The Educational Failure of the Muslims

The worst sin                                                            

Knowledge works as the most powerful and the most decisive tool in transforming humans’ belief, behavior, character, culture, and fate. It decides the fate of humans’ destiny not only on the earth but also in the hereafter. On the other hand, ignorance works as the most unsurmountable barrier against peace, truth, justice, values and higher civilization. But knowledge has its own connotation and dimensions. To get the real benefit of knowledge, one must know its true depth and dimensions. In fact, the benefit of knowledge can be severely curtailed by restricting its focus and application. In the making of full humans and human civilization, knowledge must go beyond any restrictions; it must encompass the understanding of the Visible and the Invisibles. Both the material and the metaphysical domains of knowledge must be parts of it. Those who built pyramids in ancient Egypt were not illiterate or ignorant; their awe-inspiring talents in civil engineering and architecture still survives as one of the few ancient wonders. But, their ignorance vis-à-vis Divine Truth was awful. Like the ancient ignorant cave dwellers, they too worshipped tyrant Pharaoh as a god. It owes to their knowledge that had highly restricted focus and was de-linked from other highly critical mass of information. As a result, they failed to show their wisdom to appreciate the historical Truth. In fact, they proved extremely foolish and incompetent to understand even the simple message of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him). In comparison, the illiterate Arab –though didn’t build any pyramid, showed better wisdom. They could raise the foundation of the finest civilization on earth in the whole human history. Because, their knowledge incorporated the knowledge not only of the visible world but also of the invisible world –as revealed through the Holy Qur’an.  Because of similar restrictive focus and incomplete knowledge, many Indians with the highest university degrees worship cows as god and drink cow urine as a holy drink!

The secularisation of knowledge may add material prosperity to humans but can’t take them to any moral height. Neither can it show the path for success in the endless life in the hereafter. Knowledge gives light, and ignorance brings darkness. People deny Allah, His guidance and His prophets and get deviated from the right path due to ignorance. Ignorant men engage in major sins and ultimately reach the hellfire. Thus it nullifies the whole purpose of human survival. Such man lives only to add failures in the hereafter.  In fact, human’s greatest sin –as well as the mother of all sins is ignorance (jahiliyah). The pre-Islamic ignorance in Arabia ended more than 1400 years ago, but modern man’s ignorance thrives amidst all advancement of science and technology. The idolatry, gambling, alcoholism, obscenity, homosexuality, pornography, torture, mass-murdering, ethnic cleansing, economic exploitation, and other vile acts still survive with the same toxicity of ancient ignorance and arrogance. Therefore, in India, people are being lynched to death for eating beef. And in Europe, women are tormented in public and not allowed to enter universities for wearing a headscarf.    

Modern man’s ignorance cum incompetence is not in scientific invention, but in discovering the Divine Truth. Skills in knowing the Divine Truth comes only through Divine knowledge. And delivering such knowledge is the exclusive domain of the Allah SWT. Therefore Allah SWT proclaims, “Showing the right path is My task”–(Sura Layil, verse 12). Also revealed, “Allah SWT is the friend of the believing man and woman and takes them from darkness to the light. (And Satan does the otherwise); Satan is the friend of the non-believer and takes them from light to the darkness”–(Sura Baqara, verse 257). The holy Qur’an was revealed to show this right path. Hence, without the Qur’anic knowledge, the greatest Truth in life remains undiscovered, and the task of educating people remains awfully incomplete. So in Islam, education is not a mere academic and professional need, rather the most basic intellectual, religious and civilizational need. Otherwise, man fails to become a Truth-seeking honest human, thereby fails to raise a sane civilization. So the role of education is extremely crucial. Its success is measured not by the number of educational institutions, teachers and students, and nor by per capita income; rather by the number of people saved from hellfire. The ability of those who have gone through the education to know the Divine Truth is the real marker of its success.  Even dogs or monkeys, if trained, can do miracles. Man can do, too. The success of modern-day universities’ in adding such skills is undeniable. But its failure in saving people from hellfire is catastrophic. By preaching atheism, secularism, nationalism, racism, fascism, supremacism, materialism, Marxism, hedonism and Darwinism, these universities have opened a huge number of highways to the hellfire. 

Allah SWT loves His greatest creation – mankind. He wants their ultimate success – the success here and in the hereafter. But such success is pre-conditional. It does not come through economic growth or scientific invention; rather following the Divine path (siratul mustaqeem). Only this path leads to the heavens. Thousands of prophets were commissioned by Allah SWT to show that path. They did not teach science or technology but made Allah’s greatest gift – the true path, known to mankind. Man’s ugliest ignorance and failure are not assessed by the inability to build a pyramid, spacecraft or atomic weapon, rather by his inability to discover and adhere to this greatest Divine gift. This very inability drives him to the hellfire. Departure from this world without knowing and following this Qur’anic Truth will cause the greatest regret in the hereafter. Of all ignorance, this is indeed the most devastating one; and will torment endlessly in the endless life in hellfire.


Mis-education: the worst criminality

The man’s muslimness is crucial. The ultimate success in life depends on it. So, Allah SWT warns, “O you who believe! Fear Allah with all fearfulness – as deemed appropriate for Him; and do not allow death to overtake you unless you are a (true) Muslim”–(Surah Al-Imran, verse 102). So for the believers, Allah SWT sets the priority. It is not attaining great success in professions, politics or business; nor becoming a proud Arab, Afghani, Turkish, Iranian or Bengali, but to be a committed Muslim. For that, it does not require birth in a Muslim family but needs a qualitative change in belief and deeds. Fear of Allah is the essence of such change. And such change comes only through true knowledge –the true understanding of Divine guidance. Allah SWT reveals, “Of all His servants, only those who are endowed with knowledge fear Allah”–(Surah Fatir, Verse 28).  The prime objective of the education is to generate such fear of Allah SWT through Islamic knowledge. But if education promotes atheism, secularism, materialism, nationalism, Darwinism, Marxism only adds deviation. Thus, education helps people to go to hellfire. Such education then becomes the worst harmful criminal acts on earth. In the name religion, a lot of vile acts are still done. Ancient ignorance like worshipping man, animals, idols and deities still survive in the life of billions. Likewise, awful criminal acts are done in the name of education. More awfully, teaching falsehood and promoting deviation towards the hellfire –even in Muslim lands, enjoys huge public funds and acceptance as the modern education.

The first thing must be done first. Otherwise, many other crucially important issues stand unattainable. Seeking Islamic knowledge is such a first obligation. Without fulfilling it, becoming a true Muslim remains inconceivable. Hence, the first revelation of the Holy Qur’an was not on salah, fasting, haj, zakat or jihad, but it was “iqra” –which means “do read”. Reading with the understanding of the Holy Qur’an serves as the greatest source of the Divine knowledge. Indeed, Divine guidance comes only through it. Acquiring such knowledge is acknowledged as the most important act of ibadah; other ibadah indeed get added values if it is done with a deeper understanding of the Qur’an. With a void of understanding, ibadah turns to mere lifeless rituals. It fails to bring any qualitative change in man’s behavior and deeds. Such prayers do not prevent people from corruptions; rather people with such lifeless rituals may even overtake the non-believers in such vice. Bangladesh is a perfect example. Very few countries have such a huge number of mosques and mosque-goers; 90% of its people are Muslim. But Bangladesh stood first in corruption 5 times in the world. It is not an economic failure, rather an educational failure. Bangladesh has tens of universities and thousands of colleges and religious madrasas, but those institutions couldn’t add any higher moral values to the students. Rather brought worldwide disgrace. People have failed badly to learn and practice the basic lessons of Islam.

Seeking knowledge is so crucial that even a short engagement in its pursuit is superior to the whole night’s non-obligatory (nafl) prayer –as narrated by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Even the war criminals could be freed if they had delivered writing, reading and numeracy skills to the Muslims -as done with the kafir captives of the battle of Badar. The most distinctive feature of the early Muslims was their spectacular success in realizing and fulfilling this first Islamic obligation of seeking Qur’anic knowledge. They excelled not only as practitioners of religious rituals but also as torchbearers of knowledge in Islamic jurisprudence, politics, philosophy, geography, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, human and social development and military science. Their success was so great that within the shortest possible time, those ignorant people of Arabia became the most educated and civilized people on earth. As a result, the Muslims could become the number one global power and could subdue both the Roman and the Persian empires.


The failure of the West & the lesson

Western civilization added enormous values to stones, metals, minerals, agricultural goods, and other materials. It has added enormous skills and scientific knowledge to humans, too. But it has added little moral and cultural values. Western education is very asymmetrical; it runs only on one dimension. It is focussed only to attain material progress and gave little or no attention to humans’ spiritual development. Its scientific advancement has given the most devastating tools in the hands of the most greedy, brutal and immoral people. In savagery and brutality, they stand hardly better than the Mongol thugs of Halaku and Chengis Khans. In fact, colonialism, imperialism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, exploitation and other dehumanizing instincts attained more virulence and global expansion by them. They killed more than 75 million people in only two world wars. The Red Indians in the USA, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Maoris in New Zealand were almost ethnically cleansed by them. They didn’t bother to drop atomic bombs on the civilian population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Millions of peoples are put to death in Vietnam and other parts of Asia and Africa. Their killing machines are still all-time active. The people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine are their recent victims. All worst beasts in all ages could not inflict such deaths and devastations on humans as were inflicted by these torchbearers of this western civilization.

No doubt, science never advanced with such a tremendous speed in the past –as did in recent times. But it is also true, such huge atrocities never happened in any previous segment of human history either. That too happened by the hands of the flagship countries of western civilization like the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy. Military occupation, colonization, multinational capitalism, and global exploitation are their original inventions. Here too, the west’s failure owes entirely to its educational failure. The secularisation of knowledge has robbed people of their moral and spiritual compass. So, the so-called educated people terribly fail in distinguishing the right from the wrong and the civilians from the military targets. Therefore, crimes like genocide, ethnic cleansing and drone attacks get their moral, political and legal approval. Such moral failure could only lead to civilizational failure.

The Downfall of the Muslims & the Calamities

 An overview

Every downfall of civilization has its catastrophic calamities. The Muslims are now tasting the worst parts of it. Allah SWT has His set rules; He never helps those who decide not to change themselves and take a downhill course. Whereas, whenever they raise their heads for Allah SWT’s cause, Allah SWT comes to their help in miraculous ways. Then, the investments of time, talent, wealth and energy of the believers don’t work alone; Allah SWT also makes His own investment. He sends down His mighty angels to fight on their side –as mentioned many times in the Holy Qur’an. This is why a small number of believers could make history by winning over a huge army of the non-believers. As per Divine plan, even tiny birds called ababil worked as precision bombers; and pebbles became explosive missiles to decimate King Abraha’s huge contingent of elephants –as narrated in sura Fil in the holy Qur’an. He even divides sea to make a road for the believers –as was done to save Musa (peace be upon him) and his companions from Pharaoh’s army. Because of His help, the early Muslims defeated the two contemporary world powers –the Romans and the Persians; and could establish an Islamic state to practise khilafa, sharia, hudud, shura, justice and other obligatory elements of Islam. Because of their own investment of wealth, intelligence and lives, they received promised help from Allah SWT. As a result, they got successive victories over the enemies.

Obligatory five-time prayers, fasting in Ramadan, haj and charity for the poor are the recommended Divine curriculum to build up faith, commitment and attachment with Allah SWT. But, in order to dismantle the coercive and corruptive state infrastructure of the devils, the prayers and fasting alone don’t work. The prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions needed to defeat them in face to face bloody battles. Only this way, they could create needed space for Islam and build up state infrastructure to eradicate evils and implement justice. Allah SWT always reviews Muslims’ own investment of wealth, intelligence and lives prior to bestowing them with the promised victory. While the believers’ war against the evil power stops, the entitlement of victory also stops. Therefore, the war for the annihilation of the evil and implementation of the Qur’anic law –called sharia, always goes side by side in Muslims’ life –as has been the tradition in the early days of Islam. Such a relentless war in Muslims’ life is called jihad; it is indeed the expression of the belief of a true believer. Muslims could build the best civilisation on earth only through such jihad. It is indeed the highest act of piety that pleases Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la the most -as mentioned in the holy Qur’an: “Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a cemented wall.”–(sura Saf, verse 4).

But today, the Muslims live with a different brand of Islam. Therefore, they are the different brand of Muslims, too: much dissimilar to the early Muslims. Their faith in Islam doesn’t express similar commitment and sacrifice for the cause of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –as was seen in the early Muslims’ life. Nor does it practise Muslim unity, the establishment of an Islamic state, implementation of sharia and eradication of evils as the parts of Islamic prescription. So, fighting in His cause and sacrifice of wealth and life in His way has no place in their life. The government, the media, the textbooks and the so-called ulama of the Muslim countries are busy to hide those Qur’anic verses from the public eyes that tell about jihad and implementation. Pleasing the world powers like the USA receive more important than pleasing Allah SWT. So, the basics of Islam like sharia, khilafa, hudud, trans-ethnic Muslim unity and jihad are now given a new label called extremism; and get excluded from their political and social life. The betrayal of Islam is so explicit in their life that jihad for ending the foreign occupation, elimination of divisive walls and implementation of sharia is called terrorism; and killing Islamists is appreciated as the legitimate war on terror. The perversion has gone to the extent that even forging partnership with the invading kuffar enemies got eulogised. Because of such rabid perversion, the Arabs took the arms from the British in 1917 to kill Turk Muslims, the Bengalis took arms to from India in 1971 to kill the non-Bengali Muslims and the Kurds are still taking arms from the USA to kill both the Turks and the Arabs. More awfully, thousands of Turkish, Afghan, Kurds, Albanian, Iraqi and other Muslims fought side by side with the kuffars in the NATO forces. Even a Turkish Generals hold the position of the commander of the occupying NATO forces in Afghanistan and led the killing of Muslims there.


The corrupted priority

The Muslims have grown only in number, but not in iman and good deeds. Those who are true Muslims make a transaction with Allah SWT; they sell their life to Him to get paradise in the hereafter. The Holy Qur’an mentioned about such a holy transaction in verse 111 in sura Taubah. But today’s Muslims doesn’t live with the binding of such holy transaction; as a result, in politics, culture and warfare the Muslim men and women stand fully de-linked from Islam. They are overtaken by priorities linked with the family, race, language, tribe, secular ideologies and geographical entity. Hence, the agenda of bringing glory to Islam and the unity of Muslim enjoys hardly any impact on their life. Because of radical secularisation of their beliefs, culture and politics, they don’t feel restrained to get closer to the known enemies of Islam. They even engage with the enemies in their war crimes; as seen in the war of occupation and destructio1917, Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 were not the idol-worshipping infidels. Their fake iman thus gets clearly exposed.

Those who helped the kuffar invasion of Bengal in 1757 and 1971, of Middle East in 1917 are the fake Muslims who possessed no feeling or respect for life, honour, interest or independence of the fellow Muslims.  Because of their moral death, hundreds of thousands of Arab, African and Indian Muslims fought in British, French and Italian Armies as a mercenary in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. They think the rituals like five-time prayer, month-long fasting in Ramadan, charity and haj are all about the whole of Islam. As if, the Holy Qur’an doesn’t give any political guidance vis-à-vis warfare and the selection of friends and foes. As if, they are free to select even the foreign invaders as a friend and fight with them to kill the Muslims. Islam -as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims stands totally alien to them. The societies and the states that they have built and now rule are grossly dissimilar to that of the prophet (peace be upon him). In fact, they look more similar to those of the contemporary kuffars who practise secularism, nationalism, racism, capitalism and the kuffar law. Therefore, deviation from the Qur’anic road map has become the norm in the Muslim World. This is why the cultural life in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul with their pubs, clubs and casino shows hardly any difference from that of London, Paris, Rome or New York.                                                                                                               

The forgotten benchmark   

The deal with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la sets the benchmark of a true Muslim. He needs to be a full Muslim not only in name and rituals but also in belief, commitment and action. Because of fake belief, lack of commitment and treacherous acts, even five times prayer behind the prophet (peace be upon him) in prophet’s mosque in Medina couldn’t help the hypocrites to become true Muslim. The word “Muslim” means a believer who fully surrenders to the revealed wishes, rules, and guidance of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It is a life-long and whole time commitment to bring the overwhelming victory of Islam. Hence, in the time of Prophet (peace be upon him), a Muslim was not only a symbol of a humble man engaged in prayer, pilgrimage, charity and other good deeds but also a model of a steadfast fighter against the enemies of Islam.

Every word, every pledge and every declaration of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in the Holy Qur’an has a serious binding on a believer. It doesn’t need any repetition of order to make any deed obligatory; simple announcement in the Qur’an is enough for that –as has been the case of obligatory rituals like 5 times prayer, fasting in Ramadan, the performance of haj and deliverance of charity. To add extra importance to His pledge, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has incorporated the word “inna” (means: certainly) in the beginning of verse 111 of Sura Taubah. To reinforce the pledge further, the Almighty Lord has also invoked the names of three Divine books like Taurat, Injeel and Qur’an in the same verse. Thus the most powerful deal of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la was made public to the benefit of the true believers.


The change-maker and the neglect

The holy Qur’an worked as the most powerful change-maker in history. But now the Muslims stand disconnected from this powerful engine. Only a single command in verse 185 of  Sura Baqara, made month-long fasting in Ramadan obligatory; and didn’t need a second verse to reemphasize it. Similarly, above mentioned single verse of Sura Taubah was enough to bring an overwhelming conceptual shift in the Muslim mind vis-à-vis their role on earth. The pledge of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala thus worked as the greatest change-maker in the whole human history. For any societal or civilizational change, such a ground-breaking conceptual shift is indispensable. The earth is not flat, rather round -such a discovery of Copernicus laid the foundation of Europe’s huge political, territorial and material gain and gave Europe quick global domination. Because the new concept of a globular shape of earth prompted Cristopher Columbus to navigate westward to find a shorter route to India. While searching a new route for India, he instead discovered America. Thus he opened a gateway to add enormous material splendour to Europe. The Muslims’ glory in the past also owes to such a huge paradigm shift. The holy Qur’an could successfully raise a new conceptual base in the Muslim mind. The new concept brought a ground-breaking revolution to vis-à-vis humans’ understanding of the ultimate fate. It reconfirmed the resurrection of every man and woman after the death, the accountability in the hereafter and abode in the paradise or in the hellfire. In the new conceptual premise, the worldly life is viewed only as a short exam period to qualify for paradise. And abode in the paradise is considered the greatest achievement in life, and hellfire comes as the punishment.

The new conceptual revolution instilled a new set of priorities in the Muslim mind. Whatever Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la wishes got the topmost importance; and the personal agenda wasn’t given any preference to that. In the deal, Allah Subhana wa Ta’la asks not only to slay His enemies; but also ask to be slain in His way. So the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) showed exceptional valour not only to kill the enemies of Islam but also to embrace martyrdom. Khaled bin Walid was a great hero of Islam; he is recognised as a famous war strategist of exceptional talent. He led Muslim Armies so many times to victory. He could kill numerous enemies, too; but couldn’t be killed in the cause of Islam; that very point remained a source of his deep frustration in later years. Such a conceptual state of the believers tells a lot about the impact of the Qur’anic deal on the psyche of the early Muslims. Many other verses of the holy Qur’an reinforces the same spirit. For example: “O you who believe! Shall I guide you to a trade that will save you from a painful punishment? (It is that) you believe in Allah and His messenger and do jihad in the way of Allah with your wealth and your lives. That is best for you if you could know.”-(Sura Saf, verse 10-11). It is also revealed, “Therefore, let those fight in the way of Allah, who sell their worldly life for the hereafter; whoever fights in the way of Allah, then he be slain or be victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward.”-(Sura Nisa, verse 74). Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la also asks the Muslims to examine their own compliance with the Divine decree. Hence they are asked, “And what is (the matter) with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and (for) the oppressed among men, women and the children who say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper” -(Sura Nisa, verse 74).


The deal with Satan!

Islam stands firmly on some fundamental pillars of faith; a Muslim can’t grow up as a true Muslim with compromises on those basics. Any amount of compromise on those basics are not trivial; these are grave sins that reveals detachment from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The deal with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la means strong attachment with the Qur’nic roadmap and jihad in His way. The Qur’anic straight path is only one; all other paths are the Satanic deviation. The Qur’anic straight path exists not only in prayers but also in politics, warfare, trade, education, culture and all other aspects of life. Hence, there is no scope of deviation in any arena of life; deviation means following the Satanic roadmap. Then, the journey starts towards the hellfire.  The political and military pledges with the Satanic forces on earth are indeed the markers of such deviation.

The deviants don’t move alone; rather take other people to the hellfire, too. Hence, in Islam, it is the greatest jihad not only to defend the geographical frontiers of an Islamic state but also to protect the ideological purity of Islam and save people from Satanic truck. But the Muslims have terribly failed on both the counts. The mission of great prophets like Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) collapsed mostly due to ideological corruption of their Divine teachings. Due to such corruption, the monotheism of prophet Isa (peace be upon him) turned to polytheism with a deceptive façade of the so-called trinity. And sharia –as delivered to prophet Musa (peace be upon him) as Ten Commandments remains captive in the Book of Torah and receive no chance for the implementation.


Immunising against Islam

The Muslims now face the same evil strategy of the same enemy who corrupted the Divine faith of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Isa (peace be upon him). The several-century-old war of these enemies not only aim at occupying and exploiting the Muslim land but also at corrupting and dismantling the core elements of the Islamic faith. As the colonial occupation got its grip on the Muslim World, the sharia-based judiciary and the Islamic education were dismantled. The enemy used the whole education system as a tool of immunising people against Islam; hence those who received education in the colonial institutions strongly became immune against Islam. Like the kuffar colonialists, they too became the hardcore opponents to Islam. They easily became the Trojan horses cum political slaves of their colonial masters. Because of them, growing up as full Muslim, practising full Islam and full implementation of the obligatory sharia laws remained impossible even in the Muslim majority countries.

The colonial occupation has ended long ago. But, the legacy of savage colonial brutality still survives with greater ferocity –as seen in Islamabad (Lal Masjid, July 2007), Dhaka (Shapla Roundabout, Dhaka, May 2013) and Cairo (Rabaa Al-Adawiya, August 2013) by the secularised Army’s mass-slaughtering of unarmed Islamists. In fact, the new occupation of Muslim lands under the home-grown de-Islamised Trojan horses now goes unfettered. Hence, under this new occupation, more wine shops, more brothel houses, more casinos, more obscene sea beaches, more interest-based banking, more enforcement of kufr laws and more public shows of vulgarity are visible in the Muslim countries. On the other hand, the basics of Islam like sharia, hudud, shura, Muslim unity, jihad have become invisible. As a result of long kufr indoctrination during the colonial era, most of the Muslims have forgotten the most basic element of iman that entails abiding by the solemn transaction with Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la. Such a binding deal has gone completely to oblivion. As a result, fighting in His way is no more a part of their political, ideological or cultural roadmap. And the very few those who still try to fight in His way have fully forgotten that fighting in His way means fighting for His sharia, hudud, khilafa, justice and trans-ethnic Muslim civilizational state. Such an awful gross derailment from the Qur’anic straight path can only expedite further disaster and downfall.  And the Muslims are indeed in the midst of that.





The Indian War on Muslims

The Hindutva war

The worst devastations in human history are not caused by earthquakes, cyclones or tsunamis. These owe to wars -the crimes exclusively done by the humans. Only in two World Wars 75 million people are killed. After the World Wars, millions are killed in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; and the killing continues. The destructiveness of any war entirely depends on the toxicity of the ideologies of the warmongers. A virulent killer bug always causes killer disease. Likewise, a killer ideology always causes deaths, rapes and destructions. What would be the worst stupidity than to be dubious on its dreadfulness? All worst war-crimes are indeed the works of the people adherent to the toxic ideologies. In fact, ideologies like fascism, racism, nationalism, supremacism, imperialism, communism and religious fanaticism never passed any segment of history without making bloodbath. Ethnic cleansing, genocidal massacre, wars of occupation, regional wars, domestic wars and the World Wars indeed owe to these ideologies. Therefore, wherever these ideologies show their tide, one can be sure that some worst genocide is looming. In India, such a war has already been started since its inception; and it is against the Muslims with the embedded Hindutva fascism in its making.

War has its distinctive and defining markers; it brings gang rapes, genocidal killings, arsons, occupations, deprivation of human rights and mass-scale torture in the lives of the stipulated enemies. The Indian Muslims pass every day and every night amidst such war-crimes. The ongoing war against the Muslims doesn’t run in the territorial frontiers; rather in every Muslim enclaves. Any doubt on deadliness of a killer bug only brings more deaths. Similarly, doubt on dreadfulness of the toxic ideologies like Hindutva fascism, only exacerbate the genocide. Fascism has already shown its true face in Europe. The Muslims in India are now facing the same fate. The Hindutva fascists formed the world’s largest NGO called Rastriya Shevok Sangha (RSS) not to share goodwill with the minority compatriots; but to impart ideological militancy among its members. It was created with the sole objective to make India a Hindu state. (Andersen, Walter; Damla, Shridhar, 1987). When M.S Golwalker became the RSS President in 1940, he set it a goal not to fight against the British. (M.S Golwalker, 1974). During the British raj, the aim was to gain strength and to make RSS war-ready to fight the Muslims.

From day one of its inception in 1925, RSS was focussed on mobilising and strengthening the Hindutva recruits to fight against the Muslims. In 1927, within two years of its creation, the RSS launched its first Muslim cleansing operation in its birth place in Nagpur in Maharashtra. Its militants launched an organised attack against the local Muslims and the campaign went on for 3 days and forced the Muslims to leave the city. The creation of Pakistan in 1947 infuriated the RSS cadres; as if they have cut into pieces their mother India. Now they take the fight against the captivated Indian Muslims. They consider every Indian Muslim a traitor cum termite and a Pakistani inside. (Ashish Nandi, 2002). For its terrorist activities, the RSS was banned 4 times: in 1947, 1948, 1975-77 and 1992.  During British raj, it was banned for its communal terrorism by the provincial government of Punjab in 1947. In 1948, it was banned for killing Gandhi. In 1992, it had banned for destroying the historic Babri Mosque. Since Norendra Modi -a lifelong member of RSS, became the Prime Minister, everything changed. The RSS is no more alone in its mission. Along with this non-state fascist outfit, the whole state apparatus, the media, the police and the army are now working hand in hand to attain the Hindutva objective.


The cross-party epidemic

War is fought not only in the battle fields; but also fought on ideological, cultural and economic premises. Hindutva literature tells about such an inclusive war against the Muslims. All RSS compounds all over India indeed work as mini cantonment to train fighters for such a war. In fact, such a war has already been imposed on all the sectors of the Muslim life in India. They want not only the full surrender of the Muslims, but also the full decimation, demoralisation and de-Islamisation of the Muslims. For that, they have even deployed violent criminals as fighters to lynch, rape, torture and kill Muslims even on local streets and domestic premises. Thus, the Hindutva war has entered into the Muslim homes and impacted every aspects of the Muslim lives.

Malaria in India doesn’t differ from malaria in Europe; the same is true for an ideological disease. Therefore, whatever the German fascists did against the Jews in Europe, the Hindutva fascists are doing the same against the Indian Muslims. Like a virus, a toxic ideology too, never stays confined within the premise of a single political, religious or terrorist outfit. It shows a cross-party, cross-country and cross-border epidemic. India is a classic example. Therefore, its Hindutva epidemic has overwhelmed not only its culture, politics, media and education; but also the whole spectrum of life. Hence, the anti-Muslim hatred in Indian politics is not the monopoly of the RSS-BJP axis, the parties like the Indian National Congress and many others have also been infected with the same toxicity. Following examples may help understand the gravity of the issue.

The spell of the Hindutva venom on the Congress politics was fully exposed during the election campaign of 1989. To appease the Hindu voters, Rajiv Gandhi –the Congress Party’s sitting Prime Minister attempted to snatch the Hindutva mantra from RSS-BJP family by outplaying the issue. For that, he borrowed the Hindutva strategy of L.K. Advani –the BJP leader. He started his campaign from the district of Faizabad –known for its historic Babri Mosque. Dispelling the previous secular stand of the Congress, Rajiv Gandhi took the banner of Hindutva agenda in his own hand. He promised to inaugurate Rama Rajya –the rule and the kingdom of Rama, in India. (Pradeep Nayak, 1993). It was a clear departure from the declared political ideology of the Congress. He even opened the door of the Babri Mosque for the Hindu worshippers –which was strategically avoided by every Congress and non-Congress government in the past. But Rajiv Gandhi displayed his sheer lack of political wisdom and foresightedness. He gave preference to getting more votes over esteemed values, justice and respect for minority rights. Such siding with the Hindu majority and robust Hindutva radicalization of the Congress by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi prompted the Muslims to quickly leave the Congress. However, in the election, his trick to amass Hindu votes didn’t work. He failed to defeat the old vanguards of the Hindutva like BJP. As a result of losing the Muslim votes, the Congress ceased to exist anymore as an electable contender of power in Indian national politics. It could only show up as insignificant regional party in some smaller states.  

However, Rajiv Gandhi is not the only Congress leader to embrace the Hindutva ideology. It indeed runs through the veins of many of the prominent Hindu leaders. Even, Mr. Nehru -the first Prime Minister of independent India didn’t prove different from any other Hindutva communal leader. Only a thief can embrace a thief. Likewise, only a communal leader can embrace another communal leader. So, Nehru showed his Hindutva color by embracing Mr. Samya Prasad Mukherjee as a member of his first post-independence cabinet. Mr. Mukherjee was known as one of the most original gurus of Hindutva radicalization of Indian politics. He was the former President of Hindu Mahashava and the founder of Jana Sangha –the mother organizations of today’s BJP. Embracing him in the cabinet tells a lot; it in fact means embracing his ideology.

Mr. Narasima Rao -another Congress Prime Minister of India, also showed a very high level of anti-Muslim venom in his psyche. He joined politics as an armed terrorist against the Muslim rule in Hyderabad. (K.S. Komireddi, 2019). While he was the Prime Minister, he allowed the destruction of Babri Mosque by his premeditated malign inaction. As a Prime Minister, he had the full power to stop the day-long crime that was being committed in broad day light. But he preferred to stay silent. For a man in power, such deliberate silence only proves complicity in the crime. Another anti-Muslim Hindutva radical in the Congress and in the highest echelon of India’s power structure was Mr. Pronab Mukherjee. He was the former President of India. He visited Nagpur to pay his deep homage to the RSS founder Mr. Hedgewar in 2018. The issue didn’t stop at his homage; Mr. Mukherjee went further. He exulted the RSS founder a “great son of Mother India” in the visitor’s book. Only a man with full endorsement Mr. Hedgewar’s ideology could write such a high eulogy. On behalf of the RSS, it was acknowledged that after the visit of Mr. Pronab Mukherjee, the membership of RSS went high.

Mr. Hedgewar’s ideology and his political objective were never hidden. Mr. Pronab Mukherjee must be knowing that. Mr. Hedgewar proclaimed that India was a land only of the Hindus and consistently loathed the Muslims. He could never swallow the Muslims’ rule and their existence in India. He considered Muslims’ rule in India as a disgrace for the Hindus. His obsession to take the revenge from the Muslims prompted him to form the RSS. His successor, Golwalkar, was an admirer of Hitler and his policies towards the Jews. He even wrote that Nazi Germany was a “good lesson for use in Hindusthan to learn and profit by.” In such writings of Mr. Golwalkar, the implied message is very clear. The Germans had the Jews and the Indians have the Muslims. Hitler had nothing to teach Indians on Hindutva. But he had a lot to teach the Hindus how he could spread the supremacist politics of hatred against the minorities like Jews. He could also teach how he mobilised and motivated the Germans to take millions of Jews to the genocidal gas chambers. Mr. Golwalkar was highly impressed by Hitler’s quick success in exterminating the Jews; hence asked his Hindu compatriots to apply the same politics of hatred and the genocidal methodology against the Indian Muslims. Can a man with an iota of morality endorse such a toxic ideology? But Mr. Pronab Mukharjee travelled to Nagpur to pay homage to an icon of such ideology. A Muslim can easily understand how dreadful to live amidst hordes of such indoctrinated people. In a conventional war, fear of death runs only through those who are in the battlefield. But for Muslims, the whole India had turned into a battlefield. Hence all-time fear of death runs through every Muslim man, woman and children.                                                                                                  

In 1954, a Congress MP named Seth Govind Das moved a resolution in the Indian parliament for imposing a total ban on cow slaughter. Mr Vasan Sathe -another leading Hindutva fan in Congress, threatened to resign from the party if the party opposes the installation of a portrait of Mr. Savarkar –the original guru of Hindutva politics in India, in the parliament. (Naqvi, 2019). Moreover, the first post-independence genocidal massacre of the Muslims that took place in Hyderabad in 1948, wasn’t the work of RSS-BJP thugs. It happened under the watch of Congress Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. More than 100 thousands Muslims were killed in that pogrom; and thousands of Muslim women were raped. Even in Jummu –a southern region in united Kashmir, a massive genocide took place while the Congress and its leader Nehru were in the helm of affairs. Prior to Indian occupation in 1947, Jammu had 60 percent Muslim population. But by a planned pogrom in 1948, it was brought down to 30 percent. The genocide was carried out under the direct command of Dogra king Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir -as a part of the desperate move in his last days of rule to make Kashmir a Hindu majority state. Prime Minister Nehru not only kept silence on such heinous massacre; rather gave safe sanctuary to Hari Singh in Mumbai.  


A mass murderer as a ruler      

Political appointments made by a ruling party always reflect its embedded ideology. Modi played a key role in mobilizing the cadres to destroy Babri mosque. In early October 2001, the Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee summoned Norendra Modi to his residence and offered him the chief minister’s job of Gujrat. (K.S. Komireddi, 2019). A party like BJP or RSS are always run by a co-operative of leaders with strong ideological and cultural match. This is why a Muslim, a secularist or communist is fully incompatible in BJP or RSS outfits. Mr. Vajpayee is usually projected as moderate in the RSS-BJP camp. But how a moderate man can match with an extremist killer? How can he appoint such a killer as a chief minister? Later on, Modi as a chief minister not only showed his own color, but also revealed Mr. Vajpayee’s color as well.  A leader is rightly known by his close friends and the political decision. Modi’s intention, ideology and motive was not unknown to Mr. Vajpayee. Therefore, his appointment as the chief minister of Gujrat tells a lot about Mr. Vajpayee’s own ideology and motive.  It indeed exposed Mr. Vajpayee’s own Hindutva indoctrination.

Within 4 months of the appointment as the chief minister of Gujrat, Modi showed his real color.  In 2002, a train carrying Hindu extremists returning from the site of demolished Babri mosque got fire. Fifty-eight people burned to death. Mr. Norendra Modi didn’t wait for the enquiry, rather grab it as a great opportunity to do what he wanted to do. He instantly called it the work of the Islamic extremists. Modi’s announcement was enough to incite genocidal massacre against the Muslims in Gujrat. In one Muslim neighborhood, a mob of about five-thousands Hindus made their way through a slum and hacked ninety-seven Muslims to death and a mosque was blown up with liquefied petroleum. Across the road from the scene of carnage, stood a reserve police quarters. But no one from there lifted a finger. (Human Rights Watch, 2002). Thus, as a chief minister, Modi showed his own complicity in the crime. He need not kill or rape anybody himself; but his robust inaction worked as huge encouragement for the killers, the rapists and the arsonists to commit such crimes in thousands.

In an anti-Muslim pogrom, a Muslim of any rank doesn’t make any difference to be the worst victim. Former MP Ehsan Jafri was a very prominent Muslim leader of Gujarat. He had close acquaintance with Sonia Gandhi –the leader of Congress and personally known to Mr. Vajpayee -the sitting Prime Minister. Despite all such acquaintance, he was brutally tortured and slaughtered. Mr. Jafri was sheltering about 250 helpless Muslims in his residence. He spent hours making desperate calls to Modi’s office, but received no help. Modi turned deaf. At the end he urged the attackers, “Whatever you want do with me, do it; but please don’t kill those who have taken shelter in my house.” But his appeal felt on deaf ears. Mr. Jafri was dragged out of his house by the Hindu mob, tortured with all possible cruelty and sliced open with swords. At the end, he was burnt alive. Sixty-nine people seeking refuge inside Jafri’s house were killed in broad daylight over seven hours. In a civilized country, the police usually reach at the crime scene within five to ten minutes. But during the long period of seven hours, the state police didn’t bother to show up in the scene to stop this preventable massacre. (Vinod Jose, 2012).

Under Modi’s supervision, more than three thousand Muslims (in some estimate it is more than five thousands) were butchered, thousands of women were raped and more than hundred thousand Muslims were made homeless. Only a deliberate and premeditated inaction can justify such a crime. After such a criminal inaction, how can Modi deny his complicity in the genocidal massacre? But still, he didn’t lose the job. Not a single police officer was sacked or punished for such a criminal negligence. It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Vajpayee and the Home Minister Mr. Advani –god fathers of Mr. Modi, didn’t express any displeasure in public on such carnage. Instead, whatever carnage they could procure from this protégée, made them happy to hold the ladder at his footsteps to help him climb up to the Prime Ministerial post.


Modi: a psychopath

A man of morality usually resigns from his ministerial post for failing to prevent even a railway accident. But Mr. Modi never showed an iota repentance or remorse on heinous massacre of thousands of defenseless people in Gujrat, let alone resigning from the post. Rather, while responding to a reporter on his failure, he only lamented on the failure to control the media. As if, the genocidal pogrom against the Muslims itself wasn’t any crime, rather a big success! He blamed the unfettered media for giving publicity to that crime. (K.S. Komireddi, 2019). He would have been very happy if this carnage had gone unnoticed. Ashish Nandi –a distinguished social theorist and a clinical psychologist had an opportunity to take interview from Modi. Mr. Nandi gives a diagnosis on Modi’s psychiatric ill health based on some explicit and pathognomonic symptoms. Mr. Nandi wrote, “I still remember the cool, measured tone in which he (Mr. Modi) elaborated a theory of cosmic conspiracy against India that painted every Muslim as a suspected traitor and potential terrorist”. From the interview Nandi emerged ‘shaken’. As if, “he has met a textbook case of a fascist and prospective killer and perhaps even a future mass murderer.”–(Ashish Nandi, 2002).

Modi’s role, through commission and deliberate omission, in anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujrat in 2002, indeed gives enough evidences to prove the accuracy of Nandi’s diagnosis. Modi ’-as the chief minister of Gujrat, has the necessary power, police forces and other security apparatus under his command to quickly control the carnage. When the people are being killed, the women are being raped and the houses are being blazed, the government must show its quick and decisive action. This is indeed the norm of civilized governance. In such a critical situation, the government’s inaction for few moments means more deaths, more rapes and more arson. A single command of the chief minister was enough to bring all the security forces to the crime scenes and stop the genocide. But Mr. Modi preferred to stay silent. His silence worked as an implied message for the killers, the rapists and the arsonists. They took it as a full license to continue their crimes for weeks. Only a complicit criminal chief minister of a state can show such a role at a time when the anti-Muslim pogrom was going with the full swing. Because of his role, thousands of Muslims were killed, thousands of Muslim women were raped and more than hundred thousand people were made homeless destitute. All these crimes were done with a full jubilation on the street by the Hindutva forces. It is difficult to disbelieve that the sadistic Modi will not be celebrating his own contribution in the carnage in private.   


The genocidal war

Now the same Modi is the Prime Minister of India. When such a psychopathic Muslim-hater becomes the Prime Minister of a country with 200 million Muslims, the country is bound to enter into a bloodbath. A genocidal war then enters into its cities, villages, streets, mosques, markets and households to kill the so-called enemies. Modi’s home minister Mr. Amit Shah called the Muslims as termite. How can Mr. Modi, Mr. Shah and the alike sleep in night with 200 million termite in their midst? Such sleeplessness will surely make them more delusive and mad. So, Mr. Ashish Nandi’s diagnosis stands accurate not only for Mr. Modi, but also for thousands of his Hindutva comrades. Because of such madness, they enjoy cow urine as holy drink; but can’t drink water from the fellow humans of so-called lower caste.

India stands as a textbook case of a war-infested country. India doesn’t have a war on its border against any foreign power. But it has deployed 800 hundred thousand soldiers to fight a war against an unarmed civilian population within its own border. It is unprecedented in human history. India has made a small valley of Kashmir the most militarized area in the world. Afghanistan is at least ten times bigger than Kashmir. But the USA never deployed more than 150 thousands soldiers in Afghanistan. Whereas, the USA has to fight a terrible war against the war-hardened and death defying mujahids. Even the Soviet troops in Afghanistan was never that high either. The same is true for the USA army deployment in Iraq. Kashmir has a total population of about 9 million. In 1971, East Pakistan had 75 million population. In 1971, the Pakistan Army had to fight a war in its eastern province against half a million strong Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and the India-trained Bengali insurgents. But in East Pakistan, the Pakistan Army didn’t have even one-fifteenth portion of the Indian soldiers that are now deployed in Kashmir! It beggars belief! About the army deployment in East Pakistan, Lt. General A.A.K. Niazi –the Commander of Pakistan Army’s Eastern Command in 1971 wrote: “The total fighting strength available to me was forty-five thousand -34,000 from the army, plus 11,000 from CAF (Civil Armed Forces) and West Pakistan civilian police and armed non-combatants.” (A.A.K Niazi, 1998). 

The fascists are always obsessed with the elimination of those who are dissimilar to their faith, race, color and ideology. So, their war strategy is totally different from other countries. They need all-time war in all cities, all villages, all bazars, and all residential enclaves and even in all forests. Because they see enemies (termites) everywhere. Therefore, to sustain the war, they need more soldiers in Kashmir. They also need curfew for an endless period. It is also true that under the occupation of the Hindutva fascists, the Muslims are not the only victims. A relentless war also continues against the Maoists, the Adivasi, the Naga, the Mizo, the Christians, the Sikhs and many others. And, every war has its huge collateral costs, deaths and damages. Therefore, with such warmongering madness, these Hindutva supremacists are killing their own people. They are destroying their own environment and economy. If 800 thousands soldiers stay in Kashmir for another ten years and another 400 thousands in north-east India and in other parts, the Indian economy will collapse automatically. Then, Pakistan or any proscribed enemy will seldom need to engage in any combat with India.

So India stands as the worst enemy of its own people. Along with the unending internal war, worshipping and protecting cows are the two other most important political agendas of the Hindutva leaders. Billions of dollars are being spent to build world’s largest sculpture to glorify their Hindutva icons –as one built in Gujrat for Sarder Ballav Bhai Patel. As a result, they do not have enough money to look after their own poverty-stricken people. Therefore, India possesses not only the largest number of poor people on earth, but also gets the largest number of the suicidal deaths.


The culture of war-crimes

The Hindutva ideology has given birth to a strong culture of war crimes. Hence, India doesn’t need a full-fledged war on its border to have the wartime crimes of genocide, rape and arson; the Indian Muslim men, women and children have already become the victim of such crimes even without a war. Inner belief or ideology become visible through morality, culture and politics. Hence the people of same ideology show the similar morality, culture and politics almost everywhere. Therefore, the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee –the so-called moderate face of RSS-BJP family, didn’t show any discernible difference from Mr. Modi. Like Modi, he too, showed moral inability to condemn the bloodbath in Gujrat. While Gujrat was experiencing its most awful carnage in the history, Mr. Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of a coalition of about two dozen political parties. He was under tremendous pressure by those parties to sack Modi from the chief minister post. Bur he didn’t listen to them. (K.S. Komireddi, 2019). Instead of sacking or rebuking Modi, he lashed out at the Muslim victims. While addressing a meeting in Goa, he told that the Muslims “are not interested in living in peace”. (Vinod Jose, 2012). What did he mean by “living in peace”? Probably, Mr. Vajpayee had a different connotation of “living in peace” for the Muslims. Is it living in graveyards with absolute peace? Or, did he want a very peaceful submission of the Muslims to rape, arson and massacre?

In a corruptive cultural cum educational milieu, even a man with the highest university degree turns out to be the worst killer, rapist or arsonist. In such a situation, ideological sermons, political lectures, class room teachings and media reports work as powerful tools to kill people’s morality, humanity and ethical values. Such corruptive and corrosive endeavours –both by the Hindutva government and the NGOs, have badly impacted India. As a result, the moral ill health or death is huge. Because of that, even acts of raping, lynching, killing and even throwing children into fire have become an acceptable ethical, political or cultural norm in the society. Therefore, those who are complicit in such crimes get elected by a huge margin to the parliament. For the same reason, the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and many top ranking Indian political leaders and intellectuals failed to condemn rape, arson and genocide committed against the Muslims in Gujrat in 2002. Because of the same moral death, most of the political parties in India could endorse not only the annexation of Kashmir but also support the Army’s barbaric atrocities there.

War brings war crimes. And fascism creates a permissive culture for the war crimes. Because of that, the German fascists could procure the necessary manpower to run their politics, administration, genocidal war, gas chambers and anti-Jews pogrom. In India, the Hindutva fascists have also been very successful to create such a conducive culture to run their Hindutva war and the anti-Muslim genocide. This is why, they could easily find a complicit media, Army, intellectuals to support endless curfew and war crimes in Kashmir. Under the fascists’ rule, the whole Germany turned out to be a warzone for a Jew. The same has happened for a Muslim in India, too: the war has engulfed the Muslim life everywhere.

Visibly, the psyche of the ruling Hindutva elite is now inundated with an intense form of immorality, inhumanity and savagery. The Muslims now face a culture of deaths, rapes, tortures, destruction and other horrors of collateral war crimes. In such an awful situation, peaceful survival for the Indian Muslims stands impossible. Establishing the rule of law and punishing the worst criminals like killers, rapists and arsonists no more exists as the priority of the government. Neither the police, nor the judiciary shows any interest in such things. As if, the Muslims have are no entitlement for these! So, the killers could kill more than three to five thousands Muslims and rape thousands in broad day light in Gujrat in 2002 without an iota of prohibition. The criminals didn’t face any police arrest or judicial prosecution. The same happened in Nellie in Assam, in 1983. There, the killers could kill about 10 thousands Muslims in 14 villages, but not a single killer was prosecuted and punished. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made a pact with the political patrons of the killers and pardoned the perpetrators. The police, the law and the judiciary were kept defunct by the government only to appease the killers. Thus, the Hindu supremacist thugs are given the full licence to do all heinous crimes on the Muslims. In this regard, the Congress seldom makes any discernible difference from the BJP. Hitler gave similar impunity to the German fascists to kill Jews. So it appears, the Hindu supremacists have taken lessons from Hitler –as was advised by their guru Mr. Golwalkar. 


Kashmir is now Gujrat

The anti-Muslim war has attained a new intensity in Kashmir. What happened in Gujrat under chief minister Modi’s direct watch in 2002, is now happening under Prime Minister Modi’s watch in Kashmir. But there is a difference. In Gujrat, the carnage was carried out by the Hindutva thugs, the police and the provincial administration. In Kashmir, it is being carried out by the more powerful Indian Army and the central government. In war zone, the common people are not allowed to come to the streets. The streets are usually taken over by the Army. Eight hundred thousand soldiers of the Indian Army are doing the same in Kashmir by enforcing more than 60 days’ curfew in Kashmir. Such an act of barbarity has never happened against any civilian people in the whole human history. As a result, the parents can’t go to the shops for buying milk. The kidney dialysis patients can’t go to the hospital for dialysis. The diabetic patients can’t go to the pharmacy for insulin. The injured patients can’t be taken to the hospital emergencies. The people are strictly prohibited to do any work, run any business, earn any money or buy any food. Even in wartime, people are not deprived of such indispensable liberties. Even in prison, people are not subjugated with such barbarity.

Mr. Modi and his Hindutva cronies in media, administration and politics call such subjugation of the Kashmiri people by force as progression of peace. They call it a route to economic progress. And they deliberately hide the fact that along with 800,000 soldiers, the imposed curfew has become a powerful tool to torment the Kashmiri civilians. In reality, the truth is more awful. What the Hindutva killers and rapists commit during anti-Muslim riots in other parts of India, has become every day’s riot in Kashmir. The whole Kashmir has been turned to genocidal Gujrat. The killing, rape and arson in Gujrat have taken a pause; but such pause doesn’t exist in Kashmir. The barbarity is going relentlessly. Therefore, the Muslim men and women that are killed or raped in Gujrat, Kashmir has at least fifty times more than that. 


The war of terror

War starts and survives on vitriolic hatred against the enemies. For the Hindutva radicals of India, the perceived enemies are the Muslims. India has three wars against Pakistan. Every war against Pakistan was in fact anti-Muslim war. The war against Pakistan has now a pause; but it continues against the Muslims inside India. War brings not only deaths, destructions and pain, but also a weaponised propaganda against the perceived enemies. India is inundated with such propaganda and war crimes. So, a war of terror has come to the Muslims at their doorsteps, streets and businesses. On 28 September 2015, Mohammad Akhlaq, a fifty-year old farm worker, was dragged out of his house in the town of Dadri, an hour drive from Delhi, by a violent crowd of young Hindu men incensed by the rumor that he had slaughtered a calf. They killed Mr. Akhlaq by striking him repeatedly by bricks. They beat his son to within an inch of his life, assaulted his elderly mother, and attempted to molest his younger daughter. (Indian Express, 26 December 2015).

Like the party thugs, the Hindutva leaders proved no less heartless. They displayed their moral inability to condemn such a heinous crime. Instead, the top-tier leader of the BJP issued posthumous condemnation of Mr. Akhlaq for wounding the feelings of Hindu by eating beef. He also threatened that the Hindus should not be expected to remain silent when a cow is killed. So, the implied message for a Muslim is very clear: the Hindus have every right to break their silence by killing Muslims whenever they believe that a cow has been killed. They need not wait for a probe to establish the allegation –as happened with Mr. Akhlaq. One BJP MP Mr Shakhi Maharaj announced that he is ready to kill and get killed for mother (cow).” (News18, 6 October 2015). Similar statement came from the home minister of Gujrat; he equaled killing of cow or cow progeny with the killing of a human. (Human Rights Watch, 2019)

But the Hindutva leaders conveniently forget the other side of the reality. India is the number one exporter of beef in the world. As a result, millions of Indian cows –worshipped as goddess, turn into kebab worldwide. Since the agenda is to bring foreign currency, mass slaughtering of their mother goddess becomes lawful and acceptable business activity. Using hides of these mothers to make shoes also becomes the part of their economics. Such acts don’t touch the religious or emotional fibers of the people like Mr. Shakhi Maharaj. Nor did Mr. Maharaj get killed for saving mother cow from becoming kebab. But while politically needed to target the Muslims for torturing, raping and killing, the narratives on cows take a 180 degree shift. Then, protecting cow becomes a religious duty of a Hindu and killing a Muslim for eating beef becomes a holy act. In such politicized context, any police arrest or probe against the perpetrators of crimes turn hugely unwelcome. This is why, the BJP leaders could even intimidate the police to leave the perpetrators of murders alone. They could also tell that the Hindus are not in a mood to tolerate any harassment by the investigating police authorities. Then, the police enquiry and judicial probe –parts of the civilized norms, are labelled as harassment! One of the legislator even blamed the family for the death of Mr. Akhlaq. The crime of the family was none else but eating beef. (Indian Express, 2 October 2015).

The weaponized propaganda has other horrendous dimensions. It is aimed at putting tag of Islamic terrorism on the Muslims and justify brutal police torture and long detention against them. Here is an example. In the summer of 2007, in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, an improvised explosive device went off in the ablution area and killed 11 people. About ten thousand people were praying in the mosque at the time of the incidence. The authority instantly blamed Islamic extremists coming from Bangladesh and Pakistan. They were also linked with a Pakistani outfit. Immediately after the incident, 200 Muslims were arrested. After one year of nerve-wracking detention, 21 people were charged for prosecution. But all these initiatives were proved fake. The truth came to the surface only when a repentant Hindu priest -arrested by India’s National Investigation Agency, confessed that the explosion in Mecca Masjid was one of the many similar staged explosions by a militant Hindu group. He also told that the group is intimately connected with RSS -the parent body of BJP. The priest also acknowledged the involvement an of an Indian Army officer. (Swami’s confession, Frontline, Vol 28, 3 Jan 29 Feb 2011). But in most of the cases, none of the Hindu priests come forward to tell the truth, hence the anti-Muslim barbarity continues without any pause. The Hindutva war thus continues. 06/10/2019.


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Indian Pride & the Crimes of the Hindutva Fascists

The fake pride & the reality

The Indian Hindus are very proud of their race, religion, culture, science and democracy. Such pride indeed forms the basis of the ongoing surge of Hindu supremacism in Indian politics. They boastfully claim that Hindu religion is the most ancient religion in human history. There is no doubt about its antiquity. But antiquity doesn’t guarantee the truthfulness of a religion. Proven lies and ignorance can also survive through millenniums. For example, along with ancient lies, stone-age culture of nudity, cave life, hunting habits, food and drink habits and defaecation practices still survive among the humans in places like Nicobar Island and Papua New Guinea. No modern man appreciate such prehistoric practices as acceptable norms and humane civility. It is indeed the practice of ancient ignorance. The same is exactly true vis-à-vis Hindu religion. It hasn’t move even an inch from its old beliefs and practices in thousands of years. Whatever they learned from the ancestors are incorporated in their religious beliefs as hundred percent true. They even feel proud of it; and never did bother to check its authenticity. Although ancient, it is indeed the religion of ancient ignorance and lies. Such prehistoric ignorance and lies are now deeply embedded in the Hindu mind-set in the name of religion.

Physical illness always expresses through physical symptoms. But the diseases of falsehood and ignorance expresses through robust religious, cultural, behavioural and political symptoms. Then, lynching, killing, raping, ethnic cleansing of people of other religion become the way of life. Under its spell, people drink cow urine, but can’t drink water from a fellow human of so-called lower cast. Awfully, such a disease has attained an all-time epidemic in India. It indeed appears with huge cultural, behavioural and political symptoms. The lethal toxicity on morality also shows its fall out. As a result, millions of Hindus with top university degrees can worship cows, snakes, idols and even replica of male genitals (of Shiva) as holy objects, but can’t accept the Muslims, the Christians and the Adivasi people as neighbours. They want them make ghar wapsi (back to Hinduism) or face annihilation. What could be ugliest face of fascism than this?

The Indians are very proud of their missile, space and nuclear technology. But they stay silent on failures to provide safe drinking water, primary health care or sanitary toilets to its poor people. They boast as a country of great economy, but the world’s largest poor population still live in India. They are very proud of their colleges, universities and intellectuals, but couldn’t eradicate the dehumanising ideologies and faiths. Because of vile beliefs, they even celebrate killing a Muslim for eating beef. Whereas, religion is not for killing people. It for promoting peace, prosperity, morality and saving lives. But in India, in the name of religion, exactly the opposites are happening. Religion has been used to sanction burning alive the widows with their dead husband. It is a shame that a non-Hindu ruler had to stop the so-called religious practices. Instead of promoting equality and integration of people, religion is still being used to promote caste-based segregation and to restrict social mobility. In such a hateful ideological cum cultural milieu, how the Muslims, the Christians, the Adivasi and other non-Hindu people can expect honour, peace or security? Instead, it could only promote lynching, killing, rape, and deprivation. Because of its toxic spell, the law enforcing agencies too, show their moral death. This is why, while the Muslims get lynched to death by the Hindutva thugs, the police fail to show up in the crime spots. Even gang rapes, mass killings, and massive arsons against the Muslims fail to prompt the police, the politicians and the government to stop such crimes –as seen in Gujrat, Mumbai, Muzaffarnagar, Assam and many other places! 

The Indians feel very proud for being the largest democratic country in the world. But, is it the true democracy that rules the country? India is indeed the largest fascist country in the world. Democracy has its discrete defining markers. It isn’t only elections. It gives not only the voting rights, but also the survival rights. It also ensures the basic human rights to all of its citizens irrespective of their religion, language or skin colour. It is about the rule of law; and none should be above the law.  In democracy, the government must be made by the people, of the people and for the people. But such democracy doesn’t exist in India. Instead, 200 million Muslims suffer the rule of brutal occupation by the brute Hindu majority. The Muslims and other minorities have been robbed not only of their human rights, but also the survival rights. Against the killers, rapists and arsonists, the police, the prosecution and the judiciary stand inactive if the accused belong to the Hindu majority and the victims are the Muslims. More than two thousand Muslims were killed in Gujrat, seldom anyone was punished. About 10 thousand people were killed in Nellie in Assam, but none was prosecuted. The outcome wasn’t different while a Christina killings took place in Kandhamal in Odisha in 2008. All India Christian Council claims that 50 Christians were killed and 95 churches and 730 churches were burnt down by the Hindutva fascists there. 

Democracy is about accommodating people of all faiths and all races in the governance of a country. But that doesn’t work in India. Here, the Muslims are deliberately kept out of the power structure. While the Hindu supremacist party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the election in 2014, 200 million Indian Muslim were given not even a single ministerial post in the cabinet. More than 15 percent of the Indian population are Muslims, but they are not given even 5 percent of the government jobs. About 20 percent people of Uttar Pradesh are Muslim, but in 2014 election, not a single member of the provincial parliament was Muslim. Can democracy survive with such injustices, inequalities and exclusion of the citizens because of their religion?

The evil of Hindutva fascism

Fascism died in Europe in World War II. But now, India stands as its perfect textbook case. Its worst victims are the Muslim minority. The term Hindutva (Hindut’ta in Bengali) first appeared in the mid-1870s in Anandamath, a Bengali novel written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. (W. J. Johnson 2010). Bankim Chandra was a government servant in the British raj and appeared as the father of Hindu supremacism and anti-Muslim communal discourse in Bengal. There is a song in the novel; its first stanza has been adopted as the national anthem of India. Prior to partition in 1947, there was also an attempt by the Hindu stakeholders in politics and in the administration to impose this song as an anthem in schools in Bengal. But, because of its explicit Hindutva content that are incompatible with the Islamic belief, the Bengali Muslims rejected it. Literally, Hindutva is Hinduness; it is an expression of Hindu ethno-cultural identity. Hindutva showed its malign face first in so-called Bengali renaissance through its closed-door exclusivity against the native Bengali Muslims who were the majority of the Bengal’s population. The Bengali Hindus –with the British collaboration, tried to make their selfish advancement in education, literature, media, public service, business and other fields of the socio-economics leaving behind the Muslim compatriots. The Muslims were denied any space for social, political or economic advancement. While Mr. Chittaranjan Das of the Forward Block party and Mr. Hussein Shaheed Sohrawardi –a prominent Muslim politician, made a pact to create some space for the excluded Muslims, the Bengali Hindutva forces in politics, administration and media put an out-right obstruction. As a result it failed. Because of such exclusive communal mind-set, even the famous Bengali novelist Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay –a Hindu reformist and member of the Indian National Congress, couldn’t consider the Bengali Muslims even as Bengali. So, he wrote: “there was a football match in our village between the Bengalis and the Muslims”. Because of similar exclusive ethno-cultural mind-set, another Bengali Hindutva icon Syama Prasad Mukherjee formed Jana Sangh in 1951 that got transformed to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1980.

Ideology never stay confined within any geographical border; it spreads in all directions. Therefore, what started in Bengal in the form of Hindutva or Hindu’s renaissance quickly overwhelmed the whole India. Before the emergence of communal outfits like RSS, Hindu Mahashava, Jana Sangh or BJP, a communal Marathi politician named Bal Gangadhar Tilak implanted Hindutva as a political narratives in the main stream movement of the Indian Hindu majority. (Chetan Bhatt, 2001). The most adorned icon of Hindutva is Sivaji – a Marathi warlord who made a desperate attempt to dismantle Muslim rule in India. In 1923, the term Hindutva was further reinforced by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in his book “Essentials of Hindutva” in 1923. He used Hindutva to give an exclusive ethno-cultural identity to the people who follow the religions that are originated in India like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Being influenced by Savarkar’s writings, Mr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar –another Marathi and the founding father of the Rashtriya Sayamsevak Sangthya (RSS), added more aggressive militancy to the ideology. He made Hindutva a Hindu supremacist war cry against the Muslims. Later on, it has been commonly used by Vishay Hindu Parisad (VHP), Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and other Hindu communal forces to pursue the same socio-cultural and political objective.

Savarkar –the guru of Hidutva politics, always showed the same venom against the Muslims. He wrote: “Muslims were the real enemies, not the British”. He argued that Islamic ideology posed “a threat to the real nation, namely Hindu Rashtra”. (Jaffrelot, 2009). Savarkar assumed Muslims in the Indian police and military as “potential traitors”. He advocated that Indian government must reduce the number of Muslims in the military, police and public service and ban Muslims from owning or working in munitions factories. (Lise McKean, 1996). Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, the second RSS supremo after Savarkar also showed the same anti-Muslims venom. In 1938, he wrote about his vision of a Hindu India: “The non-Hindu people of Hindustan must either adopt Hindu culture and language, must learn and respect and hold in reverence the Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but of those of glorification of the Hindu race and culture…..In a word, they must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment—not even citizens’ rights.” (Pakistan and a World in Disorder—A Grand Strategy for the Twenty-First Century, p.78)

The RSS ideology was explicitly influenced by the European fascist movements. Its leading politicians regularly praised Adolf Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy in the late 1930s and 1940s. ( Jason Stanley, 2018). Those who adhere to the religions originated outside India -like Islam and Christianity, are labelled alien and inimical. They were prescribed ghar wapsi -returning back to home (Hinduism), as the only option to be acceptable to the Hindu. Therefore, those who stay adherent to non-Indian religions like Islam and Christianity are considered enemies. And such enmity gets readily expressed not only through anti-Muslim politics but also through frequent anti-Muslim pogrom, deprivement of their voting rights, and annulment of their citizenship rights along with denial of access to the government jobs. 

If conceptually or politically a specific group of people are held enemy of the country –as is the case of the Muslims, how the so-called enemies could be given the equal human rights or liberty by those who consider them enemies? Rather, any entitlement for the Muslims is out-rightly labelled as appeasement of the enemies. In a country ruled by the majoritarian supremacists, the people with a tag of classified enemies only face annihilation –as was the case of Jews in Nazi Germany. In such extreme hostile milieu, deprivation of human rights, political rights and even deprivation of survival rights become the reality. And India stands as an example of that. So in 2014, while BJP won the parliamentary election and Norendra Modi –a lifelong member of RSS became the Indian Prime Minister, the country’s two hundred million Muslims didn’t have a single member in the cabinet. Rather, persecution against them received a new intensity. Mr. Amit Shah -the President of BJP, labelled the Muslims as termite. It has an implied message. Such a tag of termite is only a prelude to massive genocide. Such leaders in power can only frame policies to exterminate the termites, not to give any space for their survival. Hitler put such a tag on the Jews, too. So, the German fascists made gas chambers to kill the Jews. But in India, the Hindutva fascists need not build gas chambers; they have more simpler and painful means to do the job. The Muslim houses are set on fire to kill them alive –as happened in Gujrat under Modi’s rule in 2002.                                       

The evil ideology and the fallout  

Humans’ mind, deed and character are shaped by the embedded ideology. Politics, culture, behaviour, attitude and way of life of a man or a woman are indeed its exact expression. People become criminal not because of bad foods, drinks, climate or their physical attributes. In fact, it owes entirely to an evil ideology or belief. An evil ideology corrupts the conceptual model of the affected individuals; thereby provoke them to be its life-long agents on earth. This is why, the devils never poison the foods, the drinks or the climate, but the ideology. To warn the people on this key issue, the All-knowing Creator had to reveal the sublime Truth in the holy Qur’an: “Tell (O Mohammad), “Everyone works as per his or her (religious, ideological or conceptual) model (shakela).”–(Sura Isra, verse 84).

It was indeed an eye-opening guidance to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that he must focus his works on dismantling the evil belief or corrosive conceptual models of the people. For the common men and women, the message is also very clear. To be true Muslim, they must reconstruct the ideological cum conceptual model with full enlightenment with the Divine knowledge. In fact, the human history is full of evidences that most of the heinous crimes on earth are done by corrupting people’s ideology, philosophy or concept vis-à-vis his purpose of creation, the Creator, role, responsibility, accountability, morality, life after death and other social or ethical issues. This is why, those who want to inflict catastrophic harm to the people start working on the ideological cum conceptual premise. The physical poison kills individuals; but the ideological poisons may cause catastrophic havoc on earth. They can cleanse the whole race, tribe or people for their dissimilar skin colour, religion or language. So deaths, destructions and tortures caused by fascism, nationalism, communism, colonialism, imperialism, racism and other evil ideologies are more disastrous than that caused by any bugs, beasts or any poisonous stuff. They could deploy thermal, biological, chemical and nuclear weapon to cause maximum damage to the mankind. More than 75 million people were killed only in two World Wars by the followers of these ideologies. They killed millions of people in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They could ethnically cleanse almost the whole of the Red Indians, the Incas, the Aborigines and the Maoris from three continents like North America, South America and Australia.

Scientific knowledge could usher industrial revolution and add huge luxuries; but couldn’t eradicate evil ideologies. Dehumanising and destructive power of an evil ideology is always cataclysmic. It makes peaceful co-existence or civilized living impossible. Evil ideologies if supported by advanced science and technology may cause catastrophic calamity -as seen in World Wars and in wars of occupation. Because of Hindutva fascism, peaceful survival of the Indian Muslims indeed stands shattered. The country is moving fast towards a dreadful disaster.

Hence, in all ages, nothing could be more beneficial or more righteous than eliminating such evil ideologies or religious beliefs. It is indeed the greatest prophetic job. Tens of thousands of prophets were appointed by the Almighty Creator to take people out of such moral darkness. In eradicating such evil, Islam’s last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided companions showed remarkable success. They could save the female children from live-burial. They could release people from slavery, dismantle racial inequality, establish rule of law and raise the finest civilisation on earth. Their unprecedented success indeed owes to the most remarkable paradigm shift in understanding the truth vis-à-vis this worldly life and the Divine responsibility. Their conceptual model (shakela) was entirely based on the Qur’anic knowledge. But later on, the Muslims failed to sustain such Islamic ideological construct because of disconnection or poor connection with the Qur’an. So, they lost their Islamic ideological paradigm. As a result, the downfall ensued; and still continues.

Hindutva and the real danger

But for Indian Hindus, the history is altogether different. They didn’t have a single day free from moral and ethical darkness. Apart from building some monumental temples and idols, they couldn’t build any enlightened law, civil code or civilisation. Their whole history is the history of darkness. Because, for coming out of the darkness, one needs the light of moral guidance. One needs enlightenment of mind with Divine knowledge. But the Hindus didn’t have that for a single moment. Because, the cows, the idols, the snakes, the rivers, the mountains and many others they worship couldn’t give that. What the Hindu supremacists claim about their past glory is nothing but lie-full myths. These myths are invented only to cover up their failures. They claim superiority only to hide their inferiority. Even today, the so-called saints they consider holy stand fully naked even in public.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many Hindu leaders have already proven to have fertile mind in inventing wishful myths to feed their Hindu supremacism. Mr. Modi himself believes, as he told an audience in 2014, that ancient Indians had mastered “genetic science”. To prove his claim he put his evidence from Mahabharata –the pre-historic Hindu epic. He told that Karna -anti-hero character in the story, was born outside his mother’s womb.  Mr. Modi also claimed that his ancient ancestors perfected the plastic surgery. He presented Ganesh –a Hindu idol with elephant’s nose, as a proof. (Maseeh Rahman, 2014). As the chief minister of Gujrat, Mr. Modi wrote a preface of a history book for the school children. In that, he claimed that the Hindu god Rama had flown the first aircraft. (John Elliot, 2014).

It is noteworthy that Mr. Modi and his comrades are not the only people to make such claims of superiority of the Indians over others. Even many Indian academics and scientists are not different either to present prehistoric myths as proofs for the Indian glory. In 2015, there was an Indian Science Congress inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi himself; it beggars belief that the participants argued that the Indians had built jets capable of interplanetary travel and place a man on Mars. It is also claimed that the Indian cows converted the grass they ingested into “24-caret gold”. (India Today, 2015). Some are also claiming that cow urine can cure not only all diseases but also protect against nuclear radiation in any nuclear war! Indian social media is full of such myths. Who can argue with such myth-mongering sycophants?

The greatest calamity for the mankind is not caused by earthquakes, cyclones and tsunamis. It is the annihilation of the Divine Truth, morality and ethical values. It makes civilised living impossible. And in India, the Hindutva forces have taken such annihilation of Truth, morality and ethical values as the political mission. These evil forces are strengthened not only by the Hindutva fascists, but also by the whole Indian state infrastructure, the Army, the Media and the economy. They are also supported by the world’s economic and military powers. Because they care about the Indian market of 1.2 billion consumers. Thus the material gains get preference over morality, humanity and justice. Therefore, the evil forces get hugely emboldened. As a result, the Hindutva fascists of India appear not only as the enemies of the Indian Muslims but also the formidable enemies of the whole mankind. 29/09/2019.



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Face to Face with the Indian Muslims

(Note: The writer visited India several times; has visited Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Agra, Azmir and travelled through the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The article is based on personal observations, Indian media inputs and face-to-face talks). 

The Muslim-phobia & the disbelief

In 2001 census, 13.4 percent of the Indians were found to be Muslims. It is currently estimated to be 15 percent. But, most of the Indian Muslims do not believe this official figure as true. They believe that the actual number is much higher. They consider the official 15 percent a skilfully manipulated lie only to serve the anti-Muslim political agenda of the over-stated Hindu majority. The Hindu ruling clique strongly feels that a higher figure will generate sense of severe deprivation among the Muslims; hence may generate more communal unrest. Such a figure may also cause fear among the Hindus. Even the statistics of 15 percent Muslim population creates a lot of Muslim-phobia among the ruling Hindu clique. They consider it a great increase in Muslims from 9.9 percent in 1951 census. Such a panic in Hindu mind also gets reinforced by the falling Hindu population of 85 percent in 1951 to the current level of estimated 79 percent. They get more panicky when foresee a declining Hindu majority in the near future in some of the strategic states like Assam, West Bengal and Kerala. In these peripheral states, at least one-third of the populations are already Muslim.

The increasing surge in extremist Hindutva politics of BJP (Bharatia Janata Party) is indeed an expression of such a panic in Hindu psyche. To bring down the panic, the strategy of deportation of the Muslims –currently from Assam and other provinces afterwards, gets the priority. They don’t bother to have an objective study of the causes of the surge in population; rather blame it as an infiltration from neighbouring Bangladesh. But such allegation will not help, rather can damage India’s friendly relation with Bangladesh. Thousands of Indians are working in Bangladesh –especially in its garments sector; they earn huge amount of foreign currency for India. Moreover, it is well recognised that the health and socio-economic indicators of people’s wellbeing is significantly better in Bangladesh and its economy is moving faster than India. The poor people in Bangladesh enjoy better opportunity for moving up faster in the socio-economic ladder than that exists for the poor in India. Even Mr Rahul Ghandi –the Indian Congress revealed such truth while he visited Bangladesh. Moreover, unlike India, no caste-based system or religious scripture label the poor as untouchable and restrict the social mobility. Having been heavily infested with anti-Muslim tyranny, rape and massacres, India seldom presents itself as an option for the Bangladeshi economic migrants.

As regards to Muslim population surge, the ground reality tells otherwise. Some of the realities have been revealed in Sachar committee report. In 2006, the fact-finding Sachar committee -set up by the former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh published its reports on social, economic and educational status of the Muslims community of India. The report endorsed the old historic fact that the Muslim population growth was higher than the Hindus even under the British colonial rule. Despite the poor educational status of the Muslim women, the report revealed that the child death rate among the Muslims stands significantly lower than that exists among the Hindus. It also reported that despite economic deprivation, the lifespan of an Indian Muslim is one year more than a Hindu. But the Hindutva supremacists don’t bother to read the scientific facts that are embedded in the report. Rather, they construct their politics on a blatant lie and generate phobia that the Muslims from Bangladesh are flooding their country. This way, they justified the genocidal massacre of about 10, 000 Muslims in Nellie in Assam in 1983 and kept 4 million Assamese Muslims out of the citizenship registrar.

The Sachar report also revealed some horrendous facts on deprivation of the Muslim population. It found that the Muslims’ share in the government jobs doesn’t cross even 5 percent in any of the all-Indian civil service cadres. But awfully, although such commissions cast lights on facts, but do little to solve the problems. Committees are installed under a judge or judges only to minimize the anger of the Muslims -usually after a major anti-Muslim massacre. It looks that the reports are not for consumption by the policy makers; hence, those who can solve the problems seldom read the reports. This is why, little has changed after the publication of the Sachar report. Very low share of the Muslims in Indian civil service is enough to expose the government’s inherent anti-Muslim policy. Such gross injustices against the minority and the policy of exclusion are incompatible to any civilised mode of governance. Such inhumanity fits only into colonial or apartheid rule. So, the end of British colonial rule in 1947 gave liberty only to the Hindu majority, but not to the Muslims. The slavery of the Muslims still continues. 


The strategic lie & the beginning of the end

India’s image would have turned much uglier and shameful if the true figure of the Muslim population would have been made public. Then, the deprivation of the Muslims would have looked much worse and gloomy. In such situations, the truth proves most powerful to cause political upheavals. The aggrieved ones even turn to human bombs. Such anger of nearly 200 million Muslims would have caused a political explosion to reduce India to an unmanageable mess. Few years ago, India’s vulnerability was exposed while a few Muslim attackers brought Mumbai -its business heart, to a standstill. Therefore, manipulation of the Muslim population statistics stays as a strategic tool in the hands of the ruling Hindu majority. So, the actual number of the Muslims remains highly secret and sensitive issue -as are the number of the Indian soldiers, details of nuclear bombs and the spy agents at home and abroad.

Nevertheless, the Muslims anger is now steadily boiling up. It has already inflicted a lethal blow to Indian National Congress –the original architect and the political giant of un-divided India. For more than 50 years, the Muslims used to be the traditional vote bank for the Congress. But its huge disservices to the Muslims are now fully exposed. Thousands of anti-Muslim riots and demolition of the historic Babri mosque took place under its watch. Massive deprivation of Muslims in political decision making and the exclusion in civil services didn’t happen in recent years; in fact, these owe to the long rule of the Congress. As a result, the Muslims reject its rule. Due to Muslims’ alienation, the Congress now stands as a political orphan. It has lost its power in the central government with little hope to come back. It has also lost power in many key states with significant Muslim population like West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Kerala. The Muslims now negotiate with the regional parties for their survival.  Hence, like dinosaur, an all-India national political party is now stands as an extinct entity. With such irreparable political disintegration, this may turn the beginning of the end of India’s geographical integration. In such a void, the emergence of Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) as a Hindutva fascist party has only added more fuel to its existing socio-politico-ethnic tension rather than solving it.


The strategy for the crime

To keep the Muslim population low, the government of the Hindu majority has its own well-known strategies. Most commonly, it is done by keeping huge number of Muslims out of the census record -especially in provinces adjacent to Bangladesh like West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, and in big cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. Only in Assam, 4 million people are kept out of the national citizenship registrar. Since they can’t deport them as per their whims, they deprive them of their voting rights. To justify such exclusion, the Muslims are labelled as foreign infiltrators. Along with the party in power, all Hindutva political parties too, get united to make the Muslims political destitute. They demand their immediate push back to Bangladesh. They even launch manslaughter to reduce their number. In Nellie, in Assam, in February 1983, thousands of Muslim men, women and children were killed with no reason other their Muslim identity. The official number of deaths in Nellie were 2,191, but unofficially it was 10, 000. But none was punished for such a genocide. As if no, murderer was involved in that genocidal massacre.

Demands for the push-back and anti-Muslims agitations are usually arranged prior to any national census or voter-list update. It has been an effective ploy to curtail the Muslims’ influence on Indian politics. Because of the agitation, the government gets easy pretexts to exclude Muslims from the census as well as from the voters’ list. This way, the ruling parties appease the Hindu voters. Even the migrant rural Muslims of West Bengal who live in the slums of Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi also get labelled as Bangladeshi; and left excluded from the census record and the voter list. Their non-Hindi mother tongue like Bengali become an unamenable disability. They conveniently forget the fact that West Bengali Muslims also speak the same Bengali language. Since, inclusion in the census is required as a proof for citizenship, a large number of the Muslims are left disqualified. This way, they keep their case alive to push them back into Bangladesh at a convenient time.

In the Indian media, it is a common practice to publish highly inflammatory news and feature articles demonising the Muslims and blaming them as illegal intruders. The content, tune and political spin in these reports are almost always the same. The Muslims are blamed to cause a dangerous demographic shift in Indian population. For instance, the Time of India once published a claim made by a central Jubo Front (Youth Front) leader in a mass-meeting that Muslim population has increased significantly in Assam and West Bengal. The paper added its own hype to the fear. It reported that if such increase in Muslim population is not checked now, these provinces will turn Hindu minority province in the near future. Thus, the paper projected the issue as a great threat to India’s integrity and prelude to creation of another Pakistan in its own territory. During my six months’ stay in India I found recasting of such inflammatory rhetoric almost once or twice a week on the front page in major Indian dailies. The dailies like the Time of India, the Hindustan Time, the Indian Express, the Pioneer and the Statesman are in the forefront to spread such anti-Muslim venom. As a result, the anti-Muslim fervent never gets any opportunity to die out; rather receives regular boosts to stay alive. The communal parties thrive on such media-engineered phobia and anti-Muslim hatred.

Once I read an article in the Hindustan Time with the caption “Hindu Population and Muslim Population”. The writer tried to tell that there are two different rates of population growth in India: one for the Muslims and another for the Hindu. And he tried to prove that the growth of Muslim population is much higher than that of the Hindus. He cautioned that the Hindu domination will soon come to an end in India if the Muslim population continues to increase with the current rate. I found it a morbid delusion; only a man with pathological bigotry against the Muslims can believe such politically motivated speculation. How the Muslims with its current 15 % proportion can emerge as the majority in India – which did not happen even in about 700 years of Muslim rule. I also wonder how these people could sleep with such terrible fear. I noted that the Hindustan Time, the Time of India and the India Today have special interest in publishing such toxic views. To keep the anti-Muslim sentiment alive, such spin-added news, news analysis and feature articles are published regularly in those papers by different people with different captions. Such propaganda stuffs indeed work as the crucial life line for the communal Hindu politics. Now, more than a hundred TV channels have also joined the battle on their side. As a result, anti-Muslim hatred in Hindu mind has raised to an explosion level. Lynching Muslims to death on alleged beef eating, anti-Muslim riots and burning their houses are indeed the expression of such hatred. However, there are few exceptions; journals like the Frontline show some courage to stand against such tsunami of anti-Muslim propaganda. Once I had a long discussion on such issues with one of the leading Indian economist from Kerala. Although a Hindu, I found him very rational and thoughtful. He studied and taught economics in the MIT in the USA and happens to be a close friend of the former Prime Minister Mr. Monmohan Singh. He also showed deep displeasure on these issues. I expressed my worries: how can India build and sustain friendly relation with the neighbouring Muslims countries with such toxic attitude against the Muslims?


The biased bureaucracy

I found it very common that the Muslims consider the civil servants of both the central and provincial governments more communal and anti-Muslim than the political leaders and activists. So, there exists active non-co-operation in the bureaucracy towards reducing the Muslims’ deprivation. Such non-co-operation becomes more evident during or after any anti-Muslim riots cum massacre. They become the part of the problem by taking side of the Hindu majority and make it impossible to control the killing or undertake any impartial investigation. Because of the bureaucratic inaction, the demolition of Babri mosque or pogrom against the Muslims in Mumbai and Gujarat could continue in broad day lights for days and nights. Because of extreme bigotry in the planning, executive and investigative branches of the government, the Indian police can’t find, arrest and prosecute murderers even after a huge genocidal carnage. Active non-cooperation of the police has become so phenomenal that even horrendous murderer, rapists and arsonists need not face any prosecution -as seen in Gujrat, Bombay and Assam. Because of moral blindness, they see only the crimes, but not the criminals. This is why, the government agencies fumbled to find the criminals while the historic Babri mosque was razed to the ground in broad daylight by thousands of the Hindu extremists. In 1984, thousands of Sikhs were killed, raped and their properties were burnt down after the murder of Prime Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh bodyguards. The massacre went on for a week; but the law enforcing authority stood by only as silent watchers. Even the Christians faced similar atrocities in Orissa in 2010. So, India stands heaven for killers, rapists and arsonists –especially if the perpetrators are Hindu and the targets are the minorities.


Hostage to the vested interests

The Indian bureaucrats are relentless to preserve their own vested interests. The powerless poor, the untouchables and the Muslims stay hostage to them. The racial, religious or linguistic identity of people decides not only the fate of the government’s service delivery, but also controls the entry of people in their midst. Faith of a Muslim indeed works as the greatest disability to join their rank. In such a milieu, any small attempts of doing justice towards the Muslims proves suicidal -even for a Hindu leader. It has a long history. During the British raj, the Bengal Pact signed by Chittaranjan Das and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy of Bengal ended in a fiasco due to the bureaucratic thugs. The Pact promised more employment opportunities for the Muslims; hence was detested by the Hindu elite. The vested interest that they established in the administration as the most obedient servants of the British raj was kept unaltered even in the independent India. In fact, the British rule survived in India for 190 years because of their deep obedience to those foreign imperialists. Mamata Banerjee -the Chief Minister of West Bengal, is rapidly losing her popularity because of same privileged class. In West Bengal, about 30 percent people are Muslim. But in government jobs, they do not have a share of even 5 percent. Mamata Banerjee allocated a meagre monthly allowance for the imams and the muezzin of the mosques. Such a grant for the poor muezzin and imam caused huge uproar in Hindutva camp; they called it appeasement for the Muslims.  

The foreign colonialists have gone. But the colonial practice and its brain-child still survive with the same agenda. However, the targets are different. They execute the same colonial policy of suppression and deprivation against the Muslims and other minorities. In the colonial era, they received benefits from their British master for the servitude. After 1947, these home-grown mercenaries proved to be very lucky to fully protect their all previous privileges. In independent India, they even ensured the same privileges for their future generation. Any possible advancement of the downtrodden 200 million Muslims into their domain of influence is perceived a real threat. So, hatred against Muslim gets deeper and more vitriolic in the fabric of the bureaucracy. They use the state apparatus as a powerful bulwark to protect their territory against any Muslim advancement. Like their past strategy of alliance with the British rulers, these communal bureaucrats made alliance with the communal politicians. Because of such alliance, anti-Muslim pogrom could be repeatedly committed even in big cities and Babri mosque could be destroyed even in daylight without any preventive efforts. As if, there exists no bureaucratic infrastructure or law-enforcing agency in India to stop such crimes. Such an unholy alliance could justify even the robust inaction of the Indian Prime Minister Narsima Rao, his whole ministry and the whole civil and military bureaucracy in stopping the destruction of Babri mosque.  

One can easily sense the tip of anti-Muslim ice-berg in Indian bureaucracy after landing at Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata airport from a European or Middle Eastern cities with a Bangladeshi passport. It seems they find it difficult to swallow the pride of a Bangladeshi Muslim travelling worldwide with an international passport. Probably they think such privilege is only the right of an upper caste Hindu -as it is customary in India. The communal nature of the Indian administration and the police becomes more evident during any event of Muslim mass killing. The police become more active in arresting the Muslim victims than the Hindu killers. Hence, more Muslims are taken to jails than the Hindu attackers -as happened in Muslim genocide in Mumbai and Gujarat. In both the places, scores of Muslims were killed, arrested and oppressed by the state police. Hundreds of criminal charges are lodged against them. In Rajasthan, the police failed to punish the vigilante who lynched a Muslim cow trader to death; but after his death, a case was lodged against him for illegal cow transport from the state. So the police sets the priority; Muslims’ life has little importance in that setting.

In Meerut, the Indian police scored a new low to its already tainted record. They dumped hundreds of Muslim corpses into a nearby canal to show the lower number of the Muslim deaths in the massacre.  During the demolition of the Babri mosque, they indeed provided the necessary protection to the militant Hindus -so that they could accomplish the crime without any resistance from the Muslims. After the mosque demolition, the Hindu terrorists started mass-murder of the Muslims in cities like Mumbai. According to government statistics, more than two thousand Muslims were murdered in Mumbai alone; fire was set to thousands of Muslims’ houses and shops. Women were raped and the Muslim babies were thrown into fire. What is more surprising is this: the police couldn’t find any murderers or looters -as if such systemic pogrom happened out of the blue. The police made similar history in Nellie in Assam in 1983, too. About 10 thousands Muslims were killed in a single day in 14 villages of Nagao district, but not a single murderer or a rapist or an arsonist had to appear before the judge to receive any punishment. Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi signed an accord with the anti-Muslim communalists to stop all judicial investigation of the massacre. Whereas, delivering justice is the most basic constitutional duty of the government. Since the victims were the Muslim, the Prime Minister could abrogate his own constitutional responsibility! This was done only to appease the murderer.   

While the bureaucrats are impregnated with so much anti-Muslim venom, it is not surprising that the officers will discover scores of fabricated reasons to exclude the Muslims from the voters’ list or census record. The sheer lack of interest in protecting Muslims’ lives, liberty, property and dignity has never been any hidden fact; becomes more pronounced from lack of prosecution against the perpetrators. In fact, the rapists, the arsonists and the murderers are allowed to boast in public in front of the victims. But such ugly failures make little political, moral or ethical impact on India’s civil administration or political leader. Moreover, such awful failures of the politicians and the law enforcing officers have never been considered any moral or ethical disability of the complicit people. No leader get named and shame for that. Even architects of Gujrat pogrom like Norendra Modi and Amit Shah could escape the blame. Rather such complicity in crime works otherwise. Muslim-blood on the hands helped Norendra Modi to speedily climb up the political ladder and become the Prime Minister of India. It also helped Amith Shah to become the Home Minister. In fact, because of such appeasing culture for the criminals, the anti-Muslim pogrom has attained some added speed and barbarity.


The neglect

The Muslim population in Jaipur city looks quite large –easily visible by its huge number of hijabi women. But very few people could tell me the actual number. They live in a very small area of the central part of the city. The new road and house constructions are booming in all directions in the outskirts, but the Muslims are not moving to those areas. They fear, anytime the Hindu neighbours may turn murderous against them. The Muslims learned such harsh reality from the previous massacres that happened mostly by the hands of the Hindu neighbours. So in Jaipur, like any other Indian city, the heavily-congested old city centre is the abode of the Muslims. There is no park, no wide road, no clean drain, no good school or college – even no arrangement for regular removal of garbage. Piles of garbage covered with thick armies of flies and mosquitoes were visible even in the close vicinity of living quarters and mosques. Most of the civic facilities are absent there. I saw some horrendous pictures of such neglect also in Ajmer –the city of famous shrine of Khawja Moinuddin Chisti. While visiting the shrine, at some point, I needed to go to the public toilet located at its backyard. But I could not proceed. The raw faeces and urine were overflowing its tanks and dirty footpath. This shrine brings in a lot of money to Ajmer city and huge foreign currency to India, but its basic facilities are kept in utter neglect. It depicts a clear picture how the provision of very basic services to the Muslim visitors gets ignored by the city’s Hindu municipal administration. Even in Emperor Shahjahan’s mosque in Agra, the mark of chronic neglect was revealing. But in famous Hindu temples, I found a different standard.

The situations are not different in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities, either. In all these cities, the Muslim dwellings are situated in unhygienic and congested city centres. The reason is the same. The Muslims suffer from a serious lack of safety and security in the prosperous areas – because of its Hindu dominance. In the past, the Muslim families that suffered the worst massacres were the inhabitants in the Hindu-majority areas. During any anti-Muslim pogrom, the neighbouring Hindus always appeared ready to annihilate them with huge jubilation. Killings, rapes and arsons in those areas did not need any outsiders. As soon as any riot starts, the Muslim men, women and children immediately become the sitting duck to be executed; all the camouflages of civility, morality and humanity disappear very quickly. As if, these neighbours were standing ever ready in the next doors for doing the job. In fact, such readiness gets constant boost by the Indian media and the Hindutva political parties; hence gets little chance to drop down. As a result, even a layman easily becomes remorseless killer, rapist or arsonist. Therefore, for gutting Muslim properties, raping Muslim women and murdering Muslim men, women and children, armies of criminals quickly get mobilised. Even an apparently normal Hindu neighbour readily joins such gang. As a result, most of the heinous atrocities are not works of the known local criminals, but committed by the so-called educated and well-off Hindus. Even the white-collar political activists, the academics and the well-placed professionals take part in the carnage. A doctor from Rai Bareli told, how a Muslim professor was killed by his Hindu neighbour’s gunshot.


The pure evil and the mass conversion

In fact, the genocidal mass-killings or mass-scale gang rapes in history have never been the works of the previously known criminals. It could only happen with the mass conversion of the common people to a purely evil ideology. In India, such mass conversion has already been accomplished by the RSS family of organisations and its militant political front called BJP. In Germany, it was done by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers. It was the same evil ideology of race-based supremacism. Because of such mass conversion, the German fascists could raise an army of millions to cause havoc all over Europe. And, they didn’t have any shortage of people to take the Jews to the gas chambers. In India, the members of the RSS family are closely following the footsteps of Hitler. They only differ in the identity of the targets. For the German, it was the Jews. And in India, it is the Muslims. Like the German fascists, they too, believe that wholesale extermination of the target population is the quick and effective way to get rid of them. Such an evil motive of the Hindutva forces gets regularly and vividly displayed in every anti-Muslim pogrom and could instil an aura of extreme insecurity in Muslims’ mind. This is why, the Muslims lose their trust in the Hindu neighbours. Since saving life gets priority than living in good locality, the Muslims voluntarily leave the Hindu-dominated areas and concentrate in over-crowded Muslim quarters. Since located at the centre, the Muslim quarters possess little room for further expansion. So the problems are multiplying with the ever-increasing Muslim population. On the other hand, the Hindus are establishing their absolute dominance in the new residential areas. The political leaders –both in the government and in the opposition, show little political commitment to resolve this inhuman issues. They only pursue to keep the status quo. Surprisingly, such a huge humanitarian issue couldn’t be a political issue in India! Except a few, the so-called writers, intellectuals and social scientists are also sleepwalking with the communal political leaders.


The Muslim migration

After 1947, the mass migration of the Indian Muslims took place primarily in two ways – external migration and internal migration. The external migration was basically exodus to Pakistan. And the goal of the internal migration was to leave villages or non-Muslim dominated areas to settle in the Muslim-dominated quarters in cities. The Indian Muslims are facing similar situations as the Jews experienced in Germany, France, Poland, Russia, and other European countries. Confronted with the persecution by the Christians, they withdrew to ghettoes in European cities. Likewise, every major city in India is divided into two sub-cities: the congested central one is for the Muslims and the prosperous peripheral one for the non-Muslims. Indeed, in every Indian city, the Hindu-Muslim dividing line is too obvious to ignore. During the riot, this division-line becomes the natural frontier between the warring Hindus and Muslims. Many secular Ph.D. holders, university professors and intellectuals in Bangladesh or Pakistan may fail to understand the famous “Two-Nation Theory”; but in India, its visibility is quite distinct even to a layman. Even an illiterate man or woman can see and feel it in every second of his or her survival. The current inhuman condition of the Indian Muslims explains why the creation of Pakistan was so strongly supported more in the Hindu majority provinces of India than the Muslim majority ones. It also explains why the Indian Muslims were eager to migrate to Pakistan even at the cost of abandoning houses, business, graves of dear ones and the dearest lands where their forefathers grew up and settled for hundreds of years.


The deprivation

The Jaipur city has many mosques. Most of these mosques are old and built during the Mughal or the British era. I could not find a single mosque built in recent years. Every time of prayers, I intentionally offered my prayers at different mosques (I visited at least six of them), so that I could get the opportunity to see different mosque premises and the different people each time. I found every mosque to be old and some of them are dilapidated. The floors, the prayer mats, the walls and the ablution areas of those mosques tell vividly the story of deprivation and poverty of the Muslims. Jaipur is a provincial capital of Rajasthan, but its mosques do not match even the standard of a district mosque in Bangladesh or Pakistan. Once I got the opportunity to offer my Eid prayer in one of the Jaipur mosques. It was one my very saddest experience during my whole stay in India. People’s attire on a festive day indeed gives a true depiction of their happiness and prosperity. At least on the Eid day, the people wear the best possible dress to attend the congregation with the fellow Muslims. Thus, people’s inner joys gets an unrestrained expression on that special day. Once I offered my Eid prayer in a mosque in the outskirt of Jaipur city -near to its international airport. It is also near to one of the business hub of the city -known for traditional bed-sheets and garments of Rajasthan. To my utter surprise, I couldn’t find any joy and jubilant festivity in people who came to offer the Eid prayer. Even the mosque did not receive any special treatment for the Eid celebration, either. Everything inside the mosque, on its wall and in the courtyard looked old and untouched for ages. A very few people were found with new dress. Their facial expression looked gloomy, too. As if, the Muslims are living in an open prison. The people in a prison don’t show any joy or festivity; every day of their captivity tells a new story of sadness and agony. As if the state itself has become a tool of oppression and de-empowerment of the Muslims. I couldn’t find a single man with a smiling face. Even the imam didn’t say Eid greeting to the attendants with a smile. After the Eid prayer, very few people were seen to embrace each other –which is very common in South Asian Muslim culture. Probably, ongoing poverty, alienation, marginalisation and lack of security have robbed their inspiration for any joyous living.    

In most of the Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, the number of the mosques did not increase even though the Muslim population soared. The existing mosques cannot accommodate the musallies especially on Friday and Eid days. Consequently, the Muslims get compelled to spill over onto the surrounding street on Friday and on Eid occasions. As a consequence, this causes traffic jam in the adjoining areas. Such traffic jams give extra weapons to the Hindu extremists to generate more hatred against the Muslims. Without considering the reasons of such problems, the Hindutva outfits ask the government to stop Muslims’ outpouring onto the streets. The Hindu communal media also make huge issues out of it. But they never ask the government to allocate adequate lands for building more mosques to accommodate the ever increasing Muslim population. They even don’t bother to mention that performing prayers on Friday and Eid days in a proper mosque is the fundamental right of every Muslims in any country. No civilised country can’t deny such basic religious right. To honour such right, the European governments have allocated lands to build hundreds of new mosques. As a result, in the UK alone, the number of new mosques stands more than a thousand. But in India, such religious right of the Muslims finds its place in the bin. Whenever the Muslims take their own initiative to purchase a land and build a new mosque, they face fierce resistance from the Hindu administration. While sitting in a mosque in Jaipur, one tablighi man told me how the government stopped construction of a mosque in Jaipur. Since none of the mosque in Jaipur could accommodate the participants of a large Tablighi ijtema, the local Muslims took initiative to construct a two-storey bigger mosque in the outskirt of Jaipur city. But the government did not permit to execute the plan. The official explanation was very clear. The government allows icons that fit only into its Hindu identity. Since such two-storied mosque would be a visible Muslim landmark, the government can’t allow that to happen.

At some places, the mosque’s own land stands annexed illegally either by a government department or by a private organisation. I visited such a mosque near Jaipur international airport to offer my prayer.  The mosque stands on a very tiny piece of land, its border extends hardly beyond its walls. The surrounding huge open area of the mosque is grabbed by the government’s Public Works Department (P.W.D.). The mosque was built during the rule of the British. The imam of the mosque came from Bihar. There is a residence in the mosque premise to provide accommodation for the imam, but that has been occupied by the employees of P.W.D. I saw people gossiping in that room. Whereas, the imam has to sleep right on the floor. The huge waqf compound of the mosque has become a damping ground for P.W.D’s worn-out tools. After the afternoon prayer, I talked with few local musallies. While I introduced myself as a Bangladeshi, their enthusiasm got a bit of sudden boost. I asked them many questions. They also wanted to know many things about Bangladesh. At that time, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was in power in Rajasthan. There were no anti-Muslim riots; but the oppression was taking place in other ways. The educated Muslims didn’t have any opportunity to secure government jobs. They didn’t have no other alternatives but to accept low-paying menial works in factories owned by the Hindus. Since education gives little socio-economic benefit, the children get little zeal for higher education.

While strolling along the streets of Ajmer, I met a retired headmaster of a local secondary school. I found this handsome tall man in his traditional Muslim dress with a long black sherwani, white shalwar and a black cap. All four of his children were university graduate but none of them got any job. He lamented, “The Muslims have no other alternatives but to do menial chores under the Hindus. Some are living from hand to mouth by begging at the majar [shrine]”. Our conversation went on while standing on the street in front of the shrine. The shopkeepers were doing brisk trade on both sides of the road. Most of the buyers were Muslims travellers –many of them are from other parts of India and some of them belong to Bangladesh. The headmaster continued, “Here you can see hundreds of shops but none of the shops are owned by the Muslims – not even the shops that sell prayer rugs and tasbees [counting beads], although the Muslims comprise 40% of the population of Ajmer. Even in Moradabad, Aligarh and Bareli -where the Muslims are comparatively better in businesses, their shops and houses get periodically burnt down on various flimsy excuses. Such anti-Muslims arsons and killing have been very effective strategy to drive out Muslims from their established businesses. I talked with several shopkeepers at Agra – the city that boasts Taj Mahal. They sell miniature marble replicas of Taj Mahal. They told that most of their highly educated relatives did not get any government jobs. Thus, even the educated Muslims are prevented to get nearer to the ladder of socio-economic progress, let alone climbing it up. Stagnation prevails over their entire existence.


The policy of exclusion

Apart from the business, the Muslims are also being successfully driven away from higher education sector. Aligarh Muslim University was founded exclusively by the Muslims, and with the Muslims money collected from all over India. Its objective was to promote higher education among the Muslims. After India’s independence, new laws are introduced to curtail the admission of Muslim students. Instead, its gate was opened for the Hindus. It was argued that in secular India the Hindus must have the equal rights of admission in every institution even in Muslim-owned Aligarh Muslim University. As a result, the Aligarh Muslim University lost its Muslim identity. Thus, all the resources invested by the Muslims to promote education among downtrodden Muslim community were usurped. Later on, the Hindu bigots of the RSS-BJP family established their stronghold on the administration, as well as on the students’ body. These days, Aligarh is more remembered for brutal anti-Muslim skirmishes than for the university. I heard from an ex-Aligarh Muslim doctor about the story how he was deprived of getting admission into the post-graduation program due to anti-Muslim bigotry of the Hindu faculty members. He said that Hindus comprise more than half of its academics.

Moreover, whenever some Indian Muslims working in the Middle-East take some initiatives to build schools, colleges or madrasahs at their own cost for the backward Muslims, the Hindu media starts vile propaganda against such venture. The RSS-BJP family and other Hindutva forces consider such Muslim initiatives inimical to Hindu identity of India; hence campaign goes vehemently against the establishment of such Muslim or Islamic schools. They even complain that an uneven competition has been started with foreign money to help the Muslims to go ahead of the Hindu. They demand equal opportunity of admission for the Hindu students to these institutions which are built exclusively by the hard earned money of the Muslims. The government willingly yields to such demands of the Hindu communalists. As per coercion, not only the Hindu students get admitted to such Islamic or Muslim schools, but also the Hindu teachers get employed. The situation is getting increasingly worse. The Muslims are not even left with any option to grow up in their own way. Even the religious institutions suffer from blatant government interferences. Thus the majoritarian Hindutva fascism has taken full control over all affairs in India. As a result, growing up as a Muslim, living up as a Muslim and excelling as a Muslim is made extremely difficult in India. What Allama Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah could foresee about hundred years ago now stands 100 percent true in India.  

(First published in Daily Inqilab, Dhaka on 3rd July, 1997 in Bengali; Updated English edition: 13/09/19


Murder of President Morsi & Death of Democracy in Egypt

The premeditated murder

Allowing an ill person to die in prison without medical care is itself a homicidal crime. Such death is never called natural death, rather a deliberate murder. It is indeed a horrendous punishable crime; those who are responsible for it must face the punishment. Such a crime has exactly been committed against Dr Muhammad Morsi by Egypt’s brutal dictator President Abbel Fattah al-Sisi. In 2013, within one year of the election, al-Sisi removed Dr Muhammad Morsi from the Presidency by a military coup. So, al-Sisi committed another punishable crime by removing the country’s first and the only elected President to grab power for himself.

Dr Morsi was known for diabetes and liver disease which required regular investigation and treatment. Any criminal negligence could only precipitate his premature death. It was his basic human right to have the necessary medical care. The Egyptian law and the international law make it an obligatory duty of the Egyptian government to provide such care. But an established killer doesn’t care about the legal obligation. Otherwise how could he make a coup and kill the people? Hence deprivation of Dr Morsi’s medical care became a reality. Thus, he was forced to die without the treatment. Whereas, his treatment need was so crucial that once he collapsed in his prison cage inside the court because of low blood sugar. In fact, an enemy like al-Sisi could only ignore the treatment and wished his early death. 


The pure evil

One can seldom expect any kindness, morality or humanity from a proven mass-murderer, let alone medical care. Al-Sisi deployed the Army to massacre about 1,500 people in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo on 14th August in 2013. Whoever luckily survived were put in prisons only to suffer further thuggish torture – both physically and mentally. The fake courts were staged to put people on death penalty in mass. The western government didn’t show any interest to stop such brutality of this new Pharaoh. In fact, none of the western governments showed any appetite to look into this massive gruesome cruelty. Rather, the western leaders were seen to rub their shoulders with these brutal killer in Washington, Paris, Rome, Berlin and many other western capitals. Thus they stay complicit in the crime by supporting al-Sisi to practise his worst fascism against the Egyptian opposition. Only a British MP named Crispin Blunt -the ex-head of the House of Commons’ Selects Committee on Foreign Affairs, agreed to make a short visit in 2018 to Egypt –only while he was approached by Dr Morsi’s helpless family. The family were desperate to know what is going on to Dr Morsi’ health. Al-Sisi was not ready to give such an opportunity to the family or any native Egyptian. The cruelty, inhumanity and immorality of al-Sisi is so extreme that Dr Morsi was allowed to see his family only three times in almost 6 years period.

At the end, Mr Blunt could tell some bare truths in his report on horrendous sufferings of Dr Morsi. He found that Dr Morsi was being deprived of necessary medical care -as entitled as per Egyptian and International law. Mr Blunt predicted that Dr Morsi will die prematurely if he continues to suffer such dire deprivation of the medical care. The Conservative British Government of Theresa May didn’t take any heed from such a highly alarming report, rather preferred to sell more arms to feed al-Sisi’s killing machine. The other leaders of the western governments that lecture on human rights and higher values continued to do the same. Whereas, if the report was timely and properly pursued, Dr Morsi would have survived the easily preventable death from diabetes and its complication. Since the Islamists are considered foes by the Islamophobic west, the western leaders too, like their friend al-Sisi, wished Dr Morsi’s quick death and not a cure. As a result, Dr Morsi had no option but to face a premeditated murder. Whereas the same western leaders embrace the Marxist YPG of Syria and the leftist Mujahedin-e-Khalq of Iran –who have been involved in the terrorist killings of thousands, as friends of the west to promote their agenda in the Muslim World.   

The disease & the pathology

While deciding the political priority in the developing countries –especially in the Muslim countries, the western leaders drop issues like humanity, morality, liberty, rule of law and democratic values deep into the bins. They stand only for their selfish whims and strategic interests. Therefore, while supporting the killer regime of al-Sisi in Egypt or the brutal autocrats of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and others, the morality, humanity and other higher values do not work. Rather, these killer regimes look perfectly compatible with their own western imperialistic ideas and values. However, these are only the symptoms of the western disease; the real disease with its inherent pathology lies much deeper. The disease is radical secularism that kills people’s faith, spirituality and accountability in the hereafter. And the hidden pathology lies in the absence of faith in Allah –the Almighty Creator and the lack of sense of accountability in the hereafter. Such an evil pathology could prompt people to generate evil ideologies to commit and sanctify even the worst crimes. So the west –the birth place of secularism, could give birth to toxic ideologies like racism, nationalism, colonialism, apartheidism, imperialism, slavery, ethnic cleansing and even genocide –which have always been incompatible with any Divine faith of the east. They could also do the gruesome practice of these evil ideologies and could manufacture even two World Wars to kill more than 75 million people. They even could drop nuclear bombs without any moral remorse.

During the colonial occupation, the European secularists with their moral diseases moved from the birth place to the occupied lands in the east –birth place of all Divine religions. As a result, they could disseminate the western disease to the eastern people –especially among those who closely worked with them and received their secular education and training. So the worst and the most brutal people in the Muslim world are born neither in robbers’ dens nor in brothels’ wombs, but in the military cantonments and in secular institutions.

In the Muslim lands, the Army cantonments worked as the most fortified cultural islands of the radical secularists and gave zero access to Islamic ideology and culture. So they could emerge as the worst enemy of Islam in Muslim lands. In almost every Muslim country, they have proven to be fully incompatible with ideology of Islam and could be close friend of the imperialists. For example, those who are considered the role model in Pakistan Army -like General Ayyub, Yahiya, Tikka, Niazi didn’t join the Army to serve the Muslims or Islam, but to defend and strengthen the British occupation of the Muslim lands. In 1947, the colonial occupation ended in Indian subcontinent, but the secular belief and culture continued to thrive in the protected and secluded premises of the military cantonments. So the ideologically incompatible military elites trained in the secular cantonments could successfully dismantle the Islamic project of the Indian Muslims in Pakistan. And in 1971, because of their political incompetence they could also dismember the united Pakistan.

Any physical disease like malaria or pneumonia shows similar symptoms all over the world. The same is true with the moral disease. So, the Army raised by the colonial occupiers are showing the same enmity against Islam in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Algeria, Libya and other Muslim countries. In Egypt, their toxic venom against Islam and Muslim Brotherhood has made dark pages of extreme barbarity in the Muslim history. The secularist Army dictator Jamal Abdun Naser hanged one of the greatest son of Egypt like Sayid Qutb –the writer of one of the greatest tafseers of the holy Qur’an. And now al-Sisi executing the same barbarity against the current Islamists. In Syria, the Army has turned to be the worst forces of destruction. In Algeria, the Army generals could indeed metamorphose the whole holy Jihad of the Algerian Muslims against the French occupiers into radical secularism cum nationalism. And in Sudan, the Army has badly lost its war against the secessionists of the South, but has launched its brutal war against its own people.


Al-Sisi’s crimes & the western complicity

Only because of radical secularism, the western leaders could easily justify their support for all worst crimes of al-Sisi. Because, such an evil ideology disconnect people from any moral obligation and accountability. Because of that, they could also forget al-Sisi’s gruesome crime that he committed while dislodging the legitimate President Dr Morsi. In the past, because of the same immorality, the western war lords and leaders could easily justify and sanctify the colonial occupation, genocidal killing, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and other worst crimes in the occupied lands.

President Donald Trump recently mentioned al-Sisi as a great President doing great jobs against the terrorists. Such appeasement and appreciation for al-Sissi indeed tells a lot about his own moral disease. It exposes his own complicity in the crime through his political and moral endorsement. Such narratives give an expression to the selfish political and economic agenda of the western powers. Of course, al Sisi is doing good jobs for the USA and Israel, but not for the common Egyptians and democracy. He is indeed an Egyptian replica of Adolf Hitter to do all reprisals against his own people. The western leaders call him a force of stability. But what stability? Stability through mass killing? Stability through fake judiciary and election. Such narratives indeed fully exposes the western hypocrisy and complicity in crimes. Whereas al-Sisi has proven to be the perfect model of inhumanity, brutality, extreme fascism in the Middle East. President Trump’s appreciation shows how they prefer the brutal dictators to dismantle the democratic institutions in the Muslim countries. Like President Trump, other western leaders too, conveniently forget the facts that more than 60 thousands political prisoners are languishing in Egyptian jails in dire prison conditions.

Al-Sisi is not working alone. He is indeed showcasing all evil forces in the Middle East. He is fighting an unending war not only for himself but also for all anti-democratic and imperialistic forces of the whole Middle East. This is why, his war is rapidly expanding to Libya, Sudan and other neighbouring countries too. This is why he enjoys the support of a bigger global coalition. Unlike the old pharaoh, this new pharaoh is enjoying the full support of the Jews. The USA, Israel, the UK, France, King of Saudi Arabia, Shaikh of UAE, ruler of Bahrain and other autocrats of the Muslim World are also the part of the coalition. In fact, the death of Dr Morsi gave an opportunity to expose their true faces and motives. 20.06.2019

The Objective of Ramadan & the Muslims’ Failure

Assigned role and the failure

Significance of Ramadan can only be fully understood with the proper understanding of the purpose of human creation. The sole objective of Ramadan is to make believers intensely focussed cum engaged to that Divine objective; and such a relentless adherence to that objective is indeed the true expression of true iman. Those who stay away from Ramadan can’t think of that. Allah SWT made it clear vis-à-vis His vision on human creation even before the creation of the first human. Men and women are created with the sole purpose that they would work as His khalifa on earth. Khalifa is a Qur’anic jargon; and it has a special meaning and context. The term khalifa is used to mean Allah SWT’s viceroy on earth. It applies to all men and women of all colours and ethnicities. It is indeed the highest designation and honour that a man or woman can expect from his Creator. On the other hand, the Creator can delegate such a job of the greatest responsibility and honour only to those who are highly competent and trustworthy. In fact, Islam’s obligatory rituals like five time prayer, month-long fasting, haj and zakat are prescribed only to generate such competence and trust in believers.

Allah SWT used the narrative “khalifa” in the gathering of the angels to express His vision prior to the human creation. In the Islamic history, kahalifa has another connotation: to mean the prophet’s representative after his death -working on his behalf as the ruler of the Muslim ummah. But for a lay man or a woman, the title delegates a binding responsibility to everyone. It is to work as Allah SWT’s viceroy in the midst of billions of other creations. Hence, such a designation on behalf of the Almighty Creator tells a lot about the role that a Muslim must play in this world. Passing every moment on life with deep sense of such responsibility is indeed the expression of true faith (iman).  Man and woman can attain the greatest honour both here and in the hereafter only through fulfilling such a role; and any betrayal of such role can only bring the promised disgrace in this world and take to the hellfire in the hereafter.

The term “khalifa” has other connotation. A khalifa can never be sovereign; can work only as the representative or viceroy of a sovereign ruler. The problems start when these khalifas turn sovereign and treacherous against their Almighty Employer. Autocracy is incompatible with Islam; this is indeed treachery against Allah SWT. Such treacherous viceroys always deserve the severest punishment. Allah SWT keeps His hellfire ready for such rebels –as revealed in the holy Qur’an. It is indeed the major crime of the today’s Muslims that they are not playing their role as His viceroy. They have replaced Allah SWT’s sovereignty by their own sovereignty. Even in countries where the elected parliament or President has replaced dictators, the same crime of claiming sovereignty is being committed by such elected institutions. Raising an army of faithful khalifas is immensely importance in any kingdom; it is also important in Allah SWT’s kingdom. The British kings or queens ruled their occupied lands like India through such khalifas -called viceroys. These khalifas were known for their constant submission to the British crown. They were ready to do everything for the Crown, even would sacrifice their life in wars to protect the British interests. Shaitan too has such khalifas and has production sites in every nook and corner to train such khalifas. These satanic institutions train them to make them perfect performer of the assigned jobs. Allah SWT too, wants to bring the glory of Islam through His khalifas. Ramadan indeed raises and trains such an army for His cause. 

 Humans have different colours, creeds and ethnicities. But they are indeed divided into two broad categories: either they belong to khalifatullah (viceroy of Allah) or to khalifatus shaitan (viceroy of Shaitan). They also follow two different roadmaps with two different destinations: the siratul mustakeem (siratul mustaqeem) toward heaven and the siratul duallins (deviant path) towards hell. In any political arena, the form two warring brands of parties: hizbullah (the party of Allah) and hizbushshaitan (the party of Shaitan). In the hereafter, these two brands of people will have two different labels too: as’habul jannat (the dwellers of haven) and as’habun nar (the dwellers of hellfire). Hizbullah, hizbushshaitan, as’habul jannat and as’habun nar: these are all Qur’anic vocabularies to carry a distinctive massage for the whole mankind. In the holy Qur’an, there is no third category of people, nor does there exist any third type of abode. All states, societies and are indeed the constant battlefield of the two warring groups of khalifas. In such context of constant warfare, the month of Ramadan has a special significance. It provides the month-long intensive training schedule to raise the combative army of Allah. Shaitan has his own network of institutions: these are clubs, pubs, casinos, prostitutions, secular education, secular army, media and bureaucracy to raise his own army. Such institutions work day and night to distract people away from the siratul mustaqeem –as shown in the holy Quran.

The duty of Allah’s khalifa is huge -as huge is the reward in return. Witnessing the oneness of Allah (SWT), performing obligatory rituals like five time prayers, fasting in Ramadan, doing haj and giving charity must help Muslims grow up as Allah SWT’s khalifa: but these are not end in itself. A true Muslims’ journey does not end in such rituals. One can play the true role of khalifa only through full engagement in His way with all possible physical, intellectual and monetary potentials. It even needs full readiness to sacrifice his life; and the early days’ Muslims are the perfect example. In return, Allah SWT promises them the unending pleasure in the paradise. To grow such Muslims, it needs Divine institutions and curriculum. The month-long fasting in Ramadan is indeed the part of such Divine curriculum.


Taqwa: the sole objective

The sole objective of fasting is to generate taqwa. Allah SWT revealed, “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may attain taqwa” -(Sura Baqara: verse 183). To put more emphasis on it, Allah SWT has also revealed, “O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and do not die except in a state of Muslim (who surrenders fully to Allah)”–(Sura Al-Imran: verse 102). In the above verse, Allah SWT has asked to attain appropriate level of taqwa; and also warned not to die without being a Muslims i.e. without being in a state of full surrender to Allah SWT’s orders. Hence it appears that taqwa is a key to enter jannah.  


The question arises: what is taqwa? Taqwa is commonly understood to be the fear of Allah SWT. But what is the nature of such fear? Human beings fear so many things. They fear death, disease, financial loss, physical harm and loss of dignity, etc. Is it such fear? Such fear comes automatically to every soul. It does not need any Divine warning. Here taqwa has special meaning. It is the fear of disobedience to Allah SWT’s commands. It is the fear of failing in akhera. It is fear of deviating from the siratul mustaqeem. When a man drives his car in a motor war he is constantly attentive to his correct driving. He understands that a slight deviation from the motor way would cause catastrophic disaster. For such disaster, it does not a minute, few seconds are enough. Hence, for every second of his journey, he is very mindful. This is his taqwa as a driver. And as a believer, he must show the same amount of awareness to adhere to every segment of the Qur’anic road-map. Muslim must pass every day and night with the full remembrance of his duty to Allah and constantly following His sharia. His personal, familial, political, judicial, cultural and economic life must comply with the Qur’anic guidance. Any amount of disobedience to such guidance only subscribes to his disbelief and disobedience against Allah SWT. These are punishable crimes. He will be made accountable for such crimes in the day of judgement. Taqwa is the fear of such failing in the Day of Judgement. It is fear of failing to grow up as full Muslim. It is fear of failing to work as anserullah. It is fear of failing to discharge duties as khalifatullah. It is fear of failing to be the part of hizbullah.    


How to build taqwa?

Mere belief in Allah (SWT) is not enough to build taqwa. Even before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), many people had the name like Abd Allah which means slave of Allah (SWT). But such naming did not make them Muslim, neither raise any taqwa in their heart. Mere zikr or remembrance of Allah (SWT) is not enough either. Millions of people recite tasbih (praises) and do zikr. Thousands of sufi khanqas are doing such tasbih and zikr day and night. But how much taqwa are being built through such tasbih and zikr? To build taqwa, Allah (SWT) has His own prescription. The prescription comes in the following verse: “O humans! Engage in ibadah to your Lord Who has created you and those before you so that you can attain taqwa” -(Sura Baqara, verse 21).

But what is the meaning of ibadah? Ibadah is an Islamic jargon which means full submission to the Lord Who is the sole creator of the whole universe. It is a total slavery. While the Qur’an was being revealed, ibadah or slavery was not a new word. The contemporary Arabs knew the full implication of becoming an abed (slave). It used to be considered a live-long fulltime engagement to the master. The slaves had no liberty to satisfy their own wish. They had only to fulfil their master’s wish. Any amount of disobedience against the master was a serious offence. The master had the full right even to kill the rebellious slave. In those days, such punishment couldn’t be challenged in any court. Allah SWT wants such lifelong fulltime total commitment from His believer too. In return, He promises the endless bounties of the heaven. And the earlier Muslims fulfilled Allah (SWT)’s wish, indeed they were such perfect slave. Generating Taqwa is the prime goal of all sorts of ibada. Worshipping Allah SWT any form is a gateway towards acquiring taqwa. Hence, the verse has other implied message: ibada that does not enhance taqwa cannot be called as ibada. In such context, Ramadan has special place in Muslim life.  Since it increases the level of ibada, the chances are quite high that it will also increase the level taqwa.

Ibadah not only needs sincere intention, but also investment of time, energy, wealth, intelligence and even life. The value of ibadah depends on the degree of the investment; and taqwa develops in proportion to the level of investment. Salah, fasting and haj need invest of time, energy and money, but does not cost one’s dearest life. But jihad in the way of Allah SWT needs full readiness to sacrifice life. Hence the highest amount of taqwa is build up in the field of jihad, and not in mosque, madrasa and sufi khanqa. This is why, the companions of the prophet (pbuh) attains the highest level of taqwa. They showed their all-time readiness to sacrifice their lives. In fact more than 70 % of them become martyr. Hence in martyrdom, the level of taqwa is so high that Allah SWT will honour them with direct access to heaven without any accountability. In countries where there exist no jihad; the people suffer from serious crisis of taqwa. Such people make records in corruption.            



The engine of revolution

Taqwa doesn’t survive silently in a believer’s soul, rather shows forceful expression through the actions and the behaviour. It works as an engine of moral, cultural and political revolution. Establishment of an Islamic state by the early days’ of Islam was indeed the manifestation of taqwa. If a Muslim fails to engage in such revolution, then it raises doubt his taqwa. Taqwa propels believing men and women to strongly adhere to the Qur’anic guidance, hence generates full compliance with sharia. Therefore, presence of non-sharia law in a Muslim country is an incompatible anomaly. It is indeed a display of blatant disbelief. Absence of sharia in a country gives an accurate estimate that how far its inhabitants have deviated from the Divine roadmap. It is a clear betrayal of Allah SWT’s objective. A true believer can’t think of it: jihad instantly starts against such betrayal of Allah SWT. On the contrary, taqwa creates a strong urge in believers’ heart and mind to search for more Qur’anic orders and the prophetic traditions to comply with.  His vigilant mind stays fearful that some of commandments of Allah SWT may remain unpractised. Any non-compliance with the sharia law only exposes the hypocrisy. In the holy Qur’an, in sura Maida, Allah SWT has labelled them kafir, fasik and jalem. Such non-compliance was non-existent in early days’ Muslims.

Taqwa has other forceful expressions. It inspires people to move beyond the ethnic, linguistic and geographic boundaries to embrace their fellow brothers in Islam and emerge as united political force. Hence dismantling the divisive boundaries of so-called nation states becomes a non-negotiable political agenda of the true believers. It becomes the part of their iman. Such pan-Islamic brotherhood was the most common ingredient of Muslims’ politics in the early days, and made them the number one world power. Creating and continuing the divisions can only add humiliation –which is the major problem of the Muslims today. With such divisions, no amount of prayers will help them add any glory.

All over the world, millions of Muslims are fasting in Ramadan. Crores of people are attending five times daily prayers. Millions are performing haj. But where is taqwa? Taqwa must be visible in Muslim life through the full practise of Islam’s own systems. But where is the compliance with the Islamic systems? Out of 57 Muslim countries, Allah SWT’s sharia law does not exit even in one! Allah SWT has warned the Muslims not to be divided. But remaining divided has been the Muslims’ politics and culture. Instead of having any remorse, in fact, the Muslims are very proud of such division. They celebrate the creation of such division in the name of ethnic, tribal, linguistic and geographical nation states. Khelafa has been dismantled about 90 years ago by the hand of the secularist and nationalists enemies of Islam. But how many of the fasting men and women pay any heed to resurrection of this very fundamental Muslim institution? Khelafa also collapsed once in the past under the barbaric attack of Mongols on Baghdad. In the absence of khalifa, there was no jumma prayer in those days. The contemporary Muslims came to the forefront to resurrect this basic Muslim institution. But the present day Muslims have fully forgotten their duty and are happy with living in tiny nation states. The issue of khelafa and the Muslimhing unity are no matter in their life! 


The most difficult task

Reconstructing human belief, behaviour and character has been always the most difficult task in human history. It is a huge job, needs to higher human and moral quality. Even thugs and murders like colonialists could build empires and bring industrial revolutions. But they utterly failed to bring any moral revolution.  It needs not only Allah SWT’s guidance, but also His persistence assistance. Human beings can grow up in billions, but very few are capable to grow up as true human. This is why the world is infested with blood-letting criminals, aggressors, occupiers and ethnic cleansers. In the past, Allah SWT had to send thousands of prophets with guidance to bring them to the right path. Calling the deviating people to the right path is Allah SWT’s own mission. “Inn alinal huda”: Certainly Muslims assigned mission: it brought moral and spiritual failure. The outcome is catastrophic. Civilisation fails, true religion get corrupted, humans become devils and the planet gets covered with human flesh and blood only due to such moral failure. Only in the last two World Wars, 75 million people were killed. And such killing machines are still active in different parts of the world. Moreover, such failure brings Divine punishment; both here and in the hereafter.

Humans are created with body and soul. Like human body, soul too needs regular feeding and training. Otherwise souls cannot survive to meet the enlightened human standard, rather becomes the nest of the Shatan and his ugly aspirations. And the nourishing feed for the soul comes only from the Divine knowledge and deep contemplation (tafaqquh). And the holy Qur’an is the source of such Divine knowledge. Hence the journey of Islam did not start with salah, fasting or haj, but with Divine knowledge –the revelation of the holy Quran. And here is the significance of holy month of Ramadan. It is attached to the most important event of human history. The greatest gift of Allah SWT came to the mankind in this holy month. The Qur’an shows the siratul mustaqeem. It is the rope of Allah SWT to connect the people with His guidance. And the month of Ramadan executes the Divine training to connect the true believers to their Great Lord, and provides the nourishing feed to their thirsty souls.


Human mind is very forgetful, as well as very ungrateful. Even many people forget their parents and show them ingratitude when they grow up as adult. They even forget their Creator too. As if the whole universe is created without a Creator. The holy Qur’an depicts revealing stories of such ugly forgetfulness and ingratitude. The story of Bani Israel is a perfect example. Allah SWT rescued the people of Bani Israel from Pharaohs’ killing machine. He made a wide dry road in the middle of the sea to give them quick escape route.  They were given shelter in Sinai desert under the canopy of thick cloud. Manna and salwa came down from the sky to feed them. They did not need to work for many years. But still they were very quick to forget the blessing of Allah SWT and made idol of a cow object of worship.


To keep humans the Divine path is not an easy job. Mere attendance to the church or synagogue weekly is not enough to do the job. Islam addresses the issue by intensive program around the year. It brings people five times a day to the mosque, takes them to the haj and makes giving charity to the poor as an obligation. It has also prescribes jihad. In the holy month of Ramadan, such training gets more intense. Along with month-long fasting, this blessed month brings the regular spiritual feeding in other ways. It arranges long recitation of holy Qur’an in tarabih prayer and also encourages understanding of Qur’an individually. Islam thus imprints the Qur’anic knowledge and its Divine road map in the believers’ heart. Moreover, this month has the blessed night of lailatul qadr –better than 1000 nights.


The betrayal

Despite all the blessings and intensive trainings, the Muslims still show betrayal of the assigned mission. They have failed to discharge their duty as Allah SWT’s viceroy. But it is not the failure of Islam and its Divine prescriptions, rather the institutional failure of the Muslims countries. The recitation of holy Qur’an, the five times daily prayers, fasting in Ramadan and haj cannot achieve the goal on their own. It needs all inclusive institutional supports. Islamisation of people and the Islamisation of state are mutually contributory. One develops with the contribution from the other. It also needs to dismantle all elements of Satanic army and the devices that distract people from the siratul mustaqeem. It needs the full mobilisation of all societal, state and religious institutions to put their collective energy to keep the people in the right track. It also needs to destroy all the wrong tracks that are built to take people to the hellfire. Healthy living is impossible with the lethal bugs inside.  Hence the prophet (pbuh) of Islam and the rightly guided khalifas did not allow any Satanic institutions to function inside the Islamic state. The prophets expelled all the Jewish people from the vicinity of Medina for their stubborn opposition to the Islamic state. But afterwards, the Muslims rulers became engaged only to protect their own rule. Rather they turned against Islam.


Building Islamic state and Islamisation of the state institutions are not fanaticism –as labelled by the enemies, rather an indispensable Islamic need. To create and protect such a state, Jihad becomes an obligatory duty. A Muslim man or woman cannot fully practise Islam without the support of such state and state institutions. All state and non-state institutions must work together to spread Islam and protect the Muslims. It is so important that the prophet of Islam (pbuh) and his companions had to make heaviest sacrifices to make such a state. But such state and state institutions are non-existent today. Rather in most cases, these states and their institutions are working against Islam. Here lies the main difference between the early days’ Muslims and the Muslims of today. It also displays the greatest failing of the modern days’ Muslims.  Hence, the Muslims are defenceless and Islam lost its past glory.  


Allah SWT revealed not only the prayer rules, but also prescribed the judicial, political, economic and cultural rules. Sharia is Islam’s judicial system and khilafa is its political system. And it has also a distinctive economic system which forbids usury, bribery, hording, trafficking, gambling, monopoly, oligopoly and capitalistic exploitation of the workers and the consumers. The Islam had its distinctive culture to. It forbids free mixing of sexes, extramarital sex, exhibitionism, obscenity, adultery, pornography and displaying any sort of vulgarity. It strongly prescribes strong family bondage, marital bondage, hijab, respect of elders and love for the youngsters. But, how much of these Islamic prescriptions are being practised in Muslim countries? Millions of Muslims keep fast and offer prayers with all such forbidden practices in their midst. Keeping intact the brothel houses, clubs, casinos and other institutions of sin have been the part of their economy. To make more money, the Muslim countries are inviting the sex-tourists from abroad to make use of their sea shores and the tourist spots. Thousands of non-government and government organisations are working in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries to teach the Muslim boys and girls how to dance, sing and entertain others. Is it the display of taqwa? What can be more betrayal of Allah SWT’s command? Only Shaitan and his friends can be happy with such projects of distracting the Muslim children from Islam.


The disease

Every disease has its underlying cause and the pathology. The absence of sharia, khelafa, Muslim unity, Islamic culture, Islamic education and Islamic economy is the proof of the catastrophic disease that has engulfed the whole Muslim world. These are the symptoms. But the real cause lies in the absence of Qur’anic knowledge and non-adherence to its teachings. The holy Qur’an is only recited, but not understood. Once it was a book of guidance, now it is a book of mere recitation. The present day Muslims study and take guidance from the books written by the kuffars. Those who have already decided not to take any guidance from Qur’an, do they feel any need to understand the holy Qur’an? The roadmap they are currently following in their politics, judiciary, culture, education, economy is not the same as was in the days of prophet (pbuh). Hence, the consequence is not the same either. They brought glory, and raised the finest civilisation on earth. But today’s Muslim are adding only the disgrace. They spread Islam. But now, they spread corruption. Recitation of the holy Qur’an, five times daily prayers, fasting in Ramadan, haj and giving charity have turned only rituals, and generate little taqwa. This is the real problem of the Muslims. So, Ramadan is coming and going, but the Muslims seldom move any further with the sole purpose of their creation. 16/07/14; edited 29.05. 2019.      


The Indian Election: The Hindu Supremacists Got the Mandate

Moral darkness exposed

The real mind of the people speaks loudly in the general election of a country. So, the recent election in India gives an explicit expression of the Hindu supremacist agenda of its people. It has indeed nakedly exposed the moral darkness and the hateful sick minds of the Indian voters. The voters have given the ongoing persecution of the minorities in India –especially the Muslims, a massive approval. The secular parties like Indian National Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP) and Vahujan Samaj Party (VSP) of Uttar Pradesh and Trinumal Congress of West Bengal that plead for peaceful co-existence of all religious communities got badly decimated. Through ballots, the Hindu majority shows their utter intention to bulldoze the right of the minorities. 

The Indian Muslims have been labelled as termites by the BJP President Mr Amit Shah – Modi’s right hand man. Such a narrative tells a lot about the political objectives of the party. How such people in BJP’s top position with so intense anti-Muslim hatred can allow the Muslims to get fair access to the Indian parliament? They can only think of quick extinction of them. Such a mind-set cause ethnic cleansing in many parts of the world in the past. India has 195 million Muslims -about 16% of the Indian population. In the last parliament, the Muslims had only 24 seats -only 4% of total 543 seats. About 48 million Muslims of Uttar Pradesh didn’t have a single MP in the previous parliament. This time the total number of the Muslim MPs will be fewer. Therefore, what could be the worst travesty of democracy? Democracy must not work a tool of exclusion of any section of the citizens; rather ensure the proper representation of citizens of different race, religion and geographical identities. Otherwise, democracy fails.


Turning to be an apartheid state

BJP President Mr Amit Shah and his party comrades in BJP and RSS never hide their Hindu supremacist agenda. They show worst displeasure to see 195 million Muslims –labelled as termites, in their midst. So, they are in desperate mood to find ways to exterminate them. Amidst such a toxic milieu, morality, humanity, equal opportunity and other higher values stand irrelevant. Hence, the Indian Muslims can’t think of even their safe survival, let alone enjoying the civil rights. The apartheid state of South Africa has ceased to exist. Now, India is quickly taking its place; but with a difference. In apartheid state of South Africa, the black people were never classified as termite. Nor they were inflicted with the organised killing episodes –as happened to the Muslims. Moreover, in apartheid South Africa, a cow never received more security and respect than a human. But in India, it is otherwise. Muslims get lynched in public; but thousands of vigilantes are deployed to ensure security to cows.

India hardly looks a civilised state. Giving equal rights to all of its citizens –irrespective of creed, cast and religion, is not the norm. The Hindu supremacists reiterated that implementing the absolute Hindu agenda is their core objective. The key agenda of Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) and its parent organisation Rashtria Shevak Sangha (RSS) is to make India a Hindu state –where the Hindu majority will have its brute and exclusive supremacy. They also coined a new definition of a Hindu. Hinduism is given a narrative as a way of life for all those who live in India. Hence implied that whoever lives in India must call himself or herself a Hindu. So, they demand that a Muslim too, should take the Hindu identity. They call it “ghar wapsy”-meaning returning back of a Muslim to his or her own home. And the home is none but the Hindu world view; and worshiping cows is its indispensable part.

Such a Hindu supremacist agenda has its worst political, ideological, cultural and social ramifications. Because of the communal agenda, the Muslims’ survival needs along with their educational, religious, cultural, economic and political needs are not compatible to Hindu agenda; hence never to be addressed by the ruling clique. Rather, it will do exactly the opposite –as it is evidenced by the Indian government’s plan for evicting 4 million residents from Assam on alleged allegation that they are infiltrators from Bangladesh. Such a plan has been hatched only to pursue an extremist Hindu agenda. Bangladesh came into being in 1971; but these ethnic Bengalis were living there since the British era. In those days, migration was a part of human life all over India; there was no political border to hinder it. Moreover, Assam was the part of the Bengal Province for a long period of time; the British government encouraged migration of Bengali peasants to promote agricultural growth in Brahmaputra valley. Muslims constitute 36 percent of the Assam’s population –second only to Kashmir. The Hindu supremacists can’t swallow this harsh reality. So, the issue of evicting the Muslims from Assam has been manufactured only to cut down the size of the Muslims in this strategic North-Eastern part of India. In the meantime, millions of the Assamese Muslims have already been deprived of the citizenship to restrict their political power. For the same reason and on the same pretext, the BJP leaders have reiterated that they will deport millions of the Bengali Muslims from the West Bengal to reduce its Muslim population that constitute about 28 percent.

With the similar mind-set, the fascists of Hitler’s Germany manufactured the much needed pretext to exterminate the Jewish population. So, they had to deploy massive gas chambers to do the job in an industrial scale. With the similar objective, Mr Modi, Mr Shah and others in the murderous BJP and RSS gangs needed to exacerbate the anti-Muslim hatred to the current hype. As a result, lynching the helpless Muslims to death in daylight on the Indian streets for allegedly eating beef gets a celebration proportion. In such a murderous milieu, the Muslim mothers in Uttar Pradesh ask their children not to wear a cap – a religious symbol of Muslim attire in public. Such a Muslim identity invites persecution and even death in the hands of the Hindu extremists –as recently stated by the Muslim Mayor of Kolkata.


Savagery gets rewarded

Amidst such an anti-Muslim hatred, whoever shows his or her toxic venom against the Muslims get higher prize and honour in the ruling Hindu supremacist club. Mr Modi could quickly climb up the ladder to the highest position of power only for such a high grade vitriolic venom. Another hateful preacher named Pragya Thakur of Madhya Pradesh also receives a high prize for her toxic venom against the Muslims. She is facing a judicial prosecution for her alleged involvement in a terror attack in Bhopal in 2008 that killed 6 Muslims and wounded 100 in a Muslim neighbourhood. She was given the BJP nomination for a MP seat in Bhopal. She even praised Nathuram Godse, a RSS terrorist who killed the topmost Indian icon Ghandi in 1948 as a patriot. Pragya Thakur has won her seat with the full party patronage. She now becomes a Hindu supremacist icon. Now, Narendra Modi and his government would hardly feel any appetite to prosecute such a party stalwart. Thus the people who run the show of the BJP-led Indian government show their real colour.  


Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is known for his anti-Muslim venom all along his political career. Modi’s wicked skills in mobilising the Hindu mob in the demolition of historic Babri Mosque in Ayodhya in December 1992 brought him to the limelight of Indian politics.  As the Chief Minister of Gujrat, he engineered the killing of more than two thousands Muslims and massive rape of Muslim women in Gujrat in 2002.  Thousands of Muslim men, women and children were burnt alive to death in their own houses and shops. Modi-led state government let loose the Hindu supremacists to commit the carnage in daylight in Muslim residential areas and his police hardly did anything to stop it. The criminals seldom face any prosecution; in the name of post-massacre enquiry, the government only added some eyewash. Later on, he also shut down the Muslim rescue shelters in Gujrat on the plea that these shelters are working as Muslim baby boom centres. Such brutality against Muslims pushed him further up to become the Prime Minister of India. His crime was so ugly and robust that even the US government had to put a ban on his entry to the country. Modi has made him an Indian version of Adolf Hitler. He only lacks Hitler’s military hardware and the much needed economic edge. Such an exposed Modi is now honoured with a landslide victory to promote further his evil agenda against the minorities.

Pure fascism is the policy

Democracy is being used by the Hindu supremacists only as a convenient political tool for capturing power; but their actual policy cum modus operandi is pure fascism –as was the case of Adolf Hitler. Israel is decimating the Arab Muslims to make Israel an exclusive Jewish state. Mr Narendra Modi and his Hindu supremacist comrades have taken the same route. So they could cement their bondage with the hard-core Israeli radicals as the closest ideological cousins on earth. This is why, the man who was very quick to congratulate the victory of Modi was none else but the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With Modi back in power, President Donald Trump –an American white supremacist, also gets a close partner in his war crimes against Islam and the Muslims. The vote-robber fascist Hasina of Bangladesh too, gets a strong supporter for her murderous autocratic rule. And the thuggish regime in Myanmar gets an admirer for the atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims. And thus, South Asia under the leadership of the Indian Hindu supremacists gets a strong epicentre of a looming humanitarian disaster which may spill over to the neighbouring countries.


The Indian Muslims & the earned calamity

Now there remains little doubt that India turns terribly unsafe for the Muslims. President Donald Trump of the USA and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will strengthen Narendra Modi to pursue his anti-Muslim bigotry. So the anti-Muslim coalition of the evil forces will get stronger. So, more Muslim countries will be occupied and more Muslim cities will be reduced to rubbles. But the Muslims -both in India and in other parts of the world, have taken the other route. They have taken no lesson from the unity of the enemies; rather preferred to stay divided and keep on infighting. So, the situation is quite alarming. India looks to be ruled by the brute Hindu majority -where the 195 million Muslims will stay irrelevant. They will have no other option but to suffer. In no segment of human history such a huge number of people had such an awful fate.


Only 5.3 million Jews live in the USA. But the USA has to take seriously the views and the security interest of such a small population. Because, the Jews has the huge potential to cause collapse of the USA at any time. They occupy the nerve centre of the USA’s deep state. The Jews have learned from their disastrous weakness in the Germany. So they have enhanced their leverage in US politics by solid internal unity, huge economic power, powerful media, high educational success and the art of political manoeuvring. Therefore, every USA government –whether democratic or republican, has to donate not only billions of dollar annually to the Israeli economy, but also the most sophisticated weapons to the Israeli Army to appease the American Jews. The USA is compelled to take Israel’s security interest as their own.


None on earth appeases or respects the powerless. They are supposed to survive only as slaves. That is exactly the case of the Indian Muslims. The awful powerlessness of 195 million Indian Muslims owes to their lack of leadership, illiteracy, disunity, absence of strong media, paralysed political might and cowardice. Such powerlessness has made them a huge sitting duck; and has encouraged the Hindu supremacists to get an easy takeover. They are yet to realise that casting vote for one party or another is not going to change their fate. They have to change themselves. Whereas in Islam, staying educated, united and strong is not an option, it as a religious obligation. Engaging and investing in politics is the greatest Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). In fact, the highest investment of the early Muslims were not in building mosques or madrasas, but in changing the political landscape. More than 70 percent of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) even sacrificed their own life to bring change in the political map of the huge part of the globe. Because of their sacrifice, the whole Arab World, Iran, North Africa and Central Asia got a new political and ideological map and identity. The Prophet (peace be upon him) showed the importance of politics by making himself the head of the state. The rightly guided Caliphs also followed his great Sunnah by engaging in politics. But what is the take of 195 million Indian Muslims from the life of Prophet and the early Muslims? They can’t blame others for their own failure. Nobody is there to spoon feed them to make them stronger.   

But the Indian Muslims are known for their own invention. They have invented Tabligh Jamat -the Indian brand of Islam to serve the Muslim ummah. Their practice hardly shows any relevance to Prophet’s Islam which had Islamic state, practice of sharia, hudud, jihad and border-less Muslim unity. Millions of people who take part in Tabligh Jamat have little or no interest in political, educational or intellectual engagement. In fact, the political investment of the people of Tabligh Jamaat is almost zero. The can only make some dowa for wishful changes for themselves and for the ummah. Whereas Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has made it clear in the Holy Qur’an that He never changes the fate of a people unless they themselves change their own state. Education, unity, hard work, political engagement, sacrifices of money and blood are key to such change. Dowa works only after such investment. Hence, whatever agonies torment the Indian Muslims today are not the works of the enemies alone; they have earned themselves the most of it by utter neglect of their own obligation. 26.05.19        

The Global Terrorism against the Muslims & the Consequence

The terrorising war of the imperialists

Terrorism has a precise dictionary meaning. It is the use of weapons to fill people’s minds with terror for political or monetary gain. The terrorising power of a weapon depends directly and proportionately on its destructive power. So, the terror of a knife-wielding robber can’t match with the terror done with bombs, drones, missiles or nuclear bombs. Hence, no one on the earth can match the terrorising power of the USA. Awe of terror has some paralysing effect. This is why, while the USA Army with its massive air, land and naval power invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and went on killing spree there, no country or international body could show any sign of morality or humanity to protest against such blatant war crime. Even the UN had to bow down to the US barbarity.

In World War II, the US dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities. Its objective was not to occupy and colonise Japan. Instead, to achieve a massive terrorising goal. It could fill people’s mind all over the world with the devastating power of the new weapon. As a result, the USA –with the collaboration of other imperialists, could easily twist the political course of many parts the world to fit into its own agenda; even could dare disintegrate the whole map of of Middle East into more than 20 pieces. And, could also install an illegal state of Israel in its midst by cleansing its settled population.

The USA still continues to deploy the same strategy to terrorise the whole world –especially the Muslim World. President Donald Trump –a proven anti-Muslim rogue, destroyed almost every house of Mosul -the second largest city of Iraq to achieve that goal. He also razed the cities of Kobani, Raqqa, Fallujah, Ramadi, Deira’zour and many others to the ground for the same purpose. Whereas, the US could win the war without such massive destruction. President George W Bush too, had the same mind set. He invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to reinforce the image of the American might on the world stage. The main purpose of the USA’s occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria was not for oil or gas, but for terrorising the whole world, especially the Muslim population. It was a calculated act of robust terrorism to enforce full capitulation of the Muslim rulers. It has indeed fully achieved that. As a result, the US could easily twist the arms of the Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Emirati, Omani and Bahraini rulers to deposit trillions of petrodollar in the US economy. In return, the US provides security to these tyrants. Now they are trying to do the same against Iran. To continue with the same terrorising aim, the US government has embedded the whole world with thousands of military bases around the world. Now it has turned indispensable for the US to pursue such a coercive strategy to sustain its Super Power status. The US is already the most indebted country in the world – more than a trillion dollar it owes to China. The security cost of the US has turned so huge that it can’t sustain on its own.  Only through a coercive strategy, the US can force other nations to bear the maintenance cost of the American global empire. So, it has no other option but to engage in constant robbery –the classic version of terrorism, all over the world.


Terrorism with the distorted connotation

Military occupation never ends with mere physical occupation of a country. It is followed by occupation cum colonisation of people’s mind. And it is done through media. For that, the western imperialists and their partners in crime in the Muslim World have already taken over the media. As a result, they could hide their own crimes and demonise those who stand against them. The captured media helped them even to distort the true meaning of terrorism. So, in their vocabulary, those who are killing and terrorising the people with deadly weapons and reducing cities to ground are not labelled as terrorist. So, even the armed Israeli illegal settlers or soldiers who shoot at unarmed Palestinians are labelled innocent. In fact, they mean the opposite. The children who protest with empty hands or throw stones to the Israeli tanks are portrayed as terrorist. In Kashmir, the unarmed Kashmiri men, women and children who protest in the streets and demand freedom from Indian occupation are killed with a label of terrorist.


With the emerging trend of Islamic revival in the Muslim World, the meaning of terrorism has been given another deceitful distortion. Even the people who want to practise original Islam –as was practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with its indispensable components like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, shura and jihad, are also labelled as extremist cum terrorist. So, the fascist regimes in Egypt, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries do not hesitate to kill the unarmed Islamists. So, on 6th May in 2013, hundreds of sit-in protesters were killed in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka in Bangladesh and on 14th August in 2013, more than two thousand peaceful protestors were killed in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo.


Terrorism: a multi-national imperialist enterprise

A mad dog doesn’t need to be hurt to get offensive. The same is true with the imperialists. No man or woman from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria bombed any American city; but the Americans came from other end of the glove to bomb the cities of those countries to kill more than a million. They dropped bombs, mother of all bombs, depleted uranium bombs, missiles and drones to turn thousands of Muslim houses and hundreds of cities to rubbles. But such killing campaigns have never been labelled in the western countries as a terror campaign. The US forces have detained and tortured thousands of innocent people with the extreme brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They established torture cells in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Bagram base in Afghanistan, Abu Gharib in Iraq to run brutality in an industrial scale. They also introduced rendition scheme to franchise such torturing scheme to other regimes known for cruel state apparatus. Awfully, under the US patronage, terrorism thus has become a multi-national state enterprise.

It is worth noting that the US-led imperialists aren’t concerned about the absence of basic human rights in the Muslim countries ruled by the US-supported tyrants. They get happy if these brutal killers help strengthen the national security of the US and serve their political, ideological & economic interests. Moreover, they appreciate these tyrants if they crush any Islamic resurgence. This is why the killer tyrant like General Abul Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt gets such a robust appreciation for killing, torturing and arresting the Islamists. It is clear, in the world order established by the US-led western powers, there is no scope for the Muslims to raise their heads and emerge as a significant global power. Such a world order is only to safeguard the interests of the US-led imperialists and Israel. Its prime aim is to keep the Muslims de-empowered.


The case of Russia, China & India

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has taken the same route. Like the US, it has committed the similar crimes against the Chechen Muslims. And, like any other member state of the UN Security Council, Putin also enjoys full impunity for his war crimes. On the other hand, the Chechen Muslims are labelled as terrorists for demanding freedom from the Russian occupation. To suppress their aspiration and liberation movement, in the year of 2000, the whole Chechen city of Grozny was bombed to the ground. Thousands were killed and many more were put in torture cells. And the Russian brutality still continues. In the Soviet era, the Russians did the same in Afghanistan in the eighties. Although the Russians were badly defeated in Afghanistan in 1989, but they didn’t stop their anti-Muslim campaigns. Now they are dropping bombs in Syria; and trying to expand the same state terrorism to Libya and the Central Republic of Africa.

China is committing the same brutality against the Uighur Muslims. In the name of cultural education, the Chinese government is carrying out a massive social engineering project of de-Islamisation. About a million Muslims are being kept in prisons and are being brain washed to take them away from Islam. They are not allowed to enjoy the basic human rights -like the right to practise their own religion. Even they were prevented to keep fasting and wearing their traditional dress. The religious education has also been strictly restricted.

The case of India is no less brutal against the Muslims either. The Muslims constitute about 15% of Indian population; but they are not give even 5% of the government jobs. Socio-economically, they are kept inferior to so-called untouchables. The Indian Army is on a long killing mission in the Muslim majority state of Kashmir. About a hundred thousand Kashmiri Muslims have already been killed and thousands of Kashmiri women are raped. In the Indian vocabulary, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either. Rather, those who are standing for freedom from Indian occupation and wand basic human rights are labelled as terrorists.


The crime of the Israeli terrorists

The case of Israel is a classic example of a state that could be established solely through terrorism and could survive through terrorism. It is the old practice of ethnic cleansing of the original people and colonisation by the foreign people in modern age. The Jewish people came from all over the world to Palestine to grab lands from the Palestinians. The Palestinians are either killed or forced to live in refugee camps for more than 70 years. On the illegally seized lands, hundreds of thousands of luxurious flats are built for those who were not born in Palestine. The same old policy of eviction, the same policy of land grabbing and the same scheme of settling the foreign Jews in the Arab land that started 70 years ago still continue. Apartheid practice has died in South Africa, but now thrives in the occupied Palestine. The old western colonial powers not only support such illegal Israeli occupation of the Muslim lands, but also sponsor it economically and militarily. So, the crime of brutal occupation and killing continues unabated. And, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either.

There is no doubt that the Jews have suffered a lot under the fascist regime in the west. Millions of them faced brutal death there. But, instead of learning compassion and humanity, they have learned a lot of brutal skills and inhumanities. These are now being deployed against the Muslims in Palestine. This is why, the atrocities against the occupied people of Palestine could attain such a scale of brutality. They have even lost all morality and civility to call the on-going brutality against the Palestinians as a cruel act, let alone calling it terrorism. Hatred against the Muslims has been so deeply embedded in the mind of Israeli rulers that they even feel highly content to embrace Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India as the friend of Israel. Whereas Narendra Modi is an Indian version of Adolph Hitler for the Indian Muslims. In 2002, he engineered the killing of more than two thousands innocent Muslim men, women and children in Gujrat while he was the Chief Minister of the province. He also instigated his followers to raze historic Babri Mosque to the ground. Recognising his robust criminality, even the US government imposed ban on his entrance to the US –although later on withdrawn in order to promote the American business interest with India.


The case of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Army is already known for genocidal war crimes against the Tamils. Such crimes have already been documented by the international human rights organisations. But the failure of the international bodies like the UN and the International Criminal Court has emboldened them to continue the similar crimes against other people. Now their guns are turned against the Muslims. The extrajudicial killing has started with the new strategy to target the Muslims in their living quarters. To cover up the killing, they are telling the world that the Muslim women and children are blowing up themselves. Last year, the Sri Lankan Muslims didn’t explode any bomb anywhere; but the Buddhists hooligans led by the monks went on killing spree. They looted, vandalised and burnt down the Muslim houses and businesses. Such anti-Muslim rampage went on for many days; but the Sri Lankan Army and the police did very little to protect the Muslims’ life and properties. The judiciary too, showed its inaction to bring the criminals to justice. Moreover, such mob killings and arsons didn’t find any place in their vocabulary to be called as terrorism or Buddhist extremism.


Boiling up the Muslim blood

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, every crime has a consequence. The Muslims are terribly suffering from all sorts of barbarity in almost every part of the world. The people of no other faith suffer in such an awful way. The cases of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, Uighur, Rohingya are only a few to mention. In the west, the Muslim women are tormented only for wearing a head scarf. President Donal Trump has put a ban on the Muslims coming to the USA. The Indian Muslims are being lynched to death only for keeping or eating beef. Many East European countries have put wall of barbed wire to keep away the Muslim refugee out of their country. The Muslim countries ruled by the brutal dictators are embedded with thousands of Guantanamo Bay-like torture cells. The USA and its cronies like it.

The US, the French, the British, and the Italian Air Force have shown their ever readiness to bomb any people in any part of the world who want to go back to original Islam -as has been practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) about 15 hundred years ago. They have their own prescription for the Muslims. It is far away from the Qur’anic prescription. Hence, the Islamic basics like Islamic state, sharia, hudud, pan-Islamic brotherhood, khilafa, shura, jihad against enemy occupation have no place in it. They have no problem with the Saudi mass execution, the Emirati tribal barbarity, the Bangladeshi mockery of democracy by Shaikh Hasina and the brutal tyranny of Egypt’s Abul Fatah Sissi. They appreciate their Islam as true and moderate Islam. By any decent standard, these are not any innocent act; rather, highly heinous crime against Prophet’s Islam, the innocent Muslims and the humanity.

Because of the hostile policy of the imperialists and their servile cronies, there exists not even a single space on earth for full practice of true Islam –as was practised in Islam’s golden age! Thus, the Muslims are prohibited to be a full Muslim. Hostility towards Islam and the Muslims must have a limit. One must not forget that 1.6 billion Muslims are not a collection of dead bodies. They have souls, emotion, faith and intellect. They also share the same globe with others. The ongoing crimes against Islam and the Muslims are explosive enough to boil up their blood. The boiled-up blood can turn them to live bombs. And it is not unusual that the bombs fail to differentiate the innocents from the criminals. Islam doesn’t allow suicide; but doesn’t prohibit to be a war appliance. So, it seems, the planet is turning rapidly to be an unsafe place for everyone. 01.05.2019




The Cost of Independence & the Evil of Surrender

The most costly enterprise

Freedom or independence has never been attained free of cost. It is indeed the most costly entitlement in human life. It needs sacrifice of money, life and all forms of physical and intellectual abilities. One and half million Algerians needed to sacrifice their lives to attain independence from the French colonial occupation. More than 2 million Afghans had to sacrifice their lives to get freedom from the Soviet and the American occupation; and the battle still continues. The people of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Arakan still continue to sacrifice for the same cause. Whereas, mere physical survival doesn’t cost too much; even insects and animals can meet the necessary needs for such survival.

Surrender to the slavery is like floating with the high tide. Such slavery may provide the provision for animal-like physical survival; but takes away the liberty to live with the cherished vision, mission and ideology. This is why slavery to the kuffar is incompatible with Islam; it makes impossible for a Muslim to live like a Muslim. As if, it is living like a fish out of water. A Muslim needs to fulfil not only the survival needs, but also the ideological, educational, cultural and spiritual needs. The road map of Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and many other obligatory components can’t be pursued in captivity, it needs bigger space fully free from the enemy occupation. So, in Islam, it is so important to safeguard the independence of a Muslim state. As per prophetic narrative, working for a moment as a frontier-vigilante is more importance than spending the whole night in nafl prayer.

Such independence can never be earned by taking help from the foreign kuffars. The foreign forces fight wars only to impose their own occupation. The case of Middle East and Bangladesh gives ample evidences. The Arab nationalists conspired with the British and the French forces to disintegrate Osmania Khilafa and to bring independence to the Arab lands. But, it didn’t bring the promised independence. Instead, fetched slavery of the British and France. It caused terrible fragmentation of the Middle East, installed terrible tyrant on each fragment and gave birth to illegitimate Israel. The case of the Bengali nationalists is no less awful either. In 1971, they invited the Indian Army to get them separated from the former united Pakistan. Instead of independence, Bangladesh earned a subdued status in the geopolitical domain of India.

Like fighting for independence, staying independence against enemy onslaught is also highly expensive. Independence of a state can never sustain on enemy’s good will; it depends wholly on its defence capability. To attain such capability, it needs the necessary geopolitical potentials of the state and the political will and unity of the people. It also needs a bigger land mass, advanced weaponry and intense military skills of its citizen. Without such capacity, a state easily turns to a slave state. Awfully, this is the status of the most of the Muslim countries in the world. In fact, the defence capability of all the Muslim Countries combined hardly matches with that of a tiny Israel.


Independent nations and slave nations

The defence spending of country indeed works as the most accurate indicator to show how much importance it pays to its security, dignity and independence. All nations –like all individuals, don’t survive with the same agenda. A slave nation –like a slave man or woman, possesses a little esteem need. Hence, such a state spends a little on its defence and dignity. Its priority mostly lies on mere physical survival, at best to get some degree of economic wellbeing -even through cajoling the big powers, as Bangladesh does with India and Saudi Arabia does with the USA. Whereas an independent nation with a strong sense of dignity spends lion’s share of its budget on defence to earn prestige and influence on the world stage. They even compromise their economic wellbeing to build up the defence capability –as buoyantly prioritised by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan that his countrymen would prefer to eat grass but will build nuclear bomb.

The size of the economy of Russia is smaller than that of South Korea, but its political weight in the world politics match only with the USA. The foreign currency reserve of Pakistan is less than that of Bangladesh; but in the field of defence and world politics it fights shoulder to shoulder with a seven-time bigger India. The political and military weight of Pakistan owes to its nuclear weapons and other advanced weaponry. To preserve its status in the world politics, the USA spends trillions of dollars to strengthen the defence and almost continuously fight wars all over the world. For similar reason, every man and woman of Israel takes military training. Israel has also piled up huge number of nuclear bombs, missiles, fighter jets, drones and other sophisticated arsenals. The per capita weapons in Israel is indeed the highest in the whole world. Its defence force can reduce all the Arab capitals to rubbles within minutes. This is why the ruling tyrant in Cairo and in other Arab capitals cajole Israel for their survival.  


Absence of strategy & the deviation

But the Muslims in general invest a little to strengthen their defence. They seldom possess any defence strategy either. The Arab money is being invested heavily in the West to finance their arms industry and economic boom. This year Saudi Arabia alone declared investment of more than 40 billion dollar in India to strengthen the economy of this kuffar country -where the Muslims are regularly lynched to death on alleged beef eating. Such enormous petro-wealth didn’t help them to build even a good quality gun or bullet. A very few Muslims take military training. As a result, there are the most defenceless people on earth. So, foreign occupation is their fate. Those who join the Army in the Muslim countries, they do it only to conquer their own country and to grab the government offices, the government assets and the lucrative lands in big cities. This is why, the military coup is so common in the Muslim World.

Whereas, in the golden days of Islam, every Muslim was a soldier -including the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself. There was no sleeping or inactive Muslim. And in those days, the per capita weapons in the Islamic state was the highest in the whole world. More than 70 percent of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives. As a result, they could raise the finest civilisation in the whole human history and the most powerful super power in the contemporary world. But now, such commitment to the Islamic cause is labelled as extremism even by the Muslims. On the other hand, they label working as partners with the US-led imperialists as modernity and moderate Islam. 26.04.2019