadmap to the paradise. It is indeed a flagrant war against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.


The worst criminals with a Muslim name

Whoever stands against sharia, is indeed the worst criminal. He commits crime not only against the Almighty Lord, but also against the whole mankind. In fact, such crime is more damaging than thievery, robbery, thuggery and killing an individual. Such soldiers of falsehood indeed obstruct the Divine road for justice. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has put some distinctive labels for them: they are branded as kafir, zalim and fasiq. These three Qur’anic jargons came in the following three Qur’anic narratives: i). man lam yah’kum bi’ma anjalallahu fa’ulaika humul’ ka’firun (meaning: those who do not run judiciary as per revealed law are ka’firverse 44, Sura Al-Maida); ii), man lam yah’kum bi’ma anjalallahu fa’ulaika humuz’ za’limun (meaning: those who do not run judiciary as per revealed law are za’lim verse 45, Sura Al-Maida)); iii), man lam yah’kum bi’ma anjalallahu fa’ulaika humul’ fa’siqun (meaning: those who do not run judiciary as per revealed law are fa’siq verse 47, Sura Al-Maida). These Qur’anic labels are indeed the most definitive markers for those who will enter into the hellfire for their rebellion against sharia. Five times prayer, month long fasting, haj or building hundreds of mosques and madrasahs and giving millions of dollar as charity can’t compensate for such sins of rebellion against the law of Almighty Lord.


Before the advent of the kuffar colonial rule in the Muslim World, even the worst Muslim despots in the ruling dynasties of the Umayyad, the Abbasids, the Mughals, the Mamluks, and the Sultans didn’t dare dismantle sharia from the judiciary. In the judicial system of every Muslim land of the Middle East, India, Africa and the South East Asia, only the sharia law had the access. In fact, the Muslim didn’t know any other law apart from sharia. The crime against the law of Almighty Lord was firstly committed by the occupying colonialists; and now it sustains in almost every Muslim country because of occupation by their ideological cum political mercenaries.


The war against sharia

Terrorism always works as a coercive tool in the hand of the despotic rulers. The colonialists used it against the people of the occupied lands. Now, in the Muslim World, the occupying despots use it, too. They frame laws and announce presidential decrees to support and protect their occupation. Such laws make them immune against any accountability. So, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt, President Bashar Assad in Syria, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh and other dictators can kill as many people as they wish. The US, the UK, Russia and other arm producers continue to supply more destructive arms to these despots to enhance their killing power. Killing capacity of these despots now decide the fate of the Muslims’ politics, judiciary, law, morality, culture and history. They deem it crucial not for the benefit of the common people, but for their own survival. They do not bother to take any brutal route that would serve their occupation. The law-enforcing agencies in the Muslim World are focused only to implement the coercive laws and deliberately ignore the Qur’anic laws. Those who want to practise sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, jihad and other Islamic basics are labelled as terrorists. In the name of so-called rule of law, they use every oppressive tool to eliminate them.

Spreading lies has always been the most commonly used weapon against the Divine Truth. The enemies of Truth spread lies against Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) and even against his mother to dismantle his mission of enforcing sharia that was revealed to Prophet Musa (peace be upon him). Today, they spread malicious lies against anyone who stand for sharia. They call them extremist and terrorist. Whereas, sharia is the part of simple Islam; it was indeed the integral part of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) mission. Hence, how it can be called extremism or terrorism? On the contrary, every act of an occupying war is terrorism. It kills innocent people. The US-led coalition, Russia and other imperialists consider such war as their own monopoly. In its war of occupation, the USA has dropped more than 21 thousand bombs in Iraq and Syria since 2014.–(Al-Jazeera English broadcast, 27/05/17). The US-led coalition has killed more than a million in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen; turned hundreds of cities into rubbles. It is the most monstrous crime that took the savage war to every household and evicted more than 5 million people from their home. What would be the worst terrorist act than such state-run brutality? But they get immensely terrified when the same terrorism visits their own streets!


 Neglecting the occupation

Rebellion against the Divine prescription leads to other terrible crimes. Then, rebellion against His Vision, Mission and Objectives becomes the part of the culture, politics, warfare and even religious practice of the common people. In such a milieu of rebellion against sharia, the great virtue like ending the occupation of the evil forces gets neglected. Moreover, fighting against secularism, monarchism, racism, nationalism, fascism, capitalism, socialism and other evil ideologies also turns trivial or unimportant. Even the mullah, the imams, the sheikhs, and the ulama stay away from any confrontational role against the forces of corruptive ideologies. Amidst such animosity against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s and His rule, the ruling despots even deny any survival space for those who want to practise sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, jihad and other basics of Islam. Instead, in order to make people fully fit and attuned with the anti-Islamic politics and selfish war of their own survival, they de-Islamise the beliefs, the practices, culture and rituals of the common Muslims. In order to attain such goal, they deploy intense social, political, educational and cultural engineering with a strong anti-Islamic mould.


Calamities of the anti-Islamic rule

Under an anti-Islamic rule, true Islam –as was practised by the early Muslims becomes the worst casualty. They pave the way only for causing deviation from Islam; thus opens doors for the hellfire. This is indeed the greatest calamity of any non-Islamic rule. Hence, in Islam, nothing is more important ibada than dismantling such corruptive rule. It amounts to freeing people from eternal hellfire. This is why, dismantling the non-Muslim occupation of any country has never been described as the Muslim occupation; rather labelled as fathah (opening) of its land for Islam. Ending the occupation of the evil forces and opening the Divine road (siratul mustaqeem) towards the paradise is indeed the greatest virtue on earth. It is the holy war in Islam. Those who sacrifice their life in such war –becomes Shaheed, get direct entry into paradise. No other good deed brings such reward.



Alliance with the enemies

Struggling and sacrificing wealth and life for the Divine mission is the most powerful key to receive mercy and forgiveness from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Such mercy and forgiveness are more valuable than all that a man can gather on earth. Even the whole planet filled with gold will not equal to it. So it is revealed, “And if you are slain in the way of Allah or you die, certainly forgiveness from Allah and mercy is better than what they amass.”–(Sura Al-Imran, verse 167). The holy Qur’an also reveals that those who die in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la are the people who stay alive even after they are killed. They even receive regular sustenance. Therefore, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la made it haram (forbidden) to call them dead. It is revealed, “And reckon not those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead; nay, they are alive and provided sustenance from their Lord.”–(Sura Al-Imran, verse 169).

Because of strong iman, most of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) could assimilate with the above Qur’anic message. They were ever-ready to do every things in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Hence, they could passionately take the route of sharia, hudud, shura, jihad and martyrdom. The epic-making success of the early Muslims indeed owe to such compliance with the Divine roadmap. They could put into practice every word of these Qur’anic laws. But today, the Muslims live with a different agenda. They claim to be Muslim, but struggling and sacrificing in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la seldom receive any priority. Rather, they pursue their own selfish agenda. For their personal gain, they even compete each other for an alliance with the established enemies. Such opportunism makes them easily compatible even with the war mongering imperialists. Because of them, the imperialist get free access to the heartland of Islam –as they could enter into Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria. Thus, the corrupt ruling clique of the Muslim World appear as the ugliest enemy of Islam. Islam that prescribes sharia, shura, hudud, khilafa, jihad and trans-ethnic Muslim unity, is perceived as a lethal challenge to their rule. Even Islamophobia runs very deeper in their midst! They even forge close alliance with the worst enemies to stop Islam’s emergence. 27/05/17, Edited on 2.01.19)




Absence of Islamic State & the Worst Calamity in the Muslim World

The missing institution

Even the best and the most powerful law or constitution stands powerless, useless and grossly violated -if there exists no powerful authority to enforce that. To work as such a law-enforcing authority, an Islamic state becomes so indispensable. In absence of such an authority, even the most magnificent laws of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la stay defunct or non-functional. In absence of such a state, even the heart land of Islam could go under the full occupation of the enemy forces and the laws of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la gets confined only in the pages of the holy Qur’an. Then, the rule of the wicked overwhelms. As a result, committing heinous crimes becomes the norm. Therefore, along with the awful brutalities of the despots, crimes like thievery, robbery, killing, rape, cleansing of Islamic ideologies show the terrible resurgence. This is why, establishing an Islamic state is crucial in Islam; and war in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la (jihad) becomes such an integral part of the Muslim life. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) indeed demonstrated the importance of such a state; he had to become the head of the state and fight so many wars to defend its stability and security. The companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) displayed the same spirit; they had to delay the burial of prophet’s (peace be upon him) dead body to fill in the political void first. Whenever the Muslims neglected such a prophetic spirit, they suffered very badly. In fact, the Muslims’ worst calamity started when they failed to defend the sanctity of the Islamic state that was built by the prophet (peace be upon him) himself.


Because of absence of an Islamic state, the Islamic World stands badly disintegrated. Most of the bits and the pieces of the Muslim Ummah are now ruled by the people who have little or no commitment to discharge duty as the viceroy of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala. The whole emphasis of their rule is focussed only to protect their own rule –even by killing the Muslims, obstructing the teaching of Qur’an and making alliance with the enemies of the Muslims. As a result, the basic human rights and the rights to practise full Islam -as practised by the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with the full implementation of the Qur’anic basics like sharia, khialfa, hudud, shura and jihad, lie in the death bed. And the forbidden (haram) practices like despotism, monarchism, fascism, nationalism, tribalism, adultery, riba (interest-based economy), gambling, and all sorts of obscenity receive new lease of life.


The usurped authority & the calamity

The current disgrace of the Muslims indeed owes to their despotic rulers. The most exulted seat on earth -where the great prophet (peace be upon him) and his great companions used to sit, stays forcefully and deceitfully usurped by these criminals. Thus the most powerful infrastructure on earth for enjoining the right and annihilating the wrong became hostage in the hands of the evil; as a result it is doing exactly the opposite. As a result, the Muslim states could emerge very fast as the most corrupt countries in the world. Therefore, the basic human rights, the political rights, the freedom of expression and the rule of law became a rarity in the Muslim World. In fact, in most of the Muslim countries, the common people are deprived of any freedom to elect their own ruler. These rulers get elected by themselves. These corrupt despots have been very successful to corrupt even the most basic teachings and the core ideological elements of Islam. As a result, the basics of Islam like sharia, hudud, khilafa, shura, jihad, trans-ethic Muslim unity have disappeared from the Muslim life. Islam that survives today is not the same Islam that brought glory to the Muslims 14 hundred years ago. In those days, the complete surrender to the Qur’anic law (sharia) was the most unquestionable practice in the Muslim life. But now, rebellion against sharia, cowardice submission to the kufr law and aligning with the coercive constitutions of the criminal rulers have become the new norm. The early Muslims followed the Qur’anic roadmap; such adherence to Qur’an was recognised as the marker of taqwah. But now they have invented their own deviations to fit into their racist, nationalist, secularist, monarchist, fascists, socialist, capitalist or hedonist agenda. As a result, they stand far away from prophet’s Islam. Because of the wrong roadmap, they could quickly attain the lowest of the low in modern history.


Collective immorality and surrender to a despot is indeed the mother of all social ills. It is indeed the sign of collective moral failure. Then, the whole state infrastructure and its human and non-human resources become complicit in spreading the corruption on earth. In such a milieu, true Islam can’t survive. Rather, criminality in every heinous ways becomes a cultural norm. Such corruptive culture make people compatible with the worst criminals and turn inimical against the Qur’anic Islam. In such corruptive culture, thieves, cheats, robbers, killers, and political despots thrives and the enemies of Islam receive the warmest welcome. In such political cum cultural setting, even the most brutal dictators succeed to raise huge army of the political foot-soldiers.


A new disgrace in the history

The 22nd May, 2017 is now added as a marker of new disgrace in the Muslims’ calendar. On this day, the ruling class of the Muslim World displayed their deep immorality and spineless submissiveness to the topmost devilish power on earth. The US President Donald Trump is known for his extreme hatred against Islam and the Muslim. He put a ban on entry into the USA from 6 Muslim countries. The Muslim World is currently embedded with so many catastrophic problems; but the Muslim rulers couldn’t meet anywhere to find the solution. Whereas, 55 Muslim Heads of the states assembled in the holy land of Islam only to welcome an established Islam-hater and to listen his political sermon. Since no crime goes unpunished, the Muslims now stands at the receiving end of the worst punishment. For betrayal against Divine decree, the people of Bani Israel went through similar turmoil through centuries. They faced occupations and massacres by the Greeks, the Romans, the Iranians and others. Likewise, the Muslims now face enemy occupations, bombs, drones, torture, eviction, famine and genocidal killing. Moreover, much more await in the akhira –as revealed in the holy Qur’an.


The people of Bani Israel were the most blessed people in history. They were blessed with thousands of prophets. They receive food from the sky. The sea made ways for them; and water gushed out of stones. But, in response to all those blessings, they showed the ugliest rebellion when asked to comply with the Divine decree. They confined their duty only in reciting the sharia revealed in the Torah; and utterly denied its implementation. Because of such collective rebellion, Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) couldn’t implement sharia in his life time. His disappointment was so high that he said, “O Allah! Except me and my brother Haroon (peace be upon him), I have no control on others.” Because of such betrayal, they turned into the cursed nation on earth. Many of them were disfigured to monkeys. The target audience of such Qur’anic testimony on the failures of the Jews are not the dead Jews of the pre-Islamic era. They are the Muslims ­- the new students of Islam. But today’s Muslims -contrary to the early Muslims, hardly learnt any lessons from those old and failed students of the Divine religion. Therefore, they too, are failing in the same way as did the Bani Israel. By sustained submission to the wicked rulers and staying away from implementation of sharia, they too, show their complicity in the same crime.


Oblivious of the role & the assignment

The Muslims enjoy a Divine role, designation and the assignment. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la labelled them as the best people on earth (khaira ummah)–as announced in the holy Qur’an. But such a status in the midst of the whole mankind is not a birth right of the Muslims. It comes only as a Divine reward for fulfilling the assigned task. In fact, the highest status of the Muslims and the assigned mission are the part of the same package as revealed in the following Qur’anic verse: “You are the best of the nations raised up for the benefit for the mankind; you enjoin the right and eradicate the wrong and believe in Allah.”–(Sura Al-Imran, verse 110). As per above verse, enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong are the key parts of the assignment. Those who sincerely engage in this mission are labelled as the best of all nations. Benefits of the Muslims as well as of the whole mankind depend on exact execution of the mission. And while engaged in the execution of the assignment, defining the right and the wrong emerges as the most crucial moment in life. True iman of a believer as well as his understanding of Islam is indeed tested here. At such junctures, the holy Qur’an and the tradition of the prophet (peace be upon him) work as the ultimate arbitrator. This is why, the Qur’anic knowledge and knowledge of prophetic tradition are the most important matter in in Muslims’ life. No one can’t be a true Muslim without such knowledge, let alone enjoining the right and eradicating the wrong.


The Islamic option and the ammunition

No rightful act can ever be enacted under the occupation of the wrongdoers. Hence, for enjoining the right, it is crucial to eradicate the evil rulers –the promoter of the wrongs. So, the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) needed to eradicate Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab and other infidel chieftains from the Arabian Peninsula. The Roman and the Persian Empires needed to be dismantled, too. So, in Muslims’ life, a holy war is indispensable. It is indeed the most costly and the most difficult task in Muslims’ life. For catching even a thief, one needs to engage in a difficult hassle and run a long way. Therefore, for eradicating any evil or brutal despot and his corruptive institutions, it needs a long war -called jihad. It is indeed the only prescribed tool of the Almighty Lord for eradication of the wicked. Otherwise, these evils –supported by the coalition of the national and international devils, never disappear on their own.

Like a disease, evil never ceases to exist on earth. As a result, jihad of the believers never stops at any frontier either. Alongside other obligatory rituals like 5 time daily prayers, month-long fasting, zakat and haj, jihad becomes life-long integral part of the Muslim life. As a part of the role, every Muslim turns into vigilante cum fighter against the evil. As a result, the early Muslims didn’t need any cantonment to raise an army. A war-ready army used to be ever-ready in every nook and corner of the country. This is why, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) could easily mobilise 19 expeditions during his 10 ten years’ rule. The whole Muslim population were always with him. On the other hand, absence of jihad only promotes and prolongs the corrosive occupation of the evil forces. Such evil occupation builds and paves the way in a community only towards the hellfire and restricts any activities that take people towards the paradise. Therefore, for the whole humanity, nothing can be more catastrophic than the rule of the devils. Mere supplications and sermons -even of great prophets, didn’t work to end the evil occupation. Hence, mere supplications and sermons are not the prescribed Qur’anic methodology, either. Instead, a protracted war against the devils with huge investment of wealth, intellect, energy and lives is crucial. It also needs the Qur’anic knowledge and the understanding of the prophetic tradition -the indispensable ideological ammunition.

It was indeed the greatest wisdom of the early Muslims that they didn’t fail to understand the most critical Islamic issue on earth. Therefore, they took eradication of the occupying evil forces as the highest act of ibada in their lifeas emphasised in the holy Qur’an. Hence, for enactment of the sovereignty of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His sharia, they considered it so indispensable. This is why, their ibada was not confined within the rituals. Rather, their participation in jihad in one form or other was hundred per cent. More than 70 per cent of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their life in direct combats against the enemies. In those golden days of Islam, any form of peaceful compatibility or co-operation with the evil or staying away from jihad were considered as the most definite markers of hypocrisy (munafiqat). The early Muslims could become the best people on earth and could emerge as the most powerful civilizational force in the whole history only because of a combative virtue against the evil and for a promotive role for the Qur’anic Truth. Otherwise, like many other spoiled nations, they too, would have gone down the drain of history without making any positive impact.


Inaction & the collective cowardice

Inaction against the forces of evil has never been an option for a true Muslim. In fact, such inaction is an expression of the death of iman. Only those who have been proven to be a rebel against the Sovereignty of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His sharia can take such a route.  They consider the act of inaction, submission and friendly compatibility with the wicked evil as the necessary pragmatism cum wisdom (hikmah). It is indeed an overt hypocrisy. The politics of extreme brutality, despotism, and authoritarianism and the corruptive ideologies like nationalism, racism, fascism, secularism, and capitalism could thrive in most of the Muslim countries in a milieu of such collective cowardice and inaction. If the issue of success in akhira stays constantly on the focus, a Muslim can never stay inactive in a state of such evil occupation. Then, engaging against such occupation emerges as a core element in his ibada. In absence of such a collective combative role of the believers, the Sovereignty of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and His sharia fail to prevail in His Own lands. Instead, the forces of evil gets the upper hand –as has been the case in the Muslim World. What could be worst failure of the Muslims than this?