Murder of President Morsi & Death of Democracy in Egypt

The premeditated murder

Allowing an ill person to die in prison without medical care is itself a homicidal crime. Such death is never called natural death, rather a deliberate murder. It is indeed a horrendous punishable crime; those who are responsible for it must face the punishment. Such a crime has exactly been committed against Dr Muhammad Morsi by Egypt’s brutal dictator President Abbel Fattah al-Sisi. In 2013, within one year of the election, al-Sisi removed Dr Muhammad Morsi from the Presidency by a military coup. So, al-Sisi committed another punishable crime by removing the country’s first and the only elected President to grab power for himself.

Dr Morsi was known for diabetes and liver disease which required regular investigation and treatment. Any criminal negligence could only precipitate his premature death. It was his basic human right to have the necessary medical care. The Egyptian law and the international law make it an obligatory duty of the Egyptian government to provide such care. But an established killer doesn’t care about the legal obligation. Otherwise how could he make a coup and kill the people? Hence deprivation of Dr Morsi’s medical care became a reality. Thus, he was forced to die without the treatment. Whereas, his treatment need was so crucial that once he collapsed in his prison cage inside the court because of low blood sugar. In fact, an enemy like al-Sisi could only ignore the treatment and wished his early death. 


The pure evil

One can seldom expect any kindness, morality or humanity from a proven mass-murderer, let alone medical care. Al-Sisi deployed the Army to massacre about 1,500 people in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo on 14th August in 2013. Whoever luckily survived were put in prisons only to suffer further thuggish torture – both physically and mentally. The fake courts were staged to put people on death penalty in mass. The western government didn’t show any interest to stop such brutality of this new Pharaoh. In fact, none of the western governments showed any appetite to look into this massive gruesome cruelty. Rather, the western leaders were seen to rub their shoulders with these brutal killer in Washington, Paris, Rome, Berlin and many other western capitals. Thus they stay complicit in the crime by supporting al-Sisi to practise his worst fascism against the Egyptian opposition. Only a British MP named Crispin Blunt -the ex-head of the House of Commons’ Selects Committee on Foreign Affairs, agreed to make a short visit in 2018 to Egypt –only while he was approached by Dr Morsi’s helpless family. The family were desperate to know what is going on to Dr Morsi’ health. Al-Sisi was not ready to give such an opportunity to the family or any native Egyptian. The cruelty, inhumanity and immorality of al-Sisi is so extreme that Dr Morsi was allowed to see his family only three times in almost 6 years period.

At the end, Mr Blunt could tell some bare truths in his report on horrendous sufferings of Dr Morsi. He found that Dr Morsi was being deprived of necessary medical care -as entitled as per Egyptian and International law. Mr Blunt predicted that Dr Morsi will die prematurely if he continues to suffer such dire deprivation of the medical care. The Conservative British Government of Theresa May didn’t take any heed from such a highly alarming report, rather preferred to sell more arms to feed al-Sisi’s killing machine. The other leaders of the western governments that lecture on human rights and higher values continued to do the same. Whereas, if the report was timely and properly pursued, Dr Morsi would have survived the easily preventable death from diabetes and its complication. Since the Islamists are considered foes by the Islamophobic west, the western leaders too, like their friend al-Sisi, wished Dr Morsi’s quick death and not a cure. As a result, Dr Morsi had no option but to face a premeditated murder. Whereas the same western leaders embrace the Marxist YPG of Syria and the leftist Mujahedin-e-Khalq of Iran –who have been involved in the terrorist killings of thousands, as friends of the west to promote their agenda in the Muslim World.   

The disease & the pathology

While deciding the political priority in the developing countries –especially in the Muslim countries, the western leaders drop issues like humanity, morality, liberty, rule of law and democratic values deep into the bins. They stand only for their selfish whims and strategic interests. Therefore, while supporting the killer regime of al-Sisi in Egypt or the brutal autocrats of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and others, the morality, humanity and other higher values do not work. Rather, these killer regimes look perfectly compatible with their own western imperialistic ideas and values. However, these are only the symptoms of the western disease; the real disease with its inherent pathology lies much deeper. The disease is radical secularism that kills people’s faith, spirituality and accountability in the hereafter. And the hidden pathology lies in the absence of faith in Allah –the Almighty Creator and the lack of sense of accountability in the hereafter. Such an evil pathology could prompt people to generate evil ideologies to commit and sanctify even the worst crimes. So the west –the birth place of secularism, could give birth to toxic ideologies like racism, nationalism, colonialism, apartheidism, imperialism, slavery, ethnic cleansing and even genocide –which have always been incompatible with any Divine faith of the east. They could also do the gruesome practice of these evil ideologies and could manufacture even two World Wars to kill more than 75 million people. They even could drop nuclear bombs without any moral remorse.

During the colonial occupation, the European secularists with their moral diseases moved from the birth place to the occupied lands in the east –birth place of all Divine religions. As a result, they could disseminate the western disease to the eastern people –especially among those who closely worked with them and received their secular education and training. So the worst and the most brutal people in the Muslim world are born neither in robbers’ dens nor in brothels’ wombs, but in the military cantonments and in secular institutions.

In the Muslim lands, the Army cantonments worked as the most fortified cultural islands of the radical secularists and gave zero access to Islamic ideology and culture. So they could emerge as the worst enemy of Islam in Muslim lands. In almost every Muslim country, they have proven to be fully incompatible with ideology of Islam and could be close friend of the imperialists. For example, those who are considered the role model in Pakistan Army -like General Ayyub, Yahiya, Tikka, Niazi didn’t join the Army to serve the Muslims or Islam, but to defend and strengthen the British occupation of the Muslim lands. In 1947, the colonial occupation ended in Indian subcontinent, but the secular belief and culture continued to thrive in the protected and secluded premises of the military cantonments. So the ideologically incompatible military elites trained in the secular cantonments could successfully dismantle the Islamic project of the Indian Muslims in Pakistan. And in 1971, because of their political incompetence they could also dismember the united Pakistan.

Any physical disease like malaria or pneumonia shows similar symptoms all over the world. The same is true with the moral disease. So, the Army raised by the colonial occupiers are showing the same enmity against Islam in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Algeria, Libya and other Muslim countries. In Egypt, their toxic venom against Islam and Muslim Brotherhood has made dark pages of extreme barbarity in the Muslim history. The secularist Army dictator Jamal Abdun Naser hanged one of the greatest son of Egypt like Sayid Qutb –the writer of one of the greatest tafseers of the holy Qur’an. And now al-Sisi executing the same barbarity against the current Islamists. In Syria, the Army has turned to be the worst forces of destruction. In Algeria, the Army generals could indeed metamorphose the whole holy Jihad of the Algerian Muslims against the French occupiers into radical secularism cum nationalism. And in Sudan, the Army has badly lost its war against the secessionists of the South, but has launched its brutal war against its own people.


Al-Sisi’s crimes & the western complicity

Only because of radical secularism, the western leaders could easily justify their support for all worst crimes of al-Sisi. Because, such an evil ideology disconnect people from any moral obligation and accountability. Because of that, they could also forget al-Sisi’s gruesome crime that he committed while dislodging the legitimate President Dr Morsi. In the past, because of the same immorality, the western war lords and leaders could easily justify and sanctify the colonial occupation, genocidal killing, ethnic cleansing, slave trading and other worst crimes in the occupied lands.

President Donald Trump recently mentioned al-Sisi as a great President doing great jobs against the terrorists. Such appeasement and appreciation for al-Sissi indeed tells a lot about his own moral disease. It exposes his own complicity in the crime through his political and moral endorsement. Such narratives give an expression to the selfish political and economic agenda of the western powers. Of course, al Sisi is doing good jobs for the USA and Israel, but not for the common Egyptians and democracy. He is indeed an Egyptian replica of Adolf Hitter to do all reprisals against his own people. The western leaders call him a force of stability. But what stability? Stability through mass killing? Stability through fake judiciary and election. Such narratives indeed fully exposes the western hypocrisy and complicity in crimes. Whereas al-Sisi has proven to be the perfect model of inhumanity, brutality, extreme fascism in the Middle East. President Trump’s appreciation shows how they prefer the brutal dictators to dismantle the democratic institutions in the Muslim countries. Like President Trump, other western leaders too, conveniently forget the facts that more than 60 thousands political prisoners are languishing in Egyptian jails in dire prison conditions.

Al-Sisi is not working alone. He is indeed showcasing all evil forces in the Middle East. He is fighting an unending war not only for himself but also for all anti-democratic and imperialistic forces of the whole Middle East. This is why, his war is rapidly expanding to Libya, Sudan and other neighbouring countries too. This is why he enjoys the support of a bigger global coalition. Unlike the old pharaoh, this new pharaoh is enjoying the full support of the Jews. The USA, Israel, the UK, France, King of Saudi Arabia, Shaikh of UAE, ruler of Bahrain and other autocrats of the Muslim World are also the part of the coalition. In fact, the death of Dr Morsi gave an opportunity to expose their true faces and motives. 20.06.2019

The Objective of Ramadan & the Muslims’ Failure

Assigned role and the failure

Significance of Ramadan can only be fully understood with the proper understanding of the purpose of human creation. The sole objective of Ramadan is to make believers intensely focussed cum engaged to that Divine objective; and such a relentless adherence to that objective is indeed the true expression of true iman. Those who stay away from Ramadan can’t think of that. Allah SWT made it clear vis-à-vis His vision on human creation even before the creation of the first human. Men and women are created with the sole purpose that they would work as His khalifa on earth. Khalifa is a Qur’anic jargon; and it has a special meaning and context. The term khalifa is used to mean Allah SWT’s viceroy on earth. It applies to all men and women of all colours and ethnicities. It is indeed the highest designation and honour that a man or woman can expect from his Creator. On the other hand, the Creator can delegate such a job of the greatest responsibility and honour only to those who are highly competent and trustworthy. In fact, Islam’s obligatory rituals like five time prayer, month-long fasting, haj and zakat are prescribed only to generate such competence and trust in believers.

Allah SWT used the narrative “khalifa” in the gathering of the angels to express His vision prior to the human creation. In the Islamic history, kahalifa has another connotation: to mean the prophet’s representative after his death -working on his behalf as the ruler of the Muslim ummah. But for a lay man or a woman, the title delegates a binding responsibility to everyone. It is to work as Allah SWT’s viceroy in the midst of billions of other creations. Hence, such a designation on behalf of the Almighty Creator tells a lot about the role that a Muslim must play in this world. Passing every moment on life with deep sense of such responsibility is indeed the expression of true faith (iman).  Man and woman can attain the greatest honour both here and in the hereafter only through fulfilling such a role; and any betrayal of such role can only bring the promised disgrace in this world and take to the hellfire in the hereafter.

The term “khalifa” has other connotation. A khalifa can never be sovereign; can work only as the representative or viceroy of a sovereign ruler. The problems start when these khalifas turn sovereign and treacherous against their Almighty Employer. Autocracy is incompatible with Islam; this is indeed treachery against Allah SWT. Such treacherous viceroys always deserve the severest punishment. Allah SWT keeps His hellfire ready for such rebels –as revealed in the holy Qur’an. It is indeed the major crime of the today’s Muslims that they are not playing their role as His viceroy. They have replaced Allah SWT’s sovereignty by their own sovereignty. Even in countries where the elected parliament or President has replaced dictators, the same crime of claiming sovereignty is being committed by such elected institutions. Raising an army of faithful khalifas is immensely importance in any kingdom; it is also important in Allah SWT’s kingdom. The British kings or queens ruled their occupied lands like India through such khalifas -called viceroys. These khalifas were known for their constant submission to the British crown. They were ready to do everything for the Crown, even would sacrifice their life in wars to protect the British interests. Shaitan too has such khalifas and has production sites in every nook and corner to train such khalifas. These satanic institutions train them to make them perfect performer of the assigned jobs. Allah SWT too, wants to bring the glory of Islam through His khalifas. Ramadan indeed raises and trains such an army for His cause. 

 Humans have different colours, creeds and ethnicities. But they are indeed divided into two broad categories: either they belong to khalifatullah (viceroy of Allah) or to khalifatus shaitan (viceroy of Shaitan). They also follow two different roadmaps with two different destinations: the siratul mustakeem (siratul mustaqeem) toward heaven and the siratul duallins (deviant path) towards hell. In any political arena, the form two warring brands of parties: hizbullah (the party of Allah) and hizbushshaitan (the party of Shaitan). In the hereafter, these two brands of people will have two different labels too: as’habul jannat (the dwellers of haven) and as’habun nar (the dwellers of hellfire). Hizbullah, hizbushshaitan, as’habul jannat and as’habun nar: these are all Qur’anic vocabularies to carry a distinctive massage for the whole mankind. In the holy Qur’an, there is no third category of people, nor does there exist any third type of abode. All states, societies and are indeed the constant battlefield of the two warring groups of khalifas. In such context of constant warfare, the month of Ramadan has a special significance. It provides the month-long intensive training schedule to raise the combative army of Allah. Shaitan has his own network of institutions: these are clubs, pubs, casinos, prostitutions, secular education, secular army, media and bureaucracy to raise his own army. Such institutions work day and night to distract people away from the siratul mustaqeem –as shown in the holy Quran.

The duty of Allah’s khalifa is huge -as huge is the reward in return. Witnessing the oneness of Allah (SWT), performing obligatory rituals like five time prayers, fasting in Ramadan, doing haj and giving charity must help Muslims grow up as Allah SWT’s khalifa: but these are not end in itself. A true Muslims’ journey does not end in such rituals. One can play the true role of khalifa only through full engagement in His way with all possible physical, intellectual and monetary potentials. It even needs full readiness to sacrifice his life; and the early days’ Muslims are the perfect example. In return, Allah SWT promises them the unending pleasure in the paradise. To grow such Muslims, it needs Divine institutions and curriculum. The month-long fasting in Ramadan is indeed the part of such Divine curriculum.


Taqwa: the sole objective

The sole objective of fasting is to generate taqwa. Allah SWT revealed, “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may attain taqwa” -(Sura Baqara: verse 183). To put more emphasis on it, Allah SWT has also revealed, “O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and do not die except in a state of Muslim (who surrenders fully to Allah)”–(Sura Al-Imran: verse 102). In the above verse, Allah SWT has asked to attain appropriate level of taqwa; and also warned not to die without being a Muslims i.e. without being in a state of full surrender to Allah SWT’s orders. Hence it appears that taqwa is a key to enter jannah.  


The question arises: what is taqwa? Taqwa is commonly understood to be the fear of Allah SWT. But what is the nature of such fear? Human beings fear so many things. They fear death, disease, financial loss, physical harm and loss of dignity, etc. Is it such fear? Such fear comes automatically to every soul. It does not need any Divine warning. Here taqwa has special meaning. It is the fear of disobedience to Allah SWT’s commands. It is the fear of failing in akhera. It is fear of deviating from the siratul mustaqeem. When a man drives his car in a motor war he is constantly attentive to his correct driving. He understands that a slight deviation from the motor way would cause catastrophic disaster. For such disaster, it does not a minute, few seconds are enough. Hence, for every second of his journey, he is very mindful. This is his taqwa as a driver. And as a believer, he must show the same amount of awareness to adhere to every segment of the Qur’anic road-map. Muslim must pass every day and night with the full remembrance of his duty to Allah and constantly following His sharia. His personal, familial, political, judicial, cultural and economic life must comply with the Qur’anic guidance. Any amount of disobedience to such guidance only subscribes to his disbelief and disobedience against Allah SWT. These are punishable crimes. He will be made accountable for such crimes in the day of judgement. Taqwa is the fear of such failing in the Day of Judgement. It is fear of failing to grow up as full Muslim. It is fear of failing to work as anserullah. It is fear of failing to discharge duties as khalifatullah. It is fear of failing to be the part of hizbullah.    


How to build taqwa?

Mere belief in Allah (SWT) is not enough to build taqwa. Even before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), many people had the name like Abd Allah which means slave of Allah (SWT). But such naming did not make them Muslim, neither raise any taqwa in their heart. Mere zikr or remembrance of Allah (SWT) is not enough either. Millions of people recite tasbih (praises) and do zikr. Thousands of sufi khanqas are doing such tasbih and zikr day and night. But how much taqwa are being built through such tasbih and zikr? To build taqwa, Allah (SWT) has His own prescription. The prescription comes in the following verse: “O humans! Engage in ibadah to your Lord Who has created you and those before you so that you can attain taqwa” -(Sura Baqara, verse 21).

But what is the meaning of ibadah? Ibadah is an Islamic jargon which means full submission to the Lord Who is the sole creator of the whole universe. It is a total slavery. While the Qur’an was being revealed, ibadah or slavery was not a new word. The contemporary Arabs knew the full implication of becoming an abed (slave). It used to be considered a live-long fulltime engagement to the master. The slaves had no liberty to satisfy their own wish. They had only to fulfil their master’s wish. Any amount of disobedience against the master was a serious offence. The master had the full right even to kill the rebellious slave. In those days, such punishment couldn’t be challenged in any court. Allah SWT wants such lifelong fulltime total commitment from His believer too. In return, He promises the endless bounties of the heaven. And the earlier Muslims fulfilled Allah (SWT)’s wish, indeed they were such perfect slave. Generating Taqwa is the prime goal of all sorts of ibada. Worshipping Allah SWT any form is a gateway towards acquiring taqwa. Hence, the verse has other implied message: ibada that does not enhance taqwa cannot be called as ibada. In such context, Ramadan has special place in Muslim life.  Since it increases the level of ibada, the chances are quite high that it will also increase the level taqwa.

Ibadah not only needs sincere intention, but also investment of time, energy, wealth, intelligence and even life. The value of ibadah depends on the degree of the investment; and taqwa develops in proportion to the level of investment. Salah, fasting and haj need invest of time, energy and money, but does not cost one’s dearest life. But jihad in the way of Allah SWT needs full readiness to sacrifice life. Hence the highest amount of taqwa is build up in the field of jihad, and not in mosque, madrasa and sufi khanqa. This is why, the companions of the prophet (pbuh) attains the highest level of taqwa. They showed their all-time readiness to sacrifice their lives. In fact more than 70 % of them become martyr. Hence in martyrdom, the level of taqwa is so high that Allah SWT will honour them with direct access to heaven without any accountability. In countries where there exist no jihad; the people suffer from serious crisis of taqwa. Such people make records in corruption.            



The engine of revolution

Taqwa doesn’t survive silently in a believer’s soul, rather shows forceful expression through the actions and the behaviour. It works as an engine of moral, cultural and political revolution. Establishment of an Islamic state by the early days’ of Islam was indeed the manifestation of taqwa. If a Muslim fails to engage in such revolution, then it raises doubt his taqwa. Taqwa propels believing men and women to strongly adhere to the Qur’anic guidance, hence generates full compliance with sharia. Therefore, presence of non-sharia law in a Muslim country is an incompatible anomaly. It is indeed a display of blatant disbelief. Absence of sharia in a country gives an accurate estimate that how far its inhabitants have deviated from the Divine roadmap. It is a clear betrayal of Allah SWT’s objective. A true believer can’t think of it: jihad instantly starts against such betrayal of Allah SWT. On the contrary, taqwa creates a strong urge in believers’ heart and mind to search for more Qur’anic orders and the prophetic traditions to comply with.  His vigilant mind stays fearful that some of commandments of Allah SWT may remain unpractised. Any non-compliance with the sharia law only exposes the hypocrisy. In the holy Qur’an, in sura Maida, Allah SWT has labelled them kafir, fasik and jalem. Such non-compliance was non-existent in early days’ Muslims.

Taqwa has other forceful expressions. It inspires people to move beyond the ethnic, linguistic and geographic boundaries to embrace their fellow brothers in Islam and emerge as united political force. Hence dismantling the divisive boundaries of so-called nation states becomes a non-negotiable political agenda of the true believers. It becomes the part of their iman. Such pan-Islamic brotherhood was the most common ingredient of Muslims’ politics in the early days, and made them the number one world power. Creating and continuing the divisions can only add humiliation –which is the major problem of the Muslims today. With such divisions, no amount of prayers will help them add any glory.

All over the world, millions of Muslims are fasting in Ramadan. Crores of people are attending five times daily prayers. Millions are performing haj. But where is taqwa? Taqwa must be visible in Muslim life through the full practise of Islam’s own systems. But where is the compliance with the Islamic systems? Out of 57 Muslim countries, Allah SWT’s sharia law does not exit even in one! Allah SWT has warned the Muslims not to be divided. But remaining divided has been the Muslims’ politics and culture. Instead of having any remorse, in fact, the Muslims are very proud of such division. They celebrate the creation of such division in the name of ethnic, tribal, linguistic and geographical nation states. Khelafa has been dismantled about 90 years ago by the hand of the secularist and nationalists enemies of Islam. But how many of the fasting men and women pay any heed to resurrection of this very fundamental Muslim institution? Khelafa also collapsed once in the past under the barbaric attack of Mongols on Baghdad. In the absence of khalifa, there was no jumma prayer in those days. The contemporary Muslims came to the forefront to resurrect this basic Muslim institution. But the present day Muslims have fully forgotten their duty and are happy with living in tiny nation states. The issue of khelafa and the Muslimhing unity are no matter in their life! 


The most difficult task

Reconstructing human belief, behaviour and character has been always the most difficult task in human history. It is a huge job, needs to higher human and moral quality. Even thugs and murders like colonialists could build empires and bring industrial revolutions. But they utterly failed to bring any moral revolution.  It needs not only Allah SWT’s guidance, but also His persistence assistance. Human beings can grow up in billions, but very few are capable to grow up as true human. This is why the world is infested with blood-letting criminals, aggressors, occupiers and ethnic cleansers. In the past, Allah SWT had to send thousands of prophets with guidance to bring them to the right path. Calling the deviating people to the right path is Allah SWT’s own mission. “Inn alinal huda”: Certainly Muslims assigned mission: it brought moral and spiritual failure. The outcome is catastrophic. Civilisation fails, true religion get corrupted, humans become devils and the planet gets covered with human flesh and blood only due to such moral failure. Only in the last two World Wars, 75 million people were killed. And such killing machines are still active in different parts of the world. Moreover, such failure brings Divine punishment; both here and in the hereafter.

Humans are created with body and soul. Like human body, soul too needs regular feeding and training. Otherwise souls cannot survive to meet the enlightened human standard, rather becomes the nest of the Shatan and his ugly aspirations. And the nourishing feed for the soul comes only from the Divine knowledge and deep contemplation (tafaqquh). And the holy Qur’an is the source of such Divine knowledge. Hence the journey of Islam did not start with salah, fasting or haj, but with Divine knowledge –the revelation of the holy Quran. And here is the significance of holy month of Ramadan. It is attached to the most important event of human history. The greatest gift of Allah SWT came to the mankind in this holy month. The Qur’an shows the siratul mustaqeem. It is the rope of Allah SWT to connect the people with His guidance. And the month of Ramadan executes the Divine training to connect the true believers to their Great Lord, and provides the nourishing feed to their thirsty souls.


Human mind is very forgetful, as well as very ungrateful. Even many people forget their parents and show them ingratitude when they grow up as adult. They even forget their Creator too. As if the whole universe is created without a Creator. The holy Qur’an depicts revealing stories of such ugly forgetfulness and ingratitude. The story of Bani Israel is a perfect example. Allah SWT rescued the people of Bani Israel from Pharaohs’ killing machine. He made a wide dry road in the middle of the sea to give them quick escape route.  They were given shelter in Sinai desert under the canopy of thick cloud. Manna and salwa came down from the sky to feed them. They did not need to work for many years. But still they were very quick to forget the blessing of Allah SWT and made idol of a cow object of worship.


To keep humans the Divine path is not an easy job. Mere attendance to the church or synagogue weekly is not enough to do the job. Islam addresses the issue by intensive program around the year. It brings people five times a day to the mosque, takes them to the haj and makes giving charity to the poor as an obligation. It has also prescribes jihad. In the holy month of Ramadan, such training gets more intense. Along with month-long fasting, this blessed month brings the regular spiritual feeding in other ways. It arranges long recitation of holy Qur’an in tarabih prayer and also encourages understanding of Qur’an individually. Islam thus imprints the Qur’anic knowledge and its Divine road map in the believers’ heart. Moreover, this month has the blessed night of lailatul qadr –better than 1000 nights.


The betrayal

Despite all the blessings and intensive trainings, the Muslims still show betrayal of the assigned mission. They have failed to discharge their duty as Allah SWT’s viceroy. But it is not the failure of Islam and its Divine prescriptions, rather the institutional failure of the Muslims countries. The recitation of holy Qur’an, the five times daily prayers, fasting in Ramadan and haj cannot achieve the goal on their own. It needs all inclusive institutional supports. Islamisation of people and the Islamisation of state are mutually contributory. One develops with the contribution from the other. It also needs to dismantle all elements of Satanic army and the devices that distract people from the siratul mustaqeem. It needs the full mobilisation of all societal, state and religious institutions to put their collective energy to keep the people in the right track. It also needs to destroy all the wrong tracks that are built to take people to the hellfire. Healthy living is impossible with the lethal bugs inside.  Hence the prophet (pbuh) of Islam and the rightly guided khalifas did not allow any Satanic institutions to function inside the Islamic state. The prophets expelled all the Jewish people from the vicinity of Medina for their stubborn opposition to the Islamic state. But afterwards, the Muslims rulers became engaged only to protect their own rule. Rather they turned against Islam.


Building Islamic state and Islamisation of the state institutions are not fanaticism –as labelled by the enemies, rather an indispensable Islamic need. To create and protect such a state, Jihad becomes an obligatory duty. A Muslim man or woman cannot fully practise Islam without the support of such state and state institutions. All state and non-state institutions must work together to spread Islam and protect the Muslims. It is so important that the prophet of Islam (pbuh) and his companions had to make heaviest sacrifices to make such a state. But such state and state institutions are non-existent today. Rather in most cases, these states and their institutions are working against Islam. Here lies the main difference between the early days’ Muslims and the Muslims of today. It also displays the greatest failing of the modern days’ Muslims.  Hence, the Muslims are defenceless and Islam lost its past glory.  


Allah SWT revealed not only the prayer rules, but also prescribed the judicial, political, economic and cultural rules. Sharia is Islam’s judicial system and khilafa is its political system. And it has also a distinctive economic system which forbids usury, bribery, hording, trafficking, gambling, monopoly, oligopoly and capitalistic exploitation of the workers and the consumers. The Islam had its distinctive culture to. It forbids free mixing of sexes, extramarital sex, exhibitionism, obscenity, adultery, pornography and displaying any sort of vulgarity. It strongly prescribes strong family bondage, marital bondage, hijab, respect of elders and love for the youngsters. But, how much of these Islamic prescriptions are being practised in Muslim countries? Millions of Muslims keep fast and offer prayers with all such forbidden practices in their midst. Keeping intact the brothel houses, clubs, casinos and other institutions of sin have been the part of their economy. To make more money, the Muslim countries are inviting the sex-tourists from abroad to make use of their sea shores and the tourist spots. Thousands of non-government and government organisations are working in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries to teach the Muslim boys and girls how to dance, sing and entertain others. Is it the display of taqwa? What can be more betrayal of Allah SWT’s command? Only Shaitan and his friends can be happy with such projects of distracting the Muslim children from Islam.


The disease

Every disease has its underlying cause and the pathology. The absence of sharia, khelafa, Muslim unity, Islamic culture, Islamic education and Islamic economy is the proof of the catastrophic disease that has engulfed the whole Muslim world. These are the symptoms. But the real cause lies in the absence of Qur’anic knowledge and non-adherence to its teachings. The holy Qur’an is only recited, but not understood. Once it was a book of guidance, now it is a book of mere recitation. The present day Muslims study and take guidance from the books written by the kuffars. Those who have already decided not to take any guidance from Qur’an, do they feel any need to understand the holy Qur’an? The roadmap they are currently following in their politics, judiciary, culture, education, economy is not the same as was in the days of prophet (pbuh). Hence, the consequence is not the same either. They brought glory, and raised the finest civilisation on earth. But today’s Muslim are adding only the disgrace. They spread Islam. But now, they spread corruption. Recitation of the holy Qur’an, five times daily prayers, fasting in Ramadan, haj and giving charity have turned only rituals, and generate little taqwa. This is the real problem of the Muslims. So, Ramadan is coming and going, but the Muslims seldom move any further with the sole purpose of their creation. 16/07/14; edited 29.05. 2019.      


The Indian Election: The Hindu Supremacists Got the Mandate

Moral darkness exposed

The real mind of the people speaks loudly in the general election of a country. So, the recent election in India gives an explicit expression of the Hindu supremacist agenda of its people. It has indeed nakedly exposed the moral darkness and the hateful sick minds of the Indian voters. The voters have given the ongoing persecution of the minorities in India –especially the Muslims, a massive approval. The secular parties like Indian National Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP) and Vahujan Samaj Party (VSP) of Uttar Pradesh and Trinumal Congress of West Bengal that plead for peaceful co-existence of all religious communities got badly decimated. Through ballots, the Hindu majority shows their utter intention to bulldoze the right of the minorities. 

The Indian Muslims have been labelled as termites by the BJP President Mr Amit Shah – Modi’s right hand man. Such a narrative tells a lot about the political objectives of the party. How such people in BJP’s top position with so intense anti-Muslim hatred can allow the Muslims to get fair access to the Indian parliament? They can only think of quick extinction of them. Such a mind-set cause ethnic cleansing in many parts of the world in the past. India has 195 million Muslims -about 16% of the Indian population. In the last parliament, the Muslims had only 24 seats -only 4% of total 543 seats. About 48 million Muslims of Uttar Pradesh didn’t have a single MP in the previous parliament. This time the total number of the Muslim MPs will be fewer. Therefore, what could be the worst travesty of democracy? Democracy must not work a tool of exclusion of any section of the citizens; rather ensure the proper representation of citizens of different race, religion and geographical identities. Otherwise, democracy fails.


Turning to be an apartheid state

BJP President Mr Amit Shah and his party comrades in BJP and RSS never hide their Hindu supremacist agenda. They show worst displeasure to see 195 million Muslims –labelled as termites, in their midst. So, they are in desperate mood to find ways to exterminate them. Amidst such a toxic milieu, morality, humanity, equal opportunity and other higher values stand irrelevant. Hence, the Indian Muslims can’t think of even their safe survival, let alone enjoying the civil rights. The apartheid state of South Africa has ceased to exist. Now, India is quickly taking its place; but with a difference. In apartheid state of South Africa, the black people were never classified as termite. Nor they were inflicted with the organised killing episodes –as happened to the Muslims. Moreover, in apartheid South Africa, a cow never received more security and respect than a human. But in India, it is otherwise. Muslims get lynched in public; but thousands of vigilantes are deployed to ensure security to cows.

India hardly looks a civilised state. Giving equal rights to all of its citizens –irrespective of creed, cast and religion, is not the norm. The Hindu supremacists reiterated that implementing the absolute Hindu agenda is their core objective. The key agenda of Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) and its parent organisation Rashtria Shevak Sangha (RSS) is to make India a Hindu state –where the Hindu majority will have its brute and exclusive supremacy. They also coined a new definition of a Hindu. Hinduism is given a narrative as a way of life for all those who live in India. Hence implied that whoever lives in India must call himself or herself a Hindu. So, they demand that a Muslim too, should take the Hindu identity. They call it “ghar wapsy”-meaning returning back of a Muslim to his or her own home. And the home is none but the Hindu world view; and worshiping cows is its indispensable part.

Such a Hindu supremacist agenda has its worst political, ideological, cultural and social ramifications. Because of the communal agenda, the Muslims’ survival needs along with their educational, religious, cultural, economic and political needs are not compatible to Hindu agenda; hence never to be addressed by the ruling clique. Rather, it will do exactly the opposite –as it is evidenced by the Indian government’s plan for evicting 4 million residents from Assam on alleged allegation that they are infiltrators from Bangladesh. Such a plan has been hatched only to pursue an extremist Hindu agenda. Bangladesh came into being in 1971; but these ethnic Bengalis were living there since the British era. In those days, migration was a part of human life all over India; there was no political border to hinder it. Moreover, Assam was the part of the Bengal Province for a long period of time; the British government encouraged migration of Bengali peasants to promote agricultural growth in Brahmaputra valley. Muslims constitute 36 percent of the Assam’s population –second only to Kashmir. The Hindu supremacists can’t swallow this harsh reality. So, the issue of evicting the Muslims from Assam has been manufactured only to cut down the size of the Muslims in this strategic North-Eastern part of India. In the meantime, millions of the Assamese Muslims have already been deprived of the citizenship to restrict their political power. For the same reason and on the same pretext, the BJP leaders have reiterated that they will deport millions of the Bengali Muslims from the West Bengal to reduce its Muslim population that constitute about 28 percent.

With the similar mind-set, the fascists of Hitler’s Germany manufactured the much needed pretext to exterminate the Jewish population. So, they had to deploy massive gas chambers to do the job in an industrial scale. With the similar objective, Mr Modi, Mr Shah and others in the murderous BJP and RSS gangs needed to exacerbate the anti-Muslim hatred to the current hype. As a result, lynching the helpless Muslims to death in daylight on the Indian streets for allegedly eating beef gets a celebration proportion. In such a murderous milieu, the Muslim mothers in Uttar Pradesh ask their children not to wear a cap – a religious symbol of Muslim attire in public. Such a Muslim identity invites persecution and even death in the hands of the Hindu extremists –as recently stated by the Muslim Mayor of Kolkata.


Savagery gets rewarded

Amidst such an anti-Muslim hatred, whoever shows his or her toxic venom against the Muslims get higher prize and honour in the ruling Hindu supremacist club. Mr Modi could quickly climb up the ladder to the highest position of power only for such a high grade vitriolic venom. Another hateful preacher named Pragya Thakur of Madhya Pradesh also receives a high prize for her toxic venom against the Muslims. She is facing a judicial prosecution for her alleged involvement in a terror attack in Bhopal in 2008 that killed 6 Muslims and wounded 100 in a Muslim neighbourhood. She was given the BJP nomination for a MP seat in Bhopal. She even praised Nathuram Godse, a RSS terrorist who killed the topmost Indian icon Ghandi in 1948 as a patriot. Pragya Thakur has won her seat with the full party patronage. She now becomes a Hindu supremacist icon. Now, Narendra Modi and his government would hardly feel any appetite to prosecute such a party stalwart. Thus the people who run the show of the BJP-led Indian government show their real colour.  


Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is known for his anti-Muslim venom all along his political career. Modi’s wicked skills in mobilising the Hindu mob in the demolition of historic Babri Mosque in Ayodhya in December 1992 brought him to the limelight of Indian politics.  As the Chief Minister of Gujrat, he engineered the killing of more than two thousands Muslims and massive rape of Muslim women in Gujrat in 2002.  Thousands of Muslim men, women and children were burnt alive to death in their own houses and shops. Modi-led state government let loose the Hindu supremacists to commit the carnage in daylight in Muslim residential areas and his police hardly did anything to stop it. The criminals seldom face any prosecution; in the name of post-massacre enquiry, the government only added some eyewash. Later on, he also shut down the Muslim rescue shelters in Gujrat on the plea that these shelters are working as Muslim baby boom centres. Such brutality against Muslims pushed him further up to become the Prime Minister of India. His crime was so ugly and robust that even the US government had to put a ban on his entry to the country. Modi has made him an Indian version of Adolf Hitler. He only lacks Hitler’s military hardware and the much needed economic edge. Such an exposed Modi is now honoured with a landslide victory to promote further his evil agenda against the minorities.

Pure fascism is the policy

Democracy is being used by the Hindu supremacists only as a convenient political tool for capturing power; but their actual policy cum modus operandi is pure fascism –as was the case of Adolf Hitler. Israel is decimating the Arab Muslims to make Israel an exclusive Jewish state. Mr Narendra Modi and his Hindu supremacist comrades have taken the same route. So they could cement their bondage with the hard-core Israeli radicals as the closest ideological cousins on earth. This is why, the man who was very quick to congratulate the victory of Modi was none else but the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With Modi back in power, President Donald Trump –an American white supremacist, also gets a close partner in his war crimes against Islam and the Muslims. The vote-robber fascist Hasina of Bangladesh too, gets a strong supporter for her murderous autocratic rule. And the thuggish regime in Myanmar gets an admirer for the atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims. And thus, South Asia under the leadership of the Indian Hindu supremacists gets a strong epicentre of a looming humanitarian disaster which may spill over to the neighbouring countries.


The Indian Muslims & the earned calamity

Now there remains little doubt that India turns terribly unsafe for the Muslims. President Donald Trump of the USA and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will strengthen Narendra Modi to pursue his anti-Muslim bigotry. So the anti-Muslim coalition of the evil forces will get stronger. So, more Muslim countries will be occupied and more Muslim cities will be reduced to rubbles. But the Muslims -both in India and in other parts of the world, have taken the other route. They have taken no lesson from the unity of the enemies; rather preferred to stay divided and keep on infighting. So, the situation is quite alarming. India looks to be ruled by the brute Hindu majority -where the 195 million Muslims will stay irrelevant. They will have no other option but to suffer. In no segment of human history such a huge number of people had such an awful fate.


Only 5.3 million Jews live in the USA. But the USA has to take seriously the views and the security interest of such a small population. Because, the Jews has the huge potential to cause collapse of the USA at any time. They occupy the nerve centre of the USA’s deep state. The Jews have learned from their disastrous weakness in the Germany. So they have enhanced their leverage in US politics by solid internal unity, huge economic power, powerful media, high educational success and the art of political manoeuvring. Therefore, every USA government –whether democratic or republican, has to donate not only billions of dollar annually to the Israeli economy, but also the most sophisticated weapons to the Israeli Army to appease the American Jews. The USA is compelled to take Israel’s security interest as their own.


None on earth appeases or respects the powerless. They are supposed to survive only as slaves. That is exactly the case of the Indian Muslims. The awful powerlessness of 195 million Indian Muslims owes to their lack of leadership, illiteracy, disunity, absence of strong media, paralysed political might and cowardice. Such powerlessness has made them a huge sitting duck; and has encouraged the Hindu supremacists to get an easy takeover. They are yet to realise that casting vote for one party or another is not going to change their fate. They have to change themselves. Whereas in Islam, staying educated, united and strong is not an option, it as a religious obligation. Engaging and investing in politics is the greatest Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). In fact, the highest investment of the early Muslims were not in building mosques or madrasas, but in changing the political landscape. More than 70 percent of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) even sacrificed their own life to bring change in the political map of the huge part of the globe. Because of their sacrifice, the whole Arab World, Iran, North Africa and Central Asia got a new political and ideological map and identity. The Prophet (peace be upon him) showed the importance of politics by making himself the head of the state. The rightly guided Caliphs also followed his great Sunnah by engaging in politics. But what is the take of 195 million Indian Muslims from the life of Prophet and the early Muslims? They can’t blame others for their own failure. Nobody is there to spoon feed them to make them stronger.   

But the Indian Muslims are known for their own invention. They have invented Tabligh Jamat -the Indian brand of Islam to serve the Muslim ummah. Their practice hardly shows any relevance to Prophet’s Islam which had Islamic state, practice of sharia, hudud, jihad and border-less Muslim unity. Millions of people who take part in Tabligh Jamat have little or no interest in political, educational or intellectual engagement. In fact, the political investment of the people of Tabligh Jamaat is almost zero. The can only make some dowa for wishful changes for themselves and for the ummah. Whereas Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has made it clear in the Holy Qur’an that He never changes the fate of a people unless they themselves change their own state. Education, unity, hard work, political engagement, sacrifices of money and blood are key to such change. Dowa works only after such investment. Hence, whatever agonies torment the Indian Muslims today are not the works of the enemies alone; they have earned themselves the most of it by utter neglect of their own obligation. 26.05.19        

The Global Terrorism against the Muslims & the Consequence

The terrorising war of the imperialists

Terrorism has a precise dictionary meaning. It is the use of weapons to fill people’s minds with terror for political or monetary gain. The terrorising power of a weapon depends directly and proportionately on its destructive power. So, the terror of a knife-wielding robber can’t match with the terror done with bombs, drones, missiles or nuclear bombs. Hence, no one on the earth can match the terrorising power of the USA. Awe of terror has some paralysing effect. This is why, while the USA Army with its massive air, land and naval power invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and went on killing spree there, no country or international body could show any sign of morality or humanity to protest against such blatant war crime. Even the UN had to bow down to the US barbarity.

In World War II, the US dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities. Its objective was not to occupy and colonise Japan. Instead, to achieve a massive terrorising goal. It could fill people’s mind all over the world with the devastating power of the new weapon. As a result, the USA –with the collaboration of other imperialists, could easily twist the political course of many parts the world to fit into its own agenda; even could dare disintegrate the whole map of of Middle East into more than 20 pieces. And, could also install an illegal state of Israel in its midst by cleansing its settled population.

The USA still continues to deploy the same strategy to terrorise the whole world –especially the Muslim World. President Donald Trump –a proven anti-Muslim rogue, destroyed almost every house of Mosul -the second largest city of Iraq to achieve that goal. He also razed the cities of Kobani, Raqqa, Fallujah, Ramadi, Deira’zour and many others to the ground for the same purpose. Whereas, the US could win the war without such massive destruction. President George W Bush too, had the same mind set. He invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to reinforce the image of the American might on the world stage. The main purpose of the USA’s occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria was not for oil or gas, but for terrorising the whole world, especially the Muslim population. It was a calculated act of robust terrorism to enforce full capitulation of the Muslim rulers. It has indeed fully achieved that. As a result, the US could easily twist the arms of the Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Emirati, Omani and Bahraini rulers to deposit trillions of petrodollar in the US economy. In return, the US provides security to these tyrants. Now they are trying to do the same against Iran. To continue with the same terrorising aim, the US government has embedded the whole world with thousands of military bases around the world. Now it has turned indispensable for the US to pursue such a coercive strategy to sustain its Super Power status. The US is already the most indebted country in the world – more than a trillion dollar it owes to China. The security cost of the US has turned so huge that it can’t sustain on its own.  Only through a coercive strategy, the US can force other nations to bear the maintenance cost of the American global empire. So, it has no other option but to engage in constant robbery –the classic version of terrorism, all over the world.


Terrorism with the distorted connotation

Military occupation never ends with mere physical occupation of a country. It is followed by occupation cum colonisation of people’s mind. And it is done through media. For that, the western imperialists and their partners in crime in the Muslim World have already taken over the media. As a result, they could hide their own crimes and demonise those who stand against them. The captured media helped them even to distort the true meaning of terrorism. So, in their vocabulary, those who are killing and terrorising the people with deadly weapons and reducing cities to ground are not labelled as terrorist. So, even the armed Israeli illegal settlers or soldiers who shoot at unarmed Palestinians are labelled innocent. In fact, they mean the opposite. The children who protest with empty hands or throw stones to the Israeli tanks are portrayed as terrorist. In Kashmir, the unarmed Kashmiri men, women and children who protest in the streets and demand freedom from Indian occupation are killed with a label of terrorist.


With the emerging trend of Islamic revival in the Muslim World, the meaning of terrorism has been given another deceitful distortion. Even the people who want to practise original Islam –as was practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with its indispensable components like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, shura and jihad, are also labelled as extremist cum terrorist. So, the fascist regimes in Egypt, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries do not hesitate to kill the unarmed Islamists. So, on 6th May in 2013, hundreds of sit-in protesters were killed in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka in Bangladesh and on 14th August in 2013, more than two thousand peaceful protestors were killed in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo.


Terrorism: a multi-national imperialist enterprise

A mad dog doesn’t need to be hurt to get offensive. The same is true with the imperialists. No man or woman from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria bombed any American city; but the Americans came from other end of the glove to bomb the cities of those countries to kill more than a million. They dropped bombs, mother of all bombs, depleted uranium bombs, missiles and drones to turn thousands of Muslim houses and hundreds of cities to rubbles. But such killing campaigns have never been labelled in the western countries as a terror campaign. The US forces have detained and tortured thousands of innocent people with the extreme brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They established torture cells in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Bagram base in Afghanistan, Abu Gharib in Iraq to run brutality in an industrial scale. They also introduced rendition scheme to franchise such torturing scheme to other regimes known for cruel state apparatus. Awfully, under the US patronage, terrorism thus has become a multi-national state enterprise.

It is worth noting that the US-led imperialists aren’t concerned about the absence of basic human rights in the Muslim countries ruled by the US-supported tyrants. They get happy if these brutal killers help strengthen the national security of the US and serve their political, ideological & economic interests. Moreover, they appreciate these tyrants if they crush any Islamic resurgence. This is why the killer tyrant like General Abul Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt gets such a robust appreciation for killing, torturing and arresting the Islamists. It is clear, in the world order established by the US-led western powers, there is no scope for the Muslims to raise their heads and emerge as a significant global power. Such a world order is only to safeguard the interests of the US-led imperialists and Israel. Its prime aim is to keep the Muslims de-empowered.


The case of Russia, China & India

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has taken the same route. Like the US, it has committed the similar crimes against the Chechen Muslims. And, like any other member state of the UN Security Council, Putin also enjoys full impunity for his war crimes. On the other hand, the Chechen Muslims are labelled as terrorists for demanding freedom from the Russian occupation. To suppress their aspiration and liberation movement, in the year of 2000, the whole Chechen city of Grozny was bombed to the ground. Thousands were killed and many more were put in torture cells. And the Russian brutality still continues. In the Soviet era, the Russians did the same in Afghanistan in the eighties. Although the Russians were badly defeated in Afghanistan in 1989, but they didn’t stop their anti-Muslim campaigns. Now they are dropping bombs in Syria; and trying to expand the same state terrorism to Libya and the Central Republic of Africa.

China is committing the same brutality against the Uighur Muslims. In the name of cultural education, the Chinese government is carrying out a massive social engineering project of de-Islamisation. About a million Muslims are being kept in prisons and are being brain washed to take them away from Islam. They are not allowed to enjoy the basic human rights -like the right to practise their own religion. Even they were prevented to keep fasting and wearing their traditional dress. The religious education has also been strictly restricted.

The case of India is no less brutal against the Muslims either. The Muslims constitute about 15% of Indian population; but they are not give even 5% of the government jobs. Socio-economically, they are kept inferior to so-called untouchables. The Indian Army is on a long killing mission in the Muslim majority state of Kashmir. About a hundred thousand Kashmiri Muslims have already been killed and thousands of Kashmiri women are raped. In the Indian vocabulary, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either. Rather, those who are standing for freedom from Indian occupation and wand basic human rights are labelled as terrorists.


The crime of the Israeli terrorists

The case of Israel is a classic example of a state that could be established solely through terrorism and could survive through terrorism. It is the old practice of ethnic cleansing of the original people and colonisation by the foreign people in modern age. The Jewish people came from all over the world to Palestine to grab lands from the Palestinians. The Palestinians are either killed or forced to live in refugee camps for more than 70 years. On the illegally seized lands, hundreds of thousands of luxurious flats are built for those who were not born in Palestine. The same old policy of eviction, the same policy of land grabbing and the same scheme of settling the foreign Jews in the Arab land that started 70 years ago still continue. Apartheid practice has died in South Africa, but now thrives in the occupied Palestine. The old western colonial powers not only support such illegal Israeli occupation of the Muslim lands, but also sponsor it economically and militarily. So, the crime of brutal occupation and killing continues unabated. And, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either.

There is no doubt that the Jews have suffered a lot under the fascist regime in the west. Millions of them faced brutal death there. But, instead of learning compassion and humanity, they have learned a lot of brutal skills and inhumanities. These are now being deployed against the Muslims in Palestine. This is why, the atrocities against the occupied people of Palestine could attain such a scale of brutality. They have even lost all morality and civility to call the on-going brutality against the Palestinians as a cruel act, let alone calling it terrorism. Hatred against the Muslims has been so deeply embedded in the mind of Israeli rulers that they even feel highly content to embrace Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India as the friend of Israel. Whereas Narendra Modi is an Indian version of Adolph Hitler for the Indian Muslims. In 2002, he engineered the killing of more than two thousands innocent Muslim men, women and children in Gujrat while he was the Chief Minister of the province. He also instigated his followers to raze historic Babri Mosque to the ground. Recognising his robust criminality, even the US government imposed ban on his entrance to the US –although later on withdrawn in order to promote the American business interest with India.


The case of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Army is already known for genocidal war crimes against the Tamils. Such crimes have already been documented by the international human rights organisations. But the failure of the international bodies like the UN and the International Criminal Court has emboldened them to continue the similar crimes against other people. Now their guns are turned against the Muslims. The extrajudicial killing has started with the new strategy to target the Muslims in their living quarters. To cover up the killing, they are telling the world that the Muslim women and children are blowing up themselves. Last year, the Sri Lankan Muslims didn’t explode any bomb anywhere; but the Buddhists hooligans led by the monks went on killing spree. They looted, vandalised and burnt down the Muslim houses and businesses. Such anti-Muslim rampage went on for many days; but the Sri Lankan Army and the police did very little to protect the Muslims’ life and properties. The judiciary too, showed its inaction to bring the criminals to justice. Moreover, such mob killings and arsons didn’t find any place in their vocabulary to be called as terrorism or Buddhist extremism.


Boiling up the Muslim blood

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, every crime has a consequence. The Muslims are terribly suffering from all sorts of barbarity in almost every part of the world. The people of no other faith suffer in such an awful way. The cases of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, Uighur, Rohingya are only a few to mention. In the west, the Muslim women are tormented only for wearing a head scarf. President Donal Trump has put a ban on the Muslims coming to the USA. The Indian Muslims are being lynched to death only for keeping or eating beef. Many East European countries have put wall of barbed wire to keep away the Muslim refugee out of their country. The Muslim countries ruled by the brutal dictators are embedded with thousands of Guantanamo Bay-like torture cells. The USA and its cronies like it.

The US, the French, the British, and the Italian Air Force have shown their ever readiness to bomb any people in any part of the world who want to go back to original Islam -as has been practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) about 15 hundred years ago. They have their own prescription for the Muslims. It is far away from the Qur’anic prescription. Hence, the Islamic basics like Islamic state, sharia, hudud, pan-Islamic brotherhood, khilafa, shura, jihad against enemy occupation have no place in it. They have no problem with the Saudi mass execution, the Emirati tribal barbarity, the Bangladeshi mockery of democracy by Shaikh Hasina and the brutal tyranny of Egypt’s Abul Fatah Sissi. They appreciate their Islam as true and moderate Islam. By any decent standard, these are not any innocent act; rather, highly heinous crime against Prophet’s Islam, the innocent Muslims and the humanity.

Because of the hostile policy of the imperialists and their servile cronies, there exists not even a single space on earth for full practice of true Islam –as was practised in Islam’s golden age! Thus, the Muslims are prohibited to be a full Muslim. Hostility towards Islam and the Muslims must have a limit. One must not forget that 1.6 billion Muslims are not a collection of dead bodies. They have souls, emotion, faith and intellect. They also share the same globe with others. The ongoing crimes against Islam and the Muslims are explosive enough to boil up their blood. The boiled-up blood can turn them to live bombs. And it is not unusual that the bombs fail to differentiate the innocents from the criminals. Islam doesn’t allow suicide; but doesn’t prohibit to be a war appliance. So, it seems, the planet is turning rapidly to be an unsafe place for everyone. 01.05.2019




The Cost of Independence & the Evil of Surrender

The most costly enterprise

Freedom or independence has never been attained free of cost. It is indeed the most costly entitlement in human life. It needs sacrifice of money, life and all forms of physical and intellectual abilities. One and half million Algerians needed to sacrifice their lives to attain independence from the French colonial occupation. More than 2 million Afghans had to sacrifice their lives to get freedom from the Soviet and the American occupation; and the battle still continues. The people of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Arakan still continue to sacrifice for the same cause. Whereas, mere physical survival doesn’t cost too much; even insects and animals can meet the necessary needs for such survival.

Surrender to the slavery is like floating with the high tide. Such slavery may provide the provision for animal-like physical survival; but takes away the liberty to live with the cherished vision, mission and ideology. This is why slavery to the kuffar is incompatible with Islam; it makes impossible for a Muslim to live like a Muslim. As if, it is living like a fish out of water. A Muslim needs to fulfil not only the survival needs, but also the ideological, educational, cultural and spiritual needs. The road map of Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and many other obligatory components can’t be pursued in captivity, it needs bigger space fully free from the enemy occupation. So, in Islam, it is so important to safeguard the independence of a Muslim state. As per prophetic narrative, working for a moment as a frontier-vigilante is more importance than spending the whole night in nafl prayer.

Such independence can never be earned by taking help from the foreign kuffars. The foreign forces fight wars only to impose their own occupation. The case of Middle East and Bangladesh gives ample evidences. The Arab nationalists conspired with the British and the French forces to disintegrate Osmania Khilafa and to bring independence to the Arab lands. But, it didn’t bring the promised independence. Instead, fetched slavery of the British and France. It caused terrible fragmentation of the Middle East, installed terrible tyrant on each fragment and gave birth to illegitimate Israel. The case of the Bengali nationalists is no less awful either. In 1971, they invited the Indian Army to get them separated from the former united Pakistan. Instead of independence, Bangladesh earned a subdued status in the geopolitical domain of India.

Like fighting for independence, staying independence against enemy onslaught is also highly expensive. Independence of a state can never sustain on enemy’s good will; it depends wholly on its defence capability. To attain such capability, it needs the necessary geopolitical potentials of the state and the political will and unity of the people. It also needs a bigger land mass, advanced weaponry and intense military skills of its citizen. Without such capacity, a state easily turns to a slave state. Awfully, this is the status of the most of the Muslim countries in the world. In fact, the defence capability of all the Muslim Countries combined hardly matches with that of a tiny Israel.


Independent nations and slave nations

The defence spending of country indeed works as the most accurate indicator to show how much importance it pays to its security, dignity and independence. All nations –like all individuals, don’t survive with the same agenda. A slave nation –like a slave man or woman, possesses a little esteem need. Hence, such a state spends a little on its defence and dignity. Its priority mostly lies on mere physical survival, at best to get some degree of economic wellbeing -even through cajoling the big powers, as Bangladesh does with India and Saudi Arabia does with the USA. Whereas an independent nation with a strong sense of dignity spends lion’s share of its budget on defence to earn prestige and influence on the world stage. They even compromise their economic wellbeing to build up the defence capability –as buoyantly prioritised by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan that his countrymen would prefer to eat grass but will build nuclear bomb.

The size of the economy of Russia is smaller than that of South Korea, but its political weight in the world politics match only with the USA. The foreign currency reserve of Pakistan is less than that of Bangladesh; but in the field of defence and world politics it fights shoulder to shoulder with a seven-time bigger India. The political and military weight of Pakistan owes to its nuclear weapons and other advanced weaponry. To preserve its status in the world politics, the USA spends trillions of dollars to strengthen the defence and almost continuously fight wars all over the world. For similar reason, every man and woman of Israel takes military training. Israel has also piled up huge number of nuclear bombs, missiles, fighter jets, drones and other sophisticated arsenals. The per capita weapons in Israel is indeed the highest in the whole world. Its defence force can reduce all the Arab capitals to rubbles within minutes. This is why the ruling tyrant in Cairo and in other Arab capitals cajole Israel for their survival.  


Absence of strategy & the deviation

But the Muslims in general invest a little to strengthen their defence. They seldom possess any defence strategy either. The Arab money is being invested heavily in the West to finance their arms industry and economic boom. This year Saudi Arabia alone declared investment of more than 40 billion dollar in India to strengthen the economy of this kuffar country -where the Muslims are regularly lynched to death on alleged beef eating. Such enormous petro-wealth didn’t help them to build even a good quality gun or bullet. A very few Muslims take military training. As a result, there are the most defenceless people on earth. So, foreign occupation is their fate. Those who join the Army in the Muslim countries, they do it only to conquer their own country and to grab the government offices, the government assets and the lucrative lands in big cities. This is why, the military coup is so common in the Muslim World.

Whereas, in the golden days of Islam, every Muslim was a soldier -including the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself. There was no sleeping or inactive Muslim. And in those days, the per capita weapons in the Islamic state was the highest in the whole world. More than 70 percent of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives. As a result, they could raise the finest civilisation in the whole human history and the most powerful super power in the contemporary world. But now, such commitment to the Islamic cause is labelled as extremism even by the Muslims. On the other hand, they label working as partners with the US-led imperialists as modernity and moderate Islam. 26.04.2019

Demilitarisation of the Muslim Ummah & the Worsening Calamity

The strategy of demilitarisation & the occupation

The massive militarisation of Islam’s enemies and the strict demilitarisation of the Muslim ummah are indeed the old two-prong enemy strategy that the Muslims are facing for centuries. Since the colonial takeover, its implementation has got highly intensified. The current occupation of the Muslim World by the western imperialists indeed owes to its high operational success. The enemy occupation has its various facets: mostly operates in the form of military, economic, cultural, ideological and political occupation. In fact, de-Islamisation, demilitarisation, demotivation and de-empowerment of the Muslim ummah started much earlier than the European colonial occupation. These were indeed accomplished by the home-grown evil despots. They did it to keep the monopoly of power in their own hand and to keep the people in a state of perpetual submission. This way, it proves that the enemies of Islam –whether native or alien, take the same strategy to sustain their occupation.

The process of de-empowerment of the ummah indeed started with the monopolisation of war by the home-grown enemies of Islam. Such a project made the common Muslims totally incapable to play their own role as the soldiers of Islam. They were made not only the silent observers of the despots’ war of occupation, but also forced to finance their own enslavement by paying high tolls to their coffer. During the rule of the tyrannical Muslim despots, defending the Muslim countries was made hostage to their own whims. Such an issues enjoyed little priority or importance in their policy. The demilitarisation of the Muslims by such despotic rulers was so total that while Bengal –the richest state in the contemporary world, was invaded by the private army of the East India Company, no arm or ammunition was found in the hand of the Bengali Muslims to defend themselves. Whereas, defending a country against the kuffar invasion is not mere patriotism, is indeed the expression of his true faith.

A wolf never preys on another wolf; rather looks for a weaker target. The foreign enemies too, hunt for the rich Muslim countries with the most demilitarised cum demotivated people. In the past, the divisive and de-militarisation policy of the native despots always allured the foreign enemies to invade the Muslim lands; and made it much easier for them to take over. This is why, Bengal becomes the first target of colonisation by the British in the whole Muslim World. In her most conducive milieu for the enemies, the collusion of the power-hungry Army Chief with the invading British proved catastrophic; it paved the way to end the Muslim rule not only in Bengal but also in the whole of India. The same strategy worked for the enemies in other parts of the Muslim World.  


The Islamic obligation and the failure

In the golden days of Islam, the defence of a Muslim state has never been an exclusive domain of the rulers and their cronies. It used to be the binding obligation on everyone. It used to be considered the most crucial issue for every Muslim citizen. According to Qur’an, any kuffar aggression against a Muslim land makes jihad obligatory on every believer on the first day of the aggression. But, how a Muslim can discharge such an obligatory role if he is disarmed by the ruler? It is indeed the ugliest crime that a despotic Muslim rulers could commit against Islam and the ummah. The practice still continues. The tyranny of autocratic rule is disappearing from most parts of the non-Muslim world; but it is thriving in the Muslim world. They have turned the whole Muslim World into a conglomerate of prisons cells for its own citizens. The people in prison cells can’t defend themselves -even if killed or tortured. Nor do they get helps from the inmates of other cells. The same is true for the Muslim World. Hence, when the people of Gaza are bombed by the Israeli jets, even the injured people can’t get access to the Egypt and the Egyptians don’t come to their help either. Thus, they are made hostage in their own land by their own rulers. Because of such a hostage state, whenever the imperialists invaded a Muslim land, its people couldn’t play any defensive role. They could only stare at the heavily armed invaders with a silent awe.


The only exception & the glory                                                                     

Amidst tides of surrenders, only the Afghan Muslims could stand as the exception. For that, there exists a distinctive reason. They were the only people on the earth who were not de-weaponised and de-empowered by their rulers. The per capita weapons in Afghanistan still stand the highest in the whole world. Hence, they could rightly fulfil the religious obligation in defending Islam and their country. This is why, the poor Afghans could show the most spectacular miracles by defeating three contemporary World Powers like the British, the Russian and the Americans while they were in their peak of military might. No country in the whole human history could show such valour successfully against three great World Powers.  

The history has repeatedly proven that staying armed with all necessary weapons is the best deterrence against the enemy offence. Keeping such readiness is indeed a Qur’anic obligation. In this regard, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala reveals His binding decree: “And make ready against them all that you can procure of the power, including horses of war (in modern days these must be tanks, war planes, missiles, ballistic missiles, heavy artillery, etc.) to terrorise the enemy of Allah and your own enemies and others besides whom, you may not know but Allah does know.” –(Sura Anfal, verse 60). Such a Qur’anic decree makes it an obligation on every Muslim ruler not only to equip the citizens with the necessary weapons and training, but also to mobilise them to the war field so that they can exercise their own obligatory role against any enemy invader. But that is not happening in the Muslim World. Because, the usurpers of the Muslim countries have their own agenda that conflicts with the agenda of Allah Subhana wa Ta’la. Since mass militarisation make their own illegal occupation unsustainable, the enemies –both the home-grown and the foreign, never wish that weapons should fall in the hands of the common people. As if, the common Muslims have no right, duty or obligation to engage in the defence of their own country!


The enemy monopolisation of war and weapons

In order to give sustenance to occupation and exploitation, the monopolisation of war and weapons by the imperialists and de-empowerment of the Muslims have always been the key strategies since day one of the occupation of any Muslim land. The British colonialists raised more than five hundred princely states in India; but the rulers of these so-called states were not allowed to have any effective army or frame any war strategy. They were used only as a tool to collect revenues, to keep the people de-empowered, and to protect the British monopoly of the British goods. The rulers of these vassal states could stay in power only because of their full submission to the colonial hegemony. Now, the direct colonial rule has ended; but the same policy of monopolisation of war by the despots and the de-empowerment of people still continues. Serving the interest of the US-led global coalition and keeping the Qur’anic principle away from the affairs of governance, education, culture and judiciary still work as the parts of the same agenda. Like the Indian princely states of the British era, the imperialists created and protect 22 states in the Middle East and 57 Muslim States globally. The matter of war policy, warfare and raising or dismantling political boundaries still remain in the imperialists’ hands. The presence of US-led coalition in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, and Mali adds enough evidence to such an ongoing policy of imperialists’ hegemony.


The crime and the worst calamity

Defending the frontiers of a Muslim country is no one’s monopoly. Nor is it the exclusive domain of a despot and his pet army. It is also crucial that the command of the Muslims’ defence force must not stay in the hands of the non-Muslims at any point of time –contrary to the norm under the European occupation. It must stay as an all-time exclusive domain of the Muslims –as was the rule during the golden days of Islam. Most importantly, it is the religious duty, as well the solemn right of every believer. Moreover, fighting in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la is not a salaried job, rather the highest ibadah in Islam. It is indeed the part of the deed that a believer needs to make with his Almighty Lord –as declared in verse 111 in sura Taubah. As per the deed, a believer sells his life and wealth to Allah Subhana wa Ta’la in exchange of a place in paradise. And he needs to spend the purchased assets of His Lord that are kept under his custody in His prescribed way: fighting in His way is a part of that.

As per prophetic narration, spending a moment on the frontier as defender of the Islamic state is more rewarding than standing the whole night in prayer. And, jihad -the greatest ibdah, does not take place in mosque or on a prayer mat; it happens only when one stands face to face against the enemies in a combat zone. A man can’t be a prophet anymore. But he can attain the status of a highly esteemed shahid and can stay very near to the prophets in paradise by taking part in jihad. This is why, most of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) took that highly honourable route. Hence, during the golden days of Islam, there was no need of any professional army or any cantonment. Instead, the whole ummah worked as a solidified army and every Muslim was a soldier. And, the whole land of Muslim ummah grew up as a cantonment. The downfall of the Muslim indeed started at a time when such tradition of the early Muslims was forgotten or ignored and the ummah stood de-militarised. It is indeed the ugliest crime of the autocrats that brought the worst calamity on to the ummah.

The fundamental right cum duty of a believer for defending his faith and country is usurped not only by the non-Muslim imperialist occupiers, but also by the so-called Muslim despots. A believer is thus prevented coercively from fulfilling his obligatory duty to fight against the established enemies. This way, he is prevented from taking part in jihad. It is indeed one of the most catastrophic consequences of occupation by the external or internal enemies of Islam. Thus a coercive prohibition is imposed on the promised route to the paradise. Jihadi spirit and war-skills of the common people are perceived as a serious threat to their evil rule. In order to condemn such an original Islamic spirit, they even put a tag of terrorism on it. Whereas, the most terrorising forces in the whole Muslim World are not the Islamists; they are the armies of the tyrannical despots and the imperialists. The main concern of the despots of the Muslim countries is not to defend Islam or independence, but to give sustenance to their own rule. They allow people to grow up only as submissive cowards, and not as death-defying fighters with the Islamic spirit. This way, the brave people are deliberately kept out of the country’s security or military corridors. This is why, the foreign invaders found it very easy to conquer the countries ruled by the most brutal dictators. The army of such despots show their skills only in quick surrender to the enemies or fleeing from the warfronts. The Arab despots’ wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973 against Israel give ample testimony to that.



For an autocratic ruler, war means a battle between two contestant ruling cliques and their pet armies. The common people are kept away from the scene. So, the history books hardly make any mention of the common people. The story of kings, amirs, shahs, sheikhs, presidents and other despots occupy the most part of it. Only the palaces of these despots could show their existence; and the dwellings of the common people of the past show no traces of their presence. In fact, apart from bearing the financial burden of the extravagant corrupt despots, the common citizens are given no political role and responsibility vis-à-vis governance and defence of any Muslim country. Hence, the common people are seldom equipped to do anything else in any war. Whereas, jihad against any kuffar occupation is a Qur’anic obligation on every believer. But, such teaching of Islam stand deeply hidden in the Muslim World. Even the imams of mosques and the teachers of the religious schools seldom mention such Qur’an prescriptions. The ruling despots frame laws, install courts and set vile media to sanitise their oppression -even the genocidal massacres and to vilify the opposition. They deploy huge team of police, prosecution and pet judges only to punish those who stand against their rule.


The road map of failures

The autocratic despots have caused awful other calamities, too. It has turned all the value-adding institutions for the common men and women highly dysfunctional, non-functional or corruptive. Hence, the life changing social engineering institutions like schools, colleges and universities, mosques, madrasah, police academies, civil and military staff colleges are doing more damages to the ummah than any good. Instead of promoting an enabling environment for the people, they are generating a culture of de-motivation, de-moralisation and de-empowerment. As a result, the social capital stands very low in almost all of the Muslim countries. The military defeats, the endemic Army coups, the internal strife and other political calamities indeed owe to failures of these institutions. This is why, despite trillions of dollars of unearned money from petroleum, gas, and other resources, the Arab Muslims stay most powerless and defenceless in the world. The despotic rulers in the Muslim world survives only because of the powerlessness of the common people. If these autocrats were put as ruler in any of the western countries, they would have been beheaded or dethroned instantly by the empowered native people –as happened to many of their kings in the past. But, these despots receive constant protection from the western imperialists. Because, these tyrants have proved their worth by keeping the Muslims confined in their heavily protected prison cells called states. In absence of such servile rulers, the exploitative interest of the western imperialists would have been in great peril. This is why the western powers keep so strong ties with the brutal autocrats like President Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt and Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. 

Moreover, the monopolisation of war in the hand of a power-grabbing army also has its own catastrophic consequence. If the army betray or collapse against the enemy, there existed no second line of defence. In the Muslim history, the failure of these so-called professional armies is huge. They caused awful disasters even in recent years. The secular Army has minimal appetite to fight any war to the end. In war of 1948, 1967 and 1973 with Israel, the coalition of Arab Armies were badly defeated by the tiny Israeli Army. The whole Sinai Valley, the West Bank and the Golan Heights were quickly lost to Israel. Whereas, few thousand Hamas fighters could resist the Israeli advance under continuous air attacks in Gaza for about 50 days. The coalition of Arab Armies couldn’t withstand that even for a week. In 1971, the Pakistan Army had the same disgraceful failure in East Pakistan. India did much less bombing in Dhaka and other parts of East Pakistan than the Israeli bombing in Gaza or the US bombing on Mosul. Mosul didn’t fall in 9 months, but Pakistan Army with its 45 thousands soldiers surrendered to infidel Indian army in less than 3 weeks. These so-called professional armies could show their skills only in conquering their own countries. In Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and many other Muslim countries they could do that for many times. The army could also grab huge number of residential areas for its officers in major cities.


The worsening calamity

The Muslim history reveals some amazing truths. All the great victories of the early Muslims against the world powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires were not the works of so-called professional armies raised in barracks or cantonments. Such spectacular victories in the whole human history indeed owe to the death-defying common Muslims. Those who defeated the British Army twice in the Afghan soil were not any professional army either, they were the Afghan common Muslims. In the last few decades, the two world powers like the USSR and the USA were also defeated in the Afghan soils by the same common people. The USA was also defeated in Vietnam by the same type of volunteer fighters. On the contrary, the defeat of the professional Bengal Army against the tiny private army of the British East India Company sets an example how they are useless to serve any Muslim cause. The Army of Nawab Sirajuddaulah –the last Muslim ruler of Bengal, had 50 thousand soldiers, 40 canons and 10 war-elephants in the battle field of Palashy. Whereas the East India Company had only three thousand soldiers under the command of Col. Robert Clive. But the Nawab lost the war before it was started. The betrayal of Mir Zafar –the Commander of the Muslim Army caused the catastrophe.


While an army is raised out of the people with no commitment to Islam, such disastrous failures are natural. Such army professionals quickly change the paymaster if receive a bigger promise. Due to such betrayal, in 1757, the Nawab’s Army in Bengal didn’t fight any real war against the British. No shot was fired from any canon. Thus, the British East India got an easy victory over a huge area of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa; and the fleeing Nawab was captured and killed. It was one of the fateful day not only for the Bengali Muslims, but also for the Indian Muslims as a whole. The disastrous consequence of the Muslim ummah at the hands of British indeed started from there. When the common people are de-empowered and kept out of the fateful scene, such terrible consequence is not unusual. Awfully, the process de-empowerment and demilitarisation continues. As a result, the calamity in the Muslim ummah also gets worse. 6.4.2019

The Wild White Racism & the Mass Killing in New Zealand

The pure evil & the calamity

The Australian senator Frazer Anning has quickly discovered the cause of man slaughter of 45 people in 2 mosques in Christchurch. He blames the increasing presence of Muslims in New Zealand as the cause of such a massacre! He argues: if there was no Muslim, there wouldn’t be any killing. So the Muslims are the problem, and not the murderer. So the implied solution of the problem -according to him, is taking steps to reduce the number of the Muslims amidst the white population. He would be definitely happy if the Muslims could be fully annihilated by any means. Now, it appears that the Christchurch killer has taken the gun to achieve that. Senator Frazer may feel very happy that the steps towards solving the problem has already been started; therefore, might have celebrated the event with his ideological associates. By any standard, it is pure evil. This is indeed the true face of white racism. But Mr Frazer sits in Australian Senate. It shows how such evil people are embedded in the white majority countries.

Toxic racism never stays silent; rather expresses through hate crimes. Such crimes never stay confined with killings in mosques or stabbing on streets; rather may take robust cataclysmic forms. Colonial wars, occupational wars, World Wars, ethnic cleansing, chemical bombing and even nuclear bombings are also the classic forms of hate crimes. Such crimes have always been perpetrated in the name of national security and supremacy. So, whatever crimes the Christchurch killer has committed inside mosques, the imperialist powers like the USA, the UK, France and others have been practising for centuries in the third countries. The people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are still experiencing the same by the hands of the USA state powers. Killing more than a million of innocent men and women in occupied countries, turning many Iraqi and Syrian cities to rubbles and persecution of thousands of men and women in Abu Ghareeb, Bagram, Kandahar and Guantanamo Bay are no less brutal than what happened in Christchurch. Therefore, those who committed and supported such crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Israel and other occupied lands can have enough sadistic stuff to celebrate the Christchurch massacre.

Such episodic massacre are only the symptoms. The disease lies much deeper. Here, the disease owes to toxic ideology of wild white racism. Even President Donald Trump describes the Christchurch killing as a terrible act. But, he fails to condemn the vile ideology that feed the white racism all over the world. A thief can’t condemn thievery. The same is true for the white supremacists. Donald Trump himself embodies the same moral disease; and Islamophobia lies in the heart of it.  And as the US President, he uses the White House and its institutional infrastructure to spread the virus of Islamophobia world-wide. Since he represents the disease, he doesn’t possess the moral force to condemn it.


The surge of Nazism

Racism hates logic; it flourishes only on hatred against the others. So, for a white supremacist, the increasing number of the western people in any eastern part of the globe is not a problem; but a tiny Muslim population in New Zealand or Australia is a big problem. So, the Muslims need to be vilified and demonised to make acceptable any anti-Muslim carnage. Such a mind-set raised Ku Klux Klan (KKK) –the American version of Nazi Party in the USA, to sustain white supremacy in the USA. The disease now shows a new surge –especially after the election victory of Donald Trump. Because of such a virulent moral disease, the presence of black Africans in the midst of white Europeans could work as a factor to instigate the white supremacist to reduce the number of the black people by brutal killing. Exactly the same moral disease showed its tip in Christ Church. Even President Donald Trump called it terrible incident. But he didn’t utter a single sentence to condemn the real disease -the white supremacism that played the pivotal role in the mass murder. The reason for President Trump’s silence against the disease is understandable: he himself is the part of the problem. Moreover, he downplayed the danger presented by the group and denied the significance of this horrendous crime.  

Since Donald Trump is the President of the most powerful state on earth, his words and policies matter. The killer of Christchurch considers President Trump as a hero of the white cause. The former leader of KKK also announced his supports for him. The reason is understandable; they are partners in the same crime. The massacre in Christchurch was only a one man’s job confined in two mosques. But, President Donald Trump did the same crime in an industrial scale. He engaged the US army to commit the hate crime against the Muslims in Syria and Iraq. The two mosques in Christchurch still stand on the ground; but Donald Trump razed Mosul, Raqqa, Deira Jour, Kobani, Ramadi and many other cities to the ground. He killed innocent children and women. Without extreme hatred, no one would go to that extent to commit such crimes. In fact, President Trump and the Christchurch murderer pursue the same agenda with the same intention, but only with a difference in geographical and numerical dimensions. Like the Christchurch killer, President Trump also wants to reduce the number of Muslims amidst the white population. This is why, he rejected 37,000 visa from Muslim majority countries in 2018 without any genuine reason. The only reason for the denial was their origin from the Muslim countries.


 The ideology of pure evil

What could be the worst racism than such annihilating agenda against the people of a specific faith or race? Hitler had the similar views against the Jews; therefore justified the killing of millions of them. The same ideology of white supremacy led the European colonialists to commit ethnic cleansing of the Red Indians from America, the Aborigines from Australia and the Maoris from New Zealand. The Muslims are not the new target either. The European crusaders committed similar genocidal massacres about a thousand year ago. These white supremacists think that the world must be an exclusive place for the white. They think that they must possess the invading rights, the plundering rights and the ethnic cleansing rights everywhere. The Europeans executed such rights in their colonial days; the USA execute such rights currently in the Middle East, and the Israelis execute similar rights in Palestine. And in Christchurch, the white supremacist killer practised the same right against the Muslims.

Killing of 49 people in 2 mosques in New Zealand is in fact an eruption of a volcano of anti-Muslim hatred that runs much deeper in many of the non-Muslim countries. It is only a tip of a huge iceberg. The killer doesn’t represent his own madness, rather exposes the collective toxic psyche of the Islamophobic supremacists. Since such sick psychic state gets more virulence in Islamophobic tide, it wouldn’t be the first and the last carnage against the Muslims. As long as the hate-mongering leaders like President Donald Trump, the Islamophobic TV channels and newspapers continue to inject anti-Muslim venom into the public psyche, hate-crime shows little sign of recession; rather may have more horrendous hypes. Since Donald Trump stepped into the White House, the anti-Muslim hate crime shows a steep rise. The western media’s contribution to such crime is awful. A recent study shows that the New York Times publishes more negative articles against Islam and the Muslims than against cancer and cocaine. And London’s Daily Mail and Daily Sun regularly feed Islamophobia by publishes articles against Islam and the Muslims. The same newspapers overlook the war crimes of the occupation armies in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine.        


The crossroads and the only option

The western leaders are obsessed to condemn the extremists in the Muslim World. But they ignore their own home-grown extremism and terrorism. They fail to understand that what happens in the Muslim countries in the form of extremism was never there prior to the western invasion. These are indeed the reaction towards the western state-run terrorism cum colonial wars of occupation in the Muslim lands. The original venom of extremism indeed lies in the West. What could be the worst form of extremism than the white supremacist ideology that caused genocidal killing, ethnic cleansing, World Wars, war crimes and nuclear crimes?

The western countries must cure their own moral cancer. They must understand that such a disease doesn’t get cured on its own. If they fail to cure it, it can only turn worse. So the western leaders stand on crossroads. They must decide which road they want to take: path of peaceful co-existence with the fellow Muslims or the path of war and mutual annihilation. They also need to understand that all humans live in the same global village; there exists no option other than sharing the same planet. Hatred is counterproductive; it can only generate more hatred. Hence, it needs to be understood that the white supremacist ideology of President Trump and his ideological mates like the Christchurch killer can’t be a part of the cure. Who can deny the Muslims’ right? Like any people on earth, they too, need a space to fully practise their faith in any part of the globe –as was practised by their prophet. No one can snatch the right by labelling it fundamentalism. Donald Trump can flatten Muslim cities and kill millions, his ideological mate too, can slaughter Muslims in Mosques; but this way they can’t make the world safe for anyone.16.03.2019


The Issue of Islamic State & the Muslims’ Forgotten Priority

The greatest good deed

Any good deed -like building houses, hospitals, roads and industries for people, is definitely a good deed. Providing jobs, giving charity and protecting men and women from thieves and killers are also laudable good deeds. But the greatest good deed is to release people from the path of hell and guide them towards the path of paradise -called Siratul Mustaqeem. It saves people not only from an eternal torment in the blazing hellfire, but also takes them to a blissful place in the haven. It is indeed the greatest prophetic job. It is a huge job and also the most difficult job. Billions of tons of gold can’t match its worth. Surprisingly, nobody pays money or appreciation for that job. Rather, in all ages –as it is today, met with the severest form of resistance from all sorts of evil forces. Because, Satan, too, survives in all ages to promote his sinister design. A coalition of satanic forces has always there to undo such job.

Only the greatest people –like the Divine prophets and their faithful companions, could take that as a life-long mission to do the job. Because of the coalition of the evil forces, no man or an institution can’t do the job alone. Even the most successful man in human history in doing the job –Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), couldn’t do it alone. He also needed a powerful Islamic state and its huge infrastructure. In fact, as per Divine guidance, he needed to build such a state himself and also worked as the head of such a state. For building and protecting such a state, he had to make relentless efforts, raise an army of committed people and engage in an incessant war. In fact, making such an Islamic state is the greatest sunnah cum legacy of the final prophet of Islam. 

State is the most powerful human institution on earth. Its constructive as well as corruptive and destructive power is immense. If the state raises barrier against the path towards paradise, no individual can remove it. It possesses the most massive tools like educational institutes, media, administrative bodies and political outfits to enforce cultural and ideological engineering. It can make even the most intelligent citizens of a country to accept the worst tyrant like Pharaoh as a god and Hitler as a leader. Moreover, the state institutions possess the unfettered power to commit massive war crimes and even nuclear crimes. This is why, all satanic forces use this corruptive and coercive power of the states as a tool to corrupt people’s mind. Such state-power and state-owned institutions make it easy to take people to the hell-fire. Therefore, without the full control over the state power, the social, religious or spiritual change of the people is a wishful thinking.

The greatest legacy & the betrayal

What could be the greatest ibada (servitude) to Allah SWT and the most beneficial service to the mankind than snatching this powerful tool like statecraft from the possession of Satanic forces of evil? The prophet didn’t allow such a crucial tool to stay in their hands. Taking its control in the Muslim hands was indeed the most important priority of Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) and the early Muslims. While the Prophet (peace upon him) migrated to Medina, he didn’t build his own house, rather raised the foundation of the Islamic state on day one. Prophet’s mosque in Medina started to work as the administrative as well as the secretarial Head Quarter of the Islamic state. And it continued to do so till the last day of his rule. Thus, he laid the foundation of the Islamic civilisation –the finest civilisation in the whole human history. Thus he showed to his followers of all ages, what should be the highest priority in Muslims’ life. But such priority now stays fully forgotten in Muslims’ psyche. What else could be worst betrayal of Prophet’s Sunnah than this? And how could the Muslims expect any success or mercy from Allah SWT here and in hereafter with such blatant betrayal of the prophet?  

State-building for an Islamic cause never happen peacefully. Evil forces find their death in it; hence enemy’s war become unavoidable. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with his highest moral height and peaceful gesture couldn’t win the heart of the enemies. Annihilating the Islamic state at its nascent state was the common strategy of all evil forces of Arabia –as it is now globally. Therefore, every Muslim had to take the challenge seriously. Not a single Muslim stayed away from the fight; in fact, engaging against the enemies was taken as a marker of iman. Whoever disengaged, was labelled as munafiq (hypocrite). Sacrificing time, money, intellectual abilities in building and defending the Islamic state was considered the greatest good deed on earth. In fact, more than 70 percent of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives for defending such an Islamic state. The Muslims could raise greatest power in the contemporary world only because of their huge sacrifices. But how many Muslims are following such a route today? Even not one in a million! This is indeed the seminal cause of the Muslims’ failure today. And, it is the most distinctive point of difference between the early Muslims and today’s Muslims.

The missing Islamic state and the calamity

The Muslims have now have 57 states, millions of mosques, and hundreds of thousands of schools and colleges. Since the states are secular; the state-run institutions are also secular. This goes diagonally opposite to the prophetic tradition. A train engine can’t fit into a car. Similarly, people with secular mind set can’t fit into Islam. The secular institutions –established by kuffar colonialists, could produce huge number of economic and political animals, but unable to produce Muslims with true faith. This is indeed the key problem of the Muslim World. Such a huge number of institution couldn’t make the Muslims closer to siratul mustaqim. As a result of such a detachment from the Qur’anic road map, they can’t practise sharia either! Whereas, it is explicitly mentioned in the holy Quran that those who don’t adhere to sharia are indeed kafir (disbeliever), zaleem (oppressor) and fasic (sinner) -as revealed in Sura Maida, verse 44, 45 and 47. Kuffar-made law in courts tells a lot about the Muslims’ faith. Faith needs to be expressed through practice. Otherwise, it is sheer hypocrisy. How is it possible that a Muslim declares his or her faith in Allah SWT but practise laws prescribed by the kuffars? Awfully, it is the norm in almost all the Muslim countries!


Nothing can be a substitute of an Islamic state and its institutions. In fact, Islam can’t be fully practised without an Islamic state. Such a failure makes the Muslims face to face with the catastrophic crisis. It takes away the key of any success from the Muslims’ hands. Since victory and honour come only from Allah SWT, full practice of Islam is crucial. Without practising Islam, how can they expect blessing from Allah SWT? It make one fully unfit for His mercy. And, without His mercy, how can they expect victory and honour in this world and in the hereafter?



Even the enemies of Islam understand the power of an Islamic state. This why, they don’t put any bar to build mosques, schools and colleges in any Muslim land, but start bombing and turn cities into rubbles when attempts are made to build an Islamic state. It is an irony that most of the Muslims don’t understand the significance of an Islamic state. Nor do they understand the dire consequence of its imposed absence. So, they could easily ignore the greatest legacy of the prophet (peace be upon him). Rather, they could even stand shoulder to shoulder with the kuffars to annihilate such a state. Thus, they prove, how fake is their belief in Islam; and how deceitful is their love for the sunna of the prophet (peace be upon him). Whereas, Satan and his every agent on earth understands the true strength of an Islamic state. This is why, the enemies who have read the Islamic history and possess venom against the Muslims –as they had during their colonial days, show their readiness to dismantle any Islamic state in any part of the world. Can a Muslim sustain his or her iman if stay silent or aloof in such an aggressive war against Islam and the Muslims?  15.03.2019

The Fascist Occupation & the Tragedies in the Muslim World

The foreign fascists & the crime

Literally, fascism is an autocratic system of ruling by possessing all political power in one hand and by brutal annihilation of all forms of opposition and criticism. It is an extreme form totalitarianism; it makes shameless mockery of election, judiciary and prosecution. What robbers and thieves commit in darkness, the fascists do it daylight. It entails strict regimentation of all political, industrial, judicial and educational policies of the country with aggressive nationalist or racist attitude. If judged on such parameters, all the colonial rule of the European imperialists would perfectly fit into a frame of extreme fascism. Whenever and wherever they occupy a country, they immediately turn to worst fascists. Such occupation thus brings worst tragedies for the people in occupied countries. In fact, fascism is taken as a political tool to sustain the occupation. They occupy almost every things. All crucial sectors of the country stay under their full control. The citizens of the occupied countries turn mere political slave. They are given no political space or role to decide the fate of their own life and their own country. They are not given the right to practise even their own Qur’anic law. The US did the same after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is indeed the consequence of every occupation. So, in Islam, it is the most hateful act to embrace it.

One can easily see the ugliest form of fascism in the British occupation of Bengal. They occupied the country for economic exploitation in every possible way; no higher human conscience worked here. So, they could chop off the fingers of the native muslin weavers without any remorse. They deemed it as an economic necessity to secure monopoly of the British clothes. For the same reason, they didn’t feel any moral guilt to force the poor cultivators of Bengal to grow indigo plant, instead of rice, to feed the demand of their own domestic and international markets. Due to such moral death, these fascist imperialists didn’t feel any remorse either for the great Bengal famine of 1769-73 that killed almost one-third of the population. The famine was caused by the mindless colonial exploitation and the sheer neglect of food delivery. Before the British occupation, the fertile land of Bengal never had such famine in her entire history, rather had remarkable affluence –as recorded by the famous traveller Ibn-e-Battuta in his diary. The colonialist didn’t face any moral remorse either when they ethnically cleansed millions of Red Indians in America and millions of the Aborigines in Australia. Like sending people to gas chambers, the extermination of people by traditional ways of man-slaughtering or by politically engineered famine also remain the favoured options of the fascists. With such lowest low of the morality, the US could drop nuclear bombs too. How such fascists can claim any moral edge over the Nazi fascists?     


The native fascists

With the end of colonial occupation, the rule of the foreign fascists ended formally in the Muslim World. But a new era of occupation started with the home-grown fascists. Bangladesh, Egypt and Uzbekistan are indeed the perfect prototype to display the ugliest calamity of such occupation. They possess almost all the traits of the colonial fascists. They, too, are the worst enemy of Islam. Like the colonial era, the people of these occupied countries still stand deprived of basic human, political and religious rights. Islamic education, culture and sharia are given no space; all spaces in politics, judiciary, education and administration are grabbed by these fascists. In all these occupied countries, the opposition parties are not allowed to hold any public meeting. The free press is gagged. They elect themselves as the ruler, and raise courts to convict their political opponents. The political process has been restrained only to chant chorus in support of the rulers. These fascists fully understand that the real constituency of their power is not the people, but the foreign powers in Washington, Moscow, Delhi, France or other cities. That is why, Shaikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan and other fascist occupiers didn’t bother about the public anger. They stay more focused to fulfil the agenda of their foreign master. They understand, if the foreign life-support is withdrawn, they will instantly meet their political death like Shah of Iran or Mubarak of Egypt. Hence, their compliance to the foreign masters is hundred per cent. As a result, the Muslim World is impregnated with a new set of slave dynasty. Due to such slave rulers, India does not face any difficulty to get full length corridors or business deals in Bangladesh. They can even install the spy camp inside the cantonment. Nor does the USA face any difficulty in setting up military bases or recruiting foot soldiers for her war against Islam from the Muslim countries. These are indeed the ugliest calamities of occupation.


The brutal fascism: the case of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh grabbed power in 2013 without a proper election. Out of 300 seats of the parliaments, 152 MP got elected without a single ballot paper being casted in any ballot box. In the whole election process, even 5% voters didn’t attend the polling booth to cast their vote. But this time, on 30 December, 2018, Hasina touched the lowest low of immorality. She made a history in annals of election; the ballot boxes were filled with ballots in the night prior to the polling day. So, the people didn’t need to cast any votes; the voters were ask to return home. The job was done by the party hooligans and the subservient polling officers. In a constituency of Gopalgonj district, Shaikh Hasina got 229, 531 votes and the main opposition party candidate Lt. Col (retired) Faruk Khan got only 123 votes. It tells loudly a lot about the nonsensical farce of the so-called election. But still Mrs Hasina does not feel any shame to claim as the elected the Prime Minister. Under her rule, the judiciary, the prosecution and the law enforcing agencies look equally nonsensical. They stand ever ready to hang anybody if Shaikh Hasina wishes his elimination. Scores of opposition leaders have already been eliminated by these subservient people. It is significant to note that the Prime Minister India and the President of China didn’t show any morality either; they were prompt to congratulate such a proven ruthless robber of public votes.

Shaikh Hasina’s government is the largest terrorist outfit in the country to terrorise the people. The police, the army and the border guards are being used to kills and suppress the opposition parties and their members. For example, on 5th May, 2013, hundreds of protesters of Hefazat-e-Islam  -a religious conservative party, were killed or wounded on the streets of Dhaka. The dead bodies were stolen from the scene to hide the intensity of crime. Hundreds of the opposition activists are being kidnapped by the police and the security personnel in plain clothes; and they never return them back. Now Bangladesh stands more occupied then Kashmir. Although claims be secular, but the country has been converted a perfect satanic state. A 100% domestic court has been given a label of international criminal court to convict and hang the potential political opponents. He turned the judiciary a servile institution to serve only the ruling clique. Like the colonial era, the common people have a given a role only to be silent bystanders.


The fascists in the Muslim World and the patrons

In Egypt, the Army has become the most brutal fascist outfit. General Abul Fatah Sisi –the Army chief grabbed power only by military force by removing Dr Morsi -the firstly elected President in Egypt’s history. He killed thousands people to secure the power. In Uzbekistan, another fascist Islam Karimov rule the country with iron fist since the country’s independence from Soviet Union since his recent death. The big powers of the world always run business as usual with this criminals. Their only concern is to prevent any possible Islamic resurgence –the only perceived threat to their dominance. Since these home-grown fascists are pursuing the same political objective enjoy perfect ideological and political match with the imperialist warlords in Washington, Moscow, Delhi or Paris. Such policy of the international fascists gets overtly displayed in Syria. Bashar al Assad has proved to be one of the most brutal fascist in human history. He has killed nearly 4 hundred thousand Syrians and caused more destruction to the country’s largest city Aleppo than it was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He has driven out 8 million people from their home. But removing him from power is no issue for the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans. The bombers of these countries are cautiously avoiding his palace. Their only agenda is to fight the Islamists there; hence perfectly match with the agenda of the terrorist gangs of Bashar al Assad. Such international nexus of the anti-Islamic fascists not only creates havoc in the Middle East, but also appears as the greatest threat against peace of the whole mankind. Once there was only Adolf Hitler in the world and the terrorism of that fascist was more or less contained in the smallest continent of the world, but now so many Hitlers are working together to terrorize the whole world. Such a horrendous calamity never happened in the whole human history.      


The Imperialists’ War Coalition & the Calamity of Moral Death

The coalition in crime            

The Muslims now face one of the most critical crisis in the history. Deaths and destruction abound everywhere. Alavi Shia regime of President Bashar al Assad in Syria and the pro-Iran Shia regime in Iraq are relentlessly engaged in killing the Sunni Muslims and destruction of Islam’s historic heart land. They have forged coalition with the known external enemies of Islam. The majority Sunni Muslims of Iran had the same fate of persecution and genocidal cleansing with Shia occupation of that country by the Safavi Shia rulers in the early sixteenth century. They were give two option: either to convert to Shia belief or die. The predominant Sunni Iran was then forcefully converted to a Shia Iran; and a wall of complete separation was built against Muslim World on a sectarian line. Since then, Shia Iran worked as a close partner of the European imperialists to restrict or truncate the Osmania khilafa –the citadel of Muslim power in those days. Today, Iran has returned back exactly to the same old role. They trust and make partnership with the non-Muslims than the Muslims. Imam Khomeini –the father of Iranian revolution in 1979, used to call the US as great Shaitan, but now Iran has embraced the US to foil any attempt of emerging the Muslims as a great civilizational power.  

Razing cities after cities to the ground, killing people and evicting them as destitute into a foreign land is not the job of a country’s government; these are the agenda of the enemy. Israel is doing that to the Palestinians since its creation. The US did the same in Iraq and Afghanistan. But both the Syrian and Iraqi Shia regimes are doing the same to the native Muslims. Such acts could only please the enemy of Islam and invite more military and monetary help to cause more death and destruction. In fact, to add more brutality to the destruction, the old and established enemies of Islam have already joined the Shia mission. The US and its partners are providing the high tech destructive weapons to Iraq to do the job with more ferocity. The US usually gives such weapons of mass destruction to Israel to keep its brutal occupation in Palestine. But now the US has many Israel in the area to do its job and crush any possible Islamic resurgence. The Syrian regime too, receives similar weapons from its Russia to do the same job. Along with the Americans, thousands of Iranian revolutionary guard fighters and Iranian Army personnel have joined the war to cleanse Iraq of its Sunni population. In Syria, along with the Russians, thousands of Shia fighters from Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan have joined the Syrian regime in its war against the Sunni majority. As a result, the whole Muslim heartland is quickly becoming a complete war zone. The flame of war that was ignited by the US and its coalition partners in Afghanistan and Iraq, now receives explosive fuel.  

Neither the US, nor Russia rely on the local clients to promote their agenda. Hence they have themselves entered into the war. Thus they show, it is their own war. The Russian Air Forces now run an intense bombing campaign in Syria. The US Air Force is doing the same in Iraq. Most parts of historic cities like Aleppo, Homes, Hama, Idlib, Zabadani, Daraya, Kobani in Syria and Ramadi, Tikrit, Hadisa and Fallujah in Iraq are already reduced to heaps of rubbles. During the US occupation, the cities like Fallujah, Tikrit and Mosul –the citadel of resistance against the occupation, were destroyed several times; now face the combined assault of the US, Iraq and Iran. Thousands of the US Army personnel are now fighting alongside the Iraqi and the Kurdish fighters. Likewise, hundreds of Russians are fighting alongside the Syrian regime. The Sunni men, women and children are being bombed only to force them to a full surrender. In both Syria and Iraq, since there is little sign of collapse of the resistance, killings and destructions are not going to end either.


The crime of silence

In the corridor of crimes, keeping silence has an immoral implication. Such silence is itself a crime of appeasing a criminal. Those who can stop crime, their silence and inaction is a major sin in Islam. “Enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong” is the Qur’anic assignment for every believing man and women. Hence, silence is incompatible with the Islamic way of life. It may be pursued by morally sick people not to distract, disturb or resist the criminals from wrongdoings. But such silence indeed prevails all over the world. Even in World Wars, none of the warring countries was so heavily bombed and had half of the population evicted from homes. The UN could stop the war; it is its official duty to do so. But the member states couldn’t pass even a single resolution to condemn such genocidal war crimes. No amount of barrel bombs, chemical bombs, cluster bombs could break the passionate inaction of this world body. So, the ugly war crime continues. The UN thus becomes accomplice to crime.

There is a discernible reason for such failures of the UN. The UN’s governing body –the Security Council, stands fully occupied by a club of established war criminals. It is a post-World War II creation; hence work of a psyche loaded with pathological greed for global hegemony. The warring parties of two World Wars showed their teeth of barbarity by killing more than 75 million people. The US –the most powerful member of the club set a new high of cruelty by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that instantly killed about 140, 000 people. The organisation came into being only to sustain the newly gained supremacy of the winning parties in the war. As members of the same club, the US, the Soviet Union, the UK, France and China secured the veto-owning permanent status in the Security Council; the majority of the world population were thus kept out of this most powerful UN body. There is proof that the UN aims at freeing the world from further wars. Instead, the veto-owning countries proved to be the key promoter of war across world. How the UN can think of stopping any war while most of the bombs and missiles are still being are made and dropped by the five permanent members of the Security Council. The UN stands hostage to their domineering interest of the big powers; as a result, it can’t condemn even the most grotesque war crimes of the client state –as happened repeatedly in the case of Israel. Such strangulation by the warmongering stakeholders only could lead to its moral death. In fact, the moral death of the UN is so much pronounced that it couldn’t find any ethical problem in giving recognition to illegal creation of Israel on the occupied land of the local Arabs. Nor did it find any immorality to give prompt legality to the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, instead of stopping or condemning the massive death and destruction in Iraq and Syria, the UN ratifies such barbarity of the US and Russia and their partners. Now, not only people of Iraq and Syria, but also the whole world stands hostage to the brutal immorality of the killer big powers.

Even after colossal deaths and destruction in two World Wars, the warring countries like US, the UK, Russia, France and China didn’t exhaust their appetite to commit more crimes in their own backyard or in their occupied lands. The post-World War genocides in Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Xinxiang, Algeria and many other countries give convincing testimony to that. While the UN itself stands captive of their veto power; how can such an organisation help others get free from their captivity? So the UN couldn’t do anything for the people under occupation in Palestine, Kashmir, Arakan (Rakhayan state in Myanmar), Chechnya, Xinxiang and many other parts of the world. In fact, the UN had its moral death on the first day of its birth; and due to the corruptive immorality of the stakeholders, the moral death has turned global. As a result, the coalition’s brutality in Iraq and Syria gets support from almost all western countries. Due to the same moral death, they didn’t bother to support the illegal creation of Israeli on the occupied land of Palestine and the massive destruction and massacre in Gaza. The US’s perversion is so huge that its army personnel embraced the Kurdish YPG terrorists in Syria as the partners of war, though they are known as terrorist even by the US administration for years. To demonstrate their comradeship with YPG, the US army personnel also wore their Marxist-Leninist emblem. Due to their anti-Islamic obsession, they are ready to embrace any anti-Islamic thugs like the killer Abdul Fattah Sisi of Egypt, YPG terrorists and Bashar al-Assad of Syria.    


The culture of immorality

Immorality or moral death is no less epidemic than the most epidemic form of physical illnesses. Moral death of Pharaoh thus affected the Egyptian too. Hence, they become a party to brutal crimes against the Bani Israel. Hitler’s moral death thus affected the Germans too, they became feeders of the gas chambers against the Jews. Likewise, in modern days, the moral death is not confined with the imperialist circles; the leaders of the Muslim countries are also infected with the same disease. Hence they stand silent –as if they have no role to stop the ongoing barbarity.    

 In all ages, it has been the culture of evil forces to rejoice deaths and destruction in their occupied lands. Such enemy practices are not new in the Muslim lands. In recent time, the people of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq have seen the dancing perpetrators of such crimes on their streets. In the medieval era, it was crusade – a genocidal war of the European Christian coalition in land of Palestine. The infidels of Makkah or the Christians of Jerusalem didn’t feel even the slightest horror of war when the cities were taken over by the Muslims. Not a single man was killed while Jerusalem came under the Muslim rule. But the Muslims of Jerusalem had a full blood bath when it was taken by the Crusaders. That happened too, to the Muslims of Spain by the Christian conquerors: it was a total cleansing of Muslims and Islam there. The same horror visited the Muslim World and many Asian and African countries in the 18th and 19th century with the colonisation by the European imperialists. In 20th century it was the joint invasion of the Osmania khilafa, mutilation of the Muslim Middle East into more than 20 pieces and the creation of the illegal state of Israel in their midst by forceful eviction of  its original inhabitants. And now it is the 21st century crusade with a new high of barbarity. Thousands of bombs and missiles are being dropped on their head, such barbarity never happened with any other people on earth.

Every disease has its own causes, pathology and symptoms. Therefore, the current brutality against the Muslims has its own causes and pathological backdrop, too. The anti-Muslim hatred of the early Crusaders never died out from the European psyche. It has in fact re-emerged in 21st century’s Western imperialism with more virulence. It has only taken a new form. The individual western country no more works like lone predators in the Muslim World; now they don’t have such power to do that either. Hence, they need to form a global coalition. Therefore, in the occupation and destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US was not alone. More than 40 countries joined its crusade. While starting the invasion, President George Bush used the narrative of crusade in TV speech with the full understanding of its historical motive and perspective. And now, more than 60 countries contribute to the US crusade in Iraq and Syria –as claimed by John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. Now, both the Western and the Eastern brands of the Christian imperialists are concurrently committing their atrocities in a coordinated manner. The declared aim of the joint campaign is not to harm Basher al-Assad of Syria or sectarian Shia regime in Iraq, but to resist any attempt of Islamic resurgence.

So the world enters into a new stage. Such a huge and joint enterprise in killing never happened before; not even in the World Wars. Death, destruction and eviction and other brutality that started in Palestine about 70 years ago, are now taking place with more intensity in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine and many other Muslim countries. The men, women and children who never left their home before, are now forced to leave their country. The poor and innocent people of Afghanistan tasted 24 years of American and Russian atrocities; 1l years (1979-89) by the hand of Russians and 13 years (2001-14) by the Americans. They forced more than 5 million Afghans to leave the country and killed more than one and half million. Although, the US announced the withdrawal of its troop in 2014, but it wasn’t a full pull-out. Hence the occupation hasn’t truly ended; therefore, Afghanistan still stays occupied and the killing still continues. The same occupation continues in Iraq.


The new high in barbarity

The USA, Russia and other imperialists have their own agenda in the occupation in Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. The natural resources and the strategic importance of the region have attracted more enemies than friends; therefore, added more deaths and destruction to the people. An enemy state like Israel was established in the heart of Muslim Middle East to make such suffering a permanent feature of the Muslim life. The imperialist countries find their security interest in every oil field, gas field, cotton field, water way and most importantly even in the Islamic belief of the Muslims. In order to protect such self-declared security interest they claim they have the right to declare any war or pre-emptive war against any country in the world. On such self-manufactured pretext the US invaded and destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq. The mission of destruction hasn’t stopped yet, Syria, Libya, Mali, Yemen and many more countries are added to the list. Any resistance to such imposed war of aggression is called terrorism.  Any Islamic resurgence to go back to the prophetic Islam of sharia, hudud, khilafa and jihad is conceived as a threat to their security interest. So Muslims are being bombed to restrict their Islamic practice to the US prescription. Both the US and Russian are bombing people to force them surrendering to their hegemony -as Israel is doing since its illegal creation.


The status quo of failure

The leaders of the imperialist camps have no quarrel with the brutal killers in the regions like General Abdul Fattah al Sisi of Egypt, the Saudi King or other autocrats. Although they dropped thousands of bombs on the innocent civilians, but never used a single word against them. On the contrary, they have forged a close coalition with these killer regimes to pursue a common agenda. The common agenda entails the status quo of autocratic rule, keeping intact the divisive walls and non-implementation of Islamic obligations like sharia, khilafa, jihad, hudud and the Muslim unity. Such status quo is indeed the infrastructure to keep the Muslim ummah weak and defeated. It has shown its full efficiency in preventing the resurgence of Islam as a global power. This is why the anti-Islamic global coalition is very keen to do everything to give sustenance to this status quo; any attempt to dismantle any element of it is considered a threat to their so-called security interest. They call it a threat of global stability. So the concurrent wars of the various imperialists has become a global war on Islam and the Muslims. It is also the war of their own survival as the world’s dominant power.

It is a common strategy of the imperialists to put some humanitarian façades to hide the real intention. But how a humanitarian cause could be served by dropping bombs and missiles on civilian population? They have already displayed their intention by flattening cities, killing men, women and children and igniting the ethnic feuds. They have poisoned even the innocent environment of the occupied land. The US Air Force dropped depleted uranium and other toxic chemicals on Iraqi cities and villages. Thus they have polluted the soils and water so badly that it will take generations to produce healthy foods and vegetables –as reported by many international experts. As an outcome of such US crime, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children are born with birth defects or cancer. The intensity of destruction is unparalleled in the whole human history; no other country received so many bombs and missiles in the past –not even during the World Wars. In Iraq and Syria, human deaths have been almost 7 times higher than the deaths by nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, the US barbarity has indeed attained an unprecedented new high. And the killing still continues. This way, the US reveals its moral death. And only with such moral death, the people in the White House, in the US Congress and in the media could celebrate such colossal barbarity in Iraq and Afghanistan as “mission accomplished”. However, in the Muslim countries, they could also find people with the same moral death. They readily forged coalition with them; therefore while US bomber drops bombs on his own could get the excuse to call it a coalition bombing. It is no surprise that even a brutal killer gets plenty of love from his domestic pets. In the Muslim countries, the imperialists invested heavily to raise such pets with no moral entity. The British did it successfully during their colonial era through its mind-manipulating education system. Hence when the British Army occupied Iraq and Palestine in 1917, most of its soldiers were such pets grown up in its colonies. In most of the Muslim countries, such mind corruptive system still continues. So in the Muslim lands, there is no shortage of such peoples who love fighting shoulder to shoulder with the foreign occupiers and kill their own people. Hence, thousands of such people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries have already joined the US-led war.


The new power equation

The Russia and the US were known for mutual enmity for ages. In the post-World War era, they couldn’t stay on the same side of any war. They were the enemies in the Korean and the Vietnam wars. They were engaged in the Cold War for about half a century. But now they stand together against the Muslims. To truncate the body of Muslim Ummah, the Russian and the Americans work together as the two cutting blades of the same scissors. The US and its partners have a lot of anguish against Russia’s role in Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia and many other countries; and have imposed economic embargo on Moscow. But they are quite happy on its role in Syria since it is killing the Muslims and destroying the Syrian cities. Such Russian role exactly fit into the strategic frame of the US led crusade. As a consequence, the US and its partners have even developed close partnership with Russia to encounter any Islamic resurgence in the Muslim World. They have mutually divided the field of operation in the Muslim land to kill their common targets. Hence when the Russian Army raged the Chechen city of Grozny to the ground and committed a massacre there, Vladimir Putin got enthusiastic support from the US and other western capitals. Now the Russian Air Force is bombing Syrian part; and the USA is doing the same in Iraq. Each of them enjoys the support of the other. They are destroying the cities, villages, roads, houses, roads and high ways indiscriminately; and show no restraint in bombing even the hospitals, mosques, schools and market places. Most parts of the cities like Ramadi, Tikrit, Kobani, Homs, and Hama are razed to the ground. The Russian jets are dropping massive bombs on historical cities like Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Palmyra and many others. The United States and its ally are carrying out the same mission in Falluja, Mosul and other parts of Iraq. Such anti-Muslim global unity of the imperialists is a new phenomenon in so-called Clash of Civilisation –as was postulated by Professor Huntington in his book. Islamic resurgence in any form and in any part of the world is perceived as a threat to the western civilisation. In such a war against Islam, only the Muslims stands divided.


Collaboration with the killers

Promoting peace has never been the aim of these neo-imperialists. They are interested only to prolong their hegemony. They can achieve that only through collaboration of the local clients. Hence they forge close partnership with autocratic killers and work keep enmity against any people’s revolution. So to kill democratic rights of people, the US gives billions of dollar to General Sisi, and Russia supplies arms to Bashar al Assad.  President Bashar al Assad has killed more than 300 thousands people in Syrian, and driven out 3 million out of Syria with full Russian help. But still couldn’t have any control over the country. The end of Basher regime in Syria means end of Russia’s hegemony in the Middle East. So Russia has joined Assad to kill more Syrians and destroy more Syrian cities and villages to protect his oppressive regime. The USA is doing the same in Iraq. End of Shia regime means the end of US hegemony in Iraq. With such collapse, several trillion dollars of its military investment in the war of occupation will go in vain.  The US is not ready to tolerate such a loss. Therefore to keep the status quo intact, the US is supplying the sophisticated killer machines to the Shia militia to kill more Sunni Iraqis. Through the US assistance, the Shia regime that has already evicted millions of Sunni Iraqis from their ancestral homes. But the Shia regime still couldn’t fully crash the Sunni resistance, hence the US needed to directly enter into the field. The US Air Force has already dropped thousands of bombs on Sunni cities and villages.


The epidemic of moral death

The Muslim Ummah is now in a tragic turmoil. The deaths and destruction are only the symptoms; the real disease lies much deeper. The most catastrophic problem is indeed the moral death of the Muslim Ummah. The physical death has its own distinctive signs; the dead people can’t move and response. But the morally dead people have other symptoms. They can move and response; but they can’t see even the worst crime as crime. Even the ugliest brutality doesn’t touch their heart. With such moral death, the Arab infidels could bury their daughter alive. What could be the ugliest terrorism on earth than launching a man-slaughtering war against an innocent weak people? The US led invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq was exactly the same. The Russian bomber planes are committing the same crime in Syria. In the Muslim World, the ruling clique, the political leaders, the intellectuals and the media elites have mostly died a moral death long before. Hence, they can’t see any crime in such war of invasion.  Therefore, the largest or the second largest or the third largest anti-war rallies against the US invasion in Iraq didn’t take place in Jakarta, Karachi, Dhaka, Istanbul or Cairo. It was in London, Rome and Paris. The morally dead people can’t even appreciate the Greatness of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; nor do they see the beauty of His revealed Truth. They even fail to find their own heroes. They fail to recognise the self-sacrificing Muslims heroes who fight the infidel foreign occupiers. Due to such moral death, the people like Nimrod, Pharaoh, Abu Jehel, Abu Lahab couldn’t see even the best attributes of their contemporary great prophets.

Men and women get their highest height as human not for physical health, but for moral highness. And one can’t build up his or her moral health by eating and drinking most heathy food staff. For that, it is indispensable to acquire the Divine knowledge – revealed only to the prophets. The Holy Qur’an still exist as the final and the most accurate source of such knowledge. About 14 hundred years ago, the Arab people showed how the summit of perfect moral health could be quickly reached by acquiring Qur’anic knowledge; as a result of such moral achievement, they could build the best people on earth in the whole human history. Their moral boost was so high that the ruler of the largest country of the contemporary world could ask his servant to ride on the camel by turn and he himself would pull the rope on foot in a more than 5 hundred mile long journey to Jerusalem. And in the middle of the nights, he would carry food to the poor putting it on his own shoulder. Not a single ruler in any episode of time in the whole human history could display such a high moral health.

But such health of morality has cataclysmically collapsed in the Muslim world. And it owes to long rule of colonial infidels and the home-grown brutal autocrats. They didn’t have any love or any interest to ensure the supply of Divine food of knowledge for the human souls. Rather, they stood against the Quranic knowledge; and allowed people to take Qur’an only as a book of mere recitation, but not for understanding what Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la has commanded to them. Like today, they considered the Islamist people with sound Qur’anic knowledge as the staunch enemy. Satan doesn’t fail to identify its enemy. The colonialist, the secularists and the autocrats didn’t fail either. They realised that the Qur’anic knowledge and the prophetic tradition make people incompatible with their un-Islamic colonial or autocratic rule. They found it extremely difficult to win over the hard core Islamists of high moral heights. Hence they opened road for a moral collapse. That was through secularisation of education. Today’s Muslims are following the same road. As a result, the moral deaths have been so massive and so epidemic in the Muslim world that it has turned more than one and half a billion Muslims spineless silent watchers of the worst crime against Islam and the Muslims. Worst of all, millions of these Muslims have turned armed collaborators in the imperialists’ war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and many other countries.

The people with moral death even fail to recognise that war of aggression is not a simple crime; rather the ugliest criminal act on earth. Such crime is beyond the imagination of an ordinary murderer. Those who could drop nuclear bombs, raze cities to the ground and could kill more than a million in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries can only unleash the spiral of such crime –as started with their invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. They are now putting more fuel to keep the flame of war alive and to give it a global dimension. Only the people with moral death can approve such a genocidal war and rejoice its bombing campaign. But such moral death has become so pervasive and epidemic that launching and sponsoring such genocidal wars is not only a White House or Kremlin affair. Now it has global sponsors and supporters. Instead of condemning such war crimes, most of the world leaders support it. In Islam, doing everything to eradicate crime is not mere politics, it is a religious obligation. In a Muslim’s life, enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong is a lifelong mission (a’maru bil ma’ruf wa nehi anil mukar) –as has been assigned by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la in the holy Qur’an. But those who embrace and co-operate with the non-Muslim invaders in their countries are not the known infidels; rather the people with Muslim names. Here it reveals the extent of moral death of today’s Muslims.


The calamity of moral death

Physical death puts an end to man’s all abilities. But moral death opens the door to do crimes on a cataclysmic scale. All the catastrophic wars, World Wars, ethnic cleansing, and genocides are the works of the people with moral death. With such a death, men and women even with sound physical health eulogize the most criminal act of warmongering leaders. These are the people who have eyes but can’t see the brutalities. They have ears but can’t hear the agonies of atrocities. They have tongue, but don’t speak out against the cruelties. They have soul too, but loves falsehood and can’t understand the Truth. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala –the Creator, labels these people as the vilest animal on earth. It is revealed, “Surely, the vilest of animal in Allah’s sight are the deaf, the dumb who do not understand.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 22). Amidst abundance of such moral death, even a killer autocrat can raise a huge genocidal army and enjoy popular support. So, Hitler could raise huge army; and also could run many gas chambers. And Joseph Stalin could run thousands of concentration camps. Due to same moral collapse, the US didn’t need any animals to drop the nuclear bombs. Since the people with moral health deter war crimes; and hinder recruitment to feed war need, the war criminals and the brutal despots never like them. Instead, they like moral annihilation. They realise that the people with moral health do not submit to their lies; hence they restrict the spread of Truth and Islamic upbringing. So, they restrict Qur’anic teaching. In all ages, such war criminals and despots stood as the worst enemy of the prophets. Now they stand against Islam and the tradition of the prophet. To ensure such moral collapse of men and women, they need to spread poisonous beliefs and lies that kill moral conscience. The modern propaganda machinery does the job very effectively. Hence, Hitler and many others could easily raise a huge army of collaborators. Due to the same reason, the US President George Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair could get elected for the second term after launching a genocidal war in Iraq on false pretext.

The morally dead people never come to the street to protest or raise any concern against any brutality. They didn’t respond when the people were taken to the gas chambers or killed with nuclear bombs. The war criminals and the man slaughtering autocrats are very happy with these morally dead people. They call them law-abiding good citizens. In fact, such absence of protest in the street is an indicator of intensity of moral death of people. Their own body becomes the coffin of their dead souls.  Such people keep tongue-tied silence when thousands of bombs are being dropped on defenceless people of Iraq and Syria by the US and Russia. The situation has gone so worse that the worst war crimes are being endorsed as collateral damage or rightful war activities –especially if committed by the winning war criminals. Hence, the nuclear bombers or the killers in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are not put in any war tribunal. The US and Russian bombers in Syria and Syria also go unpunished.

How can peace be achieved in the world in abundance of such grotesque killers? The world has turned a perfect lawless jungle; here the powerful aggressor enjoys full impunity for its worst crimes. And the weaker receives all deadly punches and death. Is there any doubt that if the US drops dozens of nuclear bombs on the Muslim cities, still will be enjoying the full impunity –as enjoyed previously? The deaths and destruction that the US has already committed to Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian people are equivalent to lethal brutality of half a dozen nuclear bombs of the size dropped on Hiroshima. The Hiroshima bomb killed about 90, 000 people; but the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq is responsible for the death of more than a million. But the US still stands innocent! They do not have any remorse for that. This is why they couldn’t see any crime in massive Israeli bombardment on innocent civilians of Gaza. With such a dead soul and an image of brutality, how the US can be compatible with the civilised soul of the moral human? Such people have enough reason to be paranoid of others, hence the US develops huge defence force and global monitoring to ensure their security. Here lies the real problem of the US. With such a problem of dead morality, the US can only bomb and aggravate the problems. Since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, they have given enough testimony to that. 20/062016